Daddy's Little Woman

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Published: 15-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Her house was finally quiet.

All of those friends and relatives, most of who she had never even met before, and hoped she never would again, were finally gone. She quietly slipped out of her pink and sky blue painted room and down the stairs. In the kitchen she walked right over to the butcher-block table her chef mother had used to prepare their meals on. It had been one of her mothers prize possessions, handed down through four generations of chefs in her family.

But it was now desecrated with those smelly bottles, most still partially full of that liquid, booze, her mother would have none of in her house. It would be one of her jobs, to deal with them, as she was now the "woman of the house". For had not her mother told her the house, her extensive fortune and all her belongings would be legally hers, when she was gone. One by one she carried them over to the sink upended them and let the foul liquid run down the drain and out of her house.

With one of her, new "Woman of the House." tasks done.

"On to the next." She told her self as she climbed the stairs and walked past all the now empty rooms to her parents at the far end.

She quietly opened the door and walked across the large room to gaze at the big four poster bed. On it lay her grieving father, still fully dressed and finally sound asleep after looking so very sad all day. Quietly sliding out the bottom drawer of her mom's dressing table, she selected on of those metal pairs of bracelets connected by a short chain, slipping the ring holding the key onto one finger like a wedding ring.

She had once accidentally seen through a crack in their bedroom closet door, where she had been looking for her birthday presents, her mother wear them on her wrists behind her back, when she had lost a bet with her husband. And how she had paid him in full.

The little preteen slipped and fastened one metal bracelet around her left wrist and then walked over to the side of the bed. Then slipped off her virgin white cotton T-shirt, emblazoned with her favorite cartoon character. And in doing so, left her childhood behind. All before climbing onto the bed right beside her father. She then slowly unzipped his pants; reaching in and bringing out the part of him that made him a male, held it in her two small hands.

Moved both hands behind her back, as she had seen her mother. Her left hand fastening her right wrist into the other metal wrist bracelet. She then bent forward and opening her mouth as wide as she was able, and began licking the tip of his maleness.

His head came up, but the few drinks; this teetotaler downed had gone right to his head. All that came out of his mouth was a soft moan as his cock throbbed and grew under the ministrations of his own daughter, until his sperm filled her throat and splattered across her surprised, smiling face.

"For was she not the woman of the house now" She told herself. Had not everyone been telling her that ever since that thing called cancer had taken her mom away? She may only be eight years old, but this too was part of her new duties as woman of the house. She understood what she must do to replace her mother as his female and found the bondage freed her little girl mind from any responsibility as she is obviously helpless to resist.

In those early days, Daddy would only use his finger in her bottom. At first, it hurt her a lot but her Daddy tried to be careful until she was stretched enough to take two fingers and even three at the same time. This anal training followed by gradually introducing Amanda's anus to other objects such as vegetables, in particular cucumbers and carrots, her father's tools like screwdrivers and hammer handles, then even candles, stacks of pencils, anal beads and then finally her Daddy's erected penis. Over months Amanda grew accustomed to daily penetrations and her anus became flexible and stretched enough to take insertions deep inside her rectum that even a grown up women would have trouble with.

All this time, the eagerness to please him with her mouth continued and grew as she tried valiantly to be his little woman even when her Daddy first cuffed her hands behind her back. Adding one of his leather belts repeatedly wrapped and then tightly fastened around her elbows pulling them painfully tight, and forcing her flat chest forward. He then straddled her head with his thighs and forced his engorged cock deep into her eight-year-old mouth and all the way down her throat until she lost breath and started gagging and choking.

First few times she panicked and tried to stop her Daddy from carrying out his fatherly duty on his little daughter. Teaching her how to please her own man one-day.

Until he assured her he won't hurt her and showed her how to control her breathing so she could accommodate his entire organ inside her mouth until his balls bounced off her small chin. He would then start pulling and pushing his cock in and out slowly, while holding her head by her hair. Then faster and faster in a feverish frenzy, while feeling the sensitive texture of his daughter's throat massage his penis in a tight grip. He loved listening as his little girl struggling for breath and making gagging noises as he ravaged her little face.

In the beginning she even threw up few times all over herself and Daddy, earning herself a severe spanking over his lap, with her still bound tight. Until she learned how to control the gagging reflexes. Amanda fought for breath but learned to control her panic while her Daddy invaded her mouth and used her throat to masturbate himself.

She tried to keep calm as she felt his cock raping her small mouth with forceful thrusts. That caused her own spit and snot to splash on her beautiful face, her neck and coat her Daddy's penis until he finally climaxed and sent a massive load of semen down her painful throat and into her tummy. After that he always waited for a while before withdrawing his penis from Amanda's mouth as she valiantly attempted to swallow all his cum. He then tenderly washed her face and hair which were completely covered in his sperm and her spit and snot and tears.

Oral rapes were extremely exhausting for Amanda and afterwards she enjoyed cuddling in her Daddy's arms as he cradled her nude and still bound thin body tight, while whispering in her tiny ear how good and brave girl she was to let him use her mouth like her mommy did. After a brief rest, while she watched her favorite cartoon show on TV and a few sips of water, it was bath time.

Bath Times

Gathering up a fresh bath sheet, he turned toward Amanda, who was standing at the near edge of the tub. Steve slung the new towel across his shoulders, then reached into the tub and picked his daughter up by the waist. She was still light enough for him to lift easily, so he swung her high into the air over the tub, smiling as she giggled and squealed at her flight.

Setting Amanda on her feet in front of him, Steve wrapped the big towel around her. Rubbing her body through the towel, a little bit softer, he dried her body off quickly, then rubbed the towel over her head to dry her lovely hair before pulling the towel away completely and smiling down at his daughter happily. She smiled back at him and turned around, presenting him with her firm young bottom, and her wrists crossed behind her back, right above it.

. Then Steve pulled his own towel from around his waist, shook it out along with the damp towel he'd just used to dry Amanda, and quickly bundled them together into a large cushion lump. Kneeling, he placed the fat bundle of towels on the soft fluffy bath mat in the middle of the floor and over at his daughter, tying her wrists behind her back with the belt of his terry cloth bathrobe. After he'd pulled her close, cradling her slender body against his chest, Steve said gently, "'Mandy, I want you to lie down on your tummy, over this nice cushion."

Obedient, Amanda first knelt then eased her tiny body forward and down over the improvised towel-bundle cushion in front of her father. It made her bottom stick up into the air facing her Daddy, and she felt her Daddy move her legs wide apart on the soft bath matt. Amanda looked over her shoulder at her Daddy, who was kneeling behind her.

Her eyes slightly wide and a small quiver in her voice, she said, "Are you going to use my bum hole, Daddy?" Steve leaned over and stroked his daughter, starting at her spread legs, covering her pretty bottom and continuing up her back, to her tightly bound wrists, leaning over her as he stroked higher. Reaching her head, he kissed her neck and ear playfully before saying gently, "It's OK, lovely girl, I'm going to go really slow, and you'll be fine, I promise. This isn't a punishment, not at all. I'll be very gentle..."

Sliding his hands back down her slender body, Steve reached between her spread legs, one hand stroking her tight pussy gently. Picking up a squeeze bottle with his other hand, he covered a fingertip with a thick lube jelly, which he began to gently rub into the outside of his daughter's anal pucker. Tickling Amanda's cunny with his fingertips made her giggle gently, and distracted her from the other fingertip, slick with lube, entering her tight anus. After lubing up the very entrance of the preteen's asshole, Steve removed both hands from between the girl's legs and covered one finger with the thick lube before squeezing another blob of lube cream right on top of Amanda's asshole. Spreading her bum cheeks very slightly with one hand, Steve placed his lube-covered finger at the entrance to Amanda's anus.

Pushing slowly and steadily and occasionally twisting his finger a small amount Steve opened and lubed his daughter's ass, moving his finger slowly and watching Amanda closely for any reaction. She shifted slightly as her ass was entered, but didn't make any noise until her Daddy's long finger was all the way up her tight hole, his knuckles pressing against her round buttocks, when she looked over her shoulder at her Daddy. He paused and looked closely at his pretty daughter, his finger still lodged all the way up her hot little asshole, then said gently,

"Are you OK, 'Mandy? It doesn't hurt?" She shook her head slightly, then said, "It feels funny, Daddy, I feel full, but it doesn't hurt. Are... are you going to put your cock in me now?" Steve began to slowly slide his finger out of Amanda's ass as he smiled gently and said; "Not yet, baby, I want you to be really ready, so you don't hurt. Just relax, 'Mandy..." After his finger slid out of the girl's ass with a slurp, Steve added another coat of thick lube to it, and another blob on the entrance of his daughter's anus. Pressing his finger into her this time, he found that he was able to slide his finger in and out without any problems, twisting his finger inside her to make sure she was opened up for his cock.

Amanda gasped once at the motion in her bum, but said she was fine when her Daddy stopped and asked. He pulled his finger out of her slippery tight ass and covered the head of his cock with the remains of the thick lube before picking up the rubber-tipped syringe filled with the same type of lube oil he'd used during Amanda's punishment-buggering.

She had enough of the thicker lube cream inside her that he wasn't sure if the extra lube was needed, but better safe than sorry. So Steve slid the tip up into Amanda's asshole, gushing a load of lube up into her; pulling it out he used the last of the syringe's load to lube up the shaft of his bobbing cock. Wiping his hands clean on a towel, Steve moved closer to his daughter's bottom and aimed his erection at her gleaming pucker, bracing her hip with his other hand, then said, "OK Amanda baby, just relax..."

The head of his cock pushed open Amanda's anus, then Steve paused, letting the girl get used to the intrusion in her bottom and giving him a chance to adjust his position. He put his hands on the ground up near Amanda's shoulders, holding himself over the girl's small body. She had shuddered as her Daddy's cock head entered her bottom, then lay still as she got used to the feeling. Amanda pushed her forehead into a fold of towel as her Daddy slowly began to slide his penis into her, but she didn't say anything as her bottom was stuffed full. She felt prickly hair tickling her butt, then a soft pressure on her preteen pussy and realized that it was her Daddy's balls smacking into her cunny, and that he was all the way inside her.

It didn't hurt, but she felt stretched open and stuffed full, uncomfortable with the pressure of the rigid cock buried in her ass. Amanda gasped at the sensation, and her father immediately said, "It's going to be fine, honey, I'm all the way in, and you feel wonderful to my cock. Are you sore, 'Mandy?"

The little preteen girl peered over her shoulder at him through strands of her long wet hair, then said, "Oh, it... it feels funny, I can feel your penis filling my bum right up... but it's not hurting, Daddy. " I know you want me to do this..."

Smiling at his daughter's brave face, Steve bent his head down to kiss her several times on her face and ear before saying, "I'm very proud of you, Amanda, you've taken my whole penis into your lovely bottom. You're a very good girl." Steve had kept his cock fully inside Amanda's asshole as they spoke.

And he was glad he'd already had two orgasms that evening inside her little cousin's mouth and slit of her little sweat drenched preteen body. Thin limbs tightly fastened to ropes running underneath, and thereby pulling her thin body arched backwards over a great big ancient round topped sea chest in the old coal cellar far below.

If he'd started out the evening by stuffing his daughter's ass, the feel of her hot, tight hole grabbing his cock would have had him cumming before he had gotten himself more than halfway into his little girl.

Even after a pair of good orgasms, the sensations from being bottomed out inside Amanda were damn close to overwhelming, but Steve was determined to keep himself back from the edge until after he'd thoroughly introduced Amanda's tight eight year old asshole to his cock. He slid his erection slowly out of his daughter's ass until just the head of it was lodged in her tight, hot hole.

Amanda gasped beneath him at the strange feeling, then made a small "Ohhh!" sound as her Daddy's cock began to slide back into her bum, just a bit faster this time. When he bottomed out this time, his balls bounced off the girl's preteen pussy and he let just a bit of his weight rest on Amanda's bum cheeks, shoving his cock just a bit deeper, opening more of the eight year olds rectum and making her gasp again.

Steve murmured, "Oh, good girl, good girl, you're taking me in so well..." Then Steve began to pull out again, quite a bit faster this time, pausing at the top of his stoke with just his cock head keeping Amanda's anus open. His down stroke was faster than before, too, making his balls swing against his daughter's soft cunny and bounce while his cock opened up another fraction of her asshole.

She tensed and said breathlessly, "Owww, please Daddy you said you'd be gentle, "OOOWWW" that's making me sore! Oh, please Daddy!" The man lowered his upper body toward Amanda's, dropping to his elbows so that his chest brushed his daughter's narrow back, keeping his cock bottomed out as he lowered himself. He stroked her shoulders gently with his hands and kissed the back of her neck before murmuring in her ear, "I'm sorry baby, really sorry. I'll go gently now, you're doing this very well, sweet girl."

His withdrawl this time was at the same speed as before, stopping when only the head of his organ opened up his little girl, and the first part of his re-entry was at the same speed. Then he slowed his thrust down, bottoming out very gently in the girl's tight canal and just letting a bit of his weight rest on her bumcheeks.

His hands rested lightly on her shoulders, holding her gently, and as he bottomed out Steve said softly, "Was that better, 'Mandy?" She was still breathless and her voice was tight as she replied, "Oh Daddy it feels so big in me, your peepee stuffs my poor bum... Don't do it so fast please Daddy, that's sore! When you're just in me it's OK... please Daddy put it in me slow? Please Daddy?" Steve noticed his daughter's return to baby speech -she knew it wasn't a 'peepee' filling her bottom - and squeezed her shoulders gently as he began to slide his throbbing cock out of Amanda's wonderfully tight ass, murmuring, "I love you lots, Amanda, I'll do you slowly now. Shhhh, just lie still, honey."

From the feeling in his groin, Steve knew he was only going to manage another thrust or two at the most, before he pumped Amanda's bum full of hot cum. He pulled out at his usual speed and paused again with only the head inside her, then began to fuck his rod back down into her ass. Faster than ever for most of the thrust, then slowing to bottom out very gently, feeling his balls bounce against her pussy once again.

The eight year old moaned as he stroked into her, gasping "Please Daddeee!" into the towel under her face. Steve could feel that he was moments from his orgasm now. So instead of the full-length strokes he had been fucking Amanda's ass with he began to move in and out just two or three inches. Feeling the head of his cock bobbing up and down deep in his daughter's prepubescent asshole, as his swinging balls slapped against her lovely pussy on every short stroke.

Amanda gave a grunting gasp in time to her father's short thrusts, a breathless chorus of "Aaagghh...Ohhhh...Aaaagghh..."

She didn't, however, actually say anything as her Daddy's orgasm boiled out of his balls and began to flood her ass with hot semen, just gasped out a breathless "Aaaaeeee...Ohhh" as she felt his cock twitch against the tight walls of her ass. Steve kept his cock bottomed out in Amanda's lovely tight ass as he started to go soft, the girl lying very still beneath him, breathing hard.

He finally pulled his limp penis from the eight year old's ass with a noisy slurping sound, running his hands gently down her back as he sat back on his heels. Catching his breath after that final orgasm of the evening and using a corner of damp towel to wipe the thick mix of cum, lube and traces of little girl shit from his limp organ. Amanda lay across her towel-cushion just as he'd finished with her, legs spread wide and breath coming in hoarse gasps.

Steve gathered up a soft facecloth, soaked it in the warm water still standing in the tub, and lay down next to his daughter, gathering her small form against his chest. And kissing the top of her head as he said, "Oh, I'm so proud of you, my Amanda, you took my cock very very well. Is your bottom very sore?

" She stared up at him, a few tears hovering on the edges of her eyes, then said, "Ooohh, Daddy, I'm sore, a bit, my bum feels all opened up and wierd. It felt so stuffed when you had your penis all the way in me!"

He kissed away her few tears and rested one hand on her lovely round bottom, then said, "You're a very brave girl, Amanda, and your bottom felt lovely around my cock. You were very good, and very brave, my girl." She managed a small smile for her Daddy, then said, "I knew you wanted me to be brave and a big girl, Daddy, and I knew you wanted to put your penis in me, even if it made me a bit sore. Did... did I really do good, Daddy?"

"Yes, Amanda, yes, you were very good tonight, in fact you were wonderful. Let's get you cleaned up, then you can go to bed and I bet you won't be sore at all in the morning."

Steve helped the girl to her shaky feet, reaching around and unfastening her slender wrists before guiding them to hold onto the edge of the tub.

"I'm just going to clean your lovely bottom, Amanda, and wash you nice and clean, so just hold onto the edge of the tub there, OK?"

Steve had stored a small enema bulb in one of the drawers below the sink in this big bathroom, and now he filled the pink plastic thing with lukewarm bath water and squeezed a coat of the thick lube along the long, narrow neck of the bulb. Examining his daughter's anus, he found that she was still gaping open slightly from his use of her, and the outer pucker of her anus was pink, and slightly puffy and tender looking.

A trickle of mixed lubes and semen was starting to move down the inside of her legs. Steve wiped his daughter's legs and the outside of her anus clear, then held the washcloth cupped between her legs, right below her asshole, and aimed the enema bulb with his free hand.

"Amanda, I'm just going to squirt some water to clean your lovely bum out, so please hold still, love." The first bulbful Steve didn't insert into the girl's ass at all; he just held it at the slightly opened anus and squirted clear water up into her butt. It came back out as he was squirting, soaking into the cloth and rinsing away some of the mess around the entrance to Amanda's asshole.

The second and third bulbs did get slid up into the girl's bottom, the third sliding the full two inch length of the bulb's narrow neck. Amanda squirmed and gave a small gasp, but held mostly still and didn't say anything to her father. Steve knew that he couldn't properly clean his girl out, not with the small bulb he was using. The neck of the thing didn't even reach halfway to the depth he'd had his cock lodged in. And he did not want to subject his Amanda's already sore ass to a full enema, so he figured that he'd done all he could when the visible mess, at least, was cleaned off Amanda's pretty bottom.

He gently patted the girl's bottom dry with a towel, then picked her up and cuddled her against his chest as he carried her from the master bathroom towards the room she shared with her cousin, kissing her softly as they walked.

He said, "Oh 'Mandy, you were wonderful and brave tonight, you're my lovely little girl. Tonight I think you should wear panties to bed, OK?" Amanda was starting to look tired, as the sex and other activities she'd enjoyed before her bath after an already long day began to catch up to the young girl. Resting her head against her Daddy's shoulder, she said, "Oh, OK Daddy, but why?" "Because your pretty bottom may still have some slippery lube and stuff up inside, and you don't what to mess up the bed sheets, do you?" "No, Daddy. That's a good idea..."

He removed the butterfly vibrator from its polished wooden box that he had picked up with more interesting items on a business trip to Japan. It fascinated him that you could by a vibrator specifically designed to fit a little virgin preteen girl. Complete with a selection of increasingly larger butterfly shaped inserts to fit over and into her virgin slit, to exchange as the little girl's body grew. He slipped it up her little girls thin little legs, tapped it into place over, and into her virgin slit, as his daughter face looked on puzzled. Then he attached the lead from the battery pack and fastened its stretch belt around her almost too thin waist.

Next Steve rummaged through Amanda's clothes drawer and removed a pair of plain white panties. He held them in front of his daughter, and after she stepped into them he slid them up her slender legs and slipped them up around her waist. Slipping a finger between her legs, Steve pushed the thin fabric against Amanda's virgin cunny and then gently against her thoroughly-non-virgin little anus before sliding his finger up along her bum crack. As he expected, his little girl's panties stuck against her asshole -she'd probably ooze lube and semen into her panties all night.

Then he boosted her up into bed. She as usual stretched her thin limbs out to the large bedposts set to four corners of her bed. Amanda's face watching his movements as he pulled first her wrists up and outward as far as he could securing them to the posts of the headboard with leather cuffs attached to chains. Then pulling her ankles outward as far as he could and fastening them securely with leather cuffs to the posts at the foot board.

He then reached down and flicked the switch on the battery pack, a mischievous smile on his face.

His little eight-year-old daughter's eyes flew wide and a soft moan escaped from her lips as the vibrator began its work.

Then he picked up the Forever Barbie eiderdown first covering her already starting to sweat little body. Amanda's eyes rolled her mouth wide as her breathing came with increasingly faster pace, hair already glued to her head with sweat.

He smiled as the first orgasm of her little female life shuddered through her tiny body as he was tucking his pretty girl in and kissing her good night. Her inexperienced mind struggling to absorb all the new feelings being driven into her consciousness.

He turned out the lights and shut the door with a final smile for his little girl. It was a very good thing she was off school tomorrow as he knew she was not going to get any sleep tonight.

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It was a good story. I thought it's too few stories on this site there the young girl wants to be cuffed or as in this story she cuffs herself before she wakes her daddy up. I hope you continue this story.


Wow, real great story.


I loved this story. The combination of a father genuinely loving his daughter, yet still using her for his own pleasure is so hot. Please write more!


There's a whole series of these stories on the website if you use the search function for the title 'Susan And Amanda: Alone With Steve'.

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