Sammy, Part 15

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Published: 23-May-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

"That's it, suck Mommy's cock, Baby!" Jane gasped. She had put on her strap-on dildo, and was keeling on her bed as her son, Sammy crouched on his hands and knees in front of her, slobbering on the long plastic phallus.

"See how deep you can take my cock in your throat, Honey," she said. Her fingers were twisted in Sammy's long, light brown hair, and her hips moved back and forth as she fucked her son's mouth.

The dildo had a nub at the base that rubbed the horny woman's clit, so she thrust her hips urgently to increase the friction on the hard little sex organ.

"Oh, Baby!' Jane gasped, pulling her son's hair, "You're gonna make Mommy cum, Baby! Oh, oh. Ohhhhh!" Jane fell back, slumping into the pillows piled up against the head board, and yanked Sammy's face against her crotch, pulling him between her splayed thighs.

The fake cock popped from his mouth and bobbed between Jane's legs. Her fingers flew to her pussy and pushed under the dildo to rub her clit furiously.

"Oh, Sammy! Put your finger in my ass! Finger Mommy's asshole, Baby!"

Sammy slid his finger into his mouth to lubricate it and removed it quickly, sliding the thin digit past the strap between Jane's legs holding the dildo in place and into the warm, soft confines of her asshole. Jane arched her back and squealed as she masturbated. Her tits quivered on her chest, the nipples hard. Sweat coated her upper body.

Sammy plunged his finger in and out of his mother's anus. Jane rocked her hips back and forth, fucking herself on her 12 year old son's finger and rubbing her pussy vigorously.

Sammy felt wetness on his finger as his mother's juices leaked from under the dildo and coated the moving digit, easing the penetration into her ass.

Jane collapsed, panting, when her orgasm finally subsided. Sammy licked the juices that had smeared her upper thighs while continuing to slide his finger in and out of her clutching anus, slowly.

"Mmmmm," Jane moaned. She took Sammy's wrist in both hands and pulled his hand away from her crotch, extracting his finger from her asshole. She pulled her son's hand to her face and took his finger inside her mouth, sucking it clean.

She caught her breath, and smiled at her young son.

"I want your ass, Baby," she said, a lust-filled gleam in her eyes, "I want to kiss it, and suck it, and fuck it. I want your ass!"

Sammy grinned, and turned his back on his mother, regaining his hands and knees. Jane got up on her knees and leaned against her son's back, wrapping her arms around him and hugging his naked body to her breasts.

"Mmmm, Mommy's gonna make love to your sweet ass, Baby," she moaned in Sammy's ear. Her hot breath tickled his neck, raising goose bumps on his shoulders and hardening his nipples. She slid down his body, her hard nipples trailing across her son's soft skin. Sammy felt the hard nubs tickling his ass cheeks, and the pressure of his mother's soft, warm lips against the small of his back.

"Butterfly tattoo," she murmured, "Right here." He finger traced a pattern, just above the crack of his ass, and he shuddered at the sensation. Even though he had just cum in his mother's mouth when she blew him in the hallway, his cock twitched.

Jane kissed Sammy's left ass cheek, then the right. She licked the firm round globes of his ass and dipped her long pink tongue into the gap between them. Sammy moaned and lowered his head to his crossed arms, on the bed, his ass sticking up. Jane cupped his balls from between his legs and slid her tongue lower, teasing her son's anus with the wet, pink tip.

"Oh, Mommy!" Sammy gasped. Jane pressed her tongue against Sammy's puckered pink hole and forced it past his sphincter. He groaned as she fucked his ass with her tongue while playing with his swelling cock.

"Your ass tastes so good, Baby!" she gasped. Sammy felt her breath against his wet asshole before Jane returned her tongue to his anus. She bobbed her head back and forth, pushing her tongue deep in his ass and back out. She let go of his cock and spread his ass cheeks apart, leaning in and plunging her stiff tongue into his gaping anus.

Sammy reached between his legs and took his growing erection in hand, pulling gently on his cock as his mother pressed her lips to his ass and swirled her tongue around inside him.

Jane pulled away from her son's ass and turned to lay on her back. She pulled herself under Sammy's body and took his cock from his hand, raising her face to his crotch to suck his cock while she gripped his ass in both hands.

Sammy moaned when Jane sucked his cock deep and slid two fingers into his slick asshole, pulling the hole open and pushing her fingers deep inside.

"Your ass is so hot, Baby!" Sammy heard from underneath his body, "So deep and hot! I can't wait to fuck your ass with my big cock!"

"Yeah, fuck me, Mommy!" Sammy whined, "Fuck my ass with you cock!"

Sammy's mother had fucked him with the strap-on before, but he had thought it was a real cock, then. Now that he knew it was fake, the idea of being fucked by it was no less exciting.

A cock was a cock, and as long as it was in his ass, he didn't care what it was made of.

Jane regained her knees behind her son. She poured lubricating oil over the dildo liberally, adding a stream of the amber liquid to Sammy's ass. The fluid bubbled as it entered his stretched anus. Holding the seven inch plastic phallus in her hand, she rubbed the spongy head against Sammy's slick asshole.

"Ready, baby?"

- - - - - - -

"Here you go, Carla," Freda said, handing a red plastic cup to her host. The beautiful girl didn't look at or acknowledge the 12 year old girl, taking the cup from her hand and continuing the conversation in which she was engaged.

"I know," she said, "Can you believe a girl with legs that ugly would even wear a skirt that short? What the fuck was she even thinking?" she said acidly.

"Probably wasn't thinking at all," said Kelly, one of Carla's inner circle.

Freda hovered near the other girls vying for Carla's attention, looking in the direction they were. She saw Monica, the girl that had spoken to her in the bathroom that morning. She had been nice to Freda, complimenting her on her skirt. Freda thought Monica was pretty. She was short, and her figure was curvy. She had nice breasts and a full, round butt that Freda had noticed many times.

At the moment, she wore a short denim skirt. It did display her legs nicely, and she was a muscular girl, but hardly fat.

"What do you think, Freda?" she heard Carla ask her. Surprised to be addressed, the nervous girl was slow to answer.

"Oh! Uh - me?" she sputtered.

"Don't you think that Monica girl should be embarrassed wearing a skirt that short and showing off those fat thighs and cankles?" Carla said coolly.

Freda felt that this was some kind of test. If she said the wrong thing, or tried to stand up for a girl Carla clearly didn't like, she could look bad.

"Well?" Carla said. Freda had taken too long to think.

"Yeah," she said glumly, "Yeah, I guess she should be." She looked around at the faces surrounding her to see if she had given the right answer, but it seemed like everyone else was waiting for Carla.

"Right," the mean girl said, "Fuckin' A." She turned to Freda.

"Go tell her to get out." Freda stared.

"What?" she asked quietly.

"I said, 'Go tell her to get out.' As in get her fat ass out of my fucking house!" Carla leaned forward, exaggerating her pronunciation to make her point.

"I don't know what she's doing here anyway."

"But. Me? But I-" Freda stammered.

"You said it yourself," Carla reminded her, "You said she was too fat for that outfit."

"But I didn't - " Freda started to deny.

"Tell her or leave yourself. Now!" Carla snapped. Freda hung her head and turned away. She started walking toward Monica, unsure whether she was going to talk to her or walk past on her way out to call Sammy and ask to be taken home.


She stopped in front of Monica and cleared her throat.

"Oh, Hey, Freda!" Monica greeted her, smiling warmly, "Wow, you look amazing!"

Freda sighed. The sweet girl was making this even more difficult.

Freda did look pretty hot, though. Sammy had given her this super-short, pink pleated skirt, and a fluffy yellow sleeveless sweater. The sweater was short, exposing her flat belly, and matched her four inch yellow high heels.

"Thanks," Freda said miserably.

"What's wrong, Freda?" Monica asked.

"Um...." Freda started. She glanced at Carla and her retinue through the side of her glasses, and saw them watching her intently. She took a deep breath.

"Carla says you have to leave!" she said in a rush.

"What?" Monica asked, "Leave? Why?'

Freda was frozen. She couldn't say the real reason. She couldn't hurt the sweet, thirteen year old blonde girl like that. Carla was just being mean. She was probably just -

"Jealous!" Freda whispered.

"What?" Monica asked. Freda looked the other girl in the eye for the first time since walking up to her. She was surprised to see how pretty Monica looked. Her clear, pale skin was lightly freckled across her nose. Her eyes were big and green, and her full soft lips were colored a rosy pink.

"She's jealous," Freda repeated, leaning in close so no one would hear her subterfuge.

"Too many guys are checking you out, and she doesn't like it!" Freda said, smiling in a way that told Monica she was pleased at Carla's discomfort, but that she hoped would look cruel to Carla, from a distance.

"Really?" Monica said, glancing at where the older girl stood, smugly ignoring Monica.

"Well do you blame her?" Freda continued, "Look at you! You're hot as Hell!" And Freda meant it. She really liked the way Monica looked. And smelled. And sounded.

Monica smiled at Freda.

"You really think so?"

Freda leaned in closer, her lips inches from the older girl's.

"I really do," She said huskily. She gave Monica her phone number.

"Call me and we can talk about it, okay?" Monica smiled and nodded, her eyes running up and down Freda's body.

"Yeah," she said, "Sure,"

"Do you need a ride or anything?" Freda asked.

"No, I'm good, Monica said, pulling her phone from her bag and entering Freda's number before she forgot it.

"And Freda," she said as she turned to leave, "Thanks."

Freda watched the girl walk away, focusing on the sway of her hips and the way her skirt flipped around her upper thighs.

"Monica!" she called. The other girl turned.

"Wait," Freda said, holding up one delicate hand.


Freda walked back to Carla and her cluster of hangers-on. She stopped a couple of steps away and looked at the exotic beauty, her chin titled up more than was necessary to look into the taller girl's eyes.

"We're leaving, " she said, in a quiet but firm voice.

"What?" Carla said.

"Monica and me. We're - we're going now."

"Leaving?" Carla said in disbelief, "Who said you could leave? Get your skinny ass back here, Bitch!"

"I don't know what I was thinking," Freda told her, as if talking to herself, "Sammy was right. I was so sure there was something in you worth admiring. Worth wanting." Freda stared at the shocked look on Carla's beautiful face. A tear rolled over her eyelid and ran down her soft, pale cheek.

"What an asshole I am," Freda finished. She turned and walked back to where Monica waited, struggling to hold her head high and keep from bursting into tears.

"Can I go with you?" she whispered to the thirteen year old.

"Sure," Monica said. She took Freda's hand and they found the door together.

"Bitch!" Carla yelled, "Cunt! Fuck you, Freda, you four-eyed, skinny little worm!"

Freda's face flushed pink as the invectives followed her out of the house and across the expansive lawn.

"Let's get away from here, then I'll call my mom," Monica said quietly, squeezing Freda's small hand.

"Okay," the pretty twelve year old replied, "Thanks, Monica."

- - - - - -

"Oooohhhhhhh," Sammy groaned, "Fuck me, Mommy! Fuck my ass harder!" He was lying face down on his mother's bed, his ass raised to meet his mother's pounding, strap-on cock as she slammed it deep into his asshole. Sammy's cock and balls swung back and forth between his legs in rhythm with his mother's pistoning cock.

"You like that, Baby?" Jane gasped, panting and moaning in her son's ear as she fucked him, "You like Mommy's big cock fucking your ass!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! So much!" Sammy grunted.

Both Jane's and Sammy's bodies were slick with sweat. Jane's belly and chest slid against Sammy's back as she slammed the dildo into his asshole.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she grunted with the force of her thrusts.

"Mommy wants to see your pretty face while she fucks you, Baby!" she panted, "Turn over for me!"

Jane pulled the plastic cock from Sammy's ass, and the boy flipped around to lie on his back. Seeing the plastic phallus bobbing between his mother's legs, he sat up with his legs apart and grabbed the cock in his hand, bending to slurp it into his mouth.

"Oh, yeah!" Jane sighed, "Suck Mommy's cock, Baby! Suck my cock!" Jane looked down at her son with lust-glazed eyes as he slobbered on her fake cock. The thought that he was sucking on something she had just pulled from his own asshole turned her on.

"That's my baby," she purred, running her fingers through his light brown hair, "That's my slutty little baby!" She let him suck the slimy rod for a few minutes, then took his sweaty cheeks in her hands and pulled his face away from her crotch.

"Lay back, Sexy," she said, softly but intently, "Mommy's gonna fuck you now."

Sammy grinned and lay on his back with his thighs spread wide in invitation. Jane took his hard cock in her hand and pumped it a few times, then hooked her hands under his knees and pressed them up and back, folding his thin frame until his knees nearly touched his chest. She gazed down at his gaping, red-rimmed anus and smiled.

"Okay, Baby, here it comes!" She looked into Sammy's face and leaned forward, putting her weight on Sammy's legs as she prodded his genitals with her strap-on dildo until she saw Sammy's eyes widen and felt the cock slide forward.

Jane pushed her hips against Sammy until the cock disappeared into his slick hole. She groaned when the nub at the base of the dildo pressed against her engorged clit. Watching Sammy's face, Jane pulled the dildo out almost all the way, and slammed it back into his asshole, as deep as she could reach.

Sammy howled, his eyes flying open. Spit flew form his lips and his eyes filled with tears from the pain of the sudden, violent intrusion.

Seeing his pained expression, the horny mother clamped her lips on Sammy's, ramming her tongue into his mouth as she rammed the dildo back into his asshole.

"You like that, Baby?" she hissed, her saliva spraying his lips and cheeks, "You like it when Mommy reams your ass with her cock?"

"Oh! Oh, my God!" Sammy squealed, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Mommy!" Sammy clutched his mother's shoulders as she slammed the dildo in and out of his upturned anus. She felt his balls against her abdomen occasionally, when she pounded the plastics rod into his hole.

"I wish I could cum in your ass, Baby!" Jane panted, "I wish I could watch you drink my cum!"

"Oh, I do, too, Mommy!" Sammy grunted. His face was redder now. His hair clung to his cheeks and forehead, and his eyes were wet and red-rimmed.

Jane fucked her son for a few minutes, but became winded.

"Time to give Mommy a break, Sweetie," she said, slowing the pace of her thrusts. She pulled the slimy cock from Sammy's clutching, swollen hole and sat back on her heels, gazing at the wide opening she had made. Holding Sammy's left leg back with her hand on the back of his thigh, she reached out with her right hand and pushed a long, slim finger into his anus.

"Ohhhh!" he whined.

"Does that hurt, Honey?" Jane asked, smiling and digging her finger deeper into his ass.

"Uh - huh!" Sammy panted, "But it hurts god!"

Jane smiled and added two more fingers, sliding them deep into Sammy's stretched opening. She turned her hand back and forth, twisting her fingers deeper into his rectum. Sammy moaned and twisted his head back and forth.

Jane added a fourth finger, and Sammy arched his back as his mother's hand invaded his anus deeper.

"Oh, Mommy!" he cried, "Oh, Mommy! So deep! Ohhhh!" Tears ran down his cheeks as Sammy's mother pushed her fingers into his painfully stretched asshole.

"You can do t, Baby," Jane panted, "I know you can. You can take it." She brought her fingers from his ass and raised them to her lips. She pushed them into her mouth, closing her eyes and sucking on them, drooling. Saliva ran down her palm and the backs of her fingers, and dripped in clear rivulets down her wrist.

Jane bent forward and ran her tongue around the red rim of Sammy's distended hole, then she sat up and gazed into his watering eye, a look of demented lust on her face.

"Ready, Baby? Here we go!"

Jane tucked her thumb against her palm and pressed her fingers into Sammy's warm, wet asshole, until the pad of her thumb jammed in the hole.

Sammy yelled when she pushed, his hole stretching slowly as she forced her hand deeper into his asshole. His leg stiffened under her hand, and his mouth opened in a silent rictus as Jane grinned and gave one long, hard push.

Sammy screamed, and Jane sighed contentedly as his sphincter stretched, and finally closed around her wrist. She felt the soft, warm, wet walls of his rectum close around her hand.

"Good boy," Jane crooned, "Such a good boy. I love you, Baby. I love you my good boy." She bent down and kissed him, her wet lips sliding over his as he sucked her tongue into his panting mouth.

"Mommy -" he panted after a while.

"Yes, Baby," she replied, sinking her hand deeper into his ass.

"Oh! Can I cum now, Mommy? Was I a good boy?"

"Oh, Baby, you were such a good boy," the depraved mother answered, "Of course you can cum." Jane kissed him again and sat up. She pulled her hand from Sammy's clutching anus slowly, twisting the slimy appendage as it slid from his gaping hole.

Sammy collapsed on the bed, his legs splayed out in front of him. His narrow chest rose and fell as he gasped for breath. Jane leaned over his prone body and presented the hand she had just pulled from his asshole to his lips. Sammy looked her in the eyes and opened his mouth. Jane slid her fist in as far as she could, stretching his jaws. She rubbed her fingers against his wet tongue. Sammy's lips closed around his mother's hand, and he sucked on the slimy fist.

- - - - - - -

Freda and Monica walked side by side, holding hands, while Monica read her phone.

"She says she can't come for another hour," she told the younger girl.

"Oh," said Freda, "My mom's out for the night. I had to get a ride here from Sammy's mom." She stopped and looked at the other girl.

"I could call them," She said.

"You think they'd come and get us?" Monica asked.

Freda shrugged, "Maybe," She got her phone out and called Sammy's number.

- - - - - - -

Sammy sat astride his mother's hips, riding the plastic cock she had buckled around her waist. Jane gripped his hard red cock, pulling it slowly as he fucked himself. She loved the way he looked, sweaty and tired, his cheeks red, his eyes glazed, his damp hair clinging to his face. His pink nipples were hard, and goose bumps coated his chest and belly.

"Mmmm," you look so hot, Baby!" she told the boy.

"Uuuhhh," Sammy groaned, "Your cock feels so great in my ass, Mommy! Can I cum soon?"

Jane had been playing with his four inch erection for half an hour as he rode her.

"You came an hour and a half ago, you horny little slut!" Jane chided, "You want to cum again already?"

"Mmmm, you turn me on so much, Mommy!" he said, "I can't help myself."

Jane's next comment was interrupted by her buzzing phone. She glanced over to see it resting on her nightstand, where she had left it before taking Freda to the party. Smiling teasingly at Sammy, she released her grip on his leaking cock and reached for the phone. Her smile widened when he groaned his disappointment.

"Oooooo, it's Freda!" Jane exclaimed, delighted, "Hi Freda! How are you, Sweetheart?" Sammy knew that Jane found Freda to be attractive, which she clearly was. He expected that his mom would put the moves on the little twelve year old at the first opportunity.

"What are we doing?" she said into the phone. She grinned slyly up at Sammy.

"Hang on, I'll show you," Jane held up her camera and snapped a picture of her naked son, with the long red dildo up his ass and his hard cock jutting up between his legs.

"I'm texting you a picture," she said into the phone while tapping the screen.

"What? No! No, you're not interrupting," Jane denied, after the text had gone through, "What can I do for you, baby?" Jane listened, and the smile faded from her pretty face, to be replaced by an angry scowl. Sammy stopped rocking on the dildo and looked at his mother, concerned. She looked back up at him, her face stern.

"I see," Jane said coolly, "That little cunt. Don't you worry, Sweetie, we'll be right there. Do you know where you are?"

Jane listened to the response.

"Okay, you to hold tight, and we'll be there in a sec. 'Bye Hon! Oh, and Freda?" she added, "I'm very proud of you, Sweetie!"

"Gotta go, Baby" Jane said, guiding her gasping son off of her hips and climbing from the bed.

"What's wrong, Mommy?" Sammy asked, watching as Jane slid out of the strap-on and reached for her thong.

"Freda and a friend of hers left Carla-The-Bitch's party and need a ride home," she explained. Jane looked at the panties and dropped them, shrugging. She pulled open a drawer and removed a pair of short, dark blue shorts.

"Left?" Sammy asked skeptically.

"Sounds like Freda stood up to Carla and was kicked out, along with another girl." She pulled on a short white halter top and turned to Sammy. He could see her nipples outlined through the thin material of the shirt.

"That's my girl!" the boy said, grinning.

"Not tonight she isn't," Jane said, with a predatory smile, "Tonight, her skinny little ass is mine."

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