Sammy, Part 18

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Published: 14-Jun-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

Connor walked up the wide front stairway to the Mareno's high, double front door. He pushed the brass lion's head and heard an echoing, Westminster chime through the oak doors. Long seconds later, the resonant lack of heels on marble could be heard as well.

The door opened, and Monica Mareno, Carla's beautiful, statuesque mother stood looking at the fifteen year old. She wore a black leather bustier, laced in front showing two inches of her chest and stomach through the criss-crossed strings. On her long legs, sheer black stockings clung without a garter belt. A small black thong and thigh-high boots with five inch heels completed the sexy outfit

"Strip," she told the boy. Connor stared at her for a second, then pulled his t-shirt off over his head and pushed his shorts down and off. He took his phone from his pocket and held it in his palm while the older woman looked him over. The teenager's cock swelled under her stern gaze.

"Come," she commanded, turning to lead the naked teen into the house. He watched her full, round ass sway with her hips as he followed her. Her thick, black hair hung in waves to the middle of her back.

Connor stared at the smooth, olive skin of her ass and the backs of her upper thighs and his cock swelled to full attention.

- - - -

Jane walked up to the rickety steps of the dilapidated house at the address Max had given her. The whole neighborhood looked almost deserted, with most of the houses boarded up and with weedy, dusty yards. This house was no different. The wooden steps creaked under her high heels as she ascended to the leaning, peeling porch. At least no one could see her, topless as she was, since the street was deserted.

Well, almost.

She turned at a squeaking sound and saw a homeless man in a heavy wool coat, pushing an old shopping cart in the hot sun. Jane knocked on the door. Bare wires hung from a hole in the exterior wall where a bell once must have been.

Then the derelict saw her. The cart veered toward the porch where she stood, bouncing and skittering along the pot-hole pocked asphalt. She knocked again on the door, more urgently, as the stranger approached.

He was part way up the cracked front walk when the door cracked open, and Jane pushed her way inside, surprising the black teenager who had opened the door.

"Wow!" she breathed, turning to look through the filthy pane of glass in the door at the homeless man, who was moving away slowly and muttering to himself, "That was close! Thanks!" Jane turned to address the youth, who stood staring at her.

He was about fourteen or fifteen, muscular, wearing a pair of baggy, loose jeans and paisley boxer shorts that showed above them.

"I'm Jane," she said breathlessly, looking up and down at his toned, athletic body, "Is Max here?"

"Uh - not yet," the boy answered. His eyes moved from Jane's face to her bare breasts, and back, "But you can come in and wait for him," he said slowly.

"No need to wait," Jane said as she followed the teenager into the dimly lit house, "I came to fuck, so we might as well get started!"

She stopped when she reached the main room of the first floor. The horny woman saw a dozen black teenagers, from about thirteen to sixteen years old, sitting around smoking weed and bullshitting. Her nipples hardened when she looked at the beautiful bodies and faces of the young teens.

"Wow!" she breathed, "Is this all for me?"

Some of the boys rose to their feet, looking surprised, and interested.

"Uh, guys!" the first young man said, "This lady's here to meet Max - who ain't here yet. So she's gonna hang and party with us 'til he gets here!"

Confused looks and knowing smiles passed over the handsome faces of the teenagers. Some muttered to others, and Jane was greeted with welcoming smiles all around.

"Well come on in, Baby!" a tall thin boy said, stepping up to her. He put his arms around Jane's waist and pulled her to him, bending to kiss her as she lifted her face and opened her mouth.

- - - -

"Sit," Monica demanded upon entering a first floor bedroom. Connor obeyed, planting his ass on the edge of the bed.

"Wait here until I return," she commanded, and left through a side door.

Connor waited a few seconds, then stood and placed his phone on a table with an uninterrupted view of the four poster bed, partially hidden by a silk plant. He set the phone to record video and left it on its side, recording.

He resumed his seat on the edge of the bed just before Monica's return. She carried a black leather bag, which she set on the bed next to the muscular, naked teenager. She unzipped the bag and took out a black leather cuff, with a long chrome chain attached. She fastened the cuff on Connor's left wrist, then took out another for his right wrist.

"Lie down," she demanded. Connor slid backward and lay on his back with his arms over his head while Monica fastened the chains from the cuffs to hooks on the bed's posts, leaving his arms stretched over his head and apart.

Monica withdrew a long, thin bottle. She poured amber oil on Connor's chest and belly, then set the bottle aside and spread the slick fluid around his naked body, spending time to pinch and pull on his nipples.

By the time she reached his cock, it was hard and leaking, and his breath was coming in short gasps. She took the long, white tool in her hand and stroked it slowly, watching the oil as it oozed between her fingers and his cock. She squeezed the head, rubbing the end with her thumb.

Connor's body jerked in response, his legs twitching as she massaged the sensitive tip of his cock.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" the bound teen gasped. The feeling was so intense it was almost painful.

"Hold still!" Monica barked. She put a hand on Connor's slick chest and continued to manipulate his erection, drawing moans and gasps of passion from the uncomfortable teen.

She stopped and looked at the naked, sweating boy, lying with tears in his eyes. She smiled and pulled off her thong, exposing a shaved bush, in the shape of a lightning bolt, with the point touching the hood over her clit.

The statuesque woman climbed onto the bed and lifted a long, shapely leg to straddle Connor's head. She looked down at him as she settled her denuded pussy over his face.

"Eat me," she said. Connor opened his mouth to receive her sex, sliding his tongue into the damp folds of her pussy. Monica rubbed her pussy against the boy's mouth, moving her hips in slow circles as Connor struggled to keep his tongue I contact with her wet interior.

He smelled her musk as Monica's wetness smeared his lips, china and nose, gasping for breath whenever possible. He felt her palms pressing against his lower abdomen, where she leaned against him with stiff arms, and heard her panting her passion as she rode him.

Monica grasped the teenager's long cock and pulled it slowly, feeling an orgasm approaching. She felt the heat of his shaft against her slick palm, and watched as his balls moved up and down sluggishly, with the motion of her stroking fist.

With her other hand, the beautiful older woman reached for her captive's scrotum, gripping the soft sac in a tight fist and pulling upward slowly.

Her body shivered at the vibrations of his groans against her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and squeezed Connor's balls, grinding harder against his mouth as he writhed and cried into her cunt.

A slow smile curved her sensuous, botoxed lips.

- - - -

"Whew!" Jane gasped. She stepped away from Leon, the muscular fifteen year old who had opened the door for her, and wiped her wet lips with the back of her hand after kissing him. The topless woman had been passed around to five different teenagers so far, being kissed, held, and fondled as the youths experienced her mouth. She was lightheaded and horny. Her nipples ached, and her pussy leaked as she turned to see another tall, handsome boy, ready for a kiss.

Jane melted into his strong arms, feeling her skirt being tugged over her hips and down her long, slender legs to the floor. She lifted her heel-clad feet one at a time as the garment was pulled away, and wrapped her arms around the neck of the teen she was kissing. She pressed her body against his, feeling hands caressing her back, hips, legs and butt.

She moaned into the boy's mouth when long, thin fingers slid between her legs to slide over her slick labia. Another hand slid between her body and the teenager's to fondle her breast.

When the kiss broke, Jane allowed herself to be turned and pushed gently to her knees on the stained, threadbare carpet. She looked around to see that many of the boys had pulled off their pants, leaving her surrounded by a forest of young black cock. Her pussy gushed when she reached out for two of the long, veiny poles while leaning forward to take another into her wet mouth.

Sucking one cock, fondling two others, the horny woman felt fingers between her legs, stroking her clit and pussy slit, rubbing her thighs, and even poking into her anus.

She moaned lustily as she switched from sucking the first cock to the one in her left hand as more boys crowded around her for a turn at her mouth.

- - - -

"Eat my pussy, Whore!" Monica snarled. She gripped Connor's hard cock in one fist and twisted ball sac in the other. He yelled and moved his head back and forth, rubbing his lips against the woman's clit and ramming his tongue into her wet hole, trying to bring her off and end the torture of his balls.

She didn't hurt him enough to cause his erection to subside, just enough to make him uncomfortable. She was a master at this game. Keeping him at a constant level of discomfort, with frequent jabs of real pain, while teasing his cock and keeping him horny.

It was a mental game she had practiced over the years, with many such partners his age.

Monica slid forward on Connor's face, pressing her dark, wrinkled anus against his lapping tongue. The boy jabbed his wet tongue past the woman's sphincter and into her rectum. She pushed backward, forcing more of the thin pink organ into her rear hole, moaning lustily and she pulled and squeezed his cock.

"Suck my ass, Slave!" she hissed, pulling on his balls and making him scream into her asshole. She smiled, and moved backward, settling her clit over his mouth. The teenager sucked it hard as she pulled slowly and teasingly on his oily, red cock.

Connor felt her pussy growing wetter against his tongue as she came. She squeezed his head between her strong thighs and he felt her body vibrating against his tongue.

The tall woman settled her ass harder against her captive's face, making breathing difficult. Her ass cheeks pressed against either side of his nose, cutting off his airway.

His naked body thrashed, his legs kicking and his arms straining against his bonds while the woman rode his face to a powerful orgasm. He heard the muffled sounds of her passion past her thighs, and hoped the sensation wouldn't last too long, so he would be allowed to breathe.

- - - -

Jane moaned loudly as she settled on the cock of the handsome boy lying on the floor under her. She straddled his hard cock and slid downward, taking the long black pole deep into her welcoming pussy. She grunted when she hit bottom, his cock penetrating deep inside her. Looking up, she smiled as a group of horny teens gathered around, their cocks hard and ready. She took one in each hand, feeling their heat against her palms and fingers. The horny woman opened her mouth as another boy stepped forward and closed her lips around his leaking rod. The stranger took her head in his strong hands and fucked her mouth. She tipped her head back and opened her throat to let the boy push his cock deep, until his warm, soft balls rested against her spitty chin.

Drool ran over her lower lip. A foamy mass hung from her chin, swaying back and forth in rhythm with the teenager's thrusts into her mouth, until it fell to the floor to soak into the dirty carpet.

When he came, the boy fucking Jane's throat pulled his cock back until the tip rested on her tongue. She moved her lips and tongue n his cock as it drooled a warm, slimy pool of cum on her tongue.

Jane swallowed happily, smiling at the boy as he stepped away.

"Next!" she called.

- - - -

Connor groaned as Monica settled her hot cunt over his cock, slowly. She raised and lowered her hips, massaging the head of his cock with her pussy, enveloping the first inch of his cock in the warm, wet folds of her inner labia.

"Does that feel god, Slave?"" she murmured, smiling as she teased him.

"Uhh, mm-hmm!" the boy grunted. He moved his hips up and down, trying to fuck the woman, to penetrate deeper into her pussy.

She smiled coolly and dug her long-nailed fingers into his pectoral muscles, painfully.

"Aaarrgghh!" he cried, his body stiffening under her.

"Lie still, Boy," Monica spat, "I'm using you. Not the other way around. I will let you cum if I feel like it, but that isn't why you are here, understand?"

"Uh, yes, Ma'am!" Connor gulped when she released her grip on his chest.

"Good," she said, resuming her slow, shallow, tortuous ride on the handsome ten's long, thick cock.

Connor was a sweating, gasping mess by the time the older woman finally settled on his lap, having engulfed the length of his rod over a fifteen minute period. She rocked back and forth, rubbing her clit with an index finger while massaging her pussy with his bog cock, too slowly to satisfy her partner. Connor watched as she came, her big tits bouncing on her chest as she rubbed her clit. He felt her pussy gushing on his cock, but the lubrication decreased the friction between his hard-on and the walls of her pussy.

He groaned in frustration as she smiled at him, cruelly.

- - - -

Jane sat on a big black cock, which pummeled her asshole from below. The boy she was riding sat on the rickety couch, which rocked on three legs, with one corner supported insufficiently by a block of wood. Her semen-streaked face was split in a dazed smile as she looked into the handsome face of a naked black thirteen year old, who crouched in front of her and held his five inch erection aimed at her gaping pussy. The slimy hole leaked semen onto the bouncing testicles of the boy sitting under her.

Jane smiled and tipped her head back for a kiss, moaning at the entry of the boy's hard cock into her slick pussy. Her lips slid against the boy's on a glaze of semen, deposited there by the seven cocks she had sucked off. When she panted in his face, he smelled his friends' cum.

"Oh, fuck me, Baby!" Jane gasped in his ear, "Fuck my hot cunt!"

The boy complied eagerly, slamming his thin rod into her cunt while his friend did the same to her well-used asshole.

Jane clutched the boy to her sweating body as he came. The sounds of his gasping and grunting pushed her over the edge, and her pussy gripped his as she shared an orgasm with him.

When he pulled out, he cupped his palm under her leaking cunt and caught some of the combined loads of semen in his palm. He smiled as he raised his hand to Jane's lips and she slurped the warm slimy mixture of bodily fluids between her shiny pink lips.

The boy beneath her groaned, and she felt his cock pulsing as his balls emptied into her ass, flooding her bowels with warm sperm. A thin white trickle left her anus as she was dragged back to the floor and surrounded by half a dozen cocks being jerked at her face.

- - - -

Monica released Connor's hard, red cock and let it fall to his abdomen with a wet smack. He whined and raised his hips, fucking the air futilely in his desire to cum. Monica had been playing with his dripping cock for half an hour, keeping him on the edge of an orgasm he didn't even know if she would allow him to have.

She cupped his balls in her palm and slowly closed her fingers around the abused, swollen sac, and he groaned as the pressure became uncomfortable.

She did this whenever she felt he was too close to cumming. The pain forced back the feelings of orgasmic pleasure he felt building in his throbbing cock.

Tears of frustration leaked from the fifteen year old's eyes.

Monica crawled over his sweating, straining body until she was poised on hands and knees over his prone from. She looked into his eyes and whispered.

"You want me to let you cum, don't you, Slave?"

Connor gasped and wined, nodding.

"Then beg," she demanded.

"Please!" the boy gasped, "Please let me cum. Uh, mistress. Please let your slave cum!"

He had played this game with her before. Master and slave. Dominant and submissive.

She was really good at it.

The woman smiled and moved to the side, releasing the leather cuff from around Connor's left wrist.

"You may finish yourself off, Slave," she relented.

Connor gripped his pulsing rod clumsily in his left fist. He was right-handed, so it was difficult to jerk off.

Monica knew this, of course, and watched his poor progress with a satisfied smile on her beautiful face.

Finally, he gasped, and his cock spurt a long, thick rope of semen into the air to land on his sweating belly with an audible splat. Two more thin jets of semen were ejected from his cock, followed by broad runnels of white cream that dripped and ran over his moving fingers to pool at the base of his pulsating cock.

Monica climbed from the bed and turned to leave.

"I trust you can find your way out," she said, not looking at him as she swept through the door.

Connor fumbled open the other cuff with his left hand and rose slowly from the bed. Not finding tissues, he lifted the coverlet and used the white sheet underneath to clean the sperm for his chest and stomach.

He hurried to his phone to check the video and smiled in satisfaction.

The sated teen walked through the grand front hallway whistling, to retrieve his clothes from the porch and head home.

- - - -

Jane's face was glazed with the semen from the last six boys, who had treated her to a bukkake scene The warm slime dripped from her chin onto her bare chest. She stumbled through the front door on her pink heels, naked. Her skirt had disappeared, but she no longer cared.

She wondered where Max was, and why he had missed the gang bang.

But her concern for the teen was replaced by concern for herself when she heard a familiar rattling behind her and turned to see the homeless man she had barely escaped earlier, trundling his cart around the corner of the house toward her.

He hadn't left, he had just been waiting for the naked woman to emerge from the house.

Jane headed for her car, stumbling in her heels on the cracked concrete walk, as the derelict abandoned his cart and headed toward her at a shambling run.

She almost made it.

She was reaching for the handle of the car when she felt the large man's body fall against hers, crushing her to the door of the vehicle. She felt her breasts pressing against the smooth, warm window glass and struggled to breathe as his heavy form squeezed her naked body. When she did gasp for breath, she was almost sorry she had.

His body odor was terrible.

Jane struggled vainly against her larger, stronger attacker. She felt his arm against her back, reaching for his pants to loosen them.

She knew he was going to rape her.

But how does one rape the willing? Considering what she had just done, with a house full of strangers, being fucked against the side of a car by a homeless man seemed almost mundane.

Besides, Jane liked to be forced, sometimes. So she relaxed and let her submissive streak take over.

The stranger succeeded in releasing his prick, and Jane felt its fat, warm head rubbing against her pussy lips and anus as he rubbed it between her legs. Both holes were leaking sperm, so the derelict's cock was soon coated in slime, thus easing its entry into her anus.

Jane gasped and moaned at the penetration of the stranger's surprisingly large cock in her ass. She collapsed against the car and let the pressure of the malodorous man's body hold her up as he rammed his cock deep into her rectum.

"Oh, God!" she grunted, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

Unfortunately for the horny woman, the homeless stranger didn't last long.

Probably been awhile since he's gotten laid, Jane thought.

She felt his body go rigid and his cock swelled in her ass before she felt a warm flood in her bowels.

When he was done with her, the man pulled out and turned Jane around roughly, pushing her back against the car.

"Good fuck!" the man said. Jane looked at his craggy, gray-bearded face.

He had been handsome once, she thought. His eyes were light blue, in a nest of wrinkles. His teeth were straight, if unclean.

One was missing.

She winced at the smell of his breath, and he grinned. He held her semen covered face in his hands and leaned in to kiss her. She held her breath as his thick, slimy tongue invaded her mouth. Their lips slid together on a slick coating of sperm.

As gross as it was, Jane's pussy gushed, and her nipples crinkled.

"See ya 'round!" the derelict told her.

He turned and retrieved his shopping cart, not bothering to zip his pants. Jane saw his limp cock dangling out of his fly as he passed her on his way down the deserted street.

Jane climbed slowly into her car, after spreading the emergency blanket she kept in the back on the driver's seat, to catch the sperm leaking from her holes.

She picked up her phone and saw a series of text messages from Max.

She opened them, expecting an explanation for why he hadn't showed up. What she saw surprised her.

"Where ru?' the first message said.

"It's 10:05 bitch u r late!"

"Better call or text, cunt!"

There were several more such messages. She felt her skin prickling as she realized what had happened. She checked the text Max had sent her this morning, with the address she was supposed to go to.

She was at the wrong house!

She had mistyped the street name into her GPS, and it had guided her here. No wonder the boys inside had looked confused.

But they sure had recovered quickly. She smiled. What a happy coincidence!

She sent an apology to Max, knowing she would be in for a punishment fuck soon. That made her wet, too.

Jane drove off, happy and smiling. Naked behind the wheel.

She started speeding, hoping to get pulled over by a handsome, older cop.

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