Concert-Tina: More of What Happened, Part 3

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Published: 30-Apr-2012

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Pure Fiction (Unfortunately)

Chapter 5

The atmosphere in the arena was electric, and I was imagining what was happening in all those knickers, so many under one roof, and was wondering how many pint bottles of juices those girls would fill with their leaking pussy juices and sweat, and how much I wanted to be drunk from those sweet slimey smelly sticky juices, and the more I thought about it the more my knickers got wetter and the smell fro down belowgot stronger and more obvious. The thing was should I keep my legs closed in an effot to retain the stench, or should I open them so that everyone could get a whiff?

Any how, the 'boys'came on stage and the screach of young girlies screaming was heaven, to think those lads could have had any and as many of the audience they fancied, and I was so envious.

I turned to my right to see how Tina was enjoying the act. There she was bouncing up and down and getting into the music, and Wendy was so enjoying Tinas movements.

The next number was the groups most upbeat song, and Wendy and I looked at each other and smiled.

The music started loud and the beat was thumping the arena. I could feel the low notes resonating inside me and the really deep hit my cunt and with each thump, I oozed a stream of juices.

I slowly slid my hand between Tinas bottom and Wendys knees and slipped Wendys skirt up to reveal her knickers, and then my hand delved inside Wendys knickers.

Wendy was, how shall I put this, a 'Special Gurl Freind', special? Well lets put it this way, she had something more down below than we girls have. You see, Wendy was a Transvestite!

Chapter 6

Wendy was one the horniest, kinkiest, sexually deviant person I have ever imagined let alone met.

We had planned this for months and we had both abstained from any form of sex including masturbation for those months, and tonight Wendy had taken the strongest dose of Viagra that was allowed, and as such her clitty (cock to you and me) was raging, stiff, dribbling and twitching, and I could smell her precum above all the other smells.

My sticky fingers reached inside her flimsey wet knickers and I directed the slimey twitching hard member into the side of Tinas shear white flimsey Nylon knickers until it was up against Tinas sopping wet snatch and from out side of Tinas knickers I rubbed her knickers over Wendys oozing cock while the other side of her cock was rubbing against Tinas wet slimey cunt, and all the time Tina carried on enjoying the concert as Wendy as drenching Tinas knickers with her abundance of slimey gooey precum.

Wendy was in extacy, and with every movement she was moaning, groaning and shouting, and fortunatly, the loud music drowned Wendys sounds of wanton lust, but although the Viagra was giving her a raging hard on, it was stopping her from gaining early releif, and as such Wendy would need alot more attention before she erupted her months worth of cum.

I cast my eyes down to Tinas skirt and waited for the bright light that followed the beat of the music to light her up, and I got a glimpse of her net tuttu, as my eyes adjusted I got clearer images of her as she was illuminated, and to my amazement I saw the putrple shiney slimey end of Wendys raging cock sticking out over Tinas waistband.

My eyes stayed on that spot, and then I saw Tina place both her hands on Wendys exposed cock and she started wanking it slowly rubbing the exposed purple helmut up and down. Wendy was going crazy and was in serious need for releif.


So.... who wants to know more???

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this is so hot and very interseting and yes i want to hear lots more about this and in glorious kinky details please. you can feel free to contact me too if you want to chat.

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