Samantha at the Party

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by Rider


Published: 30-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sam called me a few days later to tell me that it was alright for me to go with her to the party. The only catch was that I was going as a "friend" rather than either cousin or boyfriend. Apparently the rule was that there were to be no couples. Everyone was supposed to "share." I figured that wouldn't be a problem. After all, I was open-minded. Wasn't I?

The day finally came. We arrived at the party a little late and it was like a carnival. The guy that greeted us was naked as a jaybird and sporting a rather large hardon in one hand and a drink in the other. Inside the apartment, there was a lot going on in several different parts of the living room. There were about 10 boys and 7 girls not including Sam and me, and all of them were naked. Like Sam had said, the girls were all about 10 or 11 (some younger?) and the boys about my age or even a little older.

We were "invited" to remove our clothes and as we disrobed, I looked around to see what was happening. I was briefly reminded of a song by Three Dog Night called "Mamma Told Me Not to Cum." The first thing that caught my eye, perhaps because it was in the center of the room close to the door, was a boy seated on the couch, legs spread, with a girl sitting on his lap facing the same direction, legs spread even wider, with his cock lodged in her hairless cunt. I swear it looked too small for that cock, but there it was, stretched tightly, with the clitoris prominently displayed. She was flat as a pancake, but he rubbed his hands over her nipples as he slowly thrust in and out. She was more passive, but she seemed to be enjoying the experience. The most curious thing about this was that there were about 4 or 5 people seated on the floor in front of the sofa watching this display intently as they leaned forward to get a better look.

I glanced at Sam, who by now was completely naked, and noticed she too was watching this "show". Since she was so absorbed in the impossible sight of this cock fucking this hairless cunt, I looked around at some of the other guests. Over in a corner were about three boys standing around one girl who was kneeling on some towels. When one of the boys moved, I could see that she was totally covered in cum! Her hair was plastered, her face was slick with chunks of semisolid cum, and her eyebrows were soaked. Likewise, her shoulders were splattered and there were dribbles that ran down her chest and abdomen and even onto her legs. The boy in the middle had his erect cock in her mouth and she was moving back and forth giving him a blow job. A string of viscous cum dangled from her nose and was stuck to the top of his cock like some kind of suspension bridge.

A few strokes later and I heard him say, "I'm going to cum." She pulled her mouth off of his penis, licked her lips (drawing the dangling string of cum into her mouth) and then opened her mouth wide like a baby bird expecting it's mother to feed it. The boy proceeded to jack off and shot several streams of cum that landed on her forehead, left eye, and some into her mouth as the other boys cheered and applauded. As he stopped squirting and started oozing drops from the end of his phallus, he replaced it in her mouth and she resumed her back and forth motions having swallowed the squirt or two that had landed in her mouth. The cum on her face slid down and began to form cumsickles on her chin which dribbled onto her shoulders and chest joining the rest of the cum in a general motion that resembled a landslide.

Off in another part of the room was a naked girl on her hands and knees getting fucked from behind while another boy was on his knees in front of her with his erect penis sticking into her mouth. The backwards and forwards motion provided by the fucking was moving her mouth over his phallus, so he remained motionless.

By this time, the girl on the couch was moaning and the boy she was sitting on began to cum. I joined Sam on the floor in front of the sofa as we watched the finale of this act. The movements were a little jerky, but cum started to ooze from her cunt onto his cock. When, at last, they stopped moving, we applauded and cheered. Hey, everyone else was too, so don't think I was the only weird one! Anyway, she lifted off his cock and semen just poured out of her hairless cum covered cunt, landing on his cock and sliding between his legs. Soon he got up and it was clear there was a wet spot where he had been sitting.

I was beginning to wonder how it was decided who did what to whom. I had assumed from what Sam told me that there were some horney guys that sought the attention of shy and innocent pre-teens, but something happened that changed my mind.

I was still sitting on the floor, absently staring at the wet spot, when a young brunette put her hand on my shoulder. I looked up at her and she asked, "You and me?" as she indicated the sofa. It occurred to me then that at least some of the girls were as aggressive as the guys. In fact, I wondered if the girl in the corner (who I learned was Sam's friend Mandy) with the three guys hadn't been the one to invite the action.

Concerned about hurting Sam's feelings, I looked at her sitting next to me -- perhaps for her approval, or to detect a look of jealousy or disgust. Sam briefly returned my look (inconspicuously so as not to make it obvious that we were there "together"), and in that look were many things: "She's cute!"

"Why not?" "It's up to you!" "When in Rome..."

So, encouraged by Sam's look, I took the hand of the girl at my shoulder and stood up before she led me to the sofa. She was indeed cute. A little younger than Sam, she was also shorter with longish dark hair that cascaded down her shoulders. She had a smile that was inviting and open and a manner that was feminine and yet commanding. She had no shame and there was no reluctance as we reached the sofa; She gently pushed my hips to indicate for me to sit down (right on that damn wet spot -- which was cold by now) before she got onto her knees in front of me and admired my erection (which grew even as she looked at it).

I was facing a small crowd of people seated on the floor who were cheering us on, including Sam! I might have lost my erection, but this little girl (whose name I found out later was Cindy), grasped my erection and began to lick it like a lollipop. My attention was thereafter focused on her actions to the virtual exclusion of the audience or the moans reaching me in stereo from the other parts of the room. She popped my cockhead into her mouth and quickly pulled back with an audible "pop" as she looked into my eyes with a seductive and mischievous grin. With experience far beyond her years (or mine, for that matter), she then replaced her mouth on my cock and began bobbing her head and moving her hand. Only a few strokes later, I was about to cum. Fortunately (avoiding a rather brief show), she released my cock and stood before me. I admired her slim body that was girlish and yet athletic. Her chest was as flat as any other girl there and her pussy was hairless and smooth.

Before I had satisfied my gaze, she turned around (presenting me with yet another wonder vista) and began to climb onto my lap. For just a moment, I had the impression that she was going to sit on my knee while I read her a story or something. She was even lighter and smaller than I had realized, giving the impression of a girl of only 8 or 9.

She didn't just sit there, though. Oh, no. She straddled my legs facing away from me and grasped my cock with one hand, using the other to steady herself. She started humping the top side of my cock, rubbing her smooth and somewhat moist cunt lips all along its length. I could see Sam sitting to one side as I looked around this girl's back and her expression was one of awe. She appeared mesmerized by the sight of this little girl stimulating both me and herself in this brazen fashion.

I began, once again, to get the urge to cum. I feared for just a second that I would shoot all over the people sitting directly in front of me as I struggled to maintain "control." That would have been a sight! Sperm shooting from my cock as it rocked between this little girls legs -- but as I was contemplating this possibility, she lifted herself again from my lap and returned to between my legs.

Resting her arms on my thighs with one hand grasping my cock, she pointed it towards her mouth and began to stroke evenly and steadily. I was so close to cumming that there was no turning back -- it was just a matter of time. Without varying her stroking, she licked a drop of pre-cum from the opening and opened her mouth to place my cock on her lower lip. One, two three strokes, and I started to shoot streams of cum into her open and waiting mouth. Her eyes were on mine as I filled her mouth with semen until the only thing I could see in her mouth was my cum. She closed her mouth slowly and swallowed when I had relaxed a little. Opening her mouth again, I could see that it was now empty, and she replaced my now very sensitive cock head into her mouth and held it there for a few moments.

I had been totally oblivious to the rest of my "audience" until then, but there were applause, cheers, and whistles. Apparently, Mandy had satisfied herself with the three boys, because when I looked up, she too was standing off to one side, still absolutely dripping with cum, smiling happily and clapping.

Looking back at Sam, I could see that there was a boy kneeling beside her and they were engaged in conversation. Before I could even speculate about what they were discussing, Cindy had pulled me to my feet and we turned to sit in front of the sofa, apparently in anticipation of the next "show."

After I had taken my seat, with Cindy sitting in front of me between my legs, I looked at where Sam was sitting, but she was already on her feet and walking towards the sofa hand in hand with the boy with whom she had been talking. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy, or perhaps protectiveness, towards Sam. She was, after all, my cousin and my first real lover (my hand doesn't really count). But, this was her life, and unless I could detect otherwise, this was her decision.

Sam sat on the sofa where I had just been seated, and spread her legs as the boy got between them. She had sat on the wet spot and I saw her cunt lips shining from the coating of someone else's cum. That alone was a little disconcerting, but the boy moved his head between her legs and began to deliver a licking that replaced the traces of semen with his own saliva. I was even more surprised when Sam put her hands on the back of this boy's head and began to move her hips -- humping the boy's face! My view was obstructed by the back of his head, but it was obvious that his tongue was buried deeply in her twat like a cock from the way he moved his head.

When Sam got a glazed look on her face, the boy stood and lifted Sam's legs until they were straight and splayed wide open providing an excellent view of her sopping wet cunt, slick from saliva (and her own secretions?), with the lips slightly parted and her now defunct hymen and the entrance to her vagina clearly visible. As we in the "audience" watched, the boy lowered himself and placed his cock between her hairless cunt lips. At first, it looked like the cock was too big to fit, but with only a little pushing, we watched it work it's way in, slowly burying itself within her vagina. Sam's cunt lips were so tightly stretched that I thought they might tear, but as he moved back and forth, I could see the elastic skin getting pulled slightly to and fro. As he was pulling back, this gave the impression of a suction action intended to pull him back into her.

The strokes increased in speed and depth, but Sam's expression indicated pure pleasure. Finally, Sam let out a series of "Oh!"s followed by one long "Ahhh." The boy was not unaffected by this and grunted his own pleasure as he came into her vagina.

He slowly got up, leaving Sam's legs widely splayed, and Sam lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, totally oblivious to the glops of oozing cum that seeped out from her vagina and began to pour onto the edge of the sofa before dripping onto the floor.

Not to be outdone, yet another girl crawled from where she was sitting to between Sam's legs and started lapping the cum from between her cuntlips. Sam was briefly startled, but immediately relaxed when she felt the strokes of the girl's tongue. This I had to see! I crawled forward to peer around the girl's head and watched as her tongue scooped the coagulated semen as it slipped from Sam's vagina. As soon as she had swallowed, she licked again, even probing into the depths of her cunt to extract any remaining cum still clinging to the inner walls of Sam's vagina.

When the girl removed her face, it was smeared with cum from her nose to her chin. As if to let me share in her good fortune, this cute girl looked at me (my face was only inches away) and leaned over to kiss me. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and I could taste the mixture of cum and Sam's special flavor. At the end of the kiss, our faces parted, but we were briefly connected by strands of viscous cum.

After this, the party took a slightly different direction. There was music playing, and some people danced. There was one boy-girl couple dancing, not touching, and Mandy was dancing alone. Her dance was kind of sexy, but not lewd (except that she hadn't washed off the cum -- it was now somewhat dried, but in the subdued lighting she positively sparkled). There was also a couple of preteen girls dancing together -- sort of a rock and role jitterbug.

Others were playing games like a girl riding the back of a guy (everyone still completely nude, of course), arm wrestling, drinking, talking, and pretty much just having fun. If it weren't for the sexually charged atmosphere, one might think this were a nudist party. One of the couples just talking was a boy, lying on his back, while the wisp of a girl sat on his penis. Occasionally she would rock back and forth or lean over and kiss him. I finally got to spend some time "alone" with Sam, so we talked about the events from earlier in the evening.

"Are you upset with me?" asked Sam as she sat on my lap facing me with my semi-erect penis between us.

"No, of course not. I haven't got any grounds for being upset with you since I fooled around too. Are you upset with me?" I asked in return.

Sam leaned over and kissed me gently. "I'm not upset. YOU were wonderful! I was blown away when I saw you and Cindy together. That was so sexy."

We spoke some more about that and I learned that Cindy was still a virgin. I also learned that she was only 10 years old. Sam knew most of the people at the party, so we gossiped about her friends some. I learned who was outgoing and who was shy, who was abused by their parents and who was just rebellious, and a lot of other interesting things. It was like we were alone in the room until...

Mandy, who seems to have some kind of oral fixation, sat on the sofa next to Sam and me and innocently asked, "May I?" I thought she meant could she sit next to us, so naturally I didn't refuse.

Mandy reached between Sam and me and grasped my penis before she bent over and took it into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down, swallowing a good portion of my cock. I looked at Sam and she looked at me and then we both looked down at the back of Mandy's bobbing head.

When Sam and I looked up at each other again, Sam smiled and her look said something like "That's Mandy!" It was incredibly erotic to look into Sam's eyes as she sat on my lap with another girl's mouth on my cock. After I saw the approval in Sam's eyes, I leaned slightly forward to meet her face and kiss her while Mandy continued blowing me. I could feel her hair against my stomach and her mouth on my cock as I continued to kiss Sam. It was just a short time later when I came into Mandy's mouth while thrusting my tongue into Sam's mouth.

Mandy sat up after I had finished cumming and Sam and I looked at her. As she licked her lips, she smiled and said, "Thanks!" before she got up to find "something to drink."

The last thing to happen of note before the party started to wind down was a crowd gathering around another girl and a guy on the floor behind the sofa. I asked a guy standing nearby what the fuss was all about and he answered that Jenny, a girl of about 11, had decided to lose her virginity that night. Well, Sam and I got up and walked around the sofa to see what was happening and Jenny was laying on her back getting tonguefucked by a guy. For the benefit of those watching, he kept his lips away from her labia so that we could see his tongue as it thrust between the hairless lips. He raised his head after he had done this for a while and asked Jenny if she was ready. When she answered yes, the crowd (which by this time was everyone in the room) cheered their approval.

Jenny left her legs spread-eagled as the boy (also named Sam, so I won't mention it any further to avoid confusion) crawled until his pelvis was between her wide open thighs. He put his cock at the saliva slicked opening and began to push while the crowd shouted, "Go, go, go!" After several thrusts, Jenny had a grimace on her face and we could see that the cock had finally pierced her hymen and entered a short way. He lay still for a moment as Jenny recovered and the crowd applauded and shouted their congratulations. One of the girls had the foresight to get a towel and, as Jenny lifted her pelvis with the boy still embedded in her cunt, slipped the towel beneath her bottom. In just a moment, they resumed the slow fucking motions. Jenny raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist with her heels on his buttocks giving us a clear view of his cock, lightly smeared with blood, sliding in and out of the tightly stretched (former) virginal cunt. Although it did not appear that Jenny came, she had a smile of satisfaction on her face as her partner began to ejaculate.

Finally, Jenny relaxed her leg grip on the guy's buttocks and he slid out. Cum, mixed with traces of blood, oozed out and dribbled past her anus onto the towel. Jenny wiped herself and then stood to receive praise for her endurance and bravery.

It was getting late, and people were wandering to the closet to retrieve their clothes. Sam and I followed suit and, when we had dressed, we said our goodbyes and left.

On the way home, I was surprised to learn that Jenny and the boy (named Sam) were brother and sister! It appears she chose him because she knew he would be gentle and she trusted him. I thought it was kinky, but like Sam had said before, at those parties anything goes.

After I left Sam at her house, I walked home. I realized that experiences like that could be addictive. Unbridled lust combined with total lack of inhibition and willing sex partners was definitely a liberating experience. I hadn't even dreamed of such goings on, and now I had actually participated in what could only be called an orgy.

Was there a price to pay? I couldn't think of one at the time. Whatever the price, I was of the opinion that it had to be worth it. But then I was young.

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I am really glad to see these stories posted here! I read these before on another site, and I think these are a great contribution to this site. Very enjoyable!


I don't have a lot of experience but this story makes me want to. I like girls but this may have changed my mind. So, maybe I'm bi?

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