Samantha AKA Sam is Shy

[ g, nc, rape, anal, 1st ]

by Speedy


Published: 22-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My name is Tom and I scout locations for a well known fast food chain. My job often involves monitoring competitors locations to get an idea of business volume, customer loyalty and so forth. And that is how one day last fall day I happened to be setting in my car counting customers and trying to estimate sales at another franchise in Nashville.

It was a cool day and I was setting back in a somewhat reclined position with my window cracked just a bit for some fresh air. I had the car shut off but the key was on because I was charging my laptop.

About that time a blue minivan pulled in next to me. The driver was a woman but i could not get a good look at her from my angle. I recorded her as a solo customer and watched for the next arrival.

She was talking to someone one her cell phone. "You should have been the yesterday, I took Samantha to the doctor for a check up."

"Yes she is ok but you know she just started having her period and it has been kind of painful for her, the doctor looked her over and wants me to call if she has trouble next time." Obviously this mom had no idea I was there as she was discussing the intimate details of her daughter's introduction to womanhood.

"Yes she is only 12 but her little breasts are just starting to develop, she is kind of scared and confused, I told her we would get her through it."

"I though she would die when the nurse asked her to remove her panties." Mom listened to the other half of the conversation for a while with an occasional yes or no.

"Well the problem is she is just about the cutest thing you ever saw but she is so backward that she won't even talk to a boy. I think Bill is glad but you know she really needs to come out of her shell a little bit. I thought this cheerleader thing would help but so far it hasn't"

"I think she misses her old friends, the old house and most of all the swimming pool, I guess a bigger house is not a replacement for a pool. Nashville doesn't have the climate for a pool like Orlando but Bill says we will see about it next year. He has some quotes."

I sat quietly listening in on two more conversations from Cindy the chatterbox before I finally got some useful information. Apparently she and her husband were leaving on a trip the next evening and Samantha who preferred to be called Sam was going to be home alone from 3:30 until about 8:30 when she was to be picked up by the mother of a friend. She would be spending the weekend with them.

I also found out the password for the alarm system, their address and the location of the spare key that was hidden outside under a flowerpot. Some people just don't know when to be quiet, but in fairness she had no idea I was there.

I even found out Sam's family codeword, it was cheergirl. Cindy was a wealth of information. It was like she was inviting me to have her daughter. That evening I drove past the house and planed how I would get in there and back out unnoticed. The back door was fairly secluded. I put together the few items I would need and prepared myself for a good time.

I managed to approach the house unnoticed from the ally and got in about 45 min before Sam was due home. I poked around and found some personal items and information that would aid me in my plan to gain control of little Sam.

Her room was very cute but I decided to greet her in the living room as this might seem less obvious at first. I took a seat in a tall upholstered chair where I would not be seen before she walked past me headed for her room.

She spent about five minutes in the kitchen getting a snack. I could hear her rinsing of dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. Points for neatness! Then she started heading my way.

"Hi Sam, how are you today?" she jumped like she had been shot.

"Who are you?" she demanded as she looked around trying to plan an escape.

"I'm sorry Sam I didn't intend to startle you, your dad said to give you the secret code, cheergirl.

"Don't you remember me Sam?" I acted like nothing was wrong. "I was at your house in Orlando, You were having a pool party for you birthday. There were a lot of people there so you probably don't remember me. I still remember the big banner your mom and dad had with your picture on it." It is amazing what you can find out looking through a few family albums. "Do you still have the puppy you got that day?"

"No, she died"

"I'm sorry I guess I did hear about that. You really do have a nice place here, its bigger than the old house but your dad says you miss the pool."

"But why are you here?" she was getting more comfortable but still seemed suspicious.

"Your mom says you are having some trouble adjusting to you new life here." She hung her head and looked down.

"Why did she tell you that?"

"Well I have a daughter a few years older than you and she had a lot of trouble being very shy and your mom is worried about you. She said you were very upset at the doctors office the other day."

Sam used both hands, to cover her face. "Oh my gosh."

"Its OK Sam don't worry I won't tell anyone, You are just a young girl and you are confused right now. Sometimes it a good idea to talk to some one you don't know. I just wish my daughter got some help before it was to late. She was so backward that, well I was just to late." I managed to work up some emotion for the occasion.

"What should I do?" she was blushing now and turned away. "I still don't understand why Mom and Dad didn't tell me you were coming."

"Well Sam my daughter was very beautiful, just like you but she was very shy. Eventually she got where she would never go outside. She had no friends, and then one day......" I stopped and looked down at the floor.

Sam was horror stricken thinking she was going to end up like my imaginary daughter.

"So what should I do?" She had fallen for my story, at least so far.

"Well Sam your mom said how upset you were at the doctors office when you had to take off your panties."

"Oh no, I'll just die if she tells anyone else about that. What will they think if they find out that the doctor saw my.........well you know."

"Sam its perfectly all right to be modest, in fact its good up to a point. But you need to be a bit less modest. If you don't ease up a bit it will be hard for you to grow up to be a real woman. And you need to learn how to relate to boys."

"But I don't know what to do."

"That is why I am here Sam."

"But how can you help me, I don't even know you?"

"That is what is good about this, since you don't know me you might be less shy, I think you are doing better already. Lets go to your room, you'll be more comfortable there."

She led the way without questioning me. She sat down on the bed and I took the chair at her desk.

"Alright, what do we talk about?" she seemed to be a bit more relaxed.

"Well Sam, its not so much about talking as it is what you need to do"

"What do I need to do, I don't understand." She was getting nervous.

"You need to start getting undressed, just take your time." She was about to panic now.

"No, no I can't do that. You can't see my, well you just can't, I can't, no."

"I need to get firm here Sam, this might be your last chance."

"Can I go in the bathroom and do it so you can't see me?" she was fidgeting with her hands and looking around the room. She really was as cute as her mom said. Not quite 5 feet tall and about 75 or 80 pounds.

"What good is that going to do Sam?"

"I just don't want to, do I have to?" She was starting to whine.

"Yes, its what your parents want, you might as well get started. Just take of your top first and take as much time as you need."

"I don't want to. I don't want to." Despite her complaints she started to slowly unbutton her top. I suspect that this is a house where rules are followed.

"After this you won't be so shy." She was sliding her top off now. She was so slender and her hips were just starting to develop. Her skin was so smooth and perfect. She sat on the edge of the bed, she brought her arm together in front to cover her self.

"I don't know why my mom didn't tell me about this." Her little training bra covered her tiny breasts. I decided to let her get used to this stage before moving on. We talked for a little while about her school and cheerleading.

OK Sam what do you want to take off next?" She looked down in horror realizing what was happening. She stood and turned her back while she very slowly lowered her skirt exposing her white panties. Her waist was so slim I could not believe it.

She just stood there with her back to me saying nothing. "Ok now turn around."

"No, I can't." she spoke in a whisper.

"Why not?" I spoke gently trying not to upset her.

"Because when I got dressed this morning I didn't see there is a big hole in my panties, I really didn't see it. So I can't turn around. If I do you'll see everything." I could tell she was crying now.

"But Sam I'm going to see everything anyway so you might as well get it over with."

"You mean all the way naked, no I can't, I didn't know you meant that!"

"It won't be so bad, let me help you." I started to reach for her shoulder.

"No, please don't, just give me a minute." She slowly lowered her panties to the floor and kicked them off but still kept her back to me.

"Take your time, this is really going to help you get over being shy." I was getting a real treat looking at her perfectly formed little ass. There was just the tiniest opening between her legs, yes she was a beauty.

She slipped off her little bra, with her left arm covered her tiny breasts and her right hand covering her little pussy she slowly turned to face me. She was a vision, her long dark hair was parted in the middle and was in loose braids at the ends. While dressed she was beautiful. Now that she was totally naked she was the most precious thing I had ever seen.

"Why would my mommy make me do this? " She looked at me and took short gasps of air, her eyes were full of tears.

"She thought that if you had an experience like this you would be less self-conscious. She knew if it was someone you see everyday it would be harder for you. That is why she asked me do help with this. Now set down on the edge of the bed."

Sam did as I asked, she had her knees crossed and was leaning forward to make her nearly flat chest less visible. With her hands she was wiping away her tears.

"Ok, Sam now lay back on the bed" she did as I asked but her legs were still clamped together. "We need to get this over with, I have plane to catch back to Orlando later this evening."

A bit more forceful now I reached out and took her knees in my hands and began to spread her legs. She crossed her arms and used them to cover her face. She was sobbing now and asking why.

Her nearly hairless pussy was spread out now. It was so beautiful. I moved closer and pushed my chair back out of the way as I dropped to my knees between her legs. I reached out and touched her.

"What, I don't want, ohhhh what are you going to do to me?" she tried to pull back.

"Stay calm Sam, I think you might enjoy this." I increased my grip on her legs. I had been with her for 30 minutes now and I was fairly sure the charade was almost up.

I folded back the soft flesh and exposed all of her pussy and I began to probe with my tongue. She tasted wonderful as my saliva began to get her little hole ready to be fucked.

"Please don't, please stop." She was trying to pull away from me.

I was massaging her clit trying to get her aroused. She continued to look away, she was sobbing now in gasps. Her back was arching as she tried again to pull away. Without letting go of her I managed to get my pants off. I lifted her and moved her farther back on the bed so I could get on top of her.

"Oh my gosh you are going to have sex with me, but I'm a virgin, I'm a good girl."

She tried to smack me as I was lining up to penetrate her.

"My mommy didn't send you here to do this, who are you and how do you know all about me?"

"That is right Sam your mommy knows nothing about this, you are being raped."

"Oh no, does that mean you kill me to, after you have sex with me?"

"No Sam I'm not going to kill you, you are far to pretty for that." I was pushing harder now. "Some day when you are older I will find you again."

"Ohhhhhh it really hurts, at least go easy, I'm to young for this. Will this make me have a baby?" she was trying to grab her pillow to cover her face. "Oh why is this happening to me, why?"

I pulled out for a moment just to look at her little pussy. There was no blood yet.

"If you suck me for a while I'll go easy on you."

"What do you mean?

I forced by dick in her mouth as she tried to protest. She gagged and turned her head from side to side. This was a waste of time.

"I'm scared to have a baby." She looked me in the eyes for the first time. "If you have to do this can you do it in my butt, so I won't have a baby?"

She rolled over and got in position. She was still crying as I grabbed the lube I had in my pocket. I used my fingers to get her ready, her little butt hole was incredibly tight. As I began to push I also reached around and played with her pussy. It was wet now as I played with her little clit. Even for my finger her pussy was tight.

"Umghhh, Umghhhh it hurts so bad." she was screaming as I pushed harder. I was determined to get all the way in her light little ass. I spread her cheeks wider to get all the way in.

"Oh, Oh please hurry, I can't stand it, please it hurts, I think it is tearing up something inside me. ..." She clinched her fists and grabbed for anything she could find to hold on to. I rubbed her shoulders as I continued to pump her ass. The sight of watching my cock disappear into her 12 year old butt was unbelievable. I raised up on my knees and pulled her up to me. I put my hands on her tiny waist and lifted her to me.

"Aghhhhhhh, don't. don't, please stop, I cant do it, no...... no....please."

Her hair was soaked now and she kept wiping sweat from her face with her little hands. Her beautiful face was red from crying and she was breathing in fast paced gasps that whistled past her lips. She looked at me with hurt and confusion on her face. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this.

I was rubbing her pussy when it happened. It was like she was an animal trying to run away. Her arms and legs were thrashing wildly.

"Umghhhh, umghhhh oh what is happening? What, what did you do to me? Why is it doing that? Aghhhhhh." Could she be having an orgasm?

Before she knew what was happening I rolled her over and with one motion I penetrated her pussy and unloaded. A mixture of blood and cum poured out, I pulled out just in time to shoot my last bit on her belly.

Her cute face was a mask of confusion, she had her first orgasm and was violated at the same time. Now that it was over shy just layed there sobbing gently. She curled up in a ball and pulled the cover over herself.

I tied her up with some cord I brought with me and put her back on the bed and covered her up.

She looked up at me as I kissed her on the forehead and disappeared into the night.

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Great build up, but it needs more sex to make this a good story.


That was really enjoyable!


nice story, please continue. She's all tied up. Maybe a plumber, or a neighbor, or a homeless man, who find the back door open, finds her. Then after all is said and done, she befriends one of the men. Good work I like your style.


Excellent story. The rapist did a great con job. How about a follow up visit to Sam? Maybe he grabs her after a game. Maybe a cheer friend too?


nice story a bit short :-(

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