Asylum Of Lust, Part 1

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Published: 1-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Janice sat in the backseat looking through the car window as they were cleared through the gate of the sanatorium then drove on to the main building past green lawns and manicured gardens and trees. Fascinated by a group of three naked people holding a picnic on the lawn, she craned her neck for a better look. A man cupped a hand over a girl's pussy-as Janice's mother called it-and rubbed, while the same girl sucked a woman's nipple. Janice craned her neck about to keep them in view, but the car slowly made its way around a corner and up the drive to the front of the main building, and her view of them was lost.

"Mother," Janice said excitedly, "were those people doing sex?"

"Yes, they were, dear," her mother replied, shifting in her seat to face her eleven year old daughter, who wore a light sun dress shoes and white socks and nothing else. Her grey eyes sparkled in fascinated excitement, Janice's mother could tell, and the round, joyful face framed by a short, straight auburn page-boy haircut looked at her with anticipation. "Would you like to try something like that?"

"Yes," Janice replied, "oh yes ..."

Pulling up to the main building, Janice stepped out of the car with her mother and waited for her father, a tall, slim fellow with dark hair and a long narrow face, to join them at the bottom of the steps. They went up to the reception desk together, Janice holding her father's hand.

"Janice Barrett?" her mother told the receptionist, "we're expected."

The receptionist checked a computer terminal for a name and smiled across at Mrs. Barrett. "Here we are. Janice Barrett, to be committed for indefinite stay. Bisexual training and discipline under Dr. Clements.

Incestuous relationship with designated family members." She picked up a phone receiver and pressed a button, speaking into it. When she was done she turned again to the Barrett's. "Someone will be with you shortly," she told them. "If you'd just take a seat over there in the waiting area and have Janice undress, please. She can leave her shoes and socks on for the time being."

Janice looked about her, the public space making her feel anxious about stripping in front of others, especially her parents. There were only a few people about, private parts exposed by some, but others wore hospital gowns or lingerie of one type or another. She stood wide-eyed as a boy, naked, left the building with a woman who had exposed her breasts. His penis stood half erect as it anticipated meeting a soaking a pussy.

"Do I really have to take my dress off, Mom?" Janice finally asked, wanting to hear it from the proper authority.

"Yes, peach," her mother answered, "you do." And in response, pulled upward by the hem and lifted the dress over Janice's head and away from her. She stood exposed now, and her first reaction was to cover her pussy and flat chested nipples with her arms and hands. Her mother prevented her and pulled her arms away to rest against Janice's sides.

Nude, Janice was tall for age, no body hair whatsoever visible, her vagina completely bald, exposing large flaps of pussy lips. The grow spurts that would signal puberty were several years away, but she was teachable at this age, and that is what her parents expected. "It's embarrassing," Janice whispered, blushing a bright red. "Can I put my dress back on, please?"

"It will be alright, sweetie," her father said, "just relax." He pulled her the hand to a sofa and sat next to her, a hand finding a resting place on one of her nipples, which stiffened at the touch. "Does that feel strange, sweetheart?" he asked, fingering the erect nob of sensitive scarlet flesh.

"It feels ... funny. I ..." she was alarmed as he made to stop his manipulations. "N-no, Daddy ... please, don't stop." She relaxed under his touch and let him put his free arm about her.

Janice lay back against the sofa, letting her father play with her chest. On the other side her mother flicked the tip of her tongue against Janice's other nipple. "Ohhhrrr ..." she moaned. She felt a dribble of fluid between her legs, a warm wetness. "I think I peed," she said, not really caring.

"No sweetie," her mother explained, "that's just your pussy getting relaxed and lubricating itself so you can be fucked later."

"Fucked ..." Janice repeated languidly, not really caring about embarrassment any more. She felt a finger work it's way along the sensitive lips of her pussy for the first time and looked into the eyes of her mother, who smiled back at her. "Oh, that's nice, Mommy." The finger became two, then they were at the entrance to her pussy and gently working their way inside. "Oohhhmmm," Janice pushed her pussy toward the fingers, deliberately impaling herself.

Her father's mouth found her nipple, sucked at it, licked at it, and made Janice squeal gleefully. Mother and father worked harder to stimulate their young daughter, her pussy drenching the inside of her thighs, then dribbling juice down on to the sofa's cushions. Janice felt her body tensing, working itself up for something, but she didn't know what until her pussy exploded in a spasmodic rush of orgasmic bliss and her body jerked in reaction.

"Mommy ...?" she screamed, her legs and pussy jerking and pulsing as the first orgasm shivered through her innocent body for the first time. "Oh, what was that?" she gasped, slowly recovering, still allowing her parents to stroke and caress her as they liked. Janice's mother still had not withdrawn her fingers from her pussy but lightly rubbed them over the most sensitive area of her daughter's body.

"That was an orgasm, sweetie," her father said. "Did you enjoy it. Would you like another one?"

"Oh wow, would I," Janice exclaimed. "Can we do it again?"

But she was interrupted by the receptionist standing before them. Janice could not help but notice that, but for white hose and a matching garter belt and shoes, the woman was naked, just as she was, though over her pussy was patch of thick blonde hair that matched what was on her head. She cleared her throat, "They are ready to receive Janice on Four West, Mr. and Mrs. Barrett." She paused as Janice put a hand out to caress the woman's bushy cunt. Janice stopped in the act of touching, not sure if she should. "Go ahead, dear. Feel it," the woman smiled down at her. She subtley thrust her hips forward and Janice's hand was on the woman's sex organs.

Janice shivered excitedly. "Oh ..." she breathed softly, her fingers feeling between the lips of the receptionist's cunt. "It's wet ..." she said, amazed.

"It's get's' that way when people touch it, play with it," the receptionist told her. "It makes it easier for a man to get his cock inside."

"His cock?"

"His penis, darling," her mother explained. "See, Daddy's penis is growing in his pants, getting long and hard because you've been letting us play with your pussy and tits. And, when we get you upstairs, he's put it inside you. Fuck you."

"We have to go now, don't we?" Janice asked, though it was more a rhetorical question, a way to stop herself from getting too involved with exploring the woman's body further. "Can I come back sometime and feel you down there some more?"

"Of course, Janice," the receptionist smiled. "But I might just come looking for you one day. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes," Janice beamed happily, "I'd like very much."

"It's a date then," the receptionist confirmed. "The elevators are just around the corner to your left."

Four West was bright with skylights set in strategic places, and the Barrett's approached the main nursing station in natural light. Coming from the elevator, the Barrett's could look into some of the wards and see activity of one kind or another. All the staff was either completely naked or wore revealing and very provocative lingerie, as the receptionist had. Janice stared wide-eyed at several boys and girls, just as naked as she, who were in the throes of kissing and touching each other. One boy, she saw, had the penis of another boy in his mouth.

"Yeeech," she said, "who would want to do that?"

"They would," her mother said, lightly caressing her Janice's hair, "and you will."

"No, I won't," Janice protested. But she suddenly was aware of a feeling between her legs that stopped her in her tracks. "I'm getting wet'down there'."

"That's because you really want to try sucking a boy's cock," her father said playfully. "You can start on mine." She looked down and saw the bulge in his pants and reaching out a hand, touched it, feeling how hard and stiffly erect it was.

Coming up on the nurse's station, he broke off. "We're the Barrett's." "Yes, we've been expecting Janice," said a woman of medium height with large breasts and a wide smile. Like the receptionist, she wore a set of garter belt and stockings as well as a nurse's cap with bobby-pins holding it in place. She smiled at Janice who stood transfixed by the woman's breasts.

"They're so big," Janice blurted. Her tongue slipped across her lips betraying her desire to lick a nipple for the first time.

"If you'll follow me," the nurse said, "we'll get the three of you straightened away and Janice properly registered." She took a clipboard and directed them along to the other side of the large curved desk to a computer terminal. "Sit in your father's lap, would you, dear." Janice did as she was instructed and soon found that her bottom was snuggled firmly against her father's hard prick, and her own cunny was wet and warm with freely flowing cunt juices.

"I'm Beverley, Janice," and she typed something on the keyboard, "and I am the head nurse for this wing of the sanatorium." Quickly, she went through basic personal information and questions with the three of them, from time to time interjecting a comment about what Janice could expect or what would be required of her as a patient. "You will wear this about your wrist," she finally told Janice, "it's an ID bracelet." It had been printed out beside the computer terminal, then Beverley had slipped the length of paper into a plastic sheath and finally clipped it about Janice's right wrist with a kind of stapler.

Beverley rose and came out from behind the desk. "This way, I'll show you to your ward."

"When do I get to do sex?" Janice asked innocently.

"In just a few minutes, sweetie," mother said, "with Daddy and me."

"I'm really wet'down there', Mommy," Janice told everyone. "Can I get another or-gasm?" she asked, unsure of whether the word was the correct one. "You can have all you want," her father told her.

"And here we are." Beverley stood to one side and let the Barrett's enter the ward which had six double beds, three on one side of the room, three on the other. "We have seven patients on this ward alone," Beverley announced, "and now Janice makes an even eight." On one of the beds a boy was slopping licking at the pussy of a naked woman who was thoroughly oblivious to the visitors."

This is your bed, Janice." She indicated Janice's name along with a boys beside it. Then nodded in the direction of the couple on the other bed. "You can ignore them as you like," Beverley told the Barrett's, "or invite them to join you. It's up to you."

"I guess we can begin as we please with her, then," Mrs. Barrett announced, reaching up to begin unbuttoning the front of her dress.

"Shall I check back with you in, say, an hour?" Beverley suggested. "Fine, that will be just fine," Mr. Barrett replied, pulling his shirt from his shoulders and going to his belt to release, finally, a rampant horse of a prick. He let his pants drop to his ankles and reveal his penis, now sticking straight out for all to see. Beverley ignored it and turned to leave.

"Oh wow!! Daddy, it's huge," Janice told him as she approached him and he took her hand and showed her how to stroke it.

The skin stretching over it was heaving back against the growth of the big bulbous purple head. "Make a fist around it, now pump on it," he instructed Beverley.

She obeyed, soon being rewarded with the appearance of a dribble pre-cum at the small pee hole.

"Lick it, sweetie," her mother commanded.

"But ..." Janice protested, knowing that boy's peed through the same hole and pee was very bad.

"It's alright," her mother insisted, "lick it, you'll like it. I promise." Before she obey her mother, Janice glanced over the woman having her pussy lapped by the boy. She thought if he could lick a pussy, then she could try licking her own father's dick. She got on her knees faced the hard straight organ and tentatively placed her tongue against the moist spot on his pee hole. "Mmmmm," she sighed, "that's not bad at all." She put her mouth on the big head of her father's prick and licked a second time, then a third and, finally, kissed it deliberately.

"Oh, yeah, that's it," her father moaned happily, "Take it in your mouth, Janice. Suck it in."

"Come over and sit on the bed," her mother said. Her father stopped Janice for a moment, sat down, and manoeuvred Janice in between his legs. "Give me a nice blow job and we'll see what we can do about an even better orgasm for you than the first one."

Janice took her father's prick back into her mouth and began sucking. At the same time, getting behind her, Mrs. Barrett placed a hand between Janice's legs and began to rub gently on her daughter's sex organs for the second time. "Omom-eeee," Janice mumbled round the big head of her father's big bulbous purple organ. "Tha's ni?" She was cut off as her father pushed the head to the back of her mouth, and at the same time her mother's fingers found her clitoris for the first time. Janice jumped when her clitoris was touched and gagged on the prick in her mouth, but she quickly recovered and allowed her parents to direct the next steps in her sexual training.

Adjusting slowly to the long thick penis, Janice licked and sucked it as though it were a popsicle and knew then that it was very tasty and wondered by she had felt so scared of slurping it to begin with. Her mother's fingers worked frantically and Janice felt the incredible jolting of another orgasm ram itself through her pussy and down to her toes, but her mother kept at it, and she was soon realizing that her mother would not stop until Janice told her she could.

"Suck it, Janice," her father grunted, breathing heavily. Holding her head down to keep it in place he suddenly stiffened, then pushed forward, "I'm cumming, sweetie," he yelled, "you're making Daddy cum in your mouth."

Janice felt the hard shot of sperm juice hit the back of her throat, then another, and yet another were spurting from his prick. Not knowing what else to do, Janice swallowed, tasting a thick, sweet juice as it went down her throat and she wanted more suddenly. She sucked as much of his prick down her throat as she could, even though it was so big and her throat just a child's, really. And then, after licking for a little while longer, Mr. Barrett's dick began to go soft and limp and finally it fell from her mouth. Janice looked at it in disbelief that something so soft and limp could have been so hard and long, filling her mouth to almost bursting. And then she was distracted by her mother's fingers on her cunt as she was having another orgasm and gasped with pleasure as her pussy throbbed and shivered with convulsions of orgasmic release.

Her father pulled her up to stretch out beside him on the bed, and her mother stretched out on the other side, her hand still gently stroking her daughter's sex. "Did you enjoy that?" her mother asked.

"Uh huh," Janice answered, a little breathlessly, her flat chest heaving. She lay like that for a few minutes, letting her mother's hands have their way at her cunt, then her nipples, and even, though it took her a moment to realize it, at her bum hole. "Moooommm ..." she protested.

"Does that feel nice?" her mother asked, keeping her hand where it was. "Yeeaah ... I guess so," Janice replied, "but that's my bum. She relaxed as her mother stopped. But then she turned about facing Janice's feet and positioned herself over her, a sloppy, auburn coloured patch of pussy hair directly in Janice's face.

"I'm going to teach you how to eat a woman's pussy now, sweetheart," Janice was told, then her mother put her mouth against Janice's soaked cunny and licked her bald lips for the first time.

"Moomeee!!!" she squealed, her body hit with a wave of intense electric shocks at the touch of her mother's tongue. "Oh, oh, oh, geez." Then she realized that her mother's cunny was available to lick and suck, and Janice leaned up to kiss it. Her mother shivered, and a drop of pussy juice dribbled onto Janice's upper lip. Immediately, she licked at it and was hooked. Her mother settled lightly onto Janice's face and felt her lips and tongue slip against and into her pussy.

"That's great, sweetie," her mother told her, "keep it up." She groaned and sighed as she felt Janice's tongue nick her clitoris. "There, lick that little bulb. That's it ... oh yeah, that's it. Good."

Janice felt her own clitty get the tongue from her mother and returned the favour in kind. Her mother shivered, and there was a gentle dribble of more juice onto Janice's face, and then a soft spraying that covered mouth, nose and both cheeks and her mother shook and groaned.

"Oh, you little slut," her mother said playfully, "you made me cum." She dived back into Janice's own pussy and worked harder.

"OH!!" Janice moaned and shivered as she orgasmed again, then a second time, feeling her mother's tongue slurp hard against her tiny clitoral nubbin. "OH!" It suddenly became a kind of competition: who could be the first to bring the other off next, and hardest. Janice worked at the lips and clitty of her mother for all she was worth, and was rewarded with a loud squeal of release and another spray of cum juice on her face.

Janice kicked her pussy against mother's face and came with a hard jolt that sent her into sexual orbit as her body jerked and convulsed from the force of her next orgasm. She felt a few more slurps from her mother's tongue, then the woman was rolling away from her and on to her back, breathing hard. Janice was trying to catch her breath as well, but her father's mouth covered her own in a full french kiss, slipping through the goo of her mother's pussy juices as their tongues met for the first time. He pulled away, "Are you ready for a cock up your cunt?"

"If you want to," she replied. "Will it hurt?"

"Maybe just a little in the beginning," he told her truthfully, "but it won't hurt for very long. You probably won't even notice that it did hurt after a while." He stopped, looking up to see the woman and the boy who had been engaged in their own lovemaking sitting on their bed watching the family across from them. "Hello, we're the Barrett's," he said courteously. "I was just about to give my daughter her first fuck."

"Christina Mannion," the lady said with a wide, toothy grin. "My son Brian."

"Sweetheart, suck Daddy's cock again to get it wet," Mr. Barrett instructed. He waited while she scooted down to his penis and began to lick and suck it's length. "We're just committing Janice today. Both my wife and I were trained here as children."

"We found it six years ago," Christina told him. "Our daughter has been a patient here on the high security ward since she was eight." He moaned as Janice liked the bulb of his penis and licked the pee hole.

"You prefer her under lock and key?" Mr. Barrett asked. The high security ward was a euphemism for the mental ward. Patients were often placed in restraints on the pretext of mental instability, and then staff, family, and clients could do as they pleased.

"Yes, it's easier that way," Christina said. "Brian has been here for the last three months. "He turned eleven a month ago."

"Oh, excuse us, please," Mr. Barrett said, "Janice is ready for her fuck." "Stretch out, Janice," Mrs. Barrett told her, "and part your legs as wide as you can."

Janice followed her mother's instructions, letting her father take his place between her legs, his mouth ready to enjoy her virgin cunt. A tongue tip flicked against the flapping pink lips and she shuddered and sighed. She pushed her pelvis into his face and felt his mouth respond with a soft clenching of her pussy between his lips.

"Daddy, OH DADDY!!!" she squealed loudly, then sprayed his face with cum juices signalling just how ready she was.

He pulled himself up so that his long, stiff prick was set expectantly against her twat, then pushed slowly inward, stretching her, opening her for the first time. "OH GEEZ!" he groaned, "she's really tight." The naked, bulbous head suddenly slipped inside, and Janice felt herself instinctively open her legs even wider to make it easier for him.

"Ah, you're in. Oh, Daddy, you're in me," Janice beamed. "What now?" she asked innocently.

"Not all the way, though, sweetie," he told her, then pushed a little more and forced more of her pussy to part for his large organ. He stopped again, then waited a moment before pushing further and breaking through what felt like a painful tearing of a piece of cellophane.

"Ahhhhhhnnn ..." Janice moaned. "Oh, it's all up me now ..." she sighed. But she felt him go even further before he hit the wall of her cervix. "Oooooaaaaffff ...."

Before she knew it, though, he was pulling out, then pushing back in, setting up a rhythm. He stroked in and out slowly at first, listening and smiling as Janice groaned, moaned, and sighed.

Her pussy was wet and succulent and he slipped in and out with no trouble, soon seeing that Janice was writhing underneath him as he set off more orgasms while he rammed home.

It didn't take very long for Mr. Barrett to finally reach his climax and he drove his cock home with one last hard thrust as he spurted his cum into Janice's tight child's twat. "Aaaaarrrrrggghhh," he grunted, slewing his sperm juices inside her and feeling them again leak out along the length of swollen dick.

"Can I lick her clean," Brian, the naked boy, his young cock rampant again, asked as his eyes beamed.

"Ah ... be my guest, Brian," Mr. Barrett consented.

Brian got between Janice's legs and began licking and sucking her father's and her own juices from her pussy. Janice moaned, a hand took hold of the top of his head and pulled him toward her, deeper inside her pussy's wet crevices. "Ah, that's so good," Janice sighed. Brian lapped at her leisurely enough, taking his time, and Janice closed her eyes, enjoying the tingling between her legs as his tongue worked itself into her.

Neither noticed when the nurse, Beverley, returned accompanied by doctor, who w a long white coat with a stethoscope about his neck and a pocket organizer with pens and a few other small instruments he used in his examinations of the patients. They stood a while, watching the scene on the bed, loathe to disturb the pleasure they saw the children were having.

At some point, Janice arched her head back, and her hips were thrust forward as her arse went off the bed. "Oh, geez. Ahhhhhrrrr, fffffttttt," she squealed as she sprayed Brian's mouth, rewarding him with a wet orgasm. Slowly, she slumped, and then Brian, after a few close and very deep licks, pulled his face out of Janice's more than satisfied youngster's cunny. The doctor and nurse let Janice catch her breath before she noticed them.

"Janice," the doctor approached her with a wide grin, "I'm Dr. Clements. I'm going to be your physician while you are a patient here. Did you enjoy the sex you just had with your family?"

"Um ... yeah ..." Janice answered in a somewhat dazed and distracted manner. "It was awesome," she added after a few more moments.

"Well, we're going to teach you how to use your body for the best sex you can imagine," Dr. Clements told her, taking a seat on the bed next to her and placing a hand on her near thigh. "Now, I just need to spend some time with you and give you a basic physical. Can I do that, do you think?" He made as though it was her decision, but took his stethoscope and applied it to her chest before she could actually respond.

"Aaaahhhh," Janice flinched, then shivered, "that's cold."

He listened to he beating heart, then moved end of the stethoscope around to various points on her chest and abdomen. He dropped it then began tapping her chest with his fingers, grazing her nipples and causing them to stiffen. "I'll bet you're a very'hot' little girl right now, aren't you," he said.

"Very hot," Mrs. Basset answered in agreement with him.

"Janice is an incredible fuck, Doctor," her father told him. "Very tight. And very, very wet."

"Well, I'll find that out for myself in just a bit." He placed a hand on narrowed curve of her closed crotch, "Open your legs sweetheart. Spread them wide." He took a pair of latex gloves from a pocket of his lab coat and snapped them on, then gently placed his hand back at her crotch. "Are you dripping wet again?" he asked.

"Yes ..." Janice sighed.

"Nurse, will you get the usual blood and urine samples," he ordered. "I'll be back in a few minutes, Janice," he told her, "and then you and I will have sex, just like you did with your father."

"Will I have to suck your cock?"

"Of course, dear," he informed her, "Everyone at this institution learns to suck cock and pussy, and even arse holes."

"Is yours as big as my Daddy's?"

"Well, you'll find out soon enough," he said, then left for several minutes to let the nurse collect the samples he had ordered.

Janice didn't mind the needle so much, it was just a light pinch, then the red fluid flowed into test tubes, pumped out by her own blood pressure. "There, all done," Beverley told her. "Now, you can squat over this bowl and pee into it, sweetie."

"Where's the bathroom?" Janice asked, looking at the yellow kidney shaped plastic dish Beverley held out to her. She was embarrassed.

"You won't need the bathroom, dear," Beverley insisted, "you can just do it now and then it will over with."

"Can I ..." then she noticed that unlike other hospital type wards, this one had no curtains to afford privacy. "Do I have to do it in front of everybody?"

"Don't be embarrassed," Beverley smiled, "you don't get to have privacy here. You even have bowel movements-poop-in front of everyone when you need to." She pressed the dish into Janice's hand and ordered her, "Now squat, sweetheart."

Blushing in trepidation, shivering, goose bumps beginning to appear, Janice squatted and peed into the kidney dish. The strong smell of acid permeated everyone's noses as the golden yellow flow streamed into the bowl. While Janice peed, Beverley found a sterile sample bottle and undid the cap. Her mother handed her some tissue and Janice blotted then stood. Beverley filled the bottle, capped it and laid it on the cabinet beside Janice's bed. There was some pee still left in the bowl.

"There," Beverley said, "that wasn't so bad, now, was it."

When the doctor returned he was as naked as anyone else in the room, sandals on his feet, his prick standing to attention in anticipation of plumbing the depths of this beautiful child sitting on the bed. He sat beside and took the pee filled bowl. "Drink the rest of this, now," he ordered.

Janice grimaced, recoiling from the thought, "No!!"

"If you don't drink it, then you'll have it poured down your throat will we restrain you," Dr. Clements made it very clear. He looked to the Bassets for support.

"Janice, do as the doctor says, sweetheart," Mr. Basset commanded.

"Mommy?!" Janice made one final appeal before she realized everyone was on the doctor's side. She looked down as his penis stiffened even more. She looked at him, "Can I suck your penis if I drink this?"

"Of course you can," he smiled, seeing that she had learned to enjoyed cock sucking. "Down the hatch now, eh."

Janice gulped down the yellow, acidic liquid as quickly as she could and made a face of disgust. Then, as she had been promised she made to get on her knees and suck the doctor's penis. He stopped her, laid back, and directed her to climb on over him so that her twat was over his face and he could suck and lick her at the same time.

"It's so big," Janice sighed. She licked the head of a circumcised eight and a half inch member that was at least two inches in circumference. The doctor grunted, his hips jerked at the touch of the girl's inexperienced tongue as she licked the slick pre-cum from the head. Janice felt her hips spasm involuntarily as a slickly fat tongue found her pussy and slid it's tip along the edges of her outer lips, still wet from her mother and father having played with her there. She licked from the head to the base, then along the sensitive underside and felt him push his hips up even more spastically, groaning with pleasure as his tongue worked past her lips and into her cunt hole properly. Then he backed out, found her tiny clitoris, and flicked his tongue against it.

"Eeeeeeyaaaa," Janice squealed, coming instantly and spraying his nose and lips with her cunny juice.

"That's great, Janice," Dr. Clements told gaily. "Now, let's switch you about and get you to sit on my pecker, can you do that for me?"

"Sit on it?" she asked, perplexed.

"Let me show what he means, sweetie," her mother offered, coming and taking her by the hand and getting Janice to place herself on her knees over the long thick organ. "Now, we pressed it against your pussy, and you press down on it," She said. "Do you understand?"

"I think so. Like this?" Janice pushed her cunt onto the head of the doctor's prick until the head was in. She felt really stretched, filled up by this huge thing. "OH! Doctor, you're going to split me wide open, but after a moment, she allowed herself to slide down on the man's organ further, then more, and a little more, until he was so deep inside that she couldn't go stand on it. "OH WOW!!! Janice yelled.

"Now, pull yourself up," Dr. Clements instructed.

Janice did as she was told, slowly pulling herself off his prick, but before he was totally withdrawn, he stopped her. With his hands about her waist, Dr. Clements pushed down again, and Janice yelled again as she was suffused with incredible sensations all through her body. He pulled her back up, and pushed her down again, until he was sure she could handle the rhythm he was trying to make.

"Now, bounce up and down on my prick, Janice," he told her.

"I-I'm coming again," she yelped, following his instructions. She bounced, and he pushed up to meet her with deep thrusts that drove her wild with lust. She had never imagined so much joy could be had from doing something so simple. His penis was tightly held between her lips, so the rhythm was slow, but it was also extremely sensitive, and finally he was unable to hold on but began to spurt his load into her, straight up her birth canal.


"Uuuuuuuhhhhhnnnnn," he lunged up with one more thrust, and his hands brought her hips down to meet his organ as they shook in mutual release. She felt his prick explode inside her, then exploded herself, not once, or twice, but three, or was it four times, before she felt his penis begin to slacken and go limp within her.

"Fuck but you're a tight little whore," Dr. Clements grinned, satisfied that Janice was going to be a very sought after addition to the sanatorium. He panted as he held her against his chest, his pecker still inside her even though he was quickly losing his hardness. "Now, I want you to give everyone in the room a kiss on their arseholes before Beverley takes you to get cleaned up and ready for lunch. Can you do that for me?"

"You mean, you want me to ..."

"Kiss their poop chute, yes" the doctor was firm again, "that's exactly what I want you to do."

"That's ... yuck ..."

"Do you want to fuck?"

"Yes, oh yes."

"Then kiss everyone's poop chute before you leave. Start with you're father's."

"Bend over, Mr. Barrett," Beverley ordered politely, "she has to learn to follow orders."

Mr. Barrett bent over and everyone else was told through gestures to do the same beside him. Janice dropped to her knees and saw the large round pink hole, puckered and ready for a kiss. She pressed her lips to it and held them in place for a second or two, then pulled away. She went to her mother's bottom next, looking at a similar puckered hole and pressed her lips to it. This time, she licked it gently to see what would happen and heard a soft pleasured moan. She went to Mrs. Mannion and kissed the pink hole. It tasted delicious, she decided, and went on to Brian, whom she lingered over, and made groan loudly as she licked him. Finally, she kissed Beverley's pucker, and then the doctor's.

"Well, folks, I think you have a very obedient little miss here," Dr. Clements told her parents, "And we will be able to train and teach her what she knows with a minimum of fuss or punishment, I think."

"Come with me, Janice," Beverley commanded in a soft voice, then pulled her by the wrist and through the door.

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fukin great - next chapter fast - want to see the massive orgy


really good . could do with more involvement by the mums and nurses with boys, perhaps groping and teasing with glimpses of cleavage under sexy uniforms

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