Sammy, Part 5

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Published: 28-Mar-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

Sammy slipped off his gym shorts and underwear, leaving his 12 year old body naked in the locker room. He heard the splashing, laughter and cat-calls from the large shower room where the boys were showering after gym class in school.

The saga of which locker room Sammy should use at school had been a tempestuous and difficult ordeal for Jane, Sammy's mother. Jane had been maintaining Sammy's status as a girl throughout his school years, and this had been relatively easy in elementary school. But middle school was a different matter, both because of puberty, and because the kids started using lockers in gym class.

School officials maintained that since Sammy was a boy, he had to use the boy's locker room. This was hard for Jane to deny, so she had to convince Sammy that he had to use a locker with kids he thought of as the opposite sex.

She had eventually convinced him that since boys and girls are essentially the same, other than some facial features and breasts, it didn't matter which room he used, and that until his breasts developed, he could use the boy's lockers.

Sammy had agreed reluctantly, and had noticed the odd stares from some of the boys, and the more interesting stares that made his stomach flutter and his cock harden.

But now that young Sammy had sucked off a bunch of guys at a party the other night, he was suddenly very popular, and he was loving the attention.

"Hey, Sammy! Come shower with me!" he heard. Grinning shyly, the thin 12 year old stepped gracefully toward the showers, his four inch erection bobbing in front of him.

"Fuck you!" a young male voice announced, "Come here, Sammy, let me soap you up for awhile!"

A chorus of such invitations echoed off the tiled walls of the shower room as Sammy made his way to the middle of the wet floor space.

As usual, Sammy didn't choose anyone to focus his attentions on, the crowd of boys moved to him, and soon his naked body was being washed, fondled and probed by half a dozen naked teenage boys.

Sammy closed his eyes and relished the attention. He felt warm, soapy hands sliding over his chest, back, ass, legs and belly. Fists vied for his hard cock, which was fondled and stroked until Sammy was red-faced and panting while a finger wormed its way into his anus.

He groaned, and a tall older boy named Seth stepped up and pressed his lips to Sammy's. Sammy opened his mouth and let the boy's tongue slide into his mouth. He struggled to keep his lips in contact with the other boy's as his body was pushed and pulled by the hands all over it.

Sammy moaned against Seth's lips as fingers pried his ass cheeks apart and a second finger joined the first in his asshole. He stood on tiptoes, and the finger slid deep, filling his rectum and making his cock leak on the hand pulling it.

"Oh, oh!" he gasped. Someone he couldn't see gripped Sammy's waist and replaced the fingers in his asshole with a long, soapy cock. Sammy's eyes flew open and the handsome boy kissing him smiled. Sammy held onto Seth's broad shoulders to steady himself as he was pushed and prodded from behind. The cock in his ass was hot and thick.

Sammy closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling of being fucked and kissed at the same time.

"Here, little slut," Seth said, "suck on this." Sammy felt Seth's hand on the back of his neck, pushing him down toward his crotch. Sammy opened his mouth and took the boy's hard cock in his hand, guiding it toward his open lips.

Seth's hands moved to the back of Sammy's head, holding him steady while he fucked the 12 year old's mouth. Sammy held the boy's wet balls in one hand while gripping the bottom half of his cock in the other. He stood unsteadily, his thin naked body moving back and forth as he was fucked from both ends.

Seth came in Sammy's mouth seconds before the other boy pumped his hot load in his asshole. Sammy gulped Seth's semen down greedily, pulling on his cock to milk it of its load entirely.

"Fuck this standing up shit" a deep male voice growled, and Sammy was dragged by the hand from the shower, sperm leaking from his asshole, to the small wrestling practice room off the gym. The floor was padded, and Sammy was lowered to the plastic surface on his hands and knees, and a hard cock presented to his lips. The boy eagerly sucked the hard rod into his mouth as his asshole was fingered from behind. He moaned when he felt a hard cock sliding into his ass, and a hand cup his balls.

Sammy's head spun as he was used from both ends. He sucked contentedly on the smooth cock in his mouth, waiting for the inevitable splash of semen on his tongue. When it came, he slurped the lumpy slime down happily, opening his mouth for the next cock as another teen ager knelt in front of him.

After the cock in his ass exploded, Sammy was rolled onto his back. The cock in his mouth slipped away while he was turned over. He looked up into the icy blue eyes of Steve Garfield, the star quarterback of the football team. Sammy gasped when the handsome youth grinned down at him.

"I can't wait to fuck you Sammy," the boy said, and Sammy pulled back on his knees to present his leaking asshole for the boy's use. He gasped when Stave's thick cock pushed into his ass. Sammy was happy that he had two loads of cum in his ass already, to lubricate the huge rod, otherwise it would have hurt a lot more than it did.

As it was, tears came to Sammy's eyes when the hard rod plunged into his ass, stretching his anus more than he had ever felt. When Steve's belly touched his balls, Sammy moaned, and the handsome football player leaned forward to kiss him.

Sammy nearly passed out! He was being kissed by Stave Garfield. All the other girls would be so jealous when they found out.

If they found out. Sammy didn't really have any other female friends, so he was unsure who he would tell. Maybe Steve would ask him out. Maybe he would ask Sammy to be his girlfriend. Maybe they would hold hands and walk down the halls of the school together, so the other girls would see.

Sammy's hard cock swelled and leaked on his belly as he fantasized while Steve fucked his ass. The tall, broad-shouldered youth pounded Sammy's ass with his big cock, taking the boy's breath away.

When he came, Steve pulled his cock from Sammy's asshole and climbed across the 12 year old's naked body to jerk his cock off in Sammy's face. Sammy gazed up at Steve's trim, muscular body and watched his hand stroking his big cock in a blur. Sammy opened his mouth, and Steve's cock spit a thick glob of cum on Sammy's tongue. Sammy lay still as Steve painted his smooth face with streaks of thick sperm.

When he finished cumming, Stave stuck his cock in Sammy's mouth, and the boy obediently sucked the slimy rod clean of the sperm that had collected there from the loads in Sammy's ass. He even licked and sucked Steve's balls.

Sammy was fucked two more times and sucked off three more cocks before the boys were done.

They left him lying in a puddle of sperm, his hard cock on his belly, leaking and unsatisfied. Sammy stared up at the ceiling, stunned and happy from the gangbang. He didn't dare hope that every day he had gym would be like this. But it would be nice if it could be.

He turned when he heard feet on the mat near his head.

Staring down at him was Coach, Tiberio, who scowled at him from under his baseball cap. A chrome whistle dangled from a chain around his thick neck.

"Come to my office after school," he growled, staring at the naked boy with disgust. The stocky, muscular man stalked off. Sammy watched him go, focusing on the way his muscular ass moved in his tight shorts.

- - - - -

"Hartman!" Coach Tiberio barked, "Come in. And close the door behind you."

Sammy entered nervously. He had been worried the whole day, since Coach had demanded for him to come to his office after school. He knew he was in trouble. He had been late to class after gym, but he thought that was the least of his worries.

"Okay, Coach," he said quietly. Sammy heard the lock click as the door closed, and he tried to swallow around a lump in his throat.

"Sit," Coach said, and Sammy took a seat in the wooden chair on the other side of the coach's desk. He sat straight, smoothing his short pleated skirt over his pale thighs. Despite his fear - or maybe because of it - his cock was hard as a rock. He pushed the hard rod down between his thighs and held it there with his legs. His nipples poked through the thin material of his crop- top t-shirt.

"Hartman," Coach began, scowling, "what the fuck do you think you were doing after gym today?"

"Uh, I'm sorry Coach," Sammy answered lamely, "I won't do it again."

"Damn right you won't!" Coach Tiberio yelled. Sammy jumped in his chair, ad tears welled up in his big brown eyes. The Coach had jumped to his feet, and Sammy flinched backward as the broad, muscular man stalked around his desk toward the frightened boy.

"Pull another stunt like that and I'll have you expelled, understand?" the man asked. He had grabbed Sammy's arm and was leaning over him as he snarled his question.

"Ye - ye - yes, Sir Coach!" Sammy squealed, terrified. His cock slipped from between his thighs as he pulled away from the older man, and stuck up straight, tenting his skirt.

"See that you don't!" the man said, standing. He put his hands on his hips and looked down at Sammy's obvious erection.

"Stand up!" he ordered, and the terrified 12 year old leapt to his feet, his cock bobbing in front of him under his short skirt.

"Bend over the desk and spread your legs," Coach ordered.

Scared and confused, Sammy complied, bending at the waist as the man lifted his skirt to uncover his ass, exposed, rather than concealed, by the red thong his mother had given him to wear today.

"This will help you to remember,' the man said, and smacked Sammy's ass hard with his bare hand.

Sammy cried out, and jumped when he felt the sting of the coach's hand on his ass.

"Hold still, Bitch!" Coach snarled, and smacked Sammy's bare ass again. The blows fell on Sammy's firm round ass, and his cock leaked on his thighs as the man punished him.

Tears fell from Sammy's eyes and coursed down his cheeks. The spanking was short-lived, and the blows were replaced by caresses, as the coach's big hand slid over the reddened flesh of Sammy's ass. The 12 year old moaned when he felt the coach's hand reach between his legs and cup his balls, massaging them as his other hand rubbed Sammy's back.

"Time to learn your lesson, Bitch," the coach said softly, Sammy felt the man's hand pull the string of his thong aside, and a dry finger forced its way into his anus. He gasped as the man started fucking his ass with his finger.

After a few strokes, the coach pulled his finger out and held it in front of Sammy's lips. He opened his mouth and the Coach Tiberio stuck his finger in Sammy's mouth, so Sammy sucked it and slicked it, coating the thick digit with saliva.

The coach returned the finger to Sammy's anus, smearing the fluid around the opening and pressing his finger back into Sammy's ass. He repeated the process several times, until the boy's asshole was slick and slippery.

Tiberio pushed his shorts down to his knees and spit on Sammy's anus, dead center. He smiled as he watched the foamy blob run down the boy's asshole to his balls, where it dripped off this small nut sac to the floor between his feet.

The coach licked his fingers and rubbed the spit on the head f his fat cock, and pushed the helmet shaped head into Sammy's welcoming hole.

Sammy gasped when the coach's thick cock forced its way past his sphincter into his ass. The coach started a strong steady rhythm, sliding his cock in balls deep and pulling all the way out to ram his long pole into Sammy's ass in hard thrust after hard thrust.

Tears sprang into the 12 year old's eyes, but his hard cock leaked against the side of the coach's desk as the man fucked him.

Coach Tiberio reached in front of Sammy's slender thigh and grabbed his balls, He pulled down on the delicate orbs and twisted Sammy's scrotum as he reamed his asshole.

Sammy squealed in discomfort as the man manipulated his testicles while fucking his ass.

"Your cock's hard as a rock, Girlie," Tiberio hissed in Sammy's ear while lying on his back, "you wanna cum do you?"

"Oh - uh - oh - uh, yes, Sir!" Sammy squeaked. But Tiberio yanked on his balls, causing him to cry out in pain.

"Well forget it, Whore!" the man hissed. Sammy felt the coach's warm spittle spray his ear and neck, exciting him even as tears overflowed his eyelids.

"You're not cumming today. And not tonight either," the coach rumbled, "If you touch yourself, or let one of your boyfriends make you cum, today's punishment's gonna seem like a fuckin' picnic, you got that?" The final question was accompanied by a twist of Sammy's nut sac.

"Owwww! Yes!" the 12 year old yelled, "I understand Coach!"

"Sir!" Tiberio yelled, 'You call me 'Sir' from now on, got that cum-sponge?" The coach continued to ram his hard cock in and out of Sammy's ass while he talked to him.

"Oh! OH! Yes, Sir! I understand!" the boy said. The coach released his grip on Sammy's balls. He collapsed on the desk as Tiberio grabbed his slim hips and pounded his cock into Sammy's abused anus.

"I'm gonna cum in your slutty fuckin' ass, Cunt!" he cried, and rammed his hard cock deeper than ever, causing Sammy to flinch and cry out as his cock exploded, flooding the youth's rectum with his hot cum.

"Ahhhh, yeah!" The coach gasped, "Take that fuckin' cum, you little fuckin' whore!"

Sammy moaned when he felt the man's cock spurting in his ass. Hot cum sprayed his rectum, making the boy want to cum more than ever.

When he pulled his slimy cock from Sammy's leaking asshole, Tiberio grabbed a handful of Sammy's hair and pulled back ward, forcing Sammy upright.

"Clean my cock, Whore," the man said, pressing his body against Sammy's back. Sammy felt the warm, slick rod nestled between his butt cheeks.

Tiberio turned his fist, forcing Sammy around by the hair, and pressed him to his knees. The naked 12 year old knelt on the cold linoleum and opened his mouth, extending his long pink tongue for the coach's use.

"Ahhhh," Tiberio gasped. He slid his cock into Sammy's mouth, and the boy sucked on the soft rod, wiping the combined semen off the slippery pole with his lips and tongue.

"Alright, Slut," Coach said, yanking Sammy to his feet "I want you back here after school tomorrow, to see if you obeyed me about not cumming.

"And to administer whatever punishment you've earned by then." He added with a gleam in his eyes.

"Yes, Sir,"" Sammy said, his head bowed. His hard cock twitched when Coach mentioned more punishment. He had liked the spanking, and looked forward to more of such treatment.

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Sammy is such a little slut! When is she going to finally learn she's a BOY?

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