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Published: 30-Jan-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I met Nancy at probably what was the lowest point in her life. She and her husband had been in a terrible car accident earlier that year. Her husband had died and she had a lot of medical issues that required treatment. In addition, because of her injuries she was unable to work. The insurance money had run out and she was being evicted from her apartment. A sucker for a good sob story, I offered her to stay with me until she could get back on her feet. We had a pretty good arrangement going. I got some pretty decent sex (she gave great head and didn't mind taking it up the ass) and they got a place to live.

I say 'they' because she had a 4 year old son named Billy who got me as hot as can be. Of course, the fact that I have a preference for little boys may have had something to do with that. And this one was definitely hot Sandy blond hair, the bluest eyes I have ever seen, and a nice firm body...not too fat or too thin with the cutest little ass I had ever seen.

My only problem was that with Nancy being home all the time, I had no opportunity to be alone with him so that I could seduce him. We did spend time playing together and I would occasionally let my hand touch his butt or his cock but nothing that anyone would notice. I wasn't satisfied with that and wanted to taste that little cock and show him how to please a man. My opportunity finally came about 3 weeks after they moved in. Nancy had to go for more treatment early one Saturday morning. The van service picked her up at 6:00AM for the 3 hour trip into the city. At 8:45 she called me to tell me she had arrived safety. Knowing she was not coming back for a while, I decided to go in and start the seduction of little Billy. I had seduced a number of little boys in my life and figured this would be easy. I just didn't realize how easy.

I opened the door to Billy's room quietly to see if he was still sleeping. I was somewhat surprised to find him laying face down on the bed with his pajama bottoms and underwear around his ankles. His hands were underneath him on his crotch and he was humping up and down into his hands, mimicking a pretty good fuck motion. I stared as his bare ass cheeks and checked out his undeveloped ball sack each time he came up. After a few minutes of enjoying the view, I cleared my throat.

"Uh hum"

He instinctively jumped up and turned around. I noticed his not so little cocklet (it was about 3 inches long and about as big around as my ring finger) poking straight up in the air, as hard as a rock. I was impressed that this hot of a kid could have that nice of a dick.

"Unnnnn Unnnnn Unnncle Jack." (that's what his mother had him call me."

"Having fun?"

"I'm sorry, Uncle Jack, I....I...I....."

I cut him off. "It's OK, Billy. Like I said, it looks like you're having fun. What do you call this little game?"

"Ummmmm...I call it 'Bounce'....but Mommy might get mad if she knew I play it. You're not gonna tell my Mommy, are you?"

"Bounce, huh?" suddenly a light went off in my head and I knew how I was going to seduce little Billy.

"Can I tell you a secret, Billy? You have to promise to not tell anyone though, especially Mommy."


"I like to play 'Bounce. Too"


"Sure, Sport. And I'll tell you something else too, Your Mommy and I play a game that is called 'Double Bounce' and it is even more fun."

"What is 'Double Bounce.?"

"It's just like Bounce except that, instead of bouncing on your own hands, you bounce on someone else's...would you like to try it"

"Sure." God, this was going to be so easy.

I lay down next to him on the bed.

"Now, turn back over."

After he did so, I slipped my left hand underneath him and started to caress his cock and balls. He let out a little squeal and jumped a little.

"Now, start to 'Bounce'."

He started thrusting up and down on my hand. I had wrapped my hand around his cock and formed like a hole for him to fuck, I squeezed his little cocklet in my hand as tight as I dared to. He started to thrust harder and faster and I really think he was enjoying it.

"See how much better that is, Billy? When it isn't your hand, you only feel it in your cock."

"What...what.....what is a 'cock', Uncle Jack?"

"This is a cock." I said, giving it a firmer squeeze. "Do you like humping Uncle Jack's hand?"

"What is 'humping'? he gasped, never stopping his thrusting.

"Oh, Billy, you have so much to learn and I'm going to so love teaching it to you."

As he was thrusting into my fist, I brought my right hand around and started to caress those two perfect ass cheeks.

"Why are you touching my butt, Uncle Jack?"

"Because I like to...they're very sexy...but if you don't like it, I'll stop."

"No, it feels good...don't stop.....what's 'sexy'." God, he had so much to learn.

"No more questions, just do as I say. I'll answer all of your questions later."

I continued to caress his cock and balls and rub his tiny little ass for a few more minutes when I felt him suddenly tense up. His entire body went rigid and started to shake. A long moan escaped from his little boy was cumming. I had gotten his little rocks off.

After he came down from his orgasm, I removed my hand from his cock but continued to stroke his butt.

"Did you have a nice cum, Billy?"

"What's a 'cum', Uncle Jack?"

"That good feeling you just had is a cum. Did you like it?"

"Uh huh." He moaned it more than spoke it.

"Now, it's Uncle Jack's turn for 'Double Bounce."

I turned over and pulled off my shorts. I didn't want him to be too freaked out by my 7 inch cock. I reached over and grabbed his hand and put it on my throbbing dick.

"Wow, your pee-pee is bigger than mine, Uncle Jack."

"Yes, Billy, guys' cocks get bigger as they grow older. Can you say 'cock'?"


"Right, now it's important that you only ever use that word with me, not with Mommy or anyone else. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Uncle Jack."

"OK, Now it's my turn to Bounce. Are you ready?"


I think he was looking forward to it as much as I was. I started to bounce up and down on his hand. Sometimes my cock would land wrong and it would hurt a little. I think he sensed this.

"Am I doing it wrong, Uncle Jack?"

"No, it's just more difficult when it's a bigger cock. Can we try something different?"

"Whatever you say, Uncle Jack."

I rolled over onto my back and he rolled onto his side. He stared with wonder at my cock, then touched his.

"Will mine get big like yours someday?"

"I'm sure it will, but in the meantime, I really like yours." I reached over and started to stroke it up and down with my fingers.

He got the hint and reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels great, Billy. Now, stroke it up and down."

"Like this?"

"Just like that."

For it being his first time, the kid gave a great handjob. He would stroke long and soft, then speed up, then slow down. It was less than a minute before I felt my nuts explode. I felt at least seven spasms as I came. The first shot went straight up in the air, landing on my belly, the rest sort of oozed out and ran down my cock and Billy's hand. He just kept stroking though.

"That's it, Billy, make your Uncle Jack cum."

After I had finished bathing his little hand in my semen, he stopped.

"What is that pee-pee?"

"No, Billy, it's called 'cum' and it is what a man makes when he gets that good feeling that you had earlier. I'm sure you'll do it one day, but you're too young now."

He started at the cum that covered my dick and his hand that was still wrapped around it. I reached down to the first dollop that landed on my belly, scooped it up with my finger and started to suck it off.

"You can eat that...even though it came out of your pee-pee....I mean cock?"

Ah, a quick learner.

" tastes great." which was a lie...I didn't really like the taste of cum but I thought if he saw me eat it, he might try it.

I was right. He took his hand off of my cock and started to lick his fingers clean. He made a kinda wrinkly face at first, as though he didn't like it. Oh well, so much for him swallowing my load some day. He didn't stop however and by the second or third lick, seemed to be enjoying it. His fingers went back to my dick, scooped up the remaining cum, and back into his mouth.

"Do you like it?"

"Uh Hun...can I have some more?"

That gave me another idea.

"Maybe later. Right now, your mother and I play another game as well...we call it 'Super Bounce'...wanna try it?"

"How do you play?"

"I'll show you."

I slid down on his bed so that my legs were over the end. I lifted him up and placed him so that his cock was aimed right at my mouth.

"Now, instead of my hands, put your cock in my mouth and bounce."

He slipped his cock in, arched up, and started to thrust. I worked his cock into my mouth and started to suck him off for all he was worth. His cock was once again rock hard and tasted so sweet. It had been a little while since I had been with a little boy and I had forgotten how sweet little boy dick tastes. He fucked away at my face for a few minutes, then once again tensed up, having his second little kiddy cum of the day.

I lifted him off me and laid him back down on the bed, then crawled up so I was lying next to him.

"Your turn, Uncle Jack." He said, sliding down so that his face was even with my dick. Damn, he was good.

I pulled him back up.

"Again, because mine is bigger, we'll do it a different way." I moved him around so that his face was near my crotch.

"First, just lick the top...kinda like a lollipop or an ice-cream cone."

I thought I had died and gone to heaven the first time that hot tongue came into contact with my cockhead. He expertly licked all around it then, without prompting, licked all the way up and down both sides of my shaft. He was a natural born cock sucker.

"Now, put your mouth over the tip and let it enter your mouth."

He took the first few inches in without problem. At about half way, he let out a gag. I guess that was about all I was going to get into him.

"That's enough, Billy. Now bring your mouth back up, but make sure your teeth don't touch my cock."

He pulled his head back up and my dick popped out of his mouth with a loud popping sound.

"No, don't let it come all of the way out...pull your mouth up so that just the tip is in, then go back down as far as you can without gagging."

He took my dick back into his mouth and started to give me the best blowjob I had ever had. Again, while he only took about half of it in, his mouth was so hot and wet that it didn't matter. His pretty little head bobbed up and down on my shaft until again I felt that familiar feeling.

"Uncle Jack is going to cum remember that white stuff that came out? Well, it is going to come out again and this time I want you to swallow it as soon as it comes liked how it tasted so just swallow."

He sort of much as he could with my dick filling his hot little mouth. Even though I had just cum not five minutes before, I let a pretty good load out into his waiting little mouth. Like a good little trooper, he swallowed almost every drop, the last few escaping and running down my cock. He immediately took care of those by licking my cock clean.

"I don't know about you sport, but I have to pee really bad."

As we got up, he kicked his pajama bottoms and underwear off and I did the same, I pulled my shirt off and he followed suit. Completely naked, the two of us walked down and across the hall to the bathroom. Halfway there, he reached up an and held my hand. We stood at the toilet together and peed for what seemed like forever.

"So, why don't you wash your hands and we'll go downstairs for breakfast."

"Should I put my PJs back on or get dressed?"

"I'm gonna go like can too if you want."

"Eat my breakfast naked?"

" want to?"

"Mommy would never do that."

"Remember, everything we've done today is a secret that you can't tell Mommy or she'll get mad."

"OK, Uncle Jack."

He sat down at the table (I made sure the blinds were closed) and got us both bowls of cereal and juice. I had already finished my bowl and Billy was about halfway through his bowl when he set his spoon down to get a drink of juice and the spoon fell to the floor.

"I'll get it." I said, quickly diving under the table. As I moved to underneath his chair, I saw his limp uncut cock dangling there. I couldn't resist and reached up and took it into my mouth.

"Uncle Jack...What are you doing.?"

"Just having a little desert."

He relaxed a leaned back a little bit, allowing me better access to his now hardening cocklet. The more I sucked, the harder it got and it wasn't very long before I had a rock hard little boy cock moving in and out of my mouth. I would have kept sucking him all day except the damn phone rang. It caught me by surprise and I lifted my head off his cock and bumped it on the bottom of the table.

"Fuck Fuck Fuck" I shouted, holding my now throbbing head.

The phone was his mom, checking in. I talked to her for a few minutes and she told me that it would be around dinner time by the time she got home. She asked to speak to Billy and I took a few seconds (with my hand over the phone) to remind him about our "secrets".

After they talked for a few minutes Billy handed the phone back to me, Nancy and I explained pleasantries and I hung up. I wonder what she would have thought if she knew both me and her four year old had been completely naked (and rock hard) when she called.

As I was hanging up the phone, Billy came over to me, kneeled in front of me and took my cock into his mouth. I wondered if I had created a monster...a little boy cock hungry monster. He had been sucking me off for less than a minute when I got another idea.

"I have one last game to play...wanna go back upstairs?"

"OK, Uncle Jack."

As sad as I was to have his mouth disconnect from my dick, as he turned around and started out of the room, I looked at that hot, sexy little ass of his and imagined how nice it was going to be to ram my dick in it when we got upstairs.

I lagged a couple of stairs behind him so I could watch his ass wiggle as he went up the stairs. When we got up there, I had him go into the bathroom and wash his cock and butt area with a washcloth.

"What do I have to wash up for?"

"You'll see....ready for the new game?"


"It's called 'Super Duper Extra Special Two Person Bounce' and it is a very special game. It takes two grown up guy and one girl or little boy. You'll see why later."

" do we play?"

"Lie down on your bed and start to play Bounce.'

He lay down and started humping away. I bent down and spread his ass cheeks apart and licked from the bottom to the top.

"Why are you licking my butt, Uncle Jack...that's where I go poopy."

"I know that, but it's nice and clean...and it's part of the game. Do you want to play or not?"


"Then be quiet and let me continue."

I licked his crack and hole for about a minute, then poured a little of the Astroglide I had grabbed while he was cleaning up down his crease. I used my finger to rub it up and down, then around his hole. With both my finger and his asshole adequately lubed, I started to slip my finger into his tight little asshole.

"Ow Ow Ow...that hurts Uncle Jack."

"It will only hurt for a second, just keep bouncing and wait."

He kept up his bouncing while I held my finger still inside of him. Eventually I started moving it in and out. He had stopped complaining about the pain. I continued to finger fuck him with my middle finger for about a minute, then slipped my ring finger in as well. He didn't even flinch with the extra contents in his rectum. I worked both fingers in and out of him for a good two minutes, with him still humping his little hands.

"OK, get ready for the Super Duper Extra Special Two Person Bounce."

I moved up over him, spread some Astroglide on my cock and started to slip it in. It didn't want to go at first but I kept pushing.

"Push out, like you have to go poop, it will feel better."

He pushed out and with one shove, I buried my cock completely inside of him.

"Fuck Fuck Fuck" he shouted. Yeah, that's what I'm doing I thought. Then I wondered where he learned that word. I stopped with my cock pulled mostly out of him.

"Where did you learn that?"

"It's what you said when you hit your head on the table, I thought it meant that something hurt....and that really hurts, Uncle Jack."

"I'm sorry, Billy, I'll go a little gentler so it doesn't hurt so much. But don't ever use that word around your Mommy or we'll both get in trouble, OK?"

"OK, Uncle jack."

I pushed my cock back into him and buried myself up to the hilt again. I was raised on my arms so I didn't crush the little tyke.

"Keep humping yourself, baby."

He was humping himself into his hands while I started pounding away at his ass. Soon he didn't need to move as the force of my driving in and out of his little ass was doing the humping for him.

"Oh, God, Billy, you are so fucking tight. Uncle Jack is gonna cum in that hot little ass of yours."

I felt my load rushing out of my balls, up my shaft, and erupting deep into his bowels. My sperm splashed against the walls of his rectal cavity until it was full, then started seeping out. I was overflowing this little boy with my cum.

After I finished, I pulled my dick out of his ass and made sure he was OK. I again reminded him of the importance of his mother never finding out. I gave him a bath, washed his bedding, and by the time his mother came home, we were sitting on the couch, watching a movie.

"Was Billy a good little boy today, Jack?"

"The best, Nancy, he was absolutely the best."

And was he ever.

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Nicely done. Though I prefer little girls your story confirmed me as bi. Liked the way you allowed things to happen without violence.


nice going.


Fantastic Story! I loved the story development

Antonio Green

Thank you for this very stimulating and well-written story. I hope to see more with boys 3 - 7.


Great story! Sure got my blood running ...and lots more! Would enjoy seeing more of ur stories with young bois!

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