Sally At The Retirement Home

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Published: 12-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

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There was a scowl on Sally's usually pretty face as the young girl whined to her Mum. "Do we both have to go and see Granddad. Can't you go without me?"

"No Sally you're coming with me. It's not often we both go to see my Father and he particularly asked to see you today," the young girl's Mum replied.

If it was her Dad, or any other man Sally knew that she would be able to twist them around her little finger but her Mum was a different matter.

At just fourteen the young girl had learnt that boys and even men would do anything she wanted just for a smile or word of thanks. This remarkable change had only occurred in the last year as the young girls body had developed from child to women. Her small firm breasts had grown and a pair of hips had arrived along with the knowledge that every man's eyes had started to follow her as she walked by.

Even the male teachers at school had become easy to get around and by sitting at the front of the class with her legs slightly apart Sally had them all red faced and flustered.

But now her Mother was insisting she went to visit her Granddad at the retirement home and she had planned to go shopping with her best friend Lucy.

"It's not fair," she cried. "Why do I have to go with you?"

"Because I said so," her Mother replied with the answer that has infuriated generations of children.

In her petulance, Sally kicked the table and watched in dismay as the brightly coloured present for her Granddad toppled over and hit the floor with the unmistakable sound of breaking glass.

"You stupid girl," her Mother screamed. "That was your Grandfather's present. Now I'm going to have to go out and buy him something new. Well, you can look after him and run his errands while I go out and get a new present and it is coming out of your savings too. That should teach you a lesson."

Normally when they got to the retirement home Granddad had her Mum run around doing odd jobs for him and she thought it funny but today she was going to have to do the running about and that put her in an even worse mood.

How could her Mother be so unfair, Sally thought. It wasn't her fault the present toppled over. It shouldn't have been left just sitting on the table like that.

"Come on. In the car now!" Her mother shouted and Sally walked as slow as she could to the car trying to show her Mother that she couldn't be ordered around like when she was little.

"Dad wouldn't make me go," she told her Mother as she sat in the car.

"Well your Father lets you get away with murder and it's time you learnt to do as you're told," her Mother retorted. "Since you broke the present I have decided that you can pay for its replacement out of your pocket money for the next month," she added.

"But that's not fair," the young girl cried. "I was saving up for the new coat like Lucy's one."

"Tough," her Mother exclaimed. "You should have thought of that before you kicked the table."

"I hate Granddad!" Sally shouted. "Visiting him has ruined everything."

"You be nice to him," her Mother warned. "We only have our house because your Granddad gave it to us when he went into the retirement home."

The rest of the journey was spent in silence as Mother and Daughter avoided talking to each other and at last they arrived at the retirement home where Sally's Granddad lived.

Walking through the door they came to the reception desk where a huge black male nurse sat. "Hi it's Sally isn't it?" He said with a huge grin splitting his face as he looked at the sexy young girl..

Sally pretended she hadn't heard and ignored him as she continued towards her Grandfather's room.

"I'm sorry Charles," Sally's Mum said to the nurse. "She is in a foul mood today and is giving me hell."

"That's alright Maam," Charles replied although the look in his eyes at the young girls snub said something completely different.

Sally and her Mum arrived at the room and entered, finding the only occupant sitting in an easy chair in his dressing gown watching television.

"Hi Dad," Sally's Mum said, giving her Father a kiss before waiting for the young girl to say hello to her Grandfather.

"Hello Sally," her Grandfather said after waiting a moment.

"Hi," she replied making no effort to give the old man a kiss or hug.

"Sorry Dad she's in a bad mood again," Sally's Mum explained. "Do you have anything you want me to get while I pop out?"

"Yes I've got a list for you," Sally's Granddad said handing her a list that included shopping, shoe repairs and laundry.

"This is going to take a couple of hours and I'm due to have lunch with a friend today," Sally's Mum complained.

"That's ok dear. Leave Sally here and collect her after lunch," Her Granddad replied. "We'll look after her."

"Mum..." Sally started.

"Good idea Dad," Sally's Mum interrupted. "She can run your errands for you and the others if they want. I'll see you in about four hours. Do as your Granddad tells you," she instructed before heading out of the door.

"Sally can you ask Charles to pop in and see me and can you go to the corner shop and get me a paper," her Granddad asked.

"Ok," said Sally with bad grace and headed out the door.

A few minutes later Charles appeared. "You wanted me Mr Taylor?" He asked.

"Yes Charles. My Granddaughter is going to be around on her own for the next four hours and I think she badly needs teaching a lesson. Do you have any of that stuff you give to troublesome patients that makes them more docile."

"Oh Mr Taylor I don't think that you should be thinking of giving her none of that," Charles said. "I could get in big trouble for that."

"Well that's a pity because I think that a session with your cock stuffed up her, could have helped adjust her attitude towards black people," Sally's Granddad said.

"Hmmm. Maybe I was being a bit hasty," Charles said at the thought of his huge cock stuffed up the little girl's sweet ass. "You would let me do that to your Granddaughter?"

"I think that it is about time she learned some manners towards her elders," Sally's Granddad said. "I think that she will leave here tonight a lot sorrier than when she came in."

"Ok I'll go and get some," Charles replied and returned some minutes later with a small plastic container out of which he took a pill. Putting the pill between two spoons he crushed it into a powder and returned the powder to the container.

When Sally returned with the paper her Granddad asked if she would like a drink of orange and sent Charles off to get it. Charles returned with the doctored drink and Sally obligingly drank it down in one swallow.

Looking at the huge male nurse and her Granddad Sally felt that they were waiting expectantly as they looked at her. Well let them look, she thought as she thrust out her chest and sucked in her tiny waist.

"Come here," her Granddad called and when the young girl got within reach he pulled her onto his lap. Slowly he stroked her arms and cuddled her to his chest before he slipped one hand around to cup her small breast. After squeezing and feeling it for several minutes without any complaint from Sally he moved on to her other breast and repeated the process.

The feelings were electric to young Sally and she knew that she should be complaining but somehow she couldn't get the words out and just sat there docile as her Granddad's large hands squeezed and pinched her.

Suddenly she began to feel hot and as her Granddad unbuttoned several buttons on her shirt she flapped the front back and forth trying to cool off.

"That's a good idea dear," she heard her Grandfather say. "Why don't you stand up and take it right off?"

As if her hands had a mind of their own she felt them undo the rest of her buttons and pull the shirt from her tight jeans. She knew that she shouldn't but her mind seemed to be disconnected from her body as she allowed the shirt to slip from her shoulders and down her arms as it dropped in a pile onto the floor leaving her standing in her pretty white bra with the little red flowers on it.

Both men stared. This was an absolute peach of a girl and even Sally's Grandfather felt his eighty-five year old cock respond to the sight in front of him.

Sally stood just less than five feet tall, with her shoulder length blonde hair forming a halo surrounding her heart shaped face. She had buckteeth that a brace was struggling to straighten and a tiny, slightly upturned nose that gave her such a cute look that men wanted to reach out and touch her as she passed.

The swell of her small breasts was visible above the pretty bra she wore and her smooth pale skin made the two men ache to touch her.

"I think that you would be more comfortable without the jeans dear," Sally's granddad told her with a tremor in his voice and again the young girl's hands acted without her instructing them to and began to unbutton the front of her jeans.

As her white panties came into view both men held their collective breath lest they should disturb the magic that was the drugs effect on the lovely young beauty. Slowly the jeans were slid down her pale legs halting momentarily as her shoes were removed and then completing their journey to lay in a pile on the floor at her feet.

"Why don't you turn around and pick up your clothes and put them on the chair over there," Sally's Granddad suggested and the two men enjoyed the view of Sally's tight panties being stretched across her bum as she bent to retrieve her discarded clothes.

Charles's hand reached out and patted the child's bum as she was bent over, his huge black hand contrasting with the young girl's white panties. She tried to straighten up but he placed his other hand onto her back and Sally was forced to remain in the bent over position as his hand squeezed the cheeks of her bum through the tight material.

Turning her around so that her head was in her Grandfathers lap Charles continued to squeeze her bum and started to run his hands up and down the soft skin of her legs as he began to get bolder in his exploration of her rear.

Sliding his hand up to her back the huge black man ran it back down and allowed it to push under the panties and feel the firm cheeks of the young girl's behind.

Now Sally began to struggle but with the huge black pushing her back down and her Grandfather holding her head in his lap her drug weakened body was unable to break free.

"All right Sally, why don't you give your Granddad a blow job," Charles asked her? "Just be a good girl and pull it out for him while I get to know your body a little better."

Sally shook her head frantically as her drug-befuddled mind took in what the huge black man was saying. She could feel his hands running over the bare flesh of her bum and she could feel her Granddad's lump pushing against her cheek as he held her head in his lap. She was determined to get away from both but was as helpless as a moth pinned to a board as the two men continued to hold her.

Now she could feel the black man's hand leave her bum and grasp the waist of her panties. Slowly he tugged them down and the material slid further and further down her legs until it reached her feet leaving her naked bum exposed to his lecherous gaze.

Then the hand on her back slid down to her bra strap and with practised ease unclipped the hook allowing her breasts to spring free. Her Granddad then took over and pulled the bra off her arms allowing it to drop to the floor leaving her bent over and naked for their pleasure.

"I think her earlier rudeness to you deserves a punishment Charles," her Grandfather said and Charles raised his hand off her bum before bringing it back down in a stinging slap.

"Ah," Sally yelled as her tiny bottom exploded in pain. "No, please," but Charles ignored her and brought his hand down hard four more times leaving bright red marks on her bum cheeks.

By this time Sally's Granddad could stand no more and pulled his now hard cock out through the gap in his pyjamas. Pulling the young girl up by her hair he held his cock against her lips.

"Open up," he commanded only to see Sally shake her head in defiance.

Charles brought his hand down hard on her bum and as Sally opened her mouth to scream her Granddad pushed her head down, filling her mouth with his cock.

"Now suck it or Charles will keep smacking you," her Granddad commanded and Charles demonstrated by smacking her hard again.

With the combination of the drugs, the spanking and the two men holding her, Sally was in no position to fight back. As she gave in and started to give the first blowjob of her young life she felt the huge black man push her feet apart as his large hand slipped between her legs.

With her Grandfather using her hair to guide her as she pleasured him she felt the electrifying touch of Charles as he brushed his fingers over her clit. Working slowly he massaged the lips of her young pussy and ran his fingers around her clit until she was shuddering in anticipation. Finally he brought his fingers into contact with the young girls clit and felt her stiffen as an orgasm hit her.

Working his fingers into her now wet slit, Charles made sure they were nice and wet before sliding them up to her little puckered ass and pushing against the entrance.

Sally was still in the throes of her orgasm when she realised what he was going to do. She began to wriggle around but this only increased the excitement for the two men as they held her down and prepared her to be speared at both ends.

Slowly Charles increased the pressure with his fingers until he forced his wet finger past the muscle and into the young girls back passage. Sally screamed around the cock in her mouth and her Granddad moaned at the feelings that this elicited from his cock.

"Blimey Charles if that's what it feels like with your finger up her arse I can't wait until your cock is inside her," Sally's Granddad told the nurse confirming her worst fears.

"Well you will find out shortly," Charles informed him.

Slowly Charles rammed his finger in and out of the girl until he felt the muscles easing, at which point he added another finger. Sally screamed again but Charles just kept going until he felt her muscles had stretched enough.

Moving behind her he grabbed both of her hands in one of his and pushed down on her back until she was at the angle he wanted. Then using his free hand he dropped his trousers and pants before bringing the head of his huge cock to the entrance to her bum.

Trying as hard as she could to avoid the head of his cock, Sally was aware of the vulnerable position that she was in. Her Grandfathers cock was thumping into the back of her throat as he increased the force of his thrusts and as she gagged and struggled to breathe she momentarily forgot about the cock behind her. This was enough for Charles who, bringing the head of his cock to the recently stretched opening of her anus, gave an almighty shove which saw his enormous cock head disappear inside the young girls bum.

Sally let out a yelp of pain and felt as if her bum had been torn apart but the cock in her mouth stopped her screaming for mercy, not that the two rampant men would have shown her any at that point.

For a few moments Charles held still with his cock inside the girl giving her a chance to become accustomed to his huge size then he began to gently push his cock further into Sally's tiny anus.

It never failed to surprise Charles just how much the skin around a girl's poop hole could stretch. Now as his cock rammed deeper inside the young girl he could see her hole stretched more than it had ever been stretched in her life. For Charles the feeling was great but for poor Sally it was torture.

With only a third of his cock inside her Charles found he could go no further and pulled back until only the head was left inside. Sally felt as if her insides were being torn from her as the cock slid slowly backwards then she exploded in pain as Charles shoved it back deep inside her with all of his strength.

Letting out a muffled scream she struggled helplessly to escape her attackers grips.

"Do that to her again," Sally's Granddad instructed. "When she screams like that it gives my cock the most wonderful feeling."

Charles obliged by ramming his cock hard into the girl again and again each time saw it going in deeper making the young girl feel as if her insides were being straightened.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it opened as three elderly men entered.

"We was just wondering why you hadn't turned up for our regular game of poker," the first man who was extremely short sighted asked as he walked towards the three of them.

"Can't you see he is rather busy poking something already," one of the others asked which got them all laughing.

"Close the door before someone else sees," Sally's Granddad instructed and one of them did as they continued to view the extremely erotic scene in front of them.

"Shit it's been years since I've had a hard on but I've got one now," one of them commented and the others agreed that it was the same for them.

"Are we going to have a poke her session instead of our usual game too?" One of them asked.

"Sure if you keep quiet about it," Sally's Granddad answered and the naked Sally squirmed with embarrassment unable to object with his cock stuffed down her throat.

"Wowee, look at that," one of the men commentated. "She's taken the whole of Charles's huge cock up her cute little ass. She is one talented little girl," and with that he moved over to the group and reaching under her weighed her breast in his hand.

Now Sally felt other hands on her body as her Granddad began to force her head up and down on the shaft of his cock faster and faster until she felt it begin to pulse and her mouth filled with a salty and bitter tasting fluid.

"Don't spill any of it girl," he growled in her ear. "Swallow the lot and clean my cock up afterwards."

Sally had no option as she swallowed as fast as she could to avoid choking on the bitter liquid. Again and again she gulped down the liquid until finally no more came.

She continued to suck on the cock as it shrank in her mouth jumping in pain at the violation of her bum by the huge black cock until the cock in her mouth slipped out.

Moving off the chair her Granddad was replaced by one of the other old men and her head was positioned against his cock. "Open up girl," the new man instructed but Sally shook her head no.

Pain suddenly shot through Sally's tits as one of the men squeezed them between his fingers and thumbs. Sally couldn't hold her mouth shut as a scream built up inside her but the moment her lips parted another cock was shoved inside.

As she continued to be hurt by the huge black cock pounding her from behind Sally felt the cock in her mouth begin to pulse and again found her mouth full of a man's fluid.

"Huh you didn't last long," one of the old men berated his friend.

"Well it's been nearly twenty years since the last time I had a women so what do you expect," the first man replied to their laughter.

Moans coming from the young girl brought their attention back to her and they watched as Charles speeded up his fucking of her young ass, pulling out so only the head remained in her and then slamming back hard until his whole length was buried deep inside her.

Again and again she felt herself filled by his huge weapon only to feel the emptiness as he withdrew before plunging to the hilt back deep inside her body.

Tears were flowing from her eyes as she begged for them to stop but the men were caught up in the action and were far from finished with her.

Finally Charles began to pound his cock harder and faster into the young girl as he felt himself nearing his orgasm. Now it sounded as if someone was slapping Sally as the big blacks body smacked up against her pale white bum repeatedly.

With a huge thrust Charles held himself deep in sally's bowels as she felt the splash of his cum inside her as he filled her with spurt after spurt of his seed. The tiny girl howled as he held her impaled with the full length of his cock stretching her ass to the limit.

The old men watching applauded and laughed at Sally's pain and humiliation as Charles pulled his cock from her stretched open ass and allowed her to fall to the floor.

After a few moments of silence one of the old men noticing how open her ass still was said, "I wouldn't mind using that myself."

Sally's Granddad looked at the incredibly sexy sight of the naked young girl on the floor and felt his cock hardening again, a feeling he had thought he would never have again. Throwing caution to the wind he decided to make the most of the situation.

"Well why not?" He asked. "Lets put her over the chair and then both her mouth and her ass will be available to us."

As the men pulled her up Sally felt too weak to resist and was led to the chair her Granddad had been sitting in.

She was pushed forward and found herself kneeling on the seat of the chair. Next she felt ties being wrapped around her ankles before they were pulled apart and fastened to the sides of the chair. Next her knees received the same treatment before her head was pulled down and a belt was wrapped around her neck and fastened to the bottom of the chair.

This left the poor girl with her legs spread wide apart on one side of the chair and her head and breasts hanging over the back of the chair. Finally the men twisted her arms up behind her back and tied them wrist to elbow with some more ties.

Standing back they admired the way her ass stuck up into the air giving a view between her legs of her almost hairless pussy and the way her pretty face was hidden by a veil of golden hair. The bottom of her breasts were pushed against the back of the chair which made them stand out even more from her chest and her tiny ass still gaped from the recent assault by the huge black cock that had been buried inside it.

The old man who had spoken earlier undid his trousers and pushed his pants to the floor before stepping up behind Sally and pushing his erect penis against the stretched bud of her anus.

Sally found her voice and began begging her Grandfather not to let them do this to her.

"I want you to ask me nicely to fuck you up the ass girl," the man behind told her.

Sally shook her head no.

Bending down the man pulled the belt from his trousers and walked around to show Sally what he was going to do. "You need to be taught some manners," he told her bringing up the belt. "Just let me know when you would like me to stop hitting you and to stick my dick up your ass instead."

"No please don't," Sally cried only to feel the belt smash down onto her lower back. The man walked around her as she cried and selected the next spot with care.

"Crack," the belt fell across the tender top of the young girls legs and she screamed and struggled against her bonds. The next blow took away Sally's breath as it fell between her legs wrapping around so that the tip smacked against her tiny clit.

"No! No more please. I'll do anything you want. Please no more," the girl begged once she could speak again.

"You know what to say," the old man told her in a commanding voice.

"Yes. Please sir will you put your thing inside my bottom?" The girl asked using her own words rather than the gross terms the men were using.

"Of course I will my dear," came the reply and she felt him place the head of his cock against the opening of her anus. Pushing harder and harder he saw the purple head of his cock slowly disappear inside the young girl as she cried out in pain.

Never stopping the unrelenting pressure he forced his cock deeper and deeper into her, in one move, until his pelvic bone rested against her bum and his cock was hidden from view.

The girl's whole body shook as she cried from the pain, which was great for the man buried inside her ass. The feeling as she shook was so good that he didn't have to pull out and push in. He just held himself still and her sobs caused her body to grip and release his cock in a wonderful feeling that soon had him emptying his balls into her young body.

Pulling out he walked around her and grabbing a handful of hair pulled her head up holding the belt in front of her face.

"What do you say?" He asked.

"Thank you sir," Sally replied, knowing that to do otherwise would cause her more pain.

"Ok, open your mouth and clean me off," he commanded and Sally closed her eyes and opened her mouth as tears began to flow down her face at the humiliation that she was being forced to endure.

As the dirty cock was shoved in her mouth Sally felt another push up against her bum. This time the entry was less painful as she was rocked to and fro. Slowly the two men got into a rhythm and she found that both were pushing into her at the same time squashing her between them.

The man with his cock in her mouth reached down and grasped the beautiful breasts that hung beneath her, squeezing gently at them as he stroked his cock in and out the lovely face. Feeling his balls contract and his seed begin its journey from his balls, down his cock and into the young girls mouth he marvelled at the fact that not having cum in over ten years this girl had given him two orgasms in quick succession.

Coughing and spluttering Sally swallowed another dose of sperm as she felt the man behind begin to bash into her as hard as he could until she felt her bowels being flooded with his seed.

After resting for a moment the man in her bum pulled out with a noise like a fart and walking around to her head held his cock out for her to clean as another took his place between her legs.

Again she felt the pain of a cock being shoved up her bum as she opened wide and allowed the dirty cock in front to be shoved into her warm mouth. The men repeated the previous twos performance until she was again flooded at both ends.

Again the man who had just come in her bowels came to have his cock cleaned, only to be replaced by another between her legs. This one she immediately recognised as the huge black man and felt her young ass being stretched to its limits again as he fed his huge cock back into her again.

Gasping in pain as Charles buried his cock to the hilt in her ass, Sally sucked and licked the cock in her mouth until she felt it spurt its warm liquid inside her and withdraw.

Charles now had her to himself and taking his time fucked the young girls ass for a good twenty minutes before telling her he was going to cum. Sally had gone from pain to a feeling of numbness but as the giant of a cock was shoved up her raw ass with even more force she began to cry again as the pain increased.

She felt the cock in her ass grow even bigger as the sperm travelled down it and flooded her already overflowing bowels. Holding his cock tightly to stop any more escaping Charles pulled out of the girl's ass and walked around to her front before pulling up her head by her hair and releasing the rest of his cum directly into the lovely girls face. Spurt after spurt of hot jism coated her face and hair and ran down into her eyes and mouth before dripping off the end of her chin.

Now Sally's Granddad walked around and pulled her head up by the hair. "Well Sally," he said looking at her cum coated face, "The reason I wanted you here today is that I was very disappointed that my wife never gave me a son. I fucked your Mother too but she just had you, another girl. You see you are my last chance to have a son."

"I am going to take your virginity in the hope that even at this late stage I can get you pregnant and finally have the son I have always wanted," he told her reaching down and playing with her tits. "I have waited years till I thought you were old enough to get pregnant and I decided that now you are ready."

Giving her breasts one final squeeze he walked around behind her watched by the other four men and reaching out began to run his fingers up and down the lips of her pussy.

"Please Granddad don't do this to me," Sally begged even as she felt herself begin to react to his touch. "It's not right," she told him.

"I can't think of anything more right than to have made all three generations of the womenfolk in our family pregnant," he answered increasing the movement of his fingers in and out of her little pussy.

"Oh god no," Sally begged as she felt her Granddad's cock touch the lips of her virgin pussy.

"Oh god yes," her Grandfather replied as he pushed between the lips until his cock was against the young girls hymen.

Then with a quick thrust of his hips Sally felt something tear inside her as his cock slid inside her and pushed against her cervix. The pain took away her breath as she gasped in surprise.

As her Granddad pulled back the others saw the virgin blood on his hard cock and started to cheer him on. As they shouted and cheered he increased the pace of his fucking banging the head of his cock time and again against the young girls cervix.

Finally Sally felt his cock grow inside her as it began to pulse and a warm wet feeling told her that once again she was full of cum.

Her Granddad stood buried to the hilt for a long time before finally pulling his cock out of her pussy and walking around to her head. "Ok Sally you know what to do by now," he told her and a now completely subdued young girl opened her mouth to suck his cock in for the last time today.

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