Sammy, Part 10

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Published: 28-Apr-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

"Hey, Sammy," Carla Mareno said, smiling cooly at the 12 year old transvestite. Carla was one of the most popular girls in middle school, though if you asked her, she would say she was THE most popular.

At any rate, the 14 year old slut was a very popular girl. Her raven black hair fell in dark waves over her shoulders and down her back. Her heavy-lidded eyes were dark green, under lashes thickened and lengthened with mascara. Her red-painted lips were full and perpetually pouty. Her body was even more attractive than her beautiful face. Her breasts had sprouted at the age of ten, and had grown to be her more dominant feature. She displayed them proudly in a tight-fitting, sheer white tank top. Her dark nipples were perpetually hard, and showed clearly through the thin material.

Carla flaunted the school dress code, enabled to do so by the fact that she was regularly fucking both Mr. Samuels, the principal, and Ms. Connors, the vice principal.

The tank top ended just below her jutting breasts. Whenever Carla walked through the aisles between classroom desk, the boys dropped their pencils so they could bend down to retrieve them as she glided by for a view up her shirt at the bottoms of her fabulous tits.

Carla's black miniskirt barely covered her firm, rounded ass. Carla's legs were long and thin, and her black high heels accentuated the curves of her calves.

"Oh! H - h - hi, Carla," Sammy said nervously. He had never spoken to the beautiful girl before, because Carla had never deigned to speak to him. Sammy stood nervously as the popular girl's entourage surrounded him. Sammy wore a loose, light blue sweater that hung off one shoulder, and a pair of skin-tight sort-shorts that displayed the bulge of his hard cock in front and barely covered his ass cheeks. He had thought he looked hot as hell.

Until Carla had appeared. Next to her dark-haired, olive-skinned, big-titted beauty, Sammy felt like an ugly, skinny little child.

"Say, Sammy," Carla continued, "You wanna come to a sleep-over tonight? Me and the girls are gonna hang out and watch movies and do a little weed and stuff overnight at my house."

Sammy stared, open-mouthed. He didn't notice the sly look in Carla's eyes, or the titter of laughter from one of the girls behind him, quickly shushed by another.

He gazed, rapt, into Carla's beautiful green eyes, and his heart hammered in his chest.

Carla was asking him to a party at her house.


Asking him.

To her house!

Sammy felt light-headed, and a little queasy. His skin prickled, and his nipples hardened under his fluffy sweater. Carl stepped closer, and his cock throbbed when he smelled the intoxicating aroma of her sweet perfume.

"What do you say?" she asked, throatily, "It'll be fun!" She smiled, and all Sammy saw was a straight, double row of glistening white teeth, and the wet, pebbly surface of the tip of Carla's tongue, moving sluggishly behind them.

"Ohhhhh," Sammy whispered, "Yes, that would be wonderful,"

"Great, tonight then. Eight o'clock," Carla handed him a slip of paper with her address on it. He held it tightly in his sweaty palm as the group disintegrated from around him and coalesced around Carla like a sentient cloud. Sammy stared after the array of swaying teenage asses as the girls drifted down the hall, twittering and giggling.

Had Sammy known the subject of their glee, he would have felt very differently about tonight's sleepover.

- - - - -

"Mom! Mommy! Mooooom!" Sammy shouted as he burst through the front door.

"What, Honey?" Jane asked, hustling in from the kitchen. She was wearing a see-through negligee, with nothing underneath it.

"Mom! Carla asked me over for a sleepover at her house!" Sammy babbled gleefully. In his excitement, he had even forgotten to strip nude, as he was supposed to do whenever he arrived home.

"Carla?" Jane said, "Who's Carla?" Sammy had no girl friends, as far as Jane knew, though he had a large number of male admirers, due to his eagerness to have sex with anyone who approached him for it.

"Only the most popular girl in school!" Sammy explained, "She never even talked to me before, and now she's inviting me to go to a sleepover! Can I Mom? Can I?" Sammy looked at her so hopefully, so innocently joyful, Jane's chest hurt when she gave her reply.

"I'm sorry, Honey," she said quietly," But you can't go."

Sammy's face fell. He looked crestfallen. A large tear rolled from his right eye and left a trail of accusation across his cheek.

"But why?" Sammy asked. Jane looked away, unable to look at the despair on her son/daughter's face.

"Because you have a date!" Jane answered with false brightness, "With Max!"

"But I didn't make..."

"No, I did. I'm sorry, Honey. I forgot to tell you."

"But I wanted..." Sammy started. But Jane interrupted.

"Come on," she said, taking Sammy by the elbow and guiding him toward the stairs, "It's a dinner date, so let's get you ready."

Sammy's head swam as he let himself be taken upstairs.

- - - - -

"Wow!" Max said, "You look amazing!"

He was only telling the truth. Jane had picked a new outfit for Sammy to wear, one she had picked up the week before at the outlet mall.

Sammy wore a skin-tight red dress that reached to just below his testicles. Jane had given him a matching red thong to hold his hard penis up and away from the hem of the dress, so it didn't show. A pair of red stockings encased Sammy's shapely legs, held in place by a matching lace garter belt and ending in a pair of red, four inch heels. Jane had applied the boy's make-up, painting his full lips bright red, with pink eyeliner. She had put his hair in twin pig tails with red ribbons.

Max felt his cock swell at the sight of the 12 year old transvestite.

"I may not make it to the car before I tear that dress off," Max said, leering at the boy.

And indeed, when Max got Sammy alone in the car, he leaned across the center console and pressed his lips against the 12 year old's, sliding his tongue between the boy's soft pink lips.

"Let's just get some drive-through," Max panted, gripping Sammy's hard cock through the front of his dress, "So we can fuck sooner."

"Okay," Sammy said softly, smiling sexily in the light from the dashboard.

They ate while Max drove to a small motel. He pulled up in front of one of the doors on the first floor without stopping at the main office. Max got out of the car and stepped around to open Sammy's, leering at the boy's stocking-clad legs as he climbed from the vehicle. Max grabbed the startled boy around the waste and hugged his slender body against his chest, kissing him passionately in the day-lit parking lot.

By the time Max had released the 12 year old and guided him to a numbered door, Sammy's cheeks were bright red, and wetness was spreading on the front of his dress where his cock leaked into the thin, stretchy material.

Max took a key from his pocket and opened the door, and led Sammy into the darkened interior. Heavy curtains hung over the large front window, enclosing the space in gloom.

Before Sammy's eyes could adjust to the dimness, lights were turned on, and the scantily clad boy saw half a dozen teenagers standing and sitting in the room, grinning at him. Sammy looked around at the handsome, smiling faces, pleased and surprised. Thoughts of the sleep over party at Carla's vanished temporarily as his mouth watered in anticipation of sucking all the hard cocks in front of him, and all the anal sex he would have.

For the experienced slut had no doubt that the boys were here to fuck him. His willingness to have sex with literally anyone was what made him so popular.

"Surprise!" Max said smiling. Sammy turned, flashing an answering grin. When he looked back at the crowd he saw cell phones aimed at him, snapping pictures of him in his sexy outfit. He posed, with a slim hand on one outthrust hip, and smiled at the photographers. The group of boys moved toward Sammy, and they started calling out requests.

"Hold your hands over your head!" said one boy, and Sammy raised his arms, causing his tight red dress to climb up and exposing the damp red thong beneath. Hands pulled him into the center of the room, so some of Sammy's admirers could get behind him and take pictures of his ass, as well as fondle and squeeze the firm soft globes.

"Bend over, Sammy!" a voice said from behind, and Sammy bent at the waist, showing off his ass, the red strip of fabric barely visible within the deep cleft between his butt cheeks. His testicles bulged in the scant confines of the tiny thong.

"Spread your feet apart!"

"Look between your legs and smile!"

"Pull down the top and show us your nipples!"

"Pull them!"; "Twist them!"; "Make them harder!"

"Take the dress off!"

"Let's see that cock, Bitch!"

"Pull that dong, you little slut!"

"Put a finger in your mouth and shove it up your ass!"

"Jerk off for us, Whore!"

As Sammy acquiesced to the requests, the requests changed to demands. A fervor swept the room, and the thin 12 year old soon found himself being pulled and yanked to different boys, who kissed him and fondled his genitals. He was held in the grip of a tall, heavy-set high school freshman who pressed his lips to Sammy's while someone wormed finger into his ass and someone else reached between his thighs to fondle his balls. When the tall boy pulled back, Sammy's chin was slick with spit, and his eyes were glazed with lust.

Sammy's slender, naked body was lifted and carried to one of the two queen size beds, where his hands and feet were tied to the bed's frame by thin ropes. He looked around for Max but couldn't see him. Hands roamed over his naked body, caressing his arms, chest, belly, cock and balls, while others slid over the slick fabric of his stockings.

They left his high heels on.

The boys stood back, and Sammy saw flashes and heard electronic clicking as several of them took pictures of his nude, bound body.

When one boy finally shed his pants and climbed up on Sammy's chest, he eagerly opened his mouth to accept the swelling cock between his lips when offered. Unable to use his hands, Sammy bobbed his head back and forth, turning it from side to side to massage the hot rod.

Sammy moaned around the obstacle in his mouth when he felt oily hands grip his cock and stroke it slowly.

Another slick finger entered his anus, pushing the oil deep into his rectum, preparing him for the evening ahead.

"That's it, Cunt," panted the boy whose cock he was sucking, "Take my cock in that whore mouth. I wanna cum in your mouth, and all over your slutty face!"

The words, as nonsensical as they sounded, turned the bound boy on, and he redoubled his efforts to coax the hot load from the object of his attention.

"Ahhhh, not yet, Bitch!" the boy said, gripping Sammy's hair in a meaty fist and pulling his cock from the 12 year old's sucking mouth.

"I'm gonna fuck your hot ass first, then you can suck the cum out of it!" Before climbing off, the big kid moved forward, settling his hairy balls on Sammy's lips. Sammy opened his mouth wide and sucked the loose skin between the teenager's heavy balls, turning his head from side to side to suckle each testicle, one at a time.

As he climbed off Sammy's face, the big teen rocked his hips forward, placing his ass over the young boy's mouth, Sammy's tongue was extended as he lapped at the hairy balls in front of him, and when the boy moved, Sammy's tongue grazed his anus.

Surprised, the football player paused, and Sammy took it as an invitation to lick his anus, which he did.

"Oh, Fuck!" the boy shouted, "The little whore's licking my asshole! Suck my ass, Cunt! Suck my ass!"

Sammy pushed upward, slipping his thin tongue past the teenager's sphincter and into his asshole. He forced his flexible tongue into the youth's ass as the teen rocked back and forth, riding the slim wet organ.

"Oh, yeah! You guys gotta try this! It's fuckin' awesome!"

And try it they did, taking turns riding Sammy's tongue while alternately pulling at his cock and fondling his balls.

Sammy, for his part, loved the attention. Sucking assholes wasn't anything he had planned to do, but once started, he found the process both demeaning and pleasant. His cock throbbed as he pursed his lips and rammed is tongue deep into another stranger's asshole, pressing his face to the teen's butt crack and feeling a pair of warm, hairy balls on his chin.

He felt his ankles being released, and then someone bent his legs, pushing his knees toward his chest.

He knew what was coming, and welcomed it.

When the thick cock plowed into his ass, Sammy moaned into the anus he was sucking on, then screamed as the thick rod stretched his sphincter wide. The ass on his face wiggled, pressing harder to muffle his cries, and Sammy heard laughter around the warm thighs pressing against the sides of his head.

"Stretchin' this cunt good!" he heard, and recognized the voice of the ninth grader whose cock he had sucked first, now plunging his big hard cock deep into Sammy's bowels with long, slow thrusts.

Soon Sammy was panting into the asshole pressed to his lips as the thick cock plunged fast and deep into his rectum. Rhythmic grunts escaped the thin boy's mouth as his slender body was pounded into the bed repeatedly.

The ass left his face, and Max smiled down at him from between his knees.

Sammy smiled back. His chin and cheeks were glazed with his own saliva, his cheeks were bright red. Max pulled at one small, pink nipple before swinging a leg clear and sitting next to the sweating boy, whose body jerked with the force of the trusting cock invading his asshole.

Max bent and kissed Sammy's slimy lips, his tongue swirling around in the boy's mouth.

"Ready for your treat?" Max asked, grinning knowingly. Sammy just smiled up at his boyfriend and nodded One of his pig tails had come undone, leaving him with a side knot.

He looked even younger like that.

Max nodded at the boy fucking Sammy's ass, and the big teen slid his cock rapidly from the bound boy's stretched hole, climbing over his naked body to kneel in front of his face and jerk his hard pole.

"Gonna cum," he grunted, "Open up, Cunt! I'm gonna cum in your whore mouth!"

Sammy opened his lips wide and stuck out his tongue just in time to catch the first blast, which painted the back of his throat, soon joined by two more hot spurts of sperm. The teen's hand pulled at his thick rod, aiming it at Sammy's nose and eyes. The 12 year old's left eye was closed by the last weak spurt of semen.

"Yeah, that's what I like," the freshman said, pushing his spent cock into Sammy's mouth. Sammy sucked obediently at the warm rod, drawing the last of the sperm from it and swallowing the cum in his mouth.

"Next!" the teen called as he climbed form Sammy's naked body.

The next boy fucked Sammy as the first one had, blasting his load on Sammy's face when the time came. But the third had another idea.

"Flip the bitch over," he said, and Sammy's hands were untied from the bed and tied together in front of him. He was turned over and his hips pulled upward so that he knelt on his knees and his elbows, his gaping anus pointed toward his latest lover. He moaned deep in his throat when he felt another hard cock invade his rectum.

A cock appeared in front of him and he sucked it automatically as the cock in back rammed his asshole.

The boy was startled when the cock in his mouth erupted, but he gulped down the hot load before it leaked from his lips.

The cock in his mouth withdrew, and the hard rod in his ass slipped out and replaced the boy in front. Sammy eagerly engulfed the hard shaft, warm from his asshole, between his pouty pink lips. In second, he was rewarded with a warm flood of semen across his tongue, which he swallowed happily as another hard rod entered his ass.

"Oh, fuck me!" Sammy called over his bare shoulder, "Fuck me please!" The boy needed no urging, ramming his cock deep and hard into Sammy's welcoming anus, until he gasped suddenly, and Sammy felt the hot jets of the teen's semen spraying his rectum.

Sammy collapsed when the hard rod withdrew, and the last two boys knelt on either side of the gasping boy and jerked their organs at his face. Sammy tuned back and forth, sucking on the red heads of their dicks until the spurted white streaks of semen across the boy's face. He smiled happily as pictures were taken of his semen - streaked features.

- - - - -

"Max?" Sammy called from the bathroom. The others were gone, and Sammy had showered. He called to his boyfriend as he rolled one red stocking up over a creamy white thigh, as his mother had taught him.

"What, Baby?" the teen replied. He was sitting on the end of the bed, facing the old fashioned television.

"Can I ask you a favor?"

"Depends what it is."

"Can I call my mom on your phone and pretend that I'm spending the night with you?"

Max looked at Sammy through the doorway. The boy stood wearing just the red stockings and garter belt, which framed his genitals. The 12 year old's four inch erection jutted out in front of him.

"Why?" Max asked, intrigued.

"Well, that's another favor," Sammy said nervously, "I want to go to a sleepover at Carla's. She invited me."

"Carla Mareno?" Max asked, staring, "Carla asked you over for a sleepover?"

"Yeah, and I really want to go and Mom won't let me. But if she thinks I'm with you she'll say yes, I just know she will. So can I call her and tell her I'm staying with you, and can you drive me over to Carla's house? Please?" The speech had left Sammy breathless and flushed. Max thought he looked sexy as hell, standing in the stockings with that look of appeal on his pretty face.

So Sammy was showing a flash of rebellion, Max thought. Interesting. The ordinarily demure and submissive preteen was the last person Max would have thought capable of such an act.

"This must mean a lot to you," Max said aloud.

"Oh, it does!" Sammy said, entering the room and kneeling in front of Max. He put his hands on his boyfriend's knees and looked up at him imploringly.

"Please?" he begged. Max's cock swelled in his tight jeans when he looked at the desperation on Sammy's pretty face. He knew he would do the favor requested. Not because of any feelings he had for Sammy, though.

"What's in it for me?" he asked slyly.

"Oh, Max! I would do anything for you! You know that!" the boy said earnestly. The intensity of Sammy's gaze might have scared a different person, one with a conscience.

But Max was immune from such foibles, and saw only opportunity in the 12 year old's naivete.

"True," Max mused, "But you always like what I want you to do. Maybe I should come up with something new...." He stared at young Sammy, who looked back at him nervously.

"Well," Max said briskly, standing and forcing Sammy back on his butt, "I'll have to think about that. Let's get you to your sleepover, shall we?"

"Oh, Max!" Sammy exclaimed, jumping into the older boy's arms and wrapping his thin arms around Max's neck. He raised his face for a kiss.

After a long, deep French kiss, Max disentangled himself from the naked boy.

"Alright, Hornbag," he said, smiling, "Go get dressed."

Max waited while Sammy slithered into his short, tight dress and slipped his heels on.

- - - - -

"Thanks, Sweetie!" Sammy said. He turned and headed for the front of the big, stone-fronted house. Sammy had called his mother and told her he was spending the night with Max and "some friends", and she had been supportive.

The 12 year old's heels clicked on the cobbled driveway and up the terraced steps to the tall, wooden, double front doors. A Westminster chime announced Sammy's presence when he pushed the lion's head doorbell.

The diminutive preteen stood nervously under the heavily carved portico, listening to footsteps approaching the door.

When it opened, Sammy saw a statuesque, dark-haired woman in her forties. She was stunning. Her thick, lustrous hair shimmered as it cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. Sammy was at eye level with a pair of enormous breasts, which were barely contained by the woman's long negligee. The thin, silky material clung to the curves of her body, which Sammy stared at admiringly. One long, shapely leg jutted from a slit on the side of the nightgown, capped by a silver, high-heeled slipper.

"Yes?" Her voice was deep and melodic. Sammy looked up at a pair of large, dark green eyes that were older versions of Carla's. There could be no doubt that this gorgeous woman was the teenager's mother

"Oh - hi! Uh - I'm Sammy," the boy managed to utter. The woman made no move to speak.

"Um, Cara invited me?" he said hesitantly.

The imposing woman continued to stare down at the 12 year old transvestite, as if she had lifted a rug and found something distasteful underneath.

"Of course," she said, finally, stepping back to allow the heel-clad boy to enter, "Please come in."

She spoke in a drawling, disinterested monotone, looking at Sammy with thinly disguised distaste. She lifted a tanned, muscular arm and waved it toward the curving stone staircase that curled around the cavernous foyer.

"Carla and her friends are in her room."

Thank you," Sammy said quietly, and ascended the stairs. He wandered down a wide, high-ceilinged hallway, following the sound of girls' voices, until he came to a closed door behind which the sound originated. He knocked, and waited.

The door opened, and Carla stood before him. Her large, dark eyes travelled up and down his body appraisingly, and his did the same to her.

Carla was dressed for bed, apparently, in a pink, translucent teddy with a matching pink thong. Her big, braless tits were clearly visible through the wispy fabric, her dark nipples hard and prominent.

Sammy tore his eyes from her chest to look at the older girl's beautiful face, catching a crafty, unpleasant expression that quickly transformed into a bright smile that never quite reached her green, almond-shaped eyes.

"Sammy!" Carla greeted the thin 12 year old, "For awhile there, I thought you weren't going to make it!" She stepped aside so Sammy could enter. The boy felt her firm breast brush against his bare arm as he slipped by.

"Now the party can really start!" she announced to the girls in the room. Sammy recognized the four others as members of Carla's inner circle of friends. Patrice, Kelly, Mischa and Paulette sat on the bed, or on the carpeted floor. Paulette held a small clay pipe and was puffing it while holding a cigarette lighter over the bowl. Kelly held a drinking glass with dark red liquid in it while Patrice and Mischa sat next to each other on the bed, kissing.

All of the girls were dressed - or undressed - like Carla, in filmy nighties and underwear. Sammy felt uncomfortable wearing his new red dress and high heels.

"A little over-dressed, aren't you?" Paulette said, as if reading Sammy's mind.

"Oh, uh - sorry," Sammy mumbled, red-cheeked '"I didn't have time to go home and get anything..."

"You sneaked out, right?" Carla said, smiling knowingly.

"Yeah, kinda," Sammy replied.

"That's awesome," Carla responded, "Come on I'm sure I have something that'll fit you." She led Sammy by the hand to a huge cherry dresser. She bent to open a bottom drawer, and Sammy struggled not to stare at her curvaceous ass as she fumbled through piles of wispy fabric

"Here" she said, handing Sammy a small pile of cloth, "Try these."

Carla ushered the nervous 12 year old to a private bathroom attached to her bedroom, and Sammy looked at the clothing as the door closed behind him. He heard whispers and giggles after the door closed. He thought the girls must be having a lot of fun, and looked forward to joining them.

When Sammy emerged from the bathroom, the girls all smiled at him.

He wore a short, see-through white camisole with lace trim, that left his taught belly bare, and a white thong behind which his soft cock barely hid. Carla patted a spot on the floor next to her. The girls all sat in a loose circle on the large carpeted floor.

"Come here, Sweetie!" Carla invited, "I see my old undies fit you. You look hot!" Sammy blushed and smiled, padding on bare feet to where Carla sat, settling cross legged next to her.

We were just going to play spin-the-bottle," Carla told him, "Ever played?"

Sammy shook his head negatively, looking at the empty wine bottle lying on its side in the center of the circle of girls.

"It's easy!" Kelly assured him, handing him a small glass with the dark red liquid he had seen before, "You just spin it and kiss whoever it ends up pointing at!" Sammy liked that idea. All the girls were really pretty, though none as beautiful as Carla.

"You first!" Paulette chirped in her girly, high-pitch voice. She pointed at Sammy, who leaned forward to grip the heavy glass bottle and spin it.

The cylindrical object didn't go far on the carpet, and quickly stopped pointing to Kelly, who smiled sexily at Sammy.

"Oooo," she purred, "Lucky me!" The 14 year old, strawberry blonde beauty leaned forward and pressed her soft, warm lips to Sammy's. Sammy struggled to breathe. It was the first time he had ever kissed a girl, other than his mother. He kind of wished that Carla had been his first, but hoped that his turn with her would come as the game progressed.

Sammy moaned when Kelly's tongue teased his lips apart and slipped inside his mouth. He sucked on the thin wet organ delicately, until the pretty girl pulled away, smiling, leaving the sweet scent of her cherry lip gloss behind.

The 12 year old sat back breathlessly, taking the glass he had handed to Carl to hold for him and taking a sip. The fluid was bitter and sweet. Sammy recognized the smell and knew it was wine, which his mother drank but had never given to him. His thin body shuddered and his nipples hardened at the bitter taste, but he tried not to make a face. He didn't want to be rude.

Carla was next, and she and Paulette made out with familiar intensity until Patrice's turn, then Mischa and Kelly, until it was Sammy's turn. The 12 year old set his glass on the floor, surprised to see it empty. He decided he liked the drink pretty well after all, and spun the bottle harder this time.

Lucky spin. It pointed at Carla. The taller girl leaned over and put her right hand on the side of Sammy's head, guiding him toward her face. Their lips met, and the 14 year old immediately slid her long pink tongue into Sammy's mouth. He moaned and sucked hard on the slick, squirming organ, his cock swelling uncomfortably in the tight confines of the borrowed thong.

Where Kelly's kiss had been sweet and playful, Cara's was sexy and intense. The older girl rose to her knees facing Sammy, while keeping her lips pressed against his, and took his cheeks in both hands. She opened her mouth and ran her pointed tongue around his lips, taking his lower lip between her teeth and tugging at it playfully. Sammy just kept his lips parted and let the other girl make love to his mouth. His cock throbbed as Carla tipped her head from side to side while sucking his tongue, bobbing her head back and forth like she was sucking a cock.

When she finally released his head and sat back slowly on her heels, Carla smiled at Sammy's red-cheeked face. His lips were wet with Carla's saliva, and his eyes were half closed.

"My turn!" the dark haired beauty said brightly, as if nothing extraordinary had happened.

Kelly poured more wine in Sammy's glass.

It seemed like every spin pointed at Sammy. It never occurred to the nave 12 year old that the carpet made it easy to aim the bottle. But by the end of the next round, Sammy had been kissed thoroughly five times in a row.

Kelly climbed off of Sammy's prone body after her turn and drew the back of her hand across her spitty lips, staring down at him and smiling mischievously. Sammy's rock hard cock stuck out of the top of his borrowed thong, clearly visible to the other girls. He wondered why their cocks weren't bursting from their underwear.

Paulette leaned across the space between the girls and handed Sammy the small pipe. He stared down the front of her loose camisole wistfully, wondering when his own boobies would grow so big. He held the little clay instrument to his lips and sucked as he was told while Paulette held the lighter to the opening in top.

Sammy almost dropped the pipe when the acrid smoke hit his lungs and he started coughing. Carla and Kelly patted him on the back until he calmed down, then he smiled shyly and accepted the pipe back, inhaling carefully this time.

Soon Sammy was feeling light-headed and fuzzy.

"Alright, Ladies," Carla announced, "Time to make the game more interesting : Let's play Strip Spin The Bottle!"

The girls cheered and clapped, while Sammy smiled foggily.

Sammy spun first, and Carla smiled as she pulled her teddy off and dropped it behind her. Sammy stared at her big beasts as he leaned forward to kiss her. And his cock was red and leaking by the time she released his tongue from her mouth. Carla spun next.

Of course, the bottle pointed at Sammy.

The older girl grabbed Sammy's camisole and pulled it over his head as her friends cheered. She pushed the thin 12 year old to the carpet and lay atop his nearly naked body with her lips pressed to his. He could feel her firm tits pressing against his chest as her crotch ground against his cock.

Sammy moaned and wrapped his slender arms around her warm, strong body and sucked eagerly on her long wet tongue.

Paulette's spin pointed at Sammy, and the slender, pale-skinned girl crawled over to him and gripped his thong on either side, yanking it down and off. Sammy's hard red cock sprang free, and Paulette grabbed it, stroking it slowly as she kissed him. Sammy moaned and whined as his cock leaked on Paulette's hand.

Now that Sammy was completely naked, the girls all fell on him, pinning his arms to the floor, kissing his face, neck and chest, and playing with his cock and balls.

"Oh, oh my!" Sammy gasped. Carla climbed on his thighs, pinning his legs to the floor and grinning down at him.

"Got something to show you, Sammy," she purred. Something about the look in her eyes made the 12 year old nervous, "It's a secret. To you, anyway." Sammy heard giggles and looked around to see the other girls standing around behind Carla.

"Show him, girls!" Carla said.

Sammy looked from girl to girl as each one pushed her underwear down her legs and off. The nave transvestite's eyes grew wide with horror at what he saw.

Not one of the girls in front of him had a penis! He was with a bunch of freaks! Or had they been surgically altered somehow? Could it have been a horrible accident?

None of them looked embarrassed or upset by the revelation of their unusual genitals. In fact, they all smiled nastily at him.

Sammy looked closer, and saw that they all looked identical between their legs. No cock, no balls, just a slit between two soft, fleshy bulges. They didn't look deformed. There was no scar tissue.

They looked quite pretty, in a way.

"What?" he gasped, "What's going on?"

"Easy, Stupid!" Carla hissed, "We're girls! This is how girls look!" She turned and waved her arm to indicate the crotches arrayed behind her.

"These are pussies! It's what girls have!"

"But, but I don't ..." Sammy stuttered, alarmed.

"You're a boy, you little freak!" Carla yelled, "I'm tired of you struttin' around school in your little stripper's outfits, flashing your cock, and your ass, and stealing our boyfriends!" This last was yelled with Carla leaning forward and pinning Sammy's wrists to the floor. He felt the beautiful girl's warm spittle sprinkling his face as she leaned over and yelled at him, red-faced.

"What?" Sammy asked weakly, "What?"

"Well it stops now, Freak!' Carla said, getting a hold of herself and rising to a sitting position. Even through his shock, Sammy was captivated by the way her firm round ass cheeks jiggled.

"It's time you learned about the Birds and the Bees," she said maliciously. She signaled to the other girls, and the four of them held Sammy's arms and legs while Carl stood and slipped her thong off. She sat back down on Sammy's stomach, still grinning.

Sammy started up at her, sweating and scared.

A boy? He wasn't a boy! He was a girl! His mommy had always said so!

Then Carla reached between her legs and gripped his still-hard cock. She smiled evilly and settled down on his rod, letting the thin member slide into her shaved wet pussy.

Sammy groaned at the oddly familiar sensation. It felt like something he had felt before: warm and wet and wonderful.

Sammy's eyes flew open when he remembered. He had felt almost this same exact thing! When his mother sneaked into his room and climbed on him in a similar manner.

At first, he had thought it was a dream. The next time he had been blind-folded. But this is what he had felt.

Pussy? Carla had said girls had pussies. And now his cock was inside Carla's pussy.

As terrified as he was, he recognized that it felt wonderful on his hard cock. Carla rocked on his small poll for a few minutes, then lifted her hips, freeing his rod from the wet confines of her pussy. She grinned down at him again and slid forward. Sammy felt the warm, wet trail her dripping pussy left on his chest as she settled herself over his face.

"Eat it, you little retard!" she grunted, and lowered her pussy to his mouth. Sammy lay still as Carla rocked back and forth on his face.

"Lick my cunt, you little Bastard!" Carla yelled. She gripped his long hair in her fist and twisted, making Sammy cry out. When his lips parted, the mean girl ground her crotch against his lips. Sammy felt her fluids run into his mouth, and he wiggled his tongue when he involuntarily swallowed.

"Lick it or I'll rip your cock off, Cunt!" Carla cried, reaching back to yank on Sammy's red cock.

He cried out, and stuck out his tongue, tasting the bitter wetness against the tip. His senses were flooded with the musky sweetness of Carla's pussy. Sammy's arms and legs were still pinned, so he was helpless to avoid Carla's aggression. And the longer the ordeal continued, the less he wanted to avoid it.

The boy discovered that he liked Carla's pussy. It didn't taste bad at all. And he liked it even more when he felt a soft warm hand grip his cock and stroke it slowly while another hand played with his balls.

Then his cock was released, and Sammy felt a familiar warm wetness engulf his cock, and knew that another of the girls was riding him with her pussy.

When Carla came, Sammy felt her pussy getting wetter. She ground her crotch harder against his lips and moaned. He felt her soft thighs quiver against his cheeks.

"Not bad, Pussy!" Carla sneered, lifting a leg and climbing from Sammy's red-cheeked, slimy face.


Each of the girls took a turn fucking Sammy and riding his face to orgasm. By the time Kelly climbed off of his head, his lips and tongue were sore and swollen. Tears leaked from his eyes and he sobbed quietly while the girls took turns jerking his redden cock but not letting him cum.

"Oh, does the little baby boy wanna cum?" Carla mocked. Her hand pulled relentlessly on his aching cock, squeezing and stroking, but not enough to bring him off.

"Well too bad!" she snarled. Carla stood and loomed over the naked boy. The other girls released him at a nod from their leader, and Sammy rose shakily to his feet.

"Get out, Freak!" Carla hissed, her beautiful face twisted in deranged rage. She looked anything but beautiful to Sammy now. She looked like a monster, red-faced and evil. The older girl snatched the camisole she had lent Sammy and threw it at him. It hit his chest and fell to the floor, and he stooped to retrieve it. The thong followed.

"Take it!' Carla was yelling now, "I don't want them near after they touched a BOY!" Another nasty leer lit her face, and she started chanting.

"Sammy's a boy-ee! Sammy's a boy-ee!" The others joined in, and their screeching cries followed him down the stairs as he fled from the horrible mansion.

"Sammy's a boy-ee! Sammy's a boy-ee!"

The naked 12 year old was crying openly as he ran across the cool grass of the expansive front lawn and out to the street, pausing long enough to pull on the tiny thong and the see-through camisole.

He began to walk along the shoulder of the deserted highway, the stones hurting his bare feet.

His heart thudded in his chest and his head swam from more than just the pot and alcohol.

A boy?

He was a BOY?

The 12 year old sobbed, his firm round ass cheeks rolling seductively as he strolled along the dark street in his thong. His cock was hard and throbbing, and a thin stream of sticky clear liquid leaked onto his thigh.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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