Leilani, Part 1

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Published: 19-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.


Leilani. Just the sound of it has a lyrical, magical effect on me. She was the most beautiful creature I have ever known, and the most passionate and imaginative lover as well. From the day we first met to the time we had to part ways, she haunted my every waking moment. No one I had known before or since evoked the spectrum of emotions that she did, from tender expressions of affection to the most jagged primal expressions of sexual fury. Leilani was just nine years old.

Chapter 1: My Hawaiian Life

My career as a journalist has its benefits, and one of those is the ability to live where I want. When I reached my forties, I had the opportunity and the inclination to take up residence in the Hawaiian Islands. I have always enjoyed living near the ocean, especially the ability to sail my boat, soak up the rays, and hang out in the sand. As a bachelor, I also found that the steady influx of tourists provided a constant supply of attractive and willing women out for a good time with a good-time Charley like myself. Although middle-aged, I had kept myself in prime physical condition -- my six-foot frame was lean and powerful, my slightly thinning hair cut-short and flecked with gray. And as a dedicated hedonist, I was proud I had been blessed with a long, thick penis as well as unusual powers of sexual performance and recovery. I once had a lover who said I was a teenager in a man's body -- yeah, I can live with that.

I took a small house in a nice, but not stodgy section of the main island. It had two bedrooms, a nice great room perfect for my home theater system, and a decent sized in ground pool out back. The pool side area was nicely landscaped, and offered privacy for my intimate entertaining, or when I needed to write. I also had access to a nearby marina where I was able to slip my sailboat. I was in easy commuting distance of some of the local clubs and hotels where I cruised for love when the need or mood hit me.

My neighbors were middle to upper-middle class folks; some were native Hawaiians, some off-islanders like myself. They did the usual neighborly things -- keeping the house and grounds, washing their cars, and all the rest. Weekdays, the early morning air was filled with the bustle of work and school preparation, but by mid-morning things were quiet again until mid-afternoon. This afforded me time to sleep late in the morning, while writing and catching up on my Internet communications and research the rest of the day. I found I was able to produce quite a lot of material quickly, what with my talents and the wonders of modern technology, and that meant I had a better-than-average amount of free time.

And I put that time to good use. Sailing was a prime passion, as there were numerous protected water areas within driving distance that afforded relaxing, and surprisingly private, beach experiences. I also could walk to the beach to sunbathe or swim, and yet have quick access to a cool drink and a snack. If this wasn't paradise, I don't know what is. I had become friendly with some of the neighbors, and would occasionally be invited to their homes for cookouts or just to hang out and shoot the breeze. Occasionally, I would invite them over to my place for beer and burgers, and in a few cases out for a sail on my boat with their families. The men's wives would grill me about my job, and they seemed to believe that the job of a journalist was a pretty exotic way to make a living, and that seemed to catch their fancies in a way that often bordered on outright flirtation. It certainly didn't help that I was known to have a strange car parked in my driveway pretty regularly on Saturday or Sunday morning. I had enough sense to avoid such temptations in the interest of peaceful co-existence, and when I failed to follow up on their leads, they did the next best thing that women do when they are presented with an unattainable man -- they try to fix me up.

Generally, I resisted those opportunities, again for reasons of keeping peace. The last thing I needed was to have a neighbor who was indignant that I had dumped her cousin or sister or best girlfriend, as I indeed invariably would if given enough time. Occasionally I would accept a very informal introduction just to avoid being labeled a hard case or unfriendly. And that's how I first encountered Leilani.

My neighbor Josh and his wife Amy lived two doors down from me, and invited me over for a Sunday brunch and a pitcher of Bloody Marys. Naturally, I was late, having been up late fucking the brains out of a dark-eyed beauty from Florida on vacation with two girlfriends in the Islands. I used my lovable-rogue strategy to draw her in, and she was easy to convince that a midnight swim in my pool was an exceptionally fine way to cap the evening's festivities. As was the idea of sucking my cock in the pool's shallows while listening to Metallica, and in letting me fuck her doggy-style with her head low on the bed and her tight butt shoved way up in the air. I like that.

So I arrived late, and my hosts were into their second batch of Bloodies. When I arrived, I was greeted by them and introduced to Wendi. She was a tall, thin woman in her mid-thirties, and looked to be of Scandinavian descent with her fine features, impossibly fair skin and hair, and statuesque carriage. She would have been ideal for just about any guy, but I prefer dark-haired girls, and I prefer them younger. Little was I to know how much younger I would come to prefer them. We made small talk, and it turned out that she had been a flight attendant who met and married a gentleman of Hawaiian descent. They had drifted apart and divorced, he moving to the mainland while she and her 9-year old daughter stayed in the Islands. Mom was going out of her way to be agreeable, so I guess she liked me well enough. I had no real intention to hook up with her, so I was being friendly but not overly friendly.

In an instant everything changed, for that was when Leilani exploded in to my life. And an explosion it nearly was. She came bursting through the neighbor's side gate that led to a common access walkway to the beach a hundred yards away, still wet with salt water that made her string bikini swimsuit cling to her chest and hindquarters. And what a goddess she was. She was just over four feet tall, with long, thin legs, beautifully shaped, leading to a perfectly rounded little tail. Her skin was not at all like her mom's except for its absolutely blemish-free quality. Instead, she had a decidedly darker hue to her, like a Hispanic girl. Must have been from her dad, I thought. The skin almost exuded a light of its own, so dazzling was it in the midday light. She had raven hair, not as thick as most Polynesians -- it looked like Wendi's but deep black, with the shine and general health that only young girls' hair seems to possess. Her features were fine like her mother's, but with an exotic quality that again betrayed her mixed ancestry. A little button nose, high cheekbones, graceful neck, and amazingly shaped eyes. But here's the jaw dropper -- her eyes were electric blue! This was a combo that caused my heart to stop for an instant, and I felt a little spasm in my groin that I would never have expected.

Wendi introduced her to me as Leilani, and she was at first quite shy. But as her mother was being quite friendly towards me, Leilani began to open up as well. Within a short time, she was sitting across from me next to her mother in a beach chair, with a towel wrapped around her little blue bikini bottoms. I asked her about her interests, school, etc. and after a while she pulled up one leg and tucked it under her thigh. This afforded me a good look at her crotch, still wet from her beach activity. Although I had never been attracted to a child before, I am a horny bastard and just couldn't refuse a peek. Her bikini was fairly thin, and seemed to be a bit small for her -- probably one from last year. As such, it was pulled tightly against her cunt, and I could easily make out that her pussy lips were full. I also thought I could make out the slit as it strained against the flimsy material, but they may have been wishful thinking. At one point I must have held my gaze on her for longer than I thought, for when I looked up she was looking at me in a curious way and I detected the beginning of a smile. I blushed and stammered in my conversation. And then Leilani did a surprising thing -- she opened her legs a bit more and started rocking the free leg on the patio tile against the leg tucked underneath her. All the while she kept this curious gaze on me, and whenever she caught me looking at her for more than in instant, she smiled. This puzzled me.

When I left Josh and Amy's and went home, I fell into a fitful sleep. I awoke around 2:30 a.m. and found that my first thoughts were of the lovely young girl I had met the day before. And soon I found that I had a raging hardon, and I had to relieve my tension by stroking myself to orgasm, all the while thinking of Leilani's blue eyes and the treasures in her blue bikini.

Chapter 2: First Contact

A few weeks later, I chanced upon Wendi and Leilani on the beach. Both seemed genuinely pleased to see me, yet I wasn't sure who was more pleased, her mom or Leilani. I had on some surfer trunks which were very baggy, but as I had just come out of the surf, the front of the suit clung quite tightly to my well-fleshed package. Wendi was joking and making small talk, but when I glanced down at Leilani, she was obviously staring at the bulge in my pants. I felt myself starting to grow and quickly offered to get everyone a cool drink. Wendi accepted, and I started back to the house.

As I opened the refrigerator and started to ice the glasses, my view to the front door was blocked and so I was a bit startled when I closed the door only to find little Leilani standing there. "Mom wants me to make myself useful," she said. I told her to sit at the dinette while I prepared the drinks. She sat down, immediately pulling both her legs up onto the chair, and then she started to alternately open and close her legs. She had on a bright green one piece swimsuit that clung tightly to her pubes; this time, I could definitely see her little pussy slit. As I stared at her I realized that I was making a tent in my swimsuit, and by now it was sticking straight out from my body. Glancing over at Leilani, it was obvious that she was fascinated by this. I turned back to the counter and poured some orange juice into the ice-filled tumblers. Just then, I felt a little tug on the legs of my trunks, and twirled around to find Leilani standing in front of me. I practically hit her with my dick. Neither of us said a word, but in a moment her little hand started to extend toward my enclosed rod. I was frozen with a mix of abhorrence and titillation, fear and curiosity.

Leilani first kind of poked at my hardon through my suit, and then felt all around the tent I had pitched. All of a sudden, she grabbed the head of my dick and gave it a good squeeze. I jumped and she quickly pulled away, looking sad -- I think she felt she had hurt me badly. I told her it was okay, and asked her if she wanted to see what was making my pants stick out. She nodded enthusiastically. I had my eye on the front door, and felt very uneasy about this, but I quickly led her into my back guestroom, which has a writing desk and a convertible sofa. I pulled my swim shorts down and sat down on the sofa, looking at my ingenue all the while. Her eyes went wide, but I sensed more from curiosity than fear. I reached out, took her hand, and placed it directly on my stiff penis.

Her hands were very small and slender, and she explored my large tool from stem to stern. It took both her hands to handle its girth, which she did as if taking measure. She ran her fingers along the underside of my cock, which sent a shiver down my back and caused my splayed legs to twitch. Leilani noticed this, and seemed to sense that she had been the cause. She gently squeezed the bulbous head of my dick, and smiled when it swelled visibly. I told her it made me feel wonderful when she touched me, and she asked me to show her how. I reached over to the end table and found some hand lotion, which I applied to my penis and to Leilani's hands. I made her kneel between my legs and put both hands around my shaft, so that her finger tips touched the underside, and her thumbs the top. Slowly, I showed her how to work her hands up and down on my dick, and how to tighten her grip slightly as she reached the tip. I knew we had little time left before suspicion would arise, and I was excited enough to know that I was close to ejaculation. I told her to stroke me faster and faster, which she dutifully did. I told her not to stop, and that I was going to "come" -- she stroked even faster and I began to shoot globs of goo into the air, most of it landing on Leilani's hands and my crotch.

I quickly cleaned up and washed her hands carefully. I asked her if she was scared by what had happened, and she said she was at first, but not now. I asked her if she would like to come over for "play time" another day, and she nodded. I also told her that these were our secret games, and that she should tell no one, not even her mom. We carried the drinks back down to the beach. All the rest of the day I pondered how to arrange another meeting -- and one I hoped would be more secure and enduring.

Chapter 3: Homework

As luck would have it, the opportunity came sooner than I could have hoped. Around midday a fortnight later, I got a call from Wendi, who sounded a bit frantic. It seems that the air conditioning at Leilani's school had gone out, and with the tropical heat, the children were all being sent home early. Usually, Wendi would be home by the time Leilani arrived, her having taken a job that had unusually flexible hours. Josh and Amy worked 9 to 5 -- would I be a dear and watch Leilani for a few hours? Would I!?

About twenty minutes later, I heard a soft knock on the door, and it opened to reveal my little sweetie in a pink-hued sundress and sandals, her long hair neatly arranged into pigtails that reached to mid-back. This was the first time I had seen her clothed in anything other than her swimmies. She looked lovely -- a bit more womanly but still childlike. She told me she was so excited that she could see me again! I asked her if she wanted to play like before, and she answered by taking my hand and headed toward the back of the house. Instead, I locked the door and led her into my bedroom.

My room was good-sized, and had a small sitting area as well as a large bed. I asked Leilani to remove her sandals and to sit in the chair, while I sat on the edge of my bed facing her. We talked for a few minutes, and she seemed to relax. As she did, she let her legs fall open, and I was able to see a bit of her panties, but not enough to tell what color they were or what material. When she saw the direction of my gaze, she giggled and lifted up the hem of her dress, folding it neatly over itself so that it gave me a clear view to mid-abdomen. She was wearing little girl panties -- white cotton bikinis with a pink rose pattern that matched her dress. I studied her judiciously, marveling at how well formed her legs were. I asked her to pull her panties up a bit, which pulled the cotton fabric into her pussy slit and gave me a wonderful view. I was hard in an instant.

"You saw me the other day -- now it's my turn," I said. My little doll jumped up, straightened her dress, and stood before me with her eyes glued on mine, and her head slightly tilted in anticipation of the next step. That next step came when I pulled her closer to me, and lifted her dress straight over her head, being careful not to pinch her pigtails in the process. All that stood between me and heaven was her little panties which looked so cute. I traced an outline of her cunt through her panties, finishing by running my finger down her slit slowly from top to bottom. They had to go. I pinched the elastic of her panties and started to pull them down from the sides, slowly, savoring the moment. Bit by bit, ever more of her belly below her navel was revealed until I could see the top of her crack just above the folds of her panties. Quickly, I pulled them down over her flawless thighs and knees until they lay in a bundle at her feet, and she stepped out of them. My mind started to spin as I finally had all her charms revealed to me. She was the picture of pre-adolescent female beauty. That beautiful skin and the darling tan lines left by her skimpy swimsuits. Her proportions were ideal: delicate shoulders in perfect posture, not a hint of breast, but lovely pink nipples that looked like bee-stings, and a belly button shaped like an almond. But I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw her tiny pussy. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The outer lips were full and symmetrical, the inner labia hidden from view. The lips practically touched each other, as if they had just been created, with none of the ragged look of a seasoned woman. The slit had a light pink color. She had none of the baby fat of a little girl, but neither had her hips started their migration to womanhood.

I had to taste her. I lifted her up and placed her feet on my thighs, holding her arms so she could balance. This put her cunt in line with my mouth, which I used to rain little kisses on her pussy lips. She started breathing more quickly, and I began running my tongue along her slit, which smelled fresh as a daisy. Pulling my knees apart, I was able to open her to me, and at the same time I placed my mouth completely over her tiny 9-year old vulva. She hissed with pleasure as my mouth started working all around, and I detected that her vagina was moistening -- that encouraged me, so I lifted her off my lap, laid her on the bed, bent her legs back, and gently opened her labia with my fingers as I continued to eat her. Leilani started to writhe and used her legs to push her pussy up against my mouth and fingers. There was no question now that this little girl was sexually aroused -- and enjoying her feelings. As I continued to mouth her clitoris with my tongue and lips, I took my index finger and worked her vagina. She was so tight I could only work it in about one-quarter inch, feeling her hymen. My tiny love goddess was indeed a virgin! I reveled in the scent of her, which was lightly spicy without the more determined musk of a mature female. It reminded me of Asian sweet and sour sauce. Tasty.

Leilani's body shook as the first wave of her orgasm hit her -- she cried loudly in joy, and pulled my head away from her cunt as if the feelings were just too intense. I rubbed her pussy with the heel of my hand and that seemed to be more to her liking, as she climaxed several more times. For several minutes, she lay in my arms breathing deeply, and we kissed -- gently at first, then with increasing ardor. Leilani sat up, and started to undress me, saying she wanted to make me feel as good as I had made her feel. Was it possible, she wondered? I was naked to the waist in an instant, and led her over to my sitting couch where I plopped down with her in between my knees. She loosened my belt with a little help, pulled off my shorts, and grabbed my penis through my underwear. She put her tiny fingers in the waistband and tugged them down, where they caught on the huge boner I had raging there. Laughing, she untangled my drawers, and pulled them clean off. My tiny partner started to feel my penis and began to jack me off as I had taught her earlier. But I had something else in mind.

"Do to me as I did to you," was all I said.

She seemed to ponder this for a moment, and then flushed red with the realization of its meaning. "But how can I?"

With that, I pulled her closer to me, and placed her left hand at the base of my 7" prick to steady it. I positioned her right hand so that her thumb and index finger formed a half-ring about an inch down from the tip of my cock. Ever so gently, I grasped the back of her neck and pulled her closer until my dick was right in front of her well-formed lips. Leilani needed no more encouragement. She placed a kiss on the glans, and started to tongue it, flicking her tongue like a snake. I shuddered a bit, which emboldened her, and she opened her mouth wide and placed the knob of my dick into her wet, warm little mouth. It was sublime. I have had better blowjobs, of course, from experienced women, but there was an intensity here that more than compensated. And what a picture. This gorgeous little girl, in pigtails, kneeling between my legs while my cock worked in and out of her mouth. She could take about half of it, and I showed her how to let her saliva run over the head and shaft to lube it, and also how to work her hands to 'fuck' me. She instinctually rolled her lips over her teeth and worked her tongue over the underside of my cock as it disappeared into her moistness. Occasionally, Leilani looked up at me as if to check her progress, and the sight of her mouth on my cock while her eerily beautiful eyes met mine was too much to bear. Overcome by lust, I grabbed her pigtails and drew her mouth down hard on my penis as I spurted into her mouth and throat. She gagged a bit at first, but being the natural sex partner that she was, quickly deduced that swallowing was her best strategy. And so she did, transporting me to even higher ecstasy. I let my cock wallow in her mouth a few moments as it shrunk, and then withdrew.

We showered together for the first time, had some ice cream, and then it was time for her to go. I walked her home and waited until Wendi arrived, who thanked me profusely for babysitting her little girl, and even gave me a peck on the cheek as I was leaving. How ironic.

Chapter 4: Oral Elegance

It occurred to me that Leilani could benefit from some instructions in oral pleasuring, which would further allow me to express my personal preferences. Besides, oral sex was a particularly safe practice for us. It could be done with no preparation, little clean up, and terminated in an instant if the need arose. Like most men I was quite content to be sucked to orgasm, and it made our rather infrequent couplings all the more delicious and special. I certainly didn't want my lolita to tire of me.

One Saturday morning, Wendi had allowed Leilani to bring her video game over to my place to make use of my home theater system with advanced video and audio capabilities. Leilani had pestered her all week to get approval, and for the first half hour I let her play while I sat in my leather chair reading, occasionally looking up to see what my little pet was about. She was wearing a tube top and tight shorts, which displayed her long, bronzed legs and her cute little tail, which wiggled as she worked the controls of the game board in her lap. Tiring of this position, she untangled her legs and lay on her tummy, supporting her weight on her elbows. As she moved around, I could see that the leg of her shorts had stretched open a bit, allowing me an occasional peek at her panties. My cock started to stir in his cotton coffin, and when I looked up again I could see that she had pulled one knee up just behind her elbow, which further pulled her pant leg apart and accented the roundness of her pert ass. I could definitely see her panties now, which were white with black vertical stripes. She looked over her shoulder provocatively, noticing that I was looking at her legs and panties. As mornings have always been my horniest time, I knew I needed a blowjob, and I needed it now.

I summoned Leilani to me, and she reluctantly broke off her intergalactic warfare and stood between my knees as I stroked her cheek and ran my finger over her lips and caressed her tongue. She playfully bit my finger as I caressed her bottom through her shorts, and then unsnapped them and pulled the zipper down. I could see the expanse of her zebra-like panties just down to the tiny mound of her pubes, and I removed her shorts to get a better look.

I pressed down on her hips and she kneeled down and forward, pulling at the waistband of my jogging shorts. By now, she was an expert at freeing me, and my shorts soon lay around my ankles, my penis straining upward and throbbing in anticipation of her ministrations. She grasped my root with her thumb and forefinger, and I moved her free fingers to lightly tickle my balls. She licked the palm of her right hand and rubbed her saliva over the head of my cock, squeezing me perfectly until the knob was tinted red and shiny. I could feel my balls churning and my thighs tingled and thrust upward as she bent down and took me in her mouth, clamping her lips over the end as she sucked gently. After a few moments, I withdrew and made her run her tongue all over the head of my prick, and lick the entire underside from root to tip. Although I wanted to grab her head and fuck her mouth, I was determined to continue her tutoring and extend my pleasure.

I stood up as she kneeled before me, my cock never straying from the clasp of her oral cavity. I moved her left hand to cup my heavy balls while she began to work me with the right as I started to sway forward and back, working my dick in and out of her mouth. I told her to glance up at me occasionally, and each time she did I felt a new wave of passion well up as those big blue eyes locked onto mine. Sensing my thrill, she started to moan herself, and moved her left hand between her thighs, rubbing and kneading her pussy through the moist cotton.

By now she had grasped the intent of my training, and teased me by pulling me out of her while she firmly swirled her hand around my wet knob, and ran her two little lips along the underside of my cock as she held it perpendicular to the floor. My orgasm came suddenly, and the first jism jolt shot straight into Leilani's face, surprising us both by its force and volume. I came in torrents as Leilani frantically worked my cock with both hands, alternately twisting the movement of each hand to milk me. My come covered her face from forehead to chin, with rivulets of semen dripping off her nose and chin and onto the tiled floor. I knew she could never "throat" me, but my pleasure had been abounding, and I cared little. We both started to laugh as the sexual tension eased, and I toweled off her face and hands with my shorts.

In a flash we reversed our positions, and she lay back in my Eames chair, lifting her slim hips as her panties were removed. I found her pussy was quite wet, the slit red and slick with her passion. I licked her and thought that she tasted like papaya, sweet at the start but with complex under-flavors. I used every oral skill I had accumulated in my forty-odd years, determined to win her by giving as good as I got. I cupped the globes of her butt in each hand, lifting her cunt to my mouth and darting my tongue into her hive. Teasing her as she had teased me, I would stop and look up at her as she strained her aching pussy toward me, and then lick her slit from bottom to top as I continued my work. I finished her by using my hand to finger her gently while I licked and sucked her tiny cunt, and her orgasm matched my own in intensity, but eclipsed me in duration. Oh, to be a female!

Chapter 5: Voyage Of Discovery

I had given the matter a lot of thought, and had decided that I would try to have sex with Leilani when I could arrange the logistics. She had displayed no fear or anxiety in our previous love sessions, and had kept our relationship secret. Since she had shown a natural proclivity for sexual activity, I convinced myself that she had not, and would not, suffer harm at my hands. I would never force her to do anything that disturbed her or caused her enduring pain. I did some research in the medical library at the University of Honolulu, and was satisfied that a girl of her age could accommodate a large penis if properly lubricated and inserted gently. We all know of rape cases where children younger than Leilani have suffered no lasting physical harm from their ordeal, and I had blood tests that proved I was free of all sexually transmitted disease.

I needed to transport her to a private area that could also frame the beauty of our lovemaking. I decided to initiate a sail to one of the secluded, quiet lagoons within a few hours sail, and asked Wendi if she and Leilani would like to join me. Wendi leapt at the chance, and asked when. Saturday a week. Oh no, I have to work that Saturday. As if I didn't know. Leilani will be so disappointed --she says you treat her wonderfully. Well, I could use a hand with the sails -- would it be ok to have her ship out with me for a few hours and have a picnic? Well, I guess that would be okay if she is willing -- as if she wasn't.

Saturday arrived; I had been preparing for our trip for days. I bought a nice soft blanket and some large towels, plenty of food and drink, and one other item: a bottle of AstroGlide "personal lubricant".

I picked up Leilani early in the morning -- she was still rubbing the sleep from her eyes, but picked up when she saw me. She was wearing a black bikini of a shiny material that looked like silk, which made my heart leap. Over this she had worn a tee-shirt and a sarong-style overskirt, which was bright orange but thin enough to let me see her bikini bottoms. She looked very sophisticated for a little kid, and sexy as all hell. I couldn't wait to get her alone.

We sailed through fairly calm seas to the place that I had staked out - it had a lovely secluded beach, a waterfall nearby, and all sorts of private areas. Leilani and I played in the lagoon, frolicking like dolphins. Her body looked so beautiful when it was wet, and her dark hair looked radiant in the reflected sunlight. Several times I tried to finger her cunt, but she pulled away and splashed me; once, she had wrapped her legs around my waist, and looking at her bikini clad pussy caused me to swell, and I tried to rub her pussy with my dick through our swimsuits. Again, she laughed and pulled away. I was starting to worry that she was not in the mood. I shouldn't have --this girl was always in the mood, but like all women large and small, the time had to be right.

We took our umbrella, picnic basket, and cooler and found a lovely spot under some large palms in a small clearing. I spread out the blanket, and strategically placed the towels as well. We ate our fill, and shared some cool drinks. I had a beer and offered Leilani one, which she refused. She accepted a wine cooler, and drank it rather quickly, followed by another. We decided to take a nap, and she curled up in my arms under the umbrella.

I awoke to the unmistakable feel of a mouth sucking my dick, and found Leilani kneeling over me, dedicated to the task. Somehow, she had managed to pull my shorts down far enough to gain access. She had taken off her little top, but still had on the shiny black bikini bottoms. I was alert in a flash, and reveling in the sweet sensations her little mouth was giving me. She was a much better little cocksucker this time, having mastered what I showed her in our previous encounters, while adding a few new twists of her own. This included twisting her head as her mouth worked up to the tip of my dick, which allowed her tongue and lips to swirl around my glans, eliciting great pleasure. I also loved the feel of her long, black hair against my balls and stomach as she worked her head in a pumping motion. As I started to come, she pulled her mouth off me and grabbed my dick with both hands, angling her head so my sperm landed on her face and tiny chest. She smeared my come over her face and licked her lips, rolling her eyes back. She was the picture of a sexual animal.

I told her I wanted to fuck her. That I had never had sex with a child but wanted to have sex with her. That I cared for her more than she could imagine. All true.

She was apprehensive, that was obvious. Still, she pulled off the rest of her bikini and sat on her haunches, facing me as I sat spraddled, still recovering from her blowjob. She looked down at her tiny, hairless pussy, then at my adult penis. It was as if she were doing the math -- one into one equals pain. Then she looked at me and gave her shoulders a shrug as if to say why not? I promised her I would go slowly. And I dropped my shorts into the sand.

I lifted her up, and kissed her tenderly, over and over, each kiss a bit longer than the last. I felt her relax against me, and her little arms wrapped around my neck; her lips nuzzled my ear. I felt her warm sweet breath whisper, "I am yours -- please put it in me."

I placed her on one of the towels on the blanket, and kissed her passionately, nibbling on her flat breasts until the nipples hardened. The taste of the salt on her body acted as a seasoning for my passion, and I began to rub her pussy. Leilani began to moan and writhe under my touch. I looked at her. Her hair flowed over the blanket, her chest was heaving with sexual energy, and her pussy seemed to call to me. The time seemed right. I reached into my kit and found the AstroGlide, explaining to Leilani that I would never hurt her and that this would make it easier for us to have sex. I dribbled the lube down her slit, carefully working it into the entrance to her vagina by lifting her hips so that the slippery stuff ran naturally into her notch. Then, I applied it liberally to my cock, which was so hard that it practically pointed to my chin.

I pulled Leilani's legs up and kneeled between them. I placed the tip of my penis against her pussy lips, and began to run it gingerly up and down the slit, letting Leilani get used to the feel of a cock against her private parts. This clearly excited her as she used her pussy to nip at my dick as I worked it around. I applied more lube to her pussy and the head of my penis. Placing the head of my prick against her cunt, I pressed forward until I knew I was positioned at the mouth of her vagina. I thrust forward and watched the head of my dick separate the little girl's pussy lips. Rotating my hips and buttocks, I pressed on. Leilani gripped the towel with her hands, and turned her head sideways -- I could see her biting her lip a bit, so I knew this was not going to be easy. The tip flattened to adjust to her tiny hole, but I was unable to work myself into her. The pressure on my organ was incredible. I realized at the same time that I was against her maidenhead. I applied some more lubricant and asked Leilani if she was ok just as a small tear appeared in the corner of her eye. She hoarsely cried "Do it!"

I leaned forward and steadied myself on one arm while I gripped the base of my penis and prepared for the final assault. With an unyielding shove, I felt her hymen break and my long, hard cock penetrate her. Looking down, I saw that the head of my penis was in her cunt, her tiny pussy lips fully distended. Leilani squealed and I started to withdraw, but she sat up a bit and prevented me by grabbing my ass with one hand while resting on the other. Her eyes widened when she saw that the head of my penis was lodged in her cunt. With that she put both hands behind me and pulled me forward while jutting her hips toward me. My dick was granite-hard as I penetrated her halfway, pressing ever forward. In a moment I was buried in her, and could feel that I had distended her as far as possible.

Neither of us moved -- I think we were both surprised that we had been able to hook up. I could feel the vise-like grip of her girl cunt around my purple warrior and felt as though her vagina had been molded around me. The head of my prick was bumping up against her cervix and it felt like a small ring. Looking down, I could see that I was buried to the hilt in her hairless cunt, and I could feel my penis throbbing in the paradise of her vagina. I swore I could see the outline of my dick on the skin of her belly. Mad with lust, I pulled out halfway, then plunged back in, rocking my little love child. She grunted and began to thrash as I started to fuck her in earnest. The lubricant had mixed with her natural secretions and allowed me to move with greater ease, and confidence that she was not being harmed. I now was holding myself up with my arms, and pumping hard and fast at her cunt. Leilani had her legs bent back nearly to her ears to allow me maximum penetration, and her little arms and hands were clasped behind my neck.

On a hunch, I bottomed my dick in her and rolled onto my back, taking care to ensure that my shaft stayed in her tiny pussy. Now it was Leilani's turn to drive. She rubbed her little titties as she used her thighs to rise up on my engorged penis, and then lower herself down. She rose and fell like a carousel horse. Confident that all was well, she removed my dick for an instant and sat on her haunches, carefully positioning my dick as it slid back even deeper into her tightness. I was loving this and relaxing a bit, and enjoying the splendor of watching this tiny girl rise and fall of her own will on my rock-hard penis. My shaft was shiny with her glycerin-like pussy juice, and her mouth was open as she panted like a rutting puppy. As her passion grew, I felt her pussy clasp me even tighter, and she shook violently as she came over and over and over again. By now, I was too far gone to think about holding out, and grasping her hips, I pulled her down until my root was balls deep, shooting a geyser of sperm into her.

We stayed like this for several minutes, both transfixed by the wonder of it all, and the beauty of the surroundings. My cock hardly shrank at all, aided by the tautness of her young cunt and the occasional twitches I felt in the walls of her vagina. At last, I gently lifted her off me, relishing the coating she left on my prick, and the drops of sperm that were falling out of her sopping pussy. There was just a hint of pink on the towel I had brought for her deflowering. Leilani saw it and quickly checked her bald cunt for blood, but there was none -- just the steady flow of our love juices as they ran out her cunt lips and covered her thighs and rear end. Using the other towel, I lovingly cleaned up the dear little one, and myself. We went for a swim, but the salt water stung us both, so we dressed and sailed back to the marina. As I watched Leilani walk home, I wondered if things would be the same between us, or had this been the culmination of our forbidden love? I slept soundly, dreaming of Leilani.

Chapter 6: Tanning Oil

The next Saturday morning, her mom asked me to let Leilani use the pool while Wendi had her hair done. She was having a perm, and needed just a few hours. Leilani would help me straighten up the house. Luckily, I had a maid for that.

Leilani arrived in the morning, and we went out back to the pool. The pool was completely secluded, as I often swam nude or had liaisons with women in what I affectionately referred to as The Blue Lagoon. I had some very nice chaise lounges and beach chairs, so the set up was pretty solid. She was wearing a tiny yellow string bikini and one of those silly little bra tops that little girls in the USA wear, but you seldom see in other parts of the world. We went swimming and petted a little, but basically just enjoyed each other's company and the bright, clear day.

We took a break and sat in opposing beach chairs, She looked at me and I looked at her. She stared at my crotch and I at hers. On a whim, I reached into my swimsuit and started stroking my dick. She started to come over to me, but my head shook her off. The kid's a quick learner, as I have already mentioned. She leaned back in her chair and stretched her legs out, while spreading them so I could see a patch of yellow. Slipping her hands inside her bikini bottoms, she fingered her slit and rubbed her titties with her eyes closed. I could see the fabric of her swimsuit moving as if a small animal were building a nest. Soon, we were both excited and laughing, and I at last allowed her to join me in my chair. We kissed and petted some more, and I fingered her a little bit, but not enough to move us into a fuck situation.

While we were laughing and cuddling in the beach chair, Leilani asked me to put some tanning oil on her shoulders and back. This was the clear, oily type of sun tan oil, and smelled strongly of coconut and exotic tropic plant extracts. I agreed, and she turned her back to me while straddling my legs. I applied a generous amount of oil to her shoulders and back, and some of it dribbled down into the bottoms of her yellow bikini. The combination of her superbly toned body, deep tan, and the oil glistening in the morning sun caused stirrings in my loins, and a deep passion began to well up in me. As I kneaded the oil into her flesh, she began to squirm and work her pussy against my crotch. Immediately, my thick, long dick started to push against the thin nylon fabric of my swim trunks. More and more of the oil found its way onto my hands, her thighs, and my lap. I raised her up a bit and eased my swimsuit down past my knees to my ankles, giving my engorged penis freedom from its nylon captivity. The tropical breezes and bright sunlight felt icy-hot on my hardness. Leilani gave a little gasp of excitement, raised herself on the chair, still with her back to me, while I slid down her tiny bikini bottoms. With amazing speed and balance she lifted one foot, then the other, and stepped out of her bikini, twirling the impossibly small garment and tossing it where it landed on a nearby Ti plant. The cheeks of her backside caused me to draw in a short breath, as the contrast of her tan lines against her perfectly smooth tanned skin looked incredibly sexy.

Well, she must have gotten overly lost in the moment and let down her guard, for the next thing I knew her feet had slipped off the chair and she was falling straight down toward my exposed dick! I managed to grab her waist as she descended, keeping us both from harm, but my grasp started to slip from all the oil covering my hands and her torso. She slipped down and slightly backward, still with her back to me. By luck, this caused her pussy to rest square against my erection. The fall startled us both, and for a moment she froze, and my penis lost some of its dimension. That changed as Leilani clasped her thighs together, locking me in the warm folds of her pussy lips and butter-soft leg skin, accented by the abundant oil. She began to rock gently, as if exploring this new feeling. I began to stroke her little belly, thighs and hips, locking my own so as not to spook her, and letting her control the motions. We rocked like this for several minutes, soaking in the pleasures of the sun, the wind, and our heated bodies.

Just then, Leilani arched a bit and I found my dick right against the notch of her cunt. This was a new position for us and for a moment she paused, as if thinking, and then she ever so slightly moved down and back, perfectly aligning her vagina with the position of my penis. She moved back against me in a deliberate shove, having positioned her slender arms on those of the chair, giving her excellent leverage to move in any direction -- up, down, sideways, forward. Now we began to work together. I positioned my hands on her hips while arching my loins upward; she continued to push back against me. Wild with lust, my penis seemed to be of steel, and I continued my insistent pressure. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began to pry apart her cunt, and enter the juicy area within.

Nothing could have detracted me from my mission now. Pulling back on Leilani's hips, I pressed forward until all at once my dick slid deeper into her. The head was entirely taken, and half the shaft. I could feel little muscle ripples fluttering around my thick cock. In a moment, I began to push forward again, and bit by bit, inch by inch, my manhood penetrated her until her buns met the hairs at the base of my shaft. I asked how she was doing and she responded by looking back at me with those amazing blue eyes, filled with animal desire. The sight of my mighty warrior completely buried in that tiny girl's pussy was simply too thrilling to describe.

Now the work began. Leilani started to raise herself up, and I guided her by continuing to hold one hip with my left hand, while caressing her thigh with the other. This allowed her to set the pace and rhythm, while I made damn sure she didn't slip off my manhood. My cock slid out of the sheath of her pussy on the upstroke, and then back into its exquisitely tight clasp on the downstroke. I was delirious with the sensations I was experiencing, while Leilani began to coo passionately each time my dick bottomed in her. Her long, black hair rocked with our motions, and the angle of insertion created new sensations for us both. Both of us sensed we were near the edge. As I began to feel my legs go taut as the wave of ejaculation began, Leilani sped up her pace, my dick pummeling her tiny cunt as if to split her in two. I wrapped my hands around her hips and worked her. My first shot of come came as a jolt, and Leilani and I both screamed in ecstasy as my hot lava flooded her tunnel. Wave after wave, tremor after tremor -- I seemed to be coming in buckets as if our intense desires had tapped into a hidden reservoir.

After a few minutes we regained our senses, and I gently lifted Leilani off my still sizable penis. She now stood before me, but I was a bit anxious to look up at her. Had I done anything that might have jeopardized my relationship with my Hawaiian goddess? Would she still feel the same for me now as she had just minutes earlier? Just then, I felt my princess' tiny fingers on my chin, and she lifted my head to reveal her beaming, radiant face flushed with desire, and marked with an ear to ear grin. The sun and wind filtered through her hair, creating a tapestry of sights and sounds -- beads of sweat mixed with the tanning oil and the pearl drops of semen that dripped from her little girl pussy. I doubt if I ever felt more a natural man, before or since, and oblivious of the rightness or wrongness. She bent over and kissed me gently on the lips, took my hand, and we went indoors and took a long soapy shower. Afterwards, she fetched her bikini from the poolside, stepped into it, pulled it up to cover the area I had only recently plundered, and skipped home humming to herself.

Chapter 7: Random Couplings

I have often wondered how this love child came to be. That she had a strong libido was without question, and it seemed to defy conventional wisdom. But I wondered whether that wisdom existed partly to discourage sexual relations between adults and children. No doubt, that is for the greater good. But creatures like Leilani should have the right to pursue their happiness as well. Nothing in her history suggested that she had been exploited before, or had incestual contact of any kind. It just seemed to be her time to bloom in a sexual sense, and I was merely the catalyst. I do know for a fact that she later had an active and fulfilling adult sex life, but that's another story for another time. Back to the sex.

Now that she had tasted grownup lovemaking, it was all I could do to keep her at bay and avoid the suspicion of her mom and the neighbors. Just days after our second intercourse, she stopped by my place on her way home from school. Apparently, she had been fantasizing about sex all day at school, and had been masturbating by squeezing her thighs together all afternoon. On the bus home, she had been rubbing herself through her jeans. How could I refuse her? I quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down, taking her pink panties with them. Pressed for time and quite aroused, I left her pants and panties bunched around her sneakers, and moved towards the sofa. Feeling between her legs, I found her to be sopping wet with drops of pussy juice -- she was ready to roll. I undid my own jeans and exposed my hardness as she climbed into my lap. I lifted her up and she positioned my cock at her little crack, and started hunkering down on it. Entry was much easier this time, but still delightfully tight. Leilani looked real sexy in her T-shirt and bunched up panties and jeans, and I watched in awe as the little girl rode quickly up and down, as if afraid that we would not have enough time to finish. She was already half gone and we both came within seconds of one another -- her first quickie!

Before she left, I advised her to let me know when she wanted sex by leaving the flag on my mailbox up before she caught the bus. I also suggested that she wear dresses or skirts when she visited, as that allowed easier access and faster recovery in case we were surprised by an intruder to our sex parties. I started keeping track of her styles and types of panties, as I did not want any excretions to arouse concern in her mom. When we had catalogued them, I went to a department store on the other side of the island and bought exact matches, laundering them first so that they appeared broken in. Am I thorough or what?

Things progressed along the same lines -- if it is possible to categorize a relationship such as ours in mundane terms -- she would pop in now and then for quick escapades. Sometimes she would let me eat her, then suck me off, swallowing every drop. Sometimes we fucked. What's amazing is that we both accepted all this as a normal part of our lives. She continued to do well in school, ride her bike, and do all the things little girls do. I had become an important, but not essential, part of her day to day routine. In that, she struck me as being paradoxically adult while still being a child.

I recall some particularly hot sessions. One time, she "flagged" the mailbox and appeared around 2 PM, her usual time. I was in a robe, which allowed me to be ready in an instant for her. She had her hair piled up in a sophisticated hairdo, and was wearing a short denim skirt. By now, I could gauge her state of excitement very easily, and today knew that she was a vixen in heat. I just marched her over to my big leather reading chair, and laid her tiny figure over one of the well padded arms. I flipped up her skirt, and found that she had on baby blue bikini panties -- a rather grown up pair compared to her little cotton jobs, and moist with love dew. That was all I needed. I just yanked down the panties, placed myself between her oozing sex, and slid it in. Her pussy was unusually hot, and I pumped her with long strokes, pulling my dick out so that only her tight labia seemed to retain it, then plunging back into her vagina. She bucked like a rutting horse, pushing her little ass up to meet, even match, my thrustings, as her vagina sheathed my weapon. I fell onto her back, savoring the tightness of her cunt and the feel of her little rump rubbing against my chest, and the sound and feel of my balls as they slapped against her thighs and pussy. As my orgasm overcame me, I wedged myself deep into her slot and ground my hips against her. Very hot.

Another time Leilani surprised me by initiating role playing -- again her sexual imagination was mystifying. She had told her mom that she was going to a birthday party, and her mom went all out to dress her up. A pretty yellow dress with a cinched waist and sash, little patent leather shoes, and anklet socks with lace top. Her hair had been curled and tied with yellow ribbons. Even her panties were satin with lacy edgings. I decided to seduce her -- which was exactly what she wanted as well. She wanted to recapture the excitement of our first contact, and acted very naive as I played the role of seducer. When I started to finger her through her panties, she pretended to pull my hand away, and it took several attempts until she let me pull down her lacy little panties and finger her seriously. Playing the role to the hilt, she did not suck me or allow me to fuck her, but initiated a lovely hand job using baby oil. She teased me by bringing me to the brink and then down several times, and by the time she gave me release I was so rampant that my come shot onto her face and hair, and we spent some time cleaning up afterward to hide the crime.

Another fantasy we enacted was mine alone. I had been harboring the idea of making her into a child-woman by dressing her in some exotic attire. With her tiny waist and thin legs, this required that I import some specialty lingerie from Europe, where many little girls still eschew pantyhose. I was able to acquire a tiny push up bra in red and black satin, with a matching garter belt and panties. Black fishnet hose so small that they looked like my socks! Black satin gloves that reached the middle of her upper arms, and a neck choker made out of the same black satin as the rest. To top it off, a silk half robe and a blonde wig! Leilani just loved the idea, saying it would make her feel grown up to wear undies similar to the ones she had found in mom's dresser. I had fully expected to have to dress her, but apparently her mom was pretty open about this sort of thing, and had shown her how it all hooked together while preparing for a big night out. So she went into the bedroom and I listened to all the rustlings as she pieced together her ensemble.

When she appeared, time seemed to stand still. She looked amazing --the perfect little girl whore! I was on her in a minute, and part of the act was for me to be more forceful with her. I stood before her, opened my robe, and let it drop to the floor. I ordered her to kneel and suck my dick. She dropped her robe as well, and knelt before me. She had to slightly pull down my dick to get it into her mouth, while it gave me a luscious view of her small mouth engulfing the head of my prick, and then working it in and out of her lips as she stroked my meat with her petite hands clothed in the satin gloves. The wig and the push up bra made her look more the tart, and before long I came in her mouth. I was hard again in an instant, and ordered her to strip for me. She was a bit awkward at first, but got the hang of it when I told her to move like Britney Spears. Off came the little bra, and she turned her back to me and wiggled out of the satin panties, letting them catch on her knees, and then slowly bending down to remove them.

The sight of her pussy and her long thin legs encased in the mesh stockings drove me to action. I sat in my Eames chair, feeling the cool leather against my ass and balls, and had her suck me to a major erection. I needed to fuck her like the little whore she was, so I moved off the chair and leaned her over the matching leather ottoman. This positioned her pussy perfectly. I licked her cunt, while penetrating her pussy with my fingers. She wiggled like jello and started moaning. Pulling her ass up in the air so she formed an inverted V with the floor and ottoman, I placed my straddled legs outside hers, and angled my penis downward toward her ass. I started to rub it against her ass, but this was something new to her and she spooked a bit -- she probably wasn't interested in that.

But I was more than content to take my big dick and slot it into her upraised pussy from behind. Which I did, snaking it in with one continuous insistent stroke. The sight of my cock splitting her pussy while it was framed by the garter belt and stockings was very erotic. I ran my fingers and hands around the garter belt, finding that my big hands could completely encircle her waist without difficulty. Moving my legs back between hers, I decided I wanted to fuck her balls deep. She dropped down so that her chest was on the ottoman, and I kneeled behind her, my prick in her all the while. Holding the satin garter belt that cinched her waist in both hands, I worked her forward and back against my dick, watching as my root hairs met her ass cheeks with every long stroke. Her little back arched upward with passion, and the short blonde wig spun as she abandoned herself to the frenzy. As I came, I grabbed the neck choker and pulled her back as if she were a mare being serviced, and changed my strokes to rapid fire until my sperm spanked against her womb.


By now Leilani was nearly 11, and the unmistakable signs of adolescence began to slowly emerge. First, I detected a dawning down just at the top of her pussy lips. Her little nipples began to enlarge as her breasts began to flesh. And there were beginnings of hips adding to the lovely transition between her waist and thighs. I found her more enthralling than ever, but began to detect changes in her attitudes towards me. Our sex remained wonderful, and yet I sensed a bit of detachment as if she were fulfilling her needs, and no one else's. And she suddenly developed a certain modesty --crossing her legs when she sat, wrapping a towel around her and leaving it there far longer than it was truly needed. She was drifting away from me, and we both knew it. Neither one could bring himself to elevate the matter to the point of conversation, so it just lay between us. Our love affair died not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Oh, I continued to see her on the beach, but often as not in the company of other girls her age, and increasingly, with boys her age. By now, she was a beauty for all the world to see. My little Leilani was on her journey to young womanhood, and if that road went past my beach house, it was mere coincidence, with no more significance than the afternoon westerly winds.

For more than a year, Leilani was my passion, my delight, and my obsession. Without her hours became as days, and days interminable voids. I began to fall back into my old routines: sailing, writing, and cruising the nightclubs for new conquests. I found it surprisingly easy to transition back to seducing grown women -- I guess I am not a pedophile at heart. No new nymphets caught my eye, and I doubt I would have pursued them anyway. I came to realize that Leilani had been a special gift, like one of the abundant island flowers, radiant almost beyond the mind's ability to accept. But like all beauty -- it was fleeting.

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Great story! Thanks


Oh ............ oh! Is this perhaps the best told tale on this site? Apart from the rather vain bit of self promotion at the beginning this story is as near to perfection as any I've read. Beautifully done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved it, so did my groin :)


Wow. Well done. One of the best.

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