Sandra's "Special Wedding", The 'Climatic' Ceremony

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Published: 19-May-2012

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Pure Fiction

Chapter 21: The Wedding Ceremony (1)

The two bridesmaids Sleve and Wolda, were nearly finished being sissified, and Drifna had been given a little something by Trikela, that would 'ease' his lust for a while, until they had finished the sissification.

Sandra and Frebe attended to both Sleve and Wolda, and put the finishing touches to them both before putting them on their bridesmaid's dresses. A little lipstick was applied to the bridesmaid's nipples, and a little more to their erect cocks, and a lot more scent was sprayed everywhere.

Then the girls got the bridesmaids their dresses from behind them and out of the boxes they unwrapped the crisp layers of paper, and each of the girls held up the gowns.

In front of their eyes were two identical pink, shear see through baby doll nighties, or negligees. Each was trimmed around the edges with a delicate pink ribbon, which extended down into dangle as two flimsy ribbons. The bottom edge was not edged with ribbon, but the nylon just ended.

The negligees were put onto each bridesmaid and the hems just hovered above the boys erect cocks, and the nighties retained their 'A' shape, allowing their cocks to excited by the hem as it 'just' touched their ends as they moved. The feeling as the flimsy material teased their rampant cocks made them twitch and buck, and more precum oozed with each movement.

The girls fastened the ribbons in a very girlie bow, and the ribbon flopped as it was made into a tempting bow inline with the bridesmaid nipples.

The geometry of the negligees allowed the material to cover their nipples, and the fastening of the bow brought the front of the negligee together.

Imagine, how they looked with their stockings and suspenders, negligees, make up, wigs, high heels and rampant little boy cocks all excited by being sissy bridesmaids.

There was no wanking for these boys!

The girls added to the bridesmaid's costumes a pair of shiny cold silver handcuffs. The bridesmaids arms were put behind their backs and the cuffs locked. The fact that the boy's cocks could not be wanked, made the little cocks grow that little bit more.

The girls had prepared even more, and told the boys to open their mouths, into which was sprayed a liquid, and then the girls adjusted a tooth protector to fit the bridesmaid's mouths.

A tooth protector, (well that's the best name for it) is an oval rubber contraption that has screws and grooves. The grooves fit snugly over the rough edges of the front teeth top and bottom, and the screws are then tightened to ensure the mouth is open to the right aperture. You know how uncomfortable it is when you start fucking a mouth and the recipient lowers their jaws and your fast moving cock rasps over their teeth? Well with the tooth protector, their little mouths are always open and accommodating, while the soft spongy rubber, protects your cock from abrasive actions!

The spray? Oh yes, this excites the mouth and produces excessive quantities of saliva, which helps lubricate any fucking in the mouth, as well as it looking very dirty and sexy as litres of spit spills out of their open mouths, just thick and dribbling down their chins and all over their costumes......

This done, the girls kneel in front of the maids and tie a matching pink bow to the bases of their erections, making sure it is tied good and tight, which has the instant effect of stiffening and thickening the bobbing cocks and helping to prolong the lust filled erections, ensuring some serious thick hard spurts when they eventually are released and relieved!!

Drifna is having his final touches done, and in his drowsy state, his cock is still flaring and flicking about, but with out the need to wank.

The bride's gown is presented and all three girls put it onto Drifna.

A long white shear see through nightie, which extends and trails behind him, with a matching delicate ribbon as the bridesmaids. The ribbon is fastened and unlike the bridesmaids the brides gown remains open and the front exposing the brides 'bridal passion' for all to see, which by now had wet his knickers through, and the staining had made his cock cling to the nylon and as the nylon encased his 'passion' it was as if it was shrink wrapped, displaying every little detail as if he was naked.

The girls pulled the knickers away from his cock and tied a white ribbon to the base of his cock, and a smaller ribbon around the base of his bell end as if to gift-wrap his purple end. The effect was incredible, and the pain must have been so pleasurable for Drifna as the drug must have started to wear off, and his precum was getting more profuse.

The girls put his knickers back and covered his cock while smearing his precum evenly over the front of his knickers, so that they became even more transparent.

Then two long pieces of ribbon were acquired and the end of one was tied as a bow around Sleve's cock, and one end of the other was tied around the cock of Wolda, and the two free ends were introduced as a bow around the middle of Drifna's big hard cock.

The girls then tied piece of thinner ribbon around two rings, a wide one and a more modest ring, and one was tied around Sleve's bell end in a bow, and the other to Wolda's bell end.

The music began and the bride and her bridesmaids passed through the large open door and began to walk down the aisle.

Drifna took two steps forward, and the maids stayed still, and then the maids took four steps forward, while Drifna stayed still. This was how they were ordered to walk down the aisle, which made the ribbons pull and tighten their hard cocks, and was a new experience for the sissies, and was designed to not only give them pleasurable pain but to bring them all close to orgasm with out actual physical contact with anyone.

Sleve and Wolda had so much saliva spilling out of their mouths, their lipstick was smudged and running an the front of their negligees were wet, as was the hems of the skimpy flimsy nighties.

Half way down the aisle, Sandra sprinkled a little something over the enraged end of all three sissies' cocks, which would irritate their enflamed young bell ends, wanting them to obtain physical rubbing to gain relief.

Then the sissies reached the vicar who stood above them looking down. The sissies now had a perfect view of the choir sluts who were as turned on and as rampant as the sissies.

The vicar told the congregation to be seated.

Chapter 22: The Wedding Ceremony (2)

Magline hadn't bothered to dress or even get ready for the occasion. He sat on the front row in an ill-fitting yellowy white nylon shirt, with fraying cuffs and collar, with two buttons missing which allowed more than glimpses of his stained vest. His trousers were a pair of very creased cream chinos, with obvious cum and pee stains around his crotch, which was displaying his usual hard on, that as you can imagine was wet and depositing fresh precum stains on his chinos.

His hair was greasy and lank and he hadn't shaved, and by the smell of him, he hadn't washed let alone bathed.

His breathe smelt foul, and he smelt of stale sweat as well as spent cum... You know what stale cum smells like? Added to his scent collection was the distinct odour of fresh cum, and we weren't sure if it was only his or some else's we could smell on him.

The ugly monster struggled to stand and when he did he and his erection stood next to Drifna, a sweet girlie smelling sissy all dolled up like some sex doll waiting to be used and abused by some dirty disgusting ugly old troll.

The dirty smells of Magline had reached Drifna's cute girlie nose and for some unexplainable reason he wanted to smell more, he wanted to smell it stronger, and his thoughts turned to what Magline must smell like in his underpants.

The vicar continued doing his vicar things and the congregation couldn't give a toss and continued their sexual perversions with who ever took their fancy.

The vicar addressed the couple and continued...

"... Do you Magline Darset, take Drifna Skril to be your Cum Slut Sissy wife, from this day forth until you find some one else who will serve your lustful urges..? To be perverse and carry out the most kinkiest dirty sex with her? To share her with your friends, neighbours, family, strangers and pets?..."

Magline agreed as he looked at Drifna's knicker bulge.

The vicar addressed Drifna...

"... Now you fucking Cum Slut! Do you Drifna Skril take Magline Darset to be your master, from this day forth until he finds some one else who will serve his lustful urges..? To be perverse and carry out the most kinkiest dirty sex with him, his friends, neighbours, family, strangers and pets?...and to take as much cum as is given to you and have any and/or all your orifices used and abused in the name of sexual relief?..."

Drifna nodded...

"... You fucking Cum Slut Sissy!!! Do you? Speak!!!" The vicar yelled.

"...I do," whimpered the sissy bride.

The vicar called for the ring boy.

A very cut 11yo boy, came out from behind the screen, wearing a tooth protector and a flared, pleated white satin micro rah-rah skirt with a matching little bra which had delicate little straps which were about to fall off his bony shoulders.

His cock was lifting the hem of he satin skirt and he wore no knickers, but white ankle socks and white spike heeled patent leather shoes.

He walked over to the vicar who instructed the ring boy to present the rings and prepare for the ring exchange.

First the boy went to the bridesmaids and very teasingly undid the bows that held the rings from each of the maid's bell ends. The ring boy even though he was only 11yo let his slender finger tips slide down each of the erection from their bases to the tips like some sensuous porn star, and as his fingers reached the bell end, he dragged his smooth finger tips very slowly over the red lipstick covered ends, ensuring his finger tips were coated with the bridesmaids precum.

Very slowly he undid the ribbons and let the silkiness of the ribbons tease the excite bell ends to which they had been attached.

On collecting both rings, the ring boy turned towards the vicar and walked in his direction. The boy wiggled and walked like a strutting slut... his neat satin covered bum seductively wiggling as the congregation saw his young muscles his calf's and thighs pull his tender, what should have been Virgin skin, and he looked and moved more alike a teen temptress slut than a little 11yo cute boy.

He stopped at the vicar, whose crotch was at the ring boy's eye level. The boy stretched forth his arms and opened a small panel in the vicar's gown to reveal his very wet glistening cock.

The ring boy tied each ribboned ring to the vicars bobbing cock, just where the foreskin meet the bell end.

The vicar was in heaven as this was being done, and he nearly came.

The ring boy returned to the bride and knelt in front of him. The ring boy's face was millimetres away from Drifna knicker bulge and he was sniffing the scents that were strong and emanating in quantity from Drifna's wet knickers.

Gently the ring boy eased the elasticated waistband of Drifna's French Knickers and slowly peeled the sopping wet sticky knickers over the twitching cock until his cock and balls were exposed... As if this was a real brides veil!

The knickers were left around Drifna's thighs, just under the base of his stiffness and under his aching balls, all smooth and in need of release.

Then the ring boy went over to Magline, unzipping his chinos and unclipping the buckle of his belt so as to expose his ever over excited cock.

Magline's underpants were indeed 'Y' fronts, and at some stage of their existence had been white, but now where grayish with lots of yellow stains.

The boy put his hand through the opening in Magline's 'Y' fronts and pulled out Magline's erection.

The boys hand was very wet and sticky with Magline's deposits and the size of Magline's cock was pronounced as he had dressed up his cock for the occasion, with a leather cock restrainer, which had three leather straps which wrapped around his cock and which made it bulge out between each strap. His vein looked ready to snap and squirt blood all over the church, and the final strap wrapped around his big heavy hairy balls.

The straps were very tight and his balls were pushed up and out in a very un-natural position.

The ring boy stood back to one side and licked his fingers clean.

Chapter 23: The Wedding Ceremony (3)

Magline watched as the ring boy licked his slimy cummed fingers, he watched as he sniffed Magline's scents off his hand, he watched as the ring boy sniffed and sucked the ribbons that had been tied around the dribbling erections of the three sissies, and Magline watched as the ring boy brought himself off by stroking his own cock expertly as if his own hand wasn't his and if it were some ghost of a well versed tart.

He saw the ring boy twitch as he shot his load and watched it seep as the white satin skirt absorbed the spunk staining it only to become a dirty stiff stain in a few minutes once it had dried.

But then Magrine knew that the ring boy's cock would still be stiff, very sticky and in need of a real good hard wank, and that there would be plenty of spunk left in those young balls to give Magline a thrill.

The vicar stood doing what ever vicars do at times like this and asked Magline to come forward and take the ring (that had been tied around the vicars cock)...and with these words, Magline slipped the ring over Drifna's excited cock and pushed it all the way up to the hilt, albeit a little tight..." with this ring I thee wed!"

"... now you dirty filthy disgusting sissy cum slut... over here at once!" with these words Drifna, head bowed low, cock stiff as hell, he walked slowly over to the vicar.

"... on your knees this instant you dirt sissy cum slut! Now with your mouth take the ring off my cock and put it on Malgine's cock... you hear? Do it!!!" demanded the vicar.

In the meantime, the ring boy was enjoying removing Magline's cock restrainer and Magline was enjoying the attention the ring boy was giving to his sweaty dirty hard on.

Drifna moved over to Magline and slid the ring over his bulbous bell end, and down his cock. The ring boy helped Drifna push the ring over Magline's vein and together they managed to get the ring as far down Magline's cock as it would allow.

Drifna was now crouched on his heels, legs wide apart and his face bobbing in front of the fattest stiffest cock he had ever dreamt of (and he had dreamt of cocks all his life). This cock was sticky, slimy, sweaty and smelt revolting, so revolting Drifna kissed its tip, its wet sticky gooey precum covered tip, it tasted revolting and smelt even worse but he wanted it.

Suddenly Drifna's lipstick caked lips wrapped around Magline's filthy sex rod and he started sliding his mouth up and down his shaft. Being crouched the way he was, his French Knickers loosened and his erection was able to slide up and down the nylon fabric, and the cock ring was making his cock stiffer and thicker than he had ever known.

The cock ring stopped his cock from lengthening but compensated by making it very thick! Drifna was now smelling his own sex in his sweaty knickers.

"...What the fuck you doing you cum slut? This is a fucking church you dirty little sissy slut! Can you not wait until you get out of here? You are a dirty slut, now cum over here and pay a penance!" the vicar retorted to Drifna's sluttish actions

"... You disgusting cum slut... How old are you?" and Drifna answered in a sheepish girly tone "11yo sir"

"...11yo? And you act like a whore?" the vicar shouted " on your knees Slut! Here suck this you disgusting tart suck it good and proper, taste it and swallow everything I give you..." The vicar said as he shoved his old cock into Drifna's mouth.

"What a dirty cum slut! Can you all hear how this slut slurps and sucks my cock? Can you all see what effect this dirty 11yo girlie boy has on a grown mans tool? See how 'it' makes me hard and stiff, and makes me want to empty my load deep into this fucking slut's mouth? How I want to ram my erection deep into 'it's' mouth and while holding and grabbing 'it's' hair I want to fuck 'it's' young 11yo mouth? Do you all see that? It is the work of the devil!!!!" The vicar was by now red in the face and very purple in his cock.

"You fucking filthy cunt, you are the devils child, and I will impregnate you with my gods spunk, and fill your mouth till it over flows with my juices, cleansing your dirty mouth and your body with my righteous cum... and you will swallow every drop just like the slut you are..." The vicar was possessed as was Drifna, who went down and took the vicar in his mouth like a 60yo prostitute and the congregation heard every slurp, every suck, every gulp and every squirt as the vicar downloaded all he had to offer into Drifna's mouth... Every drop was taken and swallowed and not a drop wasted or spilt!


To be continued?

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


Hi Sarah, As a fellow Brit I just had to send this little e-mail you to say a very big thank you for all your kinky stories so far and thereby hope there will be more to come in the same vain in the near future. If I had to pick a favourite it would be Sarahs Present To Her New Husband. You are very good indeed at weaving a erotic story with plenty of detail. I am now a devoted fan. My Kind Regards.
From Mike.

T V Stiffie

Please continue: there is a reception and honeymoon to come. And come again and again!

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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