Sandi & Lilly

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Published: 8-Aug-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The webeweb starlets were among the most popular of all the girls. At twelve and thirteen the girls learned that the nature of men could be tenuous and often times painful. When they turned 14 they were both experienced models who knew how to act in front of a camera.

Both girls were living a double lifestyle, when in school they were like other kids their age, popular amongst their class and played sports. Both girls were gymnasts and cheerleaders by weekday. On the weekend they were transformed into teen models making content for their websites.

A never-ending parade of bikinis and panties poses and flashes were their worlds when the weekends came around. Sandi was the older of the two girls by a few months. As a model she had commanded a larger fan base and was enjoying the income of her successful website. Her dad was her photographer and managed to scalp the vast majority of her income, saying it was to help with home expenses. What was left over to her was still an obscene amount of money for a 14 year girl to live on. She was clearing over two hundred dollars a week as an allowance. Lilly was actually Sandi's cousin and was the second most popular of all the webeweb models. Her site did well, not as well as her blond cousins did, but it still net her almost two hundred dollars a week to play with. She had brunette hair and a lithe frame, small breasts her total weight must have tipped the scales at 100 lbs. Lilly had a little but that she knew how to wiggle and eyes that would melt most hearts.

For both girls a trip to the mall meant shopping and buying outfits, this was paid for by Sandi's dad, so clothes shopping outings were often times an orgy of trying on and snapping up slutty outfits. Both girls often wore the same outfit that was modeled by the other girl the week before. Both cuties boasted closets that were packed full of the finest jeans and shoes money could buy. Four inch heels adorned one hole wall of Sandi's closet, if a guy were to have walked into it her would have thought that it was owner by a popular stripper rather than a 14 year old model.

Sandi knew she was hot, it did not go to her head at all, in fact the 14 year old blond bombshell started trying to cover her budding womanhood when she was out and about in the community. She would dress down trying to cover things as best she could. Because it was on the weekends that she was forced to let most of her hot tight young body hang out.

At first things seemed innocent enough for Sandi, she modeled bikinis and did a few panties and bras sets. Then her dad insisted on her looking more sexual and holding positions that made her feel exposed, she felt slutty. The first few months were a real kick for her at age 12, but as the months progressed into years she developed more of a thousand yard stare when she looked into the camera.

As the shoots progressed she gave up any hope of turning things around to just modeling clothing, it was always her butt sticking out or her legs spread in some position which made her feel like she were little more than a piece of meat. She hated the pictures where the shorts or panties were pulled up into her crotch causing her lips to bulge. She did not know what a camel tow was but she knew she did not like how it made her look.

When she was at school she never mentioned her modeling, both she and Lilly knew better. Word would get out and she would be branded a slut and laughed at. So Sandy and Lilly went through the routine of being hot teen dreams by weekday and man toys by weeks end, they were really hiding in plain sight.

Unbeknown to the 14 year old blond fox, men were lining up by the thousands to buy her pictures. Sales would always go up when she sported a new bikini or an outfit that hugged her incredible tight bottom. Her dad had started another website for her featuring Sandi and other models; it too started pumping in cash like never before. Sandi's social life suffered as a result, boys were going crazy for her and even though she was boy crazy she did not know who to trust. Despite the numerous offers and attentions of the cutest and most athletic boys in the Jr. High and even the High School, she never dated. She did hang around with a nerd named Evan who was a chess geek and a total computer dweeb.

None of the kids her age could figure it out, why a Brittany Spears look alike with "the body" would really only hang with a geek named Evan. Lilly was often times not far from Sandi because she was going through very similar things. She at least kept up the lie that she was not allowed to date until she was 16, this bought her some relief from the social pressures that her cousin was suffering.

One Saturday afternoon she had enough and did the one thing she had never had the guts to do before, that was to argue with her father. He was a big guy and had a loud booming voice. He was never physically abusive to Sandi, but intimidating none the less. She had told him how this made her feel and that she wanted it to stop. With expert manipulation he went right for her with guilt.

"How are your mother and I going to live without your help," he questioned.

Looking down at the floor he looked so defeated, she shrank inside. "Oh daddy, I'm sorry I'm just being a child today," Sandi said sweetly. Her dad even managed to fake a tear as her kissed her forehead thanking her for being the best daughter in the world.

They finished the shoot which featured a 14 year old Sandi in a red, white and blue string bikini wrapped in a U.S. flag. It was a thong which let that sweet flawless ass be exposed to the whole world to see. The two girls did their usual Saturday afternoon mall run after they shoots were finished. Sitting in the food court sipping a coke Sandi spoke first.

"I hate this shit, I hate what I have become," she said with her head down.

Lilly comforted her cousin, and reminded her to put her cash away so they could both move out when they got enough money and when the time was right.

"We can move to Florida," said Lilly brightly. "I hear Panama City is beautiful," she said with hopeful eyes. The two girls hugged a bit and Sandi rested her head on her younger cousin's shoulder.

"Does it make you feel dirty Lilly," asked the blond.

"Sometimes," said Lilly. "Sometimes not at all," she continued. "Wh what do ya mean," asked Sandi a bit confused.

"Awe come on gurl, you gotta know what kind of power we have," Lilly said smiling slurping at her coke.

Her southern drawl made her voice smooth like black velvet and her looks made even her cousin take note.

Sandi shifted uneasily sitting straight up and looked at her cousin. "Lilly, do ya, well have you ever... uhh"

"Got turned on during a shoot," Lilly interrupted.

Sandi blushed and said nothing but squirmed in her seat. The blond was now sporting cheeks as red as her cowboy boots. Lilly rolled her eyes as only a 14 year old teenaged girl can.

"Girl what's wrong with you, of course I get wet sometimes," chuckled Lilly.

Sandi put her hand over her mouth in shock and giggled looking around horrified hoping nobody had heard their exchange.

Lilly continued, "it aint you dad for fuck's sake, I think about getting it on with our Gymnastics coach."

"Mr Franko!!" Sandi roared.

"The one and only Lilly," said with a confident giggle.

Sandi was openly laughing now, "you little slut," she said hugging her cousin's neck.

"Thanks Lilly you always know what to do to pick me up," Sandi said lovingly.

"Not a problem cuz, I got your back," Lilly said in her slow southern drawl. Both girls hugged and laughed and finished their food preparing to head home for the night.

The Phone Call

"Don't Fuck with me Pearson," the voice snapped.

Sandi's dad yammered, "I'm not really it's the truth."

The voice belonging to a wealthy man contained dark toned contempt for Mr. Pearson. "I told you you son of a bitch not to test my patience."

"I I'm not sir it's just that...."

"Shut the fuck up asshole," snarled the nameless voice on the other end of the phone.

"Sir she's my baby," whined Pearson.

"Oh I see, now that makes sense, your little girl is fine in panties shoving her ass up and out for the whole god dammed world to jack off to," stated the demonic sounding voice.

"I just don't want her hurt," plead Mr. Pearson.

"Define hurt you limp dick," snapped the voice.

"I don't know it's just..." stammered Pearson before being cut off by the voice.

"Fifty thousand dollars for her and her cousin for one night, they get tied up and fucked with no lasting damage, no one gets hurt asshole, unless you piss me off.

Sweat was now pouring from Mr. Pearson's forehead as he said, " I can't do it."

The voice at the other end of the line darkened and into a full rage, "Ok little man here is my final offer, 75K and I set it up to make you look innocent."

Mr. Pearson cleared his throat and stammered, "that's a very generous offer sir..."

"Shut up you god dammed worm, I am not interested in your thanks, its your daughter's ass got it," snapped the voice.

"Yes Sir," Mr. Pearson said in a week timid voice.

"Now little man, tell me you want me to bind and fuck your little girl into submission." The voice snarled.

"I can't," pleaded Mr. Pearson.

"Do it," screamed the stranger.

"Sir...I...she's my," Pearson's pleadings were interrupted by the stranger again.

'I'll toss in a half pound of your favorite white powder, you piece of shit." The stranger said with a final tone to his voice.

Mr. Pearson stood up and cleared his throat, "Sir I want you to tie up my daughter and her cousin Liyyle and fuck them," Pearson said weekly. "Good boy," chided the voice. "You get 75K a shit load of white powder and I make it look like you are a brainless victim of home invasion, let's say one week from tonight," directed the voice.

Pearson felt like shit, he felt that the man known only to him as Rawhyde would honor his end of the bargain. How did it come to this he thought to himself sitting down in the middle of his studio in their sprawling Alabama home? The stranger had been a fan of Sandi's for some time; he had taken his time to find out where she lived and what were her father's routines and flaws. Living the fast life often times lead to revealing ones weaknesses. This was easily observed by Rawhyde and soon the hot little blond model and her tight little cousin would dance at the end of his ropes.

Putting his head in his hands he thought she will be fine. Shaking his head he convinced himself that I need the money and I deserve the blow. "Fuck it," Pearson said out loud, she's a big girl and this house aint cheap.

Pearson prepared for tomorrow's photo shoot with both girls. Whatever feelings of guilt he may have had he stuffed down deeply inside himself. There was money to be made, and after all both girls were probably already fucking their way through the Jr. High, after all look at how sexual they had already become. Sandi's dad prepped the studio and selected the wardrobe for the upcoming two girl photo layout. Sandi was to be vested in a skin tight sky blue two piece bikini. While Lilly was to be fitted in a purple two piece that offered a gratuitous showing of her tight 14 year old ass. The pictures were to be up and on line in just five days. The membership demanded more skin and more provocative poses from the 14 year old beauties.

Pearson called Sandi and set up the weekend invasion, he told her to have Lilly come over for the afternoon and that she could spend the night. Sandi lit up when he told her he had business up state and that the two girls had the home all to themselves. She rolled her eyes when her dad said no parties and no boys. ""Oh dad please," yawned Sandi. Hanging up her cell phone she said to Lilly, "he is such a dork." Not mincing any words Lilly snapped, "uh you mean dumb ass,"

Rawhyde prepared his kit for the night:

  • HD Video Camera
  • Still Camera
  • Lube
  • Rope
  • Duct Tape
  • Leather Straps and a variety of dildos that ranged in diameter and length
  • Ball gags
  • Nipple clamps and handcuffs

The man wore impeccable Armani suits with silk ties, fine Italian shoes and a Rolex that screamed money. Getting inside the house would not be a problem, Securing the two girls at one time might be so be brought a stun gun just in case. Everything fit quite well inside a leather briefcase that looked more business than bondage.

Rawhyde also brought a laptop because he planned to visit the girl's sites once his captive kittens were dancing high on the balls of their feet and were ready to play his twisted little games. Rawhide knew that each girl was going to get the living hell fucked out of her, but he also knew that some rough play and one hell of a good scare was all that were in store for the reluctant teen models.

The Evening

The weekend came with its usual fair, a shoot in the afternoon and the mall trip having both girls home by 7pm. Dad had left a note along with $30 for pizza. Sandi thought that to be odd because he never signed his notes "Love Dad". Lilly laughed and said "I'll bet her wants something."

Both girls settled in for the night to watch TV and a DVD of their last gymnastics meet. Unknown to both girls Rawhyde had already installed listening devices in the house and was sitting confidently in his panel van across the street. The tall stranger listened in on the girls with a stiff cock. Excited by the thoughts of what he was soon to be doing to a pair of fourteen models.

Lilly sat back on the sofa in a pair of black tight boy shorts and a baby doll tank top. Sandi was wearing Lacey shorts and an old jersey with the number 3 on its chest.

Rawhyde laughed as they ordered the pizza and identified with many of the toppings selected by the sexy duo. He listened intently as they giggled about how cute the delivery boy was when the door shut and they turned inward to the living room to watch TV. Lilly was immediately identified as the more aggressive of the two. So he decided to wait until the moment presented itself and to secure Lilly first.

About 30 minutes after eating the pizza Sandi said she needed something upstairs and Rawhyde went into motion. He was outside of his van with brief case in hand heading for the front door of the Pearson house.

He knocked instead of ringing the bell, this way Sandi would not her the bell and her would have more time getting Lilly under his control. A slight knock knock and moments later he was delighted as the door opened a crack and he saw the face of an angle, one that he intended on rubbing his large cock all over by evening's end.

"Yes," Lilly Said holding the door open just a crack.

"Forgive me," said the tall dark stranger. Opening his wallet and producing ID and a badge, he held it up for Lilly to see. "Detective Shillingsworth from central....oh my" he said softly as he dropped his wallet causing bills to spill out.

"Cool," was Lilly's reply as she bent down to help him retrieve the mess. A quick and simple slap to the back of the unsuspecting teen's head sent her limply to the ground in-between the door and jam. Rawhyde scooped up the unconscious teen in his arms and went inside. Lilly was light and limp in his arms, but he knew he had to act fast. So his opened his case and cuffed her hands behind her back. Shoving a red ball gag in her mouth he fastened the straps tightly in the back of her head, there was no way she was going to be able to split it out. He then went to work on her ankles tying them tight and placed more rope just above her knees. It had been about two minutes since the had knocked on the door and he had many more things planned for Lilly that night but now it was time to make sure nothing got in the way of his twisted plans.

He did take the time to apply some rope to Lilly's elbows and was amazed at how easily they came together. With a final cinch they met and the motion shoved her young chest outward as her nipples pocked though the fabric of the baby doll T shirt.

He finalized with her wrists being bound tightly behind her back and cinched to the small of her back. Lilly moaned softly but was still lifeless for the most part. Rawhyde checked his listening device via remote access and realized that Sandi was upstairs on her computer. This gave him additional time with Lilly so he cinched a very tight rope around her waist and knotted just under her belly button. He doubled up a a rope from the know and pulled it extremely tight between her legs and up though the crack of her sweet ass. He then yanked almost harshly on the rope causing it to completely disappear between lily's legs causing her teen pussy lips to bulge around it. He took the free end of the crotch rope and crossed her ankles tying it off to her now helpless legs. With one final yank he drove it deeper and caused poor Lilly to arch with a loud grunt. The noise startled him as he realized she was awake. Now on her stomach being arched backwards by the force of the rope he looked down at her wide eyes fear. I was wrong about you little girl he said softly I though you would be the fighter. The tension of the ropes was causing Lilly to grunt and groan, the constant bend of her back would have been too much for most girls, but one thing going for Lilly at the moment was her gymnastics.

The rope sawing in-between her legs ate savagely away at her young pussy. Any movement with her legs caused it to tighten making her whimper. Rawhyde started by rubbing her ass cheeks that were squeezing together as a result of the un-natural arch she was in. Lilly's eyes welled up with tears as Rawhyde said, "now on to your cousin." As he left the room Lilly exploded into violent fits screaming her head off into the gag, muffled protested and drool were the only things coming out of her young mouth. Fighting the ropes as much as she could Lilly only managed to tighten her crotch rope so much that it made her cry. She found that lying on her side eased the pain to some degree. So there the 14 year old model lay, arched backwards bound gagged and split in half, crying and feeling totally alone and venerable, she imagined the worst for poor Sandi.

Rawhyde got to the top of the stairs and heard Sandi singing. He smelled the trappings of a teen girls bedroom as he saw the posters on the wall and the color pink that adorned her bed. She was wearing headphones and bopping around her computer seat. She had changed into a pair of tight French cut panties with a matching bra. Rawhyde was not sure but he thought she may have worn that for a shoot a few months back. That white ass shaking in front of me, bouncing from side to side, He thought about raping her right there but that would have been for an amateur. She sang the words of Brittany Spears latest song "poison" as he walked up and grabbed a handful of that beautiful blond hair. Her eyes shot wide as she went to scream, but her vocal expressions were soon muted by the clamp of his hand. He spun her fast to keep her off balance and shoved her on to her bed. We hit with a thud and he heard the springs creek under them as Rawhyde tightened his clamp over her mouth. He was amazed by her strength and how muscular she was. She could have actually have given him a bit of a fight based on her well-muscled body, Rawhyde whispered into her ear with a voice carved of gravel, "your cousin is down stairs with my associate, do you want her to live?"

Sandi froze under me and began shaking her head no, she mumbled into my hand please don't hurt her.

"That depends on you Ms. Pearson," hearing her voice cause her to freeze under Rawhyde's weight. It seemed unreal to have this tight teen model splayed out in her undies on her own bed.

"If you are good Lilly lives, if not she's done it," Rawhyde hissed. Sandi shook her head yes in fear, with visions of her cousin lying dead she gave in and complied.

Rawhyde worked quick shoving a blue ball gag into Sandi's open mouth, with a glug and some mumbling he fastened the straps tightly causing the over sized ball to dig inwards into her mouth. Pulling ropes out of his case he went right for her wrists, she was too well muscled to go for the elbows so he cinched her wrists to her waist and bound them tightly to the small of her back. He rolled her onto her back to look at his prize and was amazed by the youthful beauty of her tear stained face. Sandi was crying, she was completely crying. It was not loud and obnoxious but rather subtle in her defeat. Her chest was heaving with each expression of her sorrow causing her small "A" cup tits to bounce up and down. Rawhyde got more rope and took care of her knees, tying them tightly together. As he pulled her upright on the edge of her bed she lowered her head in shame and fear. Only her ankles were left unbound. He stood her up by grabbing a handful of her blond locks and lifting her to her feet. She stood unstable from the bondage with tears streaming down her cheeks. Rawhyde relished his next move, a double waist cinch with the knot tied in the small of her back. Then without warning he threaded the most tight crotch rope he could apply on young Sandi Teen model. She grunted as he yanked it tighter and screamed no into her blue ball gag. Pulling it over the waist cinch he started to walk using it as a leash. Sandi's world exploded in pain as he yanked her off her feet with the rope slicing deeply at her tormented pussy. She hit the ground with a thud as the air left her lungs. She thought she was going to pass out. Rawhyde showed her no pity for the moment he just kept pulling on her rope dragging her along the carpeting of her bedroom. Sandi squirmed like a fish out of water trying to get her footing. He stopped and grabbed a clump of her blond hair and lifted her to her feet, telling her if she did not want to be dragged she had best keep up with him. Sandi did her best to keep up and looked ridiculous with her little feet going a mile a minute being led by her split little pussy. He led her down stairs catching her several times as she fell along the way. He always pulled her upright by her hair or her crotch rope. When Sandi's eyes met Lilly's eyes both girls began sobbing uncontrollably. Lilly was crying so hard she had snot coming from her nose covering her red ball gag. Sandi fared little better as she was thrown to the floor next to her helpless 14 year old cousin and fellow webe web model.

Sandi grunted as she landed on her stomach and Rawhyde delighted in the sight of the two bound squirming teen models. He pulled Sandi's feet up near her ass and finished her off with a strict hogtie. Arching her in a painful way, he smiled as he groped her helpless body. Satisfied with his rope work and the level of pain that both girls were in, he started capturing the evening by documenting his helpless 14 year old models with the HD video camera.

Sandi squirmed and moaned as the drool fell in strings from her mouth. Lilly, on the other hand looked like a total mess. Rawhyde made sure to get close ups of her in her defeat. The younger cousin glared at the camera in anger. Rawhyde went to get a wash cloth and made sure the doors were locked and all the curtains were drawn to keep any unwanted eyes from seeing his assault on the two cousins.

As he came back he wiped Lilly's face like he were wiping a baby's face, he began talking to her like she were a baby/"there there, does little Lilly like that better," he smirked. "Little Lilly is all clean now, what a good little piece of ass, grabbing Lilly by the hair he rolled her on to her side and started slapping her roped pussy. Each slap made her buck and scream into her gag. Lilly was thrashing her head from side to side when he put the knife to her throat. Lilly immediately stopped thrashing and focused on the sharp blade only inches from her throat.

Sandi screamed into her gag pleading with the stranger not to hurt her cousin.

"Do you want to suck or bleed Lilly," we his cold words, "choose well bitch because your next words will come true."

Rawhyde reached behind Lilly's head and unbuckled the ball gag, before he took the ball out of her mouth he touched the tip of the knife to her face.

The gag popped out with a string of Lilly's drool. "suck" was the only word she said in a timid voice. Sandi could be heard softly crying into her gag.

Rawhade was not a massive man but he did stand over six feet tall and had an 8 inch cock which sprang out of the Armani suit. He began rubbing his swollen member on her face and pressed the cock into her now gaping mouth. Lily was on her side trying to ease the pain of her hogtie as he entered her mouth and she began to gag on the large tool being slammed in and out of her mouth and throat. In his left hand Rawhyde kept the knife touching her throat or face as he softly whispered, "if I feel any teeth, I'm going to kill your cousin."

The threat made Lilly whimper and concentrate on making this pig cum. With his right hand he began rubbing her ropes pussy. First softly and a few light spanks than back to more rubbing. Sandi lay on her stomach arched to a point where her knees and her tits were off the ground.

She moaned in pain as she took in Lilly's first ever oral rape.

In the meantime Rawhyde kept working on Lilly's split pussy teasing her young muff to a point where she actually began to pump her hips. He supposed that she was in so much pain that any activity that caused her any feeling of comfort or pleasure would be greeted happily, even if the brunette teen model was being raped and hated him for it.

After several minutes he began to pump more vigorously and began rubbing her cunt with more friction. Lilly was doing her best to take his 8 inch cock in her mouth and still keep a shred of her dignity.

She was now moaning openly and loudly pumping at his hand and tearing up because of the pain of the ropes and the rape. Rawhyde was no longer rubbing her crotch, he was now tugging at her pussy rope actually lifting her off of the ground with the savage tugs. Lilly knew he was near orgasm. She had given head once to a senior named Tommy, but he moved and they never saw each other again.

Lilly remembered from doing Tommy that when a man cums his hips pumped hard into her face and he lost all tenderness for a moment. Rawhyde offered no tenderness just pain, he croaked and grunted as he came in her mouth, clasping her head his whole body froze up and he moaned and almost whimpered like a boy.

"Oh gg god you fucking little good."

His whole body stiffened as he spilled his juice into Lilly's gagging throat. When he finished he just dumped her onto her back and zipped up his pants. Lilly lay there breathless trying to ease her pain and stop the room from spinning.

He reached over and slapped Sandi across the face, not hard but hard enough to bring her out of her trance.

"You are next Brittany," he said commandingly.

She hated when people called her Brittany and actually growled into her gag.

Rawhyde wanted to see if Sandi's elbows went together, or even how close he could get them so he cinched a double loop of rope around her elbows and began to work the together. The noises Sandi made where not screams, but rather a breathless defeated howl. She writhed on on the floor tossing her head from side to side and her mouth actually opened wider causing her ball gag to fall in deeper to her mouth, Sandi's elbows were about two inches apart as Rawhyde marveled at the muscled arms turning a purplish blue. He untied her knees and ankles, but poor Sandi just lay on the floor pleading into her gag.

"Ahhh grahhh fplleasee naahhh," were her attempts at speech. He rolled her on to her back and pulled her crotch rope out, in a single action her ripped off her French cut undies and put them in his pocket. Sandi was not even looking at him she was looking through him as her eyes continued to roll up into her head. Pulling his again stiff cock out of his suit pants he took a moment to lube it and laid his body weight down on the teen dream missionary style. They were face to face when he slammed through her hymen. Sandi did not even scream, she was in too much pain from the elbow tie and his weight bearing down on her.

Rawhyde put both of his hands on each side of her face and began licking her ball gag, her cheeks and her whole face. The tormented teen only lay there grunting and moaning in utter pain. He began pumping in and out of her stretched pussy taking her with greater and greater force. As his balls tightened he put his total body weight on the helpless teen girl.

He erupted with force and came in her pussy collapsing onto her tormented frame. Sandi lay motionless whimpering into her gag. As Rawhyde pulled out he noticed Lilly studying him, looking at him in a funny way that he could not place. Sandi grunted as he flopped her onto her stomach and undid her elbows. The blond webe web model passed out from the pain. The searing white pain that took over her whole body faded into blackness then sweet sleep.

When she awoke she tried to focus on the image in front of her, the light and colors blurred together and Sandi thought she was in a dream, when she tried to wipe her eyes her hands did not follow her brains orders. Suddenly the teen dream realized she was bound and gagged and could not move.

Slowly Lilly's body and face came into focus, her fourteen year old cousin was totally naked and duct tape was circled around her head several times causing her to remain totally silent. She was tied to a pillar in the palatial living room that ran from floor to ceiling. Lilly's hands were lashed on both sides of the pillar which was about a foot in diameter. The back of her neck and just in-between her shoulder blades were resting on the pillar. Sandi tilted her head in confusion. What was happening she thought to herself?

Lilly had a rope tied very tightly around her waist that cinched her in just above her hip bones. It ran from the crack of her little butt upward at a 45 degree angle and was tied to a ring that this stranger had installed in the ceiling. What Sandi found confusing was Lilly's body language. She was still trying to clear her head, she remembered watching the man fuck Lilly's face, and she remembered being raped, well kind of anyway. Then things went black and the pain went away.

But now she was trying to shake the fuzz from her head and she couldn't understand why her cousin was standing like this. She was on her very tip toes and her hips were pushed out in a way that made Lilly's muscles ripple in her legs. She was covered in sweat and she was trying to push her hips out even more. Sandi struggled to focus her eyes on her cousin. Lilly's face was contorted and red. Sandi tried to come around but faded off again to a place where there was no pain, she drifted off to the sounds of Lilly whimpering and grunting softly.

When Sandi woke this time she was more alert, she did not know how long she had been out but she realized she was no longer sitting on the floor. She was standing and she too was gagged just like poor helpless Lilly. Trying to move her arms only brought pain to her arms and strangely to her pussy, during all of this she also heard Lilly whimper in more pain.

"What the fuck is he doing to us," she thought.

Sandi suddenly realized their predicament. Both girls were bound to adjacent pillars that were the entry point to the living room of her home. Sitting about 12 feet apart they were a statues symbol for guests who saw the large house. Both girls had their arms severely bound to the pillars so that arm movement was not possible.

Additionally each girl was sporting a very sadistic crotch rope that was knotted in the back of a brutal waist cinch and tore through their tender teen butts and violated pussies. Moreover each rope was brought to a common point but it was not the ring that she thought she had remembered from earlier in the evening. It was a large wooden pulley. Sandi became keenly aware of the fact that her movements had a very harmful effect on poor Lilly's pussy. Lilly was shoving her hips up and out to try to buy an extra inch of relief. Sandi did her very best not to pull down on her crotch rope to try to ease Lilly's pain.

Lillys had been crying and hard, her tear stained face was twisted in tape and torment. Sandi shot her a tormented look that said it all "I am sorry cousin; I did not know my movements were hurting you."

Lilly reciprocated with the same "Mummphhh" and tilted her head in tormented defeat. Both girls strained to stay up on their tip toes and to move as little as possible.

Where was the bastard, the fucker who did this to them. He was nowhere to be had. Sandi could tell by the light coming through the windows that it had not yet gotten totally dark yet. They had been like this for over two hours. The thought of spending the night like this made her sick and caused her to start to shake.

Both girls heard whistling coming from the kitchen as Rawhyde walked cheerfully into the room with a beer in his left hand. With his right hand he pulled downward on sweet Sandi's crotch invader. Sweet relief was the only thing she felt as she rested the flats of her feet on the carpet.

"Oh god thank you," she thought until she heard Lilly's screaming into her gag. Terrified she shoved her hips forward to help her cousin. This set into motion a delightful series of hips thrusts and muffled screaming that lasted for over four until the tow webe web models managed to find the right motions at the same time. As Sandi hips pulled upward Lilly would catch a break that would be sweet seconds until her cousins screams caused her to shove her hips up and out. It was like a game of pussy tug of war.

Rawhyde delighted in his helpless kittens suffering. He was deciding which girl he was going to ass rape first while using the other as his living porn. One poor girl would be on the floor spread eagled and helpless with her ass all buttered up ready for his tool While the other dumb bitch strained uselessly on the tips of her toes, tormented by the savage rope that burned through her tender young cunt.

When both girls managed to calm down and find that mid ground Rawhyde would simply yank on the crotch rope of one of the girls causing his chain reaction of muffled squeals and grunts. Finally the girls could overcome his rope game in just a few seconds by working together. So he did what any self-respecting rapist would do, he raised the pulley a good foot causing both girls to fight even harder to maintain the neutral balance that was so important to their teen pussies.

Lilly was the weaker of the two girls physically she strained against her bindings to shove her hips up and out. Both models stood motionless with legs spread wide and pulled high on their toes so that just the pads of their big toes were their only support other than the pillars. Calmly Rawhyde walked over to his case and retrieved something metallic and shiny. He approached Sandi running his hand all over her straining body. She froze in position not wanting to move. Sandi was keenly aware that Lilly was begging her with her eyes not to move. As she was felt up and even licked and bitten on her ass pussy and tits she refused to move and hurt her cousin.

She had never seen Japanese clover clamps before but she soon understood what they were for and how badly the hurt. With her nipples clamped tears streamed down her cheeks but she refused to move, she would not hurt Lilly.

Sandi thought that her pussy was going to be ruined for life; she looked down past the clamps and saw her young pussy bulging around the rope. She looked over at her cousin and saw the same thing. Except something was different with Lilly something Sandi could not put her finger on even if she had a free hand to do so.

There was something about the way Lilly looked that was bothering Sandi, she remembered feeling this way before she had passed out again for the second time.

Maybe it was the way Lilly's hips were pulled up and out or maybe it was the way her hip bones looked or the muscles in her legs. Hell she thought to herself it could even have been the tormented look on her face, but Sandi was horrified to realize that she was turned on by watch Lilly this way. The thought of seeing her best friend and her cousin hurt disgusted her beyond belief. So why was she having these feelings.

Poor Lilly was doing everything humanly possible to maintain a still position and not to move. The noises coming from beneath her cousin's gag made it sound like Lilly was getting fucked within Inches of her young life. Grunts and whimpers gave way to moans and soft groaning.

As the rope reputedly rubbed against Sandi's clit she began to get wet. She remembered seeing a cop show last week where the detective told the teenaged raped victim that arousal did not mean consent. That is how sweet 14 year old Sandi justified her feelings of getting turned on at seeing her cousin Lilly arched, stretched and tortured.

Rawhyde came over to Sandi and simply ripped off the nipple clamps, she screamed into her gag and recoiled away from the pain. What she saw in the next flash of slow moving seconds made her cry. Lilly's eyes went as big as saucers, and then rolled up into her head as he toes left the ground. The girls had lost eye contact as Lilly dangled like helpless meat for what seemed like an eternity. Sandi was shoving her hips up as hard as she could screaming into her gag.

Why wasn't Lilly getting any relief? The answer to her question came in the form of Rawhyde pulling down on her end of the crotch rope. She shot him a look that begged.

"please please, take pity."

He said with a slight bow, "as my lady wishes," and let go of the rope. All of Lilly's airborne weight came crashing down on the crotch rope and now it was Sandi whose head slammed backward against the pillar, as she felt her feet leave the ground. Her finger clawed at the pillar and her pussy felt as if it were going to tear. Suddenly she was back on her tippy toes again. Through her tears she could see Lilly trying to give her as much hip relief as possible. Both cuties exchanged looks of "I am so sorry."

Looking at the clock Sandi realized that had been at this for over four hours, as both girls were showing their battered spirits with little to no struggles, the simple fact of the matter was that is just hurt too much to fight.

Rawhyde announced that he was going to rape on of the cousins up her virgin ass while the other squirmed as his living porn.

"Now who is going to be my little fuck puppet," he asked coldly.

Both girls whimpered into their gags and though of how it would feel to have a stranger fuck their asses. Sandi looked at Lilly's arched and battered body and made eyes contact with Rawhyde, she shook her head yes. He knew in an instant what she meant by it and bellowed out loud, "an excellent selection if I do say do myself."

Lilly screamed no into her gag. Tying off Lilly's' crotch rope keeping her arched he simply let Sandi fall to the floor. She was trying to communicate with him for the first time ever.

He held up the knife and pointed to a frozen Lilly and mouthed very softly, "one scream she's dead>'Sandi slowly shook her head yes as she maintained eye contact.

She gracefully cut the gag from her head, and pulled out Lilly's black boy shorts from her mouth. It was then that Sandi realized that Lilly was gagged with her panties as well.

"I need the bathroom," she said sullenly.

"Oh you are going to fuck with me bitch..." snapped Rawhyde.

"If you want my ass clean I need the bathroom, " she said again in a sullen tone.

He paused, looked up at the ceiling and shook his head laughing, "of course my dear a clean ass is a happy ass.' Then he grabbed her by the throat and pulled her into him. Rawhyde the snarled "And a cousin who does not fuck around makes sure her helpless cousin does not bleed."

Sandi shook her head that she understood, and in a flash they were off to the bathroom leaving poor Lilly twisting in pain at the end of her crotch rope. The brunette sobbed as hard as she could throwing little tantrums with her feet, causing that searing pain to come back again. After what seemed like an hour Lilly hung limp whimpering with vision of poor Sandy being sodomized by that fucker.

Sandi started to clean up in the bathroom and was disgusted that he would not give her any Privacy. She protested that she would not do anything, until Rawhyde interrupted her, If your not out in two minutes I am going to slice and dice Lilly right in front of your eyes, and no cop will stop me.

With that he closed the door and Sandi emerged within the two minute mark only to be grabbed bu the hair and escorted to the living room. They were greeted by the sight of Lilly's stretched and tormented body. Lilly had not yet seen them both as Rawhyde pulled Sandi into him gripping her by the throat and rubbing his already stiff cock between her tight ass cheeks.

Sandi whimpered as he tightened his grip, and whispered into her ear, "I know your secret bitch, I know that you got wet looking at her being tortured," Sandi thought she was in a nightmare unable to wake up, her tears spilled down her cheeks and she began to cry "Nooo no its not true."

"It is true I saw you pumping your clit against that rope and I saw your eyes," said Rawhyde coldly.

"Please don't tell....her," Sandi begged breathlessly.

"That depends on you cunt," snapped the rapist. "Are we going to be a good little ass piggy," asked her attacker.

She cried as she said yes, and with that Sandi was yanked into Lilly's field of view and both girls began crying. Lilly into her gag, pleading, begging for her cousin's poor ass. Sandi openly crying because she was ashamed that she enjoyed seeing her best friend and cousin stretched and tormented like a piece of meat.

Rawhyde spread Sandi on the floor face down, he used the legs of the sofa to tie her feet wide apart. He then spread her arms wide and tied one to the pillar she was tied to earlier and the other to the iron leg or then entertainment center. Sweet Sandi teen model was tied into a perfect X helplessly awaiting her anal imperilment. Stretched helplessly she could not move much at all but was able to wiggle her butt on his command.

Rawhyde then went and made several adjustments to Lilly, he tore her gag off and retrieved Sandi's panties from her mouth. He added clover clamps to Lilly's "A" cup tits and managed to tighten her cunt splitter to a point where she thought she was going to pass out. Lilly looked like a teen goddess stretched and arched helplessly trying to shove her hips upward and outward in a futile attempt to ease the burning between her legs. She was covered in a fresh layer of sweat, and grunted softly as her head hung.

Going back to Sandi Rawhyde stripped naked for the first time that night, he stuck a lubricated finger up Sandi's virgin asshole causing her to squeal and grunt. The he rubbed lube over her entire ass, they very ass that her had jacked off to so very many times. Being a wealthy man he one day had enough of jacking off to her pictures, now he was going to come inside that flawless teen butt.

Normally rawhide would have clasped his hand over the mouth of a girl he was ass raping but he wanted to hear Sandi make any noise she would. Whispering in her ear, remember out little secret. He began by rubbing his large cock's head against her clit, she just laid her head down on the floor. Lilly on the other hand was alive with effort now and trying to wiggle against the crotch rope.

Both Sandi and Rawhyde thought she was doing so out of anger or in protest, but Lilly knew that if she gave him a show he would Cum quicker and spare her poor cousin the ass pounding of a lifetime.

Sandi bit her lip as his head entered her asshole, her eyes met Lilly's and tears flowed down each girls face. Their eyes locked on each other in an attempt to comfort the other girl. He slid in deeper into Sandi's ass and she let out an audible groan, as he buried he dick into her all the way his balls rested against the cheeks of her ass and Sandi cried "oh god it too big." Rawhyde was starting to breathe heavy now and grunted as he pumped into Sandi's ass flesh. Tight was one thing but she went way beyond the word to another dimension.

Lilly looked him in the eye and open her mouth and began pumping away at her crotch rope.

Sandi totally confused said "wh what are you doing," in a cracked voice. Lilly not missing a beat said " shut the fuck up and shove your ass up."

Sandi was totally out of it and did what her younger cousin demanded. Lilly was now grunting and whimper about the pain the rope caused her, "oh Christ its cutting me in half it hurts soooo much, please mister make it stop, ahh uhhh ohh god, noo.'

As she did this Rawhyde increased his pumping and started making more noises.

"Higher," lilly snapped at Sandi.

Sandi began munching at the rapists dick with her ass cheeks ad Lilly continued with her hip thrusting show and the parade of helpless little noises.

Moments later they were rewarded with Rawhyde orgasm, he stiffened up and croaked "oh god you little cunt you're so perfect wiggle your aaa ass bitch." He whimpered and groaned as he came and collapsed on top of a lifeless Sandi, Lilly hung limp in her bondage breathing heavily. For more than 20 minutes no one spoke. Sandi shifted under him and finally said was that OK.

"More than OK," Rawhyde said as he kissed her head. She yelped as he pulled out of her ass. Walking over to a very timid Lilly he untied her and scooped her up and carried her over to her helpless cousin. In his arms Lilly felt small and weak, "please don't hurt us anymore,' she begged timidly.

"That depends on you little girl, that depends all on you."

Lilly rested her head against his chest and sighed as she was l aid on top of her spread and helpless cousin.

More to come.....

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