Sapho's Bell

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Published: 8-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sapho's parents were very sexually open, and very kinky. Each had multiple piercings and tattoo's, as well as a wide collection of outfits and toys.

They also had no qualms about fucking right in front of their little girl ever since she was a baby.

But they never did anything with her that she didn't want to try. So Sapho was still technically a virgin. Though she did know how to masturbate her mom and dad, and she did like to french kiss them both, and she loved when they would lick her little vagina and stick their tongues in her.

But most of all, she loved her little bell that hung from her little clitoris.

She got it just this summer. She'd asked her mom and dad to get her pierced, just like mom's but smaller, and then woke up one morning with it already there.

It did sting for the first few days, and it took a month to get used to, but she was so proud of it that she would walk around all day with no panties on under her dress, shaking her hips just to hear it ring.

But summer was about to end and she would be starting third grade in a few days, and they had all known that what she and her mom and dad did was private and not to be told to people outside the family.

She would have to take the bell off before school, though she could keep the ring as it was hers forever, as long as she didn't let anyone see it. Sapho was a smart girl and very mature for her age. She knew that she had control over her own body and anything sexual was her decision alone.

One day, she had said to her father, he would be the one to take her cherry. He was honored, of course, and then licked her little bell until she was about to go out of her mind.

Then her first day of school came. They took off the bell and she did her best not to cry. She could put it back on after school.But it felt funny wearing panties again.

The day went very much like last years grade and she fell into step with the other students. But every now and then, she would feel her clit ring bump and she would smile.

All of the other kids seemed so childish compared to her.

Back home, she stripped off her panties and threw them across the room and went right for her bell. Sapho spent the rest of the day dancing in a tight black mini skirt and feeling her bell tingle.

Her mom and dad eventually sat and watched her. "Saphey," her dad said. You look so good I could eat you all up."

Sapho turned around for him and gave him a bottom dance. "I want you to eat me." she said with a big childish grin.

He knelt on the floor and Sapho stood on his legs, lifted her skirt, and put her bell right up to his mouth. He took it in to his and she could feel it clink against his tongue stud.

He slid his juicy tongue deep up into her crack and she got a rush every time his stud caught her entrance on it's way back. She was beginning to want him to put it in deeper and knew that soon she would take her daddy fully up into her belly. But not yet.

Her mother knelt behind her and joined in. Mom took her little butt hole and pushed her multi studded tongue expertly the way mom knew. Dad was sloppier but just as fun. Mom and dad slid together and started to copulate between Sapho's raised and spread little legs.

Pretty soon, Sapho was feeling really wet and slippery between her thighs. Then her dad asked, "Do you have any pee?"

Sapho giggled. She always had some for her daddy. She let herself go and it poured down into her parents mouths and down their bodies.

They made Sapho feel tingly and she felt their breaths blow hard into her middle as they both came, straddling her with their mouths.

She wished she could cum like that. Maybe when she gets her first fuck.

Both parents laid down in their afterglow and Sapho laid with them for a few minutes. Then she was up and looking for something to eat.

That night, they put her in her own bed again. They had lately been trying new things. And though Sapho could join in if she wanted, most of what they were doing didn't seem to have room for her little frame. She wasn't interested anyway. She had her own thing to do.

After some playful necking with her mom and dad, she was alone in her room and started thinking about her wants.

Sapho pulled free from it's hiding place, the little finger sized vibrator that used to belong to her mom. It'd been long since retired and nobody seemed to notice it's absence.

It buzzed nicely around her sensitive ring and she held her bell to keep it from jingling. It felt good to hold her bell while buzzing her little clit, which began to grow a little in size.

There was a slight itching feeling inside her, deep past her hymen and once again she pushed the vibrator's tip towards it, hoping to touch it. But once again she couldn't go through and was afraid to push too hard. She knew it would hurt.

Sapho buzzed herself for another hour until sleep began to take hold. She remembered to turn it off before dropping off. Batteries were eating a good chunk of her allowance lately and besides, she wanted some juice left before getting out of bed.

Mom and dad were spacy the next morning, probably from too much sex and not enough sleep. They were always like that. Doing so much together and trying new things all the time. They were horny all day and night for each other.

Sapho hoped that one day she could find somebody who would love her so much, even after fifteen years of marriage.

She also was feeling a little horny herself but knew that they were too tired to do much before school.

So Sapho would go to school with that mood and just before she left the house, took off her panties and put back on her little bell.

She got a special kick out of knowing that under her school dress was an eight year old pierced clit that was always a little wet and ready.

In class, she tried to sit still so that she wouldn't ring out, but in the hallways she hardly got a second look from anyone. Most kids must have thought it was on her backpack or shoes.

It was after lunch that she felt the sudden need to go potty, and maybe a little touching. She got a hall pass and was excused from class.

On the way, she passed the janitor. She'd remembered his face from last year and he'd always reminded her of a big bear, dark and hairy and a little round.

He was staring at her as she walked by, both looking at each other. Sapho for some reason gave her hips a little shake and jingled for him, then realizing what she was doing, stopped. She could get herself and her parents into a lot of trouble if the school found out about her bell. They might even take her away and remove it.

He was staring with his mouth open and he suddenly said, "You have a bell on your underwear."

Sapho took in a sharp breath. She was in trouble if he told anybody, so she denied it. "No. I don't. Honest!" Then she ran for the bathroom. She took one look back before turning the corner and saw that he was smiling.

Her bell was ringing loudly as she ran.

In the bathroom, she sat and peed and was too worried to touch herself. All those feelings were gone suddenly at the fear of being caught.

But why was he smiling? She expected the look of disgust or horror she'd seen from those who didn't understand about kids and sex. Her parents had described to her the nutty things people would get funny about. That kids aren't supposed to enjoy it until they're eighteen.

She peeked around the corner down the hall and saw nobody waiting for her. Maybe he wasn't going to freak out.

Maybe he understood. Maybe he'd been raised like her. That would be great to find someone else who understood!

So before going back to class, Sapho stopped at the door marked MATENANCE and tried the handle. It opened and she poked her head in.

He stood there holding a box, looking at her. He put it back on the shelf and raised his hands in surrender.

"It's okay." he said. "I didn't mean to spook you."

He was big and dark looking in the darker light. Almost scary, but Sapho wasn't afraid of anything anymore. He wasn't going to turn her in, she was sure of that.

She watched him but he didn't make a move. He seemed as scared as she was. So she took a chance and asked, "You want to see my bell?"

One side of his face smiled and said simply, "Yeah."

Sapho was proud of her bell and a chance to show it off to a new audience was overwhelming. She lifted her skirt and spread her knees so he could get a good look at it. Even though she was biting her lower lip, she couldn't stop grinning.

The big dark man's eyes almost bugged out of his head as his jaw fell open. He bent down to take a closer look at it. Soon his face was grinning as well. Sapho took this as a good sign.

He looked up at her face and her mind flashed that he looked like a big animal, ready for her command. He asked, gently, "Can I touch it?"

Sapho knew what she wanted. All of her excitement of going around with her sexy little secret came back in full. "I'll let you lick me." she said.

His face went white and then red, but his eyes became familiar as lust filled them. She'd seen it many times before in her mom and dad's eyes.

The large man put both his hands on Sapho's hips and suddenly lifted her high in the air before lowering her to his hungry mouth. His tongue moved right in on her and he used it very differently than either of her parents ever did. It was thick, wet, and forceful.

He ate her like she was the only female in the world and he was starving. Sapho started to get that feeling inside again, stronger than ever. An itch inside that she couldn't get too. She was being stimulated by a stranger, a big beast of a man who wanted her. Only her!

His tongue worked it's way from her bell to her tail bone and back again, probing now and then at her virginity. It felt strong enough to pop her cherry.

Sapho started to get dizzy. Her heart was beating a million miles an hour. She wanted more. She said in a horse whisper, "Turn me around." The man did and she bent over while spreading her legs all the way apart for him.

His animal tongue pushed at her even deeper. She looked between her legs and saw that he had his cock out and was stroking it. There were no piercings through it, and it was shaped differently. It was thicker with a smaller head on it.

Sapho knew what she wanted. She said, "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me."

The big man lifted her and waddled her to the wall. She put her hands out to hold herself against it as she felt his cock head begin to push at her cherry.

It was bigger than her vibrator and she felt a sudden surge of panic that he'd be too big for her when he unexpectedly broke through.

Sapho felt the sting and sudden filling of her insides and cried out. His hand cupped over her mouth and he held himself still while deep inside her until she no longer was making any noise.

Before he made a move, he asked her, "You okay?"

Sapho nodded and was about to tell him to stop when he started to slowly move out of her. She felt the relief from the pressure backing off and it felt nice. But then he pushed back into her and she almost yelped again.

It didn't hurt as much that time and she found herself panting hard. Then he moved out of her again and it felt good. This time she knew it would be followed by another sudden thrust back up into her and she was ready for it.

He thrusted so hard that her bell rang wildly. Sapho felt it ring as much as she heard it. She felt the vibrations through her clit.

The man started to fuck her hard and deep and she felt the itch inside get worse, satisfied with every thrust, but hungry for even more.

Her top half was shoved hard against the concrete wall as her bottom half was pulled back to him firmly. She curled her toes in her shoes. He snaked an arm around her waist and let the other hand slide away from her face and down to her bell.

He then grabbed her crotch with the bell hanging between his fingers and held her tightly while he thrusted his final orgasm into her, then cumming in gushes deeply into her belly.

Sapho felt the load fill into her as his cock throbbed with each spurt. The fingers at her bell held her so tightly that they pulled her clit ring away from her, but instead of hurting, it sent her over the edge and then Sapho had her first major orgasm with the strange animal man inside her.

When the fireworks stopped for her, she found them both on the floor, her on top of him and he still inside her. She was trembling and weak.

Sapho gently lifted herself off of him. She felt sore inside. She felt fluids drip out of her and stream down her thin legs. The man handed her a hanky and she wiped herself until it was soaked.

Sapho felt the urge to be alone. This was new and scary, and she needed time to sort out her feelings. She scrambled clumsily off of the floor and went for the door, then remembering to be polite, she asked, "What's your name?"

The man was panting as he said, "Otis."

Then she opened the door to leave, poked her head back in and said, "My name is Sapho." then pulled it out again.

She heard him say, "I know." as the door shut behind her.

Sapho came back to class and sat down, not looking at anybody. She'd managed to get her breathing under control but still felt shaky and weak.

The teacher immediately noticed and asked her, "Are you okay? Did something happen to you?"

Sapho tried not to panic. She didn't want her or Otis to get caught, after all, it was her idea. So she said, "I got sick."

"You do look pale. I want you to go to the nurse right now. We need to make sure you're all right, and that you don't get anyone else sick."

Sapho sat for a moment. She could feel Otis's cum soaking into the back of her skirt. Her head was a little fuzzy and it took her a moment to figure out how to handle it. She picked up her back pack as she got up and let it hang loosely down her back. She wasn't sure if it covered the spot or not, but nobody seemed to notice as she left the classroom.

Sapho made a stop at the bathroom again and tried to clean up as best as she could. Then she removed her cum covered bell and threw it in her pocket, before grabbing her panties and putting them on.

Then, when she was certain that no sign of sex was on her, she walked slowly to the nurses station.

She sat nervously and fingered her bell in her pocket until the nurse called her in.

After taking her temperature and blood pressure, and looking in her mouth, the nurse said that she seemed fine and asked questions just to be sure. Sapho answered every one as if she had no idea what was wrong.

Then she was allowed to sit until the end of school, which was only in another forty five minutes, and then she went home with the rest of her class.

Sapho slowly got her strength and thinking abilities back and by the time she got home, was ready for anything her parents might ask her. She wasn't ready to tell them about Otis yet.

It turned out that they were engaged in horseplay and too busy to care. Both were wearing harnesses and bridles and had phony tails above their butts. Her mom was wearing a large dildo and was poking her dad from behind. Both were making animal noises.

Sapho went to her room and laid on her bed. She thought about everything that happened in the supply room. Eventually she started to touch herself while thinking about it and brought herself to another orgasm.

Later, she fell asleep and had dreams about big bear-like animals having her in the woods.

Sapho even forgot to put back on her bell.

She still wasn't ready to tell her mom or dad about it for another few days. She didn't see Otis for the whole time either. Not until that Friday morning. He tried not to look at her, but she could see that he knew exactly where she was at all times and would catch him trying not to glance her way.

Seeing him brought back all of the feelings she had that first day with him and she couldn't stop thinking about him being in her.

By the end of the day, she knew what she wanted again, and she waited in the bathroom until the rest of her class went home.

Sapho stripped off her panties and put on her bell. Then she went down the empty hall to his maintenance room and walked in.

Otis was working on a lawn mower engine and he froze when he saw her. Sapho locked the door behind her. Her little bald pussy was wet and itched inside.

She said, "I want you to fuck me." as she started to remove her shirt and skirt.

The big, dark, hairy, and greasy man wiped his oil stained hands on a dirty rag and got up.

Sapho was down to her socks and undershirt when he grabbed her and lifted her to his work bench. She wrapped her skinny legs around him and planted a big wet kiss on his opened mouth. He lifted her high in the air and brought her down to his face as his tongue thrusted itself deep into her dripping wet sex.

Her bell banged on his nose, as he soaked her with his saliva. He then cleared the bench by sweeping a hand across it and laid her down face first before entering her.

Sapho gasped and her eyes bugged out as he thrusted himself deep into her tiny body while he held her bare belly down hard against the oil stained rough wood of the bench.

He came in her within a minute and Sapho felt her orgasm explode inside as his hot thick cock spewed hot thick seed into her squirming body. Only he didn't stop then.

Reaching down to her ass, he pried his fingers between her hanging legs and spread her cheeks and thighs widely apart as he began thrusting again.

Sapho grunted as her head began to swim with wave after wave of newly found orgasms.

Her bell, despite being ground up against the edge of the bench, rang wildly. Sapho was just able to pull her arms up and push back against the wall, and force herself deeper around him.

She could feel his cock ride up inside her to her throat and felt his hips start to bang against her ass and legs.

Just one thought sent her over the edge again and again. "He's all the way inside me!"

As she pushed back into him, he slid his greasy hands up to her tiny nipples and he began to pinch them. Sapho came so many times that she lost count. The moment seemed to last forever, like he'd always been pumping her and always would.

She had no idea how long he had been fucking her and was only vaguely aware of him grabbing her bell hard before having her biggest and final orgasm.

Afterwards, getting dressed and leaving seemed like a dream and much of it, she couldn't remember. She did remember her saying something like, "You're a great fuck." and him replying the same back to her.

Her head didn't start to clear until she was at her home door and she walked in to see both her mom and dad staring at her with concern.

"We were worried about you. Where have you been?" her mother asked.

Sapho was still panting and they both saw something wrong with her. She was too dazed to speak when her mom noticed the cum coating the insides of her legs.

Both mom and dad became serious. "What happened? Did somebody hurt you?" her dad asked firmly. She knew why he was worried and knew that he'd kill anyone who laid a hand on her against her will.

Sapho still couldn't seem to form words and she ended up just smiling. Her mother and father both sat down in front of her and said in unison, "Oh my god." They knew then that she was no longer a virgin.

They looked her over thoroughly to make sure she was all right, and Sapho orgasmed as they probed her newly opened insides.

Both had expected it to be one of the school boys and were shocked to find out it was the janitor. A large, hairy man in his thirties.

She spent the day telling them all about it, again and again. They saw the black oily hand prints on her sides, her chest and nipples, and all over her butt cheeks and inside of her thighs.

Sapho later saw that her dad was sad and she remembered that she promised that he would be the one, but he simply said with a smile, "As long as you're happy, honey."

Just the same, she felt she owed him and that night she spent in their bed, letting her daddy have her finally.

But it wasn't the same. His cock head was bigger and the bolt through it made her ache in a way that turned her off. But even after taking out his penis piercings, it wasn't the same. He was too gentle with her and she needed more than he seemed to have.

She soon slept deeply and couldn't be roused for anything.

After much family discussion, it was decided that they meet Otis and make him aware of certain rules.

Saturday night, they went to his address, which was easy to find after inquiring about his full name.

Sapho was dressed up in her sexiest outfit with high heels and was eager to see him again. Otis answered the door and went pale as he saw Sapho standing there with two leather clad and scary looking, tattooed biker parents. They pushed right in past him and sat down on some chairs.

Otis sat on the couch and wouldn't look at either of them. He couldn't stop looking at Sapho, though, and she sat next to him and just grinned.

"What do you want?" Otis asked the parents, ready for a fight.

"Calm down. We just want to talk with you." said the dad. Otis said nothing. "We know about you and our little girl. We just want to lay down some ground rules."

"I don't have a lot of money." Otis replied, still not looking them in the eye.

"Hey!" Sapho's dad said, and he could sound scary when he wanted too. "Did we say anything about money?"

Sapho felt the tension and she slid into Otis's lap to calm him. "Your my boyfriend now. They just don't want you to skip out on me." Otis looked up at Sapho with a start, and then finally at her mom and dad. They nodded and he exhaled and leaned back. He worried that he was in some strange dream and would wake up at any moment.

"Okay." Otis eventually said. "What rules?"

Dad smiled. It was forced. "You get some tests to make sure you're clean. If you aren't, we treat both you and Sapho before you can have her again."

Mom chimed in, "Also you can't see anyone else. You stay monogamous with her." Sapho looked at her mom. It never occurred to her to have a three way with Otis. She smiled at the wicked thought.

"No more fucking on school grounds. It's too dangerous for everyone. She'll stay with you on weekends and maybe weekday visits at our house." Dad continued.

"And most importantly, everything has to be her idea. Don't do anything with her that she doesn't ask for, or at least consent to."

Otis stared at them. They were giving him free range to have their little daughter anyway he wanted, as long as she said okay to it. It was a far cry better than his molesting little girls in the past, before fleeing and changing his name. And Sapho had been better than all of them put together.

After some questions about his past and his intentions, all of which Otis lied about, they agreed on watching him fuck Sapho right there on the couch. Both mom and dad started to masturbate each other before Otis did anything with Sapho.

She practically did all the work for him, which was good as Otis was afraid to let go in front her parents, fearing he'd be discovered for what he really was.

Sapho backed into him, just like both times before and took him deeply, reminding him to grab her bell when she came. She knew he was having problems getting into it and she knew it was because her parents were there, so she pretended to have an orgasm and then said goodnight to them.

Sapho was ready for him and she knew what she wanted. She said to Otis once they were alone, "You just want to fuck me in some dirty dark hole, don't you? Like a dungeon, or a cave, or a dark abandoned house."

Otis got hard quickly. She mounted him again. "With your greasy, dirty hands all over my innocent white body. Making me dirty...."

Otis started ramming her hard and they went down onto the floor, him on top of her, shoving her face down into the carpet almost painfully.

They were alone and Sapho could cry out. She grunted and wheezed and yelped as she reached back and pulled her butt cheeks apart for him.

Otis knew what she wanted. He told her, as he fucked into her little body, "You little cunt. You dirty little cunt. I want to fuck you in the garage and get dirty grease on your dirty little cunt."

He grabbed her bell as he came in her and pulled it hard. Sapho squirmed and screamed under him and he came in her deeply and with fury.

Later, as she laid on the couch, naked. Otis let his dog in from the backyard. It was a tan lab mix and he trotted strait for Sapho's freshly fucked crotch and started licking her.

Otis pulled the dog back and told it to stay. Sapho squirmed on the couch, stimulated from the licking. She propped herself up and looked at Otis's dog.

"His name is Prince." Otis told her. "You like him?"

Sapho saw the bell on the dog's collar. It was just like hers. She bit her lower lip and smiled "Mmmmm, I like him very much." she said invitingly.

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