The Brennan Boys, Part 5

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Published: 10-Feb-2013

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This is a work of fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrator supports the abuse of children in any way.

"Great, see you then," Brain said. He ended his conversation and put the cell phone down on the end table next to him. The 50 year old man leaned back on the couch and sighed as his naked, 16 year old son, Jay, sucked his cock. Brian's hand rested on the teen's ass cheek, squeezing it playfully while his son swallowed his cock. Brian groaned when Jay's lips reached his balls.

The teen held his father's balls in his hand, coated with the saliva that gushed from around his wet lips.

"Ahhhhh, Fuck!" Brian Brennan gasped. He gripped Jay's hair in his fist and pumped his cock in and out of the boy's throat. He did this a few times, then pulled Jay's head off his cock, letting the long slick shaft slip from his son's sucking lips.

"Shit!" Brian spit, "I don't wanna cum before I fuck your slutty asshole!" He pulled Jay to a sitting position next to him on the couch with his fist still gripping the teen's light brown hair and leaned over to kiss him. Jay gasped and moaned while his father's tongue swirled around inside his mouth and Brian's hand gripped his hard, six inch cock.

"Open your mouth," Brian panted when he pulled back from Jay's face. Jay complied, and Brian spit on his tongue. The boy swallowed happily.

"Ready to get fucked, Slut?" Brian asked, his breath warm on his son's face.

"Yes, Daddy," Jay replied, "Please fuck my ass with your big cock!" Brian smiled. Both of his sons, Jay and 12 year old Ian, had taken to calling him Daddy and begging to be fucked. He liked that.

"Then get on your knees, Fag," he growled. Jay knelt on the couch cushions, facing the back, with his head and shoulders hanging over the top. His firm, white ass stuck out invitingly behind him, and his balls and hard cock hung between his thighs.

"Hey, Slut!" Brian called, and Ian stood from his position kneeling on the carpeted floor,

"Yes, Daddy?" he replied. Ian was naked, too. The boys were required to be nude at all times when at home. It was problematic, but resulted in some interesting encounters, like when the mailman had to deliver a package to the door and Ian appeared to take it in his birthday suit. The 12 year old had ended up blowing the older man before he left, and had been fucking him two or three times a week ever since.

"Come here and get your brother's pansy ass ready to be fucked." Ian scuttled over on bare feet and knelt behind his brother. The boy leaned forward and lapped at Jay's wrinkled asshole, forcing his pointy pink tongue into Jay's ass. Jay moaned and pushed back against his little brother's invading tongue.

"Get it good and slippery, Slut," Brian instructed, "I'm gonna fuck his ass good, so he needs to be lubed up right."

Ian pulled at Jay's cock as he forced saliva into his anus with his tongue. His pink lips were pressed against Jay's ass, and slurping sounds filled the air.

"Alright, that's enough, Horn-bag," Brian growled. He pulled Ian away from Jay's ass with a hand on his shoulder and stepped up behind his kneeling son. The six foot three inch man pressed his fat cock head against Jay's asshole and pushed forward. The thick rod slipped in, gliding over the saliva left by Ian.

When he bottomed out, Brian's balls rested against Jay's. They both groaned when they felt their testicles touch.

Ian knelt on the couch next to Jay with his face near the union of his father's cock and his brother's asshole. He watched up close as Brian's cock slid in and out of Jay's anus. Brian gripped the teen's hips and slammed his cock hard into his son's ass. Jay grunted rhythmically with the force of his father's thrusts.

Brian yanked his cock free of Jay's asshole.

"Suck it!" he ordered, and Ian grabbed the wagging organ and stuffed it into his wet mouth, sucking it eagerly. Brian took hold of his cock and pushed it back into Jay's gaping hole. He pulled out again, and Ian sucked the hard shaft. Brian did this several times, letting Ian ram his tongue up Jay's asshole a couple of times to keep it wet and slick.

Finally, Brian came. He pulled his nine inch shaft out of Jay's asshole one last time and Ian engulfed the purple head just as it started to spurt. The 12 year old moaned as his father's beloved cock spit several strong jets of cum across his tongue. He held the load in his mouth until Brian's semen trickled to a stop, then pulled away and parted his lips to show his father the cum before swallowing.

"Aahhh!" Brian sighed as he sat down on the couch between his naked sons. Both of them cuddled up next to their dad, and he turned back and forth, French kissing them.

"So, you're going over to that kid Alex's place today?" he asked Jay. He held both boys' hard cocks in his hands, fondling the shafts and caressing their balls as Jay answered.

"Yeah. He put together a big gangbang with his dad."

"So he really turned his dad into a sex slave?" Brian asked with interest.

"Yeah, it's pretty weird," the 16 year old said. He leaned back and closed his eyes as his father stroked his cock. He smiled and opened his eyes a crack to glance sidelong at Brian, "Well, maybe not that weird."

"Huh," Brian chuckled, "Well, ordinarily I'd milk the cum from those big balls of yours. But I guess I'll let you spray it up ole' Harvey's ass, eh?"

Jay laughed, too. "Yeah, or in his mouth. The guy loves cum."

"Hmmmm," Brian mused as he fondled his son's cocks, "I think I'll have to get together with that fag Harvey." He let go of Jay's penis and slapped his thigh paternally.

"Well, have fun fucking the homo," he said. Jay got up to get dressed in the clothes his father had picked for him: a pair of light blue, skin tight bicycle shorts a size too small and a pink tube top. The 16 year old pulled on his matching pink ankle socks and got ready to go as Brian pulled his younger son into his lap.

Ian put his thin arms around his father's neck and leaned in for a kiss. The father and son shared a long, deep French kiss while Brian squeezed his boy's ass cheeks in his big hands.

"Mmm, mmmmmm-mmmmmm," the 12 year old moaned, as his father's thick fingers found his asshole and slipped inside.

"All lubed up, I see," Brian mused, as he pried the boy's anus open with the middle finger of each hand.

"Ohhhh, daddy!" Ian gasped, raising his hips off Brian's lap as his father spread his asshole open wide, "Oooooooooo, that feels so good!"

"You are such a slut," Brian growled.

"Yup!" the boy replied happily, planting a big wet kiss on his father's lips, "Your slut!"

"Are you all ready for the game?" Brian asked when the kiss finally parted. A string of saliva snapped off Ian's bottom lip and fell on the big man's chin, and Ian slurped it into his mouth before replying.

"Oh, yeah, Daddy," he said, smiling, "I can't wait!"

Brian had invited half a dozen friends over to play poker and fuck his son. Ian was going to be the serving wench and cum slut. Brian slid him off his lap and stood.

"Shall we get you dressed?" he said. He took his naked son's hand and led him upstairs.

- - - -

Brian had picked a French maid's outfit for Ian to wear. There was a short, black skirt with a white ruffle that stuck out straight from his waist, exposing his cock in front and his firm round bubble butt in back. He slipped on black lace stockings and clipped them to a garter belt, then put a black and white head piece on his red hair. Ian teetered on a pair of four inch black high heels. Brian applied blue eye liner and bright red lipstick to the boy's face to complete the outfit.

"Those guys better get here soon or I'm gonna rape you for myself," Brian said huskily as he stared at his nearly naked young son. Ian struck a pose and smiled seductively.

"You like the way I look - Daddy?" he purred. Brian's cock lurched in his pants, even though he had just cum a few minutes previous.

"Not bad, for a faggit," he said. gruffly, "Come on, Slut," he said, and turned to head downstairs. Ian followed, and the two Brennan men made out and fondled each other while they awaited the arrival of Brian's guests.

The boy had been wildly excited all morning in anticipation of being a submissive servant to his father's friends.

"Will they be rough with me?" he asked his father. Brian's pants were open, and Ian was stroking his cock slowly, getting it hard.

"Probably," the man replied. Ian smiled and bent forward to suck his father's thick cock into his mouth. He felt Brian's hands on his head, and the man held him steady while he pumped his cock in and out of his son's mouth.

When the doorbell rang, Ian lifted his face from his father's cock and smiled.

"Go let them in, Slut," Brian said, and the boy bounced to his feet and tottered to the door on his high heels to admit the first arrivals.

The first two men through the door were both over six feet tall, and heavy-set. They paused when they saw the topless boy holding the door for them, and looked at Brian with wolfish grins.

"This is the slut?" one of them rasped. His partner reached out and rubbed Ian's bare arm. Goose bumps rose on the boy's bare skin, and the men watched as his pink nipples hardened.

"Not bad," said the one touching him, "Can I kiss him?"

"Go ahead," Brian said, and the big man closed in on the short, skinny 12 year old, putting his thick arms around Ian's ribs and pulling him close. The boy felt trapped and helpless in the man's strong arms. His hard cock twitched and leaked as the man bent forward to kiss him. Ian raised his face and opened his lips to accept the stranger's tongue into his mouth. He moaned when he felt hands squeezing his bare ass under the tiny skirt, and bent one knee to give the man better access to his asshole and balls.

The second man tapped his friend on the shoulder and stepped in to take his place, also fondling Ian's cock and balls as he kissed him. By the time both men had spent ten minutes making out with the 12 year old boy, Ian's face was flushed and his cock was leaking. His asshole had been fingered, and his scrotum had shrunk against his crotch from the constant fondling.

"Thank you, Sirs," he gasped as the two men headed into the living room, where Brian had set up a round table and chairs.

By the time the other four guests had arrived and manhandled the boy at the door, Ian was a sexy mess. His skirt was hiked up around his waist, exposing his cock and ass, the skin around his nipples was red from the twisting and pulling they had received, lipstick was smeared around his mouth, and his hard cock leaked clear fluid on his creamy upper thighs.

"Go get cleaned up, Slut" Brian said, smiling "You have a lot of work to do."

"Okay, Daddy," Ian said. He headed to the bathroom to straighten up while the men settled around the table and got ready to play.

When Ian emerged, his hair was combed, his skirt was straight, and his lipstick and eye shadow had been reapplied - too heavily, as a child would do it.

"You look like a five dollar whore, Slut!" Brain said, chuckling.

"He looks great!" one of the men said. He hooked an arm around Ian's waist and pulled him close, reaching under his skirt with a free hand to fondle his balls.

"I love a cheap whore," said another man. He snapped a picture of Ian's abuse with his phone.

"Alright, Gentlemen, shall we get started?" Ian was required to get drinks and snacks, so he went to the kitchen to get them while Brian dealt the cards.

"Winner gets the boy for the next hand," he announced "He's yours for the whole time it takes to play the hand. You can do anything you want, but keep in mind your time will be limited - unless you win again, of course." He said.

"And no damage," he clarified. He didn't want the perverts to get carried away and go to rough on the boy.

By the time Ian had gathered all the refreshments, the first hand was won by Buddy, a short, thick bald man who pushed his chair back and leered at the cute 12 year old boy.

"Come on over and sit on my lap, Whore!" he demanded. Ian moved around to settle his bare ass on the man's legs while the next hand was readied. Buddy's hand immediately went to Ian's hard cock, and he put his thick arm around the boy's bare, narrow shoulders to pull him in for a kiss. Ian put his thin arms around the fat man's neck and kissed him back, sucking his thick tongue greedily and wiggling his sexy ass against the man's crotch.

"He's really a total slut, isn't he?" Brian's friend, Fred, asked.

"Sure is," Brian confirmed, checking his cards and frowning.

The next winner unzipped his fly when Ian got to him.

"Suck it," he demanded. Ian fell to his knees and took the stranger's hard cock in his hand and stuffed it in his mouth. The man leaned back and moaned, reaching for his cards absently while the sexy 12 year old boy sucked his six inch cock. Ian cupped the man's balls in his hand while he took as much of the hard shaft in his mouth as he could fit.

A disappointed groan followed him to the next winner, who also had his cock free. He patted his lap and Ian climbed on, facing him. They kissed as the man guided his cock to Ian's asshole, and the boy moved up and down slowly in the man's lap, fucking himself on the thick hard cock.

Most of the card players wanted their cocks sucked, so Ian spent most of the game on his knees, when he wasn't moving around the table or fetching more drinks. His skirt was getting in the way, so Brian yanked it off, leaving him naked except for the stockings, garter belt and high heels.

The black stockings stood out in stark contrast to the boy's pale skin, and the men took lots of pictures of the hairless, naked boy. Brian decided to take a break.

"Okay, guys," he addressed the men, 'Who wants some pictures?"

They all agreed, so Brian had Ian pose on the couch while the men snapped pictures. The boy started out sitting on the couch facing the leering men. He leaned back and spread his legs to show off his hairless genitals. The men called out poses they wanted, and he responded.

Ian grabbed his ankles and lifted them up and apart to show his anus to the men. He cupped his balls and held his cock in his small fist. The 12 year old stood and turned his back on the crowd, bending at the waist to point his pale, round ass cheeks at the cameras. He pulled on his cock and cupped his scrotum in his palm as the men took pictures between his legs. He reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart to open his asshole for the cameras, then sank a finger into his anus up to the last knuckle.

Ian looked back over his shoulder and smiled sexily at his admirers while sucking the finger he had just withdrawn from his ass. He noticed that most of the men were now naked, and assumed - correctly - that the card game was over.

"Who wants to buy first crack at the boy?" Brain asked, and a bidding war started.

Sixty three year old Bill won with a bid of two hundred dollars. Ian started to turn, but Bill told him to stay where he was, facing the back of the couch, and bend forward with his ass sticking out. The older man knelt behind the 12 year old boy and put his big hands on Ian's ass cheeks, spreading them apart to gaze at the boy's shiny pink anus. The man sighed and leaned forward to slide his tongue up Ian's rectum.

Ian moaned and his eyes sagged shut when he felt the penetration of the man's hot thick tongue into his asshole. Bill gripped Ian's four inch cock and pulled it slowly while he rammed his tongue up the boy's ass, pressing his lips to his ass crack in a perverted French kiss.

Uhh, oh, uh" Ian grunted and moaned as the man ate his asshole, "Oh my God!"

"Can I use his mouth, Bill?" one of the other perverts asked, and Bill pulled his lips from the boy's ass long enough to nod his ascent. The man sat on the couch and spread his legs. Ian moved back a little and gripped the stranger's eight inch cock, slurping it into his hot mouth while Bill resumed sucking on his asshole. The boy's cock leaked pre-cum on the older man's hand as he pulled and squeezed it.

"Oh, oh," Ian gasped. He looked over his shoulder to address the man eating his asshole, "Sir, could you please fuck me now?"

Bill smiled at the begging preteen and stood. His hard cock jutted from his body, stiff and thick. Ian stared hungrily at the seven inch pole. He held his ass cheeks apart in invitation as the man sitting in front of him pulled his mouth back onto his hard cock. The boy moaned around the long rod in his mouth when he felt Bill's thick cock plow into his rectum. The big man pushed his cock all the way in in one slow push, and Ian pushed back against him to get the hot pole deeper in his ass.

"Uuuggghhhhh," he grunted. Saliva poured from his lips onto the cock in his mouth and dripped off the man's balls onto the couch cushion. Ian's hard cock bobbed under his belly from the force of Bill's thrusts into his ass. The man pulled out until just the head of his fat cock was gripped by Ian's sphincter, then slammed back in, filling the boy's rectum repeatedly. The thrusts forced Ian's face against the cock in his mouth, jabbing the hard pole into the back of his throat, gagging him. His eyes watered and his nose ran, and thick foamy ropes of saliva hung from his lower lip.

Bill felt the boy's hot, tight ass on his cock and knew he was going to blow his load soon.

"Turn around and take my cum, Slut!" he gasped, and Ian spun in place to drop to his knees in front of Bill, whose cock slipped from the boy's asshole and bobbed in the air in front of Ian's face. Ian snatched the warm, slippery pole and stuffed it in his mouth. He tasted the muskiness of his ass on the cock and moaned. The 12 year old felt hands on his naked body and sucked harder on Bill's cock, until it exploded in his mouth, coating his tongue and teeth with semen. He gulped the warm slime down gratefully, sucking on Bill's cock until it softened, and the man pulled the warm flaccid dick from Ian's wet lips.

Bill bent and kissed the boy, teasing his nipples with his fingers.

"Thank you, Sir," Ian panted in the man's face.

Bill's reply was cut off when the man sitting on the couch pulled Ian into his lap and forced his cock into the boy's freshly fucked asshole. Ian's back was to the man fucking him, and two more strangers stepped up to feed the boy their cocks. Ian gripped a hot pole in each hand and switched back and forth, sucking them into his hot mouth.

The left hand cock came in his mouth.

"Don't swallow yet, Whore," Brian told his son. He and a couple of other men stood behind the men getting their cocks sucked, with cell phones in their hands, recording the action. Ian held the warm cum in his mouth until the second man announced his readiness, then he tipped his head back and opened his lips. The second man moaned and jerked his cock at Ian's face, until it spit a long stream of sperm onto his tongue to join the milky load already there.

Seeing the men cum in the boy's mouth was too much for the seated guy whose cock was in his ass, and he came with a long groan, flooding Ian's bowels with semen. Ian squealed around the mouthful of cum when he felt the hot jets spurting into his ass.

"Okay, Cum-dump. Swallow," Brian said, and Ian did, smiling and showing his empty mouth to the cameras afterward.

"My turn," growled a six foot three inch tall man, who pulled Ian into his arms from the other man's lap. Ian wrapped his slender legs around the stranger's waist and raised his face for a kiss. Semen leaked from his asshole and dripped on the man's hard cock as they shared a passionate French kiss, Ian's arms wrapped tightly around the man's thick neck.

The man walked to the couch and knelt on the floor with the boy in his arms. He lay Ian on his back on the seat and lifted the boy's legs with his hands under his knees, folding his thin legs back against his chest. Ian reached down and gripped the man's long, thick cock, to guide it to his exposed anus. He rubbed the fat head of the man's cock against his wrinkled hole to coat it with the semen leaking from his asshole. He smiled up at the man and said, "Please, fuck me!"

The man stared at Ian and rammed his thick cock into the boy's upturned anus. Ian gasped as the long rod slammed into his asshole. He felt the man's warm, fuzzy balls resting against his ass crack when he was fully embedded in his asshole.

"Oh my God!" the boy gasped, "Oh my God!" his voice cracked, and tears filled his eyes.

"Your cock is so big!" Ian squeaked, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard!"

The man obliged, leaning against the boy's legs and folding his body in half as he slammed his nine inch cock deep into the child's bowels. Ian's breath was forced from his lungs as the man pressed against him and slammed his huge cock into the 12 year old's painfully stretched anus.

Pre-cum leaked from Ian's small cock and formed a puddle on his belly. Every so often, his balls were slammed by the man's stomach, adding to the pain and pleasure the boy was receiving.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass, Cunt!" the man snarled. He leaned over Ian's red-cheeked, sweaty face and a thin runnel of drool ran over his lower lips to land on the boy's cheek.

"Oh, God!" Ian gasped, "Cum in me! Cum in my ass, Mister!"

"Aaaahhhhhhh!" the man groaned. He forced his long cock deep into Ian's ass as he came. Ian's eyes flew open when he felt the hot streams of cum spurting from the stranger's throbbing cock to coat his rectum. The 12 year old boy arched his back and pressed his ass against the man's spurting cock to force it deeper.

The stranger locked gazes with the boy, and they stared into each other's eyes as the man's cock emptied into Ian's ass.

Spent, the stranger slumped back on his heels, his cock slipping from Ian's gaping asshole to land on his upper thigh with a wet smack. Ian immediately fell to his knees between the man's legs and bent over his crotch to suck his wilting, slimy cock into his hot mouth with his ass upturned, facing sideways to the front of the couch.

The boy moaned when he felt yet another hard cock penetrate his dripping anus, and moved his pink tongue to the man's hairy balls.

When the man sipped away, another stranger took his place, and Ian knelt on hands and knees while one cock fucked his ass and another fucked his face. He was rewarded with a mouthful and an ass-full of cum at the same time.

When everyone had had a crack at the boy, and they had all dumped their cum in his mouth or his ass, Brain picked him up and settled his son's naked body on his lap. He slid his eight inch cock into Ian's well-stretched, well-lubricated asshole and slowly fucked him while manipulating his hard penis in his big, callused hand. Ian lay against his father's hairy chest with his head lolling on Brain's shoulder and humped against his father's hand as his orgasm approached.

"Ready to cum, my little slut?" Brian murmured fondly in the child's ear.

"Mmm-hmmmm," Ian whined, his eyes closed and his mouth set. He gasped and moaned as his father played with his small cock, keeping him on edge but not letting him cum yet.

"What do you think, Gentlemen?" Brian asked the assembled group of naked, sated perverts. They were watching and recording Brain's hand job, and enjoying Ian's discomfort, "Should I let the boy cum?"

"Make him beg," supplied one of the adult observers.

"Here that, Baby?" Brian muttered, "You gotta beg the men to let you cum."

"Oh, God!" the boy gasped desperately, "Please! Please can I cum? Please-please-please-please-please."

"You have to kiss me first," the spokesman of the group said. He stepped between Ian's legs and leaned forward, pressing his lips against the boy's open mouth. Ian put his arms around the man's neck and kissed him passionately, sucking the man's thick tongue into his mouth like it was a fat, wet cock.

This action was repeated five more times, until the boy had kissed all of the men. Ian's lips were coated with saliva, and thick streams of spit overflowed his lower lips to run down his neck to his panting chest.

"Hand me that cup, will you, Dave?" Brian asked one of the naked men. He took the small plastic cup and held it under Ian's cock head, against his belly, as he jerked the hard red organ faster. Ian gasped and humped against his father's hand, ready to cum.

The 12 year old tipped his head back against his father's shoulder and his cock spat a long stream of cum into the cup. Brain continued to pump his younger son's cock until the pulsing flow of sperm stopped. He squeezed Ian's cock head and shook the final drops of cum into the cup.

He handed the cup to one of the men and gripped his son's hips, slamming his hard cock in and out of Ian's ass until he came, pumping his cum into his son's bowels. Ian groaned and lay limp against his father's sweaty chest.

Flashes lit the room as men took pictures of Brain cumming in his boy's asshole.

Brian asked for a different cup, and lifted Ian with a thick arm wrapped around his waist until his cock slipped free of the boy's asshole. He held the new cup under Ian's ass and let the combined loads of cum drip from the distended opening into the cup. Several men leaned down to capture the perverted scene on video.

Brian lifted the cup to Ian's lips, and the boy took it in shaky hands to drain it into his mouth, smiling at the flashing cameras as he did so.

"Alright, Gentlemen," Brain announced after standing to address the group. He held up the cup with Ian's cum in it.

"Highest bidder gets to drink the boy's spunk!"

It took five minutes, and a bid of fifty dollars, before Brian handed the slimy cup to the winner, who downed the cooling load like a shot, smacking his lips and grinning.

Ian was required to stand by the door to kiss the men goodbye. This took about fifteen minutes, as the men kissed, groped and fondled his naked body before leaving.

Brian carried his son upstairs in his strong arms and drew a warm bath for him, helping to wash his body as he hadn't done since Ian had been a toddler. Brian paid special attention to his son's genitals and asshole, which he examined to find that while it was raw and sore, his anus seamed undamaged.

After drying him and carrying him to Brain's bedroom, he laid the boy on his king size bed and pulled the covers over his naked body. Brian noticed that his cock had hardened again, but left his son alone.

"You did a good job, tonight, Slut," he told the drowsy boy fondly.

"Thank you, Daddy," the 12 year old said sleepily, "Daddy?"

"What, Boy?"

"Can we do that again soon?" the child asked.

"Sure," Brain said, smiling, "You really are a total cock-hound, aren't you?" But Ian was asleep, with a gentle smile curving his full pink lips. Brian heard the front door open and knew Jay had come home.

The big man descended the stairs, naked. His hard cock jutted out in front of him proudly.

"Come here, Boy" he greeted his older son," I wanna fuck your ass."

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