Hot Bubblegum: Alec's New Toys, Part 2

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Published: 28-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Jane couldn't remember a hotter child fuck then what she had seen Alec, Ricky and Tessa do. The thing that turned Jane on the most was how willing the kids were to go all the way at their young age. Even though she and her sister Kathy had, had some pretty hot times as kids themselves, she couldn't remember any child fuck that had gotten as hot as it did with Alec and her niece and nephew. All three kids had turned into hot little fuck hounds who could never get full satisfaction.

Her own 11 year old nephew Ricky loved busting his hot little nuts. Jane loved to watch his hairless little boner squirt loads out all over Alec and Tessa. Nothing was hotter than to watch a young hairless boy able to cum, completely drain his sack empty. Jane nicknamed Ricky "Little Squirt" even though his squirts were anything but little.

9 year old Alec had turned into a hot little boy whore who loved sex so much that he could get hard again in less than 5 minutes after an orgasm.

7 year old Tessa was a hot little fuck who had turned nympho on everybody. She loved to seduce Aunt Jane into hot lesbian action not to mention the boys too. Nothing felt better to Jane than a hot, baby smooth little kid. Fucking around with kids gave her the most intense orgasms and she loved it.


It was Sunday night and the last night before Jane and the kids had to drive the two hours back home. The kids loved the total freedom they had to do nothing but fuck and have sex and do every kinky little thing they could think of. You would think they'd be sore and tired from it all. Actually, it just made them want more and more.

It was about 11 pm that night. Alec and Ricky were fagging off hard on the bed opposite Jane's. Ricky was sitting on the end of the bed and Alec was on top on Ricky's lap spreading his legs wide open. Ricky had his hard dick stuffed up Alec's hot little boy fuck hole. Tessa was tickling Alec's sticking up little stiffy and his balls to add to the fun. Jane was down on the floor with the video cam getting more sweet ass shots of the hot little fucks. Alec looked so hot and sweet all spread and getting his hole poked by Ricky. Ricky was reaching around front to feel Alec out. Tessa was feeling around too and it was obvious the kids were having fun.

Alec again suggested taking yet another risky chance to try a hot little three way outside. This time it wasn't on the porch of the cabin. He wanted to do it right on the front steps out in the full open.

After the hot little fuck scene the kids had done on the porch the day before, Jane was all for it.

It was just after dark and both Ricky and Alec had walked out naked and down to the main path to check that the coast was clear. It was a serious risk and no chances could be taken. The more the risk, the more it turned the kids on!

Jane kicked on the porch lights and the lights that led up the path to the steps of the cabin. She could see Alec and Ricky's bare little asses down at the end of the sidewalk as the checked that the coast was clear. Alec turned back and saw Tessa leaning back as she sat on the steps naked, spreading her legs. He jumped at the opportunity and Ricky stayed back to keep watch.

Alec came up to Tessa and got on top of her and stuck his hot dick in her pussy and started to fuck her on the steps. Ricky had trouble keeping watch as he watched Alec pumping his hot little ass on Tessa. He got down on one knee and pulled the other one back to spread open while he jerked to the little kiddie fuck up on the steps. Alec had an orgasm inside Tessa and when he was finished he ran back out to Ricky. Alec said "Your turn!" and they high fived each other.

Jane could hear Ricky's bare feet slapping as he ran up the sidewalk to fuck Tessa on the steps. It was sweet just watching the 11 year old boy naked with his stiff hard on wiggling as he ran up to the steps. Not many people get so see kids naked this much and especially when it's kids that want to be naked and actually love to fuck and get molested. Ricky wasted no time and he shoved his hot little hard on straight into Tessa's little pussy.

It didn't take him long at all and he popped his hot little boner out of Tessa's cunt and started to squirt all over her pubic mound and her belly. It was hot to watch the baby smooth 11 year old boy bust his nuts wide open and splatter it all over his 7 year old sister. Jane got the hot little scene on video.

As soon as Ricky was done squirting his hot little load Tessa called Alec up and said "I gotta little snack for you Alec!" Ricky rolled over and sat off to the side rubbing Tessa's smooth little leg as his boner drained empty and went soft. Alec came up and saw Ricky's sperm splattered all over the front of Tessa. He didn't squirt any in her pussy crack but some had dribbled down along the side of it off her hairless pubic mound. Alec fell to his knees and even though his dick was soft, he couldn't resist the taste of Ricky's hot cum.

Alec held Tessa's knees apart as he leaned down and licked up every sweet drop off of Tessa starting at her pussy. Ricky began to finger bang Tessa as Alec moved up her belly to lap up the sticky boy mess off of her hot little body. As Alec licked off the last few little puddles of Ricky's cum that had splattered up onto her nipple, Tessa had a hot little orgasm.

Jane quickly shuffled the kids inside before they would be seen. The digital card in the video cam had only about 2 minutes of video left on it and so she couldn't fit any more on. She had gotten the hottest child porn on video she had ever seen. There was hours of it on the video camera from their hot little weekend. Jane and the kids were spent and had finally decided that they had, had enough for the day. All four of them slept soundly and hard through the night.


The next morning they had awakened and went over to the restaurant for breakfast. The kids were obviously tired and their eyes puffy and red. They sat quietly at the booth and were a bit grumpy. Jane had to get the boys back in time for the summer little league baseball registration the next day. Kathy would take them while Jane went to work. Check out was at noon but Jane decided to pay for another day so they could all four keep the room and recover from their child fuck hangovers. After that, they all crashed in the cabin until 1 pm that afternoon.

The kids had showered and cleaned up and got dressed and they packed up their things ready to go home. The kids watched a movie on the portable dvd player on the bed together. The boys dicks were to sore to do anything right then. Jane had decided that it would be best to drive home after dark just in case Alec or the kids wanted to do anything in the car on the way home.

At 8:30 pm the sun had just dipped below the horizon and Jane had pulled out onto the main road that led to the highway home. As they pulled out onto the highway there was very little traffic and a half hour on the road the kids started to get antsy again.

Alec turned to his mom and asked "Hey mom! Can I get naked in the car again?"

Jane looked around to check that the coast was clear and said "I guess it wouldn't hurt baby! Show me that hot, naked little ass again!"

Alec's conversation had gotten Ricky's attention and Ricky leaned up to watch. Alec started to strip naked in the passenger seat. When Alec got to his underwear Ricky's heart began to pound in his chest. Ricky's dick was still a little sore but ultra sensitive from all the sex the three kids had over the weekend. As his heart pounded in his chest he could feel the small pulsations throb just under his boy tickle ring in his dick. When Alec slid his boys briefs down his baby smooth legs and he saw Alec had yet another hot little hard on, Ricky started to get a stiffy too.

Jane turned to look but she had to keep driving to get the kids home. She said to Alec "Baby! Why don't you crawl in back and have some fun with Ricky and Tessa!"

Alec turned back to Ricky and smiled and said "You mean crawl in back and spread my legs open then use my fingers to spread my pee hole open to make em both wanna fuck mom?"

Tessa smiled and said "I wanna see Alec spread his pee hole open!"

Ricky said "Oh ya! That'd be sweet!"

Jane asked Ricky "Does the light work back there in the back seat baby?"

Ricky sat back then reached up tp turn on the light over the car door. It lit up half the back seat. Jane said to Tessa "Now try yours Tess!"

Tessa reached up and turned hers on and it flooded the back seat with light. Jane turned to Alec and said "Go on baby! Go spread that hot pink little hole for em and show em how sexy my baby boy can be!"

With his clothes piled on the floor of the passenger side floor, Alec crawled naked over the front seat into the back. Jane reached up and put her hand on his hot little ass cheek as he crawled over for a fun feel. Alec sat in the middle and after buckling his seat belt, he lifted his feet up and put them together then spread his legs wide open while Ricky and Tessa looked on. Alec took his two thumbs then used them to pull the small slit of his stiff little pee hole open. Tessa giggled and said "Wow Alec! That makes my pussy tickle seeing inside it like that!"

Ricky clinched at his dick through his shorts and said "Fuck Alec! I love it when you do that!"

Alec pulled his boner over for Ricky to get a better look and asked "Can you see the pink inside it Ricky?"

Ricky slid his hand down inside his shorts to play with himself and said "Fuck ya! That's so sweet!"

Tessa leaned out and said to Ricky "He Ricky! You should get all the way naked with Alec and spread open your pee hole too!"

Ricky smiled and asked "Should I spread my legs open like you do Alec, when I pull my pee hole open?"

Alec said "Ya! That'd be really neat Ricky!"

Tessa said "Ya Ricky! Spread your legs really wide open when you pull your pee hole open!"

Ricky pulled his shirt off over his head. Then he kicked his flip-flops off. Tessa and Alec watched as he pulled his shorts and underwear down then took them off.

Tessa said "Look at his neat boner Alec! I love my brothers boner!"

Alec reached over and took a feel of Ricky's boner and his nuts too. Tessa blurted out "I WANNA FEEL! I WANNA FEEL!"

Ricky got up on his knees on the back seat and practically stuck his hot boner in Alec's face so that Tessa could have a feel too. Boy did Alec ever just wanna lean forward and start sucking Ricky off. Tessa reached up and fondled Ricky's boner in her fingertips then she pushed her fingertip into his soft nut sack then giggled.

After Tessa got a feel, Ricky sat back sideways against the car door with his leg folded on the seat and his other foot down on the floor. He sat on his other foot and asked Alec "You wanna have a leg spreading contest Alec?"

Alec said "Ya! That sounds awesome Ricky!"

Tessa asked "How do you play that game guys?"

Ricky said "Alec and me take turns spreading our legs open naked with our boners nice and stiff and tall! Then we see how wide we can spread our legs open then spread other stuff open too like our pee holes and butt holes and stuff! Then the kid who looks the best doing it wins and gets to do whatever he wants to, to the kid that loses!"

Tessa asked "Can I get naked and play it with you guys?"

Ricky said "Not this time Tess! Let us boys play it first!"

Alec turned to Tessa and said "Ya Tess! Let us play it first! Don't you wanna see how awesome our boners look with us spreading our legs and our holes really wide open?"

Tessa lifted her bare feet straight out and shrugged her shoulders and said "Ya! That sounds like a neat naughty boys sex game!"

Ricky said "I'll go first Alec!"

Alec grabbed his own boner after he put his feet down on the floor and in anticipation of the hot boy spread he was about to see. He began to twist it gently in his fingertips.

Ricky got up against the car door onto the balls of his feet on the back seat. He ran his right shin up along the corner of the seat back and the car door. He pulled his left knee all the way back as far as he could get it. His sexy ass groin muscles stuck out as he leaned down to look at his own 11 year old boy hotness between his legs. He looked up at Alec and Tessa and said "FUCK! This feels really good!"

Alec squeezed his own boner and said "Wow Ricky! Look at your hot boner all stick'n up like that! I love it when boys spread open like that!"

Tessa began to rub her pussy crack through her panties up under her summer dress and said "Ooh Ricky! That looks neat!"

Ricky bit his lower lip with a sexy little smile and said to Alec "Go ahead and feel it Alec if you wanna!"

Alec didn't hesitate as he reached up and took a feel of Ricky's throbbing boner. Alec wrapped his fingers around it so that the tip of Ricky's boner was pointing straight up to the palm of his hand. Then Alec gently pulled the skin up until the skin around Ricky's boy tickle ring gathered up around under the edge of the head of his dick. Tessa looked on and said "Ooh how neat Alec! Look at his sack lift'n up his nuts when you do that! NEAT! NEAT!"

Ricky again bit his lower lip and said "OH FUCK YA Alec! That feels so awesome!"

Alec smiled and said "I'll just hold it here for a few seconds to make it feel all sweet inside your boner Ricky!"

Alec held Ricky's hot and now super stiff boner stretching the skin up in his fingertips. He just held it still and didn't jack it off or anything. Tessa pulled her panties off because she couldn't help but to play with herself watch her 11 year old brother get his naked crank turned so hard.

A few seconds turned into a full two minutes. At the end Ricky was squirming his hips pretty good until Alec let go. Ricky fell to the seat and swallowed hard and said "Wow Alec! That almost made me bust a nut! That was so fuck'n sweet feel'n!"

Alec said "I know! Mom does that to me lots and I always get really bad orgasms when she does it!"

Tessa had her summer dress pulled up to her seat belt and her legs open fingering her pussy. She smiled and said to Ricky "Can we see you spread your legs again Ricky?" Ricky recovered from the edge of another hot little kiddie orgasm then he got back into his hot little leg spread position against the car door.

Once Ricky got into position he reached up and pulled his stiff little boner down pointing it right at Alec and Tessa. Then he used his thumbs to pull his pee hole wide open. As he pulled it open a long sticky string of clear precum dribbled out of the opened hole then dropped onto the seat. Alec immediately reached up and hooked his finger around the sticky string just under Ricky's boner and said "Ooh! Ricky's boy tickle is dripping out! I wanna taste your boy tickle Ricky!"

Alec licked the little bit of the clear sticky precum off of his finger and said "Mmm! I love the taste of a boys boner tickle stuff! I can taste your boner in it Ricky!"

Tessa cried out "I wanna taste Ricky's boner in his boy tickle stuff too!"

Alec ran his finger across the clear, wet little puddle that had formed on the seat. Then he put his finger up to Tessa's mouth and she stuck her tongue out and licked it off. She smacked her lips and said "Oh ya guys! That does taste just like Ricky's boner! I know cause I suck his all the time and it tastes just like it! I love the taste of a boys boner!"

Alec turned to Ricky and said "Here Ricky! Let me spread it open for you!"

Alec reached up as Ricky moved his fingers and hands away. Then he used both thumbs to spread Ricky's pee hole open. Alec again held Ricky's boner as still as he could while he spread the little slit open with his thumbs. Ricky felt like he was about to cum and as Alec pulled the hole open he suddenly saw a white glob form inside. Ricky couldn't hold back and he blasted off another hot sticky mess across the car seat. Alec just sat there and held Ricky's pee hole open while Ricky squirt really hard. His sperm splattered the window where Tessa was sitting. Jane said "It smells like kid cum in here! Did somebody bust a nut back there?"

As Alec held Ricky's pee hole open he said "Hold on mom! He's not done yet!"

Tessa said "Ya Aunt Jane! Hold on! He just squirted a bunch on my window and all over my legs and he's still squirting some out on Alec's lap!"

Ricky's eyes were watering as he swallowed hard finishing the hot little orgasm on the seat. Another little white glob formed inside the still twitching 11 year old boys boner then it dribbled out onto Alec's hands at the base of his thumbs. Ricky was still pumping his hips and Alec could feel Ricky's boner twitching in his thumbs. Alec looked up at Ricky and asked "Are you done Ricky?" Ricky swallowed hard and sat in the seat as Alec pulled his hands away and said out of breath "Ya! Fuck ya! I'm finished!"

Jane said "And not only does it smell like kid cum in here I smell boy ass too!"

Alec said "Ya mom! Ricky had his legs spread open pretty wide and I bet it pulled his butt hole open and stuff!"

Tessa said "Ricky's done squirting his neat sperm back here Aunt Jane!"

Alec yelled "Mom! Ricky got sperm all over the place back here!"

Tessa said "Ya Aunt Jane! He spermed on my window and it's all over me and Alec!"

Ricky swiped his forehead and said out of breath "Sorry Aunt Jane! I couldn't help it! I made kind of a mess back here!"

Jane said "Ah... Don't worry about that baby! I think you and Alec can figure out a fun way to clean it up!"

Tessa said "I know a fun way to clean it up!"

She reached up and smeared her hand across the window smearing Ricky's sperm all over it. Then she held the excess in the palm of her hand. It wasn't very much but it was enough. Then she wiped her hand over the sperm puddles on Alec's legs and gathered it up starting to form a nice little white puddle in the palm of her hand. She wiped up what was left on her legs then she drizzled it down the crack of her pussy. Tessa asked Alec "You wanna eat it off my pussy Alec?" Alec didn't even pause as he got down and started to eat more of the hot little kiddie creampie.

Ricky chimed in and got a few licks of Tessa's pussy then leaned over her and Alec and licked the cum smear off the window. Tessa had and orgasm then Alec beat his little meat in between em both and had another orgasm too.


Jane had dropped Ricky and Tessa off at their house where Kathy had been waiting up for them. As Jane opened the back door where Tessa was sitting she saw the smear on the back window. It made her wet.

The kids were sound asleep and Tessa still had her panties off when she put her in Kathy's arms. Kathy smiled and said "Looks like little sis had some fun with my kids this weekend!" Jane smiled at her, leaned down and kissed Ricky then said "Have a good night big sis! I got it all on video and you're gonna love it!" As she walked back out to the car.

Alec was crashed out in the back seat wearing nothing but his shorts when Jane pulled up to the house and pulled into the garage. She woke Alec because he was to big for her to carry in. He mumbled and grumbled with his hair messy and got out of the car sleep walking. Jane sent him straight to bed then went out and not only unpacked the car but cleaned the back seat. As she wiped the inside of the back door off there was a small sticky half dried, pearl white string hanging off the bottom of the armrest on the door. Jane loved how hard Ricky could cum and the thought of it made her horny as fuck. She stripped off her halter top and pulled her shorts and panties down and then sat on the edge of the back seat facing out of the door. She opened her legs and began to masturbate her clean shaved pussy to the memories and fantasies of all the hot child sex she witnessed that weekend. She had an orgasm looking at the half dried dangling string of Ricky's cum hanging from the armrest. Just the thought that, that little string of cum had been from an 11 year old hairless little boy made her orgasm that much sweeter.


A couple of weeks had passed since the weekend getaway. Jane had made copies of the child porn she made with the kids at the cabin resort. She titled the video "The Hotel Kiddy Fuck"! Gary loved it and so did Kathy. Kathy admitted that it was hottest set of child porno's she'd ever seen especially with her own two kids being the stars. She loved how Tessa instigated some of the fun, how 11 year old Ricky looked busting his hot young nuts and how super hot her nephew Alec looked all the time. Gary and the twins had jerked off so much to the videos that he and his kids ended up in a hot three way family fuck themselves. Gary couldn't believe how much he loved to eat 12 year old Kris's cum off of both his hot dick and Megan's cum soaked pussy (the twins).

Summer was in full swing and a weekend had come up that Kathy had to take Ricky to baseball camp. You'll never guess where... "FIVE LAKES RESORT!" Boy did Kathy, Tessa and Ricky have some more fun there! (hee! hee!)

Jane had to work the weekend and Gary had taken his kids to visit relatives across the state. She had no choice but to leave Alec on his own.

Alec was OK on his own. It was easy to get to little league practice on Friday for him by walking. Jane had to work all day Friday and half day on Saturday. She left phone numbers for him and food for him as well. Except to go to little league practice, Alec knew to stay in the house and not let anybody he didn't know in. Even though he had fun having sex with other kids and grown ups, Alec loved the opportunity to play alone.

Friday morning had come and Alec had a piss hard on like a boy had never had before. He quickly flew out of bed in his spider man briefs and headed off to the bathroom down the hall. There was no way he could get his stiff boner to bend down enough to pee in the toilet. He wouldn't even be able to sit down and do it. As always, the bathtub was his best option.

He got into the tub and pulled the front of his underwear down under his nut sack. The golden stream arched above his head as it squirt out and splattered all over the bathtub faucet and knobs. After he finished his morning pee he ran off to the kitchen and ate two pop tarts with a glass of milk. He then ran to his room and got his baseball uniform on including his protective cup. Grabbed his bat, glove and ball and ran down the street then over to the ball park. Coach Stanson docked him two merits for being late.

Little league practice was easy today. The older boys were up at 5 Lakes for baseball camp. So the younger boys practiced catching and throwing. Alec was an awesome catcher.

Now you might think that Alec was somehow had some feminist mannerisms because he liked to fag off with boys so much. Nothing could be further than the truth. Alec was very much "all boy" and he was very athletic. He was also very competitive as most normal boys are. Watching him you would never guess that he loved to fuck other boys. Alec wasn't gay or queer or any of the sort. He just loved to get his rocks off. It didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl. He'd fuck anyone that wanted too. EVEN ADULTS! Like most boys, he'd get a little wild tiger streak in him where he'd love to suck a dick or get into a hot butt fuck. His most favorite two games to play with other boys was a good "leg spreading game" and he absolutely loved a good little "boner fuck party". Fucking another boys boner was the hottest game Alec loved to play. He loved it so much because it was outside of the norm of straight boring ole sex. After that he loved giving boys blow jobs and he liked to eat cum too. But he loved a hot pussy the most and girls and grown up women were his favorites. Still though, Alec would never turn anybody down if it had to do with sex. If his little league coach had been a pedophile, Alec would've loved to have his coaches hot cock shoved up his tight little ass or down his throat too. It just didn't matter to him.

One night on a sleepover Alec and Ricky got each other going and jerked off about coach Stanson molesting both of them in the dugout after practice. All Alec could think about for a week was how hot coach Stanson might of looked like naked with a big hairy hard on. Alec imagined it like Gary's, big and thick and hairy and lots of cum squirting out of it. Alec must of jacked off a million times that week to those thoughts.

He and Ricky often got each other going about Jane and Kathy, their mothers. Alec always jacked off to thoughts of his Aunt Kathy and his hot moms pussy. Not only them but Tessa, Megan and Kristin's pussies too. Any way to get his rocks off, Alec was always ready and more than willing.

Alec had gotten home from little league just before noon. Playing the hot summer sun in his uniform always made him sweaty and stinky. If you've ever smelled a 9 year old boy's sweaty, dirty body... then you know what I mean. Alec was the icon of a playful, athletic, outdoors type of kid.

He had his glove hooked over his bat and his bat over his shoulder and his red "Tigers" baseball cap on backwards, as he slugged down a cold glass of ice water in front of the fridge. Sweat rolled down his forehead and his face as he finished the water and his hair was wet as it stuck out from under his cap. He slammed the glass down on the counter and his baseball cleats clicked on the hard kitchen floor as he turned and headed off to his room to change out of his uniform. The minute he took off his cleats sitting on his bed, then peeled his sweat soaked socks off, he could smell his sweaty feet. A strong urge to get naked and play overwhelmed him more than usual.

Alec hurried as he undid the buttons on his jersey then peeled it off over the back of his shoulders. His smooth skin was sticky from his sweat and his tight little abs and sticky out little belly button glistened in the ambient light of his bedroom. He quickly undid his uniform pants and peeled the tight pair off over his feet. He didn't have any underwear on just his protective cup. As he stood up to pull his cup off, he could feel his dick starting to get stiff. He pulled the cup off and as he got it half way down his thighs, he sat down on the bed. His thumbs were still hooked in the tight elastic bands of his protective cup as he sat and watched his little dick twitch and throb up to a full erection.

Once his little soldier was standing up to full attention, Alec pulled the protective cup the rest of the way off until he was nice and naked. He threw the cup across the room where it landed on the floor in front of the closet. He slid off his bed down to the floor in front of it. Then he went to the balls of his feet and spread his legs wide open. It felt so good to be naked and to have a boner that he couldn't help but to spread wide just for the fun of it. He leaned down to look at the baby smooth sweetness between his legs. It made his boner even stiffer when he could smell the smell of his sweaty little butt hole drifting up from between his legs. His nut sack was nice and tight like a soft squishy round little sack. He loved the way his boner looked twitching with his fast little heartbeat.

He ran his hands along the insides of his legs from his knees, to his nut sack where he stopped to play for a minute or two. Then he played around with his tickly boner for a while too.

If that wasn't kinky enough, Alec decided he wanted to make himself have an orgasm by playing with his pink child sized dildo. He got up with his little stiffy stick'n up and look'n nice, and went to his moms room to get his special toy box out. The only toy off limits to him there was the Ben-Wha tube for boys and the chemical drops that came with it. He threw on his fun black leather choker with the red glass heart dangling down in the middle. Then he grabbed the pink dildo.

The bottle with the chemical drops in it was a special liquid that had been invented in Denmark. It was made just for preteen boys before there balls dropped and they could ejaculate. The liquid was called "Boy's Boner Drops". It was to be used with the Ben-Wha tube for boys. After working the tube with the ball on the one end of it down inside a boys pee hole, you took the dropper out and dropped just one or two drops down in the tube. The chemical makes a boys boner feel like it's having a constant orgasm and keeps the boy erect even after he has an orgasm. It lasts for about 20 minutes. The chemical was invented to get underage boys super horny so they'd want to have more sex. It worked to make a ton of money with boy prostitutes in Denmark and the boys there loved to use it. Alec had used it on his birthday and boy howdy... did it ever make him wanna fuck.

To much use of the "Boy's Boner Drops" could cause problems and Alec understood to stay away from them unless he had permission from his mom. It was very addictive and could cause serious problems inside a boys dick if one wasn't careful.

Alec still had his red "Tigers" baseball cap on as he turned into his bedroom to have a look in the mirror with his choker on. He squatted in front of the mirror just to see how neat it looked. It got his little kiddie sex crank turn'n all tight that's for sure!

Alec walked into the kitchen then out the back door to play with his dildo outside on the back porch.

Now the dildo was child sized which meant that it was the size of maybe a 12 or 13 year old boys boner. A good sized 12 or 13 year old boys boner. Alec was only 9 years old. But he had, had enough practice with Ricky, Kris and Gary that he could work the toy in pretty good.

Alec sat the dildo on the armrest of a wood deck recliner. Then he put his right knee over the arm then down on the pad of the seat. His left foot was on the concrete porch. He straddled over the dildo with his boy hole over the top of it and he was facing out toward the back yard.

Little Alec was naked as naked could be except for his little baseball cap and his hot and sexy black little choker. His boner was up straight, stiff and tall as he lowered himself down onto the dildo. He pulled up tightly on his hot, stiff little boner as the dildo popped passed the brown ring of his butt hole just cause it felt so good. Once the dildo was inside Alec slowly lowered himself bending his left knee. The muscles in his left leg started to quiver as the tip of the dildo barely touched the young boys prostrate gland. Alec pulled up on his boner and held it in place. Alec didn't pump or anything. He just held still and enjoyed the feelings in his little sex organs.

There were two boys that lived next door to the north of Alec. The oldest one was Mike and he was 13. Mike was in middle school and had a pretty hot girlfriend. He was on the boys basketball team and his girlfriend was the hottest cheerleader in school.

Mike had dark skin and brown hair and brown eyes with super black eyelashes and eyebrows. He was a white kid who just had darker skin. Other than jerking off about his girlfriend now and again, Mike had never had sex before.

Behind Alec's house was an alleyway. Beyond that was an open field as far as the eye could see.

Mike said good-bye to his buddies and turned into the alleyway with his basketball under his arm. He was in his red silk basketball shorts and a white very light basketball jersey, the tank top kind. He had on his high top basketball shoes and no socks. When he turned into the alley, he had no clue what he was about to see.

He walked passed Jane's yard shed and just happened to look up to the porch. He quickly stopped and stepped back behind the shed. His mouth went dry and his heart started to pound. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. He leaned over and peeked around the corner of the shed and almost dropped the basketball along with his jaw. There was hot ass little Alec playing with his sex toy. Mike couldn't believe his own eyes.

Mike leaned back behind the shed and wondered what he should do. He peeked back around the corner and couldn't seem to keep his eyes off the 9 year old hot little fuck. Mike had never thought of himself as gay but he actually liked what he was seeing. He had never seen a boy as young as Alec doing such a sexy fucking thing.

Mike could see everything too. Alec's hot bare little feet, his sexy ass slender leg stretched down to the porch, his hot little necklace and baseball cap. He could see his stiff and sexy fucking boner sticking up and the smoothness of his little sack. He could clearly see the hot little muscles in Alec's abs and the pink base of the dildo. Mike popped the stiffest stud in his jock strap that he'd ever had before.

He was nervous and quivering as he watched Alec play. Alec moved down to the top of the steps of the porch with the dildo still stuffed up his little ass. Mike flipped out when he watched Alec get into his hot little leg spreading squat with the dildo firm on the porch. He thought he was gonna cum in his jock strap when he saw how much Alec liked to look down between his own legs to watch the fun.

Mike couldn't help himself. He didn't know what Alec would do or say. Mike took another peek around the corner at Alec and the scene he saw clinched it.

Mike sat the basketball down. He pulled his jersey over his head and took it off. He had two very thin strips of dark hair in his armpits. He pulled his shorts and jock strap down then pulled his feet out. He kept his high tops on. After thinking about it, he stepped out from behind the shed naked with a huge boner. He yelled up at Alec "Hey kid! Looks pretty sweet up there dude! Can I come in and play too?"

Alec pulled himself off the dildo and quickly stood up in shock covering his genitals with both hands. He looked over squinting his eyes and he said "Mike? Is that you?"

Mike yelled back "Ya little dude! It's me! Mike from next door!"

Alec was perplexed and asked "How come your naked back there?"

Mike said "Little dude! I saw what you were doin and FUCK! It gave me a hard on!"

Alec walked down the steps still covering himself. He leaned forward and turned to look over at Mike's house next door and asked "What about your mom and dad Mike? Are they home? Can't they see you standing there naked?"

Mike said "They're not home dude! What about your mom! Is she home?"

Alec said "No! She's at work!"

Alec said "Boy Mike! You sure gotta big boner stick'n up!"

Mike asked "Can I come in dude?"

Alec walked slowly out into the yard naked carefully checking to make sure no one was around. Then he asked "What are you doing back behind our shed Mike?"

Mike explained "I was walking passed and I saw you up on the porch all naked and shit!" He asked again "Can I come in dude?"

Alec walked clear out to the gate naked and still covering his package and asked "How come your naked Mike?"

Mike said "I saw what you were doing and it was the only way I knew you wouldn't run off dude!"

Alec's eyes were fixed on Mike's nice fat boner. Alec scoped out the rest of Mike's hot 13 year old body. He saw that Mike had black tiny little spider hairs on his shins that you couldn't see unless you were close up. He had a sexy black, very thin half ring of pubic hair just at the base of his dick. The sides were still baby smooth. The rest except for his armpits, was still baby smooth. Alec had lost his boner when Mike caught him but was starting to get it back as he scoped Mike's body out.

Mike noticed Alec staring at his hard dick. He stuck it through one of the openings in the chain link gate then asked "You like it dude?"

Alec said "Wow Mike! I never thought you had one that big before!"

Mike said "Move your hands Alec and let me see yours again!"

Alec looked around the neighborhood again to check that the coast was clear. He turned back to Mike and swallowed hard looking nervous. Alec moved his hands away and his dick popped out stiff as a little board.

Mike's dick stuck up even more the minute Alec moved his hands and Mike saw his little stiffy.

Mike said "I never knew you were so fuck'n sexy Alec! You look hot with that necklace on!"

Alec said "It's not a necklace!"

Mike asked "What is it then?"

Alec said "It's a neck choker!"

Mike said "Whatever dude! It makes you smoke'n fuck'n hot little dude!"

Alec was shy and nervous. He knew that it wasn't a safe thing to let anybody in from outside his families pedophile circles except those that he and his mom knew were safe. Mike had never known about any of it and had never seen a hot kid like Alec playing so hard core before. Mike didn't know anything about Alec's mom and how much of a pedophile she was.

Alec was very quiet and he covered himself again and asked "Where's your underwear and your clothes Mike?"

Mike pulled his boner out of the chain link gate and pointed and said "It's there behind the shed!"

Mike asked "Can I come in dude?"

Alec said "I dunno!"

Mike said "Ah come on dude! What are you afraid of?" I'm show'n you my dick all naked and stuff too!"

Alec looked around again then back up and Mike and said "I'm afraid you might tell on me and get me in trouble!"

Mike went over and grabbed his clothes and wadded them up to his chest and said "Dude! I promise! I won't say anything to anybody!"

Alec asked "Where's your mom? She's always home!"

Mike said "She took my brother to the doctor!"

Alec got down on his knees and sat on his heels with his hands on his knees then asked "So you wanna see somethun really naughty?"

Mike glared down at the naked 9 year old boy and said "Ya! Sure! I guess so!"

Alec laid down bare naked on the sidewalk that led from the porch. He put his feet together and spread open his legs and then he asked "How do you like my boner now Mike? Do you like with me spread'n my legs open like this?"

Mikes dick went from sticking straight out to sticking straight up and he smiled and asked "Where did you learn to do that little dude?"

Alec got back up and covered himself again then asked "Have you ever fucked anybody before Mike?"

Mike said "I've never fucked before!"

Alec reached up and undid the latch on the gate and he said "If you don't tell anybody... you can come in!"

Alec pulled the gate open and Mike scrambled nervously to grab his basketball. As Mike walked in Alec said "Go put your stuff up on the porch!"

Alec closed the gate then walked up behind Mike staring at his hot ass. Alec asked "What time does your mom get home?"

Mike said "They're clear over in Watson! So it won't be for a while!"

Alec told Mike to set his stuff on the chair. Mike stepped over the dildo that was sitting there that Alec had just used a few minutes ago. Mike was nervous and beginning to think that maybe he shouldn't have said anything. Mike threw his clothes and basketball onto the chair with his clothes.

Alec stood at the back door to the kitchen then he squatted down in his hot little leg spread to the balls of his feet. He looked up at Mike and asked "Have you ever wanted to fuck a little boy before Mike?"

Mike said "I dunno!"

Alec said "If you wanna fuck me it's gonna feel really good on your boner and I promise I wont tell anybody!"

Mike swallowed hard. Alec said "You can stick your boner in my butt hole and fuck it if you wanna Mike! I wont tell and I'll even spread my legs wide open like I am now to make your boner feel better when it's up inside me!"

Suddenly the doorbell rang! Alec stood instantly and he turned white and he told Mike to hurry and get dressed. Alec ran in and quickly scrambled to his room and put on his baseball pants and jersey leaving the jersey unbuttoned. Mike ducked down on the porch ready to bolt staring at the pink dildo at the steps.

Alec answered the door and it was just a package that had been left. Alec came back to the back door and he loosened up and said "Whew! That was a close one!"

Alec asked "Why are you laying down like that Mike?"

Mike asked "Who was that Alec?"

Alec said "The mailman left a package for my mom!"

Mike got up on his knees and Alec asked "So you wanna come in?"

Mike said "Ahh! I dunno! I think maybe I should go home!"

Alec said "Ah don't go home! Come in! I still promise I wont tell!"

Mike asked "Are you sure Alec? I mean I wont tell either!"

Alec said "I promise! I wont tell!"

Mike stood up and brushed himself off and then walked in the back door. He looked around because he had never been in the house before. Alec smiled up at Mike then took him by the hand and said "Come on! Let's go to my room!"

Alec grabbed the cell phone off the kitchen table then led Mike out and to his room. Once they got inside Alec said "This is my room!"

Mike said "I never knew your room was in the front Alec!"

Alec said "Yep! It is!"

Mike sat down on Alec's bed then Alec undid his baseball pants and took them off while Mike watched. Alec asked "So you wanna fuck me Mike?"

Mike said "Ya! I mean... I... um... I guess so! I mean... I've never fucked before and I really don't know how!"

Alec sat down on the floor and pulled his pants off looking at Mike. He smiled and said "It's OK! I know how! Take off your clothes and let me see your neat boner again Mike!" Alec pulled his baseball uniform pants off his foot.

Mike pulled his shirt off again then stood up and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. He chuckled and said "I can't believe I'm doing this!"

Mike was nervous and half hard. Alec got up with his baseball uniform top on unbuttoned and open. He still had on his choker and his ball cap but no pants, underwear or socks on. His boner was stiff and hard and really tickly.

He walked up to Mike then reached over and grabbed a hold of his half hard dick. Mike took in a gasp of breath. Alec said "Has anybody ever touched your dick before Mike?"

Mike clinched his teeth and sucked air in through his clinched teeth and said "No!"

Alec said "Then I bet you never touched another boys boner before either have you!"

Mike responded with a quick snappy nervous "No!"

Alec let go of Mike's dick then put his hands on both of Mike's knees and closed them together. Alec squeezed Mike's knees with Alec's boner in between them. Alec gently pumped and the head of his boner rolled up from between Mike's knees. Mike's dick began to grow stiff and Alec said "Ooh! Look at that Mike! I like your legs and they make my boner tickle inside it!"

Alec asked "Can I rub my boner on your legs Mike?"

Mike swallowed hard and said "I dunno... I mean... I guess so!"

Alec slid his boner out from between Mike's knees then out on the front of his shin. Alec then squatted slowly down rubbing his boner all the way down to Mike's wadded shorts and underwear around is ankles. Then he slid it back up again. Alec asked "Wasn't that neat Mike?"

Mike said "Dude! That was hot!"

Alec asked "You want me to take off your shorts and underwear down there at your ankles? It'll make it feel better when we fuck!"

Mike leaned down and took his shorts and jock strap off then Alec got up on the bed. Alec leaned down and started to suck Mike's dick to get it wet and Mike almost shot a load off in Alec's mouth.

Alec then straddled himself facing away from Mike, over Mike's dick. He reached down between and held Mike's boner up in place then slid it up inside. Mike had never felt anything so good in his life.

The cell phone rang and Alec reached over and picked it up off the bed. Mike could hardly contain himself as Alec answered the phone. Alec was on his knees with Mike's hard 13 year old boy cock up in his hole. Alec was arching his back and feeling his belly out with his free hand.

Alec answered "Hello?"

It was Jane, his mom "Hi baby!"

Alec answered "Oh hi mommy!"

Jane asked "Whatchya doin?"

Alec said "Playing mommy!"

Jane asked "Whatchya play'n?"

Alec said "Little slugger fuck!"

Jane said "Ooh baby! Sounds like you're have'n some fun there home alone!"

Alec said "I am mommy! Lots of fun!"

Jane asked "So tell me about your game! What is it?"

Alec said "I'm pretending someone saw me at the ball park playing on my little league team and he got a boner and wanted to fuck me and wanted to molest me and do all sorts of naughty stuff to my boner!"

Jane said "Ooh baby! Sounds like fun!"

Alec said "And ya! And I'm using my dildo toy and rubb'n it on my belly and my legs and my boobies and everything and pretending it's his boner too! I have it stuck in my hole right now mom!"

Alec kept feeling out his belly with his little baseball shirt splayed open while Mike was freaking out.

Alec said "OK mom! I will! Love you! Bye!"

Alec hung up then he slid down Mike's hard cock until it was buried in deep up to Mikes ball sack. With Mike's dick in all the way, Alec began to pivot around gently twisting the 13 year old neighbor boys boner. Alec turned all the way around until he was facing Mike. Then Alec said "Look at my boner Mike! Is it gonna make you sperm?"

Alec spread his legs further apart and he didn't move. Mike couldn't believe he was fucking this hot little league baseball player. Staring at Alec's hot little body made Mike start to cum up inside of Alec. Alec could feel Mike's hot cock twitching up inside his hole and he knew what was happening. Alec quickly grabbed Mike's hand and put it on Alec's little chest and belly and said "Here! Quick! Feel me out while you cum Mike!" It intensified Mike's orgasm feeling Alec out.

When Mike was done Alec jerked off with Mike's cock going soft in his hole. Alec had an orgasm and Mike had never seen such a young boy have a dry orgasm before. It was hot!

Mike almost fainted when Alec pulled himself off of Mike's soft dick. Alec then grabbed it and sucked it off clean.


Mike had gone home hours before Jane got off work. Jane went into Alec's room while he played a video game downstairs and found cum stains on Alec's bed. When she asked if Ricky had been over Alec said "No mom!" Jane wondered who had been there during the day!


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