Sammy, Part 1

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Published: 1-Mar-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

Sammy was a girly-girl. All her life, from the time she was a baby, Sammy's mother had loved to buy little frilly dresses in pink, white, yellow, and floral patterns. Lots of lace, frilly white socks, and Mary Jane shoes. Sammy's mom let her hair grow long so she could put the light brown locks in pig tails with fluffy pink ribbons. When she had started school, Sammy was always the best dressed little girl in class. Sammy loved elementary school, and looked forward to the sixth grade, and middle school.

When she was 12, Sammy hit puberty. Or rather, puberty hit her. And that became a problem for the growing child.

Because Sammy was a boy. Sammy's full name was Samuel Peter Hartman. His mother, Jane, had wanted a girl, and when Sammy had been born, she was devastated. Sammy's father was an unknown. Jane was a pretty, petite, promiscuous young woman who allowed herself to be treated badly by men, and had come to resent their treatment of her. So when she became pregnant, with no idea who the father might be, she blamed all men everywhere.

She had turned almost reclusive, focusing all her energy and love on the growing child within her. She was so convinced that she was going to bear a girl that she had refused the sonogram tech's offer of telling her Sammy's gender.

Jane had purchased clothing and furniture for a little girl's room, decorating the space in pinks, purples and yellows. There were lacy, fluffy blankets and decorations, and a pastel colored rug in the nursery.

So when the doctor announced that Sammy was a boy, she had at first been crestfallen, but then had slipped into a state of denial from which she had yet to emerge.

But as Sam's body started to change, Jane found it harder and harder to maintain her life's fiction.

"Mommy," Sammy said one night while Jane was bathing him, "I need some new underwear."

Jane rubbed Sammy's chest with a soapy washcloth, moving in slow circles across his nipples and belly.

"Oh?" she replied, "Why is that, Dear?"

"Mine are too tight," Sammy complained, "I don't fit in them anymore." He looked down at his genitals. Sammy's penis had grown considerably in the last year, and the hard shaft stuck up out of the shallow water at its full six inch length. Jane had thus far been successfully ignoring it, while at the same time making sure that it was always completely clean during bath time.

"Oh," she said. Jane dropped the wash cloth in the water and gripped her son's erection in her soapy hand, stroking it up and down to make sure it was "clean".

"Well no wonder it doesn't fit in your panties, Sweetie," Jane said sweetly, "Your willy is all hard again."

This had been an ongoing problem for the maturing boy. Jane had been resolving the repeated situation by "cleaning" Sammy's "willy" until it squirted the white stuff and it shrank again. Sammy was conflicted about this. He enjoyed the feeling when his mother stroked his willy until it swelled and blasted the white cream into his bath water, but he felt uncomfortable about it, too. It seemed somehow wrong for his mother to be touching him that way.

He felt relieved and humiliated afterward, every time.

Sammy closed his eyes and leaned back against the sloped tub side, and Jane pulled more insistently on his hard willy. He panted and moaned in his high-pitched voice, raising and lowering his slim hips while his mother jerked him off.

With a gasp, Sammy's willy spurted the white goo out over the soapy water in a long arc, followed by several more streams of Sammy's cream.

When he finished, Jane swished her hand through the water to clean the slime from it and smiled at her blushing boy.

"There!" she said briskly, "All set!"

"Thanks, Mom," Sammy said meekly, "But it gets hard during the day, and there's nowhere for it to go in my panties.

Jane still picked all of Sammy's clothes, and as he grew older, Sammy's mom seemed to delight in choosing short skirts and tight-fitting tops for her young "lady" to wear. His legs were long and shapely still, and they were enhanced by the two and three inch hells Jane made him wear at school.

"And if I let it hang out the bottom of my underwear," Sammy continued to explain, "you can see it under my skirts!"

It had become obvious to Sammy's classmates and teachers that Sammy was indeed a boy, a fact that had been less noticeable in elementary school. But Jane seemed oblivious to her son's dilemma. Sammy was totally naive about his sexuality. He assumed that all girls grew penises, and that the difference between girls and boys was merely cosmetic.

Jane had opted out of having Sammy take health classes, claiming a religious exemption. The young mother seemed determined to humiliate her son, taking him shopping at the local mall at clothing stores meant for much younger children, and buying his underwear - all thongs - at women's intimate apparel stores.

At home, Sammy wore even less. He went around in panties, and nothing else.

Jane had repressed her sexuality from the moment she had discovered her pregnancy. The young mother had denied her needs as a woman - which had been considerable - and focused all her attention on her "daughter".

When Sammy started to mature into the well-hung young man he was becoming, those repressed desires rose to the surface with a ferocity that alarmed her. She watched Sammy as he moved around the house, practically naked. She admired the smooth motion of the muscles under the soft skin of his long legs, and the way his firm ass cheeks flexed and bulged when he walked away. His shoulders were broadening, making his narrow waist look even more slim and sexy.

And the bulge of his manhood behind the thong. Oh, that long, sexy cock! She would pretend to watch TV while stealing glances at the thick pole when it bulged out the side of the tiny triangle of fabric in front of Sammy's crotch. His balls were growing, too, and one or the other testicle was always slipping away from its inadequate confines.

When Sammy's bath was over, Jane and he sat on the couch to watch television before bed. Sammy was nude, as usual at night. He slept naked, so Jane didn't bother giving him anything to wear after his bath.

Jane picked a movie on cable, a steamy, R-rated love story. The horny young mother watched her son's crotch out of the corner of her eye when a sex scene came on. The man and woman quickly stripped and began kissing and touching each other. She watched Sammy's cock swell as he watched the sexy scene, and she turned to look at him. The film was soft-core, so the woman was shown only above the waist and form behind, so Sammy saw no difference in the man's and woman's genitals.

"Still having that trouble, eh?" she asked, indicating his hard-on with a nod.

"Uh, yeah," Sammy said nervously. It made him uncomfortable to watch these movies with his mom sitting next to him. She played them for him all the time, and he always got hard watching them. He didn't like going to bed with his willy all hard, it made it difficult to fall asleep.

And he wasn't allowed to masturbate. His mom had made that clear. She was the only one who could "help" him with his "problem".

But tonight, Sammy was startled when his mom reached into his lap and took his hard willy in her soft, warm fist.

"I guess I didn't take good enough care of my baby boy in the bathtub, huh?" she whispered. Sammy shifted uncomfortably when his mom leaned against him and settled her petite body next to his arm while she pulled slowly at his hard thing.

The friction of her hand on his dry willy began to grow uncomfortable, and he wiggled his hips trying to ease the discomfort.

"Oh, is your willy too dry?" Jane murmured in her nervous son's ear.

"Yeah, I guess," Sammy said. In fact, his whole willy was aching. He had just squirted an hour ago, and though he was hard again, he wasn't ready to squirt yet.

Jane went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of vegetable oil. She poured a small pool in her palm and rubbed the amber fluid on Sammy's willy. The slick liquid helped her hand glide deliciously against his willy, and Sammy moaned as she pulled and squeezed it.

Sammy watched the movie as couple after couple bared their bodies and kissed and fondled each other in simulated sex acts. Sammy got that warm fuzzy feeling in his genitals that meant his willy was going to squirt. His hips rose and fell in rhythm with his mom's hand, and he gasped as the feelings peaked.

But he was to be disappointed. Just as his willy swelled and hardened, ready to squirt, Jane released the hard rod, which waved in the air in front of him, throbbing and unfulfilled.

Sammy looked at his mom, a questioning look on his smooth young face. His big brown eyes shone with disappointment.

"Mom?" he whined. Jane smiled and took his willy back in her hand.

"Just teasing, Sweetie," she said, grinning reassuringly. She resumed stroking Sammy's willy slowly, bringing him to the edge again and slowing down.

Soon he was panting and sweating, attempting to move his hips so that his willy would slide against her fingers faster. But she just loosened her grip when he did that, denying him the release he craved.

"Oh look!" Jane said at nine o'clock, "It's bed time!" Sammy looked at her desperately. He had been just about to squirt when she announced the time and released his aching willy.

"Sorry you didn't get to finish, Honey," she said sincerely. She leaned across his shoulder and kissed him on the lips, catching him with his panting mouth open. Sammy froze when he felt the tip of his mother's tongue on his lower lip, and sat motionless and afraid as she slid her warm, wet tongue into his mouth.

She pulled way an inch, and smiled. A clear filament of saliva connected their lower lips.

"Good night, darling," Jane whispered.

Sammy rose slowly and headed to his room, and bed. He climbed under his covers, and his hand slid down his stomach to his crotch, where he gripped his hot willy in his fist. He gasped as he pulled on it, and soon he felt the familiar feeling of pending release.

Just as he was about to reach his peak, his door opened. Light flooded in from the hall and his mom was outlined in the doorway.

"You're not touching your willy, are you?" she asked sweetly.

"Uh, no!" he replied, releasing his hard thing, "No, Mom!"

"Well, that's good," Jane said, entering his room and sitting on his twin bed next to him. The frilly canopy of his pink princess bed brushed against the top of her head as she looked down by her naked son.

"Well, I thought you might be tempted, so I wanted to help you keep your hands off yourself." Sammy saw that she was holding two white scarves in her hands.

"Uh," he said, "What are those for?"

"They're to help out," Jane replied reasonably. She took Sammy's right wrist in her hand and tied one of the silk scarves around it, then tied the other end to the post on the corner of the bed. She repeated the process on the other side and sat up, smiling at her son, whose hands were now secured over his head.

"Mom!" Sammy cried desperately.

"It's for your own good, Sweetie," Jane said, "I'll untie you in the morning."

"But what if I have to go pee-pee in the middle of the night?"

"Tonight you'll just have to hold it," she replied, "But I'll get you some pull-ups tomorrow." Sammy was horrified that his mother would put a diaper on him. He hoped she wouldn't do this again tomorrow.

He whined when she took his willy back in her hand and stroked it slowly and teasingly.

"You'll have to just wait until Mommy relieves the pressure," she explained, "If I let your willy squirt too soon, you'll just get hard again tomorrow." She squeezed his willy at the tip to keep him from being too excited, and he moaned.

"So I'll take care of you in the morning, so you don't have a problem with your willy getting hard at school, okay?" she said.

Sammy nodded. He wanted to squirt more than anything, but he also wanted his mother to let go of his willy and leave him alone, so he agreed.

"Well, good night, Baby," Jane said. She kissed him, using her tongue again, and turned out the light when she left.

It took a long time for Sammy to fall asleep. He didn't know what time it was when he awoke in a groggy, sleep haze, or if he was really awake at all.

"Mommy?" he said thickly. Or thought he did.

"Shhhhh," his mother - or his dream mother - said. The room was dark, so Sammy could only make out a shadowy shape moving over him. Sammy felt the covers slide back to reveal his naked body. The air felt cool on his skin.

He felt a warm hand on his willy and it soon sprang to full erection. The bed rocked as the shadowy figure of his mother moved to straddle him. She still held his willy in her hand.

Sammy gasped when he felt a strange sensation on his willy. It was warm and wet, and it felt wonderful. His mother sat on his lap and he felt the warm wetness cling tightly to his willy. The warmth slid up and down on his hard, sensitive rod, and he heard his mother gasping. Sammy pushed up his hips and his willy felt better. He could feel the feeling building that meant his willy was going to squirt.

Sammy heard his mother gasping louder, and then his willy squirted. It felt better than he had ever felt before.

Then his mother climbed off him and he watched her walk from his room. He couldn't see well, but thought she was wearing her short nightgown.

In the morning, Sammy's mother came in to untie him.

"How did you sleep, Sweetie?" she asked cheerily.

"Uh, okay," Sammy replied, "Mom?"

"Yes, Honey," she replied while untying his wrists.

"Did you come back to my room last night?" he asked.

"No, Honey." She said, "Why?"

"I thought I remembered you coming in in the dark," the boy said, confused. Jane pulled the covers off her son's naked body.

"You must have been dreaming," Jane said with a smile. Sammy's willy was rock hard. He had to pee really bad.

"Come on, Baby," Jane said. She took his hand and led him to the bathroom. Sammy sat on the toilet. Jane had taught him to pee sitting down. Sammy had never stood to pee in the toilet.

"Here, let me help you with that," she said. Sammy's willy was sticking up between his legs and would have shot pee across the floor if Jane hadn't taken the tip between two fingers and pushed the hard organ downward. Sammy peed, his stream splashing and spraying as it always did when his willy was hard.

"Oh, what a messy girl!" Jane squealed, smiling. Sammy's pee had splashed on her fingers.

"Sorry, Mommy," Sammy said, blushing.

"That's okay, Sweetie," Jane said, "You didn't mean to." She winked and licked the amber fluid from her fingertips. Sammy stared at the perverse scene.

Jane took Sammy's hand and led him back to his room, and told him to lie on his back in bed. She took Sammy's soft willy in her hand and squeezed and stroked it to hardness. Sammy lay back and closed his eyes, blushing while his other manipulated his willy.

"Let's make sure your willy doesn't get too hard today at school, shall we?" Sammy's mom grinned at him and stroked the hard pole. Again, her dry hand made him uncomfortable. Jane looked around, then turned to Sammy.

"Oh my," she sighed, "No oil here," she looked down at her son's reddening pole.

"Guess I'll have to use something else!"

Jane leaned down and took her son's willy in her wet mouth. Sammy gasped at the hot, wet feeling on his willy. It felt a lot like the feeling he thought he remembered from last night, when he dreamt that his mother had sneaked into his room.

But this was real, and it felt wonderful. Sammy moaned and pushed up with his hips to get more of his willy in his mother's mouth. She moaned in response, and her hand moved up and down, gripping the base of his willy in her soft fist, stroking it while she sucked the end part.

"Oh, Mommy!" Sammy gasped. He lifted his hips from the bed and held them there as his willy squirted. Right in his mother's mouth!

Jane continued to stroke and suck her son's willy until he stopped squirting. Sammy watched as Jane sat up, letting his shiny rod slip from her pursed lips. She swallowed, and grinned at him.

"There," she said thickly, "All better!" Sammy looked at her pretty eyes, and she leaned forward to kiss him. This time, her tongue was slimy, because of the cream that Sammy had squirted in her mouth. Sammy thought it tasted pretty good, and wondered if he could save his stuff next time and taste it.

Jane laid out Sammy's outfit for school: a white, pleated mini skirt with a high waist-band, and a fluffy, pink, crop top sweater with long sleeves that left his belly exposed. White lace socks and pink sneakers completed the outfit.

"Get dressed and come down for breakfast, Sweetie!" Sammy's mom called over her shoulder as she left the room.

Sammy pulled on the pink thong his mom had picked out for him and thought about what had just happened, and how he might get another taste of that white stuff....

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Damn, something so hot about a woman making a little boy dress like a girl and then play with him. Does she introduce a man to her little girl in chapter 2? Because that would make this even dirtier (in a good way!).

American Joe

Sammy is such a good little girl! Great story, keep it coming!


Lovely story!

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