Sandra's "Special Wedding", Part 3

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Published: 12-May-2012

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Pure Faction

Chapter 9

Trikela ordered Wolda to kneel in front of Sleve, lift his girly dress and take his cock in his mouth, and with out hesitation he did this like a whore!

Both Sandra and Trikela looked on mouths wide open as the nine year old boy slurped on his friend Sleve's ten year old cock.

The girl's knickers were wet through at this act, and it was obvious that the boys knickers too were getting very wet, and that their little cocks had never before squirted anything like what they were squirting now.

Soon Wolda's mouth was full of Sleve's cum, and it was time for Sleve to go down on Wolda.

Even more whorish slurping and Sleve had done his job, and as a treat each boy was allowed to take off the knickers of the two girls and do what ever they wanted with them.

Trikela was a pretty lusty blonde and Sleve went straight for hers and wore them. A nice frilly pink pair of nylon knickers, which smelt and tasted so fantastic! They fitted Sleve nicely as Trikela liked wearing her knickers tight!

Sandra's knickers were white, skimpy and very see through, and these almost fit Wolda.

Chapter 10

The rest of the day and night was spent with the two women pleasuring the sissies and the sissies doing what ever the women wanted, which generally meant some form of pervert sexual act, like having their heads buried in the women's knickered cunts, or the boys carrying out a mutual wanking exhibition, which lead to spunk squirting through the air, and into the mouths of the girls.

Obviously all four slept, in the same bed, which lead to even more perverted sex acts, and the exchange of bodily fluids in great quantities.

Every one was sore and tired, but they all needed more!

Sunday morning arrived and the boys were made to swap outfits, and were heavily made up and sissified for the day.

They pranced around the house, their little skirts flouncing exposing their erect cocks and they were encouraged to do girlie movements.

Then a knock at the door stopped every one in their tracks and Sandra looking through the window realised it was Uncle Magline and his to gay guys!

Sandra thought that this would be interesting and let them in.

As he walked through the door, he boomed, " We ran two sluts over and killed them yesterday, hell that was a turn on..." Then he stopped when he saw the two sissies standing there with stiff little smooth slender white cocks standing proud lifting the hems of their skirts.

"Wow Sandra, introduce to me to these exquisite sissy sluts, please do!"

They were introduced and in no time, Magline had stripped and was sat sporting his usually dripping big fat hard on, beckoning over the sissies.

Sleve was keen to get closer and experience that enormous cock, the likes of which he had never before seen. As if by magic, the sissies cock grew and his foreskin peeled right back.

He was turned on more than by the two girls!!!!

Chapter 11

Sandra's plan was beginning to develop which led her to take Magline to Drifna's house, as she was to get Magline to pay handsomely to the Skril family so that Moltina's last days could be happy and worry free.

Magline saw Drifna and he began unzipping his trousers to free his instant hard on.

Drifna stood there just like a pretty girl, and licked his lips as he watched Magline wank furiously.

Moltina too was amazed, not at Drifna's actions, but by Magline. Sandra could not work out what it was that made him so attractive to women, and boys?

Moltina was by herself and needed sex before she died and offered herself to Magline, who banged her senseless against the wall, while being watched by the whole family.

Magline gave a brief case to Moltina, who opened it to find it full of pound notes.

With this Magline declared that he would take Drifna away with him straight away.

The three of them drove back to Sandra's house, her knickers wet with the thought of three boys staying with her, especially at night all in the same bed!

"Sandra my cum slut! I want you to meet my bride!" Yelled Magline, as Sandra watched the front door waiting for her to enter.

"Sandra? Look at me slut! Here is my Bride to be!!" as Magline pointed to Drifna.

Well it all started to make sense now, and Sandra's imagination was in overdrive at the thought of the wedding plans.

Drifna just stood there motionless apart from a growing bulge in his shorts.

The thought of this was turning Drifna on more and more, so much so that the little boys cock was trying to escape from the leg of his shorts, but instead of the spectators being treated to the sight of a slim white smooth penis, instead they saw it appear shrouded in shear white nylon.

Drifna was wearing a pair of girly white nylon knickers, all see through and trimmed with delicate lace.

Sandra moved over to unzip his shorts and let his bulge spring into the air.

A sexy scene indeed as his cock was thickening, and the knickers were wet at the tip of his young smooth cock, and his balls had developed enough to display a lust to be emptied.

Sandra's instinct was to lick the nylon clad cock, and the excitement being too much, Drifna exploded into his knickers, which she lapped up keeping it in her mouth, she went over to Magline and from her mouth she let it drip into Magline's awaiting mouth.

Chapter 12

The weekend arrived and Magline ordered the girls to go shopping, and handed each a thousand pounds, to buy special things for the wedding, and the 'guests'!

Sandra, Trikela and Frebe went to the nearest city, Lustomani and they bought lots of bows, ribbons, make up, lipstick, costume jewellery and other such items to add to the decoration that makes weddings what they are.

Then Sandra asked the girls what they were going to do about clothes.

It was then that both Trikela and Frebe looked at each other and smiled, and told Sandra to follow them both, which she did, and they ended up in a large store on the main street that sold children's clothes and school uniforms.

The window was full of child manikins dressed in various children's clothes and uniforms, and was typical of the era.

In they all walked, and as the door bell rang a middle aged man, about six foot tall, wavy grey hair, stooped, wearing a tweed suit, which was ill fitting, came out from no where and as he rubbed his arthritic hands together, he greeted the girls... "Hello my Dears! What a lovely set of girls you are my dears! Prey tell, what is you are in search of my dears!"

Frebe then replied... "We believe you may be able to supply us with items from your 'Candy Man Catalogue'. It is our understanding from the Reverend Hinkter, that you have a fine selection, a selection which can only be found in parts of Europe, and that aim to 'Please' if you know what I mean sir?"

"Sorry my dear, but I am perplexed as to your request and description. May be my dear, you could elaborate?"

" The Reverend is my brother, and he has made many a purchase from your 'Candy Man Catalogue'... The Items on Pages 1001 -1007 have given the Reverend so much 'pleasure', and he told me to say the word... 'Clinter Daque', and that with that word you will welcome us into the world of the 'Candy Man Catalogue'. We have the required membership fee, and I am sure my friends will provide you with additional fees as you require."

"My dears, I have a phone call to make. Please browse my humble shop, and feel free to 'Try On' the merchandise if you should wish" said the shopkeeper with a wink.

Sandra was amazed and did not understand what was going on, and saw Trikela and Febe pleasuring each other's eager cunts.

Trikela than wandered the shop, and lifting a short black pleated schoolgirl skirt, which was meant for a 10 year old, put it up against her and asked the girls what they thought. Let's put it this way, there were three pairs of wet knickers at the thought of Trikela wearing it.

The lanky keeper returned, stooped and bowing his head and closing his eyes said... "My dear Frebe, Ragen has confirmed who you are, and I welcome you and your dear friends into the "Candy Man Club", but I will need from each of you, 500 and a vow that you will tell no one of the 'Candy Man Club and its' Catalogue or it's activities'"

The girls agreed, and handed over the money, which in the 1950's was a vast amount.

The man turned the shop sign to 'CLOSED'. Locked the door, and pulled down the blind to the door, after which the girls followed the man up the stairs, leaving the ground floor shop area in darkness and deserted.

Upstairs was a locked door, and after the man unlocked the 10 locked and bolts, the steel door opened and as the light switch was turned on, the contents of the room became apparent, and the girl's faces lit up with shear excitement.


So, who wants more?

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I can hardly wait to hear what is in the room. I have cum in my pants 3x's already! I love young smooth boys!

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