1: No Panties Olga & Laura

[ g, 1st, cons, pedo, inc ]


Published: 29-Aug-2011

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Seor Pedo's stories feature fictional girls under 12 having lot's of sex. If preteen girls having sex disturbs you, these stories are Definitely NOT FOR YOU!

A day of hot sexy fun with ten year old Olga and her eight year old sister Laura.

I chose the town of La Cieba on the east coast of Honduras. It's famous for a huge mall and lot's of night life. I found a small inexpensive place to stay. It's only $200 US per month. The lady I rented from is very pleasant, the main reason I chose her place was because it was off by itself which gave me lots of privacy.

On my first day I asked her advice about an inexpensive restaurant. She gave me directions to a family run business called Viscaya, an easy fifteen minute walk. The owners were very friendly and spoke some English.

After breakfast I went for a walk looking for neighborhoods in a lower middle class area. I walked for thirty minutes when I came upon a promising neighborhood. A little further on I spotted two young girls playing games in the street. As I approached them I called out, 'Hola!' they responded with, 'Hola,' then they ignored me. I raised my camera and took four quick shots, two of each girl. My camera made them stop playing and stare at me. I called them over to view the pictures I had just taken.

They were impressed with the pictures. But they still remained cautious. I asked if I could meet their mom to discuss taking pictures of them for the Internet.

I looked at the older girl, "Where's your mom?"

She smiled lightly, "She's at work."

I reviewed there pictures in my camera, "When is she due home?"

The younger girl said with a serious face, "We're waiting for her now, she'll be here soon."

I looked over the girls. The older one was about six inches taller then her sister. They both wore simple pull over dresses about six inches above their knees. They were quite attractive with dark hair and lite skin color.

I asked, "Can I wait here for her to get home from work?"

The girls looked at each other, the older girl spoke up, "It's ok."

I was looking at them through the view finder when the older girl called out, "Momma!"

I looked up to see a nice appearing young Spanish women. The older girl ran to take the grocery bag from her mom. As they got closer the older girl spoke, "Mom this man took our picture and wants to take more pictures for the Internet."

She approached me with a look of, 'Who are you?' I introduced myself in my most polite Spanish. She said her name was Inez, her older daughter was Olga and her youngest was Laura. I told her I was an Internet Photographer and that I was looking for new faces for websites featuring young girl underwear models, especially in the six to twelve preteen age bracket.

"Well that fits my girls," she invited me in. I gladly accepted.

She bade me sit at her kitchen table. She asked if I'd like a beer. I refused but said I'd prefer a cup of coffee.

After she poured me a steamy cup I said, "I'd like to show you some of the kind of pictures I take." She sat down, I opened my IPad to pictures of preteen girls dressed modestly. She commented on how many different girls were featured in the pictures.

"I'd like to take some sample shots of Olga and Laura."

She smiled wide, "I'd like that and the girls will probably like it too."

She called out, "Come see girls." The two of them came in the kitchen with a look of, 'What's up?'

"Mr Pedo wants to take some pictures of you girls." Both girls looked pleased. Olga said, "That sounds like fun!" They jumped up and down, grinning happily.

I brought them to their living room. I requested a white sheet since the room was kind of drab. I spread the white sheet out on their couch. I asked Olga to be the first to pose, she agreed with a big smile. Both girls had changed their dresses. Lucky for me Olga's new dress was shorter then the previous one.

I had her sit on the couch with her legs modestly open, but enough so that I was able to shoot inside her thigh. I asked her to move to different poses, then the shot I was hoping for. Her legs spread enough so I could shoot a partial view of her panties. I encouraged her to move her legs further apart, without hesitation she complied. I got two nice full panty pictures.

I told Olga, "Let's look at these pictures."

I spoke to Inez, "Olga had some really nice pictures."

The two girls stood on each side of their mother. Inez said, "A couple of these are a little daring!" "Not for the Internet, as a matter of fact, underwear modeling by girls is extremely popular."

"Really, I didn't know that!"

"Would you like to see pictures of girls modeling underwear?"

Inez looked intrigued, "Definitely!"

The girls stood next to their mom, beaming in anticipation. I opened my IPad to pictures of preteen girls modeling underwear. These pictures featured crotch shots of girls wearing a simple top and skimpy panties. Some wore thongs, others T-Backs, some regular panties.

I asked Olga to tell me what she liked about the pictures.

She said, "All the girls are smiling, they seem to be having fun."

"Ok Laura's turn, let's take some pictures"

"Inez is it ok if I take pictures of the girls showing their panties?"

Olga reached down and pulled up Laura's dress, "I see your panties!"

Inez laughed, "I think you just got your answer."

I sat Laura down, placing myself lower than her butt.

I looked at Laura, "Laura you're going to be my underwear girl."

Inez smiled. Laura grinned happily.

Olga said, "Hey sis it's only underwear!"

Laura grinned widely, "Yes! Posing and showing my underwear could be fun!"

"Ok, let me start by having you put one foot on the floor and one foot on the couch." I snapped a few shots to help her become more comfortable with showing her panties.

"Ok, this time stand straight up, spread your legs, no not that far, that's good, yeah, like that. Now give me a big smile and pull your dress up, not too far, just below your panties."

Olga jumped in, "Hold your dress here just below your undies. Now pull up your dress up so he can see your panties!"

After a few shots, "let's take a break and show your mom you're new pictures."

Inez thought the pictures were great, she and the girls agreed that the pictures showing their panties were the best. This was shown by the happy, bright smile they displayed as they looked at their pictures.

I asked Inez, "Do the girls have any thongs or other kinds of fun underwear?" She said thongs were out of her budget range.

I looked at the girls, "I have an idea. On Saturday I'll take you and the girls, 'Thong' shopping."

The girls chimed in, "Momma please say yes! Please momma, please!"

Inez got a big kick out of the fun the girls were having, "Ok! What time?" I looked at my watch, "How about ten?"

We agreed I'd pick them all up at ten on Saturday.

I started to leave when Inez said it was too late to go out. "I'll call my favorite taxi owner, he won't be too long." She gave him her address over the phone.

I asked for more coffee, she smiled as she poured.

While we were waiting Inez looked directly at me, "I'd like to explain something to you. My sister, Maria, and I were having full blown intercourse with my dad and uncle as soon as we turned five. We loved it because they played games with us and they were always kind and never made us feel cheap or abused. I grew up loving sex. Sometimes I'd wake up at night and get my dad excited so he'd fuck me again that night. Actually sex with boys in high school was a really big disappointment because they were so incompetent and inept. If my girls want to be sexy and have fun, I'm all for it!"

I sipped hot coffee, "Then you'll have two very lucky girls!' She got up, "Right now I gotta feed 'em! It's been a pleasure meeting you, I'm looking forward to Saturday."

I heard a car beep, I excused myself and headed for the door. Olga came running, she gently tugged on my arm, "I hope to see you Saturday!"

I leaned over and kissed her forehead, "Don't worry you will!"

The taxi owner introduced himself as Adolph. "Put my number in your phone Seor, that way you can always find me."

I sat back in his Taxi, "Adolph I'll need you to pick me up Saturday, I'm taking Inez and her two darling girls shopping for some T-Back or Thong underwear."

"Seor may I ask, why are you shopping for thong underwear for such young girls?"

"I'm an Internet Photographer I specialize in preteen underwear models. T-Back and Thong panties are all the rage amongst preteen and teen girls."

We drove further, "What would be an approbate gift to bring their mom?"

He replied, "Food! Rice was good but meat was much better."

I said, "In that case come at eight-thirty, that way we can stop at a market."

As we were riding he said he knew a knock-out six year old. He asked if that was too young. "Oh no, that's a good age for the kind of Internet pictures I take."

"Next time I want to tell you about my six year old granddaughter."

Saturday came, Adolph was waiting for me outside my door. "Don't forget we have to stop so I can buy a roast." He stopped at a meat market and came in to help me chose a nice roast. We took off for Inez's house.

Inez greeted me warmly, two freshly bathed young girls came running, "Seor we're so happy to see you." They ran up giving me big hugs each. I presented Inez with the roast, she was thrilled. She offered me a beer, which I accepted. The girls had on nice, but not fancy dresses. Little Laura moved her dress back and forth in a sexy way. Olga contented herself with hugging my arm.

Adolph was waiting with the front door open. I suggested that Inez sit up front so I could sit in the back with the girls. We all climbed in the taxi. The girls sat together.

Laura spoke in her young voice, "We've been practicing for you."

"That's nice! What have you been practicing?"

Laura climbed on the seat and came up to my ear, she used her hand next to my ear, intimating that what she was going to tell me was a secret.

She whispered, "Showing you our panties!" She giggled as she said that.

Laura remained kneeling next to me, "How have you been practicing?"

"Olga and I pretend you're here with your camera. We pose for you. We do it sexy."

Olga looked over at me, smiled slyly and then pulled her dress up almost showing her panties but only just enough to tease me. The two girls broke out into peals of laughter.

Inez turned around, " Are you ok with those two?"

"We're doing just fine, I raised a daughter myself."

We arrived at the mall which is huge with over fifty stores, all the stalls are painted dark green. Adolph agreed to wait for my call until we were ready for the return ride home.

I said smiling, "First we must get everybody an ice cream or an icee."

The two girls ran quickly ahead, they obviously knew where to go. Inez was very pleasant, especially telling me how much she appreciated the excitement I was bringing into her daughter's lives.

We caught up with the girls at an Icee vendor. They had already placed their orders. Inez told the white coated employee which flavors we wanted. It didn't take long and we were all slurping noisily over our Icee's.

I walked next to Olga, "Do you know where to go for girls clothes?"

Inez chimed in, "I do, we keep walking straight ahead, it's a fairly far walk."

We reached the store and went in. Inez headed straight to the girls clothing department. She went directly to a table with girls panties and training bra's. When I stood next to her she grabbed a training bra, she had a look of disdain on her face, "Training to do what?"

I laughed, "I guess it's a way of telling a young girl she's growing up."

"Yeah I guess, my mom didn't buy me a bra until I actually had real boobs."

Inez found an area of underwear for young girls, her daughters were chatting and giggling with each other. She finally found T-Backs. She picked out two for each girl, it was mainly about color. She showed her selection to first Olga, then to Laura. The girls eagerly agreed with their mom's choices.

I paid the clerk who commented that all the young girls these days wanted, 'T Back' undies. We went back out into the crowded mall.

I spoke to Inez, "I want a cup of coffee, would you like one?"

She politely refused. I called Adolph. Inez told me to tell him we would meet him at a different exit. He knew what she was talking about and agreed to meet us there in twenty minutes. As we waited the girls took out the thongs and gleefully chatted about which color was best.

In the taxi on the way to their house, Olga teased me by hiking her dress up, this time she seductively spread her legs and showed her panties. Laura came and whispered again in my ear.

"I bet you want to see what's under her panties?" she then giggled with her hand at her mouth.

I leaned over to Laura and whispered, "I bet you're very pretty under your panties. Why do you think I would want to see under Olga's panties?"

"Those pictures on your machine showed me. I just know, that's all!" She looked pleased, "Wanna see mine?"

I laughed, "I can wait until a little later."

She pouted, looking disappointed. I grabbed her and gave her a big hug. She hugged me back with a big grin. She obviously needed hugging.

At her home Inez put out a sheet in her tiny living room. The girls ran to their bedrooms to put-on their new thongs. Inez joined them to make sure they fit right.

When she was ready she called out, "Ready or not! Here we come!"

The young girls came out with their hands in the air so that I had an unobstructed view of their barely covered pussies. I decided to pose them as a pair. I had Laura pointing at Olga's crotch with a wide mouthed look, as in, "look what I see."

They each wore a simple cotton top. I had Laura pull up Olga's shirt top and pose with a look of, 'I bet you'd like to see these!'

Inez's cooking smelled good.

Next I had each girl stand and seductively pull the sides of their thongs down in a way, as to say, 'I'm about to take these off for you.' I placed Laura on the floor and had Olga kneel over her face with only inches to spare below her pussy. I placed Laura's hand right near her own pussy, as I shot pictures Laura let her hand slide onto the front of her thong giving the impression she was naked. That was a nice shot.

I took a break and let the girls see the pictures. Inez joined the girls, they all enjoyed every picture.

Inez looked at me with approving eyes, "I like these pictures, it shows how very sexy they are!"

I looked at her smiling, "They are sexy!"

She went back to cooking, "Dinner will be ready soon."

Laura said directly to me, "Olga's titties are starting to grow."

Olga said grinning, "Wanna see?"

I was thrilled to oblige. Olga stood in front of me and pulled up her top, proudly rubbing and pinching her nipples. Her face had an, 'Oh boy' look.

I couldn't contain my smile, "May I touch them?"

She agreed by nodding and saying, "Uh huh!" She continued smiling with anticipation. I reached up and squeezed the right nipple gently pulling on it.

Olga sighed, with a look of, 'Wow that was good!' Her face expressed, 'Where'd that sensation come from?'

She grabbed my hand and pulled it too her chest encouraging me to continue.

Laura said, "Do me too!"

I leaned down and kissed her forehead, "Don't worry I won't leave you out."

I whispered in her ear, "Can I see under your panties later?"

She whispered into my ear, "I want to show you, but momma has to say ok!"

She beamed, it seems she's ready to get permission for something she already wants to do.

Inez called us to come eat. Dinner was a happy affair. After we ate Inez joined me in the living room. I told her Olga's boobies were about to bud. Inez called her over lifting her top, as she touched pulled on the right nipple. Olga moaned, "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!"

Her face beamed with a big smile of approval. That encouraged Inez to pinch the other nipple, this time Olga doubled her, "Oohs."

Olga spoke into her mother's ear. Inez laughed, "She asked me if it was ok for you to touch her titties." I told her it was up to her.

Olga smiled widely, "I'd very much like you to touch them."

Olga came immediately and stood in front of me with her shirt pulled up, her eyes were closed in anticipation. I reached up sampling first one nipple then the other. Olga never stopped moaning with obvious pleasure.

Laura was quietly taking all this in. She stood in front of Inez, pulled up her top and said firmly, "Me too! I wanna feel good too!"

Inez said, "Of course you want to feel good too." with that she began pinching each of her nipples. At first Laura looked quizzical over these new sensations. Then she let out a little girl squeal, it seems her mother had awoken exciting new sensations for her baby girl.

Laura beamed with happiness over her new found pleasures. "Momma that made me feel all tingly inside, even down here."

Her hand went directly to her T-Back covered pussy. She began caressing her mound.

Inez looked at me and said with delight, "I think I have an early bloomer."

"Ok girls more pictures." They ran to the white sheet.

I had Olga bend over and place her hands on her knees. Then look back at the camera. I had Laura lean her head against Olga's rear. I put her left hand on Olga's butt and asked her to look directly at Olga's rear and give the camera a big smile. She didn't quite have the look I wanted. I went over and gently rubbed Olga's nicely rounded butt cheeks.

Olga moved her rear in a sensuous way. I told Laura to close her eyes as I gently rubbed her own bottom. "Does that feel good?"

Laura didn't speak, she grinned and nodded aggressively yes.

"Well that's how I want you to make Olga's butt feel.

"In this picture I want you to make Olga feel good by rubbing her butt."

Laura complied. She beamed as she rubbed her sister's delightfully exposed rear.

Olga couldn't take the smile off her face. She ran to her room and brought out a tall mirror placing it against the wall. She wanted to see herself posing.

This time I had Laura sit on the floor, I put Olga kneeling next to her, I placed one of Olga's hands high up on Laura's leg. I moved her fingers until they almost touched the cloth of her sister's thong, with her other hand I had her pull the strap of Laura's thong giving the impression that she was about to take it off. They both smiled at each other, laughing at all the new sensations they were suddenly experiencing.

I asked Inez for a cup of coffee, she got up to get it. Cute little Laura came over to me, pulled up her shirt, grabbed my hand and placed it over her left nipple. She pushed hard on my hand. I began rubbing first one than the other nipple. She closed her eyes and stood grinning as her new sensations flowed thru her.

Once again Laura whispered in my ear. "Why does that make my PP feel all tingly?"

"Why don't you ask your mom?"

Inez handed me a cup of black coffee. Laura went to her mother, saying, "When you and Seor Pedo play with my titties it makes my PP get all tingly."

Inez beamed and said, "I want to tell you something grown up. It's not called a PP, grownup girls call it a pussy."

Laura beamed, "Is my pussy pretty momma?"

"Of course it is! Every time I see it, I think, Wow! Laura's little pussy sure is pretty."

With that Laura reached down and pulled her thong to the side so her mom could see her pussy. Inez whispered into Laura's ear. She grinned and immediately came and stood in front of me. She put on a coy smile as she pulled off her thong and stood proudly in front of me. She waited for my judgement on her pussy's appearance. I leaned my head down close to her slit.

I sat up saying, "It's one of the prettiest pussies I've ever seen." Inez smiled approvingly.

Laura whispered in my ear, "My pussy felt all tingly when you put your face right next to it. She could feel your eyes looking at her!"

Olga didn't want to be left out, she came over to me and said, "Close your eyes." I did.

She pulled off her thong and stood right in front of me, my face was only inches from her now exposed preteen pussy.

"Ok you can open your eyes." When my eyes opened, right in front of me was a gorgeous, slightly brown, and oh so pretty ten year old pussy.

I took my time getting really close. I gently blew warm air on her inviting slit. She held my head to make sure I didn't stop blowing warm air on her naked pussy.

Inez came over and gently rubbed her daughter's buttocks. Olga moaned with obvious pleasure. Laura stood next to me her hand moving slowly into her pussy as she watched.

What a treat! I had an eight and a ten year old gladly showing off their virgin pussies. They were happily begging me to look at them.

I asked Inez to take off her top, she stood up and just stripped. She had a nice thin strip of black hair trimmed short over her mound. She took my hand and said come on girls. We got in her bed. I told Inez I wanted to go slow to build up the girl's sensations. I arranged the two delightfully naked girls side by side and then pulled their legs apart. They willingly accepted this and smiled bigger the closer I got.

I told Olga to close her eyes and let any sensations just happen. "Allow and enjoy whatever you feel"

Her eyes closed tightly, she nodded acceptance with a big teeth showing smile. I got right up close to Olga's eager to play pussy. I continued blowing hot breath over her waiting slit. She continued beaming, her head rolled back and forth as sexy feelings charged thru her newly discovered play toy.

I said between her legs and directly at her pussy, "You're very pretty."

Olga moved her hips in a way that gave me a signal that said, 'I like it when you say and do that!"

I took Little Laura's hand and placed it over her pussy. I whispered in her ear, "It's your pussy! Play with her! She'll like it."

Little Laura's eyes twinkled as she said, "I might be little, I might be young, but I never knew anything could be so much fun!"

Inez clapped and said, "Laura that was very clever, what you just said!" Laura grinned wide.

Olga reached over and pulled on my arm, indicating that her little ten year old virgin pussy didn't want to be left out of any of this fun.

I moved over and reminded Olga to close her eyes and relax. She moved her waist and butt in preparation. I began by blowing gently on her slit, this time I also lightly moved my hand over her mound.

She said with emphasis, "That feels really, really, really good! Do more! Do more like that!" She placed her hand on top of mine to be sure I continued playing with her young pussy mound.

Olga couldn't contain her smile. She unconsciously spread her legs even wider. I enjoyed watching the two young girls discover sex together.

Inez reminded Olga to keep her eyes closed. She had a jar of KY Jelly. She covered her finger with jelly as she quietly asked Olga to lay on her side. Olga quickly turned over and pulled her knees up to her chest. Inez began gently massaging her anus with jelly. Olga moved her hips in approval. Inez placed more jelly on her finger and began probing the rear hole, slowly she moved her finger inside, Olga's head was nodding up and down indicating approval.

Inez smiled at me, "This means I can stop wanting to do this secretly. I can watch my girls and enjoy their young, soon to be happy pussies."

I looked admiringly at Inez, "You're girls are lucky because their sexual sensations are very intense when they're this young. You're doing them a big favor!"

I began licking little Laura's outer pussy lips. She sucked in her breath as the warm wet sensation hit her. She raised her head to look at me, she licked her lips and smiled. I licked the lips of her slit. Her eyes went wide in amazement. Her mouth opened wide as she suddenly realized that an awful lot of exciting pleasure could come from a tiny part of her body.

Laura continued to be wide eyed as I sought her hole with my tongue. My finger rolled over the area where her young clit resided. Laura sat up and moved her finger inviting me to hear her.

She got up and whispered in my ear, "That feels really, really good. I like it when your tongue is inside my pussy. Can I tell you a secret?"

I whispered back, "OK!"

"I want you to do it more, 'cause it makes my PP, I mean my pussy, feel all funny and happy!"

I said, "Wonderful! I'm so happy for you."

I whispered, "Lay back down." Her legs moved wider apart, giving me an unobstructed and inviting opportunity to enjoy her tastes and sights. Her pussy was now really wet. What a glorious eight year old pretty pussy she had. I loved the fact that she was demanding that I play with it.

Olga was moaning as Inez's finger buried itself inside her back door hole. Olga said in a raspy voice to her mother, "I like that mom, i really like that, keep doing it, oh yeah I like that mom, I like that!"

Inez changed positions and stood on the side of the bed, this way she could take Olga's hand and place it on her own pussy.

Olga immediately began exploring her mom's insides. This was her first time doing this, she obviously enjoyed probing her mom's wet pussy. Inez pulled away and went to her dresser and pulled out a slick battery powered dildo. Olga looked at her funny.

Inez reached up and closed Olga's eyes with her hand, "It's better with your eyes closed."

She jelled up the dildo and slowly but firmly inserted into her now well lubricated hole. It slipped in nicely. Olga moaned and moved her hips to increase the pleasure. After some time had passed, Inez got up indicating to me, she wanted to switch. I took over moving the dildo inside of Olga. After a minute I pulled it out, told her to get on her knees with her backside up, I wiped her dry with a towel. I now leaned over and began probing her hole with my tongue.

I heard the most delightful sounds of pleasure come from Olga. She moaned and said, "Oh yes, Oh yes this is marvelous, this is soooo good."

Inez turned Laura over, then pulled her butt up so it's hole was nicely showing. Inez began licking her darling little eight year olds ass hole. Laura's hips moved rapidly with the pleasure she was receiving from her mother's hot wet tongue on her backside hole. I noticed that Laura's fingers were at the same time moving in and out of her wet pussy. She was really into it, I'd of loved to have been inside of young Laura's body in order to feel the obvious exquisite sexual sensations she was now enjoying.

Olga put up her hand to stop me. I pulled away. She laid back down, spread her legs, reached down and opened her pussy lips.

She said, grinning, "I really like it when you kiss my pussy deep!"

I took two of her fingers and pushed them inside her. "Keep doing that." I told her. She eagerly probed inside of herself.

I pushed my tongue inside her pussy next to her fingers. She moaned out loud, her fingers moved more rapidly. She raised her hips, her fingers moved even quicker pushing as deep as she could go with her fingers.

She then let out a rush of air and a, "Oh MY God!" She just had her first orgasm. Judging by the look on her face it felt marvelous. Her body slumped, but her fingers continued probing her pussy's insides.

Out of curiosity she tasted her own juices, she liked it so much that she continued to slip her fingers into her gorgeous, now open pussy hole, then licking her own fingers dry. "Momma come taste my pussy, it sure tastes nice!"

Inez used two fingers to feel deep inside of Olga's wet pussy. Olga grabbed her hand saying, "Momma that's really nice, it's really nice momma, I like the way it feels deep inside of me, it feels so good! Oh that's nice! That's so nice!"

Inez had curled her fingers seeking an untouched 'G' spot to gently probe. Olga's virgin pussy responded with nothing but sensations of pure unadulterated pleasure.

Olga laid back, her legs moving back and forth as her internal pleasures slowly subsided. Suddenly she reached up and gave her mom a big hug, "I love you mom! I love you mom! Thank you! Thank you!"

It was time for a break. We all headed for the kitchen.

After the girls drank a coke Olga said, "Momma does fucking feel good?"

Inez beamed at her daughter's question, "Why don't you ask Mr. Pedo to show you. I'm sure he'd love to fuck your little pussy!"

Laura had a hmmmmm look, "What's it like to fuck?"

Inez grabbed her daughter, putting her on her lap. She spread her legs then gently but firmly pushed one finger into her pussy. Laura moaned, her pussy was already wet and expanded from of the earlier activity. Laura being vocal about these things, declared, "I like fucking, it feels really good inside."

"Can Mr Pedo fuck me momma? Olga can't always have all the fun! I wanna be fucked too momma! Please can I momma! Can I please?"

I spoke up, "Why don't we save fucking for another day. You girls have had a lot of sex today."

Inez agreed, "He's right girls, let's do things in steps."

Inez leaned over, her naked boobs on my arm, "Mr. Pedo my sister has a six year old daughter and a nine year old son. I know Miranda would love posing for you. Is it ok if her nine year old son Nelson comes along? I'm sure he'd enjoy seeing naked girls? Don't you? If I was a nine year old boy I sure would!"

"I'd love for him to join us. I have some Ideas for fun pictures. When can we do it?"

"How about Wednesday night around eight?"

I gently rubbed her nearest titty. Eight it is, then!"

I called Adolph, he told me twenty minutes. I hugged the still naked girls goodbye.

Laura came up to me, cupping her hand to facilitate whispering, "Don't forget to be here! I want to fuck you! I know momma will let me, OK?"

I gave her a big hug, "You can count on me.

Whispering in her ear, "Can you keep a secret?"

She nodded affirmatively, "Your pussy tasted the absolute best! Is it ok for me to kiss you there when I come back?"

She whispered again, " I'm going to play with her, so she'll be really ready for you when you come back?"

I smiled, "You must give her a name!"

She thought for a moment, a smile broke out over her face, then out loud, "I know, instead of PP I'll call her HP! That means, 'Happy Pussy!"

We all laughed at her declaration.

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re: 'A little further on I spotted two young girls playing games in the street. As I approached I called out, 'Hola!' they responded with, 'Hola.' then they ignored me. I raised my camera and took four quick shots, two of each girl. My camera made them stop playing and stare at me. I called them over to view the pictures I had just taken. I had her sit on the couch'

Is there a missing chapter because it sure went fast from the street to 'the couch' & the mother.


Very, Very erotic. Mom can always make it more fun! I am presently wiritng a similar one.


Very well written and excellent pace. You really helped me form a mental picture of what was going on. Young girls can be so innocent, and with a bit of encouragement from their moms, can become absolutely gorgeous.

Charles Dodgson

Senor Pedo,

Im a fellow pedo author. What a marvelous series this is!! As another fellow pedo author, a female pedo author, Silky Girl, said in review here, ' Very, Very erotic. Mom can always make it more fun!' That is so true for me. Mom knows how much pleasure sex can bring her little preteen darlings and can encourage them, show them, pleasure them herself. Little girls deserve many, many orgasms, and as we know, are fully capable of having orgasms at any age. What a wise pleasure seeker you are, Senor Pedo, making mom an integral part of sex with the girls, well, at least as an author.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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