Samantha's Sitter

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by Rider


Published: 30-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I hadn't expected to see Samantha for awhile. I thought it would be best to give her time to herself. Losing her virginity must have done something, and I hoped she didn't regret it, but I wasn't going to push the matter unless she wanted to. Anyway, it was Saturday, the day after the best day of my life, and I was looking forward to a restful day of doing nothing, or whatever I wanted to do, which was nothing.

It was already afternoon, since I had slept late, and I went outside. I had a small pond that I had dug out and I was floating a boat there when my mother called and asked me to come inside. My first reaction was disgust. I just knew that my mother couldn't let me alone on a day when I wanted to just chill. She had found some chore that just couldn't wait.

When I went inside, she told me that my aunt Amanda, Samantha's mother, had asked if I could stay with Samantha that evening so that they could go out to dinner and a movie. The thought crossed my mind that just maybe Sam had something to do with this. After all, this sounded too good to be true. Alone with Samantha again, parents gone...

My reverie was interrupted when my mother asked, "Well, will you do it?"

I thought it would be best to conceal my true response. Jumping up and down and shouting "Yippee!" or just salivating with my tongue hanging out would be too obvious, so I decided to pretend to be reluctant.

"Does Sam really need a baby-sitter? After all, she's 11 now. Can't she take care of herself for one night?" I asked, hoping I hadn't overdone it.

"Amanda just wants to be sure that Sam is safe. And, she trusts you. Will you do it for your Aunt Amanda?"

"Sure. No problem. What time should I be there?" I asked, hoping she would say right away.

"I believe they are going out about 7 O'clock."

Sam's house is about the nicest in the neighborhood, and the only one with a pool. I asked if it would be alright if I took my swimsuit --although I also hoped I wouldn't have to wear it.

"I suppose you can take it, but be sure to ask Aunt Amanda before you go swimming."

I phoned Sam's house and Sam answered. Although it wasn't her idea for me to stay with her, she was all for the idea. When I asked if I could bring my swimsuit, she excused herself from the phone for a moment.

"Sure, you can bring your swimsuit. In fact, why don't you come over now? Unless your busy or --"

"I'll be right over," I blurted out before she finished her sentence.

When I arrived at their house, Sam was already swimming. I walked in the gate and she waved and got out of the pool. As I walked over to her, she was standing in the sun, pulling her wet hair back, wearing a one piece suit that was so sheer that there was no need for imagination. I could see her nipples, slightly erect, her navel, and the imprint of her wet labia as clear as the night before when she was totally nude. She told me to get "dressed" so I went to the bathhouse and started to change clothes. I was just removing my underwear when Sam entered.

"I was just wondering if you needed any, uh, help," she offered mischievously.

With the sight I had just seen, her presence in the bathhouse, and my memories from last night, I was already sporting a partial erection. Her eyes drifted down to my penis and I felt a little exposed -- but it was not exactly a bad feeling. Despite our recent intimacies, I was by nature a little shy.

"Maybe later, " I countered, hoping for another memorable encounter after her parents had left.

She stood there, still wet, and watched as I slipped my bathing suit on. She seemed to be slightly disappointed, but I was not into taking chances -- at least not then.

Still, I couldn't resist walking over to her and, as I looked into her obviously willing eyes, I kissed her softly on the mouth. She seemed satisfied with that and we left the bathhouse together and entered the pool.

We didn't do too much swimming. We talked about things like friends, school, and parents. We played games like trying to see who could stay underwater the longest. There were also the quick fondles and "contact" sports, just to keep things interesting, but not too interesting because we assumed we were being watched.

Leaning against the wall of the pool, Samantha would sometimes spread her legs wide and watch my expression. She knew I wanted to climb between those thighs, but I was a gentleman. I put her on my shoulders and carried her around the pool. Her thighs against my neck, her cunt on the back of my neck, and her hands on my head made me get an erection. I would fake falling down just so I could turn around underwater and plant my lips on her swimsuit covered cunt, but that was hardly satisfying. I would support her body while she paddled with her arms and legs; my left hand on her flat chest, my right hand on her lower abdomen -- and sometimes on her pubis. My fingers sometimes strayed under the elastic band around her upper thigh, but only for brief moments.

There was one place in the pool that was not visible from the house, and we managed to spend some time there. Facing each other, her hands would caress my aching hardon while I rubbed her cuntlips through the swimsuit. We tried to look like we were apart when we were actually in contact. She would lean back, as I would, while her legs were tightly wrapped around my pelvis and my rigid phallus was pressed against her cloth-covered vulva.

About the most daring thing that she did was to swim underwater, pull my swimsuit down, and briefly take the head of my cock into her mouth. The warmth, contrasted with the rather cool water in the pool, was shocking, but the contact was too brief to allow me to reach orgasm.

The kinkiest thing we did was, well, let me tell you. We were sitting in the pool side by side with our backs to the house. Sam said she had to pee. Jokingly (I think), I asked if I could watch.

"Sure," she quickly retorted. "I'll even do better than that."

With that, she grasped my hand and pulled it to her crotch. While she held it there, her eyes closed and a subtle smile appeared on her face. A moment later, I could feel a warm flow emanating from between her legs. I inserted a finger under the elastic band and moved my finger to between her legs and I could feel a steady stream of urine. When the stream stopped, she opened her eyes and looked at me, still smiling. I moved my finger a little further between her legs and began to insert it into her vagina.

"Kids," her mother called out from the house, "I made some hamburgers. Would you like to eat out here?"

"Sure," we answered in unison, and then laughed as we got out of the pool.

That hamburger was the most delicious hamburger I have ever eaten. It was home cooked, and I was mysteriously hungry after swimming. We sat at a table by the poolside and had hamburgers and Coke while drying off. Except for an occasional brief contact between our bare feet, it was a pretty tame meal.

We finished eating and sat talking for awhile as it got dark. When we could barely see each other, the conversation got interesting.

"Would you be jealous of me if I was seeing another boy?" asked Sam.

I thought this was a loaded question. Did she mean to imply that we were a "pair" like boyfriend-girlfriend? If I answered no, would she be hurt that I didn't care for her? If I answered yes, would we somehow be committed to one another? And for what purpose? We couldn't date and we sure as hell couldn't marry. I decided to be open and honest about our prospects.

"Sam, you are a beautiful girl. I have no control over you, so you can do what you want." I was about to continue with a long speech about us being cousins and what that implied when she decided to continue with her line of thought -- which was entirely different from what I was expecting.

"Thank goodness! I was afraid you were going to be possessive. It's not that I'm seeing anyone, but I have had some, er, experiences with other guys."

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, but with this new revelation I began to wonder how much of what I thought we were sharing for the first time had been learned from someone else. One thing was certain, I had taken her virginity. So what else was involved here? Kissing? Petting? Nudity? Sexual acts other than intercourse?

"Like what," I asked, hoping that it would not be perceived as prying.

"It's kind of a long story," she started, perhaps hoping that I wouldn't be interested, but I sat silently, waiting for her to continue. "About a year ago, some of my girlfriends invited me to a party. The party was at a boy's house, and he was about 15. I guess there were about 10 people there, five girls and five guys. His parents weren't home. The girls were all about my age, 10 or 11, and the guys were all about 4 or 5 years older. My girlfriends didn't tell me what to expect, but I smelled a rat when they just giggled when I would ask about what we were going to do.

"Anyway, we all sat around the television set and one of the boys put a tape in the VCR. It was a porno movie! Naked people, penises put in different places, stuff like that. I thought it was kind of gross and it didn't make any sense, but some of my girlfriends seemed to enjoy it.

"Pretty soon, the guys started touching the girls next to them. Everybody else was doing it and my friends were smiling, so I decided to let a guy touch me. It didn't bother him that I didn't have any tits, but then none of my friends did either.

"One of the guys turned off the television. This guy next to me put his hands between my legs and I started to resist, but then I figured that's what was supposed to happen, so I let him touch me down there.

"I heard his zipper and he put my hand on his penis. It was hard, but not as long as yours."

That made me feel pretty good, but I didn't say anything.

"He moved my hand up and down to show me what he wanted, so I did that for a while. Then he put his hand behind my neck and pushed my head down towards his lap. I started to resist, but I saw that all of my friends were doing the same thing, like it was some kind of ritual or something, so I let him push my head down. It didn't take me long to figure that he wanted to put his penis into my mouth. Well, I did. Does that shock you?"

"No, but this has to be one of the weirdest parties I have ever heard about." I wondered at this point if she was really as innocent about cum as she had led me to believe. I decided to keep quiet and listen.

"One of the guys announced that it was time for a show. I thought he meant that he was going to put another tape in the VCR, but he had us girls draw straws. The girl that got the short straw was supposed to put on a show.

"Mandy, one of my friends, got the short straw and the guy put on some music. She did a strip show and pulled all of her clothes off. Everybody else was just watching -- and we were drinking beer." Sam looked up as if to see if I was shocked by this, but I just sat and listened. "She then lay on the floor and pretended to masturbate, and then someone handed her a bottle that she tried to put into her vagina.

"I guess some of the girls got drunk because Andrea started to puke. She was so dizzy she couldn't even walk straight, so I helped her walk home.

"Well, that's about it! I know that the parties still happen, but I haven't been to any more. I still think about it, and sometimes I want to go, but I guess I'm afraid of what might happen to me."

"Have you heard about what else goes on? I mean, is there anything more serious?"

"Yeah, I've heard talk. I'd say that just about anything goes. Mandy said she sucked off all of the guys at the party. I don't think any of the girls are virgins anymore. Not that that matters much!"

I guessed that last bit was for my benefit since I had taken her virginity last night, and I suppose she didn't want me to feel guilty.

"Kids, we're leaving now. Have fun while we're gone!" Aunt Amanda said, poking her head out of the sliding glass doors.

We waved and said goodbye and then sat silently watching each other. The night air was getting just a bit chilly, so our swimsuits, although mostly dry, were pretty uncomfortable.

"Want to go inside?" asked Sam.

"Sure," I agreed and followed her inside.

Once through the door, Sam started to take off her swimsuit, seemingly oblivious to my presence, so I followed "suit." My clothes were still in the bathhouse, however, so I wasn't sure if I was really supposed to, but Sam turned around and smiled her approval.

"Come with me. I want to show you something," she ordered, so I followed her to her parent's bedroom. Walking through her parents' house naked with no shame was an exhilarating experience. The anticipation was intense, but I was enjoying every minute of our stroll. She told me to wait at the door of the bedroom and I heard her rummage around a bit before she returned. She led me to her bedroom and she seemed to be hiding something from me in her hand.

She entered her bedroom and jumped on the bed, one of those frilly beds with pink pillow covers, lace, and images of animals sewn into the comforter. She frog-legged (spread her knees apart as far as they would go and put her feet bottoms together), and then said, "I'm going to give YOU a show!" Just seeing her, naked and lying on the bed with her legs spread, was enough of a show to give me a raging hardon.

She started to rub herself between her legs, and I was thinking to myself, This is where she actually masturbates, and here I am actually watching it! My attention was focused on her cunt, but she soon raised her hand and showed me a dildo-shaped vibrator.

As she continued to rub with one hand, she started talking. "This (indicating the vibrator) is my mothers. I've known about it for a long time, but I have never used it. I guess now I can, and I wanted you to see."

She removed her fingers from between her legs and licked them. She then put the dildo to her mouth and started licking it on the sides. Then, she put it into her mouth like a cock and pretended to be sucking it as she watched my expression. I suppose I was in shock because she giggled a little, muffled by the dildo in her mouth.

Her eyes alternated between her cunt and me while she put that vibrator between her legs and started pushing. I now realized that the licking was for lubrication, but it made for a hell of a show anyway. Her pushing was insistent and the dildo inched its way in. With some back and forth movements, it finally reached the halfway point -- as deep as it would go.

She released the dildo and started tilting her pelvis rhythmically, humping the air. With childish glee, she said, "Lookie! I've got a penis!"

I would have pointed out that the "penis" was pointing the wrong direction, but I was dumbstruck by the sight of a rod-like object protruding from the hairless cuntlips of this young girl, waving up and down in a display that was both extremely erotic and slightly comical at the same time.

"This feels nice," she commented when she stopped humping and began moving the dildo slowly in and out of her hairless cunt, "but what I really want inside me is you." With this, she looked up at me, standing there by the bed naked and erect. It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

I walked the short distance to the bed with my erection leading the way like some silly miniature divining rod. She moved her legs apart and I knelt between them, admiring the dildo in her cunt closely. She withdrew the dildo and I could briefly see into the opening of her vagina a short ways before it folded shut again. She set the dildo aside and looked me in the eye. As I moved over her, she grasped my phallus with both hands and drew it to her slick cunt lips. When it was firmly planted against the opening, she released my cock and put her arms around my waist insistently drawing me closer. She wrapped her legs around the backs of my thighs and steadily pulled me into her.

The resistance I felt last night was not there, but it was still tight. I pushed and felt my cock slip inexorably into her vagina, deeper and warmer than I had remembered. Sam smiled when I was completely embedded and then we began to move together, my thrusts met with hers, in and out.

It was over too quickly. I wanted to enjoy that feeling for as long as I could, but the urge to cum was building and I was helpless to stop it. My cock started to spasm as I squirted cum deep into her cunt. When the spasms stopped, however, I remained erect! The sensation, the situation and her willingness to go on drove me to begin humping again and her cunt, lubricated with my cum, was even easier to fuck than before, although still quite tight. It was silent except for the creaking of the bed and the squishy noises of our fucking.

Since she was much shorter than I, I had to raise up on my elbows to bend down and kiss her. Suspended above her naked body, I admired the flat chest and abdomen, and I watched my cock disappearing into the hairless cunt and then reappearing, slick and shiny from our mutual moisture.

Together, with her making the first move, we rolled over on her bed until she was sitting impaled on my cock. She sat erect and my cock was as deep as it could go, but with about 1 or 2 inches still outside. I could see the tiny cunt stretched tightly around the shaft of my phallus as it moved up and down, with cum leaking from around our union and down the shaft to my pubis.

Just as I was beginning to feel the stirrings of another orgasm, she stopped and said, "I want to try something."

She lifted herself off of my cock with a plop and moved towards my head with her knees on either side of my chest. In so doing, she left a trail of drips and drizzles of my cum all over my stomach and chest. She then turned around to face my feet, still on top, and lay her body on mine. The cum acted like a lubricant as she slid to and fro before she took the head of my cock in her mouth. I was watching the cum ooze from between her hairless slightly puffy cuntlips and bent my head forward slightly so that I could lick her twat. As I was beginning to run my tongue from her clitoris to her vagina, she slid away from me towards my feet. I could feel her chin against my pubis and her mouth was a tight ring around the base of my cock as the head of my cock was snugly wedged somewhere deep in her throat. I was about 5 inches long and she had deep-throated me!

She slid back, again presenting my mouth with her cumcovered cunt, but only briefly. Sliding back and forth, with my cock going in and out of her mouth and throat, I licked her slick cunt on the back-stroke like one might lick an ice cream cone. The sensation was incredible and I intended to make it last as long as possible, but then I couldn't keep from coming with this kind of stimulation.

I could barely get out, "I'm cumming," before I started to cum. She had sensed that it was time, I guess, because she swallowed my cock and held it in her throat for as long as I came. I could feel her throat muscles contracting with each spasm of my cock, which in turn made my cock spasm again, and so it went for what seemed like an eternity.

When she finally lifted up, my cock slid out of her mouth and plopped onto my lower abdomen. We were both covered with cum, so we decided to go skinny-dipping in the pool. We snuck outside and, with no lights on, we slipped into the pool.

After splashing around a bit, she came to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my torso. I felt like she was part of me as I walked around the shallow water with her appended to my body. The warmth and nakedness inspired yet another erection (did the last ever really go down?), and she slid down my body until my cock was against her hairless labia. Slowly, the pressure of gravity pushed my hardon through the tight cuntlips until we were truly united. She tilted her head back with her mouth slightly open as she started to pull herself up again, and there we were fucking standing up! Oh, I wish I could feel that way all the time!

I cupped my hands around her small buttocks to help her stay up while she used her arms and legs to move up and down on my cock. As I lifted her buttocks and set it back down, I had a curious image of masturbating using her body. I felt sort of like I was jacking off into a fuck toy of some sort. I couldn't help reaching between her legs again to feel her body sliding up and down on my cock. I knew we were fucking, but I just couldn't believe it, so keeping one hand on either side of her rising and falling cunt while my cock stood still was a little like feeling someone else's cock in her cunt. Weird.

It wasn't long before I could hold back no longer, and I came again, probably only a small volume since I had cum so much earlier, but it still felt just like I was cumming buckets. She slowly relaxed and I lifted her off my cock and set her down on her feet in the shallow water. I reached between her legs and felt the cum-slick cuntlips and, as I kissed her passionately on the mouth, I put my middle finger as deep into her cunt as I could reach.

We got out of the pool and went into the bathhouse to collect my clothes. As I dressed, she stood by with one hand on her cunt, not in modesty, but rubbing herself slowly (perhaps because she was sore?).

With my arm around her naked shoulders and her arm around my waist, we walked into the house. I waited in the living room while she went to her room to get dressed. The phone rang and she answered it in her room. I couldn't hear much, but she talked for several minutes before she came into the living room fully dressed.

"Do you remember the parties I told you my friends invited me to?" she asked.

"Uh, yea, that would be kinda hard to forget. Why?"

"That was Mandy on the phone asking if I could go to another party next week."

"Well," I asked after a brief pause, "are you going?"

"I'd like to go, I think, but -- will you go with me?" she asked.

"I'm not sure I'd be welcome. It sounded like a closed group. 5 girls and 5 guys? I don't think that was a coincidence. I'd be like a 5th wheel," I answered, voicing my reluctance.

"I'm not going alone, that's for sure. If I check with the guy who's giving the party and he says it's OK, will you go then? Please?"

I could tell that she really wanted to go to this party, and I hated to even consider refusing any request she might make. Plus, I also was afraid of what might happen to her if she went with those weird friends of hers. Not to mention the guys.

"Yeah, I'd go with you if it's OK with everybody. It might even be interesting."

"OK. One thing. It's ok if you want to fuck the other girls. I know we can't really be boyfriend-girlfriend. But no matter what happens, you can fuck me anytime. Even though we're cousins, I feel like we have something, you know, special. I just won't let it get in the way of your fun."

"What about other boys and you? Do you want to fuck other guys? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to get possessive, I just want to know what to expect," I lied. I had a great thing with her and I was honestly afraid of losing it. I was beginning to worry that this "party" might jeopardize our, um, relationship.

"If you say no, I won't. Plus, I'm not really sure I want to anyway. What happens if I get the short straw?"

Oooo, that was a tough one. "I wouldn't think it would really mean anything. It doesn't sound like they are trying to seduce anyone, just get some sex. Still, I've got to admit, it would be a little tough seeing some guy with you. If you got hurt, I'd have to hurt somebody real bad."

"That's why I want you there. You're like a big brother -- that fucks me!"

About that time, her parents came home. Aunt Amanda offered me money for staying with Sam, but I refused it. That would be sick, but I didn't exactly phrase it that way to my aunt.

I walked home in the cool night air, just thinking to myself. There was a lot to think about.

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