Cum Filled Little Panties

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Published: 29-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The night after I had accidentally taken my six-year-old step-daughter Kelly's anal virginity, she came to me for her usual "bedtime story" (messages back and forth between me and a perv I met in an online sex forum about cumming in little girls' panties).

"What we did last night hurt...I don't wanna do that again..." she commented, before demanding in that innocent way only a little girl can, "I wanna see it when it shoots in my panties."

I was a bit disappointed: I liked shooting my hot, thick, sticky, creamy-white, sperm-laden, adult cum into Kelly's panties while she wore them. But if she really wanted to see what my orgasm looked like...

"Sure honey, if you really want to see me shoot." Kelly nodded vigorously at my comment. "Alright, take you panties off..."

"Why?" she interrupted.

"So I can shoot into your panties," I replied.

"But why do I have to take 'em off?" she asked.

"Well how are you going to see me shoot into you panties if you're wearing them?" I asked, reminding her that, "I've shot in your panties ten times while you've been wearing them, and you've never seen it happen..."

Whining my six-year-old little step-daughter interrupted, "But I wanna see it shoot into my panties while I wear them." As she stamped her bare right foot on the floor.

"Okay, okay..." I tried to calm her down. I thought for a little while: I couldn't think of a way to let Kelly watch me shoot my cum into her little panties while she wore them... "Any ideas on how we'd do that?" I asked my step-daughter.

Giving me the little kid 'you're an idiot' look, Kelly said, "Like in the story..."

I was thoroughly confused: what story could she have meant, "What story?"

She rolled her eyes, turned to the computer and opened a sex story called "Kidcest *" (about two fourteen-year-old boys and their two nine-year-old sisters: kids who have a four-way semi-incestuous sexual relationship). Scrolling through the story Kelly got to a section where one of the girl's asks one of the boys to shoot his cum in her panties while she's wearing them. "Like in the story..."

Quickly reading through that part of the story I decided the way the characters in the story do it might actually work. "Worth a try..." I commented, "Take off your nightie."

In a flash she had pulled her nightie over her head: I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen Kelly so eager... "Should we go to the bathroom now?" she asked, since that's where the kids in the story do it.

"No, we can do it here." I replied. Seeing a semi-concerned look on my six-year-old step-daughter's face, I pulled the lever under the seat of the chair lowering it slightly, as I added, "I can adjust this chair to the right height," eliciting a little smile from Kelly.

I spread my legs and fished my almost fully hard dick out of my pants. Kelly stepped between my legs and asked, "Can you read the story?"

"Sure," I replied as I began stroking my dick. An instant later I began reading, "...holding the panties out of the way with her left hand, she slowly spread her legs. My eyes were riveted on the mesmerizing transformation, as her hairless lips parted and the inside of her slit glistened. As I watched, closely, the tiny bud of her clitoris peeked..."

Something about jerking off in front of my six-year-old little step-daughter felt more lewd that having my dick in her panties next to her little pre-pubescent pussy...and that was turning me on more than I ever imagined it should. Between the mental stimulation of reading the story, the knowledge that I would soon be shooting my hot, thick, sticky, creamy-white, sperm-laden, adult cum into Kelly's little panties while she wore them, and the physical stimulation of my hand pumping up and down around my dick my orgasm was imminent.

I continued reading, "...out from its hood above the folds of wet flesh..." I felt my butt cheeks tighten, "...that hid the gateway to her..." my hairy balls drew up under my dick.

"It's gonna happen," I informed my six-year-old step-daughter. Without saying a word she moved a little closer to me, and pulled the front of her Cinderella panties out away from her soft little tummy and down, exposing her pre-pubescent little mound: giving me a perfectly sized target. An instant later the cum began surging up the little tube on the underside of my shaft. I had given up on trying to read the 'Kidcest' and was focusing on my aim...

The first spurt of my hot, thick, sticky, creamy-white, sperm-laden, adult cum spewed out of the little hole on the end of my dick. It shot high into the air, arcing down it slammed directly into Kelly's cute little 'innie' belly button, eliciting a round of giggles from her: her belly is quite ticklish. I tilted my dick down a bit as my dick erupted a second time, this spurt of cum (like the first) arced into the air, descending to land on Kelly's im-mature little pre-pubescent mound. Again I adjusted mu aim down, just a little bit. The third spurt of my cum shot out of my dick arcing through the air and down landing exactly where I had been hoping for: where my step-daughter's little six-year-old pussy lips met the stretching fabric of her pulled forward Cinderella panties. A fourth spurt of cum followed the same trajectory as the third; splashing into the same little pool of cum in my step-daughter's panties. The fifth spurt of my cum erupted with less force than those before it...barely clearing the waistband of her little panties. There was one final spurt of cum: it oozed out of the little hole on the end of my dick, slowly descending down onto my hand...

"Wow..." Kelly broke the silence, as I tried to catch my breath.

"Neat, huh..." I commented.

" looked neat when it shot up in the air..."

She was still holding the front of her panties out and down, "You can let go of you panties," I suggested, Kelly did letting the elastic waistband snap back against her soft little tummy. Noticing the glob of cum that was in her 'innie' belly button, "Sit on the desk," I said pushing the keyboard out of the way. She lifted her arms; putting my hands in her small armpits I lifted my step-daughter onto the desk. I leaned in, stuck my tongue out and half licked, half sucked the glob of cum out of her little belly button...eliciting another round of giggles.

Giving me a weird looked, she asked, "What's it taste like?"

"Kinda salty and creamy," I replied

"I wanna try some." She stuck the tip of her finger into her sucked-clean belly button, giving me a put she said, "You got all of it."

I smiled and tapped the front panel of her little Cinderella panties, "Not all of it..."

Instantly her hand darted into her little panties, reappearing with a bit of my cum on the tip of her fingers. Bringing her fingers to her up to her face, she sniffed the cum then stuck out her tongue just letting its tip make contact with the creamy-whit goo on the tips of her fingers.

"Hmm..." she proceeded to shove her fingers into her mouth and begin sucking the cum off them...

Lifting her back down off the desk I told her, "Alright honey, time for bed..."

Picking up her nightie, Kelly said, "Good night daddy..." and headed off to bed.


My wife got home at about 3:00 AM as usual, and told me she had caught Kelly reading an erotic story in the internet earlier that day... I suggested that we might need to tell her about the birds and the bees sooner than we would have expected. Telling me she had picked up an extra shift, my wife told me to I'd get to do it: starting tomorrow night...


* Author's note: "Kidcest" is an actual of erotic story dating from the mid 1990's by authors JD & Steve Jensen. It's an interesting not to mention beautifully written series: definitely worth reading. One of the first erotic stories 'this guy' read and thoroughly enjoyed.

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thanks for the story.


I like the nice naughty panty-play. By the way, I did a title search on Loliwood and found Kidcest by 'unknown'. It seems to be the story you referred to, though it is not credited to the Jensens. Yes, it is a hot and very well-written story.

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