Sammy, Part 11

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Published: 6-May-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

Sammy walked along the shoulder of the road, his head hanging disconsolately. He winced occasionally, when his bare foot stepped on a particularly large or sharp stone. He couldn't see well in the early morning darkness, but tried to keep to the grassy sections where possible. Tears dripped from his cheeks and chin, soaking into the thin fabric of the see-through camisole he wore, turning it nearly transparent. His hard cock protruded from the top of the skimpy thong around his waist.

He was otherwise naked. H had no idea how long he had been walking, or in which direction, but it had been a long time.


He barely heard the drone of the truck engine as the 18-wheeler approached from behind, but he turned at the hiss of the air brakes as the vehicle stopped.

"Heey, Sweet Thing!" he heard a male voice call from the passenger side window, "Need a lift?"

Sammy squinted above the headlights of the truck, unable to see more that a shadow of the man who leaned across the truck to call out the window. He looked up and down the deserted road, barely remembering how he had gotten there.

Carla Mareno, a popular eighth grader from Sammy's school, had invited the 12 year old to a sleep-over. The nave, unwitting transvestite had sneaked to the party after a night out with his boyfriend, convincing Max to drop him off there, without telling his mother.

Carla had then revealed the truth of Sammy's sexuality, unraveling the complex lie his mother had woven around him his whole life:

Sammy was, in fact, a boy!

The startling revelation had left the meek preteen shaken and humiliated. The girls had ridden his cock and his face to multiple orgasms, teasing and excoriating him about his false sexuality the whole time.

Sammy's mother had raised him as a girl, and he had always considered himself as such. He had never seen or learned about the difference in genitalia, and always just assumed that the presence or absence of breasts, body hair and deepness of voice was what separate the two genders.

But now he knew.

He was not a girl at all, but a boy.

Boys had cocks, girls had pussies. Or cunts.

"Well?" the stranger's voice brought the boy out of his reverie, and he realized that he had no idea where he was or where he was headed. Sammy had just run away from Carla's house in the sleepwear she had lent him with the sound of their hurtful chant ringing in his ears:

"Sammy's a boy-ee! Sammy's a boy-ee!"

"Sure," he said quietly, and climbed the side of the truck to slip in through the passenger door.

"What the fuck are you doin' out here dressed like that?" the truck driver asked. He was a big bear of a man, with a three-day growth of black hair on his rugged cheeks. He wore a red tank top with a bald eagle on the front, and a pair of denim jeans. Sammy saw brown cowboy boots on his feet below the large steering wheel. A green cap with a tractor logo on the front was tipped back on his mostly bald head.

"Oh, uh I was just..." Sammy muttered. He started to cry. Sitting in the big truck can with a total stranger; wearing frilly underwear that was too small for him; humiliated and embarrassed, with his hard cock poking out of the top of his tiny thong, Sammy sobbed, with his arms limp at his sides.

"Hey, hey there," the man said, laying a huge hand on Sammy's bare thigh, "It's alright It's alright, don't cry, Sweetie!"

Sammy leaned over and lay his head against the man's shoulder. His tears ran down the stranger's bare arm.

"Okay, okay," the man droned softly. He put a beefy arm around Sammy's narrow shoulders and pulled him into a half hug, letting his right hand fall on Sammy's right arm. The driver reached across his protruding belly and lay his left hand on Sammy's leg, running his fingers gently up and down the boy's soft thigh.

Sammy started telling the man his story. The words tumbled from his soft pink lips as he described his life growing up as a little girl: going to preschool, play dates and birthday parties. As he grew older, he was invited to fewer and fewer parties and events. By the time he reached middle school, he was pretty much alone with his mother.

Then came Max, the tall, handsome 15 year old boy who had asked Sammy out and become his boyfriend. Sammy had discovered that if he had sex with boys whenever they wanted, he could be popular

And he was!

But the joy at his sudden popularity had been short-lived. Carla and her jealous friends had seen to that.

"So I'm not a girl!" Sammy sobbed bitterly, "My whole life's been a lie!"

"Well, maybe -" the stranger said, caressing Sammy's arm with his right hand while his left hand continued to glide up and down Sammy's thigh.

"Well I'm a boy!" Sammy cried, "I can't be a girl any more, can I? It's not like I'll ever have boobies!"

The man smiled in the light of his instruments at the words the boy used.

"Well that's not necessarily true either" he offered.

"What?" Sammy asked, sniffing. He looked up at the handsome stranger, who gazed down to see Sammy's pretty, red-cheeked face, streaked with tears. His big blue eyes were wet, gleaming in the faint light from the truck's dashboard.

"Look," the man said, "I can't explain it right here, but I can show you something that I think might make you feel a lot better."

"Really?" Sammy asked, sitting up to look at the man's face.

"What is it?" he asked doubtfully.

"You just buckle up and I'll show you," the man said, sitting up behind the wheel and putting the truck in gear. "We'll be there in a few minutes!"

- - - - -

The truck pulled off the remote, two-lane interstate into a large gravel parking lot. Rudy, as the driver had introduced himself, pulled into a long parking spot at the edge of the lot. A huge sign glowed atop a high, thick pole.

"ADULT!" it said.

Rudy climbed out of the cab and walked around to open Sammy's door. He held Sammy's hand as the half-naked boy climbed from the high cab. The 12 year old felt air cooling his leaking cock, and winced when his bare feet hit the sharp gravel.

"Ooops!" Rudy cried, "Sorry there, Sweetheart! Here, let me carry you!" he scooped the short, thin boy in his large arms and carried him across the brightly lit lot toward the front door. Sammy leaned against the man's broad chest, inhaling the sharp scent of cologne and tobacco.

Rudy set Sammy on his feet after entering the brightly lit store. Sammy stared at the cavernous space. Long racks disappeared into the distance, covered with DVD's.

Pornographic DVD's.

Sammy had only seen hardcore porn once: the other day when his mother had showed him a gay porn movie.

But this place had thousands of such movies. Maybe millions!

"Truckers stop at these places when they're on long hauls. Gives us something to do when we're alone for a long time," he leered at the half-naked boy, "like I have." Sammy was oblivious, staring at the shining racks and the brightly colored disc covers.

"Come on," Rudy said, taking the boy's hand, "I wanna show you something. Back here."

Rudy led Sammy deeper into the store, to a row of DVD's that showed people performing sex acts on the covers.

"Take a look," Rudy said, handing Sammy a DVD.

"Tranny Fannies" was the title. Sammy stared. There were three naked women on the cover.

With huge cocks!

They were beautiful, tall, muscular women with great big, round boobies. Sammy looked at Rudy, shocked and delighted.

"They're men," the stranger confirmed, "With breast implants."

Sammy grinned, staring at the beautiful transsexuals. He looked at his own flat chest and hard, pink nipples. His cock throbbed, soaking his thong.

"Look, there are lots more," Rudy said. And indeed, title after title filled Sammy's voracious eyes. He saw cocks, bellies, legs and boobs. He was panting, and tears leaked from his eyes; not of despair, but of joy.

"Pick a couple," Rudy said encouragingly "And I'll get them for you,"

Sammy looked at him.

"But how can I repay you?" he asked huskily.

"I'm sure we can come up with a way," the man said, resting a warm, calloused hand on Sammy's bare shoulder. The boy stepped close as Rudy bent down, and they kissed amongst the transsexual porn. Rudy reached down and touched Sammy's slick cock head, and the boy moaned into his mouth.

"Come on," the adult said hurriedly, "Let's get back to the truck."

Sammy grabbed three DVD's, and Rudy snatched a fourth off the shelf before heading to the front counter.

- - - - -

Behind the bench seat of Rudy's truck was a sleeper cab, a small area with a bed, and a shelf, and a flat-screen TV. Rudy sat on the mattress with his back against the side of the truck and his legs sticking out. He pulled Sammy to him, leaning against his chest and belly, so they could face the TV and see the DVD as it played. Rudy picked one at random and stuck it in the machine.

His hands slid over Sammy's chest and belly, under the filmy camisole, as the movie began. Three statuesque women entered a bar, where a couple of burly bikers were drinking beer. As the men and the transvestites got to know each other, Rudy pulled Sammy's top off over his head, and the 12 year old turned in his arms to kiss him. Rudy felt his cock throbbing in his jeans as the boy's tongue slid into his mouth, and he reached around Sammy's slender body to grip his ass cheeks. The boy moaned as Rudy's fingers found his anus and rubbed the rough ring of his sphincter.

"Mmmmm," Sammy moaned, "Put your finger in my ass, Mister. Please?"

Rudy groaned at the boy's hot words, and fulfilled his perverse request, pushing his thick middle finger into the boy's dry, hot hole.

"Ooohhhhhh, yeah!" Sammy panted, "It feels so good! I can't wait 'til you fuck me!"

Rudy was in heaven. He had been planning on spending another lonely night jerking off to girl on girl porn, but now he was about to fuck the sweetest-looking little-boy ass he had ever seen!

"Not 'til I taste that sweet asshole!" he grunted against Sammy's wet lips.

"Oooo! Are you gonna lick my asshole, Mister?" Sammy said innocently, a gleam in his eyes.

"Turn the fuck around, you little bitch!" Rudy said, helping Sammy turn in the close confines of the truck. Rudy didn't mind that the boy had to press against him as he struggled. His soft, warm belly, legs and crotch felt and looked great.

Finally, Sammy settled on his belly, his thin body pressed against Rudy's larger one. Sammy's ass pointed toward Rudy's face. The man gripped the thin tong and tore it from the boy's hips, exposing his asshole, and the back of his balls to the man's avid gaze.

"Aaahhh, yeah!" Rudy exclaimed. He wrapped his arms around Sammy's thin waist and pulled him close, burying his face between the twin globes of Sammy's ass. He felt the boy's hairless balls pressing against his chin as his tongue flicked out to touch Sammy's pink rosebud.

Sammy moaned and lay his cheek on the large bulge in Rudy's jeans when he felt the man's tongue wiggling against his anus. When Rudy raised his hips to rub his crotch against the boy's face, Sammy fumbled clumsily with the zipper.

Distracted by the long thick tongue slithering into his asshole, Sammy finally managed to unfasten Rudy's pants and reach in to fish out his long thick cock. Sammy stared in delight at the dark hard pole, and the thick tracery of veins crawling across the surface.

Rudy wore no underwear, which Sammy found sexy as hell, and the man's pubic hair was thick and black. Sammy thought Rudy had the most beautiful cock he had ever seen, and the experienced little slut had seen a lot!

He moaned and parted his wet pink lips to slide them over the bulbous head of Rudy's hard dick.

As the man sucked his asshole, Sammy flexed his hips, rubbing the head of his cock against Rudy's collar bone, leaving a pool of warm slime on his neck.

"Mmmm, don't cum yet, Baby!" Rudy said from between Sammy's legs. The boy could feel the man's warm damp breath on his asshole, "I wanna watch you squirt!"

In response, Sammy sucked harder on Rudy's big cock, pushing his face down and taking as much of the man's thick pole into his mouth as he could. The plump head of Rudy's member pressed against the back of Sammy's throat, causing saliva to pour from his mouth over the man's hairy balls.

"Come here," Rudy growled. He pulled Sammy upright, facing him. As their slimy lips met, Rudy reached down and guided his hard cock under Sammy's balls and rubbed it against the preteen's slick asshole. Sammy pushed back, gasping as Rudy's thick cock plowed into his experienced anus.

They stopped when the plum-sized head of the trucker's cock popped past Sammy's sphincter, then Sammy smiled and pushed down, swallowing three inches of Rudy's hot log in one push.

The truck rocked with the enthusiasm of the two male's love-making. Rudy pulled his tank top off, and Sammy rested his small hands on the man's hairy chest.

Rudy put a big had on the back of Sammy's head, holding his face pressed to Rudy's as he explored the 12 year old's wet mouth with his tongue.

Rudy knew he wasn't going to last long.

"Oh, you're gonna make me cum!" he growled.

"Oh! Cum in my mouth, Mr. Rudy!" Sammy cried, 'Cum in my mouth!"

Rudy groaned as Sammy climbed from his lap and curled his slender body into the tight space between Rudy's thick thighs, taking the man's hot, slick cock in his hand and jerking it as he sucked on the purple head.

Rudy arched his back and groaned loudly as his cock exploded in the sweet boy's mouth. Sammy's head bobbed slowly in Rudy's lap as he milked the man's cum from his cock with his right hand and massaged his balls with the other.

"Ahhhhhh. Ahhhh, God!"Rudy gasped. "You're fuckin' amazing!" he sighed. Sammy smiled up at him from between his hairy thighs, sperm glistening on his lower lip. He climbed up the big man's body and lay on his chest to kiss him. Rudy eagerly sucked on Sammy's tongue, tasting his own semen.

"Alright, you little slut," he said, smiling at the sexy 12 year old, "Let's watch the movie and I'll play with your sweet cock."

Sammy turned and leaned against Rudy, his thin legs splayed, so they could watch the previously ignored movie. He felt the man;' flaccid cock and warm, fuzzy balls against his ass. Rudy reached around Sammy's slender body and stroked his four inch erection with his fingers. Sammy moaned and humped against Rudy's hand.

"Oh, you wanna cum already?" Rudy teased. Sammy told him about all the sexual activity he had engaged in earlier in the evening, and how the girls had teased him mercilessly.

"Oh, my poor baby!" Rudy crooned. He was turned on by the idea that Sammy had been teased, and was now on edge, eager to cum, "Well let's watch and see what happens, okay?"

"M'kay," Sammy moaned, turning his attention to the action on the TV.

Sammy saw a man with big tits - or a woman with a big cock - on his hands and knees, sucking a big dick while another plowed in and out of his asshole.

"Where do they get the boobies?" Sammy asked distractedly.

"Tits." Rudy corrected, "They're called tits. And they buy them. From a doctor"

"Really?" Sammy asked.

"Yeah," Rudy answered, "They're called breasts implants. Women get them too."

"Why?" Sammy asked.

"To get bigger tits!" Rudy replied, "Haven't you ever known anyone who wanted bigger tits?"

"Maybe," Sammy replied, turning back to watch the movie, blushing. Sammy had recently asked his mother when he would grow boobies, unaware that he never would.

Not on his own, anyway.

"And those men dress like women all the time?" he asked.

"Some do. Some only dress up for the movies. But a lot of guys get tits and live as women. It's no big deal." Rudy's fingers continued to stroke Sammy's hard, leaking cock. The boy's narrow hips rose and fell in rhythm with Rudy's moving fingers.

"Wow," Sammy exclaimed. The cock in the man's mouth drooled semen, which the sucking transsexual let pour over his tongue and lower lip. It looked sexy, but Sammy thought he would have had a hard time letting all that delicious cum run out of his mouth.

"Oh!" he cried, as his orgasm neared, "Oh, I'm gonna cum!'

"Not yet you're not!" Rudy exclaimed, "I gotta taste that sweet cock first!" He pulled Sammy to his knees and slid lower, so he could take the 12 year old's dripping cock between his lips.

"Mmmm," Rudy moaned, "Mmmmm, sweet young cock! Delicious!" he said, smiling up at Sammy. The boy's eyes were closed, and his chin lifted as he prepared to cum. Rudy took his throbbing little cock back in his mouth and sucked it until he felt a blast of semen on his tongue. He moaned and sucked harder as Sammy gasped and moaned through his long-delayed orgasm.

Rudy was surprised at the volume of sperm the boy produced. He held Sammy's cum in his mouth until the little cock stopped spurting, and let the spitty rod slip from his pursed lips. He moved to sit in front of Sammy's kneeling body and pressed his lips to the boy's. When Sammy parted his lips, Rudy let the cum leak from his mouth into Sammy's. Sammy opened his eyes and pressed his lips harder against Rudy's, sucking his semen from the man's tongue.

"Ahhhh, that was great!" Rudy said, "Hey, you wanna come along with me? On the road for awhile?"

Sammy sat back on his heels and looked at Rudy's hopeful face.

"I'm sorry," he said, looking into the man's earnest face, "but I really need to go home and see my mom." Rudy nodded. He hadn't really expected the beautiful boy to agree, but he had to ask.

The older man could picture himself really falling for a boy like this.

"Right," Rudy said, getting ahold of himself, "So where do you live, anyway?" Sammy told him.

"Oh Man!" Rudy exclaimed, "I'm headed the opposite direction!" Sammy's face fell.

"Don't worry, Sweetness," Rudy assured the naked boy, "We'll get you home. There's a truck stop a few miles up the road. I'll be able to find someone there to take you. If you're willing to pay for the ride..." he added slyly.

"Of course!" Sammy said, taking the man's flaccid cock in his warm hand, "Whatever it takes," the boy said, grinning.

- - - - -

It was more than "a few" miles. It took half an hour to reach the truck stop, and another fifteen minutes for Sammy to suck Rudy's invigorated cock to another orgasm.

Rudy worked the CB while Sammy fished his damp thong out of the back and slipped it on over his soft cock. The camisole was too torn to wear.

"You won't need clothes," Rudy had told him. Sammy was excited. He loved showing off his body and dressing sexily in public. His mother had created an exhibitionist in her son.

"Gotta boy needs a lift home," Rudy was saying.

"Where to?" came a reply through the speaker. Rudy told him.

"I'm headed that way," a deep male voice said gruffly, "How old's the boy?" Rudy looked at Sammy and he told the man.

"Twelve!" Rudy said.

"Nice age. What's he look like."

"Like a naked angel!" Rudy said.

"Yeah? That's about an hour and a half ride. I can get him close. Will he pay?"

"Oh, he'll pay," Rudy assured the man, "But not money!"

"That right?" Rudy held the handset up to Sammy's mouth.

"That's right!" he chirped. His voice was high and clear.

"That him!?" the man asked.

"Yup!" Sammy said, "Can you give me a ride home, Sir? I'd be soooooo grateful!" Sammy put a sexy lilt into his voice that made Rudy smile.

"You got yourself a deal, Baby!' the deep, gravely vice said. There followed a chorus of other male voices volunteering to give Sammy a ride. Rudy listened for a minute, then interrupted.

"Okay, road dogs, listen up!" he called into the microphone. He told the listening drivers where they were.

"First come, first cum!" he said, smiling and winking at Sammy. Sammy grinned back, looking years younger than he was.

- - - - -

Trucks soon started spilling into the parking lot, shuddering to a stop near Rudy's rig. The first man out was a tall, older man in his sixties wearing a cowboy hat and dusty boots. Sammy grinned through the wide windshield. He thought the man's thin, craggy face was beautiful.

"Looks like we have a winner!" Rudy said, leaving the cab. Other truckers were approaching as well. Sammy counted four more men before Rudy waved him down to join them.

Shyly, the nearly naked 12 year old clambered from the cab and approached gingerly on his bare feet.

"Holy fuck!" the tall man said, leering hungrily at the thong-clad boy.

"Say hello to Clarence, Sammy!" Rudy said.

"Hello, Sir," Sammy said, smiling shyly.

"Jesus Christ, Rudy!" the man said, "How did you find this angel?" he stepped toward Sammy as he spoke, and the boy looked up into the stranger's ice blue eyes.

"By the side of the road, man," Rudy replied, "Just walkin'."

"What the fuck were you doin' out at night like that, Boy?" Clarence asked.

"It's a story, Clarence," Rudy said, "It truly is. But maybe not one to be told out in the parking lot, huh?"

Clarence tore his eyes from Sammy's exposed body, seeing the growing crowd and their exposed position in the parking lot.

"Sorry, Boys!" he called to the circle of men. He put his arm around Sammy's bare shoulders and drew the boy's thin body against his. Angry grumbling greeted his call, and Rudy leaned in to speak into Clarence's ear.

"You better get out of here quick, or things are gonna get ugly."

"Truck's blocked," Clarence noted. The other incoming trucks were parked behind his rig.

"Then I think we need something to diffuse the situation," Rudy observed, "Can you think of anything that would make these men happy?" he asked Sammy, smiling slyly.

Sammy ginned back and nodded. Rudy turned to the swelling crowd, arms raised for attention.

"Alright, boys!" he called, 'You all can't take the little princess home, but I think he can make you all happy before he leaves!" The men looked at Rudy, Sammy and each other as the man's meaning sank in.

"My trailer's empty!" one unseen man called, "We can go in there!" This pronouncement was greeted with cheers, and Sammy was lifted and carried to the empty truck. Inside, he was set on his feet and his thong was stripped off. Naked, he knelt on a couple of folded packing blankets and was soon surrounded by hard, naked cocks. The happy little slut grabbed one in each hand and leaned forward to slurp a third into his hot mouth. He moaned as rough hands travelled over his naked body, pinching his nipples, rubbing his stomach, and squeezing his ass cheeks.

A fourth man slid between Sammy's knees and pushed his hips upward, penetrating the boy's anus with his rigid cock. Sammy moaned and drooled around the thick obstacle in his mouth, pulling faster on the rods in his hands.

The cock in his mouth exploded after just a few minutes. These truckers had been alone on the road for days, and were in need of the release the 12 year old was eager to supply. The cock in Sammy's right hand was retrieved by its owner and he jerked off on the boy's sweet face.

Lights flashed as the men snapped pictures of Sammy's pretty, semen- streaked features and sent the images out by text.

As Sammy turned to the next cock to suck, he heard the crunch of heavy tires in the parking lot outside the open truck doors, indicating the arrival of more horny truckers.

The man thrusting his cock into Sammy's ass from below grabbed his hips and pushed his cock deep, grunting and jabbing the hard rod as he came.

When he pulled out and slid away, Sammy felt his waist gripped from behind. He was pulled to his feet as he sucked on a big cock, and he moaned as his ass was invaded again. Hands helped to hold his thin frame as he was fucked back and front, bent forward awkwardly. The cocks in his mouth and ass spurted within seconds of each other, to be replaced by two more.

As Sammy sucked, a cock on either side of his face sprayed his cheeks and forehead with semen. The creamy liquid slid over his eyelids and onto the cock he was sucking. Sammy opened his mouth wider to capture the dripping slime. The cock in his mouth drooled sperm on his tongue, and he lapped that up eagerly.

An hour after Rudy had pulled into the truck stop, Sammy swallowed the last load of cum offered during the gangbang. It had been short and sweet. Rudy figured that thirteen truckers had stopped to take advantage of the attractive boy's eagerness to suck and fuck, and he had almost three hundred dollars in his pocket as proof.

Rudy kissed Sammy lustily, next to Clarence's truck cab. The older driver sat behind the wheel, waiting impatiently. He hadn't partaken in the gangbang, preferring to wait until he could take his time and enjoy the boy one-on-one. But he was ready to get to it.

Sammy climbed into the cab clutching his new phone. Rudy had used some of the cash to pick up a pre-paid cell phone. Rudy had told him his new friends had agreed to fund the phone as long as he met them when possible, and sent them naked, sexy pictures of himself at least once a day.

Clarence pulled his truck into an empty parking lot a couple of miles from Sammy's house. The boy had ridden naked, with a towel on the seat under his butt to catch the semen that leaked from his anus. Clarence turned to the naked boy and smiled. He took Sammy's new phone and snapped a couple of pictures of the nude, smiling 12 year old.

"You can send these to the guys later," he told Sammy.

The boy moved to kiss his new friend, and Clarence pulled his thin, naked body into his lap. Sammy straddled the tall man, folding his legs under himself and leaning back against the hard curve of the steering wheel as Clarence sucked his hard pink nipples and fondled the boy's cock. Sammy lifted his hips so Clarence could release his cock and settled back down, holding Clarence's swelling member against his own, smaller cock.

He grinned up at the big man as he rubbed their sex organs together. Clarence reveled in the feel of the warm, soft skin of Sammy's four inch erection rubbing against his seven inch hard-on.

"You better put my cock in your ass or I'm gonna blast all over your belly, Baby," Clarence growled.

"Yes, Sir," Sammy said quietly. He rose on his knees and held the man's cock up, pointed at his slick hole He settled down slowly, pushing Clarence's cock into his ass as he kissed the man again. Clarence's tongue invaded Sammy's mouth as his cock slid into the boy's asshole.

Sammy whined passionately when Clarence gripped his hard cock and stroked it, matching the slow, steady rhythm of the motion of his cock siding in and out of the boy's ass. He wanted to take it slow, to make love to the boy; to taste his lips and tongue; to smell his sweat and the semen that leaked from his ass onto Clarence's balls.

Sammy rested his head against the man's neck, panting as Clarence slowly fucked him.

"Oooooohhhh, your cock feels so good in my ass, Clarence," he moaned against the man's neck.

"Yeah, your ass feels pretty damn good around my cock too, Baby," Clarence answered.

"Mmmm, you're gonna make me cum, Sir," the boy moaned.

"Let's cum together then," the trucker answered. He pushed deeper and faster into Sammy's ass while pulling insistently on his small cock. The two men panted into each other's mouths, the tips of their tongues touching, as their orgasms approached.

Clarence gasped and stiffened, pushing deep as his cock exploded. The feel of the older man's cock pulsing and squirting cum into his rectum pushed Sammy over the edge, and his cock spit a few thin streams of sperm on the man's belly and flannel shirt.

- - - - -

Sammy settled back on his towel, and Clarence took more pictures of the slender boy with his legs spread, focusing on his cum-coated balls and leaking anus.

"Your customers are gonna love these," the man said, handing the phone back to Sammy.

"Customers?" the boy asked curiously.

"Sure," Clarence replied, handing Sammy a twenty dollar bill, "No reason you can't profit from your talents!" The craggy face broke into a grin, and Sammy smiled back, looking from the handsome features to the money in his hand.

- - - - -

The sun was just coming up when Sammy entered through the front door of his house. He wore the white thong Carla had given him, and nothing else. Semen coated his upper thighs, having leaked from his anus. His hair was disheveled, crusted with dried cum.

He found his mother in the kitchen, sipping coffee

"Hi, Honey!" she greeted him, unsurprised at his outfit or his condition, "How was your night?"

"Fine, Mommy," Sammy replied.

"Mommy?" he asked, after pouring himself some orange juice, "Why didn't you ever tell me I'm a boy?"

Jane froze with her cup raised to her lips. Sammy saw the color drain from her cheeks as she stared wide-eyed at him.

"Wh - what?" she stammered, 'What do you -"

"I'm not mad, Mommy," Sammy assured her, "Just curious,"

Jane set her cup down and started to cry, Sammy put a hand on her back, rubbing gently.

"It's okay, Mommy," he assured her.

"Oh, Baby," Jane sobbed, "Mommy's sorry. I thought it was right at the time. That it would all turn out right in the end. But I didn't think it all out." She proceeded to tell the story about how she had wanted a girl, that she had wanted to raise a little girl, away from the men she had grown to despise. The men that in her mind had used and abused her in her youth, turning her into a submissive, sex-crazed slut, pregnant as a teenager, and abandoned by Sammy's unknown father.

How she had needed to believe and act as if her baby were a little girl, to be raised as she herself had not been, loved and appreciated.

How she had watched as Sammy had reached puberty and become sexually active. How Jane had tried to relieve his growing sexual frustration herself, thereby awakening her own repressed hyper-sexuality.

Mother and son had become wanton sluts, engaging in numerous sex acts, mostly with middle school teens.

"I'm so sorry, Baby," Jane concluded, her voice muffled by her hands, "I thought I could make it work, but it all spiraled out of control. I was so blind. So selfish." She raised her face from her hands and looked at Sammy miserably.

"But I love you, Sweetie!" she said with earnestness, "Please believe that I have always loved you!"

Sammy dropped to his knees and hugged his mother's thin body to his naked one.

"I know, Mommy," he crooned, "I know. And it's okay. It's all going to be okay."

"Really?" Jane asked, pulling away and sniffing. The role reversal was pronounced, with the mother looking to the 12 year old for assurance.

"Yeah. It's fine," Sammy said, smiling, "I'm fine. I learned some things." Sammy reached for the counter and picked up the DVD's Rudy had given him. He set them down for his mother to see the covers.

"See?" he said proudly, I can be a girl!" Jane stared at the covers, and the naked she-males on them.

"And a boy!" Jane looked at her son's beautiful, beaming face and smiled back.

Sammy leaned forward and kissed her, slipping his tongue into his mother's mouth while putting his palm on one small, firm breast.

Jane moaned when Sammy gently twisted her hard nipple through the thin robe she wore.

Sammy stood and pulled down his thong. Jane guided his soft cock to her lips and sucked the flaccid organ into her wet mouth. Sammy put his hands on his mother's tousled hair and moved his hips forward and back, fucking her mouth.

Eventually, his cock grew and hardened, though Sammy doubted he would be able to cum so soon after Clarence had jerked him off.

What he wanted was between his mother's legs.

"Mommy," he said softly, "Can I see your pussy?" Jane slipped her lips from her son's cock and looked up at him. Her eyes were still red-rimmed and swollen for her tears.

She smiled and stood, taking Sammy's hand and leading him to the living room. She sat on the couch and spread her robe open to reveal her trim, naked body underneath.

Sammy knelt on the carpeted floor and gazed at his mother's shaved pussy. He spread the petals of her labia with his thumbs and gazed at the opening through which he had entered the world. Glancing at his mother, he lowered his face to her crotch and tasted her pussy for the first time.

Jane arched he back and hissed when she felt Sammy's tongue licking tentatively at the wet folds of her vagina.

"Oh, Baby!" she cried, "Eat Mommy's pussy! That's it, lick me, Baby!" Sammy moaned and buried his tongue in his mother's wet hole, smearing her juices on his cheeks. She gripped his long hair in her hands and pressed his face to her crotch, rubbing her cunt up and down on his tongue. His nose bumped her hard clit and her body jerked in reaction.

When she came, Sammy felt her pussy get wetter, an experience with which he was familiar from the sleepover the night before. Sammy grinned up at her from between her legs as she panted, slumped against the back of the couch with her legs spread wide.

Jane reached out to her boy, and he rose to lie on her naked body, feeling her hard nipples against his chest. She took is slimy cheeks in her hands and kissed him, running the tip of her tongue around his lips to taste her own pussy.

"Oh, Baby," she whispered, "I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Mommy." Sammy replied softly.

- - - - -

Later, as they watched one of the new movies Sammy had brought home, Jane curled up next to her son, slowly stroking his regained erection. The scene they were watching showed a blonde girl being fucked from behind by a man with huge fake tits while she sucked the cock of another, more muscular, transsexual.

Sammy watched the she-males' tits bounce and quiver, and turned to his mother.

"Mommy?" he asked playfully, "When can I get bobbies?"

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Love your stories so much... love this last on for sure. Will you write a little more about the fun that Sammy and mommy might have. My panties are so wet and my slut cock is so hard just thinking about it.. Kisses

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