Sara Smile

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Published: 16-Apr-2012

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This is fiction.

Sara Smile....that's what I called her. She reminded me of that song because her name was Sarah (with an H) and she had the prettiest smile in the whole wide world. She was a second grader in the school where I taught fourth grade so I didn't really know her all that well, but I heard some of the other teachers talk in the break room. She had had a rough life. Her father had been sent to prison for murder when she was 3 and her mother was allegedly into drugs and other things. I say allegedly because even though DSS had been to her house on several occasions, nothing ever came of it. She also tended to miss quite a bit of school and was very quiet and shy. We all guessed they were very poor as her clothes were always a little stained or ragged and quite often just a little too short or tight, like her mother was trying to get all of the wear out of them that she could.

Right after the holidays, I had the "lunch detail". Teachers were assigned to watch over the cafeteria during lunch and my turn had come up. I didn't mind as I got to watch all of the little children come into the cafeteria, including little Sarah. I suppose I should mention I like watching little children...I mean really, really like. It was my job to walk around and make sure everything was OK and I found that in doing so, I was treated to shirts riding up, showing me their bare lower backs and sometimes even the top of their panties and, if really lucky, a small portion of their butt cracks. Some of them also liked to wear skirts and I would be treated to a quick glance up them to see their panties. Lunch was definitely my favorite time of the day. I know I am a pedophile, but I have never actually touched any of the children as I had a fear of getting caught, losing my teaching license, and going to jail. I was content to just watch them all day and then go home and jerk off to one of a thousand fantasies.

Such was my life until one fateful Saturday in late April. I was at the park feeding the birds (well, this was just a cover actually, I was seated so that I could watch the little tykes on the playground). I had been doing this for awhile and as far as I could tell, no one suspected I was leering after the children. I would watch as they would swing upside down, exposing their cute, sexy little bellies (and one girl who insisted doing it with a skirt on, which exposed her whole panties. I liked that). It was all I could do to hide my raging hard on.

On this particular Saturday, Sarah was there. She wasn't really playing with any of the other kids, mostly with her doll. I noticed some of the other kids around her, saying something I couldn't hear. Suddenly she ran from them and sat on the bench opposite of me, crying.

"Hello, Sarah." I said. She looked up at me. At first I don't think she recognized me but then said "Hello, Mr. Taylor."

It was then that I noticed that she was sitting with her feet up on the bench, sort of crouching and that I could see right up her skirt so well that I could make out she was wearing Strawberry Shortcake panties. It didn't seem like she was making much of an effort to prevent me from doing that. I could feel my dick getting harder.

"What's the matter, sweetheart?"

She sort of "sup-supped" a few times. "Those kids (she pointed towards the group that I had seen talking to her) called me and my mom bad names."

"That's not very nice, to call people names."

She continued on. "They called me a tramp and a skank and my Mom a slut and a whore."

I was a little surprised that second graders would know these words...but not really.

And she still had her pretty little panties in my full view. It was hard to talk, imagining the soft little piece of paradise hidden under that thin garment just four feet away from me. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder, so I crossed my legs in an attempt to hide it.

"Where is your Mom, maybe the two of us can go have a talk with those kids?"

"No." She blurted out. "I mean, it's OK, I'm sorry to have bothered you."

She started to get up. I was going to lose my view.

"Wait, Sarah...I'm sorry if I upset you. I just wanted to help."

"My Mom is at home....sleeping off last night I guess....I didn't want to stay there alone with "Uncle Jack" so I came to the park."

I was intrigued now. "Who is "Uncle Jack?" I asked, knowing her mom to be single.

"Just one of the men that mommy has sex with." She said, very non-chalantly.

I almost fell off the bench. She knew what sex was and that her mom did it with more than one person?

"And you don't like him because....?"

She paused for a second and then absolutely floored me.

"When Mommy is asleep, he makes me suck on his cock...and sometimes he puts it in here." Pointing at her pussy. "I kinda like it when most of the guys do it to me, but his is just so big that it really, really hurts...especially when he puts it in my butt."

Now I was in a dilemma. The teacher part of me thought immediately of Mandated Reporting, which required that I report known or suspected child abuse. The Pedophile side of me then thought "Here is a sexually experienced little girl who admittedly likes cock, as long as it's not too big. I feel my six inch pole throbbing in my pants and start to imagine it inside the little seven year old sitting across from me.

Before I could ponder what to do or say next, there was a large flash of lightening, a crash of thunder and it started to rain, quite hard. I lived right on the edge of the park and I knew that Sarah lived several blocks away so my next move was obvious.

"We need to get out of the storm, I live right over there." I pointed. "Come on, let's go."

I picked her up and started running across the park. It was kind of slippery but I managed to get to my backyard without falling. I opened the door and set her down. Although it had been less than a minute in the rain, we were both soaked.

"Come with me." I led her to my bathroom, grabbing a towel off the rack.

"Use this to dry off, then wrap yourself in it. I'll put your dress in the dryer, then we can have some hot chocolate."

I immediately left the room and closed the door. Once in the hallway, common sense started to come back and I knew that having this girl at my house was a very bad idea. I needed to get her dried off, dressed, and out of here before something happened I might regret. I went to my room and took off my wet clothes. I was just reaching for a robe when I heard Sarah scream, "Mr. Taylor, Help!!!"

I bolted down the hall and burst into the bathroom. There stood Sarah, panties around her ankles, dress up over her head. Because it was a little small and wet, she was struggling to get it off and beginning to panic. I reached down and pulled it off the rest of the way. She started to fall but reached out and grabbed onto the wall, during which her panties came off of her ankles. She was now standing buck naked in the middle of my bathroom. I noticed she was staring at me....well, at my crotch, actually.

"You have a very nice cock, Mr. Taylor."

It was then that I realized that, in my haste to respond to her scream, I had not grabbed a robe or anything. I too was standing buck naked in the middle of my bathroom. Naked and alone with a seven year old who was staring at my rock hard cock. Before I could do or say anything, she made the first move, reaching out and stroking my cock. It was like heaven. I knew I should have stopped her but couldn't. Her soft gentle fingers started stroking my cock up and down. My eyes closed as I enjoyed the best hand job I had ever had. I opened my eyes and looked down and watched her wrap both hands around my shaft, stroking slightly faster. Before I knew it, my body started to shake and my cock began to throb.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming." I shouted as my semen stated to spurt out of the end of my dick. Some sprayed on her face, her chest, her hair, her belly, and pretty much all over. I don't think I had ever shot so much cum in my life. She just kept stroking and the cum just kept pumping out.

Finally, she shook the last few drops off my shaft and looked up at me. Seeing this pretty little seven year old covered in my cum was like something I had never imagined.

"Wow, you really cum a lot Mr. Taylor."

"That's the most I've ever cum in my life, Sarah...and why don't you call me "Uncle Mark?"

I had joined the club of men who had had sex with this little girl. And something told me I wasn't done yet.

"You are a mess, young lady...what do you say we give you a nice little bubble bath?"

"Bubble bath?"

"You know, like a regular bath, only it has bubbles in it to play with."

"We don't have a bathtub, just a shower."

"Have you ever taken a real bath?"

"Once, when we stayed in a motel when we went to see my dad in jail...but I don't really remember it."

"Well then, young lady, get ready for a real treat."

I ran her a nice warm bath, admiring her naked body as the tub filled. As beautiful as she was clothed, she was five times more so naked. She was perfect...not a flaw. Her flat chest showed two pink nipples, her stomach matched that of any model, her butt was two perfect globes and her pussy area had two very pronounced mounds and a long slit running up and down. I placed her in the bath and sat down on the toilet to watch her. I didn't really have any bath toys for her but she enjoyed just splashing around in the bubbles. She was in there for a good half hour.

"The water is getting cold."

"Let me fix that for you." I stood up and walked over to the side of the tub. Turning the hot water on, I started to heat it up a little more. "Stand over there so you don't get burned." I said, pointing to the far end of the tub. She did as she was told. She was standing were her back to me and I was treated with a view of the sexiest ass I had ever seen.

"Do you like my butt, Mr. Tay....."Uncle Mark"?"

"It's very pretty, Sarah."

"Touch it." She moved over to the side of the tub and took my hand, placing it on her right cheek. I squeezed it gently, then a little more firmly. She didn't object in the least. I did the same for the left, then ran my finger up and down the crack. When I got to her tight little asshole, I sort of let my finger linger. I started repeating this...right cheek, left cheek, up the crack, down the crack, stopping at the hole and rotating around the outside. It wasn't very long before she started to gyrate her hips. I shut the water off, then reached around her and started caressing her pussy with my left hand. I cupped her warm mound, then let my finger work its way into the little slit. I ran my finger up and down until I found what I was looking for, a surprisingly pronounced little clit. I started to flick it with my finger, then rub it. I was still working her back side over and the combination of getting her front and back stimulated was too much for her. She arched her back and let out a long soft moan. I had made a little girl cum. Literally, as I felt a warm fluid I knew was not pee on my left hand.

While she was still recovering, I reached down and started to kiss both of her ass cheeks. I planted big smooches alternately on each one, working my way towards the center. When I got there, I used my hands to part her cheeks and planted a kiss right on her puckerhole. I started to lick up and down her butt crack, stopping at her hole to lick that each time. She leaned forward and put her hands on the wall. This gave me an opportunity to lick even further down and I now managed to include her pussy slit in the kissing/licking process. I started at the top of her butt crack, licked down to her asshole, tongued it, then licked down around until I had her pussy slit, which I licked up, stopping to lick her pussy hole, then a quick lick of her clit before reversing the process. Again, it wasn't very long before she again started to quiver and had yet another kiddy kum. I was quite proud of myself. I was a better pedophile than I thought I was.

After getting off the second time, she turned around and dropped to her knees in the tub. She reached out and grabbed my cock, stroking it until it was fully hard (which didn't take long). I then moved a little forward and watch as she took the head into her mouth. I thought I was going to die. Her warm lips wrapped around my shaft and her head started to bob up and down on my cock. God, this little girl gave great head.

"That's it baby, suck my cock."

She started to work her head back and forth on my cock even faster. I knew it wasn't going to be long before I erupted again. She sensed the same thing as she felt my cock start to pulse and knew it was time. Instead of pulling off and letting it fly all over again, however, at the moment of my eruption, she held the head in and mouth and let my spurts fill her mouth. Even though I has just shot a gigantic load not an hour before, this load too was huge, filling her hot little mouth to the point of overflowing. Even though I was still cumming, she started to swallow, filling her little belly with my hot sperm. She continued to suck on my cock until every last drop had been emptied and it went limp in her mouth.

"MMMMMMM, that was the best cum I've ever tasted, Uncle Mark."

"I'm glad you liked it, Sarah...I have plenty more where that came from."

"And I have plenty of other places for you to put it." She smiled at me coyly. She was definitely experienced in sex, and even seemed to like it.

She stood up and reached for a towel.

"Can we have that hot chocolate now?" She asked as if nothing had happened. I picked up her wet clothes to put in the dryer, she headed for the living room, naked.

"Aren't you going to put something on?" I asked.


I walked out into the living room naked, thankful that I had closed the drapes before hand. I went to the door and double locked it and did the same with the back door as I through her clothes in the dryer.

We sat there on my couch drinking hot chocolate. She was sitting to my right and my hand was caressing her back and butt. Her hand was on my chest. It wasn't very long before both cups were empty. We sat there caressing for a few minutes, then she leaned up and kissed me on the lips. I was enjoying the taste of her lips when her lips parted and her tongue dashed out, searching for mine. It only took a second for the two of them to find each other, then swirl around like two dancers on the dance floor. As our tongues flicked together, she moved so she was straddling me. With a single motion, she positioned her pussy over my cock and lowered herself onto me. I slipped in with relative ease, my entire cock burying itself in her young cunt. The feeling was incredible. Her pussy was velvety smooth and hot as hell. I had never experienced anything like it. Her lips broke away from mine and she leaned back. My hands held onto her hips and started lifting her up and down my rock hard shaft.

"Fuck me, Uncle Mark, Fuck me good and hard."

She was rocking back and forth on my cock for all it was worth. I continued to move her up and down on my hard dick, lost in the warmth and wetness of her hot young pussy.

"God, Sarah, you are so fucking tight."

She leaned back a little and I could look down and see my cock moving in and out of her. Her pussy had a death grip on my hard cock but it had no trouble moving within her. She brought her right hand around and started fingering her clit. Her left reached around underneath her and started playing with my balls. She was one well-experienced little fuck-toy.

"Do you like me playing with your balls, Uncle Mark?"

"God, do I ever."

"They're getting hard...are they filling up with another load of cum for me?"

"You bet they are, sweetie...I'm gonna pump your hot little cunt full of my cream."

"Do it, Uncle Mark.....I want your hot cum inside of me."

I was only more than happy to oblige. About the same time I started shooting my load, she too went over the top. As we came together, I felt my crotch getting wetter and wetter from her juices and I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter from the huge quantity of cum I was shooting inside of her little womb. As with her mouth, I completely filled her until my cum was squirting out around my cock. As I was still working her up and down, it was smearing all over the place. As we finished, she collapsed onto my chest, breathing heavily. My cock was still buried inside of her, although it was beginning to lose its stiffness.

By this time, having cum three times, I really had to pee. I lifted my little slut muffin off my lap and started to get up.

"Where ya going, Uncle Mark?"

"I gotta pee, baby."

"Me come too."

She followed me into the bathroom and watched as my stream went into the toilet. As the last few drops fell, she reached up and shook my cock until no more came out, then she sat down and emptied her bladder into the bowl as well. She patted herself dry, then jumped up so I could carry her back into the living room. We returned to the recliner where she snuggled up next to me. I guess the hot chocolate and three wild sex sessions took their toll on both of us as we were soon fast asleep.

When I awoke, I saw looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:30PM. We had been asleep for a good two hours. I looked down at Sarah and she was still sleeping. My cock was again hard and wedged up between her smooth cunt mounds. She started to stir and, as she did, my cock moved up and down her slit. This got her going and it wasn't very long before she reached down and guided my cock back into her hot little love hole. She was one horny little second grader. She knew what she was doing and seemed to enjoy it greatly.

"Oh God, baby, you're going to wear me out. I'm not sure I can go another round."

"Why...don't you like to fuck my little pussy?"

"I love it more than anything in the world it's just that...."

I never got a chance to finish my sentence.

"Because if you don't, maybe you'll like this better." Before I knew what was happening, she shifted forward just a little and the next downward thrust seemed much hotter and much tighter than it had. It only took me a couple of seconds to realize that she had impaled her tight little asshole onto my cock. As hot and tight as her cunt was, nothing prepared me for the pure bliss of having my cock buried in the bowels of a seven year old. Her anal cavity was so hot and tight, it was like my cock was being squeezed in a warm oven. I reached around and grabbed her tiny little ass cheeks and started lifting her up and down on my throbbing dick.

"Give it to me up the ass, Uncle Mark...fuck my tight little shithole."

There is nothing more erotic than dirty talk coming out of the mouth of a seven year old.

"You want it up the ass, do you? I'm gonna ram my cock so far up your ass, it's gonna come out of your mouth."

"Oh yeah, fuck me...fuck my ass...I want your hot cum in my ass."

I too wanted to cum in her ass, but not so fast. I wanted to enjoy this pleasure for as long as I could. Unfortunately, that wasn't very long. As much as I wanted to hold back, the pure pleasure I was enjoying was too much and it was only a matter of minutes before that old familiar feeling was back and I felt my cock begin to throb.

"Here I cum, baby...I'm gonna fill that hot little ass of yours with cum."

"Do it, Daddy, fill me with your cum."

I don't think she realized what she had said but the words got me even hotter as I decided to play along.

"Daddy's gonna pump his little girl's ass full of cum."

I again erupted with great force and could feel my man juice splashing against her bowels. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming until again her ass over flowed and my semen started to drip out along my cock. As I came in her, she let out a little shudder and I knew that she too had experienced yet another orgasm. The little girl could keep up with me, cum for cum.

As I pulled her off of me and held her in my arms, she began to coo.

"I love you, Uncle Mark." She whispered.

I somehow knew she had never told any of the other men that before.

"I love you too, Princess."

"I wish I could stay with you forever."

"Maybe you can, baby....maybe you can."

After having the talk about not telling anyone, I took Sarah home. Her mom was still passed out. I waited with Sarah until she awoke. We had dinner and her mom explained to me that she didn't really like what she was doing but she needed to make ends meet and provide for Sarah. I was upfront and honest and told her what Sarah and I had done that day. She said that she knew Sarah didn't really like the sex she made her do but the money was good. Sarah explained that she had liked it with me. To make a long story short, I ended up dating and eventually marrying Sarah's mom. I got her into rehab and it went well. Sarah's attendance and grades started to improve and life was good. By this time I had adopted Sarah and now when we made love, she would call me "Daddy" and it was the truth. Her mom had stopped forcing her to have sex with other men and didn't mind if I partook of her little one occasionally. After we made love, I would look down at the little bundle snuggled up next to me and think how much I enjoyed seeing Sara(h) smile.

The End

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what a great story just wonderful ! thanks


Oh my goodness, another delightful cock and cum slut - praise the devil as he has released another preteen slut for us all to please.


I love this story.


Your story is one hot mutha...!

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