Sammy, Part 17

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Published: 5-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Jane Hartman stretched, her naked body curving under the sheet as her arms reached over her head. She rolled over and looked at her sleeping son in the bed next to her. The nude mother's hand slid under the sheet to Sammy's chest. Her palm grazed the soft skin there, and she felt the twelve year old's hard nipple under it. She smiled when his eyes fluttered open.

"Hey, Sleepy-head!" she greeted, smiling, "Good morning!"

"'Morning, Mommy," Sammy muttered sleepily.

Jane rose on one elbow and leaned over to kiss Sammy on the lips. The kiss lingered, and he opened his mouth and extended his tongue to meet hers. The kiss grew more and more passionate, and Jane's hand slid from the boy's chest, to his belly, and down to his cock, which had hardened while they kissed.

"Mmmm, that's my boy!" Jane whispered, squeezing her son's erection in her small fist. She smiled and pulled the sheet away, revealing Sammy's thin, naked body. She kissed his neck, moving her lips downward to his collar bone, then his chest, across his stomach and abdomen, until she could take Sammy's hard cock in her mouth.

Sammy moaned softly when he felt his mother's lips and tongue close around his sensitive organ. His hips rose to meet his mother's sucking mouth. Jane held his balls gently in her hand while Sammy fucked her mouth.

She pulled away from the boy's swollen member and licked the short length of his hard cock, teasing the hole at the end of the head with the tip of her tongue.

"Mmmm," he moaned.

"Mommy wants to fuck her baby," Jane said softly. She turned to face Sammy and swung her slender leg over his prone body to lie atop him. She lay flat on Sammy's chest. The boy felt his mother's soft, warm breasts pressing against his chest.

Jane rose to her knees, straddling her son, and reached between her legs to grip his cock, rubbing the sensitive head against her hard clit, spreading the moisture leaking from her pussy on his hard rod.

"Do you like that?" she asked teasingly as he moaned his answer, "Do you like the way Mommy's pussy feels on her baby boy's cock?"

Her perverse, childish words turned the young man on almost as much as the sensation of her sex on his. He moaned and nodded, gasping, and Jane moved his cock to her hole before lowering herself on his hard pole.

"Mmmm," she moaned, "So hot! So hard!"

The sexy mother rocked back and forth, sliding her hips ad fucking herself on her son's cock. She sat up straight so Sammy could reach her chest, and he squeezed Jane's tits and rubbed her hard nipples with his thumbs while she rode him.

"Ohhh, your cock feels so good in Mommy's pussy!" she gasped, holding herself upright with her hands on Sammy's chest.

"I want to fuck your ass too, Mommy," Sammy said. Jane looked down and smiled.

"How'd you like to fuck Mommy's pussy and ass at the same time, Sweetie?" she asked slyly.

Sammy stared up at her, confused.


Jane smiled ad move upward, sliding off her son's cock slowly.

"You wait right there, baby," she said, grinning. Sammy watched her climb from the bed and open a drawer in her nightstand. She withdrew the long plastic, cock-shaped dildo she had used on Sammy, and he looked at it with disappointment.

"You're gonna fuck me?" he asked, wondering what was going on.

"No," Jane replied, "At least not yet" she added with a sexy wink.

"You're going to fuck me!" She sat on the bed next to Sammy and buckled the harness attached to the dildo, adjusting the straps to hold the phallus as tightly to Sammy's hips as possible, nestling the fake cock a couple of inches above his real one.

"Perfect!" Jane declared. She lowered her face to Sammy's crotch and took Sammy's real cock in one hand, and the artificial one in the other. She sucked the fake cock, drooling on it for lubrication, then switched to Sammy's red rod, sucking and licking the little treat. She moved back and forth, pulling on Sammy's cock when she wasn't sucking it.

"Come here, Baby." she said, getting to her hands and knees on the bed next to where Sammy lay.

He clambered up behind her, kneeling between her legs, facing her firm ass. He saw his mother's tiny, wrinkled anus nestled between her round butt cheeks.

"Put it in, Baby!" Jane panted, "Fuck Mommy with that big cock!" Sammy took the seven inch plastic rod in his hand and rubbed the spitty head against his mother's anus, then pressed it in, pushing forward with his hips. He watched the fat plastic head sink slowly into Jane's tight hole, while she moaned and whined.

"Ooooo yeah!" she gasped, dropping her head to the bed and sticking her ass up invitingly, "Shove it in! Fuck Mommy's ass, baby!"

Sammy shoved harder, pressing the thick plastic rod into his mother's asshole until he felt her warm butt cheeks against his abdomen.

"Yeah, that's it!" Jane said, "Now pull out a little and push your cock in my pussy, Sweetie!"

Sammy backed away enough to fit his four inch cock against his mother's slick slit. He pushed forward, plunging his hard cock Inside her pussy as the plastic phallus re-entered her anus.

He pushed back and forth, fucking Jane's pussy. The dildo moved with the motion of his hips, and the woman was double penetrated by her son.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, Baby! Oh my God!" Jane cried, looking over her shoulder at her red-cheeked son.

"Lie down, Baby! Mommy wants to ride your cocks!"

Sammy pulled away and lay on his back. Jane climbed over his hips and held his cock steady while she pressed herself down on the hard rod with her asshole. Sammy groaned at the exquisite sensation of his mother's tight, hot hole on his cock.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned. Jane rode his cock for a few minutes, then gripped the dildo, holding it upright as she rose from her son's lap until his cock popped from her asshole.

She lowered herself onto the dildo, pushing her pussy over the hard plastic cock. She rocked back and forth on the fake phallus for a few minutes, before reaching back for Sammy's hard cock, which she could feel bumping against her ass. She leaned forward and smiled at her son while taking his erection in her hand and guiding the head toward her slick anus.

Mother and son moaned passionately when Jane settle back, pressing her ass down against Sammy's cock and feeling the thin shaft penetrate her anus.

"Mmmm, yeah!" she gasped, "Fuck me, Baby! Fuck Mommy's ass and pussy!"

She bounced up and down on Sammy's lap, taking both hard cocks into her holes at the same time.

Sammy reached for her bouncing breasts, feeling the soft, pliable flesh under his fingers, and her hard nipples against his palms.

He felt his orgasm building, and pushed faster into his mother's ass.

"No, not yet!" Jane said, putting a hand on her son's chest and settling on his cock, reducing the friction of their union.

"I wanna make you cum differently!" She said urgently. She smiled at the boy and rocked back and forth. The dildo slid in and out of her pussy in short jabs as she slid forward and back, until her body stiffened and shuddered in orgasm.

Jane's head tipped back, and her tits jutted out, as she panted through the sensation.

"Oooohhhhh, Baby!" she gasped, looking down at Sammy, "That was awesome! Mommy came so good!" She lay down on top of him and kissed him, tasting his mouth with her tongue. Sammy pushed his cock in and out of her ass, able to penetrate her only an inch or so.

"Mmmm, you wanna cum now, Baby Boy?" Jane asked.

"Yes, Mommy," he replied plaintively.

"Well get ready, then." She said. Jane sat upright, with the fake cock still embedded in her cunt, and reached to unfasten the straps holding the dildo to Sammy's waist. Jane climbed from Sammy's lap, pulling the long plastic rod from her pussy and holding it out for Sammy, who sucked it into his mouth, cleaning his mother's pussy juice from the slick plastic surface.

"Get it good and slippery, Baby," Jane said, "You're gonna need it!" She smiled suggestively, her eyes glittering, and Sammy felt his cock throb in reaction to the look on her pretty face.

Jane pulled the dildo from Sammy's wet mouth and lay on his stomach, her ass pointed at his face and her own face over Sammy's hard red cock. Jane sucked his cock into her hot mouth while pressing a finger into his anus. Sammy moaned and lifted his hips to ease access to his rear hole while Jane fucked him deep and sucked his cock.

Moving lower on his body, Jane hooked her hands under Sammy's thighs and pulled his legs back, pushing her face between his legs. She felt his warm, soft ball sac against her chin as she leaned forward to lap at her son's anus, sliding her long, thin tongue into his rectum, lubricating his asshole. Sammy reached out and held Jane's ass cheeks, spreading the firm soft globes apart to slide a finger into her ass as she tongued his.

Picking up the dildo, Jane sucked it and slobbered on it, getting it slippery with her saliva before pressing the rounded tip against Sammy's slick anus. Sammy moaned as the hard plastic rod was pushed past his sphincter and into his ass. Jane pumped his cock and watched the plastic phalus's progress into his asshole.

Taking her son's cock in her mouth, she watched up close as the plastic rod slid farther and farther into his anus. She pulled it out and pushed it back, driving the dildo deeper with each push.

Sammy moaned and thrashed on the bed, his feet kicking blindly as his mother explored the depths of his rectum with the long, thick rod.

"Oh!" he cried, ""Oh, Mommy! It's so big! Fuck me, Mommy! Fuck my ass with your big cock!"

Jane moaned, and started sliding the dildo in and out, plunging it deep into her son's rectum and pulling it almost all the way out. She sucked hard on his cock and fondled his balls at the same time.

"Oh, Mommy!" the twelve year old boy squealed., "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum, Mommy!"

Jane sucked his cock all the way into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the thin shaft and shoving the dildo as far into his ass as she could. Sammy's ass left the bed as he came, jetting spurts of semen into his mother's sucking mouth.

Jane gripped his cock and pumped it slowly, feeling the spitty shaft throb as Sammy came.

When his cock stopped spurting, Sammy fell back to the bed and lay panting.

Leaving the dildo buried in her son's asshole, Jane turned and lay atop him again, her face above his, their lips and inch apart. She pressed her lips to his, and Sammy opened his mouth.

Jane's lips parted, and a thin runnel of semen slid from her mouth into his. Sammy slurped his sperm into his mouth eagerly, sucking on his mother's tongue when she had finished transferring his load.

Mother and son spent a few minutes swapping the boy's seed back and forth, until Sammy smiled at her and gulped down the white, foamy mixture of sperm and saliva.

Jane grinned at his and kissed his nose.

"Better get cleaned up," she said.

"Okay," Sammy replied dreamily.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"So what's the plan today?" Jane asked Sammy. They sat in the kitchen eating breakfast. Both were still naked, having showered together.

"Connor's coming over," Sammy said.

"Connor!" Jane cried. Her pretty face split into an eager grin, and her eyes sparkled, "Oooo, I like him! He's so handsome!" She looked at Sammy conspiratorially.

"Nice cock, too!" she said.

"He's coming to talk about Carla," he said.

"Oh, her," Jane said, "You two plotting her downfall?" she asked.

"Yeah, kinda."

"Can we fuck him first?" she asked sweetly.

"I guess that's up to him," Sammy replied, smiling.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The door opened, and Connor stepped inside and into Sammy's arms. The boy was naked, except for a pair of four inch pink heels. He pulled Connor to him and kissed him, exploring the handsome teen's mouth with his small pink tongue.

"Hi!" Sammy whispered breathlessly when the kiss broke.

"Hey," Connor replied. His cock swelled in his shorts as he looked into the beautiful boy's big blue eyes.

"Connor!" Jane cried, breaking the spell. Connor looked up as Sammy stepped away to see the boy's mother heading down the hallway toward them. She wore a translucent pink robe that barely reached her ass, and nothing else. The robe was untied, giving Connor an unobstructed view of her naked body.

Jane melted against Connor's muscular body and stood on her bare toes to kiss him. Connor held her body close as they shared their second kiss. She moaned and tipped her head back and forth as she sucked his tongue. Connor's hands slid to Jane's ass, squeezing the firm, warm flesh of her butt cheeks. Jane lifted a leg and hooked it around Connor's thigh, inviting him to explore her ass and pussy with his fingers, which he did.

"Wow!" Jane said when she finally broke the kiss and stepped back, "You're quite a kisser, you know that?" Her nipples were hard as rocks, as was Connor's cock, as indicated by the large bulge in his shorts.

"Ooooo, is that for me?" Jane asked coyly, cupping Connor's balls in one delicate hand and rubbing her palm up and down the length of his cock through his shorts.

"For both of us, you mean." Sammy said, stepping up next to his mother and sliding his hand into the teen's shorts to grip his hard cock in a soft, warm hand.

Jane grinned at her son and dropped to her knees in front of Connor, pulling down his shorts and taking his hard cock from Sammy's hand. She looked up at the tall teen and smiled as she took his hard cock into her warm, wet mouth.

Connor groaned and leaned against the closed front door as Sammy's mother sucked his cock. Sammy kissed him, and reached behind the wrestler to grip his ass, digging his fingers into the gap between his butt cheeks.

Jane sucked his long shaft deep into her mouth, caressing the curved surface with her tongue as her head bobbed back and forth. She cupped Connor's balls in her hand and rolled the oblong orbs in her fingers.

"Oh, fuck!" the teen gasped when Sammy leaned away from their kiss, "You're gonna make me cum soon!"

Jane slid her mouth from the slimy shaft and smiled at the boy.

"Oh, I don't think so," she said, running her tongue along the length of the underside of Connor's cock, "I have plans for this big cock!" She winked at Sammy as she rose to her feet and kissed Connor, still holding his hard cock in her warm hand.

"Come with me," Jane purred, pulling Connor along by his cock. Sammy followed.

Jane led Connor to the living room sofa, where she had him sit. The sexy mother dropped to her knees and resumed sucking on the handsome teenager's hard cock, leaving room for her son to kneel next to her. The naked twelve year old sauntered over, his hips swaying and his hard, four inch cock bobbing as he walked in his heels.

Connor watched the attractive preteen kneel in front of him and smile at his mother, who winked at him with Connor's cock in her mouth. She moved over so Sammy could take Connor's balls in his hand and push them upward and lap at the soft, wrinkled skin with his hot pink tongue.

Connor groaned, watching the mother and son pair sucking his cock and balls.

"Switch?" Sammy asked, and Jane pulled her wet lips from Connor's rod, handing the dripping member to her son, who sucked the hot pole between his soft pink lips, and Jane moved to her feet to kiss Connor. She lifted her right leg and swung it over Sammy's head, straddling Connor's hips while she pressed her lips to the fifteen year old's mouth.

Sammy felt his mother's ass rubbing against his head, and he looked up to see her anus winking at him as she wiggled her butt in his face.

"Be a good boy and shove that big fat cock in Mommy's pussy, Baby!" Jane cooed, looking over her shoulder at her naked son. Sammy grinned back, fisting Connor's hard cock and rubbing the head against the slick folds of his mother's wet pussy. Jane moaned and rose on her knees to give Sammy better access to her cunt.

Sammy pushed Connor's cock toward his mother's hole, and Jane lowered her hips, impaling herself on the long, hot shaft.

Sammy heard her grown, muffled by the fact that her lips were pressed against Connor's. She started raising and lowering her hips, fucking Connor by bouncing in his lap. The middle school boy held Jane's hips to steady her as she rode him.

Sammy cupped the boy's balls, lowering his tongue to the bouncing sac and feeling the soft, warm texture with the pink tip. Jane's ass bumped his forehead, and the boy looked up and extended his tongue as his mothers ass descended, tickling her dark, wrinkled anus. Jane's body shuddered, and she pulled away from Connor's mouth.

"Oooo, lick my ass, Baby!" she encouraged her son, "Lick Mommy's asshole!"

Sammy leaned forward and ran his tongue in circles around the perimeter of Jane's sphincter. She held still while Connor fucked her from below and Sammy rimmed her asshole.

Jane dropped her head to Connor's shoulder, whining as she was serviced by the two boys. She dragged her teeth across Connor's neck, raising goose bumps on his chest and arms.

Sammy put his hands on his mother's ass cheeks, pulling them apart to expose her anus. He slipped his tongue deep into her rear opening, pressing his lips to her ass as he pushed his tongue as far into her interior as he could. He felt her groan vibrate against his tongue, and his cock lurched.

"Oh, fuck my ass, Baby!" Jane gasped. Sammy rose to his knees and held his cock in his hand, lining the head up with his mother's asshole and pressing the thin rod into her anus. He rose to his feet and crouched between Connor's legs, pushing his cock deep into Jane's asshole while Connor fucked her from below.

Jane slumped against Connor's muscular body, pressed between the two boys. She felt full and warm and loved. Sammy breathed against her neck, and Connor panted in her ear as the two boys fucked her holes.

Connor gasped and moaned, and Jane could tell he was close to cumming.

"Mmmm, no!" she protested, pushing her body away from Connor's and causng Sammy to back up.

"Let me down," she gasped, wiggling free of the two cocks impaling her, "I wanna get on the floor!"

Sammy stood back, his hard cock wagging between his thighs as he moved. Jane climbed to the carpeted floor on her hands and knees and lay on her stomach, looking at Sammy over her shoulder.

"Come 'ere, Baby!" she panted, "Come here and fuck Mommy's ass!" Sammy complied, leaving Connor to sit on the couch as he lay atop Jane and guided his cock back to the welcoming warmth of her tight anus.

"Oooo, yeah! That's it!" she cried, "Oh Connor!" she gasped, "Come fuck Sammy while he fucks me! It'll be so hot!"

Connor grinned and got on his hands and knees, holding himself up with his extended left arm so he could use his right hand to guide his long cock toward Sammy's asshole.

The twelve year old whimpered with passion when he felt the hot, thick rod pushing into his ass, and he lay fully on Jane's back. Her thin robe was bunched against her shoulders. Sammy felt the sweaty skin of her back against his belly.

Sammy panted in Jane's ear as Connor started fucking his ass with long, deep strokes. Each forward push drove Sammy's hips forward, forcing his cock deep into Jane's ass. The woman felt the rough texture of the carpet against her bare belly and tits, rubbing her sensitive nipples. She drooled into the rug while Connor fucked Sammy and Sammy fucked her.

"Aahhh, ahhhhh! I'm gonna cum!" Connor announced.

"Oh, cum in our mouths!" Jane grunted, "Let us taste it!" Connor pulled out of Sammy's ass and leaned back on his heels. Sammy disconnected himself from his mother and the two Hartmans turned toward the sexy teen. Jane gripped Connor's cock and jerked it, leaning down to suck the drooling rod into her mouth as her fist pumped the slimy shaft.

Jane and Sammy crouched on their knees, side by side, sharing Connor's cock back and forth. The tall teen looked at them wonderingly. What a hot scene!

He moaned loudly and tipped his head back. His cock lurched in Jane's hand. She slowed the pace of her stroking fist and watched attentively as the long rod spit a thick wad of semen onto Sammy's face.

Moving the spurting member back and forth, Jane sprayed hers and her son's face with warm jets of cum. Connor looked down at the perverse scene and groaned lustily. He continued to stare as the mother and son kissed, licking his sperm from each other's face and sharing the slime between them.

If he hadn't just cum, the scene would have had him hard in seconds.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Well, I guess I need to get cleaned up again!" Jane declared, heading for the stairs "And I think I'll take a nap, whew!"

Connor smiled, watching her climb the stairs, humming to herself.

"Your Mom's awesome," Connor said, sitting on the couch and pulling Sammy into his lap. He put one muscular arm around the twelve year old's shoulder, while grabbing the boy;s hard, four inch erection in the other hand.

"Yeah, she's pretty special," Sammy said dreamily, leaning against Connor's shoulder as the handsome teen masturbated him.

Soon, Sammy was panting toward an orgasm, his hips rising and falling in rhythm with Connor's pumping hand.

"Oh, oh - ahhhhhhh!" Sammy cried. His back arched and his thin body stiffened when his cock spit a long, thin stream of cum into the air. The glistening line of semen landed on Connor's chest, streaking his belly, too.

A few weak dribbles of clear slime followed the initial eruption, the volume of his ejaculation reduced by his earlier orgasm.

When his orgasm subsided, Sammy smiled at Connor and kissed him.

"Thanks," he said. The naked twelve year old slid to his knees in front of the teen and lapped his sperm from Connor's chest and belly.

The boys turned at the sound of feet on the stairs. They saw Jane, her hair wet from the shower, wearing a hot pink miniskirt and five inch pink heels, but nothing else.

"I thought you were taking a nap?' Sammy said as Jane reached the front door.

"Max texted me!" she said breathlessly, "He set up a gangbang with some of his friends. I don't know when I'll be back. Bye!" She hustled out the door and to her car, topless.

"Wow!" Connor said, a bemused smile on his face.

"Yeah," Sammy replied, "She's a real force when she's horny!" He looked up at Connor from between the teenager's knees.

"Now," he said, licking the remaining semen from his full, pink lips, "Tell me about Carla's mother."

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