Sammy, Part 6

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Published: 11-Apr-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

"And then - oh! And then he played with my balls while he fucked me!" Sammy said. He was telling his mother about his encounter with Coach Tiberio after school today, to explain why he was so late getting home.

"Like this?" Sammy's mother asked, cupping her son's hairless testicles in her soft palm.

She was stroking the boy's leaking cock in her other hand, while she listened to the story about how the gym teacher had fucked her son's ass.

"N-no," Sammy said, "He was rougher. He kinda pulled and twisted them."

"Like this?" Jane asked, grabbing his scrotum in her small fist and pulling downward against his balls. Sammy arched his back and cried out.

"Owww! Yeah, like that!" he said. Jane smiled and bent forward to suck Sammy's cock into her mouth.

"Oh, Mom! Oh! Coach Tiberio said I can't cum Mom! I can't cum tonight!" That was what the coach had told him after he had cum in Sammy's ass.

"Tiberio?" Jane asked, sitting up and looking at her son, "Dean Tiberio?"

"Yeah," Sammy panted as Jane played idly with his willy, "Why?"

"I think I may know him," she said. It could be. She had been in tenth grade the first time Dean Tiberio had fucked her. She hadn't seen him since she had gotten pregnant and divorced herself from her former lifestyle.

"I know he's been at the school for a long time," Sammy said, "But he told me not to cum tonight, Mommy, or tomorrow!"

"Really?" Jane said, putting thoughts of Dean Tiberio behind her. Her eyes glittered, "Well that's interesting." She pulled on Sammy's aching cock slowly. "And what if you do?" she asked.

"He didn't say, really, except that it would be worse than today!"

"Hmmmm," Jane said, musingly. She watched Sammy's face as she stroked his hard red cock.

"We'll see. Let's go make dinner."

Jane teased her boy mercilessly in the kitchen. She fondled his cock and his balls whenever he stood still, and slid her fingers into his asshole at random intervals, fucking him with her fingers until he was red-cheeked and gasping.

All during dinner she reached under the table to play with his leaking cock, smearing the slimy pre-cum around the swollen, red head.

By the end of dinner, tears of frustration streaked the 12 year old's face.

"What's the matter, Baby?" Jane purred. She was sitting to his left, and reaching across her body with her left hand to tug slowly on his abused cock. Her right arm was draped across the back of Sammy's chair. She leaned close to whisper the question in his ear.

The suffering boy felt her warm breath flutter against the sensitive skin of his neck, making his nipples crinkle and goose bumps rise on his chest and upper arms.

Jane's fist continued to move, inexorably. Unstoppable.

"Oh God!" Sammy gasped, sobbing, "Oh! Oh my God!"

The boy's cock exploded. White goo flowed from his piss hole, pouring over the back of his mother's slowly moving hand.

"Uh oh!" Jane exclaimed, releasing his throbbing organ. The red shaft stuck up between his legs, pulsing as the flow of semen oozed to a stop, Sammy's orgasm ruined.

Sammy moaned and sobbed. He went to grab his cock and finish his orgasm, but his mother gripped his wrists, pinning his thin arms to his side.

"No, no!"Jane said, 'You don't want to make it any worse!" She looked at him sternly.

"Ooops!" she said, looking at the mess on Sammy's belly and thighs. There was less semen there than usual, since she hadn't finished him off. Sammy hung his head and sobbed his disappointment. His cock was still hard, and bobbed forlornly in his lap.

"Coach is gonna be mad," he said.

"Guess you're gonna get punished," she said with a glint in her eye, "You need to learn more self control, young lady."

"Yes, Mommy," he replied. Sammy knew that she had done it on purpose; that she had teased him until he couldn't control himself. She wanted him to face coach Tiberio's wrath tomorrow. And he was sure she had enjoyed ruining his orgasm.

It excited him to think that the two adults were working together to torment him, without communicating directly. His mother's hand returned to his hard cock, stroking the throbbing organ, sliding through the coating of semen that remained on it.

"Let's get the table cleared and we can go watch a movie, okay, Sweetie?" Jane said. Sammy reached for a napkin to wipe up the sperm that dotted his crotch and stomach.

"Oh, just leave that for now, Baby," Jane said, "There really isn't that much." Sammy worked to clear the table and wash the dishes as his semen dried on his naked body.

- - - - - -

Jane picked the movie. Usually, she and Sammy watched soft-core porn movies, with lots of sex scenes. Jane liked to tease her son during these movies, playing with his cock or blowing him. Sometimes she made him cum, sometimes not.

The soft-core movies didn't show private parts, so Jane could maintain the illusion that men and women shared the same genitalia, which Sammy still believed.

Tonight, however, Jane showed Sammy something new. The movie was hard-core porn. Male only. Sammy stared at the screen as the first sex scene unfolded. There was a tall, muscular man with a deep tan and a handsome, hard, unshaven face. Sammy felt his cock move sluggishly when he saw the gorgeous man.

He was with a shorter, slender blonde man who was young-looking, like a teenager. Sammy gasped when the two started kissing. He had no idea that men had sex with each other.

He gasped again when the taller man shed his clothes to reveal a dark, hairy body and a huge cock! He moaned when the teenager dropped to his knees and started sucking the long thick pole, and fondling the man's big, wrinkled ball sac. His balls hung low between his thighs, and Sammy imagined that it was him feeling the soft, warm texture of the handsome actor's scrotum.

"I see you like this movie," Jane said, leaning against Sammy and taking his hard cock in her soft hand.

"Mommy," Sammy said, "This is so cool!" He watched, smiling happily, as the man lifted his younger partner in his strong arms.

He carried the thin teen to a large bed where he laid him down and stripped his clothing from his pale, slender body.

Sammy moaned when he saw the man's big, dark hands on the smaller man's body. Jane stroked his four inch cock and started another slow handjob while Sammy watched the gay sex scene avidly.

After a few minutes, Jane leaned over and whispered in her son's ear.

"Wait here," she said unnecessarily, "I'll be right back." She kissed his cheek and gave his cock a motherly squeeze before going to the stairs.

Jane was back in a few minutes, having changed into baggy sweat pants and carrying a bottle of oil. She was topless.

She used the oil to lubricate her hand, resuming the handjob while the movie continued. Sammy watched men having sex for two hours, with Jane slowly pulling on his reddened cock the whole time, but not letting him cum.

And he wanted to cum again. The long wait between his last two orgasms had left him ready to blow another load soon after the abbreviated one at dinner, and the combination of the porn movie and his mother's expert manipulation quickly brought him to the edge of another orgasm.

Which Jane denied him.

"Mmmmmm, does my baby girl want to cum again?" she purred.

"Uh -huh!" Sammy gasped. His back as arched, and he had raised his hips from the couch as his second orgasm approached. Jane smiled and released his aching cock, which fell against his abdomen with a slap.

"Oh, not yet, Princess," she murmured, "Not yet!" Sammy groaned in frustration, and tears filled his big brown eyes. Jane crawled across his body and straddled him, a leg on each side of his thighs.

"I get to decide when you cum, right?" she said, looking in his eyes, her nose practically touching Sammy's.

"Y - yes, Mommy." Sammy said quietly. Jane kissed him, her tongue invading his mouth like a cock. Sammy moaned and sucked his mother's tongue. He put his hands on her bare back as the kiss continued. Jane rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her crotch against Sammy's cock. He felt something unfamiliar against his shaft and pulled back from his mother's kiss to look between their bodies.

"Mommy....what?" he started.

"You feel Mommy's cock, Baby?" Jane asked with a sly smile. Sammy looked more closely, and saw a pronounced bulge in the front of his mother's sweats. He grinned up at Jane in delight.

"Mommy!" he gasped, "can I suck your cock?" he asked hopefully.

"Not tonight, Baby," Jane said. She put a hand under his chin and lifted it when he started to pout, "But how would you like it if Mommy fucked you?"

A huge smile spit Sammy's face, and he nodded.

"Oh, please, Mommy?" he begged, "Please fuck me?" Jane leaned forward and kissed him.

When the kiss finally broke, Jane slid off her son's lap and resumed her place next to him on the couch.

"When the movie's over" she told him. Sammy leaned back to watch the sex and have his cock teased. He was willing to wait, now that he knew his mommy was going to be fucking him soon.

- - - - - - -

Jane sat on the backs of Sammy's thighs. He laid on his stomach on his princess bed while Jane rubbed oil into his back and shoulders. He was blindfolded with a white silk scarf that Jane used for that purpose, and his wrists were tied to the head board, his arms reaching toward the top.

Jane didn't want her boy to see her "cock".

Jane had pulled on her brand new strap-on dildo when she had gone to get the oil during the movie. Now the warm, natural-feeling plastic rod lay against the deep crack of Sammy's ass.

He moaned as his mother slid down his legs ad massaged the oil into his firm, round ass cheeks.

"Your cock feels so good against my ass, Mommy!" Sammy said, his voice muffled by his pillow.

"Mmmm, your hot ass feels good against Mommy's cock, Baby," Jane replied. Jane upended the bottle of oil over Sammy's ass. She watched the slow trickle of fluid run down the deep cleft between his butt cheeks and puddle against the boy's hairless pink anus.

Sammy's thin body shuddered when Jane touched his asshole with her fingertip and rubbed against the hard, wrinkled ring of his sphincter.

"Mmmmmm, so nice," she muttered, and eased her fingertip into her son's anus. Sammy's low moan made her smile, and her nipples hardened as she watched her index finger disappear inside the boy's ass.

"Oh, Baby," Jane moaned, "Your asshole feels so good! You're squeezing Mommy's finger with your asshole!"

Sammy wiggled, rubbing his hard cock against the bed, and he clamped down on Jane's finger with his ass muscles.

"Ooooo!" Jane squealed, "I felt that! Your ass is gonna feel so good squeezing Mommy's hard cock!"

Jane's eyes glittered dementedly as she grinned at her naked son's ass, sliding her finger as deep as she could reach and wiggling the oily digit around in his ass.

"So warm and soft!" she said to herself.

"Are you gonna fuck me now, Mommy?" Sammy whined. His hips were rising and falling as he rubbed his hard cock against the sheets and fucked himself against his mother's finger. Jane pulled the digit from her son's ass slowly, and leaned against his back, raising her finger to his pink lips so he could suck on it.

"Oh, yeah, Baby," She moaned in his ear, "Mommy's gonna fuck her little girl. But I have to taste that sexy ass first!" She slid down Sammy's oily back until she was lying between his thighs with her face inches from Sammy's ass. She put her palms on Sammy's ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her target.

Sammy raised his hips from the bed, and Jane could see his asshole clearly, as well as his balls, from behind. Jane kissed her son's balls, then slid the tip of her tongue upward, across the ridge between his balls and his ass, to tease his rear opening.

"Oh, Mommy!" the boy gasped, "That feels so good!"

Jane smiled, and slid her tongue into Sammy's asshole. She felt his anal muscles grip her tongue, and she forced the soft wet organ past his sphincter.

Sammy tried to loosen his anus to let his mother's tongue inside, and she forced more of it into his ass. She started bobbing her head back and forth, pushing her tongue at his asshole while he writhed and moaned on the bed.

"Mmmm, mmmmmm," Jane moaned, "Your ass tastes so good, Baby! Do you like Mommy's tongue in your asshole?"

"Oh, God, Mommy! I love your tongue in my ass!" Sammy cried, "Can I suck you cock, Mommy?"

"Mmmmm, not tonight, pretty girl," she answered. Sammy felt her warm breath against his wet anus, and shuddered.

"Then can you fuck me, please?" he begged. He turned his head to talk over his shoulder, trying to hear his mother's reply.

"Pretty soon, Baby," she promised, "pretty soon."

Jane knelt between her boy's legs and slid two fingers into his oily, spitty asshole, fucking him with them until his hole felt loose enough. She pulled her slick fingers from his ass slowly, then used that hand to guide her plastic cock to Sammy's rear opening, levering herself over his thin frame with one outstretched arm.

Sammy moaned and lifted his ass when he felt the pressure of his mother's cock against his asshole. Jane pressed down, and the pink plastic cock-shaped dildo slid gradually into Sammy's anus.

"Uuuuunnnnggghhh!" he groaned, as six inches of flexible plastic entered his welcoming rectum.

"Oh, Mommy!" the 12 year old exclaimed, "Your cock feels so big!"

Jane knew he was being nice. His new boyfriend, Max had a bigger cock. But she took the compliment in the spirit in which it was intended.

When the cock was buried completely in the boy's ass, Jane lay on his back, pressing her tits against his shoulder blades.

She started humping the dildo into her son's ass with growing rapidity. The dildo was the kind with a bump at the base that rubbed against the wearer's clit, and Jane was soon panting and sweating along with Sammy as she fucked her son's tight asshole.

Jane reached under Sammy's body and gripped his cock in her slippery hand, stroking it as she fucked him.

Sammy panted and moaned, wanting to cum but both fearing and anticipating the coach's reaction if he found out tomorrow. Sammy thought that if he didn't cum again tomorrow it would probably be okay if he came now. How could coach know what he did at home?

Jane came, and jabbed the plastic rod deep into her son's ass as her body trembled through its orgasm. She bit Sammy's neck gently and whined in his ear.

"I'm cumming, Baby!" she gasped, "Mommy's cumming in your hot ass!"

This was too much for Sammy. His cock spit several thin streams of semen on his mother's fingers and the sheets under his belly. The throbbing of his cock and the waves of orgasm distracted him from the fact that he didn't feel his mother's "cock" squirting cum in his ass.

"Oh, God, Mommy!" he gasped, "Cum in me, Mommy! Cum in my asshole!"

Jane lay on her son's sweaty body, gasping to catch her breath. Her hot breath blew across his ear and neck, and he heard her gasping and panting loudly. Her tongue flicked out to lick his ear.

"Lie still, Honey," she whispered, "I'm gonna clean you up," She slid down his back until her lips were at his asshole. She licked his freshly fucked anus and his testicles, pretending to lap the sperm from his ass. She raised her cum-coated fingers to her lips and licked them off, so Sammy would taste semen on her lips and tongue.

He wouldn't know that it was his own cum.

Jane climbed up her son's naked body and leaned over his shoulder to kiss him. He turned his head and sucked her tongue into his mouth.

"'Night, Baby," she said, climbing off his body and the bed.

"Mommy!" he said, "Can you untie me? I have to pee!"

"Sorry, Baby," Jane said, bending over him and whispering in his ear, "You have to stay tied up tonight. But I put a plastic sheet on your bed under the covers, so it's okay if you can't hold it.

Sammy moaned as his mother tied his ankles to the posts at the foot of his bed. She squeezed his ass as she prepared to leave.

"Sweet dreams, pretty girl!" she called out softly, and turned out the light before closing the door behind her.

Sammy groaned. It took awhile to fall asleep, The drying semen under his cock and belly was uncomfortable, as was the growing pressure in his bladder.

But he rubbed his cock against the clammy sheet, and felt his erection returning.

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Such a good story, I get off on every chapter! Thx for writing.

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