Sammy, Part 4

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Published: 23-Mar-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

"I think there were eight," Sammy told his mother as she bathed him, "Other than Max, I mean."

"Wow, eight!" Jane, Sammy's mother said as she rubbed the wash cloth in slow circles over her son's chest and belly, "That's kind of a lot, isn't it?"

"I don't know," Sammy answered, "I've never done anything like that before." He looked up at his mother nervously.

"Do you think it was too many?" he asked.

Sammy had just come home from his first date, with a boy from school named Max. 12 year old Sammy believed himself to be a girl, despite the hard, four inch evidence to the contrary rising from the warm, soapy water in the bathtub.

Jane Hartman had wanted a girl, and had not let Sammy's genetics deter her from raising one. Thus, 12 year old Sammy was unaware that he was a boy, or that there was any difference between boys and girls except breasts and clothes.

Max had taken young Sammy to a party, where Sammy had happily - if publicly - sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. A group of boys approached him afterward, and he had gone off to suck their cocks, too. He had loved every minute of it, surrounded by hard cock and being fondled and stroked by the boys. He had been the center of attention, in a positive way.

All the boys' cum sat comfortably in his belly as his mother bathed him, having washed the crust of dried semen off his belly, from the hand job Max had given him in the car before dropping him off.

And his cock was hard again, a testament to how exciting the evening had been for him.

"Baby," Jane assured her son, "As long as you're comfortable, and having fun, you can suck as much cock as you want, okay?" The horny young mother's hand fell to her son's lap, and she gripped his hard cock in a warm, soapy hand.

Sammy's eyes closed and he leaned back against the tub side as his mother manipulated his cock.

"Oh, Mommy," the young man moaned, "It was so much fun! I was popular, Mommy! The boys really like me now!"

"Oh, yes, Sweetie," Jane affirmed, "The boys will always like you, as long as you're nice to them, and do what they want."

"Really?" Sammy said, "That's all I have to do? Suck their willys?"

"That, and whatever else they want," Jane said. She had been a popular girl when she was in school. It was how she ended up pregnant, with no idea whom the father was.

"That sounds really easy," Sammy said dreamily.

"Oh, it is," Jane assured him.

"Mommy?" Sammy said.

"Yes, Honey?" Jane replied. She had slowed her strokes, teasing her son's cock.

"Some of the boys put their fingers in my butt," Sammy said. Jane's hand stopped moving, and she looked at Sammy's face.

"Really?" she asked.

"Mm-hmmm," Sammy said, looking her in the eye.

"And what did you think of that?" she asked, resuming the slow hand job.

"I liked it, Mommy!" Sammy replied, "But why did they do it?"

"Probably to make you feel good, Honey," Jane said. She switched Sammy's cock to her other hand and leaned forward, running her palm along his wet thigh toward his balls. She cupped the warm, soft sac and gently fondled her son's testicles, then let her fingertip slide lower, between his legs.

Sammy's eyes closed, and he lifted his butt to allow his mother better access, and she rubbed her sopay fingertip against the rough, wrinkled ring of his anus.

"Mmmmmm, Mommy," he moaned, "That feels good!"

"You like that, Baby?" Jane whispered into his ear. She slipped her fingertip into Sammy's asshole and pumped the slim digit in and out as she pulled on his hard cock.

"Oh! Oh! Mommy! Oh!" Sammy gasped. His hands rested on the edges of the bathtub, and his ass rose from the bottom as Jane sank her finger all the way inside his asshole. She wiggled the slender digit around in his ass, feeling the hot dampness of her son's rectum. She leaned forward and kissed him, her tongue invading his mouth as her finger probed his anus.

Water splashed in the tub when Sammy's hips twitched. Jane found the boy's prostate with her fingertip and massaged it gently. Sammy gasped and came. His cock shot three strong jets of semen into the air, then a few thin steams dribbled from the hole, running over his mother's moving fingers.

"Ooooo, Baby!" Jane crooned, "That's it. Cum for Mommy," Sammy's body relaxed, and he sagged back into the cooling water as his mother pulled on his cock, milking the last few drops of watery sperm from the end.

"That's my girl," she said softly, "That's my good girl."

- - - - -

Sammy went to sleep, naked under his sheets, with his satisfied cock shriveled against his balls. Jane watched him sleep for a few minutes, then went to her room. She looked up Max's phone number from the phone's memory. He had called the other day to set up the date with Sammy, and the record was still there.

If Sammy was going to be sexually active with the boys at school, Jane was going to have to take action before-hand to maintain the life-long fiction that Sammy was a girl.

It was time for a meeting with this Max boy.

- - - - -

"Thanks for meeting me, Max," Jane said, stepping back to let the tall, handsome 15 year old into the house.

"No problem, Mrs. Hartman," the boy replied politely. He smiled at her, and though he was polite, Jane saw his eyes travelling up and down her body. She wore a short, tan skirt and a tight white tank top, with four inch sandals.

"Call me Jane," she said, and headed down the hall toward the living room. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Max's gaze riveted on her ass. She turned back nervously, feeling a flush rise from her chest to her cheeks. She had been celibate for the last 12 years, other than giving Sammy his daily hand jobs. Until last week, when she had sneaked into Sammy's room and fucked him in his bed.

She had been able to convince the confused boy that it had been a dream, but she had awakened deeply buried feelings in herself. Feelings she hadn't realized she had missed so much. Having this gorgeous young stud in the house with her was getting very uncomfortable.

"So," Jane said briskly as they sat across from each other, "I know you've been seeing Sammy."

"Well," Max said, "we only had the one date."

"Where he sucked you off, then blew a bunch of other boys," Jane surprised him by saying, "Plus the blowjob in the bathroom at school."

"Wow," Max said, "He tells you everything, doesn't he?" Rather than looking scared or nervous, Max looked confident. He crossed his denim-clad legs and leaned back on the couch, laying a trim, muscular arm along the back.

Jane noticed how the tight fabric of the boy's t-shirt stretched across his muscular chest.

"Yes, well, be that as it may," Jane continued, struggling to tear her gaze away from the teenager's tight body, "Sammy is getting sexually active. And I'm sure you've noticed some - unusual - things about Sammy."

"You mean that fact that he thinks he's a girl?" Max asked, smiling ironically.

"Yes," Jane said, "That."

"Yeah, what's up with that, anyway?" he asked.

"I decided to raise Sammy as a girl." Jane said, as if it were the most reasonable thing in the world.

"I wanted a girl, so I gave myself one."

"Wow, that's fucked up," Max said. Jane bristled slightly. She had never had this conversation before, and she wasn't sure how it would go.

"Well, the point is, he doesn't know he's a boy," she continued, "He doesn't even know the difference between boys and girls." Her gaze flicked to Max's crotch.

"No shit!" the teenager said, "He doesn't know that girls don't have..."

"No, he doesn't," she said, "And I'm not ready for him to know."

"You're not ready," Max said, planting both feet on the ground and leaning forward.

"No," Jane said, "So I need to tell you - ah, ask - that you don't do anything to let him know."

"Really," Max leaned back and grinned, "And how are we gonna make that happen?"

"What do you mean?" Jane asked nervously.

"What are you gonna do to make sure I keep your sick little secret?" he said.

"You want money?" Jane asked, almost hopefully. Max grinned and shook his head slowly.

"What then?" the young mother asked quietly.

"Your little 'girl' Sammy is a hell of a cock-sucker," Max sad, "I'd love to know if his mother is as good." Jane stared at the boy, understanding.

It was back to this. She had denied her sexuality for the last 12 years in response to her pregnancy and perceived abandonment by Sammy's father, though in truth she had no idea who the father was.

Young Jane had been a total slut, fucking and sucking any guy who asked, or looked like they were going to ask. She had given up that life and devoted herself to her child. Now she was faced with another man - boy - who wanted to use her; to get off without care for her own desires.

Jane felt her pussy getting wet, and her nipples harden under her tank top. She saw Max's gaze flick downward and knew that he had noticed it.

"Let's go upstairs, shall we?" he said, rising. Jane stood and took his hand as they headed for the stairs.

- - - - -

"Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! That's good!" Max gasped. He lay naked on Jane's bed while the young mother knelt over his cock, sucking it into her experienced mouth. One hand gripped the teen's eight inch shaft while the other played with the boy's big balls, rolling them gently with her fingers.

Jane was naked, too. Max had told her to strip as he pulled off his shirt and stood by the bed. He had told her to kneel in front of him and unfasten his pants and pull them down to release his hard cock.

She had obeyed, falling quickly back into the role of submissive slut; the role she had abandoned so many years ago.

Max reached around behind Jane and sank a finger into her wet cunt, and the horny woman moaned with his cock in her mouth. Max felt her pussy gush on his finger, and smiled.

"Man, you're really wet!" he said. Jane lifted her mouth from his cock and looked at him.

"Am I?" she gasped. Max put his hand on her head and pushed her back onto his cock.

"I didn't tell you to stop sucking," he said. Jane moaned at the demeaning treatment and sucked harder on Max's thick pole. He fingered her pussy as she sucked him, stopping before she came.

"Climb on and fuck me," he said. Jane looked at him and swung one shapely leg over his body, straddling him. She reached between her legs and gripped his hard cock in her hand, guiding it toward her slick pussy.

She groaned loudly as she settled onto his stiff cock. The thick rod slid easily into her wet pussy, until his cock was buried to the hilt in her tight cunt.

"Oh, yeah!" Max gasped, "Fuck me, you whore!"

Jane started rising and falling in the boy's lap, ignoring the demeaning label. Max held onto her hips and pressed her down on his cock as he thrust upward, jabbing his cock as deep as it would go.

Her tits quivered on her chest with the force of his thrusts, and her hair bounced around her pretty face.

"Nice pussy!" the boy gasped, "I think I could get to like this!" Jane grunted as the boy fucked her. She felt her orgasm building. The thought that he was planning on using her regularly to buy his silence was a total turn-on to the submissive woman. She rocked her hips back and forth, fucking herself on Max's long, hot cock.

"Oh, God!" she groaned, "It feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me, Max!"

The 15 year old gripped her waist and slammed his cock into her pussy from below, driving the breath from her lungs as he pounded her.

They came together. Max's cock exploded in her unprotected womb as waves of orgasm washed through her body. She gasped and panted as his semen spurted into her pussy, then she collapsed on his sweaty chest. They breathed together, gasping.

Jane raised her head from Max's chest and looked into his eyes. She lowered her face toward his and kissed him for the first time.

"So, do we have a deal?" she breathed.

"Yup!" he replied, smiling, "but I can't necessarily speak for all the guys."

Sammy had met a lot of boys at the party last night, all of whom knew he was a boy.

"Well, I guess you better give them my number," she said ironically.

- - - - -

Jane opened the door to Sammy's bedroom and slipped inside. Sammy lay on his bed, naked. His wrists were tied together over his head, to the headboard of his narrow princess bed. His ankles were secured to the posts at the foot. His cock was hard, lying on his belly. A white scarf was tied over his eyes as a blindfold.

Jane was still naked, and didn't want her son to see her genitals.

"Mommy?' the boy said, turning his head in her direction.

"Yes, baby. It's me," Jane said softly.

"Can I get up now, Mommy?" Sammy asked.

"Not yet, Sweetie," Jane said. She sat on the bed next to her naked son and let her hand trail a path from his chest, down his stomach, to his cock, which she took in her hand.

"I'm sorry I had to tie you up, Baby," she said, bending down to kiss him, "But Mommy needed some alone time, and I didn't want you to see." She couldn't let Sammy know that Max had been here, or why, so she had left her son bound and blindfolded while she fucked Sammy's new boyfriend.

"Okay, Mommy," Sammy said, gasping as his mother manipulated his hard cock, "but can I get up now?"

"In a minute, baby girl," the demented woman said. She bent forward and took her son's hard cock in her mouth, reaching between his legs to push against the bottom of the small vibrator she had left buzzing in his ass while she talked to Max. Sammy moaned when she pushed the hard plastic device deeper in his ass. His cock twitched as the vibrator hummed against his prostate.

"Oh, Mommy!" he gasped.

Jane sucked harder and pulled the vibrator out of her son's anus a little ways, fucking his ass with the thin, three inch cylinder. Sammy gasped and raised his hips. He felt his orgasm nearing, but Jane slowed her sucking, and Sammy was left gasping, unfulfilled, as her lips slipped from the swollen head of his cock.

"Mommy?" he whined.

"Lie still, Baby," Jane said. She straddled her blind-folded son and held his hard cock as she sank onto it, like she had with Max a few minutes before. As she settled onto his cock, Jane leaned forward and kissed her son.

Sammy felt a strange sensation on his cock. It was warm, wet and tight. It felt wonderful, but different from his mother's mouth.

"Mommy?" he said, "What's happening?"

"Shhhh," Jane said, "I'm just taking care of you, Baby." She rode her son's cock until she came. It was quieter and gentler than when she and Max had cum together, but it felt warm and gentle, shared with her child.

She rocked her hips slowly, for about fifteen minutes, teasing Sammy's cock with her wet pussy, until the boy gasped and sprayed his mother's pussy with cum.

"That's it," she said encouragingly," That's my good girl. Cum for Mommy, Baby,"

Jane leaned forward as Sammy's cock started to shrink in the sloppy confines of her sperm-filled pussy. She kissed him softly and whispered against his lips.

"Mommy's gonna cum in your mouth, Baby," she said quietly, "Do you want to taste mommy's cum?"

"Oh yes, Mommy!" Sammy said, excited. He had never even seen his mother's cock. She always wore baggy shorts or pants around the house, though she was often topless. He looked forward to sucking her cock now.

But he was to be disappointed.

"Open your mouth, Baby," Jane said, climbing up his body, "Mommy's gonna jerk off in it." Sammy had wanted to suck his mommy's cock, but even having her jerk it off in his mouth would be a treat. At least he could taste her sperm.

Jane straddled her son's blind-folded face, stroking her clit as she held her pussy over his open mouth. She fingered herself furiously as she pushed a thick glob of semen from her freshly fucked hole onto her son's tongue. Sammy's cum mingled with Max's, and Jane expelled the combined load into Sammy's mouth. Some of the slime dribbled onto his cheeks, but most of it oozed from her hole onto his extended pink tongue.

"There you go Baby," Jane said, when she felt that her pussy was emptied of sperm, "Go ahead and swallow Mommy's cum."

Sammy closed his mouth and rolled the precious mouthful on his tongue before swallowing. He wanted to savor his first taste of his mother's cum. It tasted a little different from any of the cum he had swallowed before. There was a muskiness, and almost a sweetness to it that he hadn't tasted before.

Sammy wondered if all girls' cum tasted like this.

He swallowed and smiled up blindly.

"Thank you, Mommy," he whispered. Jane leaned down and kissed him, exploring his mouth with her tongue, tasting the remains of the semen he had just swallowed, still coating his tongue.

"Mmmm, you're welcome, Baby," she said.

Jane was pleased. She had forestalled Sammy's discovery of his real sexuality, while at the same time guarantying a supply of sex partners for herself; young ones who would want to use her whenever they could.

Jane the slut was back, and ready to be used. Her pussy gushed as she thought about it. Jane came again, her finger rubbing furiously at her clit and her mind filled with images of teenage boys and their hard, spurting cocks.

She looked down and realized that Sammy was still tied to the bed. She pulled the vibrator from Sammy's ass and turned it off, sucking the device clean before standing.

"I'll be right back to free you, Princess," Jane told her son.

She left Sammy tied up to get a pair of shorts, then came back and released him. Sammy stared at his mother's bare chest.

"Mommy?" he asked, rubbing his wrists as she moved to untie his ankles.

"Yes, sweetie."

"When will I get boobies, too?"

Jane looked at her son, then down at her own b-cup breasts.

She would have to think about how to answer that.

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American Joe

Bravo! Sammy is such a good little princess!


Very far fetched,but, typical of the author, so fucking hot.Look forward to Sammy and Jane getting their fill of the teenagers pricks.

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