Lisa, Part 5

[ Fgg(7), Fg(7), Mg(7), inc, ws ]

by Taakal

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Published: 3-Jun-2013

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This story is an adult fantasy, nothing more. The author does not condone child abuse in any form. The described behavior of the girl is completely unrealistic; no child of that age would act that way. This is a translation I did of my original story in German for the non-German speakers here because automated translation is not good. I hope you like it. Leave a comment or send me a mail if you do. If you don't, I'm open for constructive criticism.

Photoshoot and Good-Night-Treat

Lisa sat on the floor of Sophie's room. Sophie was her best friend and together they played with Barbie and Ken. Ken had taken Barbie out for dinner and now he drove her home in a pink cabriolet. Actually it was Barbie's car, but in that play it was to be Ken's. Ken brought Barbie to her door and of course he gave her a kiss goodbye.

"Did you ever kiss someone?" Lisa asked casually. She made it sound casual at least. In fact she had ulterior motives.

"What do you mean?" Sophie asked astonished. "Mommy always gives me a goodnight-kiss."

"That's not what I mean," said Lisa. "I mean longer. Like they do it in the movies and such."

"Eehhh, no."

"Me neither," Lisa lied. "But actually I'd like to know how that is. Why don't we try it?"

"Mmmhh..., okay."

Lisa was surprised. She had been prepared to have to persuade her friend a bit more. So they pursed their lips and kissed, but just quickly. Both girls giggled.

"No, that wasn't right," said Lisa. "We must kiss longer and we mustn't laugh."

"Well, then kiss me."

They needed two more tries till they managed to not giggle. Lisa pressed her lips on Sophie's mouth. After a few moments, just before they disconnected again, Lisa opened her lips a little and to Lisa's surprise Sophie did, too. Although Lisa didn't yet dare to put her tongue in Sophie's mouth.

"So, what do you think?" Lisa asked.

"It was nice. Again?"

Instead of answering Lisa just kissed her again. This time it was Sophie who opened her mouth. Lisa let her tongue touch Sophie's lips. She had thought that Sophie might stop the kiss immediately but she didn't. Just the opposite, Sophie also let her tongue wander around carefully. Their tongue touched each other, it felt wonderful. It was very different than when her parents kissed her, because their mouths were much bigger than her own. But Sophie's mouth and her tongue were as small as hers. The two girls just went on kissing and when Lisa embraced her with her arms, Sophie did the same. Lisa noticed that her cunny started to tingle. The kissing made her quite horny. She thought about Daddy and was really looking forward to fuck him this night. Naturally the tingle in her cunny got even stronger. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Startled, the two girls released the hug and kiss.

"Well, do you have fun playing?" asked Sophie's mom Karen, who now stood in the opened door.

"Eeh, yes, of course," said Sophie, who had gotten a little red, but Karen certainly wouldn't notice that.

"We're playing with Barbie and Ken." Lisa had grabbed the blonde Puppet again.

"That's nice, but I think it's time to do your homework, isn't it?"

"Oohh, already? We were just playing so nice," Sophie complained. Lisa grinned. Indeed they had "played" so nice. And she would like to "play" some more as well.

"Come on, guys. Do your homework now and it's done. You can play the whole rest of the afternoon afterwards."

So the two girls got to their homework. Lisa had some difficulties to concentrate though. She wondered, if it was the same for Sophie. But what she asked herself even more was whether she should go a step further with her. She really wanted to, but it was too risky, wasn't it? Sophie's mom had almost caught them french-kissing. What would happen if she caught her with her tongue up Sophie's little pussy or stroking it with her fingers? That were adult games and it had to remain a secret that she knew about such stuff. But maybe she could at least create a situation in which she could take a look on her friend's pussy. Of course she had seen her naked often before.

The two girls have known each other for a long time and they've often been together in the tub. But Lisa had never paid special attention to that region of her friend's body. Her interest in that had awoken just recently. There had to be an unsuspicious way of getting naked in front of each other. The "in front of each other" was less a problem than getting naked at all. Lisa knew that Sophie wouldn't have a problem to get naked in front of her, but of course she wouldn't without a reason. She couldn't just ask her to get naked because she wanted to see her cunt, could she? That would be awkward. Stop, this word was a nono, too. It's "vagina". She glimpsed the Barbie-doll lying next to Ken. She had an idea. Before Ken had fetched her for their date, Lisa and Sophie had tried several outfits on Barbie. We could play "fashion-show" once again, Lisa thought. They've played that quite a few times before and on some occasions, like real models they also had shown swimwear and underwear on the "catwalk". Therefore of course they had to get completely nude and she might have the opportunity to take a quick look at Sophie's pussy. So, when they had finished their homework, Lisa asked her friend if she wanted to play fashion-show.

"Yes, let's do that. We haven't played fashion-show for a long time." Sophie was excited with that idea.

The girls went to Sophie's wardrobe to choose their outfits. Of course Lisa immediately took some underwear, too, and rummaged around for her swimwear.

"Oh great, again with underwear and bathing suits," Sophie said when Lisa pulled out her pink bikini. "Come on, let's ask Mommy if we could use some of her things as well. And she must watch. A real fashion-show needs an audience."

No sooner said than done. The two ran to Karen, who had made herself comfortable on the couch with her novel.

"Mommy, Mommy, we wanna do a fashion-show. Can we look for stuff in your wardrobe, too?"

"You can, but I'll come along, so you don't make too big a mess of my wardrobe."

"You must join, too, Mommy," Sophie said on the way to Karen's bedroom. "We need an audience for the fashion-show. Although only one is not much of an audience."

"Of course I'll play with you. But do you know what doesn't require an audience?" Karen said. "A photo-shoot. Why don't we do that? I could be the photographer."

"Will you make real photos then?" Lisa asked.

"Of course. Then we can watch them on the computer afterwards. But now let's see if we can find something for you. If you want to wear some of my things, we'd have to use a few tricks, I guess."

"Nah, Mommy," Sophie said. "For the game it doesn't matter if it's too big, does it? ....I want high heels!!"

"Haha, okay, but I fear we won't get them to fit with rubber bands and safety pins."

Already Sophie had grabbed a pair of black high heels and tried to get in.

"Be careful, don't fall, honey."

"Look, can I try that one?" Lisa had a red miniskirt in her hands, which naturally wouldn't be that mini for her.

"Of course, you can. Safety pins should help with that one." Lisa put down her pants and Karen helped her to take on the skirt and to remodel it with safety pins, so that it would "fit" a little girl like Lisa. "There you go, fits like a glove," Karen laughed. "Now we need something fancy for the top."

"Maybe we can use this?" asked Lisa, who had found a semi-transparent black scarf. "Maybe if I just wrap it around like that? But not with the t-shirt on."

Lisa took off her shirt and Karen helped her to drape the scarf around her chest and her neck. "Perfect belly top. Do you like it so, Lisa?"

"Yes, great, thank you."

"Look Mommy," Sophie called. "I've found a dress for me, hihi."

Karen turned around and had to laugh. Sophie was wearing one of her black t-shirts, which was actually indeed more like a dress for the little girl.

"But we can't leave it like that," said Karen. "This way it looks more like a bag than a dress. Wait a minute, I'll be right back."

When she returned, Karen had brought Sophie's bright pink belt. With it she made the t-shirt fit on Sophie's waist. Now it really looked like a dress.

"Will you look at that! The color of your belt fits perfectly to my t-shirt. You could actually go outside like that. Well, maybe the sleeves are still a bit too large." Karen laughed. "Well, let me fetch the camera and we can make the first pictures."

So the two girls started to pose and Karen shot a lot of photos. She also told the girls how to pose, just like a photographer on an actual photo-shoot does. Each of the girls also suggested poses for the other. All three of them obviously had a lot of fun.

Of course Lisa also enjoyed the game already, but actually she did suggest playing fashion-show for a certain reason, didn't she? So after a few costume-changes and corresponding shootings she went to Sophie's room and fetched her swimwear.

"Let's do these now," she determined and already she was naked. "You, too." Having said that, Lisa pulled down Sophie's panties, which was the only thing she wore at the moment.

"I'll take that one," said Sophie, who had grabbed a red bikini. "Or do you want that one?"

"Nono, you can take it," replied Lisa, who instead of choosing something for herself, was preoccupied with examining the little slit between Sophie's legs, and that as covertly as possible. If only she spread her legs a little bit, she thought.

"I'll try that one," Lisa finally said after Sophie had covered her sweet little cunny again, all too quickly. She also had chosen a bikini, a blue one with coloured fishes on it. The panties of that bikini were tied together with laces on the sides. Instead of getting in while standing, she laid down on Karen's bed and slipped in with her legs deliberately spread apart.

"Eh, something is wrong," Lisa had gotten it on back to front on purpose. "Can you help me out, Sophie? It's your bikini after all."

"You've gotten it all wrong, silly," Sophie said laughing and, as Lisa had intended, removed the panties from her.

And again Lisa spread her legs much farther apart as necessary. Though of course Sophie wasn't really paying attention, Lisa got aroused by showing her slightly opened cunny to her little friend. But already it was covered again and the shooting continued. After that came another round of swimwear, one-piece bathing-suits this time. Of course again Lisa sneaked a peak on Sophie's crotch and she used the opportunity to show hers again as well. This time she did it by letting the suit fall down and picking it up, so that Sophie could see her pussy. She even thought to have seen Karen taking a closer look at it, but she wasn't sure. After they had run out of kid's swimwear, they wanted to try Karen's, but naturally that didn't work very well.

"So let's make some pictures of you in your swimwear," Lisa suggested, wondering if Karen was going along with that.

"Of course, then I'll be a model as well. Do you want to be the photographer?"

Of course Lisa would like to do that, but at the moment she was just curious about how her cunt would look like. She would have loved to take a photo of it right away, so she could examine it later without any rush. But she didn't, she only watched. Karen had hair between her legs. Of course Lisa knew that adult women had hair there, but Mommy had shaved hers off completely (and Daddy, too). But in spite of the hair Lisa could see Karen's cunt-lips, although they were a little smaller than Mommy's (in fact Karen was shaved, only not completely and the remaining hair was trimmed, but of course Lisa didn't know that). Unfortunately it was just a very short peek again. Lisa would have loved to set a bit more "interesting" poses for Karen, but she also didn't dare.

Underwear followed the swimwear. The girls used some of Sophie as well as some of Karen, which amused Karen again. Some tricks were necessary once more, because of course it didn't fit from end to end. But the two girls naturally insisted on trying on her bras. That looked rather ridiculous of course, in spite of Karen's tricks. Quite contrary to Karen, who really looked gorgeous in her underwear, as Lisa thought. She liked it even better when Karen put on straps and fishnet stockings.

"Wow, you look beautiful, Karen," Lisa said admiringly.

"Thank you, honey." (Karen liked to hear that compliment, although it came from a little girl, who (as she thought) wasn't really able to judge that completely. Lingerie isn't exactly designed to please a child's eye after all.)

"What's that? A see-through skirt?" Sophie had found a transparent white baby-doll with spaghetti straps.

"Haha, something like that, yes. But you wear it like a dress not like a skirt. See, the straps go over the shoulders."

"But isn't that much too small for you then? On you it would only stretch to here," Sophie pointed at her hips.

"Yes, but that's how it ought to be."

"And why is it see-through? You can't wear it anywhere, can you?"

"Hahaha, it's not for going outside. You only wear it at home."

"Can I try it?"

"Of course, why not?"

Naturally the spaghetti straps were much too long for Sophie, a problem solved by a simple knot. Of course for Sophie the garment was less a baby-doll than rather a negligee that went over her knees.

"So how do I look?" Sophie asked spinning round.

"I don't know. It looks kind of strange with your underwear on," Lisa said (Sophie wore pink Hello-Kitty panties and an undershirt under the baby-doll). "Why don't you take it off?" Sophie did. "See? Now it looks very pretty. Photographer, it's your turn."

"What, photos naked?" Sophie reddened a little.

"Why, you're not naked, are you? And anyway, that must to be so, isn't it Karen?"

"Well," began Karen, who had gotten a little red in the face as well. "You could wear underwear under it, but wearing none is not wrong."

"And when do you wear it, Mommy?"

"Not at all at the moment," Karen sighed. "I've often worn it when your Dad was still with us. He liked it very much. But it's nice to get the stuff out again, although only you two sweethearts will see it." She gently stroked over the girls' hair.

"I see," Sophie only said. Of course Lisa knew what Karen was talking about, but she doubted that Sophie got it, too. She also felt a bit sorry for Karen now, because Sophie's Daddy had moved out 2 years ago and was now living with another woman. Sophie visited her Daddy regularly on weekends and during vacations and the other woman was very kind, too, Sophie had told her. But of course she would like her parents to live together again. Though that would never happen, Karen had told Sophie. Since the separation Sophie and Karen were living alone. Lisa now knew something Karen would surely miss. She had no one to fuck her. Maybe it would be nice for Karen if she got a dog? Lisa herself also would love to make her happy, but of course that wasn't possible.

"So, what do you want to wear?" Sophie roused her from her thoughts.

"I don't know. Do you have another baby-thingie, Karen?"

"Baby-doll," Karen replied. "I'm afraid I don't. I have a negligee that's also transparent, but way too large for you."

"Hmm, so why don't we just use this once more." The black scarf she had worn at the beginning of the session had come to Lisa's mind again. That was see-through, too. It must be possible to create something with that. Already she was naked again, trying to drape the cloth around her body. Karen helped her to get it done as pretty as possible.

"See, now I also have something see-through," Lisa assumed her first pose for the photos.

Now that she was quasi naked she could do some nice poses and present her bum and her cunny. Pictures of them were taken, too. Very exciting. Of course Lisa also especially enjoyed making Sophie pose so that she could take a longer look at her slit and her bum. But the baby-doll was still in the way. So she worked up her courage a bit more.

"In TV... I've seen that you could... also make photos without any clothes on." Indeed she had, thanks to various celebrity- and "infotainment"-programs, which show quite a lot nowadays. "Why... why don't we try that, too?" she asked trying to look innocent.

"Really, are you sure?" Sophie asked.

"Of course, why not? We're already almost naked, aren't we? Hihi." Lisa was totally confident again and off was the scarf, leaving her standing completely naked in front of them. She wanted it to stay like that for a while now. Lisa really hoped that this advance would convince the two to join.

"If nobody here has a problem with it, there's no reason why we shouldn't try that," Karen said. "That little naked angel obviously hasn't. What about you, honey. Do you like Lisa's idea? Of course I'd play along, too, if you two want me to. Though actually a nude shooting is not for such little girls. In fact, the lingerie-pictures were already not really suitable, hehe. So, if we do that, it stays a secret between the three of us. Agreed?"

"Agreed," said Sophie and removed her transparent dress.

"Agreed," said Lisa, well knowing why taking nude pictures of them had to remain a secret. But she also figured that in fact she could tell her parents about it without a bad conscience. How should Karen know that she did many things with her parents which actually weren't for little girls.

At first Karen took the role of the photographer again and didn't get undressed yet. The girls had already begun to pose lying or sitting on the bed during the underwear-session instead of just standing-poses. Now naked, Lisa continued that. Of course the very first poses were deliberately harmless. At the moment she lay on her side on Karen's bed. She supported her head with her arm and her legs lay bent, one upon the other. Her little slit was barely seen. Sophie sat behind her, also posing for Karen, who was busy taking photos. Then Lisa lifted her upper leg, raising it almost vertically upright. So now her little cunny opened up completely. What was going to happen now?

"Uppsi, don't you want to lower that leg again?" Karen said a little embarrassed.

"Oh yes, hihi, I can totally see your wee-wee," said Sophie, less embarrassed but rather amused.

"Oh, is that bad?" said Lisa, again trying to sound like the most innocent little girl. "Don't you want to take a picture of me like that?" She gave her her cutest little pout.

"Well..., if you want me to, surely I'll take that picture for you," said Karen and released the shutter already.

Hey, that was easy, Lisa thought. Now I just have to persuade Sophie to let hers being photographed, too. But that wasn't necessary at all.

"Me, too," Sophie exclaimed, got on her knees, spread her thighs and bent her body back. Lisa rolled over on her back to take a look at her. Indeed, Sophie's cunny was slightly opened and because she was bent back like that, her little clit was protruding a bit. A shiver went through Lisa's body. Oh my, how much she wanted to lick her now. Maybe the nudie-shooting wasn't such a good idea after all? How in the world should she restrain herself if it was going on like that? She consoled herself with the thought of Daddy's cock, which was going to be shoved up her cunnie tonight. Before Sophie changed her pose, Lisa sat next to her in the same way. When the two girls sat up again, Lisa hugged her little friend and pushed her cheek against Sophie's.

"Awww, that's gonna be such a cute picture," Karen exclaimed enamoured. "If you wore something on it, I'd downright put it on the wall."

"What, you can't just because we're naked, hihihi?" Lisa asked jokingly. Karen laughed instead of replying.

"Why don't you lay down on your back?" Lisa told Sophie. "I have an idea for another pose. I bet your mom will like that one, too."

Sophie obeyed and Lisa laid herself on top, again cheek to cheek. Before she got up again, Lisa even smacked a little kiss on Sophie's lips. She hoped that Karen would snap the shot the right moment. After that Lisa switched to a more revealing pose again. She went on all fours, her bum directed to the camera. She arched her back down a bit, so that her cunny would again be nicely exposed to the lens and to Karen. She looked back over her shoulder to Sophie, who knelt beside her and put one hand onto her bum, as directed by Karen. After Karen did the photos, Sophie assumed the same pose as Lisa and kissed her on the cheek. This time this was certainly shot because Sophie waited until her mom had taken a few pictures. Now Lisa let the last restraints regarding the posing go. She laid next to Sophie, lifted her legs, bent her knees and spread her thighs. It seemed that Karen also didn't have any more concerns about photographing her like that. And why should she? Lisa did show her that she had a lot of fun being photographed like that. After a few shots, she put a hand between her legs, spreading her cunny-lips completely with two fingers. She closely examined Karen's reaction to that. There was nothing to mention. Karen just went on taking pictures like nothing had happened.

"Now you have to get naked, too," Lisa told her. "Then I'm going to take pictures of you two."

And just as Lisa had hoped, Karen posed for her as she had done before.

"I guess, you'd like to shoot me like that as well?" Karen laid on her back as Lisa was before and spread her cunt with her fingers. "Hell, girl you really must not tell anybody about that. Never. At all!"

Lisa came near her and after she realized that Karen didn't mind, she got even closer. Now she could exactly see Karen's clit that stood out a little. The little pee-hole below was equally nice to look at. Lisa imagined a beautiful stream of piss gushing out of it. And how she would lick Karen. Or how she would fuck her with her whole arm as she had done with Mommy. Again she had to think about Karen having no one who could make her happy. Maybe Sophie did? Nah, probably not. Mommy and Daddy had told her, that children normally don't do that with her parents. However, the fact that she and her parents did it was very special. Suddenly she realized that a droplet from her cunny ran down her inner thigh. She was really wet down there now. Hastily she wiped it away with her hand.

Sophie laid next to her mom and Lisa went on taking pictures. Sophie also wanted to show her little cunny in its full splendour now. She spread her lips widely with both hands. Lisa never had seen a kiddie-cunny in that way. She couldn't see her own exactly like that. It just wasn't the same as seeing it so. And Sophie's pussy wasn't the same, too. Lisa tried to compare as many details of Sophie's cunny with her own. Her clit, the little pee-hole (again she couldn't resist to imagine it spraying piss) and the tight hole below it which was the entrance to her love-hole. Lisa wondered how the cunt of her little friend would taste like.

"Hey, you also have to take pictures, don't just watch," Sophie called.

"What? Oh, yes of course."

Obviously Lisa had stared a bit too much. She released the shutter a few times. Again a drip of her juice ran down her leg.

"Um, you have to take over for a moment, Sophie. I got to go pee."

Actually Lisa didn't mean to play with herself until the evening, but that wasn't possible any longer. Else she would be caught. As quick as lightning she dashed to the toilet and locked the door. She sat down and started to stroke her clit right away. It was already very stiff and her hole was soaking wet. She put two fingers in at the same time. She was so aroused that she wouldn't need very long to cum. Which was good since she couldn't stay here that long, could she. When she climaxed she really had to pull herself together to prevent herself from moaning out loud. When the orgasm had more or less subsided, she realized that actually she did have to pee now. So she let it go, her fingers still buried within her little hole. Afterwards she licked her hands clean with great relish. A quick cleanse and back she was with the two others. Sophie was just taking a picture of her mom who posed for her standing with both her hands on her beautiful breasts, pushing them together.

"Hey, that looks nice," said Lisa. "I wish I had such beautiful teetees."

"Hehe, thanks for the compliment, honey," Karen told her. "Just be patient. You certainly will have very beautiful "teetees", too." Karen smiled at her.

Lisa stood next to Karen and Sophie shot a few more poses with Lisa and Karen. She even let her lie on her belly, with her head resting on her soft breasts. Lisa was that close to suck her nipples. Then Lisa took the camera once more. She didn't make that many naked-pictures after all. After a few more poses of Sophie and Karen, Sophie had the idea to do some pictures of all three of them with the self-timer. Fortunately Karen had a tripod, so they could take that idea into action as well.

"Woo, it's gotten late," Karen said a bit later during their triple-shoot (Karen just had both girls on her lap while both of the girls had their legs widely spread). "I've got to prepare supper now, it's about time. Otherwise we won't have anything to eat tonight. We really did photograph for a long time. Your former fashion-shows didn't take that long, hehe. Probably the card in the camera is almost full nonetheless."

The three redressed. Karen went to the kitchen after uploading the photos to the laptop. Until supper was ready, Lisa and Sophie looked at the pictures together. During the later ones, Sophie reddened quite a few times, Lisa noticed.

"Can I have the photos, too, Karen?" Lisa asked when Karen had joined them for a moment to also see some of the pictures. They had already been at the nude ones then.

"You can have the ones from the start of course, but I rather keep those here with me," Karen replied. "But you can always take a look at them when you're here. Is that okay?"

"Okay," Lisa understood why Karen didn't want to let her take away these photos, but she still was a little disappointed. Of course she would have loved to show them to Mommy and Daddy. Which gave her the idea that she could take photos with Mommy and Daddy, too - well, photos unlike the ones they had in their family albums.

After supper the three of them played a round of Monopoly together. They were almost done (Sophie had a giant pile of money and hotels all over the place, Karen was already broke and for Lisa it was only a matter of time until her money would be gone, too), when the doorbell rang. Daddy had come to pick Lisa up.

"Good evening, Karen. Hello Sophie, hello honey. So, did you have fun together?"

"Yes, we did," said Karen. "A lot of fun. It's always nice to have the little one here."

"We played some really great games," Sophie said.

"Yes, really. That was a great afternoon," Lisa added.

She said goodbye and off they went.


"So, what did you play today?" Peter asked his daughter when they sat in the car.

"Monopoly and Barbie and french-kissing and photo-shooting."

"What, french-kissing? What do you mean, french-kissing?" He was startled.

"Well, I practised kissing with Sophie. Barbie and Ken kissed goodbye and then I asked Sophie if we could try that, too. And then we kissed."

"You mean, a little kiss? On her mouth?"

"Yes and then with our tongues."

"With your tongues?"

"Yes, I said french-kissing, didn't I?"

"Well, yes, you did. And how did she react?"

"She liked it. Of course I did, too. But don't be afraid, Karen didn't notice. And Sophie promised to keep it secret."

Of course the thought of his little daughter french-kissing with her little friend made Peter horny as hell, although at the same time it worried him a little. After all that wasn't really normal for a seven-year-old. Well, let's hope that Sophie will really keep it secret, he thought.

"And then we played photo-shooting with Karen almost the whole afternoon," said Lisa.

"Photo-shooting? How do you play that?"

"Well, you put on several dresses and then you get photographed while you move around like the models on TV do it."

"I see. And Karen took pictures of you?"

"Yes, at first she did. But later when we also did nudie pictures, Sophie and me photographed as well. We wanted to take pictures of Karen, too."

"You did what? You took nude pictures? Of all three of you?"

"Yes we did. It was a lot of fun. We even photographed our pussies. See, like that." Lisa spread her legs and indicated spreading her labia with her fingers.

"What? Karen photographed that?"

"Yes she did. And I photographed hers. She didn't remove her hair down there. But when she pulled her pussy apart, I could see everything, too. She also has a very beautiful pussy. I really wanted to lick her, but I mustn't do that, must I?"

"God, no!" Peter exclaimed. Oh my goodness, he thought. That was too close. "Honey you really have to be careful that Karen won't discover our secret."

"Don't be afraid, Daddy. I won't tell. Though, actually I wasn't supposed to tell this to you, too. Karen said that the nude pictures must remain a secret. That's why she wouldn't allow me to take them with me. What a pity, I would have loved to show them to you."

"Haha, I surely would have loved to see them, too," said Peter. I'm not surprised that Karen wants to keep them secret, he thought. That's straightforward child-porn, although they did only pose naked... with spread legs... showing pink. Might it be possible that Karen was a bit liable to little girls, too? Bullshit! What a strange coincidence would that be. Of all people, the mother of Lisa's friend was also... But it remains strange that she just went along with all that.

"But I thought it still would be okay if I told you and Mommy about it, too. Because I know that you wouldn't mind Karen taking nudie pictures of me, would you?"

"Of course not." How harmless is that in contrary to what Kathrin and I do with Lisa, Peter thought.

"May we also make photos some time? Maybe also when we make sex?"

"I guess we could." Only nobody else must ever find them, he thought. It certainly would be hot to see a photo with me fucking my little sweetheart. She looks so adorable with my cock in her mouth. A video would be even better. I made a lot of porn-movies with Kathrin, didn't I? I bet Lisa would love to see herself being fucked on film, too.

"Your mom will be amazed when you tell her that," Peter said when he steered into their driveway. "Oh, by the way, Mommy wanted to take a bath with you, if you like to. I'll wait for you in your bed, okay?"

"Yes, great. Can't wait," Lisa said excited. "All day I was looking forward to fuck with you again." She whispered since they weren't in the car anymore.

It seems that she indeed understands, that she has to be careful what she says and when she's saying it, Peter thought, now a little less worried again. "Me too, honey," he said and opened the front door. "Honey, we're back," he shouted. "Are you in the bathroom? Lisa'll come up to you right away."

"Yes, I'm about to let the water in," Kathrin shouted back.


"What is it? Are you not going to sit down?" Kathrin asked. Lisa had clambered to her into the tub and stood in front of her now.

"I have to pee first," Lisa said and spread her pussy lips a little.

And already a tender spray of lightly golden piss squirted out of her little slit and onto Kathrin's tits. She had indeed hoped that she could also play a little with Lisa, but actually she had thought that her daughter would want to go to bed with her father as fast as possible. But of course it was all the much nicer that way.

"Oh, that's beautiful. Let me taste it."

She sat herself up a bit and let the stream squirt right in her mouth.

"So, is it good?"

"Mmmmmh, your pee tastes wonderful."

Kathrin licked the final dribbles out of Lisa's little cunny and she would have loved to continue, but Lisa sat down into the tub. Immediately she started to lick her own piss from her mother's breasts.

"You're right, it's good, hihihi."

"So, are we going to play a little, too, before you go to bed with Daddy?"

"Of course!" Lisa said grinning and Kathrin started to caress the rear and the back of her little daughter while Lisa was lavishly sucking her nipples.

It didn't take very long until Kathrin felt a small hand between her legs. Very gently, her daughter caressed her inner thighs and also touched her labia now and then. A first shiver went through Kathrin's body and although she was lying in hot water, she got mild goosebumps. She let a finger glide along the crevice of Lisa's bum, gently caressing the little bumhole first and then let two fingers go to her tiny slit, while continuing to massage her bumhole with her thumb.

"I would like a kiss from you," Kathrin whispered to her daughter.

Lisa looked up, Kathrin pushed the little one up a bit and slid a little deeper into the water at the same time. Lisa touched her lips with hers. Their tongues met. It was a real long kiss. As long as she had never kissed her before. It was wonderful. Kathrin felt Lisa pushing her hand slowly into her cunt. No, not the whole hand. She also used her thumb to rub her clit. It was really amazing how good her daughter already was at this. Kathrin gently entered Lisa's tight bumhole with the tip of her thumb. Lisa moaned. And a second time when she let her middle finger go into the tiny kiddy-cunny. Despite the water, the narrow channel was pretty slippery. The little one was really horny, just like herself. Again she shivered. It wouldn't take that much longer until her daughter would provide her with an orgasm. And Lisa would cum pretty soon as well. Again and again she felt the light twitches inside the little love-hole. Indeed only a few minutes later Kathrin was on the brink of a climax. She only had to let herself go, but she tried to restrain herself a bit longer (which was not easy). Kathrin removed her thumb from Lisa's bumhole, so she was able to push her finger deeper into the tiny cunt. She started to downright fuck her with her finger.

"Oh, Mommy, that's so nice, yes, yeees, yeeeeeeeees!"

Lisa whole body was trembling when she came. Kathrin relaxed and let her own orgasm wave all over her. She felt her bladder emptying which of course amplified her orgasm even more.

"That was great, Mommy."

After their orgasms had subsided again, Lisa lay quietly on Mommy's breasts and Kathrin gently caressed her little daughter's back again.

"Yes, it was, honey."

"Did you pee when you came?" Lisa asked.

"So you noticed? Yes, I couldn't help. You made me cum so hard, it just squirted out."

"It felt nice how your pee came out under water. I'm looking forward for tomorrow."

"Me too. But now we have to get finished. Daddy's certainly already waiting for you."

"Who's waiting?" Peter entered the bathroom as he had known that they talked about him.

"You of course," Kathrin said. "For Lisa. It took a bit longer. We yet had had a little... fun together."

"Hehe, I thought as much. So, are you finished now?"

"Still have to wash hair and soap ourselves," Kathrin said.

"We'll make it quick, Daddy, I'll be with you in bed right away," Lisa said. "Hey, what are you doing?" she added when she saw that her father tipped up the toilet seat.

"I have to pee. May I not do that with you in the bathroom? I thought that should be okay now."

"It is of course," Lisa told him. "But you mustn't pee in there."

Lisa rolled on her back, still laying between Kathrin's legs.

"I get it. The ladies want to have a serving of fresh Daddy-piss. Coming up."

Peter stood in front of the tub, got out his cock and drenched his two girls in piss from head to toe. At least the parts that weren't submerged under the water.

"Into the face, into the face!" Lisa shouted. Peter naturally obeyed immediately. The little girl caught his piss with her mouth and squirted a part of it into her mother's mouth. Once more the two kissed while Peter distributed the final drops.

"That's all," Peter said. "I leave you alone once more. Don't take that long anymore. I'll wait for you in your bed, little princess."

"We're gonna hurry," Kathrin called after him.

Actually they did need a bit longer than expected because during washing Lisa told Kathrin what had happened at Sophie's today. Kathrin's reactions were similar to those of Peter and she thought, too, if Karen might have special proclivities.

During towelling Lisa got extremely jittery. She could hardly wait to get to bed. The little hussy just came so hard and already she's that horny again, Kathrin thought and smiled when her daughter dashed out of the door.


Peter had undressed in his bedroom and had got naked into his daughter's child bed. His cock was already rock-hard and the time until his daughter finally came felt like an eternity.

"Hi, Daddy, here I am," Lisa shouted when she eventually came in.

She threw herself on him and kissed him frantically. Then she pulled the blanket from him.

"Oh, great, your penis is already totally hard!" she shouted ecstasized.

"Of course, since I knew my little princess would be with me soon. So, what are we gonna do now?" he asked, which wasn't necessary at all, because his cock was already in her mouth.

He started to gently rub her back and massage her cute little bum. When he shoved his hand between her legs she immediately opened them eagerly.

"Mmmmh, niiice!" the little one whispered when he eventually began to caress the kiddy-cunny. She already was really wet down there. Or rather still wet, he thought.

"Well, what do you think, shall I put it in you? If you go on like that I'm gonna cum in your mouth."

"Go on then, squirt away." She looked at him innocently batting her eyelids. "After that you're gonna fuck me, can you do that?"

"Okay. If you help me a little after I came, I should be ready in an instant again."

"Of course I'll help you, Daddy," Lisa grinned at him and put his cock back in her mouth.

"That's my daughter," said Peter. "But why don't you let me lick your little peach. You just taste too good, sweetie."

He pulled her a little closer without her having to interrupt her blow-job. His cock was buried really deep in her mouth. Contrary to what he had said he was still quite a bit away from cumming, so he could enjoy the sensation of the little child-lips which snuggled against his shaft and her soft tongue which simultaneously licked him for a little longer. He dipped his tongue in Lisa's wet slit, slurping her delightful juices. It was wonderful how horny the little one was. He couldn't get enough of her tasty cunny-juices. Peter lubricated his forefinger with saliva and started to suck on the little pearl of his daughter's clit. Aroused by the wonderful taste of Lisa's little hole and of course also by her skilful tongue-work, he soon realized that his orgasm was yet approaching. Just when he entered her bum-hole with his finger, he came. Load after load he shot into his daughter's mouth and Lisa swallowed all of it greedily. Even before he was done squirting, he noticed that the little one came, too. She released his cock from her mouth and pushed her cunny hard in his face. She even started to rub it on him.

"And with what exactly do you need help now, Daddy?" Lisa asked him as soon as she had stopped twitching.

His erection hadn't weakened at all, he just stayed completely hard.

"It seems that all it takes is you laying next to me naked to make him hard. As soon as you're ready I'll put it in."

"I am. Let's FUCK, Daddy!"

"Then slip under the blanket," Peter held it up for her and she laid next to him.

"He kissed her softly. She returned his kiss while he slipped between her legs, which she immediately spread wide apart and bend them a little.

"Put it in, Daddy," she whispered.

Peter grabbed his cock and guided it to the entrance of his daughter's love-hole. Slowly he let it glide into the narrow hot tube. She moaned lustfully. Peter went on kissing and caressing her while he began to hump her slowly. She moaned again. In this very moment he felt such a deep love for Lisa, combining the love of a father to his little daughter and the love of a lover to his beloved. That was indeed the epitome of making love, far more than pure satisfaction of lust. Peter hoped that she felt alike. No, actually he was sure that she did. Lisa lovingly caressed his back. She clutched his hips with her legs, pressing him even closer to herself to take his cock in even deeper. Peter wanted to go on like that forever, but before they would reach climax together, Peter suggested one more change of position. After dimming the only remaining light in the child's room, he rolled her on her side, snuggled himself on her back and entered her from behind. Again she moaned. He felt the touch of a little hand on his shaft. Actually this touch wasn't meant for his cock but for her clit. Lisa was caressing herself while he fucked her. After a while she just lay in his arms very relaxed and enjoyed each of his thrusts. He held her tightly in his arms, snuggled his face on hers and covered her with tender kisses again and again. Although he fucked her that slow, Peter noticed that another orgasm was building up. And inside his daughter was stirring something as well. Her moaning got heavier and heavier anyhow. When she came he felt the twitches inside her tight love-tunnel which in turn brought him over the brink and he poured himself into her.

"Stay inside me, Daddy," she whispered when he tried to remove himself out of her. "I want to go to sleep with your cock in me. Stay with me until I'm asleep, please."

"Of course I'll stay with you, little darling."

It seemed that he himself had slept for a few minutes, when he noticed that Lisa had gone to sleep. His cock had gone quite soft in the meantime but it really had stayed inside the narrow cave. Very slowly and carefully he pulled himself out of her and removed his arm from under her. Then he covered her with the blanket, kissed her on her forehead and turned off the light.

"Goodnight, honey, sweet dreams," he whispered when he left her room leaving the door open ajar.

"That took quite a while," said Kathrin, who already waited for him in bed. She smiled. "I almost thought I had to look what you two were doing that long." He laid down next to her and kissed her. "Was it good?" she added.

"Wonderful. I never had thought that I'd be able to have such fantastic sex with anybody else but you, honey."

"Well, can he do one more round?" she asked him grinning and grabbed his cock.

"I bet you can make him." Peter grinned back at her. His cock already started to stiffen again.

"Let's make another baby," she told him when he was laying on her.

Baffled he stopped to fuck her for a moment.

"Where does that come from now?" he asked her. "I thought you didn't want another child."

"That was just because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to restrain myself again as I did with Lisa. But I guess that's not as necessary anymore, is it?" She grinned. "What do you say?"

"You know I always wanted a second child. I'm so happy, darling. Let's make another baby. No more pill from tomorrow on." He began humping her again.

"Hihi, I'm happy that you think so because I already stopped taking it. And we don't have any rubbers, do we?"

"You little hussy!" Peter laughed. "Well, I don't know if it'll work today. Our daughter has already claimed the lion's share of my sperm."

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Wow such a hot story


question why do half of this story is in German and some in English cant keep with the story.


That's not the case. The story is completely there in German and in English. You don't have to read both. I write in German because that's my native language and then I translate it because it's understandable for a wider audience. Naturally the German parts are always a bit earlier, but the whole story is available in both languages eventually (at the moment they're both at the same point, there's one more German part because one of the chapters is split in the German version and in the English version it's not).

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