Sandra's "Special Wedding", Part 1

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Published: 10-May-2012

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Pure Fiction

Chapter 1

Fuckmond is a small rural town set within the countryside of Wankmondshire in the gloomy north of post-war England.

The year was 1951, and Fuckmond like the rest of the country, was depressed, there was very little work in and around the town, plus many of the men folk of the area did not return after the war, which left the women struggling to support their large families.

Prior to the war, rural life was happy and people enjoyed the sweet innocence that country life provided, and it was now that the schools of Fuckmond were full of youngsters resulting from the enjoyments of their parent's pre-war days.

Sandra was the headmistress of the local school, the school which educated all the children of Fuckmond as well as the outlaying small villages, hamlets and farms, and as you can imagine, there was a variety of children, in ages, background, size and shape, and for some reason, the majority of the pupils were girls, with a very small proportion being boys, which no one really understood.

In Sandra's school of 85 pupils, only 25 were boys, and most of them were part of three very large families in the area, and being large families, it was their mothers who were desperate to make ends meet.

Sandra being in her 50's, and being mature was well aware of the situation, and felt a social need to help these poor families, as she knew only too well what it was like being poor in a depressed rural community.

You see Sandra had been born and raised in a hardly known Eastern European country, rife with national turmoil and unrest, and to her, the war was just normality.

Her family had worked the land for generations, and it was her uncle Magline's imagination, that enabled him to 'acquire' riches to free his family to another world where dreams could become reality.

No one knew exactly what Magline did to get his millions, but he did and his family appreciated his actions, and promised to be his servants for the rest of his days. Being who he was, Magline made sure his family paid him back, every penny in favours, Sandra being one of those favours he had had so many times, from her preteen years up to the present day, Sandra did what ever Magline demanded of her, and I mean everything!

Sandra had always been one of those girls who had 'something' about her which made her sexually attractive, I am sure you know exactly what I mean, and even as a preteen, she oozed sexuality, as well as oozing juices from her young over active cunt, which Uncle Magline loved to attend to.

Chapter 2

Sandra had not seen or heard from Magline in over 5 years, thinking she had finally escaped his lurid and sick demands, though saying that, she really did enjoy the exploits in later years and she too had developed some disgusting sexual perversions, and fantasies that would not only shock, but probably get her locked up in jail if she was found out.

Trouble is, Sandra's fantasies have all been realised by her, which leads her to have the most horrid nightmares imaginable, as you would think, this would stop her from doing them... no not Sandra! When Sandra feels a twinge in her knickers, the juices start flowing, and she knows she needs to satisfy that itch deep with in her perverted soul and body.

Having arrived in England well before the War enabled Sandra, being a foreigner with a funny accent, to be accepted by the authorities and the community, though it would have been a different story if she had arrived in Fuckmond after 1945.

Sandra had been a teacher in many schools across the country, and had had to disappear from every school she had been to. It was more than just the teaching Sandra liked. It was more who she was teaching, that Sandra liked even more.

Not only did Sandra teach reading, writing and arithmetic, she also introduced her 'favourite' pupils to sex, and not just lovey-dovey sex, but kinky stuff, stuff that makes hardcore look tame, well in the 1950's it was unthinkable, but now, more people think about it.

Being a headmistress was a result of blackmail, sexual of course, and this promotion, especially in some far away, insignificant back water, gave her the chance to fulfill even more fantasies, fantasies that had not yet been born or nurtured within Sandra's dirty mind, though it didn't take long for new kinkier fantasies to be nurtured.

You see, being a headmistress, enabled Sandra to not only do day to day teaching, but she could 'organise' events, plays, out of school activities like school trips, visits.

There were also the administrative chores, which would play a big part in the development of any future fantasies. Headmistresses meet parents/families of pupils present and future, making personal records available to her for to 'research'.

Many a time she would stay late, sifting through the school records, jotting things down, looking at record photos of each pupil, her legs wide apart, skirt hitched high, stocking tops and plump thighs on view, while her fingers would be working away delving deep into her knickered snatch, squelching her way through her knickers to relieve that hot itch which as soon as it was tamed, would very soon be flaring up in need of more serious attention.

This night was worse than ever before, it had been 18 months since she has had sex let alone fulfilled any fantasies, it had also been 18 months ago that she started this job at Fuckmond school, and that was not coincidental!

Chapter 3

As was usual on a Monday morning, Sandra was in her office attending to the school chores, when a knock came to the door and in walked Frebe, the school secretary, informing Sandra that Mrs. Skril wanted to see her about her son Drinfa.

Drinfa had not gone un-noticed by Sandra, as he was 10yo, about 5' 2", slim blonde and so pretty, it was the thought of him that had made Sandra's knickers so wet and sticky so many times since she had arrived at her new post.

Surprisingly enough, Sandra knew exactly where Drifna's file was and asked Mrs. Skril into her office. Doing this she felt her knickers wetten and juices began trickling down her clammy firm thigh, only to be stopped and absorbed by the darker band of nylon at the tops of her stockings. She was so turned on as her stomach fluttered with anxiety, her mouth dried in need of the taste of spunk while her hands got sticky with sweat, just right to lubricate a young cock she thought. She was ready to create and fulfill her next fantasy... Even though it was well overdue, it was sure going to be her finest yet.

She met with Mrs. Skril, and although Sandra's uncomfortable knicker situation was in one sense, 'uncomfortable' it was on the other hand pleasurable and exciting, and she managed to concentrate on Mrs. Skril's reason for being there.

It appeared that Mrs. Skril was struggling so much to provide for her large family, and had been diagnosed with cancer with only a very short time to live, and wanted to know how she could obtain help for her family.

The dirty mind of Sandra was working overtime and fantasies were churning out, which had the effect of making her cunt juices flow in abundance and this time they kept flowing down her stockings past the sodden wetted stocking tops. She needed to stick something up her cunt now, otherwise she would explode and go crazy.

Sandra had to get Mrs. Skril out of the office so she could frig herself, but as she started to wind up the meeting she saw Mrs. Skril's face change and a knowing smile appeared out of her twisted pained expression, which frightened Sandra, as she though Mrs. Skril knew exactly what was going on in her mind let alone her knickers.

Then Mrs. Skril commented that she liked Sandra, and that she knew deep down that Sandra would look after Drifna for as long as it takes to get him to manhood.

Little did Mrs. Skril realise how near the truth that was to be, but not quite how she had imagined, and this thought just added even more sexual excitement to Sandra's smelly cunt, as she was now shaking with lust.

As Mrs. Skril rose slowly out of her chair, Sandra noticed the tops of Mrs. Skril's stockings and how lovely her legs looked, all shapely and feminine. Her eyes lifted to see for the first time, Mrs. Skril's face, although it had little make up applied to it, how very cute she looked, and for a split moment, she saw Drifna's face on his mother's shoulders.

With a struggle through pain, Mrs. Skril made the final effort and was now on her feet, looking at Sandra, she said... 'May I call you Sandra? You may call me Moltina!... You will take care of my pretty boy won't you? I always wanted Drifna to be a girl, even before he was born, I was convinced my baby would be another girl. I used to dress him in girls clothes when he was much younger. You see we have never had much money, and being one of three boys with eight sisters, it made sense. He looked so sweet and cute all dressed up. Don't tell him will you? Especially about the times when I let his hair grow. I would put bows and ribbons in his hair, which matched nicely with his frilly dresses... You don't think that's perverted of me do you Sandra?"

Sandra smiled for two reasons, one about the image of Drifna dressed as a pretty sissy, and two because her cunt lips were so erect and were being teased like mad by the fabric of her sopping wet nylon knickers which were shoved well up deep into her snatch.

" I don't think that's at all perverted Moltina, he is a pretty boy, and I will do everything possible to help him through his life, trust me." Said Sandra.

" You don't mind me asking, Sandra, but what is that delightful smell? "Moltina asked with a very knowing look on her face, as she dropped her eyes down to look at the wet patch on the front of Sandra's tight skirt.

Completely out of the blue Moltina, presented her arm out in the direction of Sandra and gently ran her fingers over Sandra's wet patch, which sent shivers all through her. Her fingers wetted from her skirt, Moltina sniffed her fingers and licked them, smiling at Sandra all the time.

"Come here darling" Moltina said, " You are turned on by our meeting. You smell nice and I want to lick you, but I'm too ill for that" As she said that her shaking fingers gently caressed Sandra's, cheeks, slowly in circles they explored her lips and her neck.

Her nipples were straining to escape from her bra and blouse and as Moltina circled the tips of her fingers over each erect nipple, Sandra returned the caressing and held her face as if it was Drifna's face.

" Please frig yourself, and let me taste you, please Sandra!"

Sandra obliged and her masturbation brought her off so quickly making her fingers all wet with her thick sticky juices, which she offered to Drifna's mother, and in return she lapped at Sandra's hand like a kitten lapping milk.

" Look after my pretty boy, you are a teacher, you teach him please," She said with a perverted grin adhered to her pain ridden face.

On that note, Moltina left the room and the school yard for the last time ever.

Chapter 4

Usually Sandra kept a spare pair of knickers for situations when her oversexed pussy empties it's load, but this time Sandra had forgot, which meant she just had to wear the wet sticky smelly pair all day... which had its advantages!

Then out of the blue, as if nothing else could happen that day, her office door opened with a bang, and in marched Uncle Magline, as bold and as fat, ugly and disgusting as she had remembered.

It was obvious he was pleased to see her, as he was unzipping his trousers as he walked over to her desk, in an effort to release his enormous thick, raging cock all slimy, sticky and oozing litres of pre-cum, well so it looked.

Fortunately for them both, now was the best time for rampant sweaty sex, as Sandra was still dripping and Magline had been travelling for two days and in need of sticking it in any smelly slippery hole he could fit it into, and as before, Sandra was more than happy to accommodate.

There was no foreplay, Magline just thrust his erection at Sandra, who in turn, lifted her skirt, pulled the gussets of her sopping knickers to one side and waited to be impregnated.

Magline stopped and commented on how wet and how nice Sandra smelt, and asked what she had been doing to get in that condition.

Being so big, Magline could not kneel in front of Sandra, so he lay down on the floor allowing Sandra to lower her pungent cunt onto his face for him to sniff and lick. As she did this she noticed two men standing over her watching and playing with each other's erections.

They were obviously gay, and in an era when such people were non-existent, these two were by today's standard, the gayest of gay, though they did seem to be getting off by Sandra's antics, but then she realised Uncle Magline's cock was what they were ogling over and wanting.

While Sandra was being pleasured by Uncles nose and mouth, she was introduced to the men as... "Lusto is the tall thin bald guy, and Crandi is the short chubby one... guys this is the slut Sandra I told you about, no get over here you two and suck me off!"

Not a man to mix his words our Magline, and soon he was being slurped on by these two weird gay guys while Sandra came all over Magline's face.

"Hell Sandra, you are one hell of a slut! How your pussy get so wet and sticky so early in the day at school, I wonder?" Magline said with a hearty laugh only to be broken by his moan as he shot his load into the faces of the two gays. Thing was, he had a good idea how Sandra's knickers had become so delectable.

"Now my Cum Slut! Clean up my two friends" Sandra went over and kissed the two gay guys clean of Uncles Cum, and then treated each to a cleansing blowjob, and for two gays, their cocks certainly did respond to the feminine tongue!

The three of them helped Magline to his feet, and seated him. They talked about the past, in every sordid detail, which enabled Uncle Magline to rub his thick member while looking at Sandra, and then Sandra asked why he was here.

" I need your help my Dear! I want to get married. You see marriage is the in thing in my circle of friends, and I know you can help me and do all the 'arrangements' and it will be a wedding to remember my Dear... Yes, a wedding to remember..." As he trailed off his last words, he looked at Lusto and Crandi, and all three laughed out loud.

What circle of friends Magline frequented was a mystery, but it was certainly macabre, dark and surreal, even Sandra with her twisted perverted sexual desires could not comprehend what uncle was thinking of. A wedding is a wedding, OK it will probably cost the earth if Magline is involved, yes and OK he has gay tendencies, but then he makes no excuses for openly travelling to Fuckmond with two gayer than gay guys, so what is it she thought?

Having got themselves together, Magline asked Sandra how she liked her job, and how difficult it was for him to track her down. Then he said something, which stirred Sandra's imagination and what exactly Uncle Magline was wanting!

" So my Cum Slut! You don't mind me calling you that do you? What's the school like?" as he said this with that sly eye movement, Sandra knew just what he meant.

" Any 'nice' pupils? This is a primary school isn't it? What ages does it 'cater' for? 6-11 year olds I believe in this country isn't it? Mmmmmmm," Malgine started to stroke his cock again and licked the slime off his fingers, offering a taste to the guys.

" You like 'Teaching' young ones don't you Sandra? Especially little boys? Even little girlies? Now let me see..." at that point Sandra told him to stop, and asked what it was he wanted.

"I've told you..." His wanking motion went faster and harder as he carried on talking " I want a wedding, a special wedding, with special guests, with special ushers and bridesmaids, and a very, very special 'BRIDE'" His head went back, his breathing fast and heavy, his chest was pumping as fast as his hand, and from his huge erection squirted out stream after stream of thick white cum, into the air and all over the jacket of his black suit. So that's what all those white stains are on his suit Sandra thought.

Even though he was an ugly grotesque over weight old man, he was very rich and Sandra had always liked that particular quality. Plus the fact that their devious and perverted plans were always worth sharing.

But then, their type of sex was an addictive drug. They wanted more, and each fix had to be stronger than the last.


So, who wants to hear more???

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I totally do!


More, more, more, more moremore moremore moremoremore moremoremore moremorme oremoremore moremore more! So, how many times would you like this repeated? :D It's fascinating, fun, pervy stuff and I can't wait to read more. I like the slightly light-hearted nature of it, serious and dark and yet not taking things to a place that makes my stomache feel all squicky about it, so great job, keep it up.


Please, continue. Please.


Like it i want more alright right up my alley love young kiddy fanatacy.

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