Sandra's "Special Wedding", Part 5

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Published: 15-May-2012

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Pure Fiction

Chapter 16: The Wedding Day (1)

So much had happened in that week since the girls had been shopping, and there had been a lot of preparation work done by all involved.

Trikela had secured police protection for what was to happen, and Frebe's brother had with out pressure, agreed to provide the church, the church hall and his services for this 'Special Wedding'.

Things had to be discrete, and people started to enter the church hall singularly, or at the most in pairs from very early morning. You see, the church hall was to be the dressing room of the play if you will, and all the guests would enter the church through the hall.

Any way, the girls had been at the hall since 5-00am as had been the Bride, Drifna and the two bridesmaids Sleve and Wolda as they had to be 'Prepared' and sissified the most.

All three were sat in a row, Drifna in the centre, in front of along mirror and dressing table, all three naked, and showing signs of early morning glories.

Drifna was taller than the other two (in height as well) and he sat motionless as Sandra began his transformation.

Make up was applied to the boys face, his smooth child skin soft and shiny being transformed into a powdered, faint scented mask, followed by black eyeliner, eye shadow and ample amounts of thick red lipstick. His cock was telling Sandra that what was happening to him, and what he saw in the mirror was turning him on, and as he slowly moved his hand to his twitching cock, Sandra slapped his hand telling him to stop that. Trekela came over and forcefully pushed his thin smooth arms behind him and tied his wrists to the chair back so he could not 'play'.

This stiffened his young thin cock even more, and Sandra just wanted to go down on him and let him empty himself into her mouth, but then that is what Drifna wanted also.

Drifna was then fitted with a blonde shoulder length wig, which Sandra expertly fitted, and Drifna was teased even more as Sandra's tits were now hovering in front of his face and he could smell the sweat of her ample bosoms as they heaved in front of him. Drifna was going crazy!

His cock was as rampant and in need of squirting all it had, as it had ever been in his short child life, and he felt his hormones screaming out for adult sex. His cock was wet and sticky and the heaviness of his young developing hairless balls was catching his attention. They were getting sweaty and the feeling of the hot sweaty balls clinging to his smooth virgin thighs was adding to the tension. Looking at Sandra, he kept imagining her in those skimpy nylon knickers and taught suspenders pulling at her shear stockings, which she put on in front of him that morning, and how she let him sniff and lick the gusset of the knickers she had worn all night as they slept in the same bed. The stench of her hot lust ridden cunt still strong in his little nose with the taste of her juices still fresh in his mouth. If only he could finger her snatch and lick her thick juices, but his bondage was stopping that from happening.

Drifna looked in the mirror and saw the two bridesmaids being made up just like him, and his eyes drifted down to see how stiff their cocks were. Like Drifna, they too had been tied to their chairs.

Time was spent with girlie ribbons being tied into their blonde curls, and delicate earrings pinned into each ear. Drifna couldn't wait for his ears to be adorned with earrings. He felt them being attached as Sandra's tits closed in on his face yet again, and this time he took a deep breathe and inhaled the wet smell of her cunt, which drifted into his nose on the heat of her aroused snatch.

Drifna felt something being tied around his neck, and as Sandra pulled back, he saw that she had clasped a black velvet choker around his neck, which has small cluster of diamonds at the front, which matched his earrings. Drifna just had to tousle his head, just like a girl, now it was ok for him to do that because this little boy was now becoming a sissy boy!

His tender lips were thick with red lipstick, and as he prised his lips apart, he found it difficult as they stuck together due to the thickness of the lipstick. His front teethe were stained with lipstick also which he found sexy, as he had see Sandra do that when she made herself up in the mirror. This always had Drifna rubbing his cock as he watched her get ready, but this time, he was being made up just like Sandra.

Sandra applied copious amounts of hairspray to Derifna's blonde wig, and with the next spray of cheap scent, he was beginning to smell girly. The smell of scent, hairspray, make up, lipstick, sweat and precum, Drifna had suddenly realised these were associated with the female sex, and in later years he would realise they meant sex with a female!

By now all three were at a similar stage of sissification, and the girls then went over to get the wedding outfits, which none of the sissies had seen, or knew what they were to be dressed in.

Drifna had to watch, as each bridesmaid was dressed identical, in front of him, so that he could be teased even more.

First the girls fastened a white frilly suspender belt around the thin smooth waists of the sissies, followed by a pair of extra shear tan coloured seamed stockings, with the darker tan Cuban heels. Clipping these to each suspender was a beautiful sight, as each girl was knelt in front of their sissy, with the sissies little thin stiff cock bobbing inches in front of the sluts faces. The girls could see and smell the precum over their little twitching cocks, which were so proud and wanting to be kissed by the slutty makeup girls.

Each shear nylon was carefully slid up each young slender legs and smoothed out over each thick thigh, and as her hand and fingers smoothed the insides of the sissies smooth clammy inner thighs, a little extra deposit of precum forced its way out of the little pee hole at the top of the purple end.

The sissies were loving every second, every touch and every smell the girls had. Then Drifna was given the same treatment, but being Drifna, as he was teased and fondled, he needed to be relieved and bucked and thrust to try and escape his shackles, and it took all three girls to hold him, Trikela lifted her skirt and pushed her hot wet sweaty sopping nylon knickered cunt into Drifna's face and let him drink her cunt dry.

He pulled away and her white shear see through knickers were wet through, and were covered in red lipstick from Drifna's lips. Drifna's face was a picture, all smeared with lipstick and eye make up; he looked a right filthy SLUT, which turned on every one in the room.

Drifna saw himself in the mirror and his cock flared even more. This time his foreskin had peeled right back, and this caused so much pain as it had done this only about four times, and his bell end was purple and twitched all the time. His cock was swaying as it twitched, and the end was as tight as it could be. It glistened and there were strings of precum connecting his smooth thighs to the end of his enraged cock. The strings of precum were quite thick, thicker than any of the girls had seen, and the smell was strong. Frebe went over and with her middle finger wrapped one of the precum strings around it and bringing it up to her mouth, the string extended up to her mouth and she tried to suck it all, but the string broke and lashed at Dina's thigh.

Drifna was blindfolded, and stronger ties were added to tie him to the chair including his ankles, while his make up was redone, but Frebe made a mistake and with one of the awaiting stockings, she gently let the shear tan nylon fall onto Drifna's volcanic cock, enshrouding it like a gossamer condom. This made Drifna buck and scream with lust, as well as wetting the stocking with precum. Fortunately Drifna did not shoot his load.

Eventually Drifna's suspenders and stockings were put on him, and like his sissy bridesmaids, the stockings did not fit snugly, but wrinkled and gathered, which in itself wasn't detrimental, but added another feminine charm to the proceedings.

The bridesmaids then had their make up completed. Each girl knelt in front of each bridesmaid and attached anklets, bracelets and white six-inch spiked patent leather high heel shoes.

Their fingernails were manicured and red nail varnish applied.

The final topping was a smearing of lip-gloss all over the tips of their cocks. Each girl had a jar of red lip-gloss, which was mixed with Vaseline, and this was smeared onto the bridesmaid's precum oozing cocks. There they sat, cocks stiff, pointing into the face of the girls, as this creamy slimy stuff was rubbed all over and around these nubile over excited cocks. The additional precum helped apply the compound, and it was smoothed over to give a very shiny red end.

Drifna was fascinated and couldn't wait for his turn thinking the attention would jerk him off, but he was just treated to the application of jewellery.

Then Sandra produced a pair of white shear; see through plain white nylon knickers, which had delicate lace around the leg holes and waistband. The knickers didn't have a cotton gusset, just all nylon, sheerest, smoothest see through nylon you have ever seen. As these were slid up Drifna's legs, he wished for the moment they would be slid over his cock, and when it happened he tossed his head as the feel of the nylon being gently dragged over his throbbing bell end gave him an orgasm without cumming.

The knickers were slipped over his cock and bum and the waist stretched around his slim creamy waist.

Chapter 17: The Wedding Day (2)

While the bride and her bridesmaids were being 'prepared' things were happening inside the rest of the church hall and in the church, which the sissies and the girls could not see.

The choir had arrived, who were a bunch of choir boys made up and dressed like street TARTS, complete with slutty make up, wigs the works.

They were all dressed exactly the same which consisted of white shear see through blouse, which displayed their pert little nipples, which had been given a coating of thick red sticky lipstick, so that the stickiness made their nipples cling to the shear see through fabric of their blouses. This was heightened by them having delicate costume jewellery delicately clamped to their budding nipples, which made them sore but very prominent and very red and in need of kissing and sucking.

The way the little clamps tweaked the nipples made them swell slightly and allowed the tips to rub against the seductive shear nylon fabric of the blouses, while the lipstick applied thickly emphasised their condition against the nylon see through blouses. The tarty effect was emphasising by the way the lipstick smeared over the shear fabric.

Their legs were clad in black shear Cuban heeled nylons, clasped with white tight suspenders. The suspenders were as tight as they could be, and their stocking tops were arched so high, as the stockings were the smallest that could be found, and surprisingly enough, they were too small for the smooth clean shapely legs of the choir boys. Many of the suspenders were so tight, that a few boys had loose suspenders, and the congregation had the sexy sight of the boys leaning to refasten their pinged suspenders, and some had to help others fasten the unclipped suspenders.

All the boys wore white stiletto heeled shoes, which emphasised their slender boyish legs, while way above their stocking tops, they wore tight micro-skirts of a new material called uPVC, which clung to their tiny buttocks and thighs, and shone as if polished, which many a man was very keen to do, especially polish the large bulge in the front.

The micro skirts were so short, every ones knickers could be seen, and all wore the same black see through shear nylon thongs, with the string lodged deep between the cheeks of their bottoms, while the front strained to protect each of their erect cocks.

Every one of their skirts rode high, and their knickers were visible to everyone, as the size of their erections lifted the hems of their skirts even higher.

Due to the small sizes of the knickers, some of the larger boys had difficulty in keeping their erect cocks in their knickers and you could see naked cocks sticking out side of the leg holes of some knickers while others, tried to hide their embarrassment by letting their erections pop out under their waste bands, either way, their was a lot of black shear nylon which was host to oodles of precum, and some of the boys had wanked furiously and let their cum shoot out all over their own knickers and over the outfits of adjacent boys in an effort to try and get their fighting cocks back into their knickers.

The choir was re arranged so that the sat parallel to the congregation, elevated on the podium so that every one could see between the choirs legs and watch their micro skirts ride up exposing knickered bulges, stocking tops and anything else.

At the entrance to the church, Lusto and Candri stood in their smart suits and each had a Slut standing by them. Each was dressed like the choir boys, but their stockings had ladders and their suspenders were undone on purpose, while heir knickers were even more skimpier but white instead of black, and their skirts were tighter and shorter, if that was possible, but their skirts where of cotton.

The Sluts stood chewing gum, as they played with their arms full of bangles, and swinging their beaded necklaces.

They looked like twins, but one was a boy and one a girl, of about 8yo.

They were offered to each guest who could do what ever they wanted with them, and each slut had cum stains all over their black skirts, which left white dried marks, and which left stains on their stockings and blouses.

The makeup on these two sluts was smeared, as was their lipstick, and their knickers were full of cum, making them wet, sticky, smelly and squelching, as many guests would pull the waist bands of the slut's knickers, wank off and empty thick wads of cum inside the knickers and leave the sluts like that. Imagine, your knickers full of cum, and I mean thick gooey smelly cum, in quantity, clinging to your genitals and sopping your knickers through. Cum Sluts true and proper!


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