Sammy, Part 7

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Published: 13-Apr-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

"Hello, Max," Jane Hartman said into her phone, "Do you have a minute? I need a favor."

"Sure," replied 15 year old Max, Jane's son Sammy's boyfriend, "What's up?"

"Will you see Sammy in school today?" Jane asked.

"I can if I want," Max said confidently.

"Well can you make sure he cums a lot today?"

"Um......I guess," Max said, "Why?"

"He has an appointment with Coach Tiberio after school," Jane explained, "And the coach told him yesterday that he wasn't to cum before the meeting or he'd be, uh, punished."

Max had heard about the locker room gangbang the day before, of course. Sammy had been nabbed by a bunch of guys in the shower and they had fucked him silly. Coach Tiberio had discovered the fucked-out 12 year old lying in a puddle of sperm and dragged him to his office, where he had spanked and raped young Sammy.

Not that it was much of a rape, considering how much the little slut had loved it.

"Oh, I see. And you want to make sure Sammy receives his punishment" Max said.

"That's right,' Jane confirmed, with a smile.

"What a nasty little cunt you are," Max observed. Jane grinned.

"So do we have a deal?" Jane asked.

"What deal?" Max asked, 'You haven't offered me anything in exchange."

"Well, you have free access to me, whenever you want," Jane pointed out.

"I had that already." Max pointed out.

"So what do you want?" Jae asked.

"Where are you?" the boy asked.

"At work," Jae said.

"In a private office?"

"A cubical."

"Wearing a skirt?"


"Perfect," Max said, "Takeoff your panties."

"Wait a sec, I'll run to the bathroom." Jane said, starting to rise.

"No!" Max sad, "Now. Where you are."

"Here? But someone might see!"

"Better be careful then," Max said.

Jane looked around the office, seeing nothing but cubical sides and the tops of a few heads as people moved around. She held the phone against her cheek with her shoulder and crouched over the chair, reaching under her short skirt to slide her panties off.

"Okay," she said, '"Done."

"Good. Now play with your clit while you tell me about the last time you sucked Sammy's cock."

Jane glanced around again nervously. If someone should hear...

"Better start, Bitch, or the call is over and you don't get your way."

Jane didn't care about her request any more. It wasn't such a big deal that she was willing to risk public humiliation to have Sammy abused by his gym teacher.

She was doing it because Max told her to. Because she loved - craved - being dominated.

"It was this morning," she whispered, reaching under her skirt to tickle her hardening clit with her index finger.

"Louder," Max demanded, "I can't hear you."

"It was this morning!" she repeated a little louder.

"What was this morning?" Max prompted.

"The last time I sucked his cock!" she hissed, looking over her shoulder. She had turned her chair so that her back was to the opening to her cubicle.

"I came into his room to wake him up, and he was lying on his bed, still tied up from -"

"Whoa!" Max interrupted, "Tied up?"

"Yes," Jane said, rubbing her now-erect clit faster. Her natural lubrication allowed her fingertip to glide easily over the small, hard nub under its fleshy hood, "I tied him up last night when I fucked him, and left him that way all night."

"You fucked him?" Max asked.

"Can we skip to this morning? I need to get back to work." Jane said.

"Yeah, sure," Max relented, "You can tell me about last night another time." Jane ignored him and continued.

I untied his feet and rolled him over" she said, "His wrists were tied together, then to the headboard, so he could turn. His little willy was small and limp. There were flakes on it from when he had cum on his bed last night."

"You just left him there lying in his own spunk?" Max laughed, "Man, that's awesome!"

"When I saw his little willy, I just got so horny I couldn't stand it," Jane continued, ignoring the comment, "I'm lucky he hadn't peed the bed. I kneeled down next to his bed and took his soft pee pee in my hand and put it in my mouth."

"Pee pee?" Max said.

"Alright, cock, then!" Jane snapped, "I sucked his cock 'til it was hard, and I pulled at the base with my fingers. Ohh!" She gasped. She had slipped two fingers into her wet pussy.

"How'd he taste?" Max prodded.

"Mmmmmm, good" Jane recalled, "There was a film of dried cum I sucked off his wil - his cock, then all I tasted was his sweet skin. His cock gets so hot when I suck on it. I love to hold his little balls when I'm blowing him." She gasped ad panted as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy. Her legs were splayed in front of her. Her skirt was hiked up to the tops of her thighs, pulling her skirt back for better access to her sex.

"Did he cum in your mouth?" Max asked.

"Ohh, yeah!" she said. Her eyes were closed, and she held the phone in a trembling hand, up against her ear. Her right hand was under her skirt. She had resumed rubbing he clit back and forth with her index finger as she panted, trying to keep the noise down.

"I sucked him and played with his balls. It didn't take long. He really likes it when I tie him up. I think the only reason he lasted as long as he did was cuz he had to pee so bad."

"So he cane in your mouth..." Max said encouragingly.

"Mmmm, he humped his cock into my mouth and I felt his cum squirt on my tongue. It's so sexy! Oh! Oh! Aaahhh! Mmmmmmm!" Jane came. She clamped her lips down on her moan, and her thighs pressed around her hand as her pussy gushed on her fingers.

"Okay, then," Max said, after Jane had calmed down, "I'll make sure to take care of Sammy for you."

"Okay," Jane said, panting. Her cheeks were flushed, and a sheen of perspiration coated her features. She turned off her phone and bent over to retrieve her panties from the floor.

She didn't see the cell phone as it was withdrawn over the wall of her cubicle.

- - - - -

"Hey! Sammy! Come here!" Max called. Sammy was on his way to lunch, in his new skirt and sweater combo his mother had chosen for him this morning. The white skirt was pleated, and too short to cover his butt cheeks in back. His white thong barely contained his hard four inch cock. The sweater was pink and short. It barely concealed his nipples. It was short sleeved.

On his feet he wore four inch, pink high heels.

Sammy smiled and moved toward Max gracefully. The heels showed off his shapely legs and firm calves.

"Hi, Max!" Sammy said breathlessly. He put his slender arms around the older boy's neck and raised his face for a kiss. Max put his arms around Sammy's thin waist and hugged him close, slipping his tongue into the other boy's mouth.

People stared and smiled, nudging each other, as the tall handsome ninth grader made out publicly with the 12 year old transvestite in the school corridor.

"Come on," Max whispered when the kiss broke, "Let's go." Max nodded toward an unused classroom which was presently being used for storage.

"But it's locked!" Sammy said, attempting to demure.

"Not a problem!" Max said, grinning. He pulled a folding knife from his pocket and held the door knob while running the thin blade though the gap between the door and the frame. With a loud click, the door popped open. Max turned to Sammy and flashed a dazzling smile.

Sammy held back, knowing what his boyfriend had in mind, but not wanting to give in to his desires. He had already cum in his mother's mouth this morning. If he came again, coach would know for sure this afternoon.

"Uh...." He began. Max grabbed Sammy's hand and dragged him into the room. Sammy looked back over his shoulder to see half a dozen students smiling and whispering to each other. He cock throbbed at the thought that they all knew what was going to happen in the room.

When the door closed, Max pushed Sammy against it and kissed him, hard. Sammy moaned and panted as Max's hand gripped his warm, soft ass cheeks and his fingers dug into the deep crack.

"Oh, uh," Sammy gasped, "Max, I-"

"I know, Baby," Max replied, biting Sammy's neck gently and easing a middle finger into Sammy's asshole, "I feel the same." He kissed Sammy again, silencing his protestations.

Max took the thin boy by the shoulders and turned him to face the door, pressing his taller frame against Sammy's back. He slipped his hands up under the boy's sweater and twisted his nipples, rubbing his crotch against the younger boy's ass.

"Oh, Baby!" Max panted, "I missed your sexy ass! You're the hottest girl in school, you know that?"

"Oh!" Sammy gasped when Max reached around and griped his hard cock through his thong, "I don't know, but I love hearing you say it!"

Sammy felt Max moving away as the teen lowered his pants. He looked nervously over his shoulder and watched Max free his cock from his underwear and pressed his body against Sammy's back. Sammy felt Max's long, hot cock between his ass cheeks and moaned.

"Ready, Baby?" Max asked, and bent his knees to align his cock with Sammy's anus. He pushed upward, and his cock slid into Sammy's ass, driving the boy to his tip toes.

"Oh!" Oh, Max!" Sammy cried. He loved the feel of his boyfriend's hot cock in his asshole. He loved it even more when Max took his cock in hand, pulling it while he fucked Sammy, standing against the door.

"Come on," Max said and he pulled Sammy back, keeping his cock in the younger boy's ass and leading him to an old desk. Max sat on the desk and pulled Sammy into his lap. Sammy sat with his feet bouncing in front of him as his boyfriend fucked him from below.

Sammy didn't notice the faces in the narrow window in the door, or the cell phones pointed at him.

All he was aware of was the cock in his ass and the hand jerking him off.

"Oh! Oh! Max!" he cried, "I can't cum! Not today! Oh, Max!"

But it was no use. He felt Max's trim, muscular body stiffen under him, and the cock in his ass explode, dumping a hot load of cum in his rectum. That feeling, along with Max's moving hand, brought him over the edge, and his four inch erection blew thin streams of sperm on the floor in front of them.

Max helped Sammy to his feet, with his hands on his waist to support the trembling 12 year old.

"Better clean me up, Baby," Max suggested and Sammy bent to suck his cock, lapping the cum from it. He moaned when he tasted his own musky flavor on the wilting pole.

Sammy's ass was pointed toward the door, where cell phone cameras flashed, capturing images of his leaking anus and his cum-coated balls.

"Ahhh, nice!" Max said. He pulled Sammy to a standing position and kissed him, chasing the rest of the cum in Sammy's mouth around with his tongue.

"See you at your house later, right?" Max said as he pulled on his pants.

"Uh, yeah" Sammy replied, dazed. He stared at the splattered semen on the floor. "But I have to stay after school so I'll be late."

"No problem," Max said, "I can hang with your mom for a while," He smiled knowingly at Sammy, and slipped out the door, leaving the younger boy to clean up the best he could.

Sammy was late to class.

- - - - -

Sammy slipped into the quiet locker room after classes were over and made his way toward the coach's office. He had been able to avoid any more sexual confrontations after Max had used him, but it had been a near thing.

Being popular sure had its problems.

Like having boys drag him into secluded corners, or backing him up against lockers to kiss him and fondle his willy under his skirt, or squeeze his ass and probe his anus with their fingers.

He had been pulled into bathrooms three times between classes and narrowly avoided being jerked off by quickly dropping to his knees and sucking the cocks of his suitors.

Not that the little cum-loving slut minded that at all.

Now he waited impatiently for the coach to arrive. He thought he could convince the man that he hadn't cum since yesterday, since all the kissing, fondling, and oral sex had left him hot and hard. He sat in a wooden chair outside Coach's office and tried to smooth his skirt over his little erection, but it was too short.

"Hey, Sammy!" a deep voice sounded next to the thin 12 year old.

Sammy jumped, startled, and looked up to see Steve Garfield, the tall, handsome, star quarterback. His heart pounded, and he felt his skin prickle as he broke out in a nervous sweat.

"H - h - hi!" Sammy squeaked.

"Whatcha doin'?" Steve asked.

"W -waiting for Coach," Sammy mumbled. He stared into the handsome teenager's blue eyes and felt a lump in his throat, and his cock twitched. Steve was wearing a pair of dark blue briefs, and nothing else. The underwear barely concealed his big cock, with which Sammy had become somewhat familiar the day before. His blonde hair was still wet from the shower.

"Oh," Steve said, "Well he's gonna be a minute. He's ripping the offensive line a new one for their performance at practice this afternoon."

"Oh," Sammy said in a small voice. Great. Coach was going to be pissed when he got here. A foreboding thought about what Sammy's punishment might be...

His musings were cut short when Steve grabbed his bare upped arm in one strong hand and lifted him to a standing position. Sammy sighed contentedly as the tall, muscular teen pulled his thin body into his arms.

"So we have some time to spend together," Steve said softly. He bent down and kissed the 12 year old transvestite, and Sammy eagerly sucked the handsome boy's tongue into his mouth while putting his arms around Steve's strong neck. He moaned into Steve's mouth when he felt his big hands grip his ass cheeks under his skirt.

"Come here," Steve gasped, and dragged Sammy into Coach Tiberio's unlocked office.

"Oh, Steve!" Sammy gasped, "This may not be a good idea-"

But his protest was cut short by Steve's tongue entering his mouth. The tall boy reached between Sammy's legs and grabbed his thong, yanking it from his body with a snap, as the thin string around Sammy's waist parted, and the garment slid down his left leg to get hooked around his high heel.

Steve backed the meekly struggling boy against the coach's desk and lifted him to the edge, where Sammy had been abused the day before. Scooping up his thin legs under his knees, Steve folded his younger lover in half, so he could maneuver his hard cock out of his underwear and against Sammy's asshole.

"Oh, Steve!" Sammy managed to mumbled during a break in the kiss, "Oh, no! Coach will be here!"

"Fuck him," Steve growled ironically, and rammed his hot shaft into Sammy's asshole.

The 12 year old cried out at the brutal intrusion. The only lubrication he had in his ass was the semen that Max had left earlier, and most of that had leaked out on classroom chairs throughout the school day. Sammy had carried a wad of paper towels with him to wipe up his messes as he went.

Steve grunted as he buried his thick cock deeper and deeper in short jabs, until he felt Sammy's balls pressing against his abdomen.

The object of his attention clung to Steve's neck, sobbing softly, as the quarterback's long, thick rod plowed into his rectum. As the teen set up a steady rhythm, Sammy's asshole became accustomed to the thick rod moving inside, and his gasps and moans changed from discomfort to pleasure. Sammy's cock leaked on Steve's belly as the tall boy pressed himself against his lover.

Sammy lifted his face for a kiss, and Steve pressed his wet lips against the 12 year old's

"Please," Sammy panted, "Please cum quickly! Before Coach gets back!"

"No problem, Baby," Steve assured him, "No way I can last for long in your sexy ass!" Sammy smiled against Steve's neck at the compliment.

"Okay, cum then, Baby" Sammy gasped in Steve's ear encouragingly, "Cum in my hot ass! I wanna feel your big cock twitching in my asshole!"

The sexy words had the desired effect, and Steve's thrusts grew more insistent as his orgasm approached.

"You want to feel me cum, you hot little slut?" Steve asked, "Okay. You got it!"

Steve crouched down and pulled his long cock from Sammy's asshole, gripping it in a big fist and jerking off until a thick string of sperm shot from the head and streaked Sammy's pink sweater. The rest of Steve's load painted Sammy's panting belly, running down his abdomen and onto his hard cock.

"Ahhhhhh, there you go!" Steve gasped, He kissed Sammy again while reaching between their bodies and grabbing the boy's four inch erection.

"Oh! Steve! No, please!" Sammy cried, attempting to pull away from the teenager's strong grip.

"Don't worry, Baby," Steve said smoothly, putting a strong arm around Sammy's narrow shoulder to hold him tightly to his chest as he jerked his hard cock, "We still have time."

"But Coach!" Sammy sputtered, trying to explain while his emotions were in turmoil. More than anything, he wanted this gorgeous stud to make love to him, to make him cum with his warm, strong hand...

But he was worried about Coach, and what the man would do when he found out that Sammy had disobeyed him.

"Oh, no!" he protested one more time, weakly. Then he gave up, slumping against Steve's muscular chest as his cock exploded, pulsing as semen poured from his piss hole and ran in thin rivulets over Steve's fingers.

"That's it," Steve said encouragingly, "That's my good girl," Sammy sobbed and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand quickly, before Steve could notice. He was raising his head to look at the boy's clear blue eyes when the office door slammed open.

Sammy jerked upright, staring in shock at the silhouette outlined in the doorway.

Steve turned languidly and tucked his wilting cock back into his underwear.

"Hey coach!" he said brightly as he sauntered past the short, broad-shouldered man on his way out.

As the door slammed shut behind him, Steve rounded the bank of lockers and met Max, Sammy's boyfriend.

"Mission accomplished, Dude," Steve told him. Max smiled and nodded.

"Thanks a lot, Man." He said.

"Any time," Steve assured him. Max handed Steve a slip of paper.

"Her name is Jane," Max told his compatriot, "Just tell her I sent you and what went down today. She'll take care of you."

"You sure?" Steve asked warily, "Anything I want?"

"Far as I know," Max said, "She hasn't refused me anything!" He flashed a sexy smile at Steve, who returned the grin with a heart-breaker of his own.

"I guess we'll see." Steve said as he strolled away.

- - - - -

"Coach!" Sammy squeaked. The denial died on his wet lips. The evidence of his disobedience dripped from his belly onto his skirt, soaking into the waist band.

"What a fuckin' slut," Coach sneered, "Dirty little whore couldn't go a whole fuckin day without blowin' her fuckin' load."

"But Coach!" Sammy objected, "It's not my fault! I didn't - I mean I didn't mean -"

"Shut the fuck up, you little whore!" Coach yelled. He closed the distance between the door and the frightened 12 year old and pushed him down on his back on the desk, leaning down to hiss in his face.

"You think I was fucking kidding around, Cunt?' he grated through clenched teeth.

"N - n- no, Sir! I'm sorry, Sir!" Sammy said meekly.

Coach stood up between Sammy's spread thighs and glared down at him.

"I don't even have time to punish you properly today, you little cunt," Coach said, pushing his sweat pants down his thighs and exposing his hard cock, "So I'll just fuck you now." He lifted Sammy's knees and shoved his hard shaft into the boy's leaking, gaping hole. Sammy moaned as the man's hard cock slid easily into his recently abused anus. He lay back, panting, as the Coach gripped his slender waist and started pounding his cock into his asshole.

Sammy wrapped his long, sexy legs around Tiberio's waist and hooked his ankles together behind the coach's ass, feeling the war firm globes of his ass on his heels.

"You're a fuckin', cum-loving whore, just like your mother," Tiberio hissed, "Tell her to bring you to my place on Saturday. Eight am sharp! You got that, Cunt?"

"Ye - yes!' Sammy croaked, as Tiberio leaned against his balls and fucked him harder. Coach growled deep in his throat as his cock pounded deep into the boy's bowels.

Sammy was red-cheeked and sweating under the coach's onslaught, turned on despite the fact that he had just cum. He stared blankly at the coach's flushed face, his eyes glazed with lust.

"Aaaarrggghhhhhhh! I'm gonna cum in your whore ass!" Tiberio snarled. He held tightly to Sammy's slim thighs and stiffened as his cock spurted hot cum in the 12 year old's ass. Sammy smiled, feeling the thick rod pulse, and the hot streams of cum jetting into his rectum.

"Ahhhh," Coach Tiberio sighed. He looked at the thin, sweating boy lying in front of him. Sammy's sweater had ridden up to reveal one hard, pink nipple. White streaks of semen had dried on his smooth belly, and his hair was a tangled mess.

Sammy's limp cock flopped onto his balls, red and small.

Tiberio snatched the boy's penis in a harsh grip, making Sammy yelp. With one hand gripping his cock, Coach held Sammy's hair behind his head and drew him closer.

With their faces an inch apart, and his cock wilting in the Sammy's anus, Tiberio hissed at the intimidated 12 year old.

"Make sure you're there at eight, Slut!" he said, quietly but intensely, "I've got a full day planned for you."

Sammy nodded as best he could in the coach's grip, staring open-mouthed at Tiberio's stern visage.

"Y- y - yes, Sir!" he squeaked meekly.

- - - - -

The coach released Sammy - without his thong - and locked the office door behind him.

Smiling, the 12 year old strolled toward where the late bus would take him home, the coach's semen leaking from his anus and down the inside of his thigh.

Maybe he could suck off someone in the back of the bus on the way home.....

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