Staci Gets Wet

[ Mg(9), pedo, ws ]

by Sesame


Published: 6-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Staci and I moved to the west coast, San Francisco. I thought it would be best to move as far away from her mother as possible. At first we kept in touch with Gloria in prison, but soon enough I stopped corresponding with her. I hoped that she would give up trying to find us when, or if, she was released from prison.

I moved Staci and I into an old Victorian mansion in the Marina District in San Francisco. I was determined that Staci would have a good education, so I enrolled her in a progressive private school. The school had a reputation of maintaining strict disciplinary standards, and I thought this would be good for Staci, because I certainly couldn't discipline my wonderful niece-lover-nymphet.

The school was coed, but the oldest children there were twelve, so I didn't expect many problems with boys getting after Staci. And best of all, the school required the girls to wear uniforms, consisting of a white long-sleeved blouse, black patent leather shoes, a'school tie' and black or blue knee length pleated skirt.

Staci wasn't too fond of the uniforms at first, but I convinced her that I found them to be very sexy, and the fact that I always got a raging erection when she appeared downstairs dressed for school convinced her.

Staci didn't make too many friends at school at first, and that was ok with me. I wanted her all to myself. But as I would expect, a beautiful, friendly girl like Staci eventually made friends with girls her age.

I drove Staci to school every day, and picked her up in the afternoon. Not only did I love having her in the car beside me, I didn't mind getting there a little early in the afternoon and enjoy checking out the other youngsters when they bounced down the stairs in front of the main building. I must say, I sure picked the right school to enroll Staci! It was very expensive, I guess that's why there were so many beautiful children. I could imagine that some day Staci might bring home one of her cute friends and we could all "play" together. Not that I would do anything to make Staci jealous, just a thought.

One day I pulled up in front of the school as usual, parking at the curb in front of the main building. I was enjoying the show as school let out, and then Staci came walking towards the car, talking to a young girlfriend. As Staci reached the car she opened the door, still chatting with her friend, and casually stepped off the curb, and stood alongside the car, with the open door in front of her. She continued chatting with her friend (I later learned her friend was named Cindy) to the point that I became impatient.

I began to fidget a little, and to show my impatience I began fiddling with the car stereo, changing stations at random. Staci remained standing at the door, still talking about nothing of importance with Cindy. I noticed Staci had spread her legs a little, standing with her feet about eighteen inches apart. I tried to amuse myself by gazing at the insides of Staci's creamy young thighs. Suddenly I had to do a double-take as I thought I saw something leak down the inside of Staci's leg. Sure enough, as I watched, Staci began leaking pee down her legs. It wasn't a lot, just enough to make wet streaks down the inside of her legs.

Now I understood why Staci had stood beside the car with the car door close in front of her. Her friend couldn't see that Staci was wetting her panties as she stood there talking with her.

When Staci stopped peeing she quickly ended the conversation with Cindy and got into the car, being careful to smooth her skirt beneath her. She shot me a quick glance and then stared straight ahead as I pulled the car away from the curb.

I broke the silence by saying "Well Staci, that was different!"

She said "Oh, uncle Mike, I hope you aren't mad! I couldn't hold it any longer. I just had to go!"

I said "no Staci, it's ok. Is that the first time you've done that?"

Staci replied "Um, not exactly. Today in class I held on too long, and the teacher never lets any of the kids go to the bathroom until recess. I leaked a little in my panties. And, um, it felt kind of good. All warm and stuff. Kind of like when we play and my panties get wet. So when I got to the car and had to go again I decided to try it again. I hope you aren't mad at me."

She shot me a inquisitive look that made my heart melt, and I couldn't help putting my hand on her left thigh, just above her knee, and gently sliding it up the inside of her leg. When my hand reached the crotch of her wet panties I gently stroked the soaked material. I just smiled at Staci and said "not at all honey, you can wet your pants any time you like."

Staci smiled at me and squeezed my hand gently with her thighs.

When we got home Staci and I went to her room (we maintained separate bedrooms, just in case someone checks) and I helped Staci change out of her school uniform. When she had removed her shirt and tie I helped her slip out of her uniform skirt. Sure enough, her white cotton panties were pee stained, and still wet in the crotch. I pulled them down her hips, then down her legs and I helped Staci step out of them. I was fascinated by the wet stain in them, and I held the crotch up to my nose. I took a deep breath, loving the smell of little girl urine soaked into the panties.

Staci said "eww, gross!"

I just put the panties back to my face and gently wiped the wet material all over my face. Staci smiled at me, as if she knew how perverted I was, and didn't care.

After Staci got cleaned up and dressed in her normal clothes she came down stairs and asked me if we could go to a movie. I said sure, it was Friday and she didn't have any homework, not that she ever had very much homework.

We drove to the movie that Staci had picked, some kind of cartoon thing that had been around for months. I couldn't figure why she wanted to see that one, hardly anyone was in the theater. Staci had me buy two large Cokes, and at movies, Cokes are big!

I thought the movie was boring, but Staci seemed to enjoy it. And she really liked the Coke! She drained hers in minutes, and asked me if she could have mine. I could swear Staci drank about two quarts of Coke before the movie was half way through.

Sure enough, Staci excused herself to go to the bathroom. She wasn't gone very long, and when she returned she sat down quickly, and kind of scrunched down in her seat. I put my hand on her knee, as I usually do when we are at movies, and began to stroke her thigh. Staci spread her knees, and I knew she wanted me to run my hand up her legs. Much to my surprise when I had my hand all the way up inside her short denim skirt I discovered that Staci had removed her panties!

Staci placed her hand on top of mine, pushing it firmly into her bare pussy, and she leaned over and whispered in my ear. Staci said "I hope you don't mind uncle Mike, I took my panties off in the bathroom, but I didn't pee. I wanted to do it here in the seat."

Mind! What a nasty little girl I had. I loved that she wanted to do something so kinky right here in public, wetting the seat, and maybe even letting the piss run off the seat onto the floor. I held my hand firmly against her pussy while she relaxed and began letting her urine out of her sweet pre-teen cunt.

When Staci had finished pissing she quickly pushed my hand out from between her legs and stood up, grabbing me and leading me out of the theater. We practically ran to the car, I could tell Staci was extremely horny because of her nasty act in the theater.

When we drove out of the parking lot Staci pulled her skirt up to her waist, exposing her beautiful cunt to me, and anyone who happened to see inside the car. Staci put her feet up on the dashboard, spreading her legs lewdly. I put my hand on her sopping cunt and began to finger my nasty little girl's pussy while we drove.

When we got home Staci ran up the stairs, shouting that she'had to pee again real bad!'

I chased Staci up the stairs and caught her just before she reached the bathroom. I said "wait honey, I have a better idea." I took Staci by the hand and led her to her bedroom. I had Staci stand beside her bed and I fell to my knees in front of her. I pushed her denim skirt up above her belly button and buried my face into her lovely crotch. Staci squirmed around and said "uncle Mike, stop it! I have to pee real bad!"

I just said "do it baby, piss now, I want to see it come out of you."

Staci hesitated at first, but I kept licking her pussy, and soon she lost control and began pissing uncontrollably. I licked and sucked at her sweet pussy, drinking as fast as I could, letting the rest of her piss run down the front of my body, wetting my shirt and pants. Still pissing, Staci reached a wild orgasm and bucked her pussy against my face while she finished pissing.

When Staci ran out of piss, and recovered from her intense orgasm, she collapsed on her bed. Piss still leaked out of her pussy, making a tiny puddle on her sheet.

Staci rubbed her pussy, a contented look on her face. She said "wow, uncle Mike, that was great. I never thought pissing could be that much fun!" I just said, "neither did I sweetheart, we should do it again sometime."

Staci said "now uncle Mike, I want to do it again, now!" I said "but Staci, you're all out of piss. We'll have to wait until you have some more."

Staci said "No uncle Mike, I want your piss. Will you piss for me? I want to do it here, I want you to wet my bed for me."

Well, I could hardly turn my little angel down for a request like that! I got up and went to Staci's dresser and found a nice pair of cotton panties for her to put on. I helped her get them on while she layed on the bed, I pulled the panties snugly up onto her crotch.

I got on the bed between Staci's knees and pulled the zipper on my pants down. Staci stayed quiet and just watched as I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees. I aimed my cock between her legs, right at the crotch of her panties. It took a moment for me to relax enough to pee, and at first just a squirt came out and landed between Staci's thighs, wetting the sheets. Staci giggled and said "I want it on me uncle Mike, all over me."

I couldn't resist an invitation like that. I relaxed even more and soon the piss gushed out of my cock. At first I aimed at Staci's crotch, soaking her panties, the piss running down between her legs, wetting her bottom and the sheets under her. I knew we were ruining her mattress, but neither of us cared. Staci began moaning, she began a slow writhing motion on the bed. I aimed the stream higher, splashing on her belly, piss began splashing up onto her tee shirt, making it transparent so I could see her sweet tiny nipples beneath the soaked cotton.

Little rivers of piss ran down her sides as Staci wriggled on the rapidly soaking bed. I aimed higher still, my stream of hot urine hitting Staci on her chest, reaching her neck. Staci moaned again and opened her mouth, she stuck her tongue out in a lewd way, running it all around her lips in a way that I could not mistake. Staci wanted me to piss in her mouth.

I loved doing dirty, even perverted things with my young lover, but I never imagined she could be so nasty. I loved her even more as she begged me, without words, to do this sick thing to her. I couldn't resist. I aimed my stream of hot piss higher and urinated straight into her eight year old mouth. Staci kept her mouth open until it was filled with piss, then she closed her mouth and made an obvious show of swallowing the nasty liquid. Then she opened her mouth again, and I filled it with piss again. This was repeated until my bladder was empty, and Staci was sated from drinking all my nasty piss.

I immediately layed down on my dirty wet angel and kissed her deeply, tasting my piss in my little lovers' mouth.

Saturday Playtime

Staci and I had spent the night in our wet bed, Staci even wet the bed again in her sleep. The warm wetness spreading across the mattress woke me and I had a wonderful idea to share our new kind of fun with my lover. I simply rolled over on my side and aimed my cock at Staci's belly and let go my pent-up urine. I flooded Staci and added to the piss soaking the mattress we shared.

I love Staci.

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This is what happens when a less competent 'writer' tries to emulate an author with a nice story and far more native talent.


Thanks so much for your comments StanislawsBoot. I will certainly attempt to do better whenever I try to embellish a story by another author.

Your comment was so compelling in showcasing my lack of accomplishment, I'd be grateful if you would direct me to your contributions to this site. I'm sure I have a lot to learn from you.

I take it you didn't like my style of writing. Ok, I get that. So, show off your great stuff, if there is any.


I don't think I've ever read the original story that this was based off of, so I read this as a standalone work. I really enjoyed it. I found that it was well written and easy to read. It had a good flow, was interesting, no distracting grammatical issues, and maintained a realism that didn't make it a challenge to suspend disbelief. I also liked the story itself. I enjoy stories with naughty little girls who enjoy pee play - the messier the better. Where some use watersports to show domination or degradation, I like reading about it as fun and games. There's a difference between girls who think pee is nasty, and those who think it's naughty. My favorite plots involve girls who purposefully drink large quantities of something because they know it's going to put them into a predicament where they are going to end up peeing all over themselves, their friends, getting peed on, or having to drink pee. This story introduces just such a character (two of them even!) and I hope the author will continue to write more like it!


Wow, LickitySlit, you really got it. I'll admit I re-read my postings many times before posting in order to avoid grammatical or spelling issues (something that simply KILLS the moment all too often.)

And I do endeavor to create a realistic story, if that is possible in this genre.

And, naughty little girls who enjoy watersports. Well, my favorite theme. I am not in any way into domination, or degradation with piss play. To me, and hopefully my readers, it's fun, sexy, dirty in a fun way, and something to be shared in a totally wonderful way. Sex is fun, piss is fun, and on this site in particular piss sex with young girls is fun.

Thank you for your positive contribution to my posting.


Great story. Always fantasied about what it would be like to drink a hot little girls urine straight out of her body


Like LickitySlit I also enjoyed the story nor did I find any huge grammar issues. I felt it flowed smoothly and was an interesting story. I would have liked to have seen a little more of Uncle Mike and Staci actually fucking.

Over4all a very nice story. Don't be put off comments like those of StanislawsBoot. There some very good authors and some who need to practice better grammar and NOT depend on spell-check quite so much, it doesn't understand the difference between; to, two and too or your and you're; it is all in the context.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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