Sammy, Part 19

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Published: 16-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Tony Mareno sat at his huge walnut desk, in his home office, scowling. In his large, hairy hands he held a cellphone. The phone wasn't his.

On the screen a video played, showing his gorgeous, statuesque wife, naked, sitting on the face of a muscular fifteen year old boy.

He couldn't see the boy's face, as he was lying on his back with his feet facing the screen and the middle aged woman straddling his head.

Tony's wife Monica, however, could be seen plainly. She faced the camera while gripping the boy's balls in her fist, pulling and twisting them as she ground her wet cut against his mouth.

"Eat my pussy, Whore!" he heard.

He dropped the phone to his desk, letting the video play. He looked up at his wife, who stood in front of his desk, facing him.

"You stupid cunt," he said conversationally. Monica reddened.

"Tony, it's not what it looks like,"

"Suck my ass, Salve!" Monica's own voice from the phone cut her off.

"Shut the fuck up, you stupid cow," Tony said quietly. Monica flushed darker under her olive complexion, but she held her peace.

Tony turned to twelve year old Sammy, the pretty transvestite who had orchestrated this whole scene. The boy sat on the other side of the desk from Mr. Mareno, who looked at him with seeming indifference. Behind his chair stood Freda, in a straight black pony tail and large glasses.

"And you are showing me this why?" he asked Jane, Sammy's mother, who sat at his side.

"Oh, I'm not showing it to you," she corrected the dark skinned man. He wore a five hundred dollar suit. His black hair was perfectly coifed. Half inch cuffs with gold cuff links shown whitely beneath the ends of his suit sleeves. Jane looked at his dark brown eyes and her pussy tingled.

"They are." A tilt of her head indicated the young people with her.

Tony turned his eyes to Sammy, his gaze sliding up and down his thin, light-skinned body. The boy wore a tight pink tube top and a dark blue miniskirt. His long brown hair was tied in two pigtails. On his delicate feet were pink, high heeled sandals.

When Mr. Mareno's eyes settled on Sammy's pretty face, the twelve year old smiled.

"I wanted you to know what your wife was up to, Sir," Sammy said ingenuously.

"Mm- hm," Mareno said, looking unconvinced.

"Young - uh - man," Tony said, unsure how to address a boy dressed as a girl, "I assure you, I know full well what my wife is 'up to'. We've been together for any years. Her activities are well known to me."

"Um, okay." Sammy replied, nonplussed. The preteen felt like he was way out of his league. When this was all just an idea, it had seemed really simple. Go get evidence, then blackmail Carla or her parents to get back at her.

But he hadn't counted on dealing with the previously unseen Tony Mareno. The man exuded confidence and power. He was dominant and cool, and not a little terrifying.

Sammy's cock swelled under his short skirt as he adjusted his position on the leather chair. He crossed his long slender legs, and saw Mareno's eyes follow the motion, lingering on his crotch as his legs parted.

Sammy paused and thought. He knew that look. He suspected that he might know why Mr. Mareno was so disinterested in his wife's sexual adventures.

"Well," Sammy said, to gain time, "How many other people know about them?" he asked.

"Are you threatening me, young man?" Mareno asked. His voice was low, and soft, and icy.

"No, Sir," Sammy said, his voice small and demure. He looked at the man through his long eyelashes, and put both feet on the floor. He opened his knees, watching as the man glanced down, then back, to stare between the boy's legs.

"Good," Mareno replied, lifting his gaze to meet Sammy's, "Because it would be unnecessary."

Sammy looked at him curiously, then over his shoulder at Freda, who looked no better informed than he was.

"Sir?" he prompted.

"Because my wife will be leaving," Mareno replied.

"Tony -" Monica started.

"Shut up!" Mareno snapped. And get out." Monica paled beneath her olive skin.

"What? Tony-"

"Shut up and get out "The man repeated succinctly, "Now."

"But, but where -" Monica looked around at the opulent office, representative of the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed.

"I don't care," Mareno answered the unfinished question, "Work the streets for all I care. And take your slut with you," He indicated Carla with a nod.

"Daddy!" the fifteen year old beauty cried.

"I am not your father," the man said flatly. Carla looked at him, stunned, then at her mother. Monica had regained some of her cool, domineering demeanor.

"Your father is as queer as a three dollar bill," she said to the room in general, looking her husband in the eye, "We have not shared a bed in our lives."

Carla looked from her mother to her father, tears welling in her eyes.

"True enough," he admitted, leaning back in his leather desk chair with crossed arms. "I needed a cover, a 'beard' I believe they call it now. Your mother was willing enough, and attractive enough. She got to live the lifestyle she never would have been able to otherwise, and we each lived our own lives. In private." he finished pointedly.

"You were an accident. One of your mother's teenage conquests" Mareno told the weeping Carla. He turned to Monica, "Mexican gardener, wasn't it?"

He lifted Sammy's phone.

"Regardless, our contract has been broken. So get out."

"What about your cover?" Monica said, attempting her former haughtiness.

"Times have changed in twenty years Monica," Tony explained, "Homosexuality is no longer the leprosy it used to be, even in business. I no longer need you. When I 'come out' I'll be heralded as a hero. You will be forgotten.

"You may keep the clothes you're wearing. But that is all. Get out before I have Luca take you out." He nodded toward his ever-present body guard and henchman, Luca, who stood by the door looking like an armoire wearing a gray suit.

Monica turned and left the room, leaving her trembling daughter behind. Freda stepped up to her.

"Carla," she said in a quiet voice. The teenage girl looked at her without seeing the slender twelve year old, "Come with me, Sweetie," Freda said, taking Carla's elbow and guiding her after her retreating mother. Freda slipped an arm around Carla's waist as the left.

Sammy stood.

"You should stay, I think."

The boy looked at Mareno.


"I said you should stay," he said, pointedly, "Come here." The man sat still and watched as Sammy sauntered around the desk, his arrow hips rolling as he walked on his heels.

"I'll bring him home," Tony said dismissively to Jane. Sammy's mother smiled and headed after the others.

"Of course," she said, closing the door behind her.

- - - - -

Monica stood on the stone porch of her house. Her former house. A cool breeze made her fold her arms over her flat stomach, hugging herself. She felt her nipples harden under the ribbed tank top she wore, along with the tight back stretch pants and black high heels that constituted her entire wardrobe. Her long, thick, black hair moved sluggishly in the sporadic wind, dragging thin tendrils across her dun-skinned cheek.

Absorbed in her private thoughts, she didn't hear the approach of her sobbing daughter.

Freda held Carla's shoulders; she felt them shudder as the beautiful, older girl's body shook.

"It's okay, Honey," Freda soothed her, "It'll be alright" Carla turned to look at her, her face an angry dark cloud.

"How would you know, you fuckin' loser!" She shrieked, turning on the diminutive twelve year old. Freda wore a pleated plaid miniskirt skirt that Jane had lent her, and a cropped white t-shirt. White ankle socks and low black heels completed the schoolgirl outfit.

Freda stood back, surprised at the unexpected onslaught.

"You probably set this whole thing up!" Carla continued, "You and that cunt Sammy! Well you just wait, you little four-eyed pig! You'll get yours! I'll get all of you!"

"Shut up, Carla." Monica said. She spoke quietly, but her words cut her daughter off short. The spoiled teenager turned to look at her mother.

"What?" she said, uncomprehendingly.

"You're only embarrassing yourself," Monica explained, "You are not the girl you thought you were. And you are no longer at the top of the food chain." The older woman turned to look at her daughter for the first time since meeting in Tony's office.

"In fact, you aren't on the chain at all. You don't understand yet, but you will need all the help, all the offers of kindness, that you can get."

"But Mom, she -" Carla pointed at Freda, but Monica stopped her.

"It's irrelevant what this girl did or did not do," Monica said, "She is not your problem now. But she may be of assistance. You want to consider that before digging yourself in too deep a hole.

"You must understand - quickly - that your life had changed," Monica went on, "We - you and I - have nothing. No money, no clothes, no place to live, no -" her vice hitched as she swallowed a sob "No car."

"Mom, what are you saying?" Carla asked desperately, "We're - we're homeless?"

"Homeless." Monica repeated, testing the word mentally, "Yes; that's what we are. Homeless."

Carla put her arms around her mother's neck. Monica stood stiffly for a second, then put her hands on her daughter's back, clumsily attempting to return the hug.

Carla moved back and sniffed, looking at Monica. Her mother looked over Carla's shoulder at Freda, who stood watching. Carla turned and saw the girl. Her shoulders slumped.

"I - I'm sorry, Freda," she said haltingly, "I guess I can't afford to turn down anyone's help." She looked at her own feet.

"Even yours."

Freda smiled. "I guess it's a start," she said, turning to smile at Jane as she left the house to join them outside.

"Well, shall we head home?" she asked the group.

"Home?" Monica asked, one thin eyebrow arched elegantly.

"Well you don't think I'm going to just leave you out here by yourselves, do you?" the younger woman asked, hooking Monica's elbow with her forearm.

"Let's get you two settled, then we can head to the mall and work on replacing your wardrobes!" Jane led Monica down the expansive front steps, toward where her car waited in the circular drive.

"But we have no way to pay for any-" Monica began.

"Oh yes you do, Honey!" Jane interrupted, gazing at the taller woman out of the corner of her eye, "Oh yes you do!"

- - - -

Sammy stood in front of Tony Mareno's chair, nervous and excited. The man's dark eyes travelled up and down his slender, twelve year old body.

"Take off the top." The man said. Sammy looked him in the eye and pulled the tube top off over his head, leaving him in his mini skirt and sandals. The boy's nipples hardened in the air-conditioned room.

"Now the skirt."

Sammy glanced at Luca, the stone-silent guard hulking near the door.

"Oh, Luca won't mind, will you, Luca?" Mareno asked the silent sentinel. The six foot six inch tall, broad-shouldered man shook his head back and forth. Once.

"In fact," Mareno added, "Why don't you help the young man out of his skirt, Luca?"

The big man stalked over to stand behind Sammy, who felt dwarfed by the huge bodyguard. His body trembled when he felt the man's big hands on his waist, pulling his tight skirt over his hips and down his legs.

Sammy's hard cock bulged in his thong. Goose bumps covered the boy's thighs and belly. He felt Luca's hot breath on his back as the man stood back up, close behind him.

"Might as well finish," Tony said, glancing down at Sammy's crotch. Luca gripped the underwear in both hands, one over each hip, and pulled, parting the garment in two halves.

Sammy moaned at the display of virility. His hard cock stood out in front of him, wagging with the motion of his hips.

'Well, I think I'd like to have my cock sucked," Mareno announced, "Would you like to have your cock sucked, Luca?"

Sammy looked over his bare shoulder to see the mute man nod, and smiled nervously at Tony Mareno, watching the man unzip his fly and release a seven inch cock.

Sammy dropped to his knees and took Mareno's cock in his small hand, pumping it slowly and gazing at the hard rod.

Sammy loved cock, and wanted to enjoy looking at this one before putting it to use. It was dark, like Mareno, straight and thick. A delicate tracery of veins bulged under the tightly stretched skin. Sammy felt them when he slid his fist up and down the hard shaft. The man's balls moved sluggishly, in rhythm with his pumping hand.

The naked twelve year old heard rustling behind him, and knew that Luca was removing his slacks.

Mareno reach out and put his hand on Sammy's head, pulling the boy forward. Sammy smiled and opened his mouth, taking the man's thick cock between his lips. He heard a low groan from Mr. Mareno, and swirled his tongue around the head of the man's thick cock, dipping the tip into his piss hole.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!" the man groaned, "You're a great cock-sucker, you know that, kid?"

Sammy moaned and sucked harder on the thick pole in his mouth in reply. He cupped Mareno's hairy balls in one warm hand while slowly pumping his hard cock with the other.

Mareno enjoyed Sammy's attentions for a few minutes, letting his fingers run through the boy's long, soft hair before guiding his head back, gently removing his spitty cock from Sammy's mouth.

"Turn around," he directed. Sammy smiled and turned.

And stopped, staring.

As he had expected, Luca stood behind him, naked from the waist down. The man's legs were long and muscular, deeply tanned and hairless.

But Sammy only saw this peripherally. His attention was riveted on the enormous cock hanging between the bodyguard's thighs. Sammy gaped at the long, vein-covered shaft. He looked up at Luca, dumbfounded, and saw the man grinning down at him, knowingly.

Sammy had seen a lot of cocks in his young life. A lot of cocks.

This was by far the longest erection he had ever seen. Wider than Mr. Mareno's seven inch member, Luca's tool was easily ten inches long. Behind its incredible length were a huge pair of balls, shaved smooth, like the man's legs. In fact, his groin was entirely hairless. Sammy looked at the solid monster and reached out toward it, mesmerized. He could feel the heat of the thing before his hand even reached it.

Sammy moaned when his fingers closed around the middle of the beautiful, dusky shaft. He held it loosely, siding his fingers up and down the full length, enjoying the silky feel of the cock's skin under his fingertips. He felt the man's warm balls against the side of his hand when his fist reached the bottom of the long cock, and he watched them move sluggishly when he pulled back on the hot pole.

He looked up at the man again, as if asking permission to proceed. Luca seemed to know what was on the boy's mind. He nodded and said, "Go ahead, Baby."

Sammy smiled gratefully and opened his pink lips, leaning forward while holding Luca's remarkably heavy cock in his hand to guide it toward his eager mouth.

The head of Luca's cock felt soft and sweet on his tongue. Pre-cum leaked into his mouth, and he swallowed, feeling the warm slime slide across his tongue and down his throat. Sammy was surprised at the volume of the clear liquid, wondering how much cum there would be when the monster squirted.

He hoped it would be in his mouth when it happened.

Sammy's four inch erection twitched at the thought, and a thin, clear line leaked from his piss hole and dripped to the floor between his knees.

"Man," Luca gasped, "Kid's got a hot mouth!"

"Right?" Mareno replied from behind Sammy, "Definitely an experienced cock-sucker." He put a heavy hand on Sammy's head and tousled his hair as the twelve year old sucked the bodyguard's cock.

"Touch his balls, kid," Mareno directed, "Feel those big eggs," Sammy lifted his other hand to Luca's balls, cupping the large orbs in his palm and rolling them gently with his fingers. The wrinkled skin of the man's scrotum was soft and warm. His testicles were large and hard.

The horny boy moaned when he felt Mareno's hands on his body. The man leaned forward and held Sammy's chest from behind, pulling and twirling his hard nipples between his fingertips.

One hand stayed on his chest while the other slid down Sammy's flat belly to his crotch. He felt Mr. Mareno breathing in his ear and felt his big hand closing around his leaking cock.

He moaned around the big shaft in his mouth as the man started masturbating him, slowly pulling his hard cock.

Mareno kissed Sammy's neck, nibbling the soft, tender skin of the boy's throat.

"I can't wait to feel that hot ass on my cock," he murmured, moving the hand on Sammy's chest to his bare ass and squeezing the firm round cheeks. Sammy moaned again when her felt Mr. Mareno's middle finger slide between his ass cheeks and tease his tight pink anus.

"Mmmmm, yeah," the man moaned, "Right there!" Sammy felt Mareno's finger push into his asshole and gasped around Luca's thick cock.

"Oh, God!" he gasped, letting the he cock fall from his slack lips. The twelve year old rested his cheek against the spit-slicked cock and lifted his hips to ease Mareno's access to his ass. He pushed back against the invading finger, fucking himself on the long, thin digit.

Mareno put his hands on Sammy's hips and guided him to a crouch, standing on his feet, bent at the waist, facing Luca's big cock. Tony slid open a desk drawer and withdrew a tube of lubricant, which he always had handy. Sammy looked over his shoulder, his fist still gripping the long rod, while Mareno squeezed out a line of shiny liquid and returned his finger to the twelve year old's asshole.

Sammy moaned at the slick penetration, and reached between his legs to fondle the man's balls with his fingers while Mareno spread more lube on his thick cock.

Tony pulled Sammy back and held his hard cock ready. Sammy whined as his asshole was penetrated by the hard rod. The sharp pain was a total turn-on to the submissive little slut.

Tears welled in Sammy's eyes when the seven inch pole fully penetrated his asshole. Sammy felt Mareno's warm balls touching his own, and knew he had reached bottom

Luca took Sammy's face in his hands and pushed his cock back into the twelve year old's wet mouth. Sammy rocked back and forth on the thick cock in his ass, gradually growing accustomed to the hot rod.

Tony watched the young slut slobbering on Luca's huge tool and smiled. What a hot, beautiful, sexy kid! Tony had fucked a lot of underage ass in his day, but this kid was something special.

He would have to work on getting regular access to this boy's ass.

Sammy moaned in disappointment when Mareno pushed upward on his hips, sliding his hot cock from the boy's clutching asshole.

"Your turn, Buddy," Tony said to Luca. Sammy looked up at the smiling man, hesitantly.

"Uh..." he said, unsure that he could take the long cock up his ass.

"Don't worry, Sweet Thing, the handsome man assured him, "You can take it," He took the boy's narrow shoulders in his big hands and pulled him to his feet. Sammy tipped his head back as Luca leaned in and kissed him. He moaned into the man's mouth and sucked his thick tongue as he had sucked his cock.

Mareno stood and pressed his body against Sammy's. The boy pulled his lips off of Luca's, reluctantly, and turned to meet Mareno's mouth with his.

Sammy was sandwiched between the taller, broader men, dwarfed and dominated by their size and personalities. He groaned when Luca's huge hand closed on his small cock, which leaked clear fluid on the man's palm.

"Lie down," Tony said thickly. He pushed aside a pile of papers aside to clear space on his desk, and Sammy lay on his back with his legs parted.

Luca stepped between the boy's soft, pale thighs and lifted his knees with hands under his legs. Pressing his legs back, the big bodyguard folded the twelve year old's thin body in half, leaving his asshole spread and ready.

Mareno moved around to the other side of the desk, where Sammy's head hung over the wood top. The boy was watching Luca's huge cock as the man applied a generous amount of lubricant to it. He looked nervous.

Tony bent and kissed Sammy's soft, pink lips.

"You'll take it," he told the boy, "It'll feel great. Trust me," the man smiled, and Sammy gazed lustfully into his handsome, dark eyes.

"Ohhh!" Sammy cried, when he felt Luca's thick cock head probing his slick anus. Mareno put a hand on his chest, rubbing and pulling his nipples as the other man's long, hard cock forced its way past his resilient sphincter and into his ass.

"AAaaahhhhh!" Sammy yelled. The pain was intense, and tears ran from his big soft eyes, down the sides of his head.

Tony's lips met his, and the man's long tongue invaded Sammy's mouth.

The boy panted his pain into the Tonys mouth as Luca continued to force his long cock into the small boy's asshole. Mareno took hold of Sammy's wrists and held his arms down to the desktop, next to his shoulders.

"Here," Tony offered, "This'll take your mind off the pain," he smiled down at the boy and pushed his cock between Sammy's wet lips. The boy sucked the cock desperately, moaning as Luca pulled his long shaft out and shoved it back in, going deeper with each forward thrust.

Sammy's body rocked with the motion of the tall man's thick cock sliding in and out of his asshole. His legs were splayed wide and apart. Luca increased the pace of his thrusts as Sammy's asshole loosened and became accustomed to the girth and length of his rod.

"Oh!' the boy gasped letting his lips slip from Mareno's spitty cock, "Oh, my God! Fuck me!" he stared at Luca with glazed eyes, a look of stunned lust on his pretty, twelve year old face.

Mareno rubbed his slimy cock against the boy's cheek, leaving a smear of Sammy's own saliva on his red-cheeked face. Luca smiled down at him and gripped the boy's narrow hips, holding his body steady as he rammed his long cock deep into Sammy's ass. Sammy's big eyes flew open, feeling the man's cock deeper than he had felt another. His small, hard cock leaked clear slime on his abdomen, bobbing with the force of Luca's thrusts.

Mareno put a heavy hand on the side of Sammy's head and pushed it to the side, guiding his cock to the boy's lips. Sammy moaned and whined while he was filed with cock in both holes. His young naked body was coated in sweat.

Tony reached down and took a nipple in each hand, pulling and twisting them, drawing a cry from the twelve year old that buzzed on his cock.

"Yeah, that's it!" he encouraged Sammy while yanking and twisting his hard pink nipples, "Yell, Baby! That feels awesome!" Tony looked at Luca, and the two men smiled over the doubly impaled body of the young boy between them.

"Gonna cum in his as or his mouth?" Mareno asked. Sammy moaned loudly and waved his arms for attention.

Mareno slipped his cock from the boy's lips.

"Mouth!" he gasped, "Please! Cum in my mouth!"

Mareno shrugged at his employee and smiled. Luca pulled his cock slowly from Sammy's asshole and stepped back while Tony helped the boy to a sitting position on the desk. The twelve year old smiled tiredly at Luca, who guided him to the floor on his knees as Mareno moved around the desk to stand in front of Sammy, next to Luca.

Sammy took both thick rods in his hands and pulled them while taking Luca's slimy cock in his mouth. It was still hot from his ass, and Sammy moaned happily. He loved ass-to-mouth sex. It was so nasty!

Switching, he slurped Mr. Mareno's cock into his mouth while pumping Luca's longer shaft in his hand. Sammy's fist looked tiny wrapped around the huge rod.

Opening his mouth wide, Sammy tipped his head back and jerked both cocks at his face.

Luca took his cock from Sammy's fist,. It was too small to effectively masturbate him, so he pumped his long shaft and aimed the fat head at Sammy's lower lip.

With a deep, low groan, Luca tilted his head back as his cock spit a thick glob of white cum onto Sammy's tongue. The next shot exploded from the big hole at the end, surprising the boy and making him jerk as it hit the back of his throat. Three more long ropes of semen spurted out across Sammy's face, leaving thick trails of slime from his chin to his forehead.

The rest dribbled thickly onto Sammy's tongue.

Before Luca's cock had stopped dripping, Mareno's pole swelled and shot more sperm on the boy's face. His load was smaller than the other man's, but Sammy lapped at the semen as it shot from the thick shaft, taking the drooling head in his mouth to capture the last dribbles of cum.

The twelve year old smiled and swallowed while the two men spread their seed on his cheeks and forehead with the heads of their softening cocks. He lapped at their cock heads when they came near his mouth, trying to capture as much of their semen as he could.

- - - - -

Sammy sat on Tony Mareno's lap, still nude, while the man kissed him and played with his hard, leaking cock.

"You wanna cum now, Baby?" the man murmured against Sammy's full, wet lips.

"Uh - huh!" the boy grunted. He held as still as he could while the man enjoyed teasing his penis. His hips moved in short jabs. He couldn't help it. Mr. Mareno had been masturbating him for half an hour. His little cock was red and sore, and he was desperate to cum.

"I don't know..." Mareno mused, causing Sammy to groan in disappointment.

"I can't decide if I want to watch you spurt all over, or if I want you to cum in my mouth." He continued to play with the suffering boy's cock idly as he stared into space, thinking.

"Oh, oh, please!" Sammy whined, "Please can I cum?"

Mareno kissed him deeply, his thick tongue filing the boy's mouth.

"Of course," he said, a thin line of saliva connected their lower lips, "As long as you agree to be mine!"

"Yours?" the boy asked, panting.

"Be my toy" Mareno explained, "My sex toy. Whenever I want you."

"Oh! Yes!" Sammy said, kissing the man, "Always! Whenever you want me!" The twelve year old had lost track of the number of times he had made that promise. And kept it.

He would eagerly add this man to the list of people who could command him, at their whim, to service them sexually.

The boy loved sex, and loved being dominated and told what to do.

The more the merrier.

"Excellent," the olive-skinned man said. He pumped Sammy's cock at an increased pace, until his thin body stiffened and his cock shot a thin arc of semen into the air. The first explosion was followed by a few more white sprays of cum, which landed on the wood floor at Mareno's feet.

"Mmmmm," Tony said, hugging the boy's shuddering body to his with a strong arm around his narrow shoulders.

"That's my boy," he murmured, "That's my boy...."

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