Samantha Returns

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by Rider


Published: 30-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was Friday afternoon and I had been home from school for a couple of hours. I had just about finished my homework (aren't I studious?) when I heard voices at the back door. My mother was talking with someone and I was pretty sure it sounded like Samantha. She was, after all, about the only person that came to visit at the back door. That was the way she was. She never did things quite like everyone else, and she was pretty much like part of my immediate family rather than a neighbor or even a cousin.

The events of the previous week were so incredible that I had just about decided that it had never happened. Oh, it was real, alright! I could still feel, smell and see Samantha, partially clothed in the tree, as we experimented with each other's bodies. Being older, I wondered if perhaps I had taken advantage of her in some way. She was just a girl; immature both physically and emotionally while I was almost grown up.

Then, too, I figured that the experience was a once in a lifetime happening. She might not forget, but I didn't think she would want to repeat it either. Not that she didn't enjoy herself: She did, as far as I could tell, but I was a perpetually horney 14 year old and she was only 11 and still playing with dolls.

I felt somewhat guilty too because she was my cousin. There could not be any lasting social relationship like dating or marriage, so there was really no "point" to having more than a friendship. These were my thoughts as I left the desk in my bedroom to greet Samantha at the back door.

"Hey!" I called out.

"Hey, yourself," she replied. The same exchange that we had always used since she was 7 or 8 years old before she had moved away for a couple of years. It seemed like nothing had ever happened, as I suspected. The previous week's interlude had been a fluke, not to be repeated.

Samantha was wearing a short pink skirt with a black belt, a white T-shirt and white tennis shoes without socks. I immediately noticed that her nipples shown through the thin material of the white shirt, but my mother didn't appear to take notice -- probably because her chest was as flat as a pancake. Sam's legs were long for her small stature, smooth and somewhat thin.

"It's about time for Wagon Train. Do you want to watch it with me?" I offered.

"Sure," she replied, and we went into the den where we sat on pillows on the floor in front of the sofa and leaned back. Sam's legs were drawn up and her knees were slightly spread. I silently wished I had a better vantage point, but I was stuck sitting about a foot to her left. As I glanced at her legs, I noticed a scrape with a scab on her left knee.

"Looks like you hurt your knee. Did you do that in the tree last week?" I asked, thinking to jog her memory and -- perhaps rekindle that spirit of, well, curiosity.

She cast a glance at the scrape and said, "Yeah, I think so. It's not as bad as the one I got on my right leg though."

I followed her eyes and sat forward to see the scrape on her right leg which appeared to be on her inner thigh. As I looked over her left leg, I froze. I was looking straight at her hairless pussy, cuntlips slightly spread, and I was suddenly breathless. My face flushed and I sat back pretending to look at the television while I collected my thoughts.

"Sam," I whispered, "you don't have any underwear on!"

From the corner of my eye, I saw her turn her head to look at me as she whispered back, "So?"

Keeping my eyes on the television, I was sitting there wondering what that meant. Was this some way of expressing her independence? Was it tomboyish naivete? Was she teasing me deliberately? Did she even know what teasing was?

I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen and I was about to tell Sam to, um, cover herself, but she straightened her legs out and crossed her ankles as my mother entered the room with a bowl of popcorn.

"I thought you two might like a snack while you watch television." Speaking to me, she continued, "Your father and I will be going out tonight. I expect to be back late, so don't wait up." This was followed by instructions on how to reach them in case of an emergency. "I'm going to get ready now. Your father will be home in an hour and he hates to be late."

"OK, mom," I answered absentmindedly as she turned to go to the master bedroom.

Just after she left, Samantha again bent her knees and proceeded to watch television from between her knees. I surmised that she knew that my mother would not have approved of her not wearing underwear, but she didn't appear to care that I knew. Interesting.

Here we were, not two feet apart, and alone for at least an hour. I suppose that if I had guts, I would have reached over and caressed her hairless cunt, but I just sat there with a raging hardon, like an idiot. But then, I wasn't really sure that Sam might not have been upset. Just because she appeared "accessible" doesn't mean she was inviting my explorations. Maybe she just wanted to watch TV and enjoy my company.

I too was wearing shorts and I excused myself while I rearranged my erection so that it wasn't so uncomfortable. When I sat back down on the pillow, I too had my knees bent, watching TV between my knees. Sam sat up to reach for the popcorn in front of us and her left knee touched the bare skin of my right thigh. An innocent brush?

When she leaned back, however, the short pink skirt had ridden up on her thighs and I had a clear unobstructed view of her hairless pubis. My heart was going a mile a minute as I began to think that there was something here that I wasn't catching.

"Did you see that?" she exclaimed, referring to something that happened on the television show we were supposed to be watching.

I felt so stupid. I had no idea what was going on with the show because I had been watching the show between her legs. If I admitted that I didn't see whatever it was, I felt she would know. In fact, I thought she might have asked that as a test, knowing full well that I couldn't miss her exposed genitals.

I couldn't answer. I just turned my head to look at her. She returned my look briefly and just smiled before returning to her popcorn and the show. It didn't seem that she was expecting an answer after all.

So we played this, um, game. She would lean forward to get more popcorn and the skin on her leg would touch the skin of my thigh. I would lean forward to get some popcorn and get an eyeful of her naked cunt. Every now and then, our eyes would meet as I looked back up from her cunt, and there was a look in her eyes that seemed to say, "Like what you see?"

Oh, God, was I horny! The tension was killing me. This was obviously an invitation, but was it only an invitation to look, or was there more to come? Thinking back on our jaunt in the tree, I mostly looked except when she invited me to put my penis against her vulva and rub. Even that was done with her controlling every aspect of my actions. "Now, don't you dare push hard!" she had ordered me. "Move back and forth," she had said. I considered being more aggressive, but if I pissed her off, she might tell her mother -- or mine -- so I decided to let her go as far as she wanted and, wherever that was, we would stop.

As my father came in the front door, Sam's legs again straightened out giving the impression of total chastity. Just two kids, watching television and eating popcorn. He greeted us and then went into the bedroom with my mother.

Soon, they came out, dressed to the hilt, and said goodbye as they walked to the door. I could only think of what might happen when they left. Maybe Sam was just waiting for this moment when they left to -- ravage me? I really didn't know what to expect, but I knew something would be different.

On the other hand, I was afraid I might be disappointed. Maybe she was just teasing, with no intention of anything more. Maybe the show was all over now that my mother and father were not there to "protect" her.

As the door closed, Sam sat still, as did I. I was beginning to think that I was right. Show's over. At least I had a memory of seeing that hairless slit again, and that could last me for a long time in my fantasies.

When we heard the car start and then move out of the driveway, though, Sam appeared to relax and she moved closer to my side. She was crowding my right arm a bit, so I put it around her neck and she began to snuggle. This was cozy! My arm was draped over her right shoulder and my hand was resting on her right arm at first, but I moved it just a couple of inches to the left and let it rest on her flat breast. Her left thigh was touching mine on it's entire length, naked skin against naked skin. A moment later, she began playing "footsie" - actually caressing my foot with hers, slowly, with deliberate motions.

She was enjoying the closeness, so I gave her what I felt she wanted. I gently rubbed my hand against her chest and I felt her nipple harden some. I felt her shift as she moved even closer, laying her head on my chest. Her face was pointing directly at my lap where a hardon was poking irresistibly against my shorts. I wanted so badly to push her head down just a little further, but...

Instead of staying still, I noticed that her left arm was moving almost continuously. Her shoulder was poking into my ribs, so it was a little distracting. I looked over her head to see what she was doing, and I saw that her left hand was between her legs, rubbing with slow deliberate strokes. My view was slightly obstructed, however, so I could not fully appreciate the sight of her fingers that I knew stroked her hairless cunt lips. Oh, man, here I was with a girl who was actually masturbating! She had confessed that she masturbated the week before, but I thought it would always be just her private thing (except for the demonstration she gave me in the tree).

My shorts were tented by my erect cock. I was certain that this had not gone unnoticed by Sam, but I was not quite prepared for what she did next. Her head, laying on my chest, slowly slid down -- down my abdomen -- down to my tent pole -and she began to kiss my cock through the fabric of my shorts. It wasn't long before I also felt her teeth scraping the sides of my cock through the shorts. Oh, it was pleasant -- Oh, it was agony. So close!

I thought I was being bold when I suggested, "Would you like for me to unzip my shorts?" but she did me one better when she replied, "Let's get naked!"

I didn't need any more convincing. My parents wouldn't be back for several hours, and I was deeply consumed with primal lust. In a flash of clothing, we were sitting beside each other completely naked. She leaned back into my arms, again with her head on my chest, "face to face" with my raging hardon. Her bottom was just a little more to her right, so my arm rested on her hip. I moved my hand until it reached that hairless paradise and, as I moved my fingers gingerly over her cunt lips, she raised her right leg to give me better access. Oh, my God, she was moist! Between her slick labia, my fingers wandered unencumbered, and --

I felt her warm breath on my cock just before I felt something warm and moist. Her tongue was caressing the head of my penis. Her hand gently grasped the shaft of my cock, and then her mouth completely enveloped the head of my cock. I nearly died!

We sat there like that, fondling one another, for several minutes, totally oblivious to whatever show was on television. My fingers were exploring the wonders of this naked girl's vulva and I decided to see if, perhaps, one of my fingers might just fit into the moist passage. Slowly, I applied pressure, and it slipped past the guarding hymen into a place that was snug, warm, moist, indescribable!

As if this wasn't enough, her head started to move over the head of my phallus and down the shaft a short ways while her hand, still loosely gripping the shaft, moved in synch with her head. There was no doubt in my mind that I couldn't hold back much longer.

"Sam, I think you had better know that I'm gonna cum." There was no response at first, so I repeated my warning, "Sam, I'm getting ready to cum!"

Instead of lifting her head, she intensified the movements of both her hand and head. She had tasted my cum the week before when some had shot out and landed on her face and then dribbled in between her lips, but I wasn't sure she was prepared for the full blast. Still, there was no denying this insistent stroking and sucking, so...

"Sam, I'm cummmmiinngg," I blurted as my cock began to shoot repeatedly into her mouth. Her hand movements stopped as her mouth filled, but I kept right on cumming unstoppably.

In short seconds, it was over. Sam's mouth still covered the head of my cock, but she slowly removed it without spilling a drop. She lifted her body and turned to face me. There was a proud expression on her face (as well as a small dribble of cum), but I could tell that her mouth was still full of my semen.

I watched (and she wanted me to see) as she swallowed my cum. It took several swallows actually, but when she had finished, she smacked her lips and leaned into me, pressing her flat chest into mine. She then gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. With her lips pressed fully against mine, mouth open, her tongue lashed about in my mouth. Lubricated slightly with my semen, it was the most incredible sensation one could imagine.

She pulled her face back just a little and, looking directly into my eyes, asked me, "Have you ever tasted your own cum?"

"Well, yes. I wanted to see what it tasted like."

"I like it," she said, and then closed her eyes and licked her lips. I reached up and wiped the small dribble from her cheek. She opened her eyes and put her mouth over the finger that was now covered with cum and sucked it clean.

She then put her mouth over my cock again and sucked it even cleaner than it already was (including a small drop or two that had oozed out since she removed her mouth).

She raised up and threw her right leg over my pelvis and sat on my lap facing me. My cock was still erect and her cunt lips spread slightly as they lay on it lengthwise. She humped my slick cock for a few moments before she said, "Now it's my turn."

I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but I was sure to cooperate! She told me to lie down on the floor with my head on a pillow. She stayed with her legs on either side of me as I got into position, and I had a wonderful view of her hairless cunt, flat abdomen and flat naked chest above. If I thought that view was spectacular, it got even better when she moved her cunt up over my chest and then placed her knees on either side of my head. I was beginning to figure out what she wanted when she lowered her cunt onto my mouth, her moist hairless cunt lips gently kissing the lips of my mouth.

I began to lick, suck and nibble for all I was worth. It was the first time I had ever even heard of this activity, so I wasn't exactly sure what to do, but her motions, moans and expressions guided me. The taste was, um, impossible to describe, but not at all unpleasant. She seemed to like it particularly when I suckled the tiny nubbin at the front of her vulva, but she even liked it when I licked the length of her labia or probed her vagina. Soon, however, her movements took control and she was humping to and fro on my lips and chin, even at one point getting my nose into the act when her movements became more animated. She began to let out a continuous open mouthed moan until she finally quivered, twitched and humped a few more times before stopping.

She lay her naked body on top of mine and continued to breathe deeply for a few moments. My cock, still with a raging hardon (Ah, youth!), was nestled snuggly against and slightly between her saliva coated labia. I was in heaven!

She raised up on her elbows when she had rested and applied some pressure from her hymen directly onto the head of my rock hard penis. "I want you to fuck me," she said in a whisper.

All I would have had to do, I thought, is give one forceful hump, and I would be in. If I did that, though, I might hurt her and spoil the entire evening. Besides, I thought she was probably too young.

"I might hurt you if I do that," I offered, attempting to either get her to change her mind or prepare her for my painful push through her hymen.

She kept her eyes on mine and wordlessly began her own backwards push onto my erection, apparently oblivious to my warning. I didn't need to apply any force because she was pushing quite hard, so I just lay there while she attempted to impale herself on my hardon.

She kept her eyes on mine as she pushed slowly, relaxed, pushed, and relaxed repeatedly, making no apparent progress. Suddenly, she closed her eyes and pushed with all her strength until -- POP!

Her eyes opened in surprise as did her mouth in a silent "Oh" and then she raised her eyes to meet mine. I could feel the head of my cock tightly squeezed by her vagina and I knew that I was inside.

Slowly, she resumed her movements up and down my torso while my cock was sliding in and almost out of her vagina. Ever so subtly, with each little thrust my cock went just a little deeper until it occurred to me, we were fucking! We were actually doing it!

Although I was certain that she must be in some pain, I found that I could not tell an expression of pain from one of pleasure. Exact opposites of feeling, you would think that the difference would be obvious, but I watched carefully for some indication with no success. Was that a wince? Was that wrinkle of her brow in pleasure, that moan from pain?

She kept up the fucking movements as I tried to fathom her experience, but after a while I decided that, painful or not, she was enjoying it. With all care, I joined her movements and thrust upwards into her vagina as she moved down. Not moving more than an inch or two, my cock slid more and more easily into her vagina. I reached my arms down and grasped her butt which gave me greater leverage, but I continued to be restrained in my movements.

I reached my hand down further, between her legs, and I felt my own cock and the slick cuntlips. I could actually feel my cock sliding into her cunt! I was touching our fucking! Oh, it was an incredible feeling...

Although I had just cum a few moments before, I could feel the urge again. It built slowly, but when she looked me in the eye with her mouth open (where I had just deposited a load of semen), I was sure I was going to lose it. Her brow wrinkled and her eyes closed tightly as she began to thrust down on my cock with jerky, slightly more forceful, strokes until I felt my cock begin to squirt, spasm, and shoot. I continued to shoot repeatedly until she gave one last thrust downwards and let out a combination moan/sigh and relaxed totally on my body. Her head was laying on my chest, my cock still buried deeply in her cunt, and we lay like that for several moments.

With another deep sigh, she moved forward and my cock popped out of her cunt. I could feel her cunt, slightly suspended above my lower pelvis, dripping fluid. She moved her pelvis up to my upper abdomen and I raised my knees before she leaned back. Her legs were splayed obscenely, with no thought of modesty, and I looked down to see my semen, mixed with tinges of blood, oozing from her hairless cunt.

"Are you alright?" I asked. Although I had expected some blood, the sight still shook me up. I worried that maybe I had done some serious damage internally.

"I'm fine!" she replied in a sultry (for an 11 year old ) confident voice.

As she slowly stood, drops of the semen/blood mixture fell onto my abdomen and sticky strands of semen stretched between my cum-covered abdomen and her buttocks.

"Can I use your shower?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied and, since I was also covered with our mutual mess, I offered to join her. That seemed like a very adult thing to do; showering with a woman (girl?) after making love.

Hand in hand, we walked naked into the bathroom. She leaned against the sink while I prepared the water. My knees were weak, but I acted as though I had all of my strength as I led her into the warm shower. We washed each other's bodies, hands probing our secret places, soaped thoroughly and rinsed. I couldn't resist hugging her gently and she tilted her head back for me to kiss her before raising her arms and placing them around my neck. I had to bend over so far it was almost uncomfortable in order to accommodate her small stature which reminded me that this was still only a little girl, but her passionate kiss and the feel of her warm, wet, naked body against mine was delightful.

After we dried each other, we went back into the den and slowly dressed. Our lust had been satisfied, at least for the time being, and we lay on the floor side by side, arm in arm, with her head cradled in my arm, and drifted off to sleep. At least I think she slept. I couldn't help but watch her even breathing and cherish her arm draped over my chest, her right leg laying on my right leg, my arm around her back, resting easily on her right buttocks.

It was getting late, and I knew my parents would be back soon. I wondered, though, whether I should be concerned about her parents. Should she call? Were they waiting up, angry? As much as I enjoyed laying there, I knew I had to awaken her.


"Hmmm?" came the muffled reply.

"What did you tell your parents?" I inquired.

"Oh, they know I'm here. They don't wait up for me so I can go home whenever I want," she replied as she sleepily lifted her head off my chest and smiled a sleepy, satisfied, smile.

Only moments later, we heard my parent's car enter the driveway and saw the lights flash through the windows. We "straightened up" and put the bowl of cold popcorn between us as we pretended to watch television. The nightly news was on, but I couldn't focus on what they were saying. I glanced around to be sure that there were no traces of our tryst that might be noticed by my mother, but everything seemed to be in order.

The door opened and my mother entered first. "Hi, you two! Did you have a good evening?"

"Well, there's not much on TV. I guess we had fun. How about you?"

"We had a marvelous time! We ate wonderful food, danced, and talked all night." Before she turned to go into the master bedroom, she turned and asked, "Sam, do you want me to call your mother and ask if you can stay here tonight?"

Sam replied, "No, thank you. I'll just run home."

With that, she turned to me and said, "Thanks for everything. I'll see you later."

We both got up and I walked her to the back door. As she left, I wondered if she would feel guilty about this later. I wondered if this was too much too soon, even though she had actively participated and even though I had let her "lead the way."

As I went to bed, I put these thoughts aside. I reviewed everything that happened, and relished every intimacy. Of course, I also jacked off a few times, too, as if to seal the memory into my mind forever. I would, after all, never forget this night.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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