Sammy, Part 16

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Published: 31-May-2013

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"Thanks again, Mrs. Hartman," Freda said as she climbed into the front seat of Jane's car.

"Not at all, Sweetheart," Jane said kindly, patting the girl's bare thigh. She waited until the other girl got in the back with Sammy before putting the car in gear and returning her hand to Freda's leg.

"Hi, Honey!" Jane addressed the pretty blonde thirteen year old sitting next to Sammy. "I'm Jane!" she turned to Freda.

"And it's Jane to you too, Sweetie," she said, running her hand up and down Freda's soft thigh.

"Okay," the twelve year old girl said, smiling, "Jane."

"What's your name, Beautiful?" Jan asked, looking at the girl in the rear view mirror.

"Monica," the girl replied, "Thanks for giving me a ride."

"My pleasure, Honey," Jane said, her hand still on Freda's leg.

"Now why don't you tell me what happened, Sweetie?" she asked the girl.

Freda told her about Carla, and how the older girl had made her go tell Monica she had to leave the party. How Freda hadn't had the heart to tell Monica - a girl she barely knew - that Carla had said that Monica was too fat to wear the skirt she had on.

"What?" Sammy gasped. He turned to Monica.

"That's not true!" He cried, "Monica, it's not true! You have lovely legs!" He stopped, realizing that he may have said too much.

"Oh, sorry," he said, looking away bashfully, "I just mean, you shouldn't..."

"Thank you, Sammy," Monica said, laying a warm hand on top of his.

"Well he's right, Honey!" Jane said through the mirror, "You look amazingly sexy in that skirt!" Monica smiled shyly and blushed.

"I already told Monica about the real reason," Freda said, "but I couldn't at the time"

Freda had told Monica that Carla was jealous of how good she looked, which may have been closer to the truth, and had left with the pretty blond girl.

"I never should have gone to that stupid party anyway," Monica said bitterly, "I wouldn't have, except my friend Olivia was supposed to go."

"Yeah," Freda said mournfully from the front seat, ""I shouldn't have, either." She turned in her seat to look at Sammy.

"I'm so sorry, Sammy," she cried, tears leaking from under her big glasses, "I should have listened to you. I should have known you were right, after how Carla and her friends treated you."

Sammy put his hand on Freda's, where it rested on the seat back.

"It's okay, Freda," he consoled the girl, "I understand. You just had to find out for yourself. Just like I did." He smiled wryly at Freda, who grinned back gratefully.

"Oh, Sammy," she sighed, "I love you!"

"I love you too, Sweetie," Sammy said.

"I just wish you could have stayed long enough to get the video wanted," he added wistfully.

"Oh!" Freda said, sitting up and brightening, "I did! I think I did!" She fished her phone out of her bra and turned it on, flipping to the saved videos. She started one and handed it to Sammy.

The video image was a gray blur, having been recorded from the inside of Freda's sports bra, but the sound - though muffled - was clear enough to make out the words.

Sammy's smile broadened as he listened.

"Oh, Freda," he said, "This is perfect! Thank you!" He leaned forward and kissed her awkwardly in the cramped space.

"I hope it helps!" Freda replied.

"Oh, I'm sure of it!" Sammy said, sitting back and grinning at Monica, who looked confused.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"I'm working on giving Carla a taste of her own medicine," Sammy said. He was smiling, but there was a dangerous look in his big blue eyes.

"Sounds great," Monica said. "I heard what happened the other day, with Connor. That was awesome!"

Sammy had seduced Carla's boyfriend, Connor, and had gotten the older boy to give him a ride home from school, sending Carla into a hyperactive fit. The school was still buzzing about it. Monica's eyes glittered as she looked at Sammy.

"Thanks," he said, "Actually, it wasn't too hard to seduce him," he admitted.

"Well, that's because it was you," Monica said.

"What do you mean?" Sammy asked.

"Look at you!" Monica said, waving her hand at him to take in his thin, sexy body and long legs, showcased by the short pink skirt he wore. His mother had rushed him out before he could grab anything more than high heels to go with it, so he sat nearly naked, with his hard cock barely covered by the skirt.

"You're like the hottest thing on two legs in the whole school!" Sammy blushed and looked at the seat.

"Oh, come on," he said.

Monica put her hand on his knee, and he looked at her.

"That picture your mom sent to Freda," she said quietly, leaning close to be intimate, "Was that you?"

Sammy nodded. "Couldn't you tell?" he asked.

"Couldn't see your face," Monica said," Just...." She looked pointedly at Sammy's lap.

"Oh," Sammy said, embarrassed, "Yeah, that was me."

"Wow, that's so hot!" Monica gasped "You're so lucky to have such a cool mom!" The pretty thirteen year old blond was gazing intently at Sammy, and her hand slid higher on his leg. He felt his cock swell and roll as her hand moved along his thigh.

"So where are we going, anyway?" Jane asked. Sammy could see that his mother's hand had moved higher on Freda's leg.

"I don't care," Freda said, "My mom's out for the night."

"Want to come home with us?" Jane asked suggestively.

"Sure!" Freda said, opening her thighs invitingly. She leaned back and moaned softly when Jane's hand cupped her thong-clad pussy mound.

"How about you, Monica?" Jane asked, looking at the pretty blonde girl in the rear view mirror.

"I can just text my mom that I'm with Freda," she said, smiling at the woman, "It's true"

Jane smiled back, nodding, "Yes it is!"

Monica looked at Sammy.

"You guys are the best!" she said, moving her warm hand on the boy's leg. Sammy looked at her big blue eyes and smiled back.

"Easy there, Monica," Jane warned, "Sammy's a little worked up back there. He didn't have time to get off before we came out to get you."

"Awwww, poor Sammy!" Monica cried, "You rushed off to rescue us and didn't get to cum!" She leaned forward and kissed his cheek, while letting her hand slide up to his crotch.

"That's so sweet!" she whispered in his ear. Sammy felt goose bumps on his neck. His nipples hardened as Monica's warm hand closed over his hard cock.

"You deserve a reward," she murmured. Monica kissed Sammy's neck, and he leaned back in his seat. She kissed his chest, and sucked one nipple while twirling the other gently between her fingertips.

He moaned aloud when the pretty blonde girl's hand fell to his lap and she lifted his skirt to take his throbbing cock in her warm, wet mouth. He groaned when he felt her wet tongue slide expertly around the head of his cock. Her fist moved slowly up and down the shaft as she sucked, teasing the hole at the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh! Oh, Monica!" Sammy moaned. He glanced ahead and saw his mother looking back through the mirror, which she tipped back for a better view.

Freda had turned around and was watching openly as Monica's head bobbed up and down in Sammy's lap.

"Look good?" Jane asked, caressing the twelve year old girl's thigh.

"Mmmm, not really," Freda said, "I've done it, but it wasn't my favorite thing." She glanced at Jane and smiled.

"I like girls," she said, smiling at the pretty woman over the top of her glasses.

A gentle squeeze to Freda's bare leg accompanied Jane's answering smile.

"Oh! Oh!" Sammy cried, "I'm gonna cum!" The boy's body stiffened. His ass rose from the seat as he came, squirting long streams of semen into Monica's sucking mouth. The girl slowed the pace of her moving hand, squeezing Sammy's pulsing cock to work the last of his seed from the spitty shaft.

"Mmmm," she moaned, lifting her mouth from Sammy's cock and smiling, "Good!" she grinned, and Sammy leaned forward to kiss her, feeling his lips sliding on the glaze of sperm on Monica's mouth. She pushed her tongue against Sammy's, engaging in a long, passionate French kiss.

"Wow!" she gasped, when the kiss broke, "I've never known a guy that wanted to kiss me after I swallowed his load!" she was red-cheeked, and her nipples poked seductively at her top.

"Well, most of your boyfriends probably didn't suck cock on a regular basis!" Jane quipped, and they all laughed. Sammy smiled shyly.

"Well, if we're set to do what I think we are," Jane commented, I think we're gonna be short. My little Sammy's a hot one, but even he's gonna have trouble getting it up right away, I think."

"Oops," Monica said, smiling unrepentantly.

"Hey wait!" Sammy said. He snatched his phone from the seat next to him and sent a text.

A few seconds later he received a reply.

"Connor's coming!" he said triumphantly.

"He's leaving the party?" Freda asked, "Wow, that's gonna piss Carla off even more!"

"Yeah" Sammy said, grinning.

- - - - -

Connor rang the doorbell, and heard footsteps approach rapidly. A loud thud announced that someone had reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Connor!" Sammy said breathlessly as he opened the door, dragging the tall, handsome, fifteen year old wrestler into the house. Connor gasped in surprise as Sammy flung himself into the older boy's arms and planted a deep, wet kiss on his mouth. Connor's arms encircled the naked twelve year old's waist, and Sammy pressed his thin body against Connor's while wrapping his arms around his lover's neck.

"Glad you could come!" Sammy whispered against the boy's lips when the kiss finally broke.

"Thanks," Connor said, taken aback by the warmth of Sammy's greeting.

"Come on upstairs!" Sammy said, pulling on Connor's hand and guiding him up the steps.

They entered Sammy's mother's bedroom, and Connor stopped in his tracks, staring open-mouthed at the scene before him.

Jane sat on the edge of her king size bed, fully clothed, holding a naked Freda in her lap and kissing her.

Monica lay behind the pair, also nude, on her back with her legs parted. Her glistening, bald pussy was evidence that Sammy had been eating her out before Connor's arrival.

"Come on!" Sammy said, dragging the boy into the space. The smell of sex was strong.

"Connor," Sammy said politely, this is Monica. "Monica, Connor."

"Hi, Connor!" Monica greeted, rising to her hands and knees and looking up at the tall boy. The thirteen year old's big tits hung from her chest. Connor could see the seductive curve of her well- rounded ass from his point of view, looking down her back toward her butt. The twin hills of her ass cheeks were smooth and creamy.

"Hey," the boy answered. Sammy stood behind Connor and unfastened his shorts, pushing them down with his underwear. Connor's hard cock sprang free, and Monica smiled as she reached for it.

"Wow!" she said, "Nice cock!" She leaned forward and swallowed Connor's cock in her mouth. The stunned boy closed his eyes and stepped forward, pushing his rod deeper into the girl's mouth.

Sammy stood next to Connor and kissed him, running his hand across the older boy's chest and belly with his left hand while his right hand slid to Connor's ass. He squeezed and kneaded the firm flesh of the muscular teen's butt cheeks and pulled a nipple as he kissed the boy.

Connor groaned and pulled away from Sammy's lips, gasping.

"Ohhh, you better stop, or I'm gonna cum in your mouth, Baby!" he told Monica.

The blonde girl slid her slick lips off the teenager's cock slowly, letting the head slip from her mouth with a wet smacking noise.

"Well maybe you better fuck me then," she said, smiling and turning around. She presented her full, round ass to Connor's avid gaze, and his hands fell to the firm, warm ass cheeks. He gazed at her fat, puffy labia, pouting at him from between her thighs, and the pink, wrinkled hole above them.

Sammy had already gotten her ready to accept Connor's cock, and the long, hard member slid between her wet pussy lips easily. Monica groaned happily as the hard shaft entered her young pussy.

"Oh, Sammy!" she cried, Com here! I better get you ready if you want him to fuck you, too!"

Sammy clambered across the bed to Monica, falling to his hands and knees like she was, with his ass inches from her face.

Monica reached between Sammy's legs and held his hard cock as she lowered her face to his ass, extending her tongue and licking the boy's asshole. Sammy rested his head on his arms and pressed his ass against Monica's wiggling tongue as it invaded his wet hole.

Jane kissed Freda while running her hand up and down the girl's flat chest and belly. Freda had her arms around the woman's neck and she sucked on Jane's tongue. When the older woman's finger found her puffy pussy lips, Freda whined into Jane's mouth and opened her legs to allow better access for her fingers.

Jane found the twelve year old girl's pussy slit wet and hot. She moaned and pushed her finger easily into Freda's sick cunt. Freda moved her hips, fucking herself on Jane's stiff finger.

"Oh, that feels so good!" Freda whispered against Jane's wet lips. She flicked her small pink tongue against the woman's upper lip, and Jane snatched the slick organ playfully between her teeth.

The two women laughed as they fell to the bed together. Jane rolled over on her side, her lips still attached to the girl's. She slid her finger deep into Freda's pussy, pushing and pulling the long, slim digit in and out as Freda panted and moaned.

Jane moved her lips to the soft, warm skin of Freda's neck, then across her collar bone to her chest. She kissed across the low rise of her chest to find a hard pink nipple, which she sucked into her mouth, flicking the hard nub with the tip of her tongue.

Freda gasped ad arched her back when Jane added as second finger in her pussy, fucking her carefully with both digits.

Jane slid to her knees on the carpeted floor, facing the girl's bald, fat labia. She kissed the fold of flesh over her small hard clit, and Freda jumped at the intense, pleasant sensation.

Ooo!" she cried, touching the top of Jane's head.

Jane smiled and pulled her fingers from the girl's pussy, slipping them into her mouth to clean them before rubbing Freda's hard little clit and slipping her tongue between the wet folds of her hairless pussy. The fat, rubbery outer labia parted with resistance as the experienced woman's long tongue slid into her hole. Jane felt the hot, slick sides of the girl's pussy against her tongue, and a delighted shudder swept through her body.

"Oh, so sweet!" she said, dipping her tongue back inside the girl's cunt. Freda spread her thin legs back and apart, and Jane lay her palms against the insides of the girl's thighs to hold her legs open. The pedals of the preteen's inner labia opened like a flower, the inner surface glistening with her inner moisture.

Jane moved forward and slid her tongue upward through Freda's pussy lips, feeling the twelve year old's body shudder. She heard her soft, sighing moan when the tip of her tongue reached Freda's hard little clit. Pressing her face against the fleshy resistance of her outer pussy lips, Jane sank her tongue deeper into the sweet tanginess of the girl's young pussy.

The older woman felt the girl's thighs, soft and warm, on her shoulders, and tipped her head back and forth, digging her long, thin tongue deep. Saliva and pussy juice streaked Jane's cheeks, combined in their passion.

Freda gripped Jane's hair and bent forward, her shoulders leaving the bed as her stomach clenched and her thighs squeezed the woman's head as she came.

The pretty twelve year old's mouth opened in a silent "o", her eyes wide and staring. Her pink nipples stood out hard on her nearly flat chest, and her legs and arms trembled.

"Uh - uh - uh - ohhhhhhhh!" she grunted, letting out a long groan. As the blast of orgasm swept through her thin frame, the girl collapsed, her feet hitting the floor with a pair of muffled thumps, and her head hit the bed silently, as a gasp left her lungs.

"Wow!" Freda gasped.

Jane stood and pulled her shirt off, then followed by her shorts. She crawled over the girl's naked body until their lips met. Freda opened her mouth to receive her friend's mother's tongue, tasting her own pussy on it. They kissed passionately. Freda put her arms around Jane's neck and clutched her tightly.

"My turn," the pretty mother said, smiling and rising to her knees, with a leg on either side of the twelve year old's thin, pale body.

Monica lapped at Sammy's spitty asshole, her tongue driven into the slick opening with every forward thrust of Connor's cock in her eager pussy. Sammy grunted as Monica pulled his renewed erection and drooled in his anus.

"Ugh!" Monica grunted, "Ugh! I'm gonna cum!" She pressed her full pink lips against Sammy's anus and rammed her tongue deep. She wrapped her arms around Sammy's thighs and held tight when the wave of orgasm plowed through her lush young body.

Monica's big tits jiggled and swung with the shuddering of the girl's body, and the force of Connor's thrusts into her pussy.

Sammy felt vibrations from Monica's mouth and lips against his anus, and moaned.

"Oh, oh!" Monica gasped. Sammy felt her warm breath on his wet asshole.

"That was awesome, Connor!" she panted, "Your turn, Sammy!"

Monica and Sammy switched places. The blonde girl turned and sat facing Sammy, who stayed on his hands and knees with his ass pointed at Connor. The teen slid his cock deep into Sammy's bowels in one long, slow push, and the boy moaned and dropped is face to Monica's crotch to suck on her wet pussy. Monica lay back and gasped, gripping Sammy's hair in her loose fingers as he moved his lips to her clit and sucked, while flicking the hard nub back and forth with his tongue.

Connor held onto Sammy's slim hips, pushing his long cock in and out of the twelve year old's ass in long, slow strokes. Sammy gasped and panted against Monica's hairless pussy as his new lover fucked him. Sammy's four inch erection swung back and forth beneath his belly, in rhythm with Connor's thrusts.

Jane reached down and pulled Freda's glasses from her pretty face, before lifting her skirt and settling her pussy over the twelve year old girl's lips. She groaned when she felt the soft, pointy tip of Freda's tongue sliding into her pussy.

Jane fell forward, resting on her outstretched arms with her hands above Freda's head. Freda hooked her arms around Jane's thighs and pulled her face to the woman's pussy, clamping her lips around Jane's clit as Sammy was doing to Monica next to her.

Jane's body shuddered. Her small tits jiggled as her frame trembled, and she rubbed her wet cunt against Freda's tongue and lips.

The girl's cheeks, nose and chin were soon dripping with the woman's juices and her own saliva. Freda had to close her eyes to avoid getting the mixture of bodily fluids in them.

"Ahhhh, Ahhhh!" Connor groaned. He slammed his cock in and out of Sammy's ass as he prepared to cum.

"Wait!" Monica cried, "Don't cum yet!"

Connor looked at her skeptically, unwilling to staunch his urges, but he watched as the curvaceous girl climbed to her hands and knees and put her face next to Sammy's ass, inches from Connor's slick cock, where it slid in and out of the boy's anus.

"Okay!" she said, smiling up at the handsome teen. Connor grinned back and nodded, pulling his slimy cock from Sammy's ass so Monica could grab it and stuff the leaking tool into her mouth.

Connor groaned and came, his cock spurting slimy goo onto Monica's tongue as she pulled his thick shaft with her small fist.

As Connor's cock drained into Monica's eager mouth, Sammy turned around to face the teenager with his face next to Monica's. She smiled at him, and let Connor's cock slide from her wet lips. Sammy pressed his mouth against hers, to slide his tongue into her mouth.

Monica moaned, sharing Connor's load with Sammy. They French kissed and sucked sperm from each other's tongues until the precious fluid was spent.

Connor sat on the bed next to Sammy and watched as Jane's body shuddered through an orgasm. The woman stared through heavily lidded eyes at the handsome teen, open-mouthed, then collapsed forward and put her arms around his neck to catch herself.

"Uh," she grunted, "Hi there!"

"Hi, Mrs. Hartman," the boy said, "I'm Connor."

"Nice to meet you, Connor," Jane said politely. Then she pressed her lips against his, and they shared a long, deep kiss while Freda wiggled out from under Jane's ass and joined Monica and Sammy, watching.

- - - - -

Jane took the girls home, while Sammy talked to Connor. Freda had sent him the video she had taken in a text. Connor sat on a couch in the living room, naked, with Sammy - also nude - sitting on his lap. The twelve year old held his phone, playing Freda's video for Connor.

"Eric?" Carla's voice could be heard, muffled but distinct, "Yeah, he's hot. But his dick's small."

Connor's handsome face showed no expression as his girlfriend spoke blithely about another guy's genitals.

"But he eats pussy good!" the girl continued. Titters of girlish laughter could be heard from her sycophantic friends.

"But Connor's a great guy, right?" they heard Freda say. Her voice was magnified by the fact that she held her phone tucked into her bra.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Carla said dismissively, "He's got a big cock, if that's what you're into. But he's about as smart as a fuckin' bag a rocks!" her derisive chuckle was picked up by her fan base.

Sammy looked at Connor and saw his cheeks burning with anger, or shame. Or both.

"I get about as much intellectual stimulation fucking a dildo as him. But I can't very well walk around on the arm of a dildo, can I?" more laughter greeted that declaration.

Sammy shut off the video and set the phone down on the couch next to him.

"I'm sorry, Connor," he said softly, looking into the tall, handsome teen's eyes.

"Are you?" Connor replied, staring back at Sammy.

"Didn't you show me this to get me away from Carla?" he asked astutely, "To get me for yourself?"

"Wow, and Carla thinks you're stupid!" Sammy said, smiling wryly.

"Look, I don't deny that I wanted you to know what Carla is like. And I'd be happy if you broke up with her," he stared intently into Connor's eyes, "And will always be there for you. I told you that. You can have me any time you want; anywhere, anyplace, with anyone, for anything.

"But I showed you this for your benefit," he indicated his phone with a nod, "Not mine."

Sammy stared at Connor until the teenager smiled, then he leaned in and kissed him, sliding his thin tongue into the older boy's mouth.

Connor wrapped his muscular arms around Sammy and scooped him into his arms while standing.

Sammy could feel the teen's hard cock against his hip.

"Already?" he whispered against Connor's lips.

"Too soon?" Connor asked.

"Not for me!" Sammy replied, settling his head against Connor's neck as the older boy carried him upstairs to bed.

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