Sammy, Part 3

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Published: 16-Mar-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

"Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Mom!" Sammy cried excitedly. He bounced into the house, slamming the front door behind him and dropping his pink back pack on the floor behind him. His pleated white mini skirt flipped around his hips, showing off the satiny pink thong underneath.


"What, Honey?" Jane said as she descended the stairs.

"Mommy, I met a boy!" Sammy gushed. His eyes were huge and glittering, and Jane could see his hard willy tenting his short skirt. Her son had a huge, excited grin on his pretty, 12 year old face.

"Well calm down, and tell me all about it!" she said. She took her son's thin shoulders in her hands and guided him to the living room, sitting him on the couch.

"His name is Max," Sammy panted, "Max Patterson. He's a ninth grader, and he's sooooo handsome!"

Jane smiled at her young son. The boy had been raised as a girl, because the emotionally damaged Jane had denied his sexuality from birth. She had wanted a little girl, so she had raised one, biology notwithstanding.

Puberty had made the subterfuge harder to maintain, but Sammy still considered himself a girl, unaware of the physical differences between male and female genitalia.

"He talked to me in the hall, Mommy!" Sammy said, "And asked me to go to the bathroom with him!"

"Really?" Jane asked, "Why?"

"So I could suck on his willy and make him squirt in my mouth!" Sammy said proudly, "And he made my willy squirt, too! Just like you do: with his hand!"

Jane stared, open-mouthed. It was a lot to process all at once.

"And he asked me out on a date!" Sammy continued, "Can I go, Mommy? Can I?"

"Uh...." Jane stalled, "Let me think about it, okay, Honey?"

"But - "

"No 'buts'!" Jane said, holding up a finger, "Why don't you let me take care of your little problem there while I think about it," Jane said, nodding toward Sammy's hard cock, which stuck up between his legs under his mini skirt.

"Oh," he said, leaning back as Jane took his hard rod in her warm hand, "Okay,"

Jane smiled, and started stroking her son's six inch cock. She had always referred to it as his "willy", so he still called it that, too. She had denied her carnal desires, which had previously been substantial, for Sammy's whole life, but the changes that puberty had wrought on her son's young body had brought those desires to the surface with a ferocity that had surprised her. She waited daily for Sammy to come home so she could get at his cock, to jerk it off, and as of yesterday, to suck it. She had even slipped into his bedroom last night and fucked the drowsy preteen, riding his hard organ to a mind-blowing orgasm.

She had been able to convince the boy that he had dreamed the episode, but couldn't count on that working for much longer.

She thought about this Max boy as she pumped Sammy's hard, hot cock. The idea that a boy at school would find her little Sammy attractive was an exciting one for the horny young mother.

The idea that the boy would take Sammy into the bathroom and abuse him sexually was a total turn-on. Jane had been an insatiable slut herself at Sammy's age, so the thought that her son would follow in her footsteps wasn't a big surprise. And at least Sammy couldn't get pregnant.

And the fact that Max was obviously a boy meant Sammy wouldn't be exposed to unexpected genitals, like if he were to date a girl.

Jane leaned forward and took her son's throbbing cock in her mouth as she pumped the six inch shaft in her fist. Her head bobbed up and down slowly as she thought it over. She liked the idea that Sammy would be getting out more, and a boy his age certainly had needs.

Sammy didn't have that many friends, so it would be nice to have him out seeing people.

And if those people happened to be handsome young men....

Jane moaned and jerked faster on her son's cock as his hips rose and fell in rhythm with her bobbing head. She felt his cock head swell and the first spurts of semen hit her tongue. She slowed the pace of her bobbing and sucked gently as the flow of sperm slowed and stopped.

Jane lifted her head from Sammy's lap and swallowed, smiling at her little boy.

"You may go out with this boy," she said carefully, "But I have to meet him first,"

"Thanks, Mommy!" Sammy cried, surprising Jane with a huge bear hug. Her breasts pressed against her son's chest and she returned his embrace.

"You're welcome, Sweetie," Jane replied, "Why don't you go get changed and start your homework."

Sammy headed upstairs to slip into his after-school outfit, which consisted of a pair of skimpy thong panties. He would be otherwise naked, which Jane found exciting. She enjoyed watching her son's nude body as he moved around the house.

Jane watched Sammy's butt peeking out from under his skirt as he approached the stairs, then went to the kitchen to start dinner.

- - - - - -

"Mommy! Mom!" Sammy called from the hallway, "I think he's here! Mommy!"

"Okay, okay!" Jane said, bustling into the hallway to join her son at the door. Sammy was dressed for his date with Max, in a tight-fitting pink mini skirt, black stockings with a matching black lace garter belt, and a lacy black tube top. Shiny black high heels completed his outfit.

Jane had helped Sammy apply some make-up, including bright pink lipstick and dark eyeliner. The boy's soft long hair was tied in a pony tail.

"How do I look, Mommy?" Sammy asked nervously. His skirt was short enough to show two inches of creamy white thigh above his stockings, and his hard willy made a prominent bulge in front. The lower hem of the skirt didn't quite cover Sammy's ass cheeks in back.

"You look lovely, Darling," Jane said. She leaned in and kissed her son carefully, not wanting to smear his heavily applied lipstick.

The doorbell rang and Sammy opened it. Max stood on the front porch, looking tall, dark and handsome.

"Oh, my," Jane muttered under her breath. The boy was tall and thin. He wore a pair of tight black jeans and a black t-shirt that looked molded to his muscular chest and belly. Black boots encased his feet.

"Hello," Jane said, standing aside to let the boy enter, "I'm Jane, Sammy's mother." She held out her hand, and she felt her skin prickle when Max took it in his.

"Nice to meet you, Jane," Max said, "I see where Sammy gets her good looks!" Jane blushed, despite herself.

"Thank you," she replied, looking down like a shy school girl. It had been a long time since Jane had spoken to a man, and she was unsure of herself.

"You look great, Sammy," Max said to the 12 year old, and Sammy's blush matched his mother's.

"Thank you," he said meekly. Max took his hand.

"Ready?" he indicated the door, ready to leave.

"Sure!" Sammy answered, smiling at his mother, "Bye Mom!"

"Good night, Honey!" Jane called through the door to their retreating backs, "Don't be too late!"

- - - - - -

"So where are we going?" Sammy asked. His tummy fluttered, sitting next to the handsome older boy. He stared at Max's profile and felt his willy - his cock, as Max called it - swell under his skirt.

"Oh, there's a party a friend of mine is having," Max said, smiling.

"A party?" Sammy said. The 12 year old transvestite hadn't been invited to a party of any kind in years. Sammy's mother kept the boy to herself, and his classmates had stopped inviting him to events in elementary school. Sammy looked ahead, nervous.

"Don't worry," Max said, correctly interpreting his silence, "You look great. You'll have a great time!" The 15 year old rested a warm hand on Sammy's leg, half way between his knee and the top of his stocking. The hand glided over the smooth material of his stockings until Max touched Sammy's bare thigh.

Sammy moaned when his date's hand slipped under his tight skirt and gripped his hard willy.

"Mmmmm," Max hummed, "Is that for me?" Sammy smiled at him in the dark interior of the car.

"Yes," he said breathlessly as Max squeezed his cock through the thong.

"Good," the older boy said. He kept stroking and squeezing Sammy's hard cock as he drove with one hand, his eyes on the road. Sammy leaned back and spread his legs to give him better access.

- - - - - -

Sammy was panting toward an orgasm when the car stopped and Max removed his hand from the 12 year old's leaking organ. He gasped and opened his eyes to see a car-lined street and a large, well-lit house with young people moving around in front of it. Max smiled and opened his door.

"Come on!" he said, and slid out of the car. Sammy pulled his skirt back in place as best he could while sitting, and reached for the door handle as it opened from the outside. He looked up to see Max grinning down at him with his hand outstretched invitingly. The blushing 12 year old took the offered hand and let Max help him to his feet, teetering on his four inch heels. He pulled the hem of his skirt down to cover his cock in front, but half of his ass was exposed in back.

Max led him inside, and the pair squeezed through crowds of young people holding drinks, talking loudly, and dancing. Sammy blinked in the dim lighting, and tried to get an idea of what was going on, but everything was so loud and fast, he was soon confused and a little scared. He clutched desperately to Max's arm as the older boy led him deeper into the crowded room.

"Here!" Max said, leaning down and yelling into Sammy's ear to be heard above the loud music and voices. He handed a big red plastic cup to Sammy, in which a foamy amber liquid sloshed. Sammy raised the cup to his lips and sipped, making a face.

Beer. He recognized the smell, though he had never tasted it before. He watched Max slug down half a cupful and sipped again, not wanting to seem out of place. After a couple more sips, he got used to the taste and held onto the cup, drinking occasionally as he and Max moved to a corner.

Max found an end table and set their cups down. He maneuvered Sammy into the corner and kissed him. Sammy let the older boy slip his tongue into his mouth and sucked it eagerly. The younger boy put his arms around Max's neck and pressed his slender body against the 14 year old's taller one.

Max grabbed Sammy's ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed them hard. His fingertips sank into the cleft between Sammy's round butt cheeks, and Sammy felt his fingertips tickle his anus. The boy rose to his toes as and Max kissed him harder, and his fingers lightly fluttered against his rear opening.

"Max...." Sammy whispered in his date's ear.

"Mmmm, yeah, Baby," the older boy answered. He put his wet lips back on Sammy's, and the 12 year old's objection went unvoiced as Max's tongue filled his mouth.

"Hey guys!" Sammy heard over Max's shoulder, "Having fun?"

Max turned, and Sammy saw a tall, smiling red-headed boy

"Hey, Carl!" Max said, shaking the boy's hand. He turned to Sammy.

"Sammy, this is Carl. This is his party. Carl, you remember Sammy from school, right?" Carl looked Sammy up and down, smiling. The 12 year old had pulled his skirt down in front but his hard cock tented it out. Carl's gaze lingered on the lump Sammy's cock made, then travelled back up his bare belly, to his lace-covered chest, and then to his blushing face.

"Yeah, sure!" the older teen answered, "How ya doin', Sammy?" He held out his hand and Sammy took it. Carl held it longer than necessary, but let go after a little while.

"You guys get drinks?" he asked Max. The two 15 year olds talked for a few seconds, then Carl moved on. Max looked around.

"Kinda crowded up here," he said, "Let's try the basement." He took Sammy's hand and dragged him from the corner.

Max found the door to the basement, and they descended the stairs to a carpeted, dimly lit lounge area with couches and easy chairs around the perimeter, most of which were occupied with people making out.

Max led Sammy to an empty armchair and pulled him into his lap.

"Much better," Max said, before pulling Sammy close for a kiss. The two made out for a few minutes, with Max's hand under Sammy's skirt, playing with his cock and balls.

Max broke the kiss and looked Sammy in the eye.

"Suck my cock, okay, Baby?" he panted. Sammy looked around the room, which was less populated than the rooms upstairs, but still held a dozen or so couples.

"Right here?" he whispered, shocked.

"Yeah, no one will care," Max assured him. He pushed Sammy gently from his lap, until the thin boy knelt on the floor between Max's knees. Max opened his fly and his big, eight inch cock waved in front of Sammy's face. The boy nearly forgot his nervousness at sight of the beautiful organ. He gripped the thick shaft in his hand, marveling at the warmth. Max's cock was way bigger then Sammy's. He loved the soft, silky feel of the skin on the outside and the firm, ridged texture of the interior flesh.

Sammy leaned forward and took the fat head in his mouth, pulling slowly on the hard rod as he sucked. Max moaned and put his hand on Sammy's head, sliding his fingers through Sammy's hair and holding his head steady.

"Play with my balls," Max groaned, and Sammy reached between his date's legs with his free hand to cup Max's smooth, soft scrotum. He rolled the egg-shaped testicles around in his fingers as he sucked Max's cock. Lifting his face from Max's crotch, Sammy let the boy's long cock slip from his lips. He lifted Max's balls to his mouth and licked them with his wet, pink tongue, while pulling on his spit coated cock with his fist.

"Oh, Baby," Max groaned, "You're gonna make me cum!" Sammy smiled up at his date.

"Oooo, I want you to cum, Max," he whispered, "I want you to cum in my mouth!" He engulfed the head of his date's cock with his soft lips, bobbing his head in Max's lap.

Max gripped Sammy's long, soft hair in his fists and humped his hips, fucking the younger boy's mouth.

He let out a long groan and came. His cock pulsed, and sent gobs of sperm across Sammy's eager tongue. Sammy pulled slowly on Max's pulsing cock while fondling his testicles as he came.

When Max's cock dribbled to a stop, Sammy smiled up at him from between his legs and smiled, swallowing his load.

"Wow," Max sighed, "That was awesome."

"Sure was!" said a male voice behind Sammy. He spun around and looked up to see half a dozen teenage boys smiling down at him. He jumped to his feet, his cheeks burning, humiliated and embarrassed at having someone watch such an intimate scene.

"Hey, hey," the boy who had spoken said. He was taller and broader in the shoulders than Max, and he had a big, friendly grin. He held Sammy by the shoulders to keep him from fleeing.

"We were all just amazed at how hot and sexy you are!" he explained, "Max is one lucky son-of-a-bitch, right guys?" he asked his friends.

A chorus of agreements met his question.

"We were just wondering if you would share, Maxie," said another boy.

Sammy turned to look at Max, who had stuffed his wilting cock back in his pants and was smiling up at his date.

"It's alright with me if it's alright with Sammy," he said, smiling.

Tim, the boy holding Sammy's shoulders, pulled the 12 year old closer and looked down into his eyes.

"So what do you say?" he asked.

Sammy was confused, excited, and a little scared. Sucking Max's cock, and having the older boy fondle and kiss him all evening, had left him desperately horny. And his head was pleasantly fuzzy, from the beer he figured. His hard cock leaked pre-cum on his bare upper thigh, and his nipples were as hard as rocks under the lace tube top. He stared into Tim's beautiful eyes and his lips parted as if of their own volition. When Tim bent forward, Sammy's mouth opened more and his tongue slid out to receive the older boy's kiss.

His decision was made.

Max stood and whispered in Sammy's ear from behind.

"Have fun, Baby. Come and find me when you're done." Sammy watched him walk away, then his attention was diverted when Tim took him in his strong arms and kissed him. Sammy's tongue met the older boy's and he moaned when he felt someone move behind him and squeeze his ass under his skirt.

Sammy was led across the room to a couch. Three boys sat on the sofa with their pants down, and Sammy knelt in front of them. He sucked the cock in the middle while stroking the rods on either side of him in his hands. The 12 year old felt his thong being pulled down, and someone started playing with his balls from behind.

Sammy had never felt so excited. He sucked the cock as far into his mouth as he could, and was soon rewarded with a gush of warm semen. He swallowed heartily, then moved his head to the right, to take the next hard cock in his mouth.

Sammy flinched when he felt a finger press against his anus, but his head was being held by Tim, whose cock he was now sucking, so he couldn't turn to see what was going on.

He moaned when he felt the spit-slicked digit enter his asshole. It felt different than anything he had felt before, and he liked it.

A lot.

He sucked eight cocks and swallowed eight loads of cum. Max found him sitting on the carpeted floor, leaning against the couch. His skirt was pulled up to his waist, and his top was down with it. His thong was long gone, and semen streaked his cheeks and nose. A few dribbles were drying on his chest.

"You're a mess!" Max said, grinning. Sammy grinned back at him. He was happy to have been so popular, even if he hadn't cum himself. His six inch cock stuck up straight and red from his lap.

"Come on, Sexy," Max said, pulling Sammy to his feet, "Let's get you home."

Max played with Sammy's penis all the way home. By the time the car pulled into his driveway, the 12 year old was a panting, sweating, whining mess.

"I hope you had as much fun as I did," Max whispered into Sammy's ear. He had leaned across the center console and was pulling slowly on Sammy's hard, sore cock. The teen's hot breath blew past Sammy's neck, raising goose bumps on his sensitive skin.

"Oh," the younger boy gasped, "I did. Really. I had a great time!"

"You were the most popular one there," Max murmured, kissing Sammy's neck and cupping his testicles in his warm palm.

"Oh," Sammy panted, "Really? I was popular?"

"You ARE popular," Max clarified, "Your blow-job skills were all anyone was taking about by the time we left."

"Wow!" Sammy said. He was popular! The young boy/girl had never been well-liked before. Sammy had always been something of an outcast. Now, because he could suck cock well, he was popular.

And he was popular for something he loved!

"Are you ready to cum, Sweetheart?" Max whispered against Sammy's neck.

"Oh, yeah," he answered, "Please..."

Max pulled more insistently on Sammy's sore, chafed rod, squeezing the swollen head at the end of each stroke.

Sammy's thin body stiffened, and he gripped the sides of the seat as he came. His cock shot a long spray of sperm into the air to land on his chest, followed by several more streams that streaked his bare belly with semen.

Max smiled at him. "Wow, you're a mess!" he said, laughing. Sammy looked own a himself. Semen dripped down his chest and puddled in his navel. Clots of sperm soaked into his pink skirt and dotted his bare upper thighs, above the black stockings.

- - - - - -

"Hi, Sweetie! How was your date?" Jane asked brightly when Sammy entered the house. She got a look at his disheveled clothing, and the sperm dripping from his belly, and smiled.

"Oh! Pretty good, I guess!"

Sammy smiled and blushed, nodding and looking at the floor. He looked up shyly and smiled.

"I had the best time, Mommy" he gushed.

"Oh, Honey," Jane said "I'm so happy for you. I think we better get you cleaned up, though. Don't you think?"

Sammy looked down at the mess on his belly as Jane dropped to her knees in front of her son. She lapped at the congealing semen while cupping her son's genitals in a soft, gentle palm. By the time she had cleaned Sammy's belly, thighs, and balls of sperm, he had regained his erection.

"Wow!" Jane said, holding his hard cock in her hand and smiling up at him, "Max must have gotten you really worked up!" She stood and helped Sammy out of his clothes.

"Come on," she said, taking her naked son's hand and leading him to the stairs "Let's get you cleaned up."

Sammy followed his mother up the stairs, his hard cock bobbing in front of him. He grinned behind his mother's back.

What a great night this was turning out to be!

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