Sammy, Part 9

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Published: 22-Apr-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

"Good morning, Sunshine!" Max called. Jane opened her eyes and focused on the handsome teenager.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, "I have to pee."

"Nice greeting!" Max replied sarcastically, "What's stopping you?"

Jane lifted the sheet covering her naked body and looked at the panties that Max and his friend Steve had taped to her body the day before. That and her chained hands kept her from lowering her underwear and using the toilet.

"Oh, right," Max said, grinning, "Forgot about that." He pulled on Jane's arm to help her rise from the bed and guided her to the bathroom.

"Here," he offered, pulling a folding knife from his pocket. He pulled the underwear from her ass with two fingers and sliced off the bunched fabric. The resulting hole was big enough for her to piss through when sitting.

Jane sank gratefully to the toilet and let her bladder loose. She sighed happily, even though Max stood watching. He knelt in front of her and gazed at the urine stream, humiliating the young mother, who was totally turned on by the perverse act.

When she was finished, he helped her stand and joined her back at the bed.

"On your stomach," he demanded, and the submissive woman lay down with her bound wrists held together in front of her. Max poked two fingers through the damp opening in her panties and pushed them easily into her wet cunt.

Jane groaned at the welcome penetration. She had slept poorly the night before, having been driven to distraction by the sex acts of Max and Steve the day before,. The boys had brought her to the edge of orgasm time after time, but had not allowed her to cum, which was why her hands were chained just short of being able to reach her pussy, and why she wore the underwear, so she couldn't penetrate herself. She moaned and drooled as Max pushed his fingers slowly in and out of her dripping cunt, resuming the slow torture of her horny pussy.

- - - - -

Sammy woke with Steve's lips pressed against his. He flinched, then realized what was happening, and put his arms around the handsome 15 year old's neck to hug him close.

He was happy he had cleaned the dried cum off his face the night before.

"'Morning, Beautiful," Steve murmured against Sammy's lips.

"You think I'm beautiful?" Sammy asked teasingly. His heart was pounding in his chest from gazing into the gorgeous teenager's blue eyes.

"Oh, yeah!" Steve replied, standing, "You know how you could look even more beautiful?" he asked, smiling.

"How?" Sammy asked. Steve pulled his shorts down to reveal his hard, thick cock.

"With my cock in your mouth!" he said. Sammy grinned and sat up, taking the boy's erection in his hand and stuffing it in his hungry mouth. Steve moaned and put his hands on Sammy's head while the naked 12 year old cupped his big balls in his hand.

"Oh, Man!" the middle school quarterback exclaimed, "You are such a great cock-sucker!" Sammy was pleased by the compliment. He wanted nothing more than to be a great cock-sucker, and a good lay. He knew those things were the key to being popular, which was why he put out for anyone who asked him.

Besides, he loved to suck cock. And he loved cum. The taste, the feel, the smell, everything.

"Mmmm, I wanna fuck your ass, Baby," Steve moaned.

"Yeah!' Sammy said, jumping onto his bed on his hands and knees with his ass pointed at the older boy.

"But I still get to swallow your cum, right?" he asked hopefully.

"That's not your decision to make, Bitch," Steve said sternly, "Your place is to suck and fuck, not tell me what to do."

"You're right, Steve," Sammy said solemnly, "I'm sorry."

"Don't let it happen again, Whore," Steve said. He put both hands on Sammy's ass and pulled the round cheeks apart to expose his pink asshole.

"For that, I'm fucking you dry." Steve pressed his fat cock head against Sammy's anus and held his cock tightly as he pushed forward. The spongy bulb at the end of the teenager's cock squashed against Sammy's dry hole as its owner tried to force the thick rod into the boy's ass.

Sammy cried out in pain as the thick rod forced its way past his sphincter and into his ass. Fortunately for the thin 12 year old, his ass had been given a workout the day before at Coach Tiberio's house, where young Sammy had been fucked for hours by dozens of grown men and teenagers.

The dry penetration hurt, but Sammy sort of like that, too. Tears leaked from the corners of his eyes, but his four inch cock was hard as it rubbed against the sheets in rhythm with Steve's powerful thrusts in and out of his burning ass.

"And I think I'm gonna cum in your momma's ass," Steve grunted. He lay on Sammy's back and rose on his toes with his muscular legs extended behind him so he could push his big cock deep into the boy's ass. Sammy felt the bigger boy's weight pressing against his back, making breathing difficult.

"Maybe I'll let you suck my cum from your mother's asshole," he breathed in Sammy's ear. Sammy's little cock twitched against his abdomen at the thought of pressing his lips to his mother's ass.

"Ohhhh," he moaned, "Okay...."

- - - - -

"Ohhh! Ohh! Oh, God! Ohhhhhhhh!" Jane screamed. Max held her pinned to the bed with his hand on the small of her back. His fingers were busy between her legs, rubbing her pussy through the thin material of her panties.

"Oh, God," she repeated, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" She rode the crest of the building wave of orgasm. Hanging over the edge, she pumped her ass up and down, rubbing her soaking wet cunt against the teenager's fingers. She opened her mouth to scream her orgasm out.

And Max pulled his hand away. Jane gasped, open-mouthed. Her hips moved against the air. Her hands pinned beneath her chest, she tried to move toward her crotch to finish herself off, but the short chains stopped her.

"Noooooo!' she yelled. She turned her head to gape at Max's handsome, grinning face.

"Not yet, Slut," Max sneered, "Gotta fuck that tight ass of yours for awhile. Should be plenty of slick pussy juice down here for me to use." He cupped Jane between the legs with his palm to indicate her leaking cunt.

"Oh, please!" the sobbing woman begged pitifully, "Please let me cum. I'll be good. I'll do anything you want! Anything! Please!!!"

"You already do anything I want, you stupid cow," Max told her. He levered himself above the crying woman and lined his cock up with the hole in Jane's panties. He pushed his cock head through the gap and rubbed the tip through her slick labia, feeling the hot wetness against his hard shaft.

Jane gasped and moved her hips again, rubbing her cunt against Max's hard cock.

"And right now I wanna fuck you in the ass!" He pulled back and aligned his cock with Jane's asshole. Pushing down, his cock slid easily into her tight hole, lubricated by her pussy juice.

"I 'm gonna fuck your ass, so you don't cum yet," Max told her, "Does it feel good? Does my hot cock feel good in your slutty ass?"

"Oh, God!" Jane gasped, "It feels so good! I love your cock In my asshole! Fuck my ass!"

"I don't know if I should cum in your ass, or your mouth," Max mused, "Or maybe in Sammy's mouth." Jane moaned. The thought of Sammy sucking a cock that had been pulled from her ass was so sick and erotic, she almost came from the mental image.


"You want Sammy to fuck your ass?" Max asked.

"What? No!" Jane cried. She didn't want Sammy to know that she didn't have a cock. The demented mother had kept her son unaware of the physical differences between men and women, and she wanted the boy to remain ignorant, so he could continue to exist as her daughter.

"Don't worry, you sick little twist. I won't spill your secret. Your little girl will never know what her mommy has next her asshole!"

Max turned and grinned at Steve. The taller boy was just entering the room, holding Sammy's hand. The 12 year old wore only a white crop top shirt that left his belly exposed. His hard cock bobbed in front of him as he walked.

"Hey, Sexy!" Max smiled over his shoulder at the tousle-haired boy, "I was just giving your mom here her morning fuck. Wanna join in?" He nodded toward the head of the bed, and Steve guided Sammy to sit in front of his gasping mother with his legs splayed and his hard cock in front of her face. Jane opened her wet lips and sucked her son's cock into her hot mouth. Sammy groaned happily and smiled at Max.

"Your mom has the hottest ass in town, don't you think?" he asked the boy. Sammy looked back at him dumbly.

"You mean you never fucked her?" Max exclaimed, sounding shocked. He looked at Steve, who shrugged and moved to stand next to where Sammy was getting his cock sucked. He leaned down and kissed the pretty little transvestite, letting his thick tongue explore the inside of the younger boy's mouth.

"Well we have to fix that, don't we?" Max asked rhetorically. He pulled his hard cock from Jane's slick asshole and moved to the other side of the bed. He pulled Sammy's head from Steve's long cock and pushed his own slimy rod into the boy's mouth. Sammy moaned when he tasted his mother's ass on the familiar tool, and slobbered voraciously on the hot pole.

"Get his cock good and wet, Whore," Max told Jane, who was still sucking on Sammy's rod, "He's gonna shove it up your ass!" Steve chucked, and Jane whined in consternation, fearful that her terrible secret was about to be revealed, but powerless to object lest she expose the truth herself.

Max maneuvered Sammy around to kneel behind his mother. Max reached under her belly to cup her crotch, covering her pussy lest Sammy see it through the hole in her panties. Young Sammy gazed at the dark, wrinkled flower bud of his mother's anus for the first time. His hard, four inch erection quivered in his excitement. He gasped when Steve took hold of his rod and pulled it gently toward Jane's vulnerable, slick opening. He leaned forward with the pressure on his cock, resting his weight on his hands, which were on either side of Jane's hips. Steve rubbed the sensitive head of his swollen cock against the rough rig of muscle that was Jane's sphincter. Sammy closed his eyes and pushed forward.

Jane moaned at the pressure of her son's cock against her anus. Sammy's cock was much smaller than Max's, and WAY smaller than Steve's, so the penetration was not remarkable, other that the fact that it was her own son's cock that was entering her. She had taken his rod into her pussy twice, but she had been in charge then Now, Jane was the one bound, unable to stop the process if she had wanted to.

Which she did not.

The horny woman groaned when Sammy's balls touched her pussy. She was so eager to cum, but knew she wouldn't, as much as she loved anal sex. Jane whimpered with unsated lust as her only child started fucking her ass in earnest.

Max had taken his hand from Jane's pussy, the subterfuge no longer required, and kissed 12 year old Sammy as the boy fucked his mother for the first time.

Sammy sucked his boyfriend's tongue and whimpered in sympathy with his mother.

"Oh, Max!" he breathed, "It feels so good! Mommy's ass on my cock, it feels so good!" Sammy had never fucked anyone's ass before. He had been sucked off by his mother, and she had ridden him to orgasm twice with her pussy on his cock, but he had been tied and blindfolded those times.

Now he was in control. He was ramming his hard cock into his mother's ass at his own pace, in his own time.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" he cried, "I'm gonna cum in your ass, Mommy!"

"Oh, yeah, Baby!" Jane answered, looking back over her shoulder at her little boy, "Do it! Cum in Mommy's ass, Sweetie. Do it now!"

Sammy tipped his head back and groaned, his mouth open and his eyes closed. Jane gasped when she felt hot jets of sperm erupt from his cock into her rectum. She shuddered, and her pussy throbbed as her son came.

Sammy collapsed on his mother's back, their sweaty bodies sliding against each other as Sammy panted into his mother's ear.

"Oh, Mommy," he panted, "I love you. I love you, Mommy!"

"I love you too, Baby," Jane answered, her head turned to the side, his breath hot against her cheek.

Max leaned down to whisper in Sammy's ear, loud enough for Jane to hear as well.

"Shall we have Mommy fuck you now, baby girl?" he murmured, while his hand glided across Sammy's back to his ass. His middle finger entered the boy's asshole slowly and deeply.

Sammy moaned.

His cock had wilted, so it slid easily from his mother's anus as he rose to his hands and knees over her prone body. Jane lay still, until Steve took Sammy in his muscular arms and kissed him, distracting the 12 year old from what Max was doing.

Grinning, Sammy's 15 year old boyfriend held up the plastic dido Jane had used to fuck her son in the past. He held it out as she rolled over, fastening the straps around her waist and between her legs to hold the fake phallus in place.

Jane groaned when the bump at the base of the plastic cock rubbed against her engorged clitoris, as it was designed to do. It felt amazing even through the fabric of her underwear. Max helped her from the bed and unlocked the chains binding her hands as Steve guided her boy to take her place.

Sammy was laid on his stomach, in the imprint his mother's small body had left in the sheets. He felt her warmth against his chest and belly, where it radiated form the bedding.

"Close your eyes, Baby," Steve whispered, "And get ready."

Sammy lifted his hips in invitation as Jane knelt behind him. Like her son had just before, Jane leaned forward while Max guided her "cock" toward Sammy's upturned anus. She heard her little boy whine, and she felt the resistance that meant the rod was penetrating his asshole.

She also felt the hard nub at the base of the dildo press against her clit and she moaned in reply.

Hearing his mother's groan, Sammy assumed that she was enjoying the feel of his wrinkled hole against her cock.

Jane started pumping the phallus in and out of Sammy's ass. The harder she jammed the pole into her son's anus, the harder the dido rubbed her clit, bringing her closer to an enormous orgasm.

When it came, she nearly passed out. She felt the wave, centered on her core, expand out, down through her thighs and up through her midsection. Her nipples crinkled and goose flesh prickled her arms and thighs.

"Oh - oh - oh!" she panted, "Oh My GOOOOOOODDD!" the yell accompanied a crashing wave of orgasmic release. Pent up sexual ecstasy flowed through her body as she struggled to breath. Jane collapsed on Sammy's back, twitching and moaning, drooling between his shoulder blades. Her hips continued to move weakly, pushing the dildo in and out in shallow jabs as she rubbed her throbbing clit against the base.

Feeling the twitches, Sammy thought his mother was blowing a load in his ass, though he couldn't feel the heat, as he usually could.

Returning to normal consciousness, it dawned on Jane that when she pulled the plastic cock from her son's ass, there would be no semen leaking out. He would not feel the familiar, warm wetness between his thighs.

But she couldn't leave the dildo planted in Sammy's ass, or he would know that something was out of place when it didn't soften, as a real erection would. She turned to look at Max with a look of panic on her sweating features, and was met with a reassuring smile.

"I got this," he said, leaning over so Sammy wouldn't hear.

Pulling her hips back, Max helped Jane extract the dildo and gain her feet. She scurried to the rear of the bed, out of view, and pulled a pair of sweat pants from her dresser, to cover the dildo which dangled from her waist.

"My turn," Max said, taking Jane's place and effectively blocking her from Sammy's view. With practiced ease, he slid his hard cock into Sammy's recently vacated anus, and started pounding in and out of the 12 year old's asshole while his mother stood nearby, watching.

Grinning at Jane, Steve climbed onto the bed in front of Sammy, guiding his red-cheeked face to his cock. The horny boy sucked Steve's big cock gratefully, drooling on the long pole. The saliva ran over Steve's hairy ball sac and soaked into the sheet between his outstretched thighs.

"Ahhhhh! I'm gonna cum in your hot ass!" Max cried, and slammed his cock deep into Sammy's asshole as his cock sprayed semen into his rectum.

Seeing Max reach his peak sent Steve over the edge, and he gripped the boy's hair in his big fists, forcing his cock into the back of Sammy's throat.

Foamy sperm mixed with the saliva running from Sammy's mouth, over his lips and onto his mother's sheets. Steve held Sammy's head still while he jabbed his cock between the boy's lips in short thrusts, until he finished cumming in Sammy's mouth.

Sammy coughed and drooled semen when Steve pulled his cock from between the 12 year old's slick, pink lips. He watched forlornly as the precious fluid soaked into the floral sheets beneath his chin.

When Max pulled out and sat back on his heels, Sammy climbed to his knees, facing the handsome quarterback.

"Nice job, Sexy," Steve said, leaning down and kissing Sammy's cum-smeared lips. Max leaned in and nibbled at Sammy's soft neck from behind as his friend kissed him. Steve cupped Sammy's soft balls in his hand and rolled the small, egg-shaped orbs gently, eliciting a soft moan from the younger boy.

- - - - -

Max and Steve had left, and Sammy lay naked on his mother's bed, sweat drying on his soft skin. Jane sat next to him, playing idly with her son's flaccid cock and warm balls.

"Mommy's going to take a shower, Sweetie, okay?" she murmured.

"Mmm-hmmm," Sammy replied his eyes half closed.

Jane bent over and kissed her son, her tongue entering his mouth to taste him before leaving for her shower.

"I love you, Baby," she whispered against his lips after the kiss broke.

"I love you, too, Mommy," Sammy replied sleepily.

He watched his mother's ass sway in her sweat pants as she walked to the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

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