Sammy, Part 12

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Published: 9-May-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

Sammy stalked the middle school halls. This was a different Sammy than had left on Friday afternoon. That Sammy had endured a humiliating night at a sleep-over, where it had been revealed to him that he was not, in fact, a girl, as he had thought all his life. Carla Mareno and her terrible friends had taken great delight in telling him that he was a boy.

They had shown him the difference, then ridden his cock and mouth to orgasm, while leaving him embarrassed, nearly naked, and unsatisfied. He had rushed from Carla's house to the jeers of the mean girl and her friends, to be taken in by a friendly trucker, who had showed him that he wasn't the freak the girls had said he was.

He could be a transvestite, even a transsexual, if he wanted. He had seen movies of men with large, artificial breasts and big, hard cocks.

Sammy had gratefully enjoyed a friendly gangbang with the trucker's friends, and had made passionate love to the man who took him home.

He had discussed the issue with his mother, and now he was out for revenge.

Sammy scanned the corridors, looking for a boy. But not just any boy. He was looking for a boyfriend.

Carla's boyfriend.

Sammy saw him standing near the drinking fountain, talking to a bunch of his friends.

Connor Chapman.

He was a star wrestler. Tall, broad-shouldered, blonde and gorgeous. Sammy would never have considered approaching the boy before the weekend. Before Carla had hurt and humiliated him.

But that was a different Sammy. The new Sammy saw her target and zeroed in on him.

"Hi, Connor," the pretty 12 year old said, moving next to the tall eighth grader.

"Huh? Oh - oh, hi, uh - Sammy," he said, looking down on the smiling transvestite. Sammy had dressed especially for this occasion, He wore a tight pink miniskirt, and a white lace bustier-style top. His hard pink nipples were visible through the mesh. His belly was bare, as were his long shapely legs, which were enhanced by four inch pink heels.

Sammy's mother had helped apply his make-up. His eyelashes were thick and black. His cheeks had been highlighted a pale pink, and his full lips glistened with dark pink lipstick. The heady musk of his mother's borrowed perfume teased Connor's senses as he looked into the boy's big blue eyes.

"Connor," Sammy said, his voice pitched to a seductive lilt, "I was wondering if you could help me with something after school."

Connor tore his eyes from the attractive boy's face to see his friends admiring the view of his sexy ass from behind.

"Well," he stuttered, "I, well - I was going with Carla...."

"Oh, too bad," Sammy said, lifting a foot to adjust his shoe. He bent his thin leg, which caused his skirt to climb, giving Connor a good long glimpse of his soft inner thigh, and the bulge of his cock and balls inside his pink thong.

Sammy put his foot back down and steadied himself with a hand against Connor's chest.

"I needed help fixing my bed, in my room, after school." He leaned closer, looking up at Connor with his lips inches from the older boy's. "And my mother won't be home 'til late!" he whispered.

"So you're gonna be all alone, in your bedroom, after school?"

"Mmmm-hmmmm," Sammy confirmed, For hoouurrsss!"

"Well, I guess I can get with Carla another time," Connor said.

"Great. You can give me a ride home after school, 'kay?" Connor agreed, and Sammy rose on the toes of his right foot while raising his left foot behind him, his leg bent at the knee, to kiss the boy on the cheek.

"'Bye!" he said brightly. The boys all stood in a mute clump, staring at the sexy little transvestite's ass as he swayed down the hall.

- - - - - -

After lunch, Sammy heard a familiar sound around the corner of the hallway: the derisive laughter of Carla Mareno and her sycophantic cohorts. He hurried around the corner to see Carla, Kelly and Paulette, standing in front of a 12 year old girl, little Freda Baumgarden.

Freda was a sixth grader, like Sammy. She was short, and very pretty, with silky dark hair and big gray eyes. But Freda didn't dress expensively, or have money for fancy haircuts, or make-up. She wore large, black-framed glasses, and her body was slow to develop. Her chest was as flat as Sammy's, though she had a nice, curvy behind that she hid in loose slacks and sweats, or long shapeless skirts.

"You can come, Freda," Carla was saying, "But not dressed like that!" Paulette tittered, while Kelly stood and smiled, "If you can find something decent to wear -"

"Something that isn't uuuussed!" Kelly sneered.

"-you're welcome to join us." Carla finished.

"Yeah, we'll need someone to clean up!" offered Paulette.

Carla and the other two girls turned and headed in Sammy's direction, brushing past him as if he weren't there, though Sammy could see Carla glance at him and turn her pretty nose up with a lift of her chin.

He heard them laughing as soon as they turned the corner, and smiled secretly to himself. He turned to look at Freda, who was leaning with her back against the tiled wall, sniffing.

"Hey, Freda," Sammy said, sliding up to the sobbing girl, "What's the matter?"

"Nothing," the girl answered. She looked at Sammy and seemed to recognize him for the first time.

"Oh!' she gasped, "Hi, Sammy! I didn't know it was you!" Freda mustered a smile, and stood a little straighter.

Sammy tipped his head to look at the pretty little wall flower. His eyes narrowed.

"Was Carla picking on you?" he asked.

"No! Well, I mean-" Freda said, then she slumped back against the wall, "I wanted to go to a party at her house, but she says I don't dress well enough."

Sammy had seen Freda drifting around the outskirts of Carla's group, like a small moon circling a ringed planet.

"Why do you hang around with those mean bitches anyway?" he asked. Freda looked up at him and smiled sadly.

"Everyone can't be as pretty and sexy as you are, Sammy," she surprised him by saying, "Or as popular."

Sammy was stunned. He had never considered himself to be all that sexy or attractive, though he had become increasingly popular since he had started putting out for anyone in school.

"Me? Sexy? Pretty?"

"Oh, come on," Fred a said, "You're like the hottest - uh - girl in the sixth grade." Freda said carefully.

"It's okay, Freda," Sammy assured her, "I know what I am. I have Carla to thank for that."

"Oh," Freda said quietly, "I'm sorry. Was it terrible?"

Sammy found himself telling the girl - whom he barely knew - about the Friday night sleepover, and how Carla and her friends had revealed the truth and abused him, driving the poor, disillusioned boy into the night, wearing nothing but a thin camisole and a thong.

"But it worked out in the end," he explained, leaving out the part about Rudy, the trucker, and the big gangbang that had capped off his evening.

"But you're still mad at Carla," Freda stated.

"Yeah, 'cause she's an evil little bitch!"

"A HOT evil little bitch," Freda said wistfully. Sammy stared at the other girl for a moment.

"Wait," he said, "You don't - you're not - you like her?"

"Oh, Sammy!" Freda cried, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her face to his chest.

"I just want to be around her!" Freda sobbed, "I know I could make her so happy if she would only give me a chance!"

Sammy was stunned. He knew Carla was one of the most popular girls in school, and the tall, raven-haired, olive-skinned beauty was certainly hot, but to be that infatuated with such an obnoxious bitch?

Then Sammy thought about his own desire to be liked by Carla, and how it had led to one humiliating night.

He understood Freda's feelings, but feared that she would be hurt even more by the vicious wench than Sammy had been. A plan began to form in his mind.

More of a scheme, really. It would be dangerous and complicated, but if it worked...

Sammy smiled to himself above Freda's head.

"Hey, hey. Freda," he said quietly, "What if I told you we could fix it so we both get what we want from Carla?"

Freda sniffed and pulled back to look at Sammy. Her big gray eyes were red and puffy behind her glasses, which magnified the girl's eyes.


"Let's get together tonight and talk about it," Sammy said.

"After school?" Freda asked.

"Ummm, I'm busy right after. How about later? I'll give you a call." Freda gave him her cell phone number, and he smiled at her encouragingly.

"Don't worry, Cinderella," he told the petite girl, "We'll get you to the ball!" Freda smiled back gratefully, and Sammy bent forward to kiss her. Sammy let his lips linger on the other girl's, and Freda didn't pull away.

"See you tonight!" Sammy said as he walked away.

- - - - - -

"That fucking CUNT!" Carla yelled, "I'll rip his fucking dick off and stuff it down his fucking throat!"

The beautiful girl stood in front of the school, next to Kelly and Paulette, her face red-cheeked, her fists clenched at her sides.

"I'll fucking kill that fucking whore!" she snarled. The popular girl had just watched her boyfriend, Connor, drive off with Sammy in the front seat of his car.

"I'll give you a ride, Carla" Kelly offered quietly.

"You shut the fuck up, you worthless little bitch!" Carla snapped, turning on her friend, "Why didn't you tell me he was taking that little cunt home?"

"I - I - I'm sorry, Carla," Kelly whined, "I was afraid you'd be mad!"

"You're fucking right I'm fucking mad, you skanky twat!" The pretty girl yelled. Kelly cringed when Carla's warm spittle landed on her cheek and lips, and started to cry.

"I had no idea, Carla!" Paulette said earnestly, "I'm shocked! How could Connor have done something like that?"

"It's not Connor, you ugly little turd!" Carla turned on Paulette, "It's that fucking motherless, cunt-licking, butt-kissing, cock-sucking, cum-drinking WHORE, Sammy Hartman! And his ass is MINE!"

The irate girl stalked off toward the parking lot.

"You!" she yelled, pointing at a thin, short, pimple-faced boy talking to a plain-looking girl, "You have a fucking car?"

"Me?" the boy asked, shocked to be addressed by the popular beauty, "Uh, yeah..."

"Then drive me home, Candy-ass! I'll give you a blow-job that'll curl your fucking hair!"

The boy looked at his plane girl-friend, then back at Carla's retreating ass. Giving the girl a final apologetic glance, he followed the ass.

- - - - - - -

"Thanks for bringing me home, Connor," Sammy purred. He took the tall, handsome boy's hand and led him up the stairs. A glance over his shoulder showed Sammy that Connor was staring at his ass, so he put a little extra sway in his hips as he ascended.

"So - uh, what was it you needed?" Connor asked upon entering Sammy's pink wall-papered bedroom, "Trouble with your bed?" He looked at the twin-sized, canopied princess bed.

"Yes, I have a big problem with it," Sammy said, moving in on the 15 year old boy. He put his arms around Connor's neck and pressed his thin body against the wrestler's muscular one, "No one has had sex with me in it for a whole week!" The 12 year old whispered in Connor's face, his lips curled in a sexy pout.

Connor gazed down into Sammy's big blue eyes while resting his hands on the boy's bare waist.

"Wow," he breathed, a sly smile curving his lips, "That is a tragedy," He lowered his face to Sammy's and pressed his lips against the younger boy's mouth. Their tongues intertwined, and Sammy pushed his crotch against Connor's thigh, rubbing his hard cock on the taller boy's leg.

"Do you think you could help me?" he breathed against Connor's lips when the kiss broke.

"Definitely," the boy said. He grabbed Sammy's top and pulled it upward. Sammy lifted his arms so Connor could pull the lace garment off. Sammy stepped out of his skirt and posed in his pink thong.

The 12 year old reached for Connor's zipper and loosened his pants to push them down.

Connor sat on the bed in his black briefs so Sammy could finish removing his jeans, then lifted his ass from the bed when the boy pulled his underwear off to reveal his hard, seven inch cock.

"Mmmmmm," Sammy moaned. He dropped to his knees between Connor's legs and took the warm hard cock in his soft hand. He smiled up at Connor.

"Wow," he gasped dramatically, "What a beautiful cock!"

Connor moaned when Sammy's wet lips slid over his cock head, taking four inches of the hard shaft in his mouth at once. Sammy sucked wetly on the cock, his head bobbing expertly in the boy's lap as he caressed his testicles in one small hand while pumping his hard cock in the other.

"Ohhhh," Connor groaned, "I really shouldn't be doing this....."

Sammy slid his lips off the teenager's cock, slowly, letting the head slip from between his lips with wet a pop.

"Why not?" he asked innocently, grinning at Connor while holding the boy's shining cock in front of his lips.

"Cuz I'm with - ooohhhhhhh!" he groaned. Sammy had pressed his tongue flat against the base of Connor's cock, and slowly ran it up the length of the hard shaft, looking the boy in the eye.

"Carla?" Sammy finished for him. Connor could feel the 12 year old's hot breath on the head of his cock when he spoke.

"Yeah, Carla," Connor said, staring into the younger boy's eyes.

"Would Carla be doing this right now?" Sammy asked, rising up on his knees and lowering his face over Connor's cock, engulfing half of the wet shaft while running his tongue around the bottom as his lips slid across the smooth skin.

"Uhhh, she might be..." Connor said breathlessly.

"And would she be doing this?" the 12 year old asked again, lifting Connor's balls to his lips with one hand and sucking the boy's egg-shaped testicles into his mouth. He sucked gently on Connor's scrotum, then ran his tongue across the wrinkled surface of his ball sac.

Connor groaned and closed his eyes.

"Well, maybe..." he answered, without conviction.

Sammy pulled on Connor's legs to slide his ass off the edge of the bed. Connor lay back when Sammy pressed against his chest, and the sexy boy held the wrestler's legs up and apart, exposing Connor's dark, wrinkled anus to Sammy's avid gaze.

"And does she do this?" He asked, lowering his face between the boy's legs and teasing his asshole with a hot, wet tongue. Sammy's nose nudged the teen's balls as he pushed his tongue past Connor's sphincter, swirling the organ around to lubricate the opening.

"Oohhhhh fuck!' Connor gasped. "No! No fuckin' way!"

Sammy ate Connor's ass with relish, less because of the joy he obtained from the act - though he did enjoy the perversity - but because of how it made Connor feel about him.

And about Carla.

Because he was trying to steal the little cunt's boyfriend. Sammy didn't think of it in those terms, being too nave and sweet-natured to know them. But he knew that he hated Carla, and her bitchy little friends.

But mostly Carla.

Sammy finally pulled his long thin tongue from Carla's boyfriend's asshole and rose to his feet, leaning over Connor and whispering to him.

"Can I fuck you now, Baby?" he said quietly, "Please?" Sammy's finger traced a swirling line from Connor's cock to his belly, then up under his shirt to tweak a hard nipple.

In reply, Connor pulled off his shirt, and shifted until his tall frame lay lengthwise on the small bed, his feet almost hanging off the end. Sammy shimmied out of his tiny thong, and pulled open his night stand drawer to retrieve the lubricating oil his mother used when she fucked him. He sat on his heels next to the prone teen to pour a thin stream of the slippery fluid on Connor's hard cock.

Sammy took the slick rod in his hand and pulled it slowly, feeling the slippery oil in his palm as his fist glided over Connor's warm, hard cock. Smiling at Connor, the 12 year old lifted a leg and straddled his waist, still holding the hard rod in his oily hand. He leaned down and kissed Connor, who slipped his tongue into the younger boy's mouth eagerly. Sammy pressed his soft lips hard against Connor's mouth and lowered his hips until he felt the teen's cock head against his asshole.

"Ready, Baby?" he whispered teasingly. Connor stared at him open-mouthed, and nodded.

Sammy's eyes sagged closed as he pushed backward, taking the 15 year old's hot cock in his ass.

"Oh, Connor!" Sammy gasped, "Wow! Your cock is so big and hard! It feels so good in my ass!"

Sammy's impassioned, whining exhortations excited the boy, who -like all teenage boys - was eager to be flattered, especially about his sexual prowess.

"Ohhhh, God!' he gasped, "Your ass is so hot! So tight!"

"Tighter than Carla's?" Sammy asked.

"Uh, way tighter than her cunt!" he admitted.

"She doesn't let you fuck her ass?" Sammy asked.

"Uh - oh, no!" Connor panted.

"There's a lot she doesn't do for you, isn't there?" Sammy asked innocently.

"Mmmmm, yeah. I guess so,"

"Is she even nice to you?" Sammy asked, his hips rising and falling slowly as he rode the boy's cock.

"Sure," Connor said, "She's nice."

"She doesn't seem nice at all," Sammy said, "What does she do for you?"

"You mean besides sex?"

"Sex on her terms, sounds like," Sammy pointed out.

"Well, maybe," the teen admitted. Sammy pushed back and took Connor's hard cock deep in his ass, squeezing the shaft with his interior muscles.

"Ohhhh!" Connor groaned.

"Does she ever make you feel like that?" Sammy asked, "Like you're special? Like she appreciates you at all?" Connor looked at him, his hands on Sammy's waist, and pushed upward, burying his cock in the 12 year old's ass again.

"Ohhhhhh, Baby!" Sammy gasped, and tipped his head back with his wet, pink lips parted.

"Does she ever do anything just for you?" Sammy cried. His cock throbbed and spit a stream of semen on Connor's belly, without being touched. Connor watched, amazed, as the 12 year old's four inch cock jumped and spit hot sperm on his chest and belly.

"Wow," he breathed.

"Oh, Connor," Sammy whined, "You make me feel so good! I wanna do the same for you now. I wanna make you cum, Baby!"

Tearing his eyes away from the evidence of Sammy's veracity glistening on his stomach, Connor looked at the pretty boy riding his cock.

"Do you want to cum in my ass, or my mouth, Baby?" Sammy asked.

Carla had never asked him that. She never let him cum in her mouth. Or her pussy. He had to pull out and jerk off, unless she deigned to stroke his cock for him until he spurted. She always acted like it was somehow disgusting, or unnatural.

"You'd suck my cock after it was in your ass?" Connor asked, amazed.

"Baby, I'd suck your sweet cock if it came out of Carla's skanky ass!" Sammy said. Connor groaned, and Sammy felt his thick cock throb in his rectum.

"Does that excite you, Sweetheart?" Sammy purred, "Do you want to watch me suck your cock fresh from another girl's hot asshole?" Connor stared, unable to even speak. His mouth was open, and Sammy could see him struggling not to cum yet.

"I'd do that for you, baby!" he promised his latest teenage lover, "I'd suck your cock. I'd eat her pussy or her asshole while you watched."

Connor groaned again, gripping Sammy's hips in his big hands as he thrust faster into the boy's ass.

"I'd even suck your cum from some chick's asshole if you asked me too!" Sammy said.

"Oh, God!" Connor cried. He pushed upward into Sammy's ass, lifting his own ass from the bed.

Sammy jumped up and off the teen's cock, which slapped wetly against his abdomen. Before the disappointed moan could leave Connor's throat, Sammy had snatched his dripping cock and put his mouth on it, pumping the slick rod in his small, tight fist while he teased the head with his tongue.

As Connor gasped and panted, Sammy reached between his legs and pushed his index finger into the boy's ass.

"Oh, Fuuuuuck!" Connor yelled, and his cock spat sperm into Sammy's mouth. Sammy moaned and pumped more slowly as he milked the wrestler's big cock.

"Oh my God!" the 15 year old gasped, panting and sweating as Sammy stroked his wilting cock gently and playfully. The 12 year old also retrieved his finger from the handsome teen's ass, locking eyes with the older boy as he put the digit in his mouth and sucked it.

"I know things about you, about your body - that Carla never will," he said, looking pointedly at his own flaccid cock, "If she even wanted to know."

"Which she doesn't," Connor said, looking at Sammy pointedly.

"I wouldn't know," Sammy said, "But she is really pretty."

"You're really pretty," Connor replied, laying a hand on Sammy's thigh, "And really nice!" He smiled, and Sammy grinned back. He really is very handsome, Sammy thought.

They lay together, squeezed tightly against each other on Sammy's narrow bed. Sammy lay half on Connor's body, running his fingertips through his own sperm and sucking it off his fingertips. The two boys kissed passionately. Sammy explored Connor's mouth with his tongue, carefully and thoroughly, in an attempt to erase the memory of any other kiss from his mind.

Especially Carla's.

- - - - - -

They stood together at the front door, kissing again.

"Can I see you again tomorrow?" Sammy asked, his lips an inch from Connor's.

"Here again?" Connor said.

"Or somewhere else," Sammy said, "It doesn't matter. Connor, you can have me anywhere, at any time, to do anything you want. From a quick blowjob in the bathroom at school, to a long weekend alone, anywhere."

Connor looked stunned, and excited.

"You can even share me with your friends if you want. And that thing about doing it with another girl? I was serious. Just tell me where and when, and I'll be there with bells on," he smiled slyly at the smiling teen, "Or with nothing on."

"I'll - I'll see you tomorrow," Connor promised, "After school, okay?" He looked like a little boy who had been promised ice cream after dinner.

"Any time, Baby," Sammy promised. He closed the door and leaned against it.

So far, so good. Now it was time to get ready for Freda, and phase two. He was determined to split Carla and Connor up, as the start of his campaign against the arrogant little bitch.

Sammy headed for his room to pick his outfit for tonight.

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