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by sam963

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Published: 4-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I pushed a pile of papers across the table. "Now, by signing you are not giving up any parental rights, you are simply assigning me as a legal guardian."

It was the wife who picked up the papers and started to read. Her husband glanced over at it a few times, but he was uninterested. He was a personal-injury lawyer and I would think he would be more interested. The room was silent for a long time as she read and that was bad. I have done this 37 times now and had started to notice patterns. It was the angry parents, those who didn't read or barely read the document inside quickly that in a few days, weeks or even a few months would try to reconnect. The parents who were calm and deliberate, they were usually more final. Usually.

The wife gave the papers to the husband who signed followed by his wife. I wondered if the husband had already read the paperwork. I like that thought and chose to believe it as the papers were handed to me.

"Well, please try to keep in contact. We encourage visits, phone calls, e-mail and anything else."

The woman smiled. "We will."

I had no idea if she was telling the truth or not. I produced another one of my small business cards and handed it to her again. "Call if you need any assistance in setting up lodgings. We have a deal with a motel about 15 min. away from the house.

"Thank you." She said again and this time the husband looked up at me to, but didn't say a word.

Standing from the dining room table I said, "Well, I guess we'll be on our way then." I glance over my shoulder into the living room and spotted a brown head of hair just popping up over the couch. Walking over to the couch I leaned over. "Are you ready to go Mac?"

At 14 Mac was short for his age. Sitting with his legs under him he was barely above the back of the couch and his wired frame glasses made him look smaller somehow. He was the type of boy that brought out my protective instincts, but there were few that didn't.

Mac did smile if sadly. "I guess."

Mac's belongings had fit in for boxes, two suitcases and a duffel bag. They fit easily into my Jeep. I've had boys come with more and I've had them come with less. Mac was quiet the entire time and as I pulled up to the end of the driveway I could see him looking in the mirror. I glanced to my own hoping to see one of his parents watching, but the sun was hitting the windows in such a way it was impossible to see. We pulled out.

When we came to a red light I used the cell phone to make a call and put it on speaker. Someone picked up on the third ring and I heard the prepubescent voice of Tom. "Roadkill diner you kill it we grill it Tom speaking."

Tom was a boy with spiky blond hair and a 13 had a nice cock a bit big for his age. He was also energetic, believed himself to be immortal and could be as fragile as glass when it came to emotions. He confided much to me both in and out of my bed. Now I smiled. "Please tell me you knew it was me calling."

"Of course, I'm not that dumb. Everything okay on your end?"

I didn't like the reference to him being dumb. He was average when it came to intelligence and more observant than most. 12 years of being told otherwise left it scars though. "Mac's with me. We're going to crash at a hotel tonight. Will everyone be okay you think?"

"You're not coming home?" He sounded a bit peeved. "You mean we could have kept the party going all night instead of tossing everyone out? You have to tell us these things!"

"There isn't too much damages their?" I ask.

"Some girl OD, but Josh and Mac are chopping her up and disposing of her in the garden. Other than that everything is fine."

I smiled at is sick sense of humor. "All right, if anything goes really wrong."

"We will ask Josh for help," Tom interrupted. There was a moment of silence before he said in a different tone. "I miss you."

"I'll be home probably before you get up. Try to keep the house intact."

"I well. Say hi to Mac for me."

Before I could say anything else he hung up and I glanced over at Mac who looked a little scared. I smiled trying to reassure him. "Tom has a weird sense of humor. He was joking about the party."

"Oh. Mac said before getting up to look. He's been with you for a year, right? I think that's what Darren told me."

I nodded. "Next week will make a year actually. He is the youngest one so far."

"How do you find them exactly? I mean like me, I became friends with Darren online, but" he trailed off.

"Well, we do have a website. This is a legitimate charity after all. I'll admit I troll around online a little, as does Darren." Actually I worried about him enough to have done some checking up on his online activities. The 15-year-old was as gentle as a lamb and as horny as a rabbit. The red hair on his head that was closer to orange was the only he kept. His face turn red as a ruby when he climaxed. That memory made me have to adjust myself.

"Yeah? On your website does it's a sleep with some of the boy you take in?" Mac said smirking.

I felt a little heat go to my face at that. "I don't deny that. I don't publicize that, but I don't deny it. Every boy in my custody knows. They're the ones who decide what if anything happens."

Mac looked away. "Yeah that's what Darren says. I look forward to having your cock up my ass."

"I look forward to putting it there." We both laughed at that and it was a good sound.

Mac wasn't a complete stranger to me. We had exchanged over 75 e-mails after Darren found him. The charity around small thing and I'm really the only employee. I provide a home for gay, lesbian and transsexual whose homes have become hostile. Well technically it was for all three, but I've only had one lesbian. Of the 36 males who have availed themselves of my service 14 had found their way into my bed. Sometimes it was only for a short time and other times it was for longer.

In theory they could stay until they were 18 and out of high school. In practicality surprising number went back home after a few weeks or months when the parents had had time to adjust. I kept an eye on them, but parents could be accepting some of the times. I found sometimes they just needed time to adjust to the idea that their son was gay or sometimes a divorce was necessary.

Some of these boys I knew would've ended up on the streets or worse and it did feel good to help them. I wasn't a saint by any means. I liked boys and if they were so inclined to find their way into my bed I wouldn't object. I had only turned two away. The first time it was because he was clearly trying to manipulate me and the second time was because it was the last thing the boy had needed.

"So, is there anything I really need to know?" Mac asked suddenly.

"About living with me? Nothing I haven't outlined. You keep your room clean and help around the house. You get a little allowance for that. You don't force anyone to do anything and you don't make fun of them. There's this one boy, Javier he 16 and likes to dress up in girl's clothing. It's important to me and everyone at the house that they can be themselves."

"Darren told me about that. So did you."

I smiled not quite remembering. I was currently talking to three teens. I tried to make my place a place of last resort. They had to exhaust every other option first. "It's something I like repeating." Over the years I've come across a few fetishes, most were kept in the bedroom. Diapers and bondage had both popped up as had furry. Cross-dressing was a bit more public, but he mostly kept to the house.

"So, let me see if I have all of them straight. Tom is the youngest at 13, Darren is 15, Javier 16 Josh is 18 and he sort of works for you and ..." Mac trailed off.

"Alex, he's 15 too." It seemed everyone forgot about him. He was quiet and shy.

"All right. Darren told me a little about each of them. Can you tell me a little more?"

I guess Mac would be one of those who want to talk about anything but the situation he left behind. I knew it would eventually come around. "Well, Josh is about to graduate, but I sort of gave him a job. It doesn't pay very well but it's good to have another employee taking care of everyone. It looks good since I'm claimed to be a charity."Also Josh had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, but I didn't see any reason to mention that.

"Tom's energetic. He's also very horny and he'll probably try to hit on you. He's probably a bit shorter than you and has really blonde hair. Darren I know you see over the web cam and he's as nice as he seems. Javier thinks a lot about his appearance watches what he eats, but is a great cook and that's probably best for all of us. He's as nice as Darren I think. Alex doesn't talk much, but he really like sports. He's on three different teams at his high school and studies Aikido."

"And how many have you slept with?" Mac asked.

This was a more difficult subject. Anyone who entered the house knew about my interest, but I didn't like bragging about it. Then again it wasn't exactly a secret in the house either. "Currently I've slept with three that I have mentioned. However, I'm currently only sleeping with two of them, Tom and Darren."

"And me," Mac added.

"Well, I haven't yet."

The conversation drifted from topic to topic never staying on anyone too long. A lot of the stuff we talked about I knew he already knew, but he didn't want for there to be silence. He never talked about his parents. When it got a little too dark we checked into a hotel that had a small restaurant. We went there first before retreating to the room.

Our room was on the second floor and as soon as I opened the door a crack Mac darted forward into the dark troom. He flipped on the light before my foot had passed over the threshold.

"Arnold! There's two beds?"

I closed the door behind myself and shrugged. "One would've looked suspicious." He looked a little crestfallen and I hurried and added. "If you like, we can wait until we get to my place. There is a King size bed there."

For a moment he looked like he was considering it then he shook his head. "It doesn't matter. I just wanted to do it. I really want you to be my first." He turned to face me but his eyes were looking at my stomach. "So how do we start?"

I let my overnight bag fall to the floor. It took three steps to reach him. Placing my hand on his shoulders I used my thumbs to tilt his head up.

"Are you sure you want this? You know you don't need too. It's not a requirement. You can stay at the house as long as you need too."

"I know," Mac said. "You're nice, I want you."

Mac's lips were thin and a little parched. Still, they felt good against mine and I could feel my shaft become hard as steel. When I pulled back his tanned cheeks were flushed. "You can stop this, whatever you want." I emphasized the last three words.

"I don't want to stop this," Mac said his eyes drifting down to my crotch. His hand reached out and grabbed my shaft through my clothing. "It doesn't look like you want to either."

"Oh this is the porn script part of the evening?" I teased.

Mac cheeks turned a little red in his hand fell away. "I really don't know what to do."

"You do whatever feels right." Bringing my hands up I carefully took office his glasses and placed them on the countertop. A few cuts and a pair of broken glasses had taught me to be careful over the years. My hand drifted down and lifted up his shirt over Mac's head. He helped by lifting his arms up. His chest was hairless and ill-defined. His nipples were small and as the cold air hit them they perked up.

I guided him onto the bed sitting him down on the edge. Untying his right shoe first I pulled it off followed by his sock before doing the same to the left. As I tried to stand up his arm shot out wrapping around my neck and pulled me in for another kiss. He pulled me back unto him and the bed. My hands went to his pants fumbling at the button and zipper before pushing back away from the kiss and pulling the last of his clothing off.

Mac's cock was semi erect with a sprinkling of pubic hair about his shaft and a hairless sack. "A nice package," I said running my fingers just above his sparse hair. His penis started to grow and I made one large circle running my thumb over his balls and up his shaft. When I reached the tip I looked up at Mac who had his eyes closed. Leaning down I ran the tip of my tongue across the underside of his glance and brought my pinky back to caress the side of his balls.

I continue to stroke him, watching his face and Mac laid there with his eyes closed. Mac's face twitched as my fingers played a lot of his member. His breathing increased until he let out a little moan as I felt his shaft construct and a small amount of liquid came out.

He opened his eyes just as I was tapping my fingers in the liquid scooping it into my mouth. "Evidence," I said.

Just as I was about to close the door to his room I heard him call out. "Arnold?"

"Yes?" I said cleaning up the last of his spell.

"I want to suck on a cock. I'm a cock sucker." He let out a little laugh. "Or at least I want to be."

I smiled and I understood. "There's nothing wrong with that. You want to please your partner."

Mac smiled and then he surprised me. "I'm going to take a shower. Want to join me?"

The first thing that came to my mind was yes, but then I remembered the one detail I had not told him. "Are you sure? I have a lot of body hair. If you want we could keep it just like this." In truth I found boys in general to be more excepting than most of my older partners. Odd that, but there was.

Mac shrugged. "I want to see and besides it's only fair." He propped himself up on his elbows and nodded towards me. "Are you washer clothing at the same time?"

I got the hint. He was farsighted so a bit of a show was in order. Before I started I slipped my socks and shoes off. Aising to my feet and looked down upon the boy. Mac watched me like a hawk. Taking one last deep breath I started to pull my shirt up prepared for his negative reaction. When I pulled the shirt up and off I let it fall to the floor. Mac's eyes were glued to my chest and he smiled.

"Nice." Mac said climbing to his feet. He raised a hand and placed it on my chest feeling the hair. "It's soft. I kind of like it."

His hand felt nice on my chest both his words and actions had an effect on me. My erection was straining against my pants almost painfully. Mac noticed the bulge. He looked up at me. "Did I do that?"

"Yeah, you did.

He smiled his hand sliding down my stomach to the waistband of my jeans. With both hands he unbuttoned my pants and started to tug them down. Once they were passed my hips they came easily and fell down to my knees exposing my hard erection sticking out through my boxers. Mac's right hand slipped around my shaft and ran his thumb along the underside of it.

"It's warm," Mac observed.

"It's the blood. Blood flows there and that's what makes it hard." Mac squeezed a little too tight and I jumped.

"I know that," he said shooting me a look before looking back down. "And that's pre-cum, right?"

Looking down I saw some clear liquid at the tip of my penis. "Yeah."

Before I could say anything Mac's hand darted forward his tongue sticking out and licked the tip and darted back as I jumped. "It doesn't have a taste."

I shook my head. "No, but cum does."

"Mind if I see for myself?" Mac asked smiling up at me.

There was a second before I could respond. "All right, but one I say now, pulled off and just open your mouth. All right?"

"Sure," Mac said opening his mouth. He took my penis head in. His lip's wrapping around it, tongue exploring. He took a little more and then a little more until he had half in his mouth and started bobbing up and down letting it slide in and out. For a first timer, he wasn't bad if nothing special. It only took a few minutes before I felt a sensation that made my toes curl.

"Now!" Mac pulled off just as I shot. Part of the first shot hit him in his mouth and the rest landed on his cheek and chin. My second smaller load hit him in the chest and he laughed.

"That was great," Mac said.

"Oh, you like that?" I asked.

Mac nodded and looked down at his chest. "Now I really do need a shower."

Mac's member was still flaccid as we both climbed into the shower. I helped wash his hair and his back; he did the same for me. It was nice. When we got out of the shower I dried him off with a towel all sitting on the toilet. As I was drying off his stomach he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine.

For a second I was surprised but then I responded until he pulled away. "Would you like to put it up my butt?" He asked turning around.

I smiled and wrapped the towel around him and pulled him in close. He fell in my lap and could feel my growing erection against his back. "Are you sure you want me to be your first?"

Mac leaned back into me tilting his head to the side and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Yeah, I trust you."

I gave him a kiss on his cheek. "All right, if you're sure. Meet me in a bed, I will be there in a second."

Mac gave me another kiss on the lips and walked out of the room butt naked. I stared after him for a second before following. My bag held the lubricant.

What I walked back to where the beds were I found Mac's sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, head resting on his hands. I told him what I thought we should do and Mac agreed. He moved to the edge of the bed and rolled to his knees.

Taking a pillow I placed it under him so his butt was propped up a little. Opening the tube I put a little onto my finger and knelt down on the bed. Mac's his head was turned towards me and I gave him a kiss on the lips. He responded as my other hand spread his butt cheeks. I continued to kiss him as my fingertip felt around for his hole. Finding it I made small circles around spreading the lubricant. Mac's butt clenched, but I waited for him to relax.

Breaking the kiss I said, "I'm going to put my finger in now, okay?"

Mac nodded and I pressed against his rear entrance and watched as his expression changed. His butt clenched around my fingers as the first knuckle past his ring of muscle and his face squeezed tight as my finger went deeper. When my finger was in as deep as it could go I gave him a minute to get used to it and watch as his face relaxed.

I started to make small circle stretching his entrants.

"Oh, yeah," Mac said as I started to make larger and larger circles.

After a few minutes I stopped and began to pull out. Mac his eyes opened and he looked at me questioningly. "Are you ready for the main show?"

Mac wet his lips before answering. "Yeah, but you will stop if I ask right?"

"Of course," I answered.

Slowly I sat up and looped myself up. Standing I placed a hand on his back. Then slowly I began to push into Mac. At first there was some resistance with his ring, but once I got a little of my head in it slid in easily.

Mac moan as I pushed in deeper and deeper until half of my length was in and he jumped and gasped. At that point I knew I had hit his prostate and for a moment I just stood there holding that position until Mac relaxed. I was about 4 inches in and I pulled back 2 inches before pushing back and hitting the spot again.

For a few minutes I just moved slowly back and forth. Picking up speed my one hand snaked under Mac's body finding his hard shaft between my fingers. With each thrust forward and pulled back his shaft moved along with him. Then Mac's body tensed and I could feel his shaft twitch in hand as his butt closed around me. His climax pushed me to the edge and I fired into his rear as a warm flush came over my face. Slowly I pulled out of Mac, his body reluctantly letting me go.

Mac slowly rolled over and I scooped him up before pulling the sheets back and laid him down. I gave him a kiss on the cheek, but when I started too pulled away, he grabbed my arm. "Stay with me."

Smiling I slipped under the covers and laded next to him. Wrapping an arm around his stomach I pulled him close. His head tucked under my chin, his butt against my crotch as our legs intertwined. I felt his hand slide down my arm and came to rest on top of my hand.

The room silence was shattered by a whisper from Mac. "I really am a cock sucking slut."

The words echoed around the room or at least in my head. "Now, why would you say that? We may have only met in person today, but you can't say were strangers and what's wrong with wanting to pleasure your partner?"

Mac scooted closer to me as if he was trying to push into me and disappear from the world. "My mom said I was that. It was after they found that stuff on my computer. We were at the mall and a cute guy walked past us. I turned my head to watch him and she said it."

Of all the e-mails that he had sent, Mac had said little about his mother or either of his parents really. His father had become distant since the discovery of the porn on his computer, but as for his mother he had been silent.

"I see." I gave him a kiss on the top of his head. "You've slept with one person who cares about you and that doesn't make you a slut."

I wonder when you did become a slut. I have had 15 boys in my bed now, two as I grew up and another two my age as an adult before I had started the charity. Certainly 19 partners was a lot. But I cared for each. I wouldn't say I loved each particularly with the boys at least not as lovers. There was more to sex then physical gratification. Particularly with young boys, there's a more subtle thing at play. For some perhaps it was defiance and for others it was just affirming their identity. For Mac, I wasn't sure yet.

"Mac, there's nothing wrong with you."

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