Sandra's "Special Wedding", Part 6

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Published: 17-May-2012

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Pure Fiction

Chapter 18: The Wedding Day (3)

She marched into the church as if she owned the place, even God would have bee scared of Madam Heahe!

She was well into her 60's and was a very large lady, both in height and in width, and had flowing locks of silver blonde hair down past her shoulders. Her face was nearing ugly rather than beautiful, with her make up was badly applied.

She wore, assuming it was her best outfit, a grey jumper which was home to numerous large holes, with buttons too few to fasten the two halves. Her skirt was full, with an elasticated waistband, and pleated down to just above her ankles, and you could see the teasing hem of her white lacy underskirt peeping out from the hem of her skirt.

She wore a pair of rather sexy little ankle boots, which didn't match the rest of her outfit, nor her.

Her voice boomed as the confident bitch entered the church like some demon from some nightmare!

She towered over the two little sluts at the entrance and with her red eyes she eyed them both up, and was more intrigued with the girl slut rather than the boy slut, and knelt before.

She slipped the girl sluts micro skirt up her creamy spunk smeared thighs and inhaled the slut's knicker scents, which were strong. While exclaiming what a filthy slut she was and being so young and being like that in church, she peeled off the girl slut's flimsy shear nylon knickers.

Due to the condition of her and her knickers, the white see through fabric was clinging to every intimate crevice the 8 year old possessed. All the bodily fluids that had been deposited onto her young innocent body had trickled and dried where ever it good flow, the majority of it being in the sluts tender smooth hairless cunt.

The nylon had been stuck deep between her puffy pussy lips and was clamped between them, as did her bum cheeks.

The shear white nylon had obvious 'yellow' stains either from deposits of the abundant cum that had been wanked in her direction, or by her cunt oozing her own sex juices and/or pee.

The slut was hot, and I mean hot between her clammy sweaty smooth white thighs, so hot Madam Heahe felt the heat on her face, and she could taste the taste of sex, which drifted on the rising heat.

Madam Heave's own nylon clad cunt was dripping as a result of all this, and being knelt down she felt the tight nylon knickers push her pussy lips apart and felt the soft shear nylon slip all the way deep into her snatch until it hit that spot, and still her knickers rode harder and higher into her sopping drenched cunt.

Heahe hadn't bathed for weeks and the stench of her cunt was strong and dirty, and the smell of her sex juices hit her nose.

Slowly she slid the fine knickers down the slut's bottom and she watched as the little stained gusset that was deep in the young sluts cunt slowly peel out from its lair, and the flimsy gossamer gusset teasingly parted company with the glistening lubricated bloated 8 year old lips of the slut's pussy.

The loose elastic of the leg holes allowed the knickers to slip past her thighs, over her stocking tops and down her slender nylon encased little girl legs.

The finale was Heahe letting the knickers fall on their own from the slut's calves down to the floor.

The knickers being so fine and small appeared to float allowing the dirty nylon gusset to display all the stains and fluids that had been deposited for all to see and smell.

As the knickers gently hit the floor, they lay there all spread out like a cloud, but of shear see through nylon.

Heahe ordered the slut to step out of the pool that had been her knickers, and as the slut lifted her leg, Heahe heard the nylon stockings slide together and watched the nylon crease and wrinkle around the slut's ankles, as the anklet jingled against the white tarty stiletto shoes.

As the girl slut lifted her other foot out of the knickered pool, Heahe had a spectacular view of the sluts excited cunt, with her lips so puffed up displaying a gaping snatch which released a stream of creamy juices down her white smooth clammy thigh, only to be soaked up by the black darker band of her shear nylons that caressed her very, very young thighs.

As the slut took a step back Heahe heard the slut's cunt squelch and she bent over and kissed the girls cunt lips as though they were her mouth lips. A string of sex juice connected the slut's cunt to Heahe's mouth.

The sluts discarded knickers were slowly raised up into the air by Heahe, who held them up to the window to let the sunlight shine onto and through the gossamer nylon.

The nylon was so transparent, Heahe could actually see through the areas which the girl sluts cunt had wettened, and the other stained areas became apparent and showed up just how much was actually stained with the lusts of the men folk as well as the girl slut herself.

Heahe lifted her dirty skirt and white lacy underskirt and pushed the deeply lodged creamy French knickers out from her pungent cunt, and wiped her over wet snatch with the delicate item of lingerie that had been stuck up the 8 year olds cunt absorbing everything it could.

Now the knickers were stuck deep into woman's 60 year old sloppy cunt and was becoming full of every liquid she was hiding up and around her hairy cavernous cunt.

When she was sure she had emptied her juices and had cleaned her sweaty cunt, she pulled the knickers from out of her hole and held them up to the light.

Now the flimsy material was sticky as if the had been drenched in a fuck fest of cum.

These she presented to the 8 year old girl slut and ordered her to smell and taste them, informing her that now every one could smell the scents of a real woman on them, and proceeded to slip them up the girl sluts legs. As she did this, the girls stockings picked up Heahe's cunt juices like a snail leaving its dirty slimy trail behind, and as they hit the slut's cunt, the sopping wet nylon just clung to her young smooth skin and as if in need of relief the gossamer material delved deep into the squelching 8 year old cunt.

Chapter 19: The Wedding Day (4)

Artur a 77yo man was pushed in his wheel chair into the church my Melta, a 13yo transvestite dressed in a nurse's uniform consisting of white short tight uniform the hem of which 'just' touched the top of the very dark band that was her shear stocking tops. She wore teetering high heels, oodles of make up and a nurse's cap. She looked like a very tarty pantomime dame!

Artur was smartly dressed in a suit which fir him some 15years earlier.

To Artur's left, he held the hand of Ginta, his 7 yo nephew who was dressed in a pair of pink see through knickers, his hair in ringlets, and he was sucking a big lolli pop.

Artur and Ginta's hands never parted as they entered the church.

Artur beckoned over the boy slut, and whispered in Ginta's ear. This obviously instructed him as Ginta's free hand went up the boy slut's legs and tightened on the little stiff sluts cock!

Still sucking his big sticky lolli, Ginta started wanking the boy slut hard and furious while looking into Artur's eyes.

Artur pulled back the blanket that was covering his lap to reveal his large knobbly erect cock, blue vein pulsing and prominent as though it was about to rupture let alone erupt!

Chapter 20: The Wedding Day (5)

The boy slut was being pumped hard and fast by Ginta, and the boy slut's cock had stiffened even more at the sight of Artur's raging hard on. Ginta was looking longingly into Artur's eyes as his delft hand wanked the boy, and then Artur nodded to Ginta, who then looked at the boy slut's cock, took out his lollipop and let the boy slut cum all over the lollipop.

A 3" diameter red and white swirly lollipop on a wooden stick was now holding a thick blob of creamy white cum on its flat side.

Ginta lifted the prized lolli and licked the cum off it, lapping it like a tart would.

After he had lapped it all off, he then lifted the girl sluts skirt and ran the edge of the lolli up her knickered snatch, making her snatch sticky with the sickly sweet lollipop while making the lollipop wet with her pussy juices.

The lolli was offered to Artur who sniffed the sticky sweet and began licking it.

By now Ginta was on his knees, the view from behind was so sexy. His pink nylon covered bottom sat on his pink high heels as his white knee socks spread side ways.

The front was even more sexy, as his long blonde hair full of curly locks and bows covered his face and Artur's raging cock, but then Ginta brushed back his hair to reveal the bulge in his cheek!

Artur's cock was in Ginta's mouth and Ginta was playing with it in his mouth like a whore would.

Artur's cock was pushing Ginta's cheek as if to try and penetrate his wet slimy mouth, and the bulging cheek moved as Ginta expertly pleasured Artur's hard on.

Melta was giving himself a good wank while watching all this, and was suddenly helped by the boy slut who tried to take Melta's cock in his mouth just as Ginta was doing to Artur.

Melta was to give the boy slut some lessons in sucking as he expertly began to tease the tip of the youngsters reddened cock with his lipstick covered lips, and then with the tip of his own rampant purple twitching knickered cock.

Meanwhile Artur had ejaculated into Ginta's mouth, and what a load he had deposited. The thick off white mess was so thick and gooey that Ginta's mouth was not big enough to take Artur's cock and his cum as well, and Ginta just had to let Artur's cum spill out over his red lipstick coated lips down his chin and let it drip onto his torso.

This he had to do, because Artur's cock was still erect and wanting more, and Ginta being very experienced, knew Artur had even more cum to spurt.

See Artur had a terminal illness where by he had a continual erection and his balls produced more cum than he could down load. If he wasn't wanked off frequently, his balls would just fill and cum would squirt everywhere.

As a consequence Ginta learnt a lot about how to wank a cock, and Artur had him relieve his rampant penis in as many ways as they could imagine, in any situation and in front of as many people as possible.

Ginta was to wank Artur for the last time for the next hour, and he knew what effect that would have on Artur and his condition.

He knew that his condition would give Artur a hard on to die for, and he also knew that what Artur was to witness would enhance Artur's erection and the amount of cum he would squirt, and could not wait for the consequences.

With this in mind, Ginta's little mouth stretched itself and Artur's cock was forced down Ginta's throat until he almost choked and with a hell of a thrust Ginta took Artur's next load deep into his throat. This time very little of Artur's cum was lost, and most was swallowed by Ginta.

Ginta's knickers were bulging and his cock was as rampant as Artur's, but Artur wasn't bothered. All Artur wanted was his own satisfaction, but Ginta knew what was about to happen would give Ginta, the orgasm he had craved for.


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Not going to discount the hotness of this story, I'm not so much into the M/m kind of story, but I'm really interested in whether or not you're going to continue Concert-Tina? That imo, is a really hot story that I can't wait to see where it goes. I guess F/g and especially M/g is more in my wheelhouse and that story just hit me right.

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