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Published: 3-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

She was half a block away when I saw her crumple to the sidewalk, clutching her chest. A few people gathered quickly near her, but they just stood around, looking confused and uncertain.

I jogged towards the little knot of people. My own heart was pounding as I knelt on the ground and turned her to face me. She was hideous. Her skin was heavily wrinkled, her nose long and crooked, and she had unsightly moles on her cheeks and chin. She must be at least 80, I thought.

It looked like a case for CPR. I had taken a course a long time ago -- ten years, maybe? -- but thought I still remembered how it went. I shook her and asked urgently, "Are you OK? Are you OK?" Her eyes fluttered open briefly and she gave the very slightest shake to her head.

My next step was to listen for a heartbeat. I pressed my ear to her chest and heard nothing except my own heart racing with anxiety. She hadn't bathed in a while, and her clothes were stained. I grabbed her wrist and tried to find a pulse there. I listened to her chest again, tried to find a wrist pulse again, shouted again for her to say if she was OK. Looking at her hideous face, I thought: If there is a God anywhere, please deliver me. But there was no pulse.

"It's OK," a woman said from nearby. "It was her time to go."

But I had my own inner compass. She was still a person, and she needed help. "Call 911," I commanded. "Tell them there is a person unconscious, and I'm starting CPR." I knew that was the best shot at getting help fast.

"I don't know, man, I think you're wasting your time," said a middle-aged fellow, but he was pulling out his cell phone as he spoke.

I started with the chest pumps. Straddling her I placed my palms together and pressed firmly but deep, fifteen times. Was I remembering this right? No matter -- I would do my best.

I then shut my eyes and bent over to find her mouth. As if she wasn't repulsive enough already, her breath was foul. "Still," I said to myself, retching inwardly, "I will try." I locked lips with hers and gave a big breath. I could see her chest rise slightly as the air flowed in, then fall. I gave another breath, then a third. I went back to her chest and pressed deeply and evenly fifteen times, then with tears in my eyes returned to her face to give more breaths. What had I gotten myself into? I had heard that if you start CPR and then stop, you can be sued. If you are prudent and never start, no one can find you guilty of anything. How many minutes would we have to wait for an ambulance?

I bent to her mouth for the third time, and as I finished the last of that set of breaths, the ninth overall, the hag took in a sharp breath of her own, then started panting. Her eyes opened. She looked at me, and then reality shifted.


Sounds died down, the car that had been driving down the street was no longer moving. Colors became brighter. That was very strange, probably a trick of my imagination given what I had just been through. I sat back, dazed. After a minute to gather her strength, the woman pushed herself to a sitting position and fixed me with an intense gaze.

"You gave me mouth-to-mouth to save me!" She cackled and looked again. "Maybe there's more hope for the world than I thought."

After a few moments I spoke, "Just doing what I thought was right," I said.

"You're going to get rewarded, you know," she said.

"Oh, that's fine, but there's no need," I said. What could this crone give me that wouldn't feel more like an insult than a reward? I imagined a twenty dollar bill, or maybe even just a quarter. I wouldn't have done what I just did for a thousand dollars, maybe not for ten. It was only my sense of morality that pushed me through my revulsion.

"Say, young man. What do you think I am? If I told you I'm not just an old lady, what would you guess?"

There was no doubt in my mind. If she was one of the archetypes of the human imagination, she was a witch.

"Ummmm," I said, turning a bit red.

"You can say it," she said. "I know I'm old and ugly and smell bad -- sorry about that last bit, that's the one thing I could have controlled, but I really wasn't planning on a heart attack."

Well, honesty was required. "Ummm, a witch?" I said in a meek voice.

"Yes, indeedy!" she said. "And for having the goodness of heart to perform mouth-to-mouth on an old, smelly, ugly hag, your reward will be rich indeed! For although I don't like to brag, I am a very important and powerful witch." She paused. "What is your wildest dream?"

"Oh!" I said. "These things never end well, do they? There's always some catch. Like'The Monkey's Paw?'"

"Nonsense!" she said. "That's only in stories."

"Well," I said without conviction. "A new car? How about a sports car?"

"That's not enough," she said. "Think about it more."

A longing crept unsteadily back to me, accompanied by dread. I knew what I wanted most in life, but was happier when I didn't think about it, because I could never have it.

"How about a nice new house with my own private chef?" I said.

"No," she said, then paused to stare at me. "You're hiding something."

I knew my desire was lurking just below the surface, but I also knew I would be happier not thinking about it. Just one tender kiss, a single tender kiss, was denied me forever. "Ten million dollars! Three women who will meet my every sexual whim!"

She sighed. "Now you're lying. Very well." She raised her hand, pointed a crooked finger at me, and mumbled a few words in a strange tongue.

Words came from my mouth, but they were not words I chose. It sounded like my voice, but it wasn't. "I want to rape and fuck little girls. Lots of them. I want to pull down their panties and touch them all over down there, then I want to stick my cock into their little cunts and press deep and come way up inside." What awful thoughts! True, I had fantasized about doing things inside of girls' underpants, but nothing like that!

Then I realized that it was me talking, it was just me with every last inhibition removed. I was spelling out a raw, primitive, self-indulgent fantasy more complete than I had ever even let myself imagine before.

My shockingly uninhibited self spoke more. "But I don't want to hurt them at all. I want them to love it and thank me for raping them. I want them to wrap their little arms around me and squeeze me tight because they love me." I felt some relief. Apparently some sense of compassion and fairness survived when all inhibitions were gone.

The witch looked a little shocked. "Oh shit," I thought, "now she's going to turn me into a stink bug, crush me halfway, and leave me on my back, wriggling in agony until I give my final twitch and die." Then I realized that I had said it out loud!

She gave a wan smile at my fantasy of her wrath, but her attention shifted back to the reward. She looked at me for over a minute. "I admit it sounds kind of sick to me," she said. "But you say you don't want to hurt them. Would you want to have sex with little girls if it hurt them? Even just made them feel guilty? Even if it was years later?"

I had no idea what my deepest unconscious would reply to those questions. To my relief, "No" was the word that came out.

"Have you ever molested a little girl?" she asked.

"No." That was clear.

"Ever thought about it?"

"Fantasized, yes."

"Ever come close to doing it? Made plans for it?"


She paused. "Do you like having sex with grown women?"


"Is there anyone you want to do it with except little girls?"


"So, let me think," she said, mostly to herself. "You want to get into little girls' pants, but you never would because you know it would hurt them. Your brain is wired a little funny..." She stopped and looked at me, "But don't think I judge you for that. My brain is wired funny too!" She cackled a bit. Returning to her reverie, she continued, "Your brain is wired a little funny, and you can't have what you want in life. But despite that bitter disappointment, you have what it takes to give CPR to a disgusting, smelly hag."

The witch smiled, then raised her finger at me and said a single word, and I felt the truth spell pass. Now I could lie or reframe the truth or at least stay silent when asked an embarrassing question. I had never realized before how precious those abilities were.

She mumbled to herself. "This is going to take some work," she said to me.

"But -- I don't want to do those things! They're just fantasies!"

She ignored me and mumbled to herself some more. With a sly smile she asked, "You want to force yourself on the girl, eh? Rape her?"

I shook my head. "Heavens no! That would be awful!"

The witch sighed, lifted her finger, about to squeeze the truth out of me.

"OK, OK!" I heard myself say. "I guess I do!" The witch's finger dropped as she gave a crooked smile. I could feel myself burning with shame. "At least some of the time." She seemed to accept that.


"Very well, I think I can do all this for you, but only on one condition. And you may not like the condition.

"Little girls are meant to have little pussies. I can't let you stretch a girl out with your big grown-up cock."

I wasn't seeing how this was going to work. How do you conquer and rape a girl without a cock?

"You and a little girl are out of proportion. I can't have you stretching her to your size. But I could make you the right size for her."

A tiny cock? Like a little boy's? Giving up my manhood?

"Here is a design for your cock," she said, and a rotating 3-D image appeared in the air between us. "If you are willing to have this improved cock, you can have all the little girls you want."

The hologram did not show a tiny cock. It showed an ordinary one -- erect, and a little bigger than mine, I noticed. But it had a unique feature. There was a growth sticking out the tip, a miniature cock on a cock.

"You stick this little part in the little girl and let her pussy stay small like it's supposed to, but this tip here is just as sensitive as the big one. Your spurt will go out the end of this small one into your little darlings. A two-stage cock, kind of like a rocket."

I smiled. "How much experience has a witch like you had with cocks?" I heard myself ask, with embarrassing impertinence.

"More than you'd think, young man, far more than you'd think. And not just from making myself young and beautiful with a spell. I really was young if not exactly beautiful once, but very horny. And I knew lots of cocks. In the biblical sense. So would you like a two-stage cock?"

"Can I still use the big part on big girls? The ones with grown-up pussies?" I wasn't so turned on by grown women, but there was that in-between age...

"Yes," she said.

"And I could fuck -- I mean have intercourse with -- little girls?"


I considered.

"But how do I get little girls, without hurting them and without going to jail?"

"Here's how it works," she said. "First, there is something called "quick time". We're in it right now. See how everything else is frozen?"

I nodded.

"You must learn some incantations. When you want to get into this magical quick time, say'Freeze.' When you are all finished, you say'Thaw.' Think you can remember those?"

"Ummm. Yeah, I think I can manage that much." She was teasing me.

"Then go up to the little girl and kiss her gently on the lips -- after my lips you deserve as many pairs of sweet young lips as you want! As you do, she will come out of frozen time to join you in quick time. You will see a sort of ghostly outline showing where she was when she unfroze, and to go back to real time she has to assume the same position. After a while she will get anxious and want to go back. You can't keep her out in quick time more than an hour.

"Meanwhile, your cock will get hard -- no performance problems for you! When she comes to life, you get to catch her and rape her.

"When you ejaculate in her, that little blob of semen will send her into something better than an orgasm. It's like a huge orgasm, a chocolate sundae, peace, love and joy all wrapped up into one!

"She will then think raping her was the most noble, wonderful act a man ever performed. To freeze her again just kiss her on her little nose." The witch absently rubbed her fingers against her own prominent, crooked nose. "When she's back in normal time she won't remember anything.

"See how that solves all the problems?"

I considered. I had a way of getting the girls alone, I could rape them and they would end up loving it, and then they wouldn't tell anyone. "Yeah, I guess I do!"

"So, you want the new cock?"

I gulped. "Yes," I said in a quiet voice.

I felt my cock inside my pants churning around.

It hurt. "Ouch!" I cried, but the pain stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

"It was no small feat!" She started mumbling, "I might win an Elegant Magic award for that -- letting a pedophile live out his wildest dreams, without any bad consequences," then continued in a louder voice, "Not that that had anything to do with it, not at all! Pure gratitude, that was it!"

The witch returned her attention to the knot of frozen people around us. "I can fix my heart up with spells, but I'll let the ordinary doctors do their ordinary things too. It saves my energy," she mumbled. She lay down where she had been.

The colors dimmed to normal and the car on the street moved forward again. Before long the ambulance arrived, and at least they didn't grill me. They had only a few routine questions, then I was free to go.


I rushed home and went straight to the bedroom to see how my new cock matched the blueprint I had been shown. It was still circumcised; the witch had left that alone. In its flaccid state my cock looked pretty much like it always had, though at the very tip where the fluids come out it looked a little more complicated, with an extra fold of skin. I lay on my bed thinking about little girls and soon enough my cock rose. When my erection was full I looked again.

The protrusion at the tip was about two inches long and about as thick as a drinking straw. Stroking the sides of my natural old-style "first stage" cock felt as good as it ever had. I tentatively explored the new part. It was as stiff as an ordinary cock, with the same combination of flexibility and firmness. Unlike an ordinary cock it was slick with plenty of lubrication. The very tip did look just like the tip of an ordinary penis in miniature. As I tentatively rubbed it between my finger tips it felt even more exquisite than the first stage. Kind of like a clitoris, I speculated.

I rubbed it gently, and quite soon the exquisite pleasure gave way to a magnificent orgasm. I felt my loins convulsing rhythmically. The milky fluid that plopped off the end of my little mini-cock wasn't much, maybe the volume of a large pea. It was a bit disappointing, but I figured if I had signed up for a mini-penis I would have to settle for a mini-ejaculation too. Perhaps that, too, was in proportion to the little girls? Yet in terms of sensation it was far from a mini-orgasm. As my cock shrank the little mini-penis at the end rapidly slid back inside.

My body worked as she had promised. What about the rest?

Could I ever trust her promise that I could force myself on a little girl and she would end up loving it? Could I count on the little girl not remembering any of it? I could imagine the parental reaction if their daughter told them how a grown man had pulled her pants down and shoved his thingy up her private spot. Things would get no better if she told them how great it had felt.

Finally, there was the question of morality. Could I rape little girls? Perhaps my pedophilic self, awakened and expectant, corrupted me. The girls would like it and thank me for it. Surely that made it a good act, didn't it? Besides, I deserved some happiness in life too.


My name is Mark, and as this story began I lived in Richmond, Virginia. At age 28 I worked as the Associate Special Assistant to the Deputy Under-Director of Revised Efficiency of Information Management Systems at a large corporation. With that title, you might expect I would be wearing a suit and working 9 to 5. Actually, I set my own hours and worked from home most days.

I had some male friends, but I didn't have a woman in my life and hadn't had one for some time. I could never keep girlfriends for long because I just wasn't that attracted to them. They were good company. In the bedroom I got it up, I penetrated them, and I came. I was an adequate lover, but it felt more like a duty than a special act that would create a lasting bond. My loins burned only for little girls.

I had buried those forbidden desires, but the witch had called them forth again. Then she had given me a way to fulfill them.


The next day I set out walking in search of a girl. As usual, it didn't take long to find one that made my heart skip a beat. This one looked to be about six and was walking hand in hand with her mother. Just the kind that I dreamt about when I masturbated. As we were about to pass on the sidewalk, I mumbled under my breath, "Freeze". The mother and girl stopped in mid-stride. Sounds ceased. The colors got a little brighter.

As promised, my cock was hard.

I approached the girl and her mother, both completely rigid. I knelt before the girl. I figured I could appreciate her a bit before I kissed her. I ran my hand along her warm cheek, then down her front. I even slid a hand up under her dress a bit. But the cloth was frozen in place like the hardest wood.

I brought my face close to hers and gazed into her eyes. Just being that close to a girl made my spirits soar.

My lips approached hers to within a millimeter. I am about to rape you, I thought, and you're going to thank me for it! Unbelievable! I then closed my eyes and touched my lips to hers. Quickly I felt the lips melt from hard to soft, then felt her stir. She gasped with surprise and fear, seeing a stranger appearing out of nowhere and feeling her mother beside her as hard as wood.

Although I looked at her with tenderness, she naturally started backing away.

I grabbed her wrist. "Come over here," I said, pulling her along to the grass. "Do what I say, and everything will be all right, OK?" She nodded uncertainty.

"Lie down," I said. After she lay down I flipped her dress up and ran my hands along her thighs. She kept her legs together. "Lift your butt." As she did, I grabbed her panties and slid them down to her ankles.

I then pulled my own pants and underpants down to free my unique but very hard penis. She looked frightened. "Spread your legs apart," I commanded. She hesitated, her eyes fixed on my cock. "Do it!" Her legs spread. I then paused to enjoy the sight of her little smooth pussy lips, then stroked them, then gently pulled them apart. Inside were all the parts of a woman, in girl miniature. There was her little cunt opening -- and I felt an overwhelming urge to get into it, as I had fantasized about for years. I leaned over her and brought my organ in close to her immature pussy. I hadn't thought much about hymens, but there was a hole in it. There always is, I discovered. I poked the tiny tip against her little opening and pressed.

My top-stage lubrication let me glide in smoothly. Waves of pleasure coursed through me as she engulfed my little mini-cock. I felt no strain or pressure. The proportions were right. She looked dazed and upset, but there was no sign of pain. I began a little back and forth motion. Quickly I had my two inches inside, and started thrusting in and out. My regular "lower stage" tip bumped against her inner pussy lips each time. I was going to ejaculate inside this dear, sweet child, and it wasn't going to be long. My strokes got faster. As I felt my tip pressing deep up inside her, my pleasure built up and burst out as orgasm. I felt my loins pulse and felt the most satisfying waves of pleasure of my entire life.

I was so possessed by my own pleasure that I missed the start of the change that came over her. A second after my little gob of semen plastered her little cunt, she too went into an intense bliss. She didn't seem to notice when I pulled out and flopped down beside her. Her orgasm lasted longer than mine, and as it let up she kicked her panties off, turned over and cuddled close against my side, draping her top leg across my stomach. "That was amazing," she whispered. She covered my neck and face with kisses.

I shifted down to examine her between her legs. She happily spread them apart. As I spread her pussy lips I saw her hole, looking just like a little girl's ought to look. The hymen still covered it most of the way. I had indeed fucked her and possessed her and ejaculated inside her, yet her girl parts were still the right size for a little girl. I liked that. I liked that very much. The proportions were in harmony.

I became anxious about the next part of the process, returning her to normal time. We dressed, and I got her straightened up as much as possible. She knew without my telling her to get back into her spot where her shadow shimmered, holding her mother's hand. I knelt, stroked her tummy and legs a little, then kissed her on the nose.

I resumed the position where I had been when I froze time. I didn't have to be in that spot, but since I had frozen the world while I was in their sight, it would be quite strange for them if I was suddenly somewhere else. They would see me vanish into thin air. I made a note to myself to go into and out of quick time where people weren't watching me.

"Thaw," I said. The ordinary world came upon us again. I turned to watch the girl as she walked away. She looked a little unsteady, and I heard her mother say, "Walk straight, Liz!"

So Liz was her name. I had just conquered and fucked Liz, age six. No one saw it, and she ended up loving it. Her little vagina remained small and unstretched the way it should be. And she didn't remember the experience, so she couldn't tell anyone!


I wanted more. Walking down the street I found another girl, this one walking between her parents. She looked to be about four. She had wavy brown hair that swept down past her shoulders, and a perfect little face with brown eyes and an innocent smile. She was wearing a pink top and black and white patterned shorts.

Just after I passed them I whispered "Freeze" under my breath. I sidled up to her frozen figure and knelt before her. After appreciating her face from close range I gently put my lips on hers. She melted into a real live girl. When she saw me she recoiled in fear and leaned back against her mother, but her mother was of course frozen in place like a statue. I grabbed her hand and said, "Come with me." She pulled back hard and started screaming. I quickly looked around but didn't see anyone. I hadn't thought to ask the witch if anyone else shared this dreamy quick-time space with us.

This little girl was struggling for all she was worth, so this would have to be a forcible rape. She would thank me for it later, I reminded myself -- then set about subduing her with relish. I forced her down on the grass. She wiggled and kicked, so I pinned her hands with mine and her thighs with my knees.

"Hold still!" I shouted. She stopped, frightened. "What's your name?"

"Alison," she said meekly.

"Nice. Now, Alison, pull your shorts and panties down so I can get at you between the legs." She started struggling again. "Do it!" I shouted. "Or else!"

She quieted, regarding me with dread. I released her, and she quickly unfastened the shorts and lifted her hips to pull them partway down her thighs.

"To your ankles!" I said. "Now spread your legs." There was her set of demure pussy lips. As she spread her legs, they opened just a tiny bit. I spread them further and found the little pussy opening that is always there, in every single girl. I pushed my own pants and underpants down and leaned over, my slick and hard little tip homing in on her opening. I violated her gently, if that makes sense, as I felt my little cock slide into her. Her little tube was hot. I wanted to come in her little cunt and saw no reason to delay. Her hot pussy tube was surrounding my very sensitive little penis as I moved insistently in and out. I saw tears in her eyes as I went over the edge into blissful spasm. "Oh, Alison!" I moaned.

A second later she relaxed with a smile and groaned, "Oh, so nice... so nice." She lay panting in an ecstatic daze. When she slowly sat up, she smiled at me. She reached between her legs to investigate. "You put it up there?" she wondered dreamily. "Thank you!" she said.

My primal urges returned. "I want to do it again," I said.

"Sure," she said, lying back, looking at me with rapture and spreading her little pussy lips. I poked once again into the little tyke, who was entirely willing this time, and gave her another little blob.

After enjoying resting and stroking her soft skin for a while, I scrambled up myself and she put herself together. Then she launched herself at me, catching me unawares, and I had to quick catch her to keep her from falling. She pressed her entire front against me and wrapped her legs around behind my back, kissing me. Much as I enjoyed her affection, my back started getting tired. I set her down, returned her to her shadow and kissed her nose.


I went crazy with lust. July was upon us, and an excellent place to fulfill my desires was the beach.

A little girl of eight was sunbathing on her back, wearing a flimsy black top and yellow bikini bottoms. First I lay on the motionless girl, and as I kissed her I felt her wooden form become soft and start squirming beneath me. All I had to do was slide her bikini bottoms aside, spread her lips just a bit, and feel exquisite pleasure as I violated her. "No, no..." she moaned.

"Oh yes," I whispered, "yes, yes!" She didn't struggle. I was discovering that girls varied in their reaction to impending rape, and I liked the variety. Although it was a violation it was a considerate one, one that didn't stress her tissues at all. I felt my mini-penis bathed in friendly warmth, sliding back and forth on its own lubrication. I was discovering that little girl cunts also varied in how they felt. Judy's had a satiny texture that stimulated my mini-penis strongly with each stroke.

I surged deep until my "first stage" tip pressed against her little pussy lips, and then the satin had its effect and with a mere three strokes I pulsed my seed inside her. When the magic drop pulsed from the end of the organ, her entire body changed. She then cried her own, "Ohhhh, yes, yes!" and relaxed.

"I love you," she cooed, somewhat to my surprise.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Judy," she said from her daze.

She looked at me with total adoration, so I figured I could take some time to enjoy her body. I kissed her gently and she responded. I stroked her light brown hair, kissed her ear, and moved my face lower. I pushed her black top up and licked and sucked her little nipples. She stroked my hair gently.

I kept lowering myself until my face was between her legs. I had never looked at a little girl's privates in detail. With Judy eager to do anything I asked, I made a leisurely investigation.

There were the smooth puffy outer lips, which were usually shut to protect their precious contents from the dangers of the world. Delicate inner lips formed the second line of defense. Within those flaps the skin was reddish and moist, the kind of skin that the human body uses for its inner parts. Inside was her tiny pee hole, and above it the inner lips gracefully curved up and joined right at a little hood. I knew the tiny clitoris waited within, biding its time. When hormones woke her, the pleasure it brought her would contribute to her mating urgency.

The organ I had just been penetrating with my little penis was the other way, down past the pee-hole. The little opening was visible with a bit of skin partially covering it. Nature intended this part of her to remain dormant until the hormones woke it, and you would never know I had just fucked it. My upper-stage penis was so small that I had been able to penetrate, thrust, and ejaculate, feeling total satisfaction, while her vagina remained dormant, harmoniously proportioned for a girl her age.

I was curious. "Let me know if this hurts, OK?"


I pressed my little finger against her cunt opening, finding a space in her hymen that was easily big enough for it. I slid my finger gently up inside her.

After appreciating her perfect legs as they rose to meet at this magical juncture between her legs, I slowly returned to Judy's face where I kissed more.

I snuggled with Judy a brief while, but then my eyes strayed to the beauty on the next towel. I wanted her too. Since I had forced myself on Judy pretty much where she lay, little adjustment was required to get her aligned with the outline that marked where she should be to return to real time. I arranged her in the right spot, then kissed her goodbye on the nose. I started admiring the next girl while letting my cock recover.

As I set about raping her in her turn, her bathing suit bottoms in turn brushed aside to reveal her girl treasures. I with urgency and ecstasy shot my cum inside her, and once again redeemed the rape by giving her the most intense pleasure imaginable.


Perhaps it was related to my ejaculation being limited to a single small blob of cum, or perhaps the witch had just been kind. In any event, I required virtually no down time. My tiny penis was ready to intrude into the next cunt in under a minute, if I wanted. I could do the same girl two or three times in a row if I wanted, all the times after the first with an entirely willing girl, eager to do whatever she could to ensure my pleasure. I never wanted oral sex with my reconfigured penis, but I never tired of the demure vaginas that are standard issue on every little girl.

Meghan had a mane of curly brown hair and a mischievous smile. She was eleven, and her body showed some breast development and a bit of hips. Her smile turned to fear only long enough for me to get into her bikini bottoms, up her cunt, then give her a few urgent wiggles and a spurt. After raping her into ecstatic submission I investigated to find some downy pubic hair. On a more leisurely reprise, I found that her cunt was in-between size. After my top-stage cock had gone into her easily, the bottom-stage tip pressed tantalizingly against her opening. It was almost big enough to let me in, but not quite.

Alice was sitting in the sand playing. She had the most adorable tousled blond hair and blue eyes, and when she looked at me walk by in ordinary time she smiled. I froze time and nuzzled her for a long time without kissing her awake. She wasn't afraid when I woke her, just curious. When I reached down into her shorts I realized she had diapers on. Come to think of it, she looked like she was about two. But somewhat to my surprise, I wanted to get into her pussy anyway. Since she was in no distress and was even giggling a little, I took my time matching my baby strokes to her baby twat before sending her over the edge into sheer bliss. Her little cunt gripped me more tightly and intimately than most others.

I spied a little girl Carol in a pink two-piece with a little butterfly on her chest as part of the suit. She had shortish red hair tied in ponytails and a vague, dreamy face. She looked about three. I wanted her cunt, so I took it. She was pliant enough that I sat her on my lap and bounced her up and down gently on my mini-cock before tucking the elixir of girl happiness deep inside her.

I like girls who are in the throes of puberty as well, and with Mary I found a cunt that -- while virgin -- was big enough for my usual full-size penis. After the little penis had easily pushed into her private tube I wanted to drive deeper. The lower stage pressed against her hymen, stretching it. I wanted more. I pressed and tore it. Mary yelped and cried a little. With pleasure from both of my cock stages coursing through me, I didn't delay long before coming in her too. And suddenly her dreamy ecstasy made her forget all about her hymen.

A couple times after I had commanded a big girl to stay still while I fucked her, I noticed her excitement building. A few girls do find rape highly arousing. I often held back in those cases and brought the girl to a real, old-fashioned orgasm. Only after that one subsided did I dose her with my little blob of semen to flood her with transcendent joy.

I refined my technique for initiating a rape. I found that the best way to achieve compliance without struggle was to first hold the girl very firmly about the middle, then as my lips drew back from melting her, say in a firm, commanding voice something like "Don't struggle, and no one will get hurt." A surprising number of girls obeyed their rapist very calmly. In this case it worked out well for them!


Summer ended, and with it the festival of little girls on the beach.

In my hunger to mate, to conquer, to violate -- but also to bring transcendent joy -- I started working my way through the entire Pine Woods Elementary School. Doing it outdoors during recess felt more romantic than using a classroom floor, though I used both. In both places I took to bringing my own unfolding camping mattress. That served to keep each girl's clothes clean and also cushion her little bottom from the weight of my body as it rhythmically shoved into her. I brought it with me into quick time and unfolded it near where the rapes were to take place.

Dozens of times little jeans and panties dropped to reveal precious little girl parts. Dozens of dresses were hitched up and panties yanked down or shoved aside. I spread the protecting pussy lips aside and promptly poked into the young vaginas and graced each with a drop of enchanted semen that gave a better high than the strongest cocaine.

One development made all this much easier. I knew that a girl would remember nothing of her experience after returned to real time. But the witch had said nothing about what would happen if I did the same girl a different day. I found out with six-year-old Bethany. I chose her because her cunt had been especially warm in temperature and pulsed rhythmically, and I hungered to feel it again.

For my reprise, I began in the usual way. I grabbed her around the middle, kissed her, and she melted into my own quick-time reality. "Don't struggle, and no one will get hurt!" I barked.

"Oh, it's you!" she squealed with a big smile and kissed me back with passion. "Will you do it to me again? Please?" With that she hitched up her dress and like lightning stepped out of her panties completely. After a moment of thought she threw off her dress too. She lay on the mat with her legs spread wide as I took out my hard two-stage penis. That reaction brought joy to my heart. As I lowered myself onto her she looked at that penis with hunger. She held her own pussy open, saving me the trouble, and guided me into her as I poked my cock towards its home. Raping the girls had its own appeal, but fulfilling the girl's intense desire was nice too. I enjoyed the sensations on my little shaft and little tip as Bethany made herself totally accessible to my intrusion. I settled in for a nice, leisurely fuck, but she was impatient.

"Oh, please, give it to me!" she said. "Whatever you did before, do it again!"

It was hard to resist her entreaties. I sped up, enjoying her encouragement, and felt myself convulse in ecstasy.

"Oh YES, that's it!" she said excitedly, and then her speech slowed. "Oh yes, mmmmmm."

I felt a bit cheated out of my nice slow fuck. In under a minute, I regained my full erection in both stages of my penis. "Can I go into you again?" I asked.

"Oh sure, anything you like," she said dreamily, caressing my cheek. So I settled in for my rhythmic, pleasurable in and out on my little Bethany. It was exquisite. After a few minutes she softly said, "Is there anything I can do to make it better for you?" She said it so sweetly I sped up and ejaculated deep inside her little cunt again.

As we lay side by side I decided to find out more.

"So, you recognized me and remembered how good it was before?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Did you remember anything about it when you were back out there?"

"No..." she said, a little thoughtful. "I knew something very good had happened, but I had no idea what. But the instant I felt you kiss me just now, I remembered it all!"

"Has anything in your life changed lately?"

"How long ago was it we did it before?"

"About two weeks," I said.

"Actually, yes! I don't mind it so much when my brother teases me, and I get the things they teach in school a little better, I think. And all around things in the classroom are better. Fewer kids being mean -- at least the girls."

That was interesting, and turned out to be part of a larger pattern: My little doses of sperm made the girls a little smarter, a little more self-confident, a little kinder, and a little healthier. Sometimes it wasn't noticeable, but other times it was dramatic.

"I ought to tell you, I've been doing this to some other girls too."

"Oh," she said, her face darkening momentarily. "Well, I guess I like the idea of them feeling good too."

"Not jealous?" I asked.

"A little, but not really. I can share you OK."

She looked at the tableau of girls around us. "Have you done it to Zoe?" she asked.

I looked at the girl she had pointed out and nodded.

"Can you do her again?" she asked.

"Well, if you get back into your shadow there," I said, pointing to it, "then I can get her."

"Well, if I have to..." she said. "But can I stay and watch?"

I considered. "I've never tried that before..."


I liked the idea of sweet Bethany urging me on as I did Zoe. "OK, I will. But if she doesn't want to be watched you can go back, OK?"


I leaned down to kiss Zoe, Bethany standing at my side with anticipation.

As Zoe came to life she returned my kisses eagerly. "Oh, wow," she said.

"Hi, Bethany," Zoe said, taking in her naked form.

"Hi, Zoe."

Zoe looked at me with hunger. "Can I? ..." she started, looking at Bethany. "Will you do it to me again?" she asked me, with a tone of near desperation.

"Sure," I said.

Zoe still looked at Bethany a bit uncertainly.

"He already did me. It felt so, so good! You must like it too!"

"Oh, that's for sure!" said Zoe.

"Can I watch?" Bethany asked.

"OK!" said Zoe, who then returned her attention to me.

My lust made me feel a little feisty. "Well, lie down and show me your cunt!"

Zoe stripped and made herself available. "Cunt?" she said.

"It's just an exciting, dirty word for where I'm going to stick my dick."

I hesitated before getting into position. Zoe looked at my two-stage cock, seeming to be willing it into her. Still I hesitated, enjoying the sight.

"Oh, don't tease her," Bethany said. "Stick it in her ... cunt!"

I smiled at the two of them. Naked Bethany was at my side, hand on my shoulder. Zoe was below me, looking expectant and more than welcoming, her small cunt glistening and hungering for my little cock. I slid the organs together, satisfying her craving -- and mine. Zoe's smooth little cunt was enticement enough, but having the naked Bethany looking on with excitement gave me an extra tingle.

I decided to give Zoe what she wanted without further delay, and within 30 seconds I honored my animal nature by lunging into her as deep as my little cock would go, releasing my little blob. My animal nature rewarded me with ecstasy and release. Zoe got lost in her own ecstasy. Bethany hopped up and down with excitement.

Waiting for us to regain some measure of composure, she asked, "Have you done Marlene?", indicating a somewhat heavier girl.

"No," I said.

"Would you?" Bethany asked. "She's having a tough time at home, with her parents fighting all the time."

Zoe recovered, and the two of them strategized. The first time I had done them, some days before, the rape part of the experience had been scary. They didn't mind it so much, but they thought it might be harder on Marlene, so they thought of ways to help her through that part.

They held Marlene's frozen figure tightly on either side as I bent down to kiss her. As she came to life, looking frightened, the other girls spoke as one, "Don't worry, Marlene, it's going to be fine. You need to get your panties off... See, we're naked too."

Marlene looked far from convinced, but she looked a lot less frightened than some girls did when I raped them. She was on her back with her panties held aside in a matter of seconds.

"This part's a little strange, but just wait for what comes next!" Bethany said.

I slid into Marlene and rowed away in her immature but hot tube.

"Look at it go in and out of her cunt!" Zoe said to Bethany.

Bethany moved in close to whisper in my ear, "Cunt, cunt, cunt!" That set me off. Soon I had conquered Marlene, spurted my blob deep in her private parts and transformed her into one very happy camper.

After a few minutes, as Marlene and I calmed down, Bethany started feeling anxious, drawn back to her shadow as her hour was nearly up. The other two followed her lead, and when all three were in place and refrozen I decided that was enough for one day. I picked up my camping mattress, folded it, and walked over to the edge of the playground. "Thaw," I said. I saw Bethany, Zoe, and Marlene looking a little dazed but soon picking up their former activities.

From then on I recruited one or two helpers in each class in the school to ease the rape of the other girls. I first fucked my helper to reward her for her efforts and satisfy her cravings, and then she was there naked to calm each virgin as I got mini-cock lined up with mini-cunt and shoved home. The girl still felt enough confusion and distress to spice up the experience for me. Having another little girl convincing my victim how nice it was to be raped was a sweet touch. A plain old rape was still exciting now and then, but this arrangement was better most of the time. The full-blown rape was exciting, but it took more out of me too, especially as I had to worry about getting scratched or kicked.

Once, as an experiment, I unfroze Hannah, Carla, Maisie, and Emily all at once. It was a mistake. I thought it would be fun to watch them vie for who I would do first, but from the start it didn't look like fun. When I chose Emily and started fucking her, the other three were visibly seething. When I announced I was going to take Carla next, Maisie and Hannah had a temper tantrum and started to attack each other. I intervened to hold them apart. Carla was upset to watch my penis drift away from her after she had been all ready for it to slide in, but she controlled herself. Emily pulled out of her floating reverie a bit sooner than she ordinarily would have to help me separate Maisie and Hannah. I returned to Carla and fucked her as fast as I could, satisfying her. Maisie was crying by the time I shoved into her, and it took my drop of elixir to bring her out of her bad mood. Hannah was in such a bad mood that Carla and Emily actually held her in place while I fucked her. Fortunately my organ didn't fail me.

Once sexually satisfied, the offending girls were all mortified at their behavior. I reassured them that we were all learning. From then on, whenever I was dealing with girls who I had done before, I always unfroze one girl at a time and gave her a prompt fuck and spurt to assuage her frantic hunger before thawing any other girls.

It was a matter of considerable interest that the achievement level of the girls of Pine Woods Elementary increased markedly, while the boys showed no changes. No explanation was ever found. For fun once I stopped in on a school board meeting and after freezing it went around exposing my stiff enhanced cock to each of the members in turn, but their frozen forms didn't take in that explanation, of course.

One of the school board members had brought her thirteen-year-old daughter, who was minding her own business doing homework. As long as I was there I decided to make her my business. After kissing the girl into a startled wakefulness, I bent her over one of the tables in the committee room and fucked her from behind. She was the oldest girl I had raped up to that point, and it was clear from the first time my lower-stage cock pressed against her cunt opening that she would be big enough to take my entire cock. She gave no indication of pain as I took her virginity in the old-fashioned way, my thick and long meat rudely stretching and filling her hot, deep, and wet tube.

After I had ejaculated her into adoration I did her again in more leisurely fashion in that position, now basking in her encouragement for me to do whatever I wanted. Soon she was back doing her homework again, with an inner glow, an improved mood -- and suddenly she got that math concept that had been eluding her.


Summer came around again.

Deanna wore a pink baseball cap, a top with two ceremonial yellow triangles over her ceremonial nipples, and a small white bottom, a mere few threads wider than a thong, it seemed. She was only six, I found out later, but she had a worldly, wary expression. When I took her I was surprised to find that my entire cock slid in all the way without resistance, and I enjoyed my full-size fuck to the utmost before wondering why it was possible. She was less surprised to be raped than I would have thought. What astounded her was to find herself in rapture.

After she recovered, she told me her stepfather had been raping her for some time. Later I alerted the authorities, and the abuse stopped. I made a point of unfreezing her twice more to do her again, hoping that the beneficial effects of my sperm would help her deal with her trauma, and they did.

Once thawed she of course begged me to fuck her hard and fast. In this case my full man's penis was not in proportion to her little body, but someone else had stretched her. I confessed to her that I enjoyed what her extra cunt depth and diameter allowed me to do. She was delighted to share her woman-sized vagina with me to give me more pleasure. It was a bit like receiving stolen property, and it felt magnificent.

Sarah was ten, and she seemed bursting with joy just to inhabit her body, a lithe and beautiful thing. Her bikini top had a star centered over where each nipple would be, and I could tell she would be delighted when her breasts beneath started growing, but would be delighted with her girlhood for however long that lasted too. I punctured her joy briefly as I rudely did my thing inside her blue bikini bottoms, but the joy was soon restored and multiplied tenfold. Her girl cunt had been especially warm inside and had just the faintest trace of roughness, just a hint of sandpaper, and it led me to an especially find orgasm.

Kira was seven, serious and industrious. She was covered with sand and muck as she constructed her sand castle at the water's edge. She had short dark hair and the sweetest smile set in a perfectly proportioned face. Her bikini bottoms had stripes of the bluish end of the spectrum. When I kissed her awake and had her pull down the bottoms I saw there was sand everywhere, including right at the crack of her pussy lips. I thought it would be wise to rinse her off, so I dragged her into the water and rinse her entire nether area to get her good and clean for the mating. I then marched her up on the beach and lay her back down. Her back got all sandy again, though the vital tender reproductive part stayed all smooth and wet long enough to support a happy, grit-free mating. Her cunt was not quite as pleasing as some others -- a bit on the cool side and loose. But just the idea of being inside a little girl and a little bit of friction were enough to send me over the edge even without ideal physical stimulation.

I found nine-year-old Emily in her pink-flowered bikini kneeling on the sand, bent over looking at something on the beach, little butt sticking up. After reaching my head under her to kiss her wooden form into a smooth, soft, delicious girl, I had her keep that position and took her from the rear, enjoying the sight of her little pussy from a different angle as I gently probed between her lips into her heavenly vagina.

They say networking is good. When I was lying in afterglow with some especially alluring girl I would often ask if she had any sisters, and if so get her address. Pretty often those sisters got their panties pulled down and their cunts gently violated in their turn, often in their own front yard.

Despite my increasing skill at subduing my sweet little victims, with scores and scores of them there was the danger one would get away. The witch hadn't explained fully to me what would happen in case of an escape. Would the girl get lost in quick time? Would reality itself break in some way? The fear that seemed most realistic to me was that it would break the spell that let me fulfill my fantasies with such abandon, and that prospect made me very nervous.

I got a chance to find out. A leggy twelve-year-old broke free after giving me a sharp kick in the shins, and she was faster than me. She led me through the playground and out into the residential streets nearby, gaining all the time until I lost sight of her. I could do nothing, so I sat near her shimmering portal back to reality, fearful but with nothing to do but wait.

After 45 minutes she reappeared at the edge of the playground. She was frightened of me, but as the minutes wore on her need to get back to her own time won out over every other consideration.

As she approached I grabbed her. "I have to get back!" she pleaded.

"I'll let you back, as soon as you pull down those shorts and panties so I can give you a quick fuck."

She looked frightened and struggled briefly, but then, looking desperate, said "You promise?"

"I promise."

The shorts and panties came down. I pressed her against a wall of the climbing structure to do her standing up. My little penis went in quickly, but I judged that she might be able to take my entire organ. It was tight, and ordinarily I would have held off and been satisfied to use my mini-penis, but I was mad at this girl. I rammed home anyway, which made her cry out. With each stroke I got deeper until I bottomed out. And then I lunged into her and conquered the impudent thing with a spurt of daddy juice. Like clockwork, she relaxed and smiled. "Oh, wow, oh, thanks so much!"

Although she was staggering with ecstasy, her compulsion to get back to her shadow had her pulling shorts and panties up quickly. She gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the lips, but then pulled away to her shadow. Before I could get to kiss her nose, she refroze anyway. Apparently girls would not run away in quick time, and they would eventually get back to normal time without my consent, if necessary.


My main hunger was to score with as many little girls as possible. Always new dresses, new panties, new pussy lips to part, new little cunts to welcome my little dick and to absorb my little blob of semen. Their ecstasy and the improvement in their lives were wonderful too.

Naturally some of the girls appealed to me more than others, and I had a bunch of regulars. These girls of course couldn't get their panties off fast enough when I unfroze them. The repeated ecstasy also kept improving their adjustment in regular life. They tended to become star athletes, brilliant students, and universally admired for their deft social skills. After I satisfied their primal hunger we often sat and talked for the half hour or so before they needed to get back to real time.

Kayla was one of them. One day she lay recovering from the transcendent pleasure engendered by my little blob of semen. I was luxuriating in the sensuality of our intertwined bodies, smelling her hair as my head lay against hers and stroking her pubic fuzz as it graced her mound. She was 12.

"This is so great with you, but back in the real world, I'm really frustrated and horny. I wonder if these convulsions we have together make me want it more, even though I don't know why."

"Interesting." I started fingering her clit gently.

"Oh, that's just the kind of thing..." she said. The ecstasy all my little girls felt had nothing to do with their own genital pleasure, it came straight from the magic semen absorbed through the vagina. But of course many twelve-year-olds had hormones coursing through their blood that made their sex organs hungry and quite ready to soak up sexual pleasure.

"I know Jake has the hots for me, but I'm sure he'd have no idea what he's doing. I babysit for the Jones's, and when Mr. Jones takes me home I know he's thinking about my body. I bet if I gave him a hint, lean up against him or something, he'd want to do it to me. You think he would?"

"He might; I don't know him. But then he's a married man."


"But here's an idea. What if I showed up?"


"Yes, me."

"I wouldn't know you."

"True, but maybe I could get to know you. How could I show up in your life?"

She considered a while. "Mom and dad can never find someone to take care of the yard. Can you be a gardener sort of person?"

"I think so. How could I convince you to trust me and not scare you away?"

She thought briefly. "Come in asking for water, and ask me about my life. If you say you'd love to see me do some gymnastics moves I'll do them for you. And you could spot me. I can imagine how I would feel if your hands roamed from their proper spotting locations."

"Sounds wonderful. And could we get away somewhere so I could possess your sexually frustrated little body?"

"I have two older sisters, and they're fighting with my parents all the time. So they don't pay much attention to me. I'll just say I'm going on a sleepover."

I constructed a new identity for my liaison with Kayla. I wasn't sure how this was going to go, and I did not want to be identified. When I met Kayla I introduced myself as Mitch.

Kayla was as hot and horny as her quick-time self said she would be. Back at my apartment she was obviously disappointed to have to drink a Coke first before we could start feeling each other up in earnest. She liked being touched everywhere, and frankly could hardly wait to get my cock in her cunt. Her cunt had for some time been big enough for my full cock, and she got it again. I wore a condom, which both shielded my unusual penile configuration and kept her from experiencing a suspicious super-orgasm. Her pleasure had to come the old-fashioned way, and she shrieked her orgasm as my tongue finished its slow exploration of her pussy by flicking her clit rapidly.

In the real world Kayla and I could spend an entire night together, not limited to the hour before she had to leave quick-time. And I could earn her affection the old-fashioned way rather than with little magic globs of semen. After our second bout of lovemaking we were settling down for the night. I was spooned against her back.


"Yes, Kayla."

"I have this feeling I know you. Like we met in a previous life."

"Hmmm. You seem familiar to me too. I figure it's just that we're right for each other."

"Yeah, that too."

We saw each other for a full year before she decided she needed to concentrate on boys her own age.

Kayla wasn't the only one. I had Samantha and Jennie as real-world lovers at the same time, and sometimes had to make creative excuses to keep them from finding out about each other.

I was curious what my blob of semen would do to a girl when I splatted it inside her in normal time. I confirmed with both Kayla and Jennie that, as I expected, it did not cause any super-orgasm. Only when offered in quick time did it have that effect.


I have raped thousands of little ones, often with the help of their peers who correctly assured them that they would soon thank me profusely for my intimate attentions between their legs. I could never rape the same girl twice, however -- she was always so willing the second time it couldn't be called rape. Some of them came close to raping me!

My encounter with an individual girl is exquisite: There is fear and tension. If she struggles, bodies jostle and flesh slaps and strains against flesh. There is a dance of thighs, fingers, panties, pussy lips, and then the inward surge of a small but virile prong that signifies my victory. I celebrate the victory with a little in-and-out victory dance before ejaculating inside her little cunt. The girl's ecstasy redeems the rape. If the dance is repeated the mood is entirely different. Fear and tension are replaced with joy and anticipation. Our two bodies move as one to ease my little cock into her little cunt on the way to simultaneous ecstasy.

Four Years Later

Kayla was at her desk on a fine Sunday morning, surfing the web. She was looking for ideas for an outfit for the Junior Semiformal. There were so many styles to choose from, and she wanted something really stunning. She wanted to impress her girlfriends. Her date was her lab partner Michael, and he wouldn't notice, but her girlfriends would.

She started feeling queasy. It got worse, and before long she found herself leaning over the toilet retching. The queasiness continued all afternoon. She figured she had a stomach bug and would have to wait it out. She still got up to look over outfits, chat online, and do some homework.

She woke Monday morning with the sense that she had had a powerful dream, though nothing of the content remained. She still felt queasy but it wasn't enough to keep her home from school.

Tuesday morning as she floated between sleep and wakefulness, she remembered a man speaking to her in a stern voice. She was terrified, and then she felt just wonderful. Over the next couple days the dream became clearer. Now she remembered pulling her panties down at the man's command, feeling him lean over her and feeling the poking down between her legs. In the dream she was frightened, but the fear gave way to that wonderful feeling.

She then realized it was not a dream but an actual memory. What she dreamed was exactly what had happened. The other astonishing thing was that she knew the man. It was Mitch, the man who had introduced her to the mysteries of sex when she was in seventh grade. They had met regularly throughout that school year, and she still smiled when she remembered the sex they shared. She had broken things off in order to concentrate on boys her own age, but it had been hard.

Steve, in eighth grade, had been clumsy in bed. Jared had been little better. In ninth grade she had gone out with Seth for three months. The sex got to be OK and she started really liking him. Then he dumped her. She had felt badly hurt, and it hurt worse when she found he had been with her just for the sex. So then she had given up on boys. There was so much else to occupy her attention in high school.

She still remembered fondly her times with Mitch.

But now she had very clear memories of an even earlier time. She had been in a special place. Mitch had forced himself on her, she had loved it and begged for more. After meeting several times in that special place, they had arranged to meet in the ordinary world. It was very strange.

Back in the present, it suddenly just came to her with total certainty: she was pregnant. Her period had not come as scheduled and a drugstore test readily confirmed what she already knew.

What was totally stunning was that she hadn't even made out with a boy in two years! She had this intuition that Mitch was the father, but of course that was impossible.


"Kayla, let me in!"

"We've been through this a million times! There's nothing left to talk about!"


"Go away!"

"If you don't tell the truth, soccer is over! You're going nowhere this summer! No trip to California! No Camp Turing!" She had been a counselor at the computer camp and loved it. She was looking forward to doing it again.

Kayla gritted her teeth and opened the door.

"What really happened, Kayla? You're not the first one who has gone through this, you know. It's a very common pattern; the counselors say so. Let me say it again: You fell for an older guy, you think you love him, and you know he'll go to jail for statutory rape. I know you want to protect him, but you can't! You think you love him now, but you'll see!"

Kayla took this line of questioning patiently. There was no one to name. In the old days she could have ruined some boy's life by claiming he was the father. She hoped she wouldn't have done such an awful thing to save her own hide. In this day and age, with genetic testing, that wasn't even an option any more.

She had hidden her pregnancy for three months. She agonized, constantly wondering how she could explain it, searching for something to say. When she finally steeled herself and admitted it, it was even worse than she had feared. She had tried to say she had been raped and was unable to describe her attacker. But she couldn't keep her story straight; she wasn't that good of a liar.

For the life of her, she had no idea how she had gotten pregnant. Had someone slipped her some drug that made her not only pass out but forget she had passed out? She hadn't been to any wild parties. She would have felt it in her vagina later; she knew how it felt in the hours after a cock had been stretching her out when she hadn't had sex in a while. Had some guy jerked off on the toilet paper in the girls' room and the little sperm made their entrance when she wiped herself? Had someone broken into her bedroom at night and carefully stuck a little syringe of semen up inside her?

Her mother continued her harangue: "And it's getting late. One more month and we'll have to go to Canada to get the abortion! You have too much of a future ahead of you. You can't waste it!"

She realized there actually was something to talk about.

"I'm going to have the baby and give it up for adoption."

Her mother paused. The counselors said girls sometimes said that, but then when the baby arrived they couldn't stand the thought of giving it away. Seventy percent of the time the girl would keep it, they said.

"We're always ready to listen," her mother said, trying to sound accepting and calm but unable to hide her anger and frustration. "But this can't go on forever! You have to tell the truth!"

Her mother left, leaving Kayla staring out the window. If she couldn't get her parents to stop bothering her she thought she would lose her mind.

Kayla thought hard that afternoon, and developed a plan. She was a confident, self-assured girl, and she would need every scrap of inner strength to pull off her plan. She gathered her parents in the living room.

She took a deep breath. "Mom, dad. I'm going to have this baby. I'm going to give it up for adoption. I know you don't think I'll follow through. I'll give up soccer, and I'll give up the camp if I have to. But I'm going to have the baby." Tears came to her eyes. "But I won't take any more arguments."

Her father started, "Oh, for cripe's sake, Kayla!..."

She raised her hand to stop him. Now she played her trump card. "I've checked. There are right-to-lifers out there who will offer me a secret place to stay until the baby comes, to make sure I don't give in to pressure and have an abortion. I don't want to do that, but I will if I have to!" She fought back tears but held her ground. Her parents were speechless.

Kayla stayed at home, she played soccer, and she was a counselor at Camp Turing, despite her growing belly.

When the time came, she was delighted with her baby girl. She looked like Mitch, and she named her Michelle.

She nursed perfect little Michelle for three days, and then signed the adoption papers. Her parents breathed a huge sigh of relief.

By the time she gave Michelle up, she knew for certain, deep down, that Mitch was the father, and that the baby had been conceived years ago. She also knew that Michelle was a special baby.

She made some efforts to locate "Mitch", but of course they were futile.

Three Years Later

A sensational story was unfolding in Richmond, Virginia. Forty-seven different girls had gotten pregnant by the same man -- genetic tests on the infants revealed that. Most of the girls insisted that they had not had intercourse anywhere near the time when the baby was conceived. Six, including Kayla, had promptly gotten pregnant again a few months after giving birth, and their babies had the same father too.

Having had one unintended and mysterious pregnancy, many girls were happy to go on the pill after their baby was born. They didn't get pregnant again, so soon the pill was pushed strongly on all the girls by their parents.

This man must be a serial rapist of a very unusual kind. A couple victims half-heartedly claimed they had been raped, but their stories were quickly dismissed. Speculation raged about how the man managed this feat. Some speculated that he was not actually raping the girls but surreptitiously performing artificial insemination on them. Others suggested he had some unusual drug inducing amnesia. Many of the girls shared some vision of being taken to a place out of time and raped, so researchers speculated that perhaps this drug induced strange memories as well.

The government response to these startling developments was complex. Initially, honest researchers investigated it as an unusual scientific phenomenon in need of a logical explanation.

Two factors soon drove the research underground. The national security apparatus sensed something they needed to keep secret. It might be a foreign attack, or it might form the basis of a potential weapon, but in either case public discussion should cease.

The other factor was the rise of a church based on the strange pregnancies and the experiences of the girls. Christianity did not relish any competing religions.

While it was impossible to hide the facts, it was possible to generate so much noise that the truth of the unexplained pregnancies was no longer discernible. Closely related stories abounded, and all of them were found to be hoaxes or misunderstandings.

So the general public dismissed the phenomenon, and the national security apparatus went about studying it secretly. The best evidence that something truly unusual was happening was that even when a girl was kept under 24-hour guard after delivering a baby, she could still become pregnant within a few months if she was not on the pill.

When one of the girls died under mysterious circumstances, a highly classified autopsy revealed that where most girls had eggs in their ovaries waiting to ripen, this girl had nothing but embryos in her ovaries. It explained the spontaneous pregnancies, but left open how this was medically possible and how a single man managed to have fertilized all of these embryos.

One interesting trend started with Kayla. She had already had a second baby, and knew that going on the pill was the way to avoid another pregnancy. Yet she had deliberately stopped taking the pill several months after her second baby, and she was well along in her third. She wanted the baby. She wanted it, and knew from the start that she would give it up for adoption.


Zoe, Bethany, and Marlene were gathered at Marlene's house. All three had gotten pregnant within six months of each other. Marlene was due in four weeks, while Bethany and Zoe had several months to go.

All three had remembered their joint session with a mysterious man in a place out of time, and when they looked each other up they found that their stories matched perfectly.

In Marlene's living room a new religion was being born. Jesus had returned to earth in the form of a man who took girls out of time, raped them, filled them with bliss -- and planted in their wombs seeds of children to be born years later when the girls came of age. These children would be the salvation of humanity when they in turn grew up. Giving them up for adoption to other couples was their best path in life.

They named their new religion the Bearing God's Children Church, or BGCC for short.

The other aspects of the religion were straight from Christianity; none of these girls had any notable religious imagination.

The religion quickly gained converts among the scores of girls who were spontaneously getting pregnant, since they shared the same basic memory.

A few, like Kayla, had the additional memory of the mysterious man out of time also being a flesh-and-blood individual named Mitch, but the church didn't consider that to be of much importance.

One Year Later

I read of all these developments with great interest, of course.

I couldn't at the time read the classified government reports about the girl's ovaries being full of embryos. Nonetheless, the most logical explanation was that my little ejaculations into my dear girls were somehow making them have babies years later. Strong supporting evidence was that the girls were remembering correctly exactly what happened when I raped them in quick time. It appeared that when a young woman became pregnant with my baby, the witch's amnesia spell wore off.

My excitement grew as I realized that with each ejaculation I was impregnating the little girl for life. I became more driven than ever to find new panties to pull down and new little vaginas to penetrate and wet with my little blob.

I was the alpha male of all time. Once I spurted into a little girl, all competing males were shut out of her future. Her entire reproductive future was mine. She could go on the pill to limit her pregnancies, but judging from the reactions of the first girls, and especially those who had joined the BGCC, they wanted to have as many babies of mine as they could and offer them up for adoption to worthy homes where they would be cherished. My spawn was going to spread far and wide throughout the nation.

It amused me greatly that within the rapidly growing BGCC I was believed to be the second coming of Christ. There was one similarity: If I were caught, I would be crucified, at least metaphorically speaking. After genetic identification, I would be convicted on some thousands of counts of statutory rape.

My goals and those of the BGCC were much the same in an important respect: We both liked the idea of my fucking and impregnating as many little girls as possible. Why not get them to help me?

For starters, I would try to get the BGCC to line up the little girls for me to rape instead of my having to hunt them down.


Meghan sat at a desk in what had been the living room of an elegant home in Richmond. She was one of the unpaid staff at the headquarters of Bearing God's Children Church.

A hand-addressed envelope without return address caught Meghan's attention as she sorted through the morning mail. She opened and read the hand-written note within. Her eyes went wide and her heart pounded in her chest. "Oh, my God, oh my God!"

"What?" asked Wendy, racing to her side.

To the Chosen:

Five wee lasses ye shall find, and lay them without clothing upon soft cloth, beneath the Great Oak. This ye shall do at sunset on the morrow. A note of one hundred of the currency of the age ye shall leave between two toes of each, and ye shall know it is I for it shall have gone. From one hundred paces keep watch.

"I am who I am"

What can I say? I had no experience at being a deity. The new Christ wasn't going to write in Aramaic or Greek or whatever it was. At the other extreme, maintaining a Twitter or Facebook page seemed decidedly undignified for God. Archaic language had the ring of authority to it, I thought, and it resembled at least superficially the language of the beloved King James bible.

Asking for money seemed a bit sleazy, but then I realized that in many traditions holy men were beggars.

Putting the money between the girls' toes sounded weird, but I had a problem. I couldn't just pick up any object from quick time and bring it back to real time with me. It was frozen. When I kissed a girl she and her clothing thawed, but none of the surrounding objects. The money between her toes would be soft, I assumed. Later I could instruct the BGCC to put the money in her clothing if I wasn't ordering up naked virgins.

I started asking for mere C bills, but I figured I could ramp up my financial requests over time. It's easy enough to raise money for God's works, but it's even easier when God Himself is asking you to turn over the dough.

The cash would let me quit my job, and within months I found I could devote far more of my time to impregnating little girls.

The Church worked quickly to fulfill my first request. I thought my note was plenty long as it was, but it still left quite a bit open. After much discussion, they decided to include among the five girls one of my own daughters. The oldest of them was four-year-old Michelle, Kayla's daughter. Converts had daughters of all ages, and the church picked four others they thought I would like. All of the parents were a little nervous, for I hadn't said what I was going to do with them. Hopefully just rape the little dears, but they weren't certain.

It hadn't occurred to me that they would wonder what I was planning to do to the tender young maids. I had nothing in mind but insinuating my small cock into their little pussies and leaving them with a little blob of my magical stuff.

It hadn't occurred to them that I as a deity would not know that one of the five was my own daughter, but as it turned out it didn't matter. Perhaps my lust muddled my moral compass, but I had no problem at all fucking my own daughters. It was especially exciting.


I froze time some blocks away from the Great Oak and strode quickly among the frozen cars. I spied three little knots of adults watching from the specified hundred paces in three different directions. As I approached, I saw that five luscious little girls were lying naked.

I kissed the youngest awake -- my daughter Michelle, though I didn't know that at the time.

"Hi," she said with a shy smile. She spread her legs. "Want to poke me in the peepee?"

I had figured they would tell the girls what to expect. Memories from quick time did not follow the girls back to real life, but they came into quick time knowing everything they knew from the real world, including in this case how to act when God raped them.

Little Sarah's tender thighs were spread somewhat. Following them upward with my eyes, they came together at her tender pussy lips, which when pushed aside revealed her tender little cunt hole. Maybe a deity wouldn't refer to it as a "cunt", but I wasn't a deity. I was a lusty man who wanted to penetrate my mate and fill her with the fruit of my balls.

I set right about doing exactly that. And with the proportions of cock and cunt in harmony, little Sarah didn't mind in the least. Her ecstasy overwhelmed her a second or two after mine, and her pleasure had religious overtones, to the extent a three-year-old can apprehend such things. At the same time, my sperm took off to storm her ovaries and claim all the eggs as mine. In this way I fathered the first 15 of my inbred children, ones who had 3/4 of my genes.

Sarah had barely moved from her shimmery shadow. I almost forgot to take the money from between her toes before I kissed her all over before ending at her nose, freezing her again.

I took the other four one after the other, freezing each before thawing the next.

The oldest asked me if I wanted some other sexual position, like from the rear. I thanked her but said missionary worked great for me. She obligingly spread her thighs wide and helped my little organ into her. She was big enough for my full cock, and it had only a brief tussle with her adolescent cunt before surging through to ecstasy.

When I unfroze time, five content, energized girls got up to return to their waiting parents. The girls were a bit disappointed, since they remembered nothing. But as God had promised, the money was gone.


I kept my true identity well hidden, but developed a regular communication channel with the BGCC. I could send letters and both sides could leave notes in pre-designated locations.

It was clear they wanted the church to spread beyond the Richmond area, and I could see the advantages. So God ordered new centers to open up in the vicinity of LA, New York, Chicago, and Houston.

That meant I had to get there. I flew coach class and aroused no suspicion. For the most part I left the girls alone on the plane because the spaces are so cramped. But if a cutie who caught my fancy walked past on her way to the bathroom, I would catch and fuck and impregnate her. But that was rare. My body could use a full day's break from fucking now and then anyway.

Originally I had assumed that quick time was a place I shouldn't stay for long, but as the months and years rolled on I got more and more comfortable there. The girls needed to get back within an hour, but that didn't mean I did. The frozen people all around me were not waiting around bored; time simply didn't move for them.

So after sending a girl back with a kiss on her tender nose I could relax on my camping mattress. Sometimes I napped. I sometimes brought a lunch in to quick time with me. A lunch break between fucks was refreshing.

The BGCC lined up thousands of young virgins for sacrifice. Instead of a horrible death, I graced them with the most intense pleasure they had ever felt, sometimes a boost to their intellectual and social capacity -- and a lifetime's worth of God's babies.


The BGCC didn't just provide rows of little girls lying on their backs. They used their creativity to spice things up.

In arranging one liaison the BGCC requested that I bring a flashlight. Winding through a couple corridors my flashlight was soon the only source of light. In the center room was a multistory unusual structure, a maze in three dimensions. The maze walls were a coarse mesh and the floors were transparent, so there were lines of sight throughout the structure, but getting to what a person could see wasn't necessarily so easy.

In my flashlight beam I saw the eight girls, all beautiful, all naked, ranging in age from about 8 to 12. I kissed them awake one by one, stopping for a quick caress of each one as she became warm and soft.

I played my light over the climbing structure so they could get a sense of what was there, but later realized that they had played on this many times before and were quite familiar with it.

I turned off my flashlight, gave them a head start, and then plunged in after them. I noticed tiny dim red lights moving through the structure. They were affixed to the naked girls, though I hadn't noticed that before when my flashlight was on.

"Bet you can't catch me!" called one voice.

"My pussy's feeling very lonely, where are you?"

"I'm a little scared of the dark. Can you come hug me?"

"You can't fuck us'til you find us," one crooned in a low, suggestive voice.

I crept as quietly as I could. After maneuvering so that no mesh was between me and a light, I lunged and grabbed. I caught flesh. Moving in on my prey with my other hand I quickly discovered that I had an ankle.

It doesn't take any light to maneuver from any identifiable part of a girl to her reproductive treasure. Hand over hand I quickly wrestled my first catch onto her back, straddled her, and dove in. I was feeling like a conquering animal, and I didn't need many strokes to make this one mine. One small spurt, a limp girl awash in ecstasy, and a dozen babies planted.

The next one's light was on her nose. It is no harder to navigate downward from a nose than up from an ankle. She struggled some, but I could tell it was pretend. I bred her too.

I had done four of them by the time 45 minutes had passed, and they mentioned they were getting anxious. I turned my flashlight back on so they could all see their way out of the maze.

I hadn't found that "You can't fuck us'til you find us" girl, and she had taunted me a couple more times. She had meant it in fun but it still irked me that I hadn't been able to find her. Now that they were out of the maze, I had a hunch which one it was. I tickled her to get her to say something, and her voice confirmed her identity. I then wrestled her to the floor and gave her a good fucking with my mini-penis.

Eight kisses on eight noses and that sweet episode was over.


Hecate's "clothes" were quite unusual. Her skirt was really just an afterthought connected to the side of a giant cloth and foam thing. When I kissed her, the thing thawed with her, because it was part of her clothes. To some extent, reality followed the letter and not the spirit of the witch's spell. Hecate promptly stepped out of the skirt, revealing pink panties with sparkles. She looked to be about eight.

"Get Laura and Sissy too," she said. Laura was about six, and dressed in a white diaphanous shift. Sissy looked to be about one year old and was wearing a pink shirt and pink pants. BGCC often had "extras", and I wondered briefly what role she would play. I thawed them both with gentle kisses.

On a second look, the giant cloth and foam thing was a fair representation of a girl's upper thighs and pussy.

Hecate took one giant pussy lip and Laura the other and they pulled them back, smiling at me. I removed my robe and underpants to reveal my male organ. All three girls gave it a curious look. Inside was a little cave, the walls covered in a fleshy red satin. I offered Sissy my hand and we crawled inside. Hecate and Laura followed us. It was a cozy fit for the four of us, maybe the size of a single bed, but clearly in the shape of a vagina, and with its tubular shape we all tended to roll together.

Hecate and Laura brushed their hands all over me.

Laura whispered in my ear, "You can have my virginity any time you want. My little cunt's right under my shift." She set to licking my cheek gently.

Hecate spoke in my other ear, "What's inside my panties is all yours."

Sissy piped up with, "Naked!"

Hecate's hand gently stroked my first stage penis. Everyone at the BGCC knew that the upper stage was sensitive and shy. It wanted only one kind of touch: envelopment in little girl cunts.

I slid my fingers along the elastic of Hecate's panties and then slid inside to cup her little girl sex. I slid the other one up under Laura's shift to cup hers. It was a tough choice. I felt a sudden surge of lust and chose Laura because I could get into her a fraction of a second sooner. I pushed her back gently and started moving our loins together.

"Oh, goody!" she said, wiggling her hips back and forth.

Hecate's hands were all over me. "Let me watch you fuck her," she whispered with excitement. My cock rapidly closed on Laura's virgin sex. She held her lips open with one hand, and with the other pointed right at her vaginal opening.

My tip found the opening within her hymen and pressed in. Her small, shy, warm cunt enveloped me. My own lubrication made it an easy in and out. My inward stroke ended when the wider tip of my lower-stage penis bumped against her little cunt opening.

"Oh, that's so exciting!" Laura whispered.

"Fuck fuck!" said Sissy, making the other three of us laugh briefly. Who taught her that? But my serious sexual hunger quieted us again rapidly. Sissy leaned against me and whispered in my ear, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..." I never had enjoyed so much taking orders from a one-year-old.

"I like your balls," Hecate said, stroking them gently. "Give her some of what they make!"

My tiny penis was engorged, hard, intrusive, and just about ready to spit. "Oh, Laura, I'm almost there," I panted.

"Start my babies!" she said. That was all it took. I twitched, and my orgasm was enriched by the sight of Laura's shift scrunched up revealing her little girl pussy. Hecate's presence beside me helped too: her pink panties covering her own little cunt, her hair brushing my shoulder, her lips nibbling my ear, one hand on my chest and the other on my balls. Laura let out a huge moan and lay back in an ecstatic daze.

"Happy!" said Sissy.

The four of us collapsed together in a pile while Laura and I panted. Hecate kept teasing me with her nibbles and caresses. Within two minutes her ministrations had their effect as my penis rose again, the little tip extruding once more after picking up more lubrication from its sheath.

I slithered around to face Hecate squarely. "Your turn," I said with an evil grin.

"Me?" she asked shyly. I nodded.

Hecate was a truly gorgeous girl, and I set about licking and caressing her entire face, neck, and torso. She wiggled and squirmed happily. I worked my fingers inside her panties, then helped her wriggle out of them. I backed partway out of the giant vagina to position my tongue right at her little pussy. I wanted to know her girl parts in every way I could. I gazed at her, licked, and smelled. But my organ was twitching for its turn, so I slid my body back up the red satin vagina.

Laura had recovered and then crawled down past us, then plopped Sissy on her lap down below us in our little vaginal cave.

"Watch, Sissy, watch them do it. See that little hole there in Hecate -- there it is, now her pussy lips are spread apart. See God's thingy. The little part at the end goes in girls like us. Watch, and you'll see it slide right into that hole in Hecate's pussy. There! It was just inside my cunt, and he shot out the holy stuff to start all my babies and make me feel really good. And he's going to do that with Hecate soon. See it going in and out?" Sissy nodded. "See God's body tense up. He works hard to give us the stuff."

"Oh, Hecate," I cried, fixing her eyes with mine and feeling the spasm starting. "You're so sexy! Unnnnhhh!"

"See he holds it all the way in, so the holy stuff goes just where it should and doesn't leak?"

A second after she received my gift Hecate trembled and whispered incoherently with pleasure.

"And now Hecate feels better than she ever has in her life. And God has started all her babies."

As our breathing slowed, Hecate and I relaxed, bodies deliciously intertwined, then started dozing. Laura played quietly with Sissy.

After twenty minutes I figured it was time to send these girls back, so I rose to sitting, as did Hecate. Sissy stood between the two big girls.

"One more thing," said Hecate. She and Laura slowly tugged down Sissy's pink pants; she wore no panties or diaper beneath. "Isn't she pretty?"

I had been admiring Sissy's pretty face and wide blue eyes for some time, and now her own small girl's pussy was exposed. They mostly look alike, girls' pussies, but they are all beautiful.

"Some day, Sissy, some day," I said.

"Mother Jane wondered if you might want her now," said Laura. "Only if you want."

Sissy was young, and I wouldn't have thought of her in a sexual way. But my organ was very stiff and ready, and her young cunt was right in front of me. I reached out to stroke it gently. Sissy smiled.

"It might be your turn, Sissy," said Hecate. "You want to be a big girl too?" Sissy nodded.

The pink pants came down all the way, and the pink top came off. Hecate held Sissy's lips apart. Her cunt hole was small, of course, but it had less of a hymen than many girls do. My mini-penis would fit. I was ready to do her.

"Oh, you're such a lucky girl, Sissy!" said Laura.

"Fuck fuck!" said Sissy. The big girls lay her on her back and I loomed over her to get in position. As my mini-penis approached, Sissy started giggling.

I saw my tiny tip enter her tiny little cunt and felt that hot bath that all girl cunts give me. As I wiggled back and forth Sissy laughed and then squirmed a bit, but Hecate and Laura held her pretty still. I pushed gently until I felt the little tip hit against the back of her little cunt.

It was special. Sissy giggled and looked at me. Her tiny cunt gave so much pleasure! As I started tensing, Sissy said "Fuck, happy, fuck, happy..." I gave the wee thing my precious gift, my vision dimming and spinning as I bathed in intense pleasure.

Sissy squeaked and turned into a rag doll, and Laura and Hecate laughed gently.

After some more time to caress each other's flesh and relax, we all crawled out, and by then all three were anxious to go merge with their shadows. I kissed Laura's nose, then Sissy's. Hecate and I watched them freeze again, and then I kissed Hecate's cheeks a couple times before descending to nuzzle my horizontal lips against her divine vertical ones. Finally I rose and kissed her nose.


I entered the room in quick time to find a girl of perhaps twelve spread-eagled, bound to the four bedposts. She had on a light blue dress. On the foot of the bed was a sign: "She has been a very bad girl!" She had long blond hair that had been mussed up about her head, blue eyes, a straight nose of modest size, and a beautifully proportioned round face. Beneath her dress little hints of breasts were visible. Her calves were shapely and her feet delicate.

I wasn't sure what sort of violent movements this bad girl might make after I woke her, so I held her head firmly as I approached and kissed her hard lips to turn her into the soft flesh of a girl.

As I had feared, she started thrashing her head.

"Let me go, damn it! Untie me!"

"Why, I've been told you are a bad girl. Do you deserve to be punished? What did you do?"

The girl stopped thrashing but remained silent.

"Well, it must have been pretty bad then."

I ran my hands along her arms. "Very nice," I said.

"Don't touch me!" she said.

"Oh, I think I'm going to touch you a lot."

I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. After climbing onto the bed and straddling her, I used both hands to hold her head down firmly against the pillow, face to one side, and then brought my lips to her ear. I nibbled and licked and enjoyed her smell. Then I whispered, "I'm going to touch you in some private places, too."

She groaned.

"So, what do we have here?" I asked, rubbing my hands over her upper neck and chest. I could feel she had no bra on. "Some gentle rises. I wonder what they are?"

I slowly started unbuttoning the front of her dress until her sternum showed. She squirmed and shook her head. I slid my hand under the fabric to her right. My hand soon surrounded a small breastlet. It was her body's first experiment in breast-making, but it would scale up nicely. I did the same on her left side. Then I continued unbuttoning the dress down to her bellybutton, so I could slide it aside to reveal both subtle mounds.

"Very nice!" I said, massaging each barely perceptive mound with one hand.

As I slowly lowered my head towards her right breastlet, smiling at her, she said, "Don't you dare!"

I ignored her and licked all around her aureole. The nipple slowly firmed up in my mouth. I gave the other breast the same treatment.

"This looks like the body of a girl who is awakening sexually," I said.

She gritted her teeth and sighed, looking away.

"Where is there anything else on a girl's body that is related to sex? Let me think..." I said, shifting my body downward and kneeling between her splayed legs.

The blue dress was stretched across her knees. I massaged at the top of one calf, then slowly slid one hand up the inside of her thigh, out of view under the dress.

"Hard to reach here, without moving the dress," I said, as I slowly slid it up to mid-thigh.

"I've always wondered what girls are hiding up under their dresses," I said. I rested each hand on an inner thigh, then followed the gorgeous smooth skin up to where the legs met in folds of skin and a bit of hair. I couldn't see exactly what was what. That required flipping the dress up completely.

"Oh look here!" I said. "No cock! No balls! But they say girls have sex organs; Where could they be hiding?"

I brushed my hand lightly over her sparse thin hair.

"Please!" she said.

"You want me to stop?"


"Will you tell me what you did that was so bad?"

She hesitated. "I made my little brother pull down his pants and I started rubbing his peepee."

I laughed out loud. "Well, then this seems perfectly fair, doesn't it?"

She was silent.

I gently parted her pussy lips to reveal those elusive sex organs, most notably her cunt opening.

"I'm thinking I would like to mate with you. Would you like that?'

"No!" she cried.

I started stroking my fingers up and down her lips lightly, pausing at her clit each time.

Soon I could see her pussy tissues swelling and reddening. Slick fluid now moistened her cunt opening.

"Oh, but look at that! Your body likes the idea of mating! It's not totally mature yet, but it looks very interested. I wonder whose word I should take here, yours or your body's?"

"Mine!" she said. "Leave my privates alone!" If she was feeling pleasure from my stroking she hid it well.

"Oh!" I said. "But your privates would be very disappointed if I left them alone. I think they are eager for their first mating! So it's two to one in favor of the mating, me and your body against just you. And you might be lying, but I can tell your body isn't lying!"

"I'm not lying," she whimpered.

I pulled off my T-shirt and shorts. My organ was of course hard and ready to go. "Wait, I guess it's three to one, since my body is in favor too!" She eyed my cock with trepidation.

"It's a little different," I said. "There's something extra no other man has," I said, showing the little mini-penis at the tip. "That lets me slide into little girls without stretching out their tissues. The rest of it is for a full fuck with a big girl. Are you a big girl or a little girl?" I asked.

Eying my cock, she said, "Little girl" in a small voice.

"We'll see. Your cunt is pretty wet, and it's been growing these past couple years. I think maybe that cunt's pleading'I'm a big girl! I'm a big girl! I want all of it!'"

"That's not a very nice word," she said.


"The C-word."

"Oh,'cunt'? I think it's nice. I think it's a rich, earthy word, belonging with the slick, the hot, the urgent press of hard tissue in soft. Cunt, cunt, cunt! Of course, I'm not calling you a cunt, since you're a whole girl. But I'm calling your cunt a cunt."

I leaned down with my lips between her legs.

"So, cunt, would you like to mate?" I pretended to listen. "That wasn't very convincing. Let's see what we can do to persuade you completely."

I licked the fine light nectar from all around her pussy parts. As I gently probed her cunt with my tongue and licked, the fluid I swallowed was soon replaced by more.

Then I focused my tongue right at her little clit and began a slow, luxurious licking. Her cunt got wetter, and she gave off an alluring smell. I paused.

"Your cunt's giving off the smell that says,'Mate with me!'"

"No..." she said.

I returned to my licking. She started squirming her hips in spite of herself, making little choked moans. Down between her legs she was fully engorged. Her body was completely ready.

"Now do you want to mate, cunt? ... Now it gives a resounding'yes'! What do you say?"

"No!" she cried in anguish.

"The reason our two bodies are so interested in mating is so my cock can deliver the sperm to make a baby. Do you want a baby?"


"I think you're being too controlling of your body. Your body is growing up and needs some independence. And it wants a baby!"

"No... Besides, I'm too young to have a baby!" she said. Maybe she had the tiniest hope she could deter me.

I laughed. "Maybe you're too young now, but my body is very insistent. When my sperm come out, they wriggle right to your ovaries and fertilize every single egg you have. When you start having periods, you'll have my babies one after the other. Maybe twelve in all, or maybe twenty!"

All girls knew about the spontaneous pregnancies, but the reminder and the immediacy affected her. A new edge of panic showed on her face.

"Do you want my babies?"

She shook her head.

"Oh, come on, why not?"

She shook her head again.

"Well, the three of us are eager for the mating, so we're going to go ahead. You can sulk if you want."

I slid down on her to get myself into position.

The hot slick welcome her cunt gave me was familiar, but it was as exquisite as ever. I never tired of the sensation.

My little penis was all the way in, and now my lower-stage tip pressed against her cunt opening. I nudged it in a little deeper on each stroke. Soon I could feel my tip pressing against her cunt muscle ring. It was tight.

"So I could press farther, and stretch your cunt into the shape of a woman's, or I could just deliver my sperm up inside you from here."

"Just do it from there," she said meekly, panting.

"Did I just hear you ask me to give you my sperm?"

"No!" she said.

"I can hear your cunt. It wants to be a big girl cunt, even if it hurts a little."

"No, no..."

"On the count of three," I said, panting a little.




"No, no!"


She let out one sob, then fought back tears.

Her hymen was broken and I was past the cunt ring, and now with each stroke I rapidly filled her up deeper.

"Aaaaah! That's nice!" I said.

I began fucking with a long, smooth motion. Her slick cunt hugged me tight. It felt wonderful.

"I could stop and pull out now," I said. "And you wouldn't get pregnant. The instant I shoot out my sperm, you're pregnant for life. Would you like me to stop?"

"Yes," she said, but with less conviction.

"Listen to your cunt. It wants to get pregnant so bad it is sending you wave after wave of pleasure, more each time.

"You're going to thank me for this, just as soon as I shoot it into you."

"I am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Well, there's no use arguing over matters of fact."

"Am not!"

She gnashed her teeth. I looked down to see her chest heaving, the nipples on her breastlets now sticking out boldly. Her body glowed with the subtlest hint of moisture. Looking below, her sparse silky pubic mat was getting mashed each time by my heavy, dark mat. Both were notably damp. I was pumping into her with deep, long strokes, getting faster. On each outstroke the bottom of my hard, slick and unstoppable first-stage tube appeared and then disappeared up inside her again. I could feel my little tip lodged in the indentation of her cervix, moving only the slightest bit with each stroke, having found its home.

Her eyes were locked on mine now, pleading with me -- but what was she pleading for? She was at war within herself.

I continued, "I'm getting close, now. It feels great! This is heaven! Mmmmmmm!" After a pause, "Your cunt wants it! Feel the pleasure!"

She closed her eyes and shook her head the tiniest bit.

I was pistoning away with abandon now, her hot wet cunt clutching me tightly.

"Look at me while I fuck you pregnant!" I panted urgently.

Her eyes shot open and locked on mine, still shaking her head the tiniest bit, biting her lip.

The ejaculation sequence started. "Can't stop any more, oh baby."

Just then she shrieked and spasmed with orgasm, her cunt pulsing around me.

"UUUNNNNNNNHHHHH!" I said as I jammed my cock deep and spurted.

A second later her orgasm was overwhelmed by the other kind, the superorgasm, and her face lay slack with an ecstatic grin.

I lay down on her, feeling flesh against flesh for a few seconds before sliding a bit to the side to let her breathe.

After a minute, her breathing slowed enough that she could talk. "Oh, thank you so much! Thank you! Mmmmmm. You were right about everything! I should have known it would be great, but I didn't believe you. You raped me! But it was so exciting to be raped! Thanks soooo much for raping me!"

All told we had been at this for 45 minutes, and her anxiety began to war with her ecstasy.

"All pregnant," I said. "Set with babies for life!"

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She reached up to give me a big kiss.

With a last caress of her face I gave my happy, pregnant girl a kiss on her nose. Her body turned hard again as it left quick time.

Sixteen Years Later

The years rolled by. In ever-increasing numbers my daughters and sons kept popping out of the girls I had possessed. The tide actually made a dent in the backlog of couples waiting to adopt.

Kayla's eldest daughter was Michelle, and I had first fucked her as part of the quintet that was the first offering BGCC made for me. I had kept fucking her now and then. She had come of age on the early side, and found herself pregnant at the age of 13.

My first grandchild was a bouncing baby girl named Victoria. She was a remarkable child from birth. She was beautiful, and had a sort of aura that it was hard to put one's finger on, but we had the sense there was even more to her than an aura.

Victoria started talking at six months, and was reasonably fluent by one year of age. The mothers of the church and I agreed that it would be good of me to breed her as soon as possible. At eighteen months I thawed Victoria into quick time and mated with her gently. She seemed to know what was happening more than any child her age ever had. I was in awe of her -- a little frightened, even.

Her vagina was different too. It seemed like her hot and wet tube, small as it was, generated electricity in my brain with every in and out stroke, and I felt like I was getting a slow and steady heroin and cocaine injection -- not that I have ever experienced that directly.

We suspected it from the start, but it was soon confirmed: All of my granddaughters remembered their quick time exploits, while my daughters were like other girls and only regained their memories when a baby actually started growing in their wombs, much later.

From the earliest days we had known that repeated doses of my semen actually improved girls' intelligence, confidence, and wisdom. In an effort to help Victoria achieve her destiny I brought her into quick time twice each week and fucked a little more semen into her each time.

She started reading and surfing the web at age three and took in prodigious amounts of information. She also spent time just staring off into space. There was something extraordinary going on in that little head, but we didn't know what.


Unexplained and seemingly inexplicable pregnancies attracted attention. I had exercised some caution from the time the first spontaneous pregnancies made the news. I entered quick time at a considerable distance from wherever I was going to take girls, especially after the BGCC was arranging liaisons for me; there was always the possibility of moles in the organization. The church also recognized the problem and did a good job of keeping knowledge of the virgin sacrifices within a small, trusted group.

A few times I thought I was being followed. It was probably a figment of my imagination, I reasoned, but better safe than sorry. I froze time and when I thawed it again I was many blocks away.

When it finally happened I was totally unprepared.

I later remembered waking blearily from a deep sleep to the prick of a syringe before losing consciousness again.

I woke in what seemed like a hotel room, but the door was locked from the outside. I froze time and searched, but there was no way out. However fast I could move in quick time, I couldn't walk through doors. When the door finally opened it revealed a doorway beyond consisting of a narrow vertical slit covered with cloth strips. When a man walked through, the strips parted just enough to let him pass. At no instant was there enough of an opening for me to fit through, even if I went into quick time at exactly the right moment.

I was poked and prodded endlessly. My special penis was studied from all angles.

Then the interrogations began. I was interviewed over and over, day and night, by kind people, mean people, gorgeous women, and even little girls.

Then began the drugs, the electrodes, strange sounds, weird lights, and sleep deprivation. They readily got from me everything I knew. They found out where I lived in real life and where the BGCC and I left notes for each other. That was about all; I really didn't have any interesting secrets. But that didn't stop them from continuing with their varied and sophisticated tortures. Life had gone from exceedingly pleasant to a nightmare.

One night I awoke to a gentle touch on my arm. Standing by my bed was none other than Victoria, looking far more worn and weary than any six-year-old should look. My first thought was that she had been captured too and imprisoned with me.

"Victoria! Why are you here?"

"I'm here to set you free," she said. She looked bedraggled, her eyes dull. "But first, take me to quick time and fuck me, OK?"

Pausing for sex in the middle of an escape seemed a bit self-indulgent, but I froze time and kissed her into it with me.

She pulled down her jeans and panties and said, "Oh, please, quick!" She lay on my bed.

I would have done my best for Victoria under any circumstances. But my sexual apparatus had not been happy with the sudden cessation of all sex when I was captured, and I was all too happy to get into Victoria's pants for my own pleasure. During my capture I had been presented with many little girls with pussies displayed in alluring fashion, but I had resisted temptation and refused to mate with them while I was a prisoner.

I had to keep myself from coming just watching my little prong approaching my sweet granddaughter's spread lips. I thrust inside, and within five strokes I came. My feeling of ecstasy was magnified from my long drought of sex, and instead of spurting once, I could feel another little blob coming out of the tip of my mini-penis, then another, and another. I lost count but think there were about ten.

Victoria moaned and relaxed. She smiled at me, though she still looked weary. "You don't know how wonderful that was," she said. After a moment, with what seemed like a profound effort, she returned to the situation at hand. "After you refreeze me, stay in quick time and leave! The doors should all be open. Then go to 57 Hawthorne Street." I committed it to memory.

"What about you?"

"I will be safe. Trust me."

I hesitated. My precocious granddaughter had managed to get into a highly secure facility. I had no idea what I could do to help with her plan, so I decided I had to trust her. I kissed her on the lips and gave her a quick hug, then kissed her nose to freeze her.

The narrow slit in the outer door was held open enough for me to squeeze through. I walked hundreds of yards and through at least a dozen different doors. Some were unusual: a thick door like you see on a bank safe, a door that sealed like the ones on a ship, a very thin but very heavy one, one made of very thick plastic. They had really not wanted me to escape! But all the doors were open, so I walked out just as Victoria had planned. There were guards too, but naturally they were all frozen in place.


I made my way on foot to the address to 57 Hawthorne, which was a mile away -- this facility had not been placed in the middle of a residential area! At the address there was a small sign on the door: "Go around back."

Around back another sign invited me to switch to real time, take a shower and dress in the clean clothes provided. I was then to drive the car that was in the driveway to another address in a city a couple hours away.

An instruction sheet in the car explained the situation.

Many of my daughters had come to suspect that I was not a God but a man -- but a very important man. Once I had been captured, Victoria had found them and recruited them into an organization with the immediate goal of freeing me.

I had never before revealed my identity in the real world. But if the government could track me down once, it could probably do it again. Now my location would remain a secret from everyone except the organization formed to protect me. We would call it the Order of Mark.

It was strange to walk in real time through a door into a house with a half dozen young women. Should I say, "Hey girls, daddy's home!" It didn't go exactly like that. They all treated me with near reverence. To help break the ice and develop a bit more informality I took them into quick time one by one. They were all delighted to be fucked, and of course they all cherished the superorgasm I gave them.

As fully mature women, my daughters were no longer quite as attractive to me as they had been as adolescents, but they were still plenty attractive. They all had mature vaginas, of course, so my entire cock fit inside them. I relished the chance to fuck each of them to the hilt.

I had no end of questions, but they said Victoria would be back shortly and explain everything.

I was excited by these new developments -- but also exhausted from my ordeal. The exhaustion eventually won out and I drifted into a sound sleep.


I woke to the feel of a body sitting on my bed.

I could see it was a girl in the dim light, but not much else. "Victoria?" I asked.

"Yeah. Can you take me into quick time and do me again?"

I could and did, and before a second had passed on the clocks of the world we were back.

Her eyes got misty. "Can I snuggle with you in bed?"

I would have done anything for this remarkable girl who had saved my life. But snuggling with a beautiful six-year-old was no sacrifice for me. I corrected myself -- she was now seven.

As she snuggled against me she started crying softly.

"I'm sorry," I said. "What's wrong?"

"Soon I'll explain, but not yet," she said, sniffling. She curled her small body within the embrace of my much larger one, and I gently stroked her hair and face until she fell asleep.

I woke in the night to a voice in my ear, "Can you do me again?"

All we needed to do was remove the covers, hugging each other naked. I froze time, kissed her, and seeded her again -- it felt great, of course, and I was delighted to feel her relax. She was still in the shimmering shadow she had come out of. I kissed her nose and said "Thaw" to send us both back to real time.

I felt a new kind of tenderness towards this child. However extraordinary she might be, at one level she was still a seven-year-old girl.


I must have slept soundly. When I woke again and turned, Victoria was smiling at me. I yawned and stretched.

"Now we can talk," she said. We lay on our sides in bed, a couple feet apart and facing each other.

"Remember you used to do me a couple times a week? Towards the end of that time, I was discovering magic. Powerful magic. Your surges inside me, those ecstasies, fueled my knowledge and power.

"I didn't want to say anything to anyone until I was surer of what the magic could do. Then when they caught you, I kicked myself because I had waited too long.

"Of course when you disappeared the BGCC church went crazy. You stopped showing up and stopped writing notes.

"I was frightened too. I had known you were no God for a long time -- you big faker!" She reached over to tickle me briefly, with a seven-year-old smile. I squirmed a bit, then put on a sheepish look.

"I stumbled my way through magic knowledge to find what had happened to you. Reading minds here and there. Then when I found where you were, my heart sank. Without your little doses of sperm my magic was getting depleted, and I would have to do a ton of magic to get you free.

"I could read minds, a little, and quickly found that your daughters -- my aunts -- were different from all the others. They understood, and soon I had them organized. Some of your daughters rented this house without the BGCC knowing. I told the BGCC inner circle that I had an idea for getting God to come back. They were very unhappy that I wouldn't share my plan with them, but they knew I was special, and they had no better ideas.

I got the sisters to gather as many of your other granddaughters as they could find, all the way down to the infants. I touched each one and pretended to pray, but I was actually getting a bit of magic energy from each of them.

"I was so frustrated because I knew I was wasting energy figuring out how the magic worked, but I found the way to control minds, just a little -- just enough.

"Six of them were kind of like me, with a fair amount of power. One day we put our plan in motion: a couple of your daughters spirited the seven of us away to this house, and the BGCC hasn't seen us since. I let the other six in on the secret and told them a bit about what I knew about magic, and found I could get a bit more magic energy out of them.

"When the plan was in place for your escape, I knew I needed a lot of energy, so I drained them a bit more. The first one, poor Kathy..." tears welled up in her eyes, "I drained her too much and she died! I didn't know!"

It was a shock to think that a girl had died in the effort to rescue me, but I decided to worry about that later. Victoria was the one who needed my help right now. "It's OK," I said. "I know you were doing your very best." At that she cried, and it was a minute before she was ready to go on.

"I was ready to give up, but the others insisted we had to keep going. The others I drained less, and although they cried and admitted it hurt they insisted I get a little more because we needed it to save you, and finally, I got enough! I did it! I rescued you!" She beamed at me.

"I fiddled with enough minds to get the doors open so I could get in. I knew you could get out in quick time. I knew I couldn't get back out unless I could get you to give me more cum stuff again. I saved my last magic to get ten spurts out of you instead of just one, and then I could keep the spells going long enough to get out.

"If that part hadn't worked I would have died. I had a little suicide pill in case I didn't make it, so they couldn't torture secrets out of me."

I was stunned and bewildered. I had to believe in magic, of course, since a witch had set up this entire reality which had let me gorge myself on my fantasies, fucking hundreds upon hundreds of little girls. But this was a whole new angle on the subject. I had a granddaughter with the power to overcome the best defenses of the US national security apparatus.

I hugged her to me. "Oh, Victoria, I'm so proud of you!"

She looked into my eyes briefly, then started crying her heart out. "I'm just a little girl! I'm just a little girl! I wasn't grown up enough for all that!" I comforted her as best I could. My heart was overflowing with love and compassion for the poor thing.

"So what can I do for you?"

"Well, for starters, would you take me off to never-never land and fuck me once more?"

That was no sooner said than done.

She smiled. "Finally I feel pretty good. I've got my energy back -- more than I ever had before. When I was stumbling in magic land, I kept discovering channels, places I could go if only I had more of your energy.

"Enough of that," she said, and made a big effort to sober up.

"Upstairs there are five of your little granddaughters who are very unhappy little girls, because I stole most of their energy. I think they feel like they are having a very bad flu. What they need is you to fuck them, again and again and again, like you did me."

If these girls were in such trouble, why had she been wasting time telling me all the details and taking all of my sperm for herself?

"I thought I should get myself charged as much as I possibly can, so I can detect any progress the bad guys make in following our trail. So far, I haven't sensed any." Then her lip quivered. "But I don't know if I was just a selfish little girl who wanted to feel good first! I can't tell!" And she cried again.

"I know you did the right thing," I said. I didn't really know it, but this was a time when a little girl could use a grown-up's certainty. I held her a little longer.

"OK, now you should go to them. My three-quarters sisters, I guess they are."

I held Victoria's face in my hands. "I know you did the right thing, I am so proud of you and I love you so much. I trust you to know how much energy to put into monitoring the danger, and for the rest of it, do any little girl thing you want to do, OK!" I gave her a little kiss on the lips.

"OK," she said, looking down a bit shyly. "Thanks, daddy." After a pause she added, "Thanks, grandpa."

And with that I was off to help my other granddaughters. They were in sorry shape indeed. Someone had had the foresight to deck them out alluring outfits -- see-through dresses, sparkling panties, thongs and the like. I fucked as I had never fucked before. As soon as I dosed one little girl's cunt I tried to get it up to go on to the next. Instead of ecstasy after I delivered my stuff, for the first few times they just looked a little less miserable. But within a few days they were feeling OK again, and then the little doses of sperm they got from me made them feel ecstatic again.


The Bearing God's Children Church was enormously relieved to find I had returned, and we resumed our former patterns.

The church had at its core the first generation of my conquests, the ones who kept having my babies whenever they went off the pill and placing them in adoptive homes. It also attracted a large number of the adoptive parents of those babies and many of my sons. And like any religion, others joined for their own miscellaneous reasons.

The BGCC served a useful role in providing an umbrella organization which dealt with the phenomenon of all of my girls bearing my babies one after another. They also took the brunt of criticism for the idea of one unknown man fathering so many children. They also continued to provide me with luscious feasts of little girl virgins for me to mate with, and they did quite a good job of it.

In contrast to the Church, the Order of Mark was completely secret. No one outside the Order knew of the witchcraft; when those outside wondered about whether supernatural powers were at work, more witchcraft made those people decide their musings were ridiculous. Spells of illusion and amnesia helped too. The government was now completely overmatched by the magic of the Order.

The Order of Mark initially had many of my daughters, but at its center were my incestuously conceived granddaughters. As the years went by, more and more of them grew into their power, forming a growing army of beautiful young witches. We all wondered just what powers my incestuous great-granddaughters would have when they arrived.

In folklore, witches are usually bad, while some are good. Their moral compass is divorced from their essential nature as witches. My witches were brought up with decent morals, but they were bound above all to me. The idea of betraying me was completely foreign to them. I had no power in wizardry myself, but the fluid that pulsed from the tip of my little penis was the ultimate source of their power.

They wove a spell that made me stop aging. Victoria mentioned that as an afterthought one day. Despite all her wisdom, she was young enough to not realize how profound a change that made in my outlook.

My love for Victoria began when she saved my life, and only broadened and deepened with time.

Victoria had three roles. In quick time she was my lover, and I poked between her pussy lips with a depth of feeling I had for none of the others. The bliss I sent her into was special to both of us. During the day she was my deputy, coordinating the activities of the other witches -- the powerful ones all younger than she! And at night she was my daughter, a scared little seven-year-old who had been forced to grow up too soon. She liked make-believe sometimes, playing at knight and maiden, orc and human, and aliens in space. She shied away from playing witch, since that was too much like her day job.

Gradually Victoria grew up, of course. She developed sexually, as all girls do. On one special day I finally surged my entire penis into her. We started exploring sexuality in real time, and then found a style of lovemaking that worked well for both of us. Our love was seamless, but more and more we related as husband and wife and less as father and daughter.

She went off the pill once and bore a son, then a second time and bore a daughter. We shared an intuition that this daughter would grow up to be very special, and that it would not be wise to risk giving her a sister. With some reluctance Victoria stopped at two children.

Earlier in life I had been unable to maintain relationships with grown women because the sexual attraction wasn't there. I loved Victoria so much I never stopped adoring her sexy body, much as most grown men keep loving their wives as they age into menopause and beyond.

But that gets us ahead of our story.


Within a couple years of my escape I was the ruler of an army of witches, an army growing constantly in power. This raised the question of what to do with that power. So far I had been happy in life raping my little virgins. Power brings responsibility, though I would have been happier ignoring it.

Underneath all the raping and fucking, I was still the guy who had kissed an ugly witch because it was the right thing to do. So I set about saving the world, making it a place where all could live in harmony with the earth and each other. It sounds quixotic, perhaps, but with nearly absolute power such a result was not out of reach. I was a benevolent despot.

The most egregious abuses were easy enough to curb -- wars and genocides, human slavery, blatant discrimination, and wanton environmental destruction.

Beyond that the best course was unclear. Just what sort of economic and political arrangements were best for the world?

This required study, and that's where my sons and grandsons came into the picture. They were as totally devoted to me as their sisters, but they had no hint of magic power in them. Under the tutelage of their sisters, they were assigned the job of studying politics and economics and environmental sciences. Each issue had to be studied within the local cultural context.

We could run an experiment in one province here, a country there, using elsewhere what worked and discarding what didn't.

As numerous as the witches became, there were far too few of them to direct the running of the world. Nor did we want that. We wanted to establish a human organization that would run itself, with an occasional spell here or there to keep it on track. We did not assume that human nature would change. We knew that greed, lust, spite, malice, treachery, xenophobia and the like would forever lurk in the hearts of men and women. We needed systems that would handle those human failings gracefully.

Gradually the world became a far better place. Only the most starry-eyed from past decades would have thought such an order was possible. It's remarkable what an army of witches can do when armed with spells of mindreading and thought control.

Of course, this entire order of the world had been set in motion by a witch of a different generation. My young witches of the Order of Mark discovered the old witches early on, and discovered that our witchcraft was more powerful in most respects. They were a dying breed, and my young witches found their intentions were mostly benign. They could be left alone, though we watched them.


"Daddy, could you pull your cock out, please?"

This was an unusual request from Victoria in the middle of the afternoon, but I shrugged and pulled it out. She started stroking it, which was even more unusual.

"If you want it to get hard, just pull your panties down," I said.

"OK, but I don't feel like sex," she said.

"That's fine, I'll just look, not touch."

Her gorgeous pussy lips came into view, covered now with the fine hair of adolescence. I reached over and gently spread them.

"Hey, I thought you said you were just looking!"

"Well, I meant I wouldn't try to go all the way." I brushed her clitoris gently, making her press against my finger.

"Hey!" she said, pulling her pants back up. Messing around in her pants had done the trick, though. I was hard.

She then lifted up my penis and looked beneath. She gave a little gasp.

"What is it?"

Victoria plopped down in a chair, and when she recovered her composure she spoke. "Somebody wants to see you. Of course, we get people all the time who want to see you.'The guy with the two-stage dick'," she said, smiling at my organ which was wilting as we spoke. All of my mates could describe my interlude with them once they got pregnant, and the two-stage dick was a clear memory for many of them.

"This is the first time an old witch asked to see you. She claimed she was the one who cast the original spell. I figure that one would be long dead. But she said she had put a mark on the underside of your dick, a male symbol, if a person looked really close." I turned my dick over. It was faint, but the mark was clear if you knew what you were looking for.

"She's dying, and she wants to see you."

I thought for a while. She had owed me a little for saving her life, but she had outdone herself in terms of what she gave back. I owed her a visit.


She was in bed, on her back, the typical position of the dying. Four of my witches stood at a respectful distance as I entered with Victoria. Just in case there was going to be a battle of magic, Victoria had arranged it so my side was going to win.

If she had been hideous back when I gave her mouth-to-mouth, she was beyond hideous now. One eye was turned in its socket so only the white showed, the other was mostly red. Her cheeks were a mass of warts. Her lip was split, and pus oozed out. The stench was unmistakable from the moment I entered the room.

"There you are," she whispered.

"Hello," I said simply.

"You've done quite well for yourself, I see."

"I guess."

"For eons my kind has known it is not safe to try new things with magic. The spell I worked for you was new, and it got away from me."

"How so?"

"You weren't supposed to make them all pregnant!"

"I didn't mean to..."

"I know you didn't mean to. The magic wasn't supposed to make that happen. Whoever heard of little girls getting pregnant? I think you just wanted it so bad. You wanted them more than either of us knew, and your hunger made it happen."

I wasn't sure quite what to say. "It's true, I really do want them a whole lot."

"Then you go do incest! Well, who could blame you for that? Your desire is so strong. But then the magic. Where did that come from?

"Magic was dying in the world, and now it is alive again. Alive and thriving, and all for the good!"

Her body was wracked with a fit of coughing. After she recovered, she reached out blindly with a gnarled hand. I took it.

Her voice was little more than a croak. "I went beyond myself, beyond my own power, and it could have turned out badly. But it turned out well."

She lay in silence a few moments more.

"I have a favor to ask."


"Kiss me." The witches shifted uneasily behind me.

I hesitated only a moment before I bent down into the stench. I kept my eyes open. My lips touched against hers, the crack, the pus, the slimy skin.

When I lifted them a few seconds later, she was dead.

I waited for the world to shift. I waited to see if I would feel a churning in my underpants as my penis returned to the typical male configuration. But it didn't. A few simple spells showed that the girls behind me were still witches.

I wiped my lips on my sleeve and rinsed my mouth with the water from the cup on the bedside.

"Wasn't that a little risky, daddy?" asked Victoria.

"You mean you didn't have all the magical possibilities under control?"

"We were doing our best, but you never know..."

I paused a moment, reflecting. "What was the bigger danger? Kissing her -- or not kissing her?"

The room was silent. No one knew the answer.

Three Years Later

I lay back on the chaise lounge. I had no clothes on, and my penis was limp for the moment. Snuggled against my left side was Alice, a beautiful five-year-old. I had given her her bliss within the hour, so her affection for me was boundless. I idly stroked my hand up and down her back, but paused to cup her bare butt.

The witch Deirdre, one of Victoria's lieutenants, addressed me. "There is the matter of the Hutu and Tutsi communities. It is unclear whether the rivalries in the sporting events are an outlet to dissipate hostility, or whether they fuel it."

"Hmmmm," I said. "Do we have any similar situations to use as models?"

"It helped with the Armenians and Turks, but not with the Serbs and Croats."

"Recommendation?" Alice was gently wiggling her pelvis against my hip.

"Keep it up for another six months, combined with more TV coverage on the personal lives of the star athletes on both sides."

"Very well," I said. Alice's hand was gently stroking my lower-stage penis, and it was rising. "Anything else?"

"There is the matter of aboriginal seal-hunting, which is repugnant to much of the world."

"I'm sure you can handle it."

"Very well," she said. After a moment and a quick glance at my erection she offered, "I do hope we could keep your cock away from little girls for longer if we had a truly momentous decision to make."

"Oh, I'm sure we could." Deirdre left. My staff always made reasonable decisions, and when there was conflict I deferred to Victoria.

Alice squirmed beside me.

"Alice, dear," I said. "You've already had your turn."

"OK," she sighed, and kissed me.


With that I shifted to quick time and went down the hall to the waiting girls. Victoria and the others had discovered how to bring girls in and out of quick time without my having to kiss lips and noses.

Little excited whispers broke out as I approached with my organ hard and twitching. I moved into the middle of the gang on the bed.

A very sweet-looking lassie of about four was on her back, holding her pussy lips open and smiling. I descended on her and slid myself in. In under 30 seconds my little tip delivered its sperm; through my pleasure of orgasm I heard her little shriek and saw her body go slack. Loving hands gently pulled her away. I flopped onto my back.

"Watch this," an eight-year-old said, squatting beside the bed. She let loose with a stream of pee that soaked the towel she was squatting on. I found that very exciting. Others cleaned it up as I turned away. A five-year-old lay on her side facing me, with one knee drawn up in the air and her pussy a foot from my face. I decided to accept the invitation, and turned on my side to lick her little twat: clit, lips, and a few tongue thrusts into her little cunt. I have never lost my wonder and awe at the female sexual apparatus. Little hands massaged my neck; another pair gently stroked my hair.

Three older girls masturbated while watching me. The technique of the moment was one hand with fingers pulsing rapidly on her clit, the other hand with fingers thrusting deep into her cunt.

A larger presence had moved in behind me and had gently draped her arm over me. I could feel a bit of hair on the pussy that gently undulated against my bottom. I had one set of little girl parts right in front on my face, and I was intoxicated by the feel and smell and look of them. But I decided to investigate what was behind, and turned over onto my other side. She was a dark-haired beauty, and she was on the cusp of puberty, almost ripe and most alluring. I rolled over on top of her and pushed up with my cock. She guided it into the right spot. The little part easily slid into her, and I began pressing harder to see if more would fit.

"Do you want the whole thing?" I asked.

"Yes!" she said, nodding eagerly.

I pressed, her flesh gave way, and within seconds I was up to the hilt. This girl energized me, so I started fucking with long, fast strokes, bumping the end of her inner cunt each time. Within seconds she had an orgasm in the old way, female tissues responding positively to the male intrusion. I kept pounding away lustfully. In five minutes she built to another climax, more powerful than the first. I let her come down from that a little before fucking her with a frenzy and plastering my little blob of cum deep inside her. The superorgasm overtook her.

"Oh my God, oh my God!" she moaned.

After a minute of rest a ten-year-old gently rubbed my hand with her cunt. I took her hint and slid my middle finger up inside her, which made her groan with happiness. Three other girls faced me from different angles, each with her legs spread wide and hungry pussy on full display.

The one who intrigued me most was kneeling between my legs. She looked to be about five, with short blond hair and big blue eyes that were misty with anticipation. I motioned her onto her back. She smiled, though she was obviously a little nervous too.

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I would be delighted to hear what you thought of the story.

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anonomous spoon

The story was great. Gave it every aspect of a story of love, compassion, and of course, 'raping' young girls. Though doing the math, if the guy was 28 at the beginning, and the time jumps, wouldn't he be somewhere near his early 70's by the end? I mean, my math could be wrong (not my best subject in the world) but reading all the time jumps, it adds up to something along the lines of like 50 years. Anyways, I give this story a 5/5, and I'm saving it in my bookmarks. Hope you come out with more stuff like this.


an ability to freeze time and a two stage crock from a witch,lol that was a wild idea and i like it.

i havent finish read the story yet but i feel that it lack a bit deep in the first encounter with liz, give a story like it is a special occasion and some bonding with the little girl.


Very good read, I enjoyed it! Thank You


Holy crap. Best story I've ever read, that was amazing. I thought it was good in the beginning when he was just fucking them, but it developed... amazingly. Wow, just wow.


Once again, another great fantasy tale from Sterling. I've been enjoying your writing for a while now, and I love that they go beyond just sex into some really interesting stories. While your mindreader stories are probably my favorites, this one certainly turned out to be quite fun.

Can't wait to see what you dream up next!


This is the best story ever. Exciting from beginning to end. i love how from the very start, it continued to develope, and even come arround to including the original witch toward the end, and the implications that came from that. i give it a 20/10 :)


The second he agreed to have his cock 'Modified' I almost puked. It felt like a half-assed cop-out, so I skipped all the way down to the comments to see if ANYONE disagreed with me. Surprise Surpries NO comments at all, in and of itself not Completly telling but I'm willing to bet people SKIPPED this tale as well. I refused to read the rest after he accepted the Mod. If your unable/willing to FULLY commit to to these fictional actions and their fictional 'CONSEQUENCES' then stay on the safe side of fiction, and stop wasting people's time! 'I can't let you stretch out a little girls pussy with your big grown man cock.' PUHLEEEZ!


Great idea. Too 'abrupt' ending, though...


This story was amazing. I loved it. Contrary to what Anonymous said, the modification didnt both me a bit. Keep writing these great fantasy stories..i will keep reading them : )


This has to be the most fuckedup story i haveever read... cudose to you sterling! The story line changed subtley and seamlessly and was truly an exelent read. I agree with hazysin although, the mod was an interesting thought. i loved the fact that you decided not to push the girls beyond their means and injure them. this story is 100% gold


Thanks everyone! Glad you all liked it -- or most of you lol. 'Anonymous' hated it enough to write a lengthy comment. He can't say I led him on. This unusual squick (a new one to add to the list) was sprung very early. It's my top download-getter on storiesonline, and someone said it was because guys with small cocks would like it. I'd never thought of that. Reviews are moderated, so when you read a new story the chances are good that other comments are awaiting moderation.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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