Sammy, Part 20

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Published: 21-Jul-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

Sammy lay on his back, gazing up at his mother as she rode his hard cock. She gasped and whined, her body shaking through its third orgasm, before she slumped forward and caught her weight on her outstretched arms, planted on either side of her 12 year old son's shoulders.

"Mmmm, Baby!" Jane moaned, looking lovingly into her son's big blue eyes, "You make Mommy cum so good!" She bent forward and kissed Sammy, sliding her tongue into his mouth and swirling the long pink organ around the inside.

"You wanna cum now too?" she purred.

"Yes, Mommy!" the boy panted. Jane smiled and climbed off his sweating, naked body. Sammy was tied, spread eagle, to his mother's king size bed by soft ropes around his ankles and wrists.

Jane enjoyed dominating her son, and the hardness of his red erection, and his pink nipples, indicated that Sammy liked it too.

Jane sat down next to Sammy, near his hip, and ran her hand up and down his sweaty chest, gazing at his swollen cock where it lay, slick and shiny, on his abdomen.

"Oooo, your cock is all leaky!" she said. She touched the bottom of his four inch erection with the tip of her index finger and slid the digit through the slime coating the hard member, from the base to the tip. Sammy moaned, and his cock lifted from his body at the intimate touch.

"Ooohhhh!" he gasped, when her fingertip reached the sensitive spot just under his leaking cock head. A small puddle of clear slime had oozed from Sammy's organ and lay on his belly under his cock head.

"Uh-oh!" Jane said dramatically, "Does that feel good, Baby?' she purred. Sammy moaned and turned his head from side to side. Jane had been teasing him for half an hour, sucking his cock, then riding it while alternately toying with the over-sensitized organ.

"Yeah!" Sammy gasped. He writhed on the bed, his skinny body straining at its bonds as his mother toyed with his sensitive organ. He was beyond ready to cum, but hadn't in three days. Three days of almost constant sexual contact.

Since Monica Mareno had moved into the house, there was no end of sexual torment for 12 year old Sammy to endure. His mother insisted that he go around naked, and she had told Monica to tease the boy whenever she felt like it.

The naturally dominant woman needed no further prompting, and had taken to the task of sexually tormenting poor Sammy with gusto.

The fact the Monica had become the sexual plaything of Jane made her domination of Sammy even more extreme.

Jane turned to where the beautiful, statuesque forty year old woman stood in the corner of the room, watching. Monica wore her regular "uniform": a black, half-cup bustier, thigh-high stockings without garters, and five inch stiletto heels. The distinctive lightning bolt of her shaved pubic hair pointed to her clit.

Jane had had Monica's nipples pierced, and a gold chain connected the two large gold rings through her hard nipples. Monica's large breasts were displayed by the demi-cups, held high and apart.

"Come here, Monica, would you?"

It sounded like a request, but they all knew it was a command. After a month under Jane's roof, Monica was now at peace with her position as Jane's virtual slave.

Monica's husband, the wealthy and powerful Tony Mareno, had kicked her out of his house, along with her daughter Carla, over a recorded indiscretion with a fifteen year old boy.

A recording which Sammy had orchestrated.

With no place to go, and no marketable skills, Monica had had to accept the invitation Jane had offered - to move in with her and Sammy. Carla too had been invited into the house.

The teenager's ultimate disposition had been somewhat different, however. Carla Mareno had long been the focus of attention - and admiration - of Sammy's new friend Freda, a twelve year old lesbian who was infatuated with the olive skinned, dark-haired beauty.

Carla spent most of her time with Freda, and was right now with the younger girl in Sammy's room, where she slept at night, being made love to by Freda.

Though Freda was loving and passionate about her relationship with Carla, it was no less a master/slave dynamic that Jane's and Monica's partnership.

Monica strolled to the bedside, her full hips rolling as she walked in the sexy shoes.

"Do you think it's time for my little Sammy to cum, Monica?" Jane asked sweetly.

The gorgeous woman looked down at Sammy with ill-disguised distaste.

"No," she sternly, "Certainly not."

"Oh?" Jane said, with feign interest, "Well what do you think we should do?"

Monica walked to the dresser and opened a particular drawer, withdrawing a thin piece of twine. Sammy moaned when he saw the three foot length of rough hemp. He had experienced this before.

Monica glided slowly back to the bed and knelt on the mattress next to the prone boy, reaching for his genitals.

"Mommy..." Sammy whined. Jane put a finger on his lips.

"Shhhh," she admonished, "That's a good boy." Her eyes lit up as she watched Monica tie the thin chord around the base of Sammy's testicles and tied a knot. Sammy hissed and arched his back as the knot was pulled tight, binding his testicles in a painful grip. Monica then wrapped the string around his nut sac until the tightly stretched skin bulged taught and pink, the darker red veins showing prominently through the thin, soft skin.

"Aaaahhhhh!" Sammy cried. His cock stayed hard, leaking pre-cum on his belly as the women examined his balls.

"Mmmmmm, you have such beautiful balls, Baby," Jane commented, "Don't you think so, Monica?"

The tall woman looked at Sammy's bulging scrotum with disinterest, but nodded.

"I suppose," she relented. The two women started stroking and fondling Sammy's swollen, sensitive penis, bringing him to the panting, straining edge of orgasm repeatedly, but not allowing him release.

"I think," Monica mused after fifteen minutes of suck treatment, "That the boy should earn his orgasm."

"Oh?' Jane replied with interest, "How?"

"Let's get the girls, and after he has given us all an orgasm or two - or more - we can consider whether or not to let him relieve himself."

Monica didn't believe in bringing a man - or boy, in her case - to orgasm herself. That was the providence of the individual male, to bring himself off.

"Oooooo, yes!" Jane gushed, "That sounds lovely! We'll have a girls' afternoon! Go get them, would you, Dear?" she asked the older woman.

Sammy moaned when his mother stroked his cock slowly. He watched Monica's ass sway sexily as she left the room.

"She's a lovely woman, isn't she?" Jane said, her eyes also following the progress of Monica's curvy, swaying ass, "And such a wonderful lover." She looked at Sammy's harshly bound testicles and beamed.

"And so creative! I love what she's done with your pretty balls!" Jane cupped her son's straining scrotum in her hand and squeezed it, drawing a pained groan from the twelve year old.

"Mmmm," so hot!" she said. The horny woman bent forward and sucked her son's testicles into her mouth, running her tongue over the textured surface of each, one at a time.

"So sweet!" she said, grinning at Sammy.

When the girls arrived, Carla glanced at the bound boy with an expression of disgust. He was the author of her fall from grace and her subsequent position as a sex slave to a twelve year old. A slow smile curved her thick, sensuous lips when she saw the object of her ire in such extremity.

Carla was - as usual around the house - naked. Freda wore a pleated pink mini-skirt, and nothing else. Sammy noticed that her breasts were finally budding. Her big nipples were pink and puffy, capping small mounds on her chest. Freda slid next to Carla and took her hand in hers, kissing the taller girl's neck.

As Monica moved to the opposite side of the bed, Freda's hand slid down Carla's back to her ass, where she squeezed the firm twin globes of the sexy teen's rear and with her small hand.

"This," Monica stated, indicating the bound boy on the bed, "is going to service us. You may use his mouth or his organ, but you are not to let him reach his release." The stern-faced woman instructed.

"Awwww!" Freda said, "Poor Sammy can't cum?" She looked at Jane, who shook her head.

"Not yet, Sweetie," the woman told her, "Later, maybe."

Freda pouted, but nodded her pretty head. Freda liked Sammy - loved him, really, just not in that way - and didn't like to see him suffer. But she also knew that Sammy enjoyed this kind of harsh treatment, so she decided to join in the fun.

"But how can we use his pretty cock and not let him cum?" Jane asked leadingly. She knew full well what the answer was, but wanted to draw out the process for her son's continued discomfort.

Monica moved to take the loose ends of the twine from around Sammy's reddened testicles and tied them around the base of his hard cock, tightly.

Sammy groaned when the strings were pulled taught, cutting off circulation to his sex organ, which began to turn darker red.

"That will keep his rod hard, while restricting his ability to finish" the woman announced, a sneer curving her sensuous lips.

"Perfect!" Jane exclaimed, clapping, "Look, Honey! Now you don't have to worry about cumming too soon!" she beamed at Sammy, who moaned in pain and frustration.

"So who's first!" she asked the girls. Carla looked at Freda, her new dominant partner.

"I'll take his tongue," the twelve year old said, climbing on the bed and lowering her pussy to Sammy's face.

Carla moved to the boy's crotch, straddling his body while facing Freda, who smiled and closed her eyes as her bald pussy settled on Sammy's mouth, and his tongue slipped between the inner folds of her wet pussy. She gasped and smiled at her lover, leaning forward to kiss Carla as the older girl held Sammy's hard cock steady and lowered her tight cunt on the sensitive pole.

Sammy groaned into Freda's pussy, and the girl ground her sex hard against her friend's mouth, lost in the lust of the moment.

Sammy lapped and sucked at his young friend's gushing pussy, ramming his pink tongue deep into her hole and sucking the juices that flooded his mouth. His lips found the hood of her small clit and latched around the hard sex organ. He sucked hard, causing Freda's thin, pale body to stiffen.

Freda clung to Carla's shoulders and shook, her nipples standing out hard on her chest as she came. The pretty, dark haired twelve year old shuddered through her orgasm, her arms around Carla's body and her face pressed to the older girl's neck.

"Wow!" she breathed against Carla's ear, catching her breath, "That was amazing!" she stared into Carla's sexy dark eyes lovingly, oblivious to her friend, pinned beneath her crotch.

"It was way too quick" Carla replied, rocking her hips as she fucked herself on Sammy's cock, "You should take longer for your next one." She smiled sexily at Freda, who grinned back, completely smitten with the exotically beautiful, olive skinned teenager.

Carla's thick mane of black hair was a sexy, tangled mess. Her large breasts moved back and forth as she slid up and down on the hard cock in her pussy. Her dark nipples were hard. Freda bent and sucked one between her wet, pink lips, caressing the spongy nub with her tongue. Carla moaned and clutched Freda to her chest, moving her hips faster, fucking Sammy more insistently.

The two girls rode Sammy for half an hour, until they had both cum twice. The second time, Freda timed it so they came at the same moment, kissing each other and panting into each other's mouths as their tongues swirled together.

"Oh my God, that was awesome!" Freda exclaimed as she slumped off Sammy's face.

"Oh, Sammy!" she cried, seeing her friend's red-cheeked face, smeared with her pussy juice, "I'm sorry, Sammy!" she said, bending to kiss the boy.

"Oh, Freda!" Sammy said, after she released his tongue from between her lips, "I loved it! I loved every minute, making you cum, Sweetie!"

Freda grinned shyly and kissed him again, then slid her tongue around his cheeks and chin, lapping up her own cum from his sweet face.

"Oh, Sammy!" Freda said earnestly, "I love you!"

"I love you too, Honey!" Sammy said, smiling up at her from his bound position on the bed.

Freda stepped back next to Jane, who turned to Monica.

"Well, I just came, so I think you two should be next!" she declared, looking pointedly at Monica and her daughter.

"Why don't you let Sammy taste that delicious pussy of yours, Sweetie?" she said to Carla, guiding her toward Sammy's head, "while your mother rides his sweet cock!"

Mother and daughter climbed, somewhat reluctantly, onto Sammy's bound form. Carla's lips curved upward as she settled her wet pussy on her nemesis's face, grinding her hard clit against his lips, feeling his teeth rubbing the hard nub.

Monica slipped backward and took Sammy's four inch erection into her wet hole without touching it, engulfing the slimy pole with her hot opening.

Sammy groaned, and Carla moved her hips in a circular motion, pressing her ass back against the boy's forehead.

"Eat my cunt, Whore!" the girl said, grinning.

"Now, Carla," Freda admonished the formerly haughty, stuck-up teen. Carla looked down and blushed, chastised.

"Sorry," she said meekly. Carla was learning that she was no longer on top of the social pyramid. Her former friends - or sycophantic followers, more accurately - were gone, with her money, home and status. She relied on Jane and Freda for everything she had: food, shelter, clothes. On the day she and her mother had been evicted from Tony's house, Jane and Freda had taken the two women clothes shopping, buying them sexy, revealing, humiliating outfits that displayed their bodies and proclaimed them to be slutty trash.

Both mother and daughter reveled in going out in those clothes now, their bodies on prominent display.

Carla had always dressed in revealing outfits, but only expensive, designer brands. Now she wore what Freda told her to: trashy, cheap and slutty were the best ways to describe the girl's clothes now.

Freda nodded at her, showing acceptance of her apology.

"You know what I'd like to see?" Jane asked Freda, sidling up to the petite twelve year old and putting an arm around her waist.

"Of course," Freda said, smiling. Jane loved to see Carla and her mother kissing, and making love to each other.

"Go ahead, Ladies!" Freda said.

Monica leaned forward, closing her eyes as her full red lips met her daughter's. The two women opened their mouths and tasted each other's tongues as the kiss turned more passionate.

"Play with you mama's tits, Sweetie!" Jane called, and Carla complied, raising her hands to her mother's large breasts. The chain connecting her nipples jingled as her daughter fondled her big tits.

Carla pulled on the chain lightly, causing Monica to tip her head back and moan. The teenager leaned forward and kissed her mother's neck, pulling and twisting the gold rings piercing her nipples.

"Suck her tits, Sweetie," Jane said, moving behind Freda. Jane put her arms around the thin girl, pulling her into a gentle embrace. She bent to kiss the twelve year old's soft neck while watching the incestuous display unfolding in front of them. Freda moaned as Jane cupped her emerging breasts, pulling her puffy pink nipples with her fingertips.

Carla bent and sucked her mother's right nipple between her lips, the gold ring clicking against her teeth. Monica moaned and ground her hips against Sammy's body, forcing more of his cock into her wet cunt.

"Oooo, I think she's gonna cum!" Jane whispered in Freda's ear. The woman's right hand tweaked one hard nipple while the other slid under the front of the girl's short skirt to meet her slick clit. Freda moaned and leaned against her friend's mother as her hard clit was stroked with one finger.

"Uunnhhhhhhh!" Monica groaned. Her hips moved in slow circles as she came on Sammy's bound cock and her daughter sucked her nipples.

"Give Mommy a nice wet kiss, Honey!" Jane said, turning Freda around and kissing her. Carla and Monica; Jane and Freda, kissed passionately while Sammy did his best to suck Carla's wet cunt. His face was again slick with pussy juice, and breathing was difficult, especially when Carl pressed her anus against his tongue, enveloping his face between her full, round ass cheeks.

"Oh!" the teenage girl cried, "Oh, Mommy! I'm gonna cum!"

Monica pinched her daughter's nipples and kissed her as the girl shuddered through another orgasm. Sammy turned his head from side to side in an attempt to catch his breath.

"Mmmmm, that's my baby," Monica said quietly. The normally taciturn woman had learned to be warmer and more affectionate under Jane's unrelenting tutelage. The two women continued to kiss each other, their asses moving in slow circles on Sammy's cock and tongue.

"What now?" Jane asked Monica. Though she controlled the woman during their day to day lives, Jane relied on the formerly dominant Monica for ideas on how to sexually abuse her son. Jane loved Sammy, and understood his desire to be dominated and used.

"Let's play with his asshole shall we?" Monica drawled. Jane's eyes lit up and a smile split her pretty features.

"Oooo, yes!" she said gleefully.

Jane told Freda and Carla to untie Sammy's ankles. They then retied them near his wrists, bending him in half. His ass pointed toward the ceiling, his bound testicles sticking up invitingly.

Jane climbed on her son's face facing his ass. She settled her pussy on his lips and took his straining balls in her mouth, sucking on his bound scrotum. She put her hands on either side of his anus and pried his ass cheeks apart, exposing his pink anus to the view of the other girls in the room.

Bound in this humiliating and vulnerable position, Sammy groaned and sucked on his mother's pussy, awaiting his fate.

Monica withdrew a large plastic dildo from Jane's nightstand. It was new. Jane had purchased some new sex toys, and this was one of them.

Eleven inches long, the plastic cock was realistic, except for its size. The black plastic monster was two inches thick in the middle, carved to look like a real cock, heavily veined, with a pair of huge testicles attached to the wide base.

Jane's eyes lit up when she saw Monica approaching her son's anus with the huge cock. Freda grabbed a tube of lubricant from a nearby dresser and handed it to Sammy's mother, who squirted a big glob of the clear slime on her son's anus, working it in with one, then two, then three fingers. Sammy's experienced asshole opened easily for his mother's fingers, and he was soon moaning and writhing under her ministrations. Jane probed her son's anus while sucking his balls.

Monica knelt in front of Sammy's ass, holding the dildo aimed at his asshole. Jane smiled at the woman, hooking an index finger on either side of his asshole and prying the tight opening wider. Monica set the fat, hard head of the fake cock against Sammy's anus and pressed it into the hole.

The boy screamed into his mother's cunt as the thick plastic rod forced its way past his stretched sphincter and into his rectum. His cock leaked on his belly, and his mother resumed sucking on his balls as the beautiful older woman rammed the fake cock into his yielding ass.

"How's that feel, Baby?' Jane asked, lifting her ass from Sammy's face.

"Oh, Mommy!" the boy gasped "So good, Mommy! Fuck my ass!"

Monica heard, and placed her left palm on Sammy's upturned thigh so she could ram the thick dildo deeper into his ass, leaning on the fake phallus. Sammy's scream echoed through the bedroom, and Jane smiled across her son's genitals at the older woman, whose lips curled back, lewdly.

"Untie his ankles, girls!" Jane told Freda and Carla, who were making out next to the bed.

When Sammy's legs came free, they collapsed to the bed, his body straightening out. He yelled again as the dildo slid farther into his painfully stretched asshole. Monica held the base of the thick rod in both hands, pushing it deep while Jane pulled on her son's bound, swollen cock.

The string around the base of his erection merely impeded Sammy's ability to cum, it didn't preclude it altogether. But it was a difficult process. The twine binding his cock cut off blood flow and nerve induction. The boy's cock was going numb. He still craved an orgasm, but was it was kept at bay by the loss of feeling in his erection.

Sammy cried and moaned in frustration. His hips rose and fell as his mother jerked his leaking penis, fucking himself on the fat dildo as he moved.

"Come on, Baby! Come on, Baby! Cum for Mommy!" Jane encouraged him. Her fist was a blur on his straining cock. Sammy gasped and cried while his ass was ravaged and his penis abused by the two older women.

Freda took Carla's hand in hers as she watched the debased spectacle. Both of them stared, wide-eyed, as the women worked the helpless boy over.

Freda knew Sammy liked this kind of thing, but found it difficult to watch, not least of which because she was a lesbian, and found the manipulation of the boy's sex organ distasteful. To distract herself from the perverse scene, she took Carla's face in her small hands and kissed her.

Sammy yelled again, and his body went rigid. Droplets of semen spewed from his cock, spraying all over as Jane pulled wildly on the squirting organ. Clear drops landed on Sammy's legs and belly, Jane's arm and hand. She smiled at Monica, who looked on disinterestedly. A drop of sperm landed on the older woman's hand, and she wiped it on the sheet without looking.

"Oooo, yeah! That's it! That's my baby! Cum for Mommy, Baby!" Jaen cooed. Sammy collapsed, his release only partially satisfying. The chord tied so tightly around his cock and balls had partially ruined his orgasm, restricting the volume of semen that could escape his urethra.

Jane knew this, of course. And Sammy knew that she knew. Her intimate knowledge of his craving for being sexually dominated was one of the things he most loved about her.

Of course, the fact that she had raised him as a girl and dominated every aspect of his life since birth had almost certainly caused this craving, but this fact was lost on the gasping, sweating boy.

Monica watched languidly as Jane untied her son. The woman had adapted quickly to her new circumstances as the submissive member of the new relationship with Jane, her savior and lover. She had always been dependant on her husband, after all, and submissive in her own way. So only the details were different, not the situation. She looked at her daughter, standing naked with the other girl, kissing her passionately.

Carla tasted Freda's tongue and held the smaller girl tightly, her fingers squeezing Freda's firm, round ass. She moaned when she felt the younger girl's fingers stroking her pussy, abandoning herself to the feelings and letting the twelve year old take control.

Though she had always been the leader of her social group, Carla had never really had a close personal friendship. All she had ever had were followers, eager to bask in the reflected glory of the beautiful, rich, popular girl.

Freda was different. Freda liked her for herself, despite the way she had treated her and Sammy. This kind of unconditional love took getting used to, and she found herself trying to earn it, despite herself. Sammy's mother was another source of joy, love and comfort, though Carla suspected the woman was a total nut case.

Even Sammy, her nemesis, had been revealed to be a genuine, warm, loving boy, though he dressed and acted like a girl. Carla was almost sorry that she had exposed his sexuality to him, revealing the unknown truth that he was actually a male, and showing him the difference.

But only almost. If she hadn't done it, she wouldn't have gotten herself into this situation. She wouldn't be here with Freda, her lover.

She looked into the younger girl's eyes and kissed her again.

Freda closed her eyes, breathing through her nose and fogging her glasses as she kissed Carla.


Her dream girl. She had admired the exotic beauty since she had seen her in elementary school, even before she had grown into her sexuality.

Even before she had fallen in love.

Now she was in possession of the object of her desire. Her obsession. Carla. She glanced gratefully at Jane as she lay atop her son, and at Sammy, the one who had befriended her, and helped her realize her dream

Jane kissed her boy. Her former daughter. Always a boy, but raised as a girl. Jane had despised men for a long time. As a girl, she had been used and abused by men, becoming pregnant as a teenager and abandoned by those who had impregnated her. That was how she looked at it. Intellectually, she knew her son had only one biological father, but Jane thought of it as a group parenthood. All of those nameless, faceless men had fucked her baby into her, time and time again, and she had born him, to find another man in her life.

The situation had been untenable, so she had changed it, in her own mind. She had raised Sammy as a girl, happy in her man-less world, until Sammy's budding sexuality had become too much for her to ignore. She had seen his evolving body change, and become attracted to it. She had begun to use her boy the same way all those men had used her. Others had begun using him, and eventually the truth had come out, as she had known it must.

Now Sammy knew, and didn't hate her. Somehow, he had forgiven her, and even turned to her for advice and comfort.

And sex. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked at her beautiful child; his sweet, effeminate face smiling up at her.

She held his beloved face in her hands and kissed him.

Sammy took his mother's warm, wet tongue in his mouth and sucked it lovingly. He felt her body atop his, and inhaled the scent of her familiar perfume. He felt the familiar tickle of her hair against his cheek.

Sammy's mother was the single most important influence in his life, as it should be for all children. She had raised and nurtured him, loving and adoring him, all his life. The revelation that he had been born a boy and raised as a girl, that the two sexes were so physically different, had been a shock.

But he understood his mother's feelings, even as he didn't agree with her actions.

But Sammy was content now. He was free to have relationships - sexual and otherwise - with both sexes. He loved men and women equally.

In his short life, Sammy Hartman had come to realize that love - both physical and emotional - was in shockingly short supply. He realized that limiting oneself uselessly to only half the population was a waste. Why not experience all that life had to offer?

He knew he had to comport himself as one gender or the other, and since he only knew how to be a girl, he would do his best to be a good one. But he would not limit himself to male partners, sexual and otherwise.

Sammy had plans, and a bright future. He had no doubt about it. With friends like the ones in this room, and at school, and a loving, devoted - and somewhat demented - mother, he knew he would be all right.

There would be bumps in the road, to be sure, but Sammy believed that the more he loved, the more he would be loved, and with love at his disposal, how could he fail?


This is the end of Sammy's middle school adventure, or at least the telling of it. People grow, mature, and expand their experiences, so stay tuned for more, as Sammy enters High School. The adventure continues....

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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