Sandy Gets A Modeling Job, Part 2

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Published: 10-Feb-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sandy continued to lay on the sofa with her head on Ray's lap. The porn movie playing on the flat screen TV showed a girl about her age now performing oral sex on an adult man. The tingles she was feeling "down there" were getting stronger, but she was trying to resist the urge to touch herself. Of course, she had no idea she had been drugged, or that she had already lost her virginity to the man who had taken her in off the streets. That had happened when she was drugged.

"Mr. Ray? What is she doing there? She has his thingy in her mouth."

"Well, Sandy, she's getting some special milk from him. Only males have it, and girls love it. It helps make them feel really good in their special place."

Sandy mulled that one over in her head. She was already feeling tingles she hadn't felt before, but she was getting older now so maybe it was a "big girl thing." She kept watching as the man sprayed something from the end of his "thingy" into the girl's mouth. It was white and thick looking. The girl was smiling and wiping the excess off with her fingers, then licking them clean. In the next scene the man was licking the girl again. This time, she screamed in ecstasy.

"See, Sandy? She got her dose of special milk, now she felt really good when he kissed her there. Watch now. His cock is hard again and he's gonna put it in her."

"In her? It looks too big!"

Ray grinned at the girl still laying with her head on his lap. His hand moved to her arm, softly stroking the fine hairs, before moving lower to let his hand rest on her bottom.

Sandy barely noticed his hand as her tingles became stronger. When the hand openly touched her panty-covered bottom, then moved to her tummy, she allowed him to roll her onto her back. His hand crept lower until it was touching her private place, causing her breathing to become rapid.

He knew what he was doing, and would not let her cum. He wanted her to have the special milk first, to make her believe she needed his spunk in order to cum.

"Sandy? You realize that girl started just like you, right? She started by having her pictures taken, just like you did. Now, she's making movies. Would you like to do that, too? Gracie can take the pictures and even make the movies too."

She wished he would keep rubbing her as the tingles were stronger, but liked the idea of being in a movie, so she agreed.

"What will I have to do?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Would you be willing to do the things they did in the movie?" His hands started touching her private place again. That clinched the deal for her. She nodded.

Ray lifted the girl to a sitting position, then stood in front of her. Gracie had the camera set up and recording as he lifted Sandy's pj top over her head. He had already seen her nude, but for the camera, he loved seeing her flat chest again, especially as her blonde hair fell down across it.

"You are a very pretty girl, Sandy. Now, pull my sweats down and take out my cock. Just like the girl in the movie did."

Sandy slowly reached up and took the waist of his sweats in her small hands. As she lowered the garment, his cock popped free. It took her by surprise as she had no idea what to expect. The man in the movie was the first cock she had ever seen.

Sandy pushed his sweat pants down to his knees, then took the throbbing cock in her hands. Ray, careful to ensure her face would be seen on the camera, pulled her blonde hair out of the way. He held it there as he arched his back to push his cock towards the girl's mouth.

She gulped, then opened her mouth a little wider before touching her lips to the tip, trying to imitate what she had seen on the movie. She glanced at the big screen again to see he had started it over from the beginning. Unknown to her, he had done it on purpose to help her know what to do.

She let the tip slip past the her lips, tasting something on the tip, but didn't think about it. She started to suck and lick as the little girl on the screen was doing. What she couldn't take in her mouth, she was using her hands to rub and down the shaft.

Ray looked over at his "cameraman" Gracie and smiled. Sandy seemed to be a quick learner. Gracie knew it wouldn't be long before they would have her making many other movies, including some with Gracie.

Ray continued holding her hair back and began to thrust slowly in and out of Sandy's mouth. He wouldn't get her to deep throat it, at least on the first attempt, but he wanted her to take as much as possible. She was able to get a little more than half in her mouth before she started gagging. Ray pulled back and let her breath, then resumed his thrusts.

"OK, Sandy, I'm getting close. It won't be long until I cum in your mouth baby. Just like the girl in the movie. Try to swallow as much as you can."

Sandy started sucking harder, working her throat muscles to swallow the saliva already building in her mouth. Her little tongue was working over the shaft and tip as it slid in and out. She also realized her own "tingles" were getting stronger. She wondered whether Ray would kiss her there like in the movie, and if he would want to put this cock in her as well. It might be OK, she thought, especially if it made those tingles increase like before.

With just a few more thrusts, Ray held his cock at her lips, then started to pump his cum onto her tongue. He purposely pulled away so the camera could capture the scene.


Sandy gulped and tried to swallow all of the musky, thick liquid, but some escaped and fell to her flat chest. It helped some when he slid the pulsing member back into her mouth, and sprayed some directly into her throat.

As he pulled out finally, she looked up at him, her eyes wide, as she again imitated the actress and cleaned the residual cum from her chest with her fingers, licking them clean.

"Did I do OK, Mr. Ray?" she asked.

"You did fine, Sandy. That was a very good job for your first try," he praised her.

She beamed with the compliment, waiting for her next command. She glanced nervously at the camera before he told her to stand up and take off her panties, which she quickly did.

Gracie moved the camera to catch the next scene, which would have Sandy laying back on the sofa with her legs spread while Ray helped her achieve her first orgasm.

He positioned the girl, then knelt between her legs.

"Now, I'll help you feel really good Sandy. You had a dose of special milk, so it will feel really good."

She just smiled as she waited and watched, opening her slender legs farther. She wasn't disappointed when his lips found her special place. She gasped, then sighed when the pleasure began.

Ray knew that the injection he had given her would increase the force of her orgasm, and the frequency. Now, he sucked her enlarged clit into his mouth, parting her swollen lips with his fingers so the camera could capture the wetness that was shining there.

As he worked his expert tongue over her pussy, Sandy continued to moan and arch her hips to meet his tongue and fingers. Soon, she felt the tingles getting stronger as a new and wonderful feeling overcame her. She felt like she would pee, but didn't care as she grasped his head and pulled him closer.


Gracie caught it all and knew this film would be another hit. They had done several of these, normally using girls such as Sandy who were runaways. A few times, they had used other girls, but that was before they quickly moved to the next town to avoid any problems. Although, none of the girls seemed to mind the multiple orgasms!

Ray sat back on his heels and let the girl recover. Her breathing was still ragged, but she was starting to calm some.

"Is that what the special milk did?" she asked.

He grinned and nodded.

"WOW! That was great!" she said with a giggle. "Can we do that some more?"

Ray looked at Gracie (and thus at the camera) and grinned. Turning back to Sandy, he said: "If you liked that, wait until we fuck. I think you'll really like having my cock in you."

She bit her lip as if in thought, then replied: "I want to do that again, Mr. Ray. Will you fuck me now?"

Gracie was grinning behind the camera as she fingered her own shaved pussy. Yes indeed, she thought, a star was born.

More to cum in the next chapter.

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Excellent. Can you write another part with Fb theme? For example about women who abducting little boys?


nice. can't wait for the nest instalment when she knows she's getting fucked. Hope to read about her and Gracie too.

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