Sammy, Part 8

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Published: 20-Apr-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

As Jane walked with Sammy to the front door of Dean Tiberio's house, memories flooded into her mind.

She had been here many times during her time in middle school, when Dean had been a gym teacher, and assistant football coach.

Now he was the head coach, and dominated her son Sammy the way her had dominated her. 12 and thirteen year old Jane had been the subject of many gangbangs at this house. The color was different now, and the windows had been replaced, but the place looked much the same.

The front door opened and Jane stopped, five feet from the front step. Outlined in the doorway stood the short, stocky, muscular figure of Dean Tiberio. He stepped out onto the stop and grinned down at the mother and son.

Sammy was wearing a short, pink skirt and a white tube top along with white sneakers with white lace ankle socks.

Jane had donned a pair of yellow shorts and a white tank top.

"Cunt," Tiberio said in the way of greeting. Jane and Sammy looked at each other, unsure to whom the man was speaking.

"Come here, Cum-sucker,' Tiberio barked at Sammy, and the nervous 12 year old hustled toward the door, his skirt flipping around his upper thighs, and showing his bare ass to his mother.

Jane looked at Tiberio, her eyes travelling up and down his body. He was thicker than she remembered, and his hair was thinner and laced with white.

"8:05." the man commented, looking at his watch, "You're gonna hafta pay for that, Whore," he growled at Sammy. The coach had instructed him to be at his house at 8:00 sharp for his punishment, which he had earned by cumming several times the day before, against the proscription of the coach.

Sammy's mother had been responsible for Sammy's predicament, through her request to Max, Sammy's boyfriend, though Sammy was unaware of this.

Sammy looked at his mother, who glanced at the ground to hide her satisfied expression.

Coach looked at Sammy.

"Strip!" he ordered. The boy continued to look at his mother, who still wasn't meeting his gaze. Humiliated, Sammy pulled his tube top off and handed it to the coach. He pushed his skirt down and stepped out of it and the garment joined the top in the man's big fist.

"Leave the shoes," Tiberio said. Sammy stood naked and embarrassed on the coach's front lawn, his four inch cock hard, sticking straight out in front of him.

"I'll be kicking his naked ass out the door at 8:00. Sharp!" the coach told Jane, who nodded her understanding.

Tiberio turned and entered the house.

"Come, Slut!" he called back, and Sammy followed. Jane watched his round, sexy ass moving as her son walked away, and her pussy throbbed.

- - - - -

Sammy followed the coach into a large, first floor room, occupied by a couple of dozen teenage boys and grown men. He stopped and looked around him. They all stared at his naked body with hungry eyes.

"Come here, Whore," Tiberio snarled. Sammy walked nervously toward the scowling man, his cock throbbing as the men devoured his slim, pale, naked body with their eyes. He stopped in front of the coach, looking downward submissively.

"Gather round, Boys!" Coach called, "Let's see how much spunk we can make this little cunt shoot!"

So saying, Tiberio poured oil into his palm and grabbed Sammy's hard cock, pulling and twisting it slowly and gently while he sneered in the attractive boy's face.

"Hold onto him, Boys," he told the men behind Sammy," We don't want him to collapse or anything!"

Sammy felt firm hands grab his upper arms. Other hands found his back and ass, squeezing the warm flesh of his butt cheeks and digging into the crack between them. The men crowded around him and caressed his chest and belly, pulling his nipples and cupping his balls as two fingers insinuated themselves into his anus, making him moan.

"He likes it, the little slut." the coach sad truthfully.

Sammy was soon brought to the edge of a panting, sweating, red-faced orgasm.

Coach slowed his strokes and leaned close to the gasping boy.

"Ready to cum, Whore?" he asked. Sammy nodded, looking into the coach's eyes.

"Yes!" he gasped, "Please!"

"Okay, Boys!" Tiberio called out, "Get your cameras ready!"

The crowd parted from in front of the naked 12 year old, and Sammy saw several men with phones and cameras aimed at him. Coach stroked his cock faster. He held a small bowl under the boy's red cock. Sammy soon cried out as his cock spit steams of cum into the bowl in front of him while video and still cameras recorded it.

Sammy was happy there were hands holding him up, or he might have collapsed to the floor from the intensity of his orgasm.

"Alright, Boys," Coach said, letting go of the boy's receding erection, "He's all yours for an hour or so. Then we'll make him cum again." The short, stocky man lifted Sammy's head by the chin and leaned forward to talk to him.

"We're gonna see how much we can make you cum in one day," Coach promised, brandishing the bowl, "You're so eager to cum, let's see how much you can take. By the end of the day, you'll be begging me to stop!" Sammy stared at the Coach's receding back as he was forced to his knees ad a hard cock was pushed between his lips.

- - - - -

"Come on, you can go deeper than that!" Max said to Jane. He pressed the back of her head, forcing her face downward toward his crotch, and his cock deeper in her throat. She gagged and drooled. Saliva foamed around the base of his cock and flowed over his balls. Snot ran from her nose and her reddened cheeks were wet with tears.

"I think she might be distracted by your big cock in her ass," Max commented to Steve, the tall, muscular middle school quarterback who had his thick cock wedged inside the young mother's asshole.

"Is that right, Cunt?" Steve asked, leaning over Jane's back, "Am I bothering you by fucking your ass while you're trying to deep throat my buddy's dick?" He pulled his cock slowly from the woman's anus, pausing with his dick half out of her ass.

"Mmmmmff! No!" Jane cried, yanking her head away from Max's grip to address Steve, "No! Don't stop! Fuck me, please! Fuck my ass!"

Max gripped her hair in his hand and forced her face back to his cock as Steve rammed his long cock home in the gagging woman's ass.

Jane had picked up the boys at Max's house after dropping Sammy off to be abused by Dean Tiberio and his friends. Max had called her the night before and told her what to do.

Jane had arrived wearing a pink bra and thong set, pink stockings with a matching garter belt, and a pair of five inch pink pumps. She had waited at the front door to Max's house for five minutes, outside. Three cars had driven by. One had gone back and forth three times.

By the time the door had opened, Jane was so horny she could scream. The humiliation of the forced exhibitionism had been a total turn-on.

Now she was in her bed, with the two eighth graders. Her bra and thong were gone, but the boys had insisted that she continue to wear the stocking, belt and heels. When Max had heard about how Jane had fucked Sammy with a strap-on dildo, he had further insisted that she bring it out and use it on herself.

Jane had quickly brought herself to the edge of a huge orgasm by ramming the plastic phallus into her wet cunt while the boys recorded the act on video, but Max had made her stop before she could reach her final release. She had begged, panting, to be allowed to cum, but Steve and Max had merely laughed at her while waving the slimy dildo in the air in front of her face.

"Clean it," Steve had ordered, and Jane had slurped the plastic rod into her mouth, sucking her juices from it.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass now, Bitch," Steve had told her, "Better lube me up."

Jane had fetched the tube from her nightstand and squeezed gel onto the teenager's hard cock, getting it slick and ready for her asshole.

Max sat on the bed and spread his legs invitingly, and Jane knelt between his thighs on all fours to suck his cock into her mouth while Steve knelt behind her and aligned his fat cock head with her dark, wrinkled sphincter.

Jane had moaned when the thick shaft plowed through her anus into her ass, and Max had pressed her head toward his cock, jabbing it toward the back of her throat.

"Get this down your throat, and you can cum today," Max said. Jane whined when Steve picked up her dildo and pushed it into her cunt, letting it sit there while he fucked her ass. Though it felt good, anal sex wasn't enough to bring the slut to orgasm, so she remained stimulated but unsatisfied.

Fifteen minutes of cock sucking and ass fucking later, the boys switched positions, with Jane sitting on Max's lap with his cock in her ass and Steve kneeling next to her while she sucked his cock. She had an even harder time with his larger cock than she had with Max's, gagging and drooling as he rammed the thick shaft at the back of her throat.

"I don't think she's gonna make it, Dude," Steve told Max, who had reclined and had his eyes closed while the woman rode up and down on his cock.

"Yeah," he said dreamily, "She can always cum later..."

Steve smiled and gripped Jane's hair, bending down to kiss her slimy, spit-coated lips.

"Hear that, Loser? Now you have to wait 'til tomorrow. Or later."

Jane moaned desperately and pulled Steve's cock back into her mouth, forcing the long shaft deeper, eager to cum.

- - - - -

"Ready to cum, Slut?" the man asked Sammy. The 12 year old was sitting on the lap of a big black man with a thick cock wedged up his ass while another man jerked his cock. Two men stood to either side and alternated kissing the horny boy and shoving their cocks in his wet mouth to be sucked.

This would be Sammy's third orgasm in four hours. His little cock was bright red from being jerked on and pulled, even with all the lubrication that had been used. The boy's hair clung to his forehead in sweaty clumps, and his face was bright red. Perspiration dripped from his chin as he bounced up and down on the thick black cock.

Semen ran down the side of his neck from his cheek, and pooled against his collar bone. More cum coated his chin, where he had drooled out one man's load, by request.

The whole adventure was being recorded on video, on cell phone cameras mostly.

Sammy cried out as his cock spit a thin, watery stream a short distance into the air. A couple of weak strings of cloudy liquid hit the boy's thigh and dripped to the bowl being held below.

A cheer rose in the room at the small explosion, and Sammy smiled weakly as the man fucking his ass from below lifted him off and guided Sammy to the floor on his knees so the man could jerk off on his face, as all the others had.

Part of Sammy's punishment was that he could see and smell the semen, and have it splashed on his face, but he wasn't allowed to swallow any. Hence the glaze of sperm on his china and neck, from spitting out the precious fluid he so wanted to consume.

So far, fifteen men and teens had cum on Sammy's face, and it was just noon.

"Alright, Gentlemen!" Dean Tiberio called. Let's take a break and have some lunch."

The coach stood at the door, where a sixteen year old delivery boy held a stack of pizza boxes.

"Come here, Slut!" Tiberio called to Sammy, "Give this nice young man a tip!" Sammy walked over as the coach relieved the teenager of his burden and handed him a fistful of money. The short, scrawny, pimply-faced teen stared open-mouthed as the slender, fine featured, naked 12 year old approached him.

"Hi," Sammy said. The delivery boy continued to stare mutely. He was watching the streaks of semen sliding down Sammy's soft visage to drip on his bare chest. Sammy glanced down to see a tell-tale bulge in the teenager's pants.

"Can I help you with that?" the sexy preteen asked softly, then he dropped to his knees and reached for the young man's zipper. After some digging, Sammy was able to extract his three inch penis, which he sucked to hardness while fondling the teen's testicles.

It only took a few minutes before the delivery boy came, and Sammy was careful not to swallow, much as he wanted to. He turned from his position on the floor and saw Coach Tiberio watching, and pushed the small load of semen from his mouth with his tongue, letting the white foam pour over his chin and down his neck.

The pizza boy left, after Coach gave him Sammy's cell phone number, and Sammy was told to stand by the door, naked, and wait for new arrivals.

"Wanna make sure to keep a fresh supply of spunk coming for you, Cum-drinker!" Tiberio told him, giving his bare ass a playful squeeze. The coach went to grab some pizza, while Sammy stood next to the open door, visible from the street. His stomach rumbled, and he felt the pizza delivery boy's semen dribbling down his belly and onto his growing erection.

- - - - -

"Ohhhhh, God!" Jane cried, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

She sat astride Steve's prone body, impaled on his cock. She rocked her hips back and forth as the teenager rammed his long cock deep into her ass.

She was facing away from him. Max stood on the bed next to her and she held his hard cock in a small fist, pumping it as she fucked herself on Steve's thick pole. Her chin and neck were slick with her own saliva. Her breasts were streaked with foamy spit. She had been trying to deep-throat Max's cock while Steve fucked her, but was still unable to do it.

It was no longer a matter of wanting to earn an orgasm. That opportunity was gone, now. Now she just wanted the sense of accomplishment. She wanted to be able to say she had done it.

The perverted milestone was important to her now.

"Get up, Cunt," Max said. Jane lifted her ass from Steve's cock with a groan and lay on the bed while Max straddled her chest, pointing his cock at her face and jerking it. He pinned her head to the bed by gripping a fistful of her hair and leaning forward on it. Jane gazed up at him with her mouth open and her tongue extended.

"Ready, Slut?" Max gasped. Jane mewled her answer as his cock exploded, shooting a thick wad of cum on her tongue. She felt the slimy lump slide back toward her throat, joined by more spurts of sperm.

Her lips and nose were streaked with lines of semen by the time Max finished. The smell of his semen was strong in her nostrils. She swallowed happily, feeling the warm goo slide down her throat.

"Thank you," she whispered, as the boy climbed off her body.

"Roll over, Cunt," Steve told her, rising to his knees "I'm gonna cum in your ass!" Jane rolled onto her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder as the muscular 15 year old got behind her and slid his thick cock into her ass, easily. She groaned and dropped her head to the bed as he started pounding his big dick in and out of her asshole. Her head slid forward and back from the intensity of his thrusts, her hair tangling in the sheet.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Here it comes, Whore!" Steve growled. He gripped her hips tightly and jabbed his cock deep as he sprayed her bowels with sperm. Jane squealed when she felt his cock pulsing, and the hot jets of semen flooding her rectum.

The teenager pulled his spent cock from her tight hole slowly. He leaned back on his heels.

"Come clean me up, Bitch!" he snarled, and Jane spun to grab his wilting dick and stuff it in her mouth, sucking his cum from his dick. She moaned when she felt his fingers in her hair, forcing her head in his lap. His cock softened until she was able to take the whole thing in her mouth, and she felt his pubic hair tickle her nose.

"What a pathetic loser," Steve sneered. "Can only deep - throat a soft dick." He and Max laughed and Jane blushed, ashamed at her failure.

"Don't waste that cum, Slut," Max told her, pointing to her ass "Squeeze it out in your hand and drink it!"

Jane knelt on the bed with her knees apart, cupping her hand under her ass. She pushed carefully, and Steve's sperm squirted out of her anus, spattering her palm. A milky puddle formed in her hand, and Jane raised it to her lips. Max and Steve took pictures with their phones as she slurped the warm slime from her hand and grinned at them, her teeth coated with sperm.

"I have to pee," she said meekly.

"Fine, go ahead," Max said.

"No wait!" Steve called as Jane climbed from the bed. He turned to Max.

"If she goes in there alone, she'll jerk off." He said.

"Right," Max replied "Sneaky little cunt!"

"We'll go with you, to make sure you keep your hands off your nasty cunt!" Steve said. The boys followed Jane into the bathroom and stood in front of her as she sat on the toilet. She looked up to see them smirking as they watched her empty her bladder.

"Put your fingers in it," Steve said. Jane reached between her legs and let the warm stream of urine flow over her fingers.

"What a disgusting pig," Max said. Jane's nipples hardened under the onslaught of humiliation. She wanted to cum more than ever.

"Alright, come on, Whore," Max said. Jane went to wash her hands, but Steve stopped her.

"Never mind," he said, "Washing won't make you clean. You're nothing but a filthy, cum-drinking slut!"

Jane let herself be pulled back to her bed. It was true. She was a slut, and a whore, and a submissive tool for the teenagers.

"Get on your hands and knees," Max said. He handed the dildo to Steve, who put a hand on Jane's ass and pushed the plastic cock up her ass.

"I'm gonna get a drink and rest," Max said, turning to leave the room, " Make sure the bitch gets a real workout,"

"You got it, Dude," Steve assured him.

Jae fell to the bed with her ass in the air as the strong teen rammed her own dildo up her ass, smiling contentedly.

- - - - -

"Oh! Oh! Please!" Sammy cried, "No more! Please, no more!"

The thin 12 year old was tied to the dining room table, spread-eagled. A big, muscular black man was reaming his ass with a thick red dildo while Coach Tiberio yanked on his chafed, red cock.

"Come on, Whore!" the coach jeered. His fist was a blur on the bound boy's dick. Squelching sounds could be heard above the murmur of the crowd as the man's hand slid through the oil on Sammy's abused cock. Tears ran from the child's eyes to mingle with the sperm coating his cheeks.

Sammy whined, and his hips rose from the table as his cock spit a thin stream of clear slime. There was almost nothing left. It was his fifth orgasm of the day. His cock was so sore it was nearly numb, but not enough to alleviate the pain of the constant friction on the abused member.

"Told you you'd regret it," Tiberio hissed as he licked Sammy's semen from his fingers, "Told you not to cum." Sammy lay his head on the table as two men crowded around his head and jerked off on his face. The two loads joined the gooey crust of sperm that already coated his delicate features.

The little slut had lost count of how many men had cum on his face during the day, but he knew it was around thirty. And Coach hadn't let him wipe any of it off. A lot had dripped down his cheeks and chin, and run onto his neck and chest, but most of the cum still clung to his face, which itched under the sperm. He felt the sticky mask pull at his skin when he moved his mouth, or held his lips apart to catch the sperm on his tongue and spit it back out, as required.

The cum-loving boy wanted to swallow the sperm, especially since the coach hadn't fed him, and he was hungry. A belly full of cum would have felt great right now.

"Alright, boys," Coach Tiberio announced, "Her ass is all yours!"

The ropes were untied and Sammy's limp, exhausted young body was dragged to the living room and bent over the arm of the sofa. Before he could gasp from the impact of his stomach on the couch, a thick cock was rammed into his well-used asshole, which was also getting sore from the hours of use it had received today.

Sammy hadn't thought he could ever get tired of being fucked, but today he had reached his limit. He had been fucked by dozens of hard cocks, of all sizes and colors, and been cum on over and over.

And it was only 5:30. He still had two and a half hours of being gangbanged and jerked off to go.

"You gotta cum at least two more times before I let you go, Cunt!" the tired, sore boy heard through a fog of pain and lust. He sobbed as another stranger sat on the couch next to his face and slid under him, forcing a thick cock into his mouth.

Sammy sucked and humped his sore, wilted cock against the rough texture of the couch arm while his asshole was reamed from behind.

- - - - -

"Lick my ass, Whore!" Max grunted. Jane lay on her back on the bed while Max kneeled over her face. His ass cheeks were pressed against her face, and she poked her wet tongue into the boy's asshole while Steve knelt between her legs and pushed the plastic dildo into her ass in rhythmic strokes.

"Push your slutty tongue up his asshole, you worthless bitch!" the middle school quarterback demanded. The more the two teens demeaned her, the more disgusting and degrading things they demanded of her, the more excited she became.

The young mother squealed against Max's ass when she felt Steve's finger rubbing her engorged clit, making her arch her back to press her crotch against the moving digit.

As usual, the boy pulled his hand away before she could cum, laughing and jeering at her.

"Nice try, Cunt!" he called, his voice muffled by Max's thighs pressed against the sides of her head.

"But you don't get to cum today!"

Max reached back and took Jane's hair in his fist, pulling her head up against his ass and forcing her tongue deeper.

"Eat it!" he yelled, "Suck my ass you useless whore!"

The tenor of the boys' verbal abuse had increased in intensity as they found that Jane didn't object to any of their invective. The more she endured, the worse the abuse became.

And the more she loved it.

Max rose on his knees and looked at Jane's red, sweating face.

"We need something to tie you up with." he said.

- - - - -

They dragged Sammy's naked body out of the house and dumped him on the grass in the coach's front yard. It was 8:30. It had taken longer to get the suffering 12 year old to cum for the last time than Tiberio had counted on.

In the end, he had to ram a thick finger up Sammy's sore, leaking asshole and massage his prostate for ten minutes before the boy could muster an orgasm. And he had just spurted a couple of small, thin streaks of sperm.

"Seven loads of spunk in 12 hours," Coach commented to the sobbing boy, "Not bad, but I bet you can do better next time!" Sammy whined at the thought that he might have to endure such torture a second time.

But at the same time, the idea thrilled him.

Maybe next time, he could swallow the sperm.

- - - - -

Jane pulled up in her car half an hour later. Her hands were bound in front of her by chains that ran to another chain that Max and Steve had fastened around her neck with a padlock. The chains connected to her arms let her reach just below her breasts, so she could grip the steering wheel of the car, but not low enough to touch her throbbing cunt.

She had tried to bend and wiggle into a position where she could reach her sex, but to no avail. She couldn't even reach it with a vibrator or dildo.

Besides, the boys had pulled a pair of panties on her and duct taped them in place around the waist and the leg openings, so she couldn't penetrate her pussy anyway. Even her hard clit had been taped over.

Jane couldn't cum. And she couldn't get Sammy to help, because she didn't want Sammy to see her genitals.

Jane climbed slowly from the car, wearing just her panties. With her wrists chained, she couldn't pull on a top, slacks or a skirt.

She found her naked son lying in the grass. His face was coated with a thick mask of dried cum. By kneeling on the grass and bending at the waist, Jane was able to shake Sammy's shoulder.

"Honey!" she called, "Sammy! Wake up, Sweetie! It's time to go home!" Sammy's eye fluttered open. One was clear, the other was glued shut by dried semen.

"Mommy?" the boy asked softly.

"Right here, Honey." Jane bent and took his thin arm in one hand.

"Come on, Honey, Mommy will help you."

They made it to the car and Jane took them home. The car was soon filled with the smell of semen, which made Jane even hornier.

By the time they got home, tears of frustration spilled over the nude mother's cheeks. She considered blind-folding Sammy and having him help take her panties off so she could straddle him and fuck herself on his cock, like she had in the past, but his little cock had been so abused, and his balls had been drained so often, there was no way the poor boy could gain an erection.

Jane sobbed herself to sleep, alone in her bed. The irony of her situation didn't escape her. Here she was, horny and unable to cum, while her son lay in his own bed, recovering from having been made to cum too much.

Max and Steve had said they would come back tomorrow and give her the release she craved.

They would use Jane and Sammy at the same time.

She whined in frustration as sexy scenarios flowed through her brain. She visualized what the teens would do both to her and to her beautiful boy.

She fell asleep with her panties soaked, and her pussy throbbing in need.

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