The Malacca Cane

[ M/f, spank, anal, bond ]

by Pent


Published: 10-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

An erotic bookseller I know unearthed this letter for me:

My darling lovely Melissa, I do so miss you :-( but I hope you are enjoying college even more than this school. I've got to tell you . . . I had the most awful punishment yesterday. It was terribly embarassing and I was covered in shame in front of the whole class, but I've just got to tell you about it. Promise you wont laugh at me too, Melissa?!!

It was in Mr. Scott's Double Science class - you remember the one, an hour of Class followed by two hours of Science Lab? Well I've been taking it out on Scotty lately because he's the same sarcastic nerd that you knew and its my last semester and your college has already accepted me . . . and I cant wait to join you there :-)

Well anyway, I always thought I could be as smartass as I liked with Scotty, he could only paddle me and as you know (!) I'm actually getting to look forward to that . . . though he doesnt seem to realize it :-) No way can the school expel me with Dad permanently away in the corps diplomatique - after all, whats a private school for ;-) I must admit though that I'd been getting really a bit too rude to Scotty lately!!

Well we were only about twenty minutes into the Class when Scotty called on me with some question about magnetic poles and I just said it depended how big the knob was on the end!! and the class laughed. Well he just went up in the air and I was looking forward to a stinging hot bottom and wondering if I could stop from crying this time . . . . .

He seemed to rise nicely to the bait and shouted at the top of his voice: Come here Heather; Mary . . . senior prefect . . . lock the door. (You remember? it's like an hotel room and the lock makes a notice show outside: "Do Not Disturb" ;-)

When I got up to the front he said: Remove your panties and tuck your skirt up into your belt . . . all round, back and front. That was the first I knew anything different was about to happen. Then he said: Hold your hands out in front of you. I thought he was going to paddle me on my hands . . . but he tied my wrists together instead with that chamois leather he always has to dry beakers.

Next he sat in his usual punishment chair facing the class and pulled me over his lap, and started with his wooden paddle on my bare bottom. He must have given me twenty getting harder all the time. It stung like hell and I was getting really warm and wet.

i tried very hard at the start to look brave but I was soon crying my eyes out . . . Next thing he said still holding me firmly down on his lap: You asked about the size of the knob on the end, Heather . . well now you will be able to judge for yourself!!

You know that Malacca cane he sometimes carries? the one with a silver knob on the end? the top tapers a bit so it looks like a small pear? Well he pushed the top all the way up in between my cheeks until it was on my hole in my bottom saying: I've dipped this in lab grease so theres no point trying to resist, Heather, it will slide in very easily . . . as I push it . . . and turn it.

And he began to move the other end of the cane, the tip, around in a circle, just as though he was stiring a cake mix, while he pushed the knob in towards my bottom! The cheeks of my freshly-spanked bottom felt extra sore being pushed around like this I can tell you!

He pulled the knob away from my bottom, then slid it back in between my cheeks again and pushed while he turned the tip of the cane in an even bigger circle and this mushed my cheeks around even more! I had my head half turned and could see what he was doing!

He did this in-and-out between my cheeks about six times . . . and I was getting wet again with the slippery sexy feel of the silver knob sliding and slithering around on my tender lips there . . . . then the smooth silver knob suddenly just popped into my bottom without any pain or problem just like that!!!

I was so surprised I think all I did was give a big gasp as the silver knob slid right up into me as easy as could be . . and Melissa it felt heavenly as the big round end kept moving on up into my bottom

He said: Now Heather you must go and show off to your friends just how smart and clever you look, I'll help you up on your feet . . slowly now, I'm holding the cane in your bottom so you dont bang it on anything, you dont want to hurt yourself! . . . right . . . now go and walk slowly all the way along the aisles between the desks, both ways! up and down the room then across it, and come back again . . . keep your body upright and dont worry about my cane, the knob can't possibly come out while you are standing up straight!

Well I walked along the aisles and the heavy cane dangled between my legs and it swung around all over the place and hit my legs as I walked. It gave a wonderfully sexy feeling, I only wished I had been alone to enjoy it . . . but the class started to snicker and they all ended up staring at me and laughing outright at me as hard as they could.

i felt so angry and mortified and I felt like screaming!!!! I think my face got scarlet (to match my bottom!) and I wanted to hide it with the shame I felt. But of course my hands were tied together in front of me, covereing my cunnie as I walked slowly along the aisle.

I've been getting even more curves since you last saw me and my bottom is an even nicer rounded shape now, (wait till you paddle it next!) not fat but certainly not thin and stringy like those wispy models either. But with the heavy cane dangling from up inside my bottom and swinging around, Mr. Scotty had made me look a proper fool. I really thought he'd won this time - but that was nothing to what happened next . . . . . .

While I was walking down the aisle, Scotty had been moving furniture! It was awkward walking with that heavy cane banging around against my legs and by the time I got back to the front again Scotty had a school desk in the middle of the floor and a couple of those large mirrors on stands that we use for reflection experiments . . . remember? . . . and the hook of the lifting pulley was lowered and dangling over the desk. It looked ominous and I couldn't figure what he planning to do: well I'd know soon enough!!!!

He said: Heather come here, and he got my wrists and hitched the chamois that was binding them onto the hook of the lifting tackle; he pulled the rope and hauled my wrists up towards the ceiling :-( This was getting serious and I was really afraid now . . . I didn't realize how angry I'd made him! the class let out a gasp but no one moved or tried to interfere at all :-(

Scotty fixed the rope so I had my heels just on the ground but not much more. I was standing against the desk so my cunnie was pressing against the edge of it and my bottom was facing the class with the cane hanging down out of it :-(

He put one mirror close to my face so I could see everyone in the class . . . and they all could see my face :-( The other mirror he put so I had a full view via the two mirrors upwards at my own red bottom complete with the heavy cane swinging from it :-((

He said: now Heather this is where we came in; I want to hear you answer my questions about magnetic poles. And be warned, I'll paddle you for any that you get wrong! Now: do LIKE magnetic poles repel each other or attract each other? . . . Take your time!!

I thought for a bit, I had no idea but figured it was a fifty fifty chance and said: ATTRACT. CRACK . . CRACK . . CRACK . . CRACK the paddle hit hard across both cheeks and I let out a yell :-(

The heavy desk stopped me moving much with the blow, so the cane did not swing a lot, but it gave me a strange erotic feeling to be paddled with it in there and moving inside my bottom :-)

He said: do UNLIKE magnetic poles repel or attract each other?

I answered: ATTRACT . . . no paddle :-)

Scotty asked: When you hang a bar magnet so it swings freely, whats the name of the pole on the magnet that points to the North pole of the earth?

I figured: if it was attracted to the North pole, it must be an unlike pole, so I said: SOUTH. CRACK . . CRACK . . CRACK

Scotty said: Even a ten year old girl scout knows =that= end of the compass needle is called the North end, because it points to the North pole of the earth. CRACK . . CRACK That's how that end of the compass needle got its name! You were sixteen last month, Heather. CRACK . . CRACK Going to college next year aren't you? Do you want to completely disgrace this school?!! CRACK . . CRACK . . CRACK You're in no fit state now to answer any more questions.

And I was sobbing and weeping uncontrollably as I hung from the hook of the lifting tackle, but with this deep sexy feeling in my bottom all the time.

He said: I'm going to give you a very special treatment now, Heather, that will help you to calm down.

i tried to calm myself down so he would change his mind, and pleaded: Please don't! Please don't Mr Scott!! Please . . .

But by this time he'd dragged a chair over to the desk so he sat facing me, and he reached over the edge of the desk (where none of the class could see :-) and his knuckle rested against my clit At the same time he must have put the toe of his shoe under the end of the cane and lifted it gently . . . because the knob started to slide up into me . . . I caught my breath . . it gave me a most wonderful sensation Melissa -grin- . . .

Then he must have moved his foot down because the heavy cane dropped with its own weight and slid down again and just hung there dangling out of my bottom . . . then he slid it up into me a bit further . . . then down again. Melissa! it was fabulous!! the feeling was out of this world!! -BIG GRIN!!!-

Scotty went on doing this, sliding the knob of the cane a bit further up into my bottom each time, until it was so far in that it hurt a bit and I pulled a face as I went up on my toes to stop the pain. He said: All right, now I know your comfort zone Heather!

He started moving the knob of the cane in regular thrusts up and down inside my bottom while all the time he was massaging my clit. It gave me the most heavenly feeling. I couldnt stand it for long :-)

My hips started to move of their own accord jerking around uncontollably back and fore and side to side and rubbing my clit along his knuckles.

I glanced in the mirror and saw the whole class staring goggle-eyed. Most of them were quite pink in the face from their excitement at watching my dancing bottom with the cane throbbing up and down inside it, and I could see most of them were having their own finger-fun . . .

Then I looked down at the second mirror and saw what the whole class could see: the silver knob on top of the cane had quite a long collar down the handle of the cane which made it was quite plain to see how far the knob was sliding up into my bottom, going up inside me and down again . . .somehow, seeing this was very very exciting

I knew I was making a most humiliating spectacle of myself by enjoying masturbation like this with a silver knob on the end of a stick going in and out as my bottom jerked around from side to side and back and forth under the full gaze of the whole class . .

And they could all see my face twitching and twisting in my excitement . . . but I didn't care at all at this point

In some way it even intensified my excitement to be acting with ecstatic abandonment . . . while they all watched spellbound.

i could feel the orgasm coming on and I didn't resisst inany wai as it mountd insiide my jercking bottom and it dansed all over th plase as the spasms spred rite thro me and I just shooutd my hed off and Scotty moved the knob up nd downe fastr fster as I came in a shuuuuddderin orgassm . . . I was yellin ooh! ooooh!! aaaAAGH!!!

The hook held me up as I hung there and slowly got my breath back looking down at Scotty with undisguised love and affection . . I suddenly saw he was really was very handsome and a nice nice person and I adored him.

I glanced in the mirror and the whole class seemed to be holding their breath, sitting dead still and silent like they were in shock.

Breaking the spell, Scotty said in a matter of fact voice: Mary I'm going to take Heather into the prep room to get straight again and cleaned up. It's only four minutes until the last bell, so please unlock the door and let the class go as soon as I shut the door of the prep room. All of you . . . best for us if we keep quiet about this afternoon. We ALL behaved in unusual ways I think! And your parents and other people might not understand about it.

He lowered the hook of the lifting tackle slowly until my hands were down on the desk. He cut the chamois and held my arm to steady me as he steered me into the prep room with the cane still dangling from my bottom and swinging around, and shut the door.

Scotty said: Heather, before anything else I want to say how sorry I am that I needed to do all this to you. Your behaviour has been getting quite impossible lately, but I did not want the Principal to give you a formal beating with the birch - it hurts most terribly and leaves nasty scars and I think what I did was more appropriate.

I don't believe I could do this again, though. It will be the Principal next time if there has to be a next time!!

Oh! Mr Scott!! I'm so sorry you had to do this at all! I'm very very sorry I was so rude to you all these weeks!! Can you forgive me?! Please!! Can you Mr Scott?? and I started to cry . . .

Heather, please don't cry any more! Of course I forgive you!! I'm so glad you have apologised! and he put his arms around me gently and hugged me to his breast . . . and my arms went up to encircle him . . . and while we held each other like this he said: Heather . . you know . . . I am really very fond of you . . . I always have been. . would it upset you if I tell you that I've been in love with you for a long time? . . .

He let go of me to look into my face and see my reaction . . . I lifted my face up to his and kissed him with my very-wet lips pressing onto his strong manly mouth.

We seemed to stay like that . . kissing . . . for a very long time. When I stopped and pulled back a little he said: Heather, when I pull the top of my cane out of your bottom, I would dearly love to slide myself right in there where it came from! Would you like that too, Heather, my love?

Ooooh! Yeeees!! was all I could answer . . .

He said: I'll lift the end of the cane while you bend over and lay your top half on this table . . . and I'll pull gently until the knob of the cane slides out . . . there!! . . . Heather, now . . . He was as hard as a rock as he slid into my bottom. He didn't need any more lubrication than was already there of course, but it felt much much larger than the knob on his Malacca cane!!!

Melissa!!! It was thrilling to feel Scotty right inside me!! I was so proud to be able to do this for him!! and it gave me the most wonderful feeling as he slid in and out of my bottom -grin- He slid into me quite slowly swaying gently side to side and gasping with every little bit of the movement. When he was right in he pressing himself hard against my hot sore bottom and just pulled me to him and held me for a long time. It felt divine and I turned my head and told him: It gives me a gorgeous sensation, Mr. Scott!! it goes right through me!!!

Then he started to pull slowly out of my bottom again, just for three or four inches I think, then slooooowly back into my bottom again. Ooooh! it was wonderful!!!

It wasn't long before I felt my orgasm starting for a second time that afternoon He must have sensed it and he began to pump in and out of my bottom more fiercely, battering himself against my sore sore bottom, but that somehow added to the thrill of it. He was panting and saying lovely things like: Oh! Heather! My sweet! You lovely girl! You are wonderful! I do love you! . .. verrry much! Oh! Heather! Oooh!! Heather!!! . . . .

All I could do was moan and sigh as the ecstacy crept up through me in rising excitement . . .

At that moment we came together, both of us shuddering and shouting . . . and I could feel his hot cum flooding up into my bottom . . .

We stayed together as one person for what seemed ages. Then we slowly separated. Scotty said: Stay just like that Heather and let me clean you up a bit. He dropped down on his knees and started to wipe my bottom with a handkerchief. You are most beautiful my darling Heather! he said, I want to lick you clean from all that lab grease, never mind anything else!

He was licking and sucking the cheeks of my bottom and I straightened and stood up slowly. With this he began to suck until it felt like most of one cheek of my bottom was in his mouth . . . then he bit on it!! That really hurt to bite on top of the paddlings he had given to my poor bottom . . but it was sexy and erotic and lascivious and lubricious and . . . wonderfully exciting!!!!

i pulled away and squealed in fright and delight, but I couldn't move far with the table there in front of me. . . Scotty stopped then and said we must be quick or someone would suspect the worst!! How right they would have been - and it was marvellous .

He said if he told me in class that he wanted to see me about my work after school that I should come expecting the same treatment again, but without anyone watching all the things he did with my bottom "like paddle and knob". And if I felt I needed punishment any time, to ask him "if he could help me with my work"; he would understand and tell me a time that suited him too :-)

Melissa, love, I'll write again after our next meeting . . .

With all my love, your Heather X X X X

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