Sarahs Wedding Present To Her New Husband

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Published: 5-May-2012

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Pure Faction LOL

Chapter 1

I was 27 years old at the time. A blonde, shapely, attractive slag, sheap common and utter filth(some, if not every male would say that I was a sexual fantasy on legs) unmarried mum with two kids, a young boy of 13 years and a little girl of 9, each by different fathers. On this particular day, my children were to change their surnames, as I was getting married to the man I loved.

The wedding was everything a bride could have wished for, a flouncy white wedding dress (I know I'm not a virgin!), a church (I know I am no Christian!), flowers (I have hay fever), and loads of booze (and drugs) at the reception.

Families and friends (as well as some not so friendly guests) all seemed to enjoy themselves (and each other?), whether it was the occasion, the booze, drugs or the music, I didn't know or care, but what I did know was that underneath my wedding dress, my white shear, tight nylon knickers were so fucking hot, wet, sticky, and sooo smelly I am sure that all the blokes at the wedding would have given me all their money just to kneel in front of me, lift my large, white, frothy wedding dress and underskirts up and bury their faces into my knickered snatch. That day I could have been very rich!!!

On purpose, I kept my wedding garments on all day and night, as I knew they would turn me on to no end, and indeed they did. Even writing this, my memmories are bringing back the wetness, the heat, the stickiness and definitely, the smell of that day and night to the womanly area between my thighs.

It was about 2:00pm and all the guests had pissed off to wherever they went to sleep or to fuck, and my 'husband' and I retired upstairs to bed. OK, we had been living together for five years, but tonight was special.

Special? More special than my husband could ever dream of, but deep down I think/know this is what he really wanted.

We had both drunk a lot of booze, had taken more than enough cocaine, and we were so fucking randy it was unbelievable.

He loved the kinky effect my wedding attire was having on us both and he confessed that one of his fantasies was to fuck a bride on her wedding day while she was all togged up in her bridal clothes. My knickers were sopping wet, stuck deep into my throbbing cunt and the smell from down there was so pungent and fishy, I am sure he must have smelled my excitement.

I told him to sniff some more coke, as I had a wedding present that I was sure he wanted. The coke was sniffed and he lay on the bed waiting for my present.

Chapter 2

I left the room to get his present, but before leaving I blindfolded him to heighten the surprise. I returned to our room with his present, and he was lying on the bed snorting more coke and he had such a large bulge in his pants.

He asked what his present was and that he wanted to open it up quick as he needed to fuck me so badly, as the drink and coke had given him the biggest hard-on he had ever had. Thing is what he didn't know was, mixed with the booze I had added copious amounts of Viagra and his cock by this time was raging and the stiffest he had ever experienced in all his life... Which was a bit of an insult to me!

I walked up to him and whispered in his ear things that I knew would unsettle him and have him wanting sex so bad, as well as letting him sniff my wet, sticky finger. I took off the blindfold, having unzipped his pants and released his flaring erection.

He opened his eyes to see the present I had gotten for him, my wedding present to him on our wedding day. He focused and uttered the words, "Fucking Hell!"

I told him I knew it was what he wanted, what he had wanted for the last five years, what he really wanted more than anything, even more than me. His eyes stared as he looked with unbelievable remorse at the present I had for him.

"You do want it don't you?" I asked to which he replied in the most definite affirmative.

"So... what you waiting for?" I quizzed, edging him on to at least show some appreciation of my present, which was so special, so precious, and so personal to us both.

"I thought it was what you wanted... I have felt it since we first met, that it is what you want most of all?" I asked him.

He replied in a very hesitant voice that, "well yes it was, but..." the hesitancy was there, although his cock was enormous, quivering, oozing precum and was being wanked off by his right hand, which was some indication of... something I thought. "But, are you sure? Is this right what you are wanting me to do?" He blurted out.

"I want it, yes, You ask if it is OK, well it is with me, if it is with you," was my reply, as I wanted him to accept my gift to him.

"Oh I want it, you don't know how much I want it. Just look at this, surely that tells you how much I want it" he said pointing to his slimy hard on.

Chapter 3

"Well? What you waiting for? It's took me a long time preparing your present and there are some very nice surprises in store for you..." I encouraged him. You see, what I had given to him was my 9 year old daughter!

I had been aware of him getting excited by her and it was obvious that when he had seen up her skirt. The times he had "acquired" her knickers to sniff and wank off with, sex between me and him had been so fantastic. I knew that it was a result of her... my "daughter slut", whom he called his "Princess".

The young Slut had been dressed all day and night in her long bridesmaid's dress (which matched my dress) and her underwear also matched mine which, for a 9-year-old girl, was much too sexy... white, shear, seamed stockings, with long white suspenders and white, shear, see-through nylon knickers (two sizes too small, so that they would be tight and would lodge deep between her pussy lips, which I had coated with thick red lipstick).

It was a hot day and like mine, the slut's knickers were hot, wet, sweaty, and very smelly (I had her wear the knickers for a couple of days and nights prior to the wedding, just to get them very wet and smelly). The girl was obviously turned on, as I had checked on her knickers before we went into my bedroom. She had been drinking alcohol, and I had given her some coke. I lifted her dress and kneeled in front of the slut, sniffing her 9-year-old knickered cunt, which smelled more than mine and I just had to lick her!

I could not believe what I had done - my head up my 9-year-old slut's dress, sniffing and licking her well-worn dirty knickers. But what made it worse was, as I did this, the slut's cunt ejaculated more female juices and scents into my mouth. That was definitely my girl... like mother like daughter!!!!

I was so turned on, I found my finger delving into her knickered snatch and I ended up frigging her 9-year-old cunt while hearing her moan and groan as her mum fingered her sexually excited lips. My finger went in and out of her wet snatch, making it squelch so loudly. I knew I had to stop and I withdrew my finger from her 9-year-old, excited, wet cunt and sniffed and sucked my sopping-wet, sticky, fishy-smelling finger.

My daughter was 9 years young and was in need of sexual relief! At least I was 13 when I was first fucked senseless, which happened to be by my pervert of an uncle (my mum's brother!!!).

Chapter 4

My daughter stood in front of my new husband, her face all made up and her lips thick with red, sticky lipstick. Her chubby cheeks and her pouting lips were a picture of lust, as her blonde curls tumbled down her thickly-applied makeup-caked face. Her 9-year-old eyes were fixed on my husband's raging cock, and as she looked at it and watched it quiver and twitch, her lips opened and I was sure she was going to go down on him and give him the best blowjob he had ever had! Her hand was rubbing her cunt through her dress, she was hot and so sexed up, she wanted sex so badly, this I knew...well I was her mother!!!

I gave her some coke and showed her what to do, and she snorted it like a whore (well, I am a whore!). You do not know what it is like to see your 9-year-old slut of a daughter snorting coke, being absolutely sexed up in need of sex, and to see her knock back a glass of neat scotch! Believe me I could smell her cunt, and I am sorry, but this 9-year-old slut was in desperate need of sexual relief, otherwise she would have gone crazy!

Believe me, to hear your 9-year-old slut of a daughter say, ", Mummy, I want him to fuck me so much..." makes your knickers go very wet indeed! But for your 9-year-old slut of a daughter to say, "Mummy, I want to suck his cock" well, that makes you cum!

My knickers were in a condition that a sheik would have made me rich for the rest of my life, I was smelling so strong, so womanly down below, all because my 9-year-old "Princess" was sexually frustrated and in need of sex... with my husband of a few hours.

Imagine it, please, a 9-year-old girl in need of sex to maintain her sanity! If only you could have sniffed my knickers.

My 9-year-old slut hitched up her skirt and proceeded towards my man, and spread herself over his face and lowered her knickered cunt onto his face. Hell, I was so turned on by the scene, and even more so as my slutty daughter turned around and began wanking his thrusting cock with her little fingers. I found myself frigging my knickered, hot, sweaty cunt, and the smell of it got them so aroused.

My new husband was laying there with my slutty daughter's cunt grinding over his face. I knew he had wanked off while sniffing her knickers on numerous occasions, but what he was going to tell me made me gush juices into my already sopping-wet, smelly knickers. He asked if my son could wear my daughter's clothes and asked if he could have him and have him cum in his mouth.

Chapter 5

I could not believe what he just said, but my cunt was not only oozing, but it was gushing juices as a result of what he said!!! My new husband wanted my 13-year-old son, dressed up in my 9-year-old slutty daughter's clothes, and to let him cum into my husband's mouth? Not even my perverted mind could cope with this.

I went to his room and got him out of bed, gave him loads of coke and made him dress in his sister's smelly, sweaty clothes, which seemed to excite him! His 13-year-old cock was as hard as my husband's, but his was thrusting in his 9-year-old sister's cunt-stained and cunt-smelling knickers.

I had some Viagra left and gave it to him. You should see what effect Viagra has on a 13-year-old's erection. The boy was so stiff it looked painful.

I touched it and he went crazy, and told me his mates wanted me so much and he wanted me, his mother to suck him off!! I told him I had something better for him and led him into our bedroom, where my husband was wanking furiously at the sight of my 13-year-old son dressed as a bridesmaid.

My son instantly knew what to do and went down on him and sucked him off. You should have seen how much spunk my husband let fly into my 13-year-old son's mouth.

All night the two of them had the most lustful sex while my daughter and I reciprocated and sniffed, licked, and fingered each other's slutty cunts.

The next morning the room stank of booze, drugs, cunt juices, cock, spunk, sweat, and lustful sex.

What happened with the four of us, and the maid, is another story...

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Loved this story, hope there will be more, especially with the boy.


Wow, Sarah... that's so filthy it's beyond brilliant. Up there with the most amoral and arousing things I've ever read. Can't wait for their adventures with the maid. Xxx


Brilliant, really filthy and depraved and I love it. But you have a maid?


Ty finally a story of 9yr old snort cocaine loved it do more stories of underage drug use plz


Mmmmm sexy as Hell!


Liked it up until the introduction of the son then it felt a bit rushed


fuck me that was a sexy story in short bursts....yumm

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