Getting to Know My Niece

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Published: 16-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Make sure she goes to bed on time." My sister told me. "We have a strict schedule for her." Vicky and her husband were getting the final things as they headed for the door. She turned around one last time and said, "Thank you for doing this for us at the last moment."

The husband gave me a look that said not to screw up. We didn't know each other that well since I only moved back into town a few months back. My sister and me had a lot of catching up to do.

Little Betty gave her mother a hug and then a wave as the door shut. Then she ran to the window and waved some more. I watched her little body prance and twist like four year old's do. She'd been with lots of baby sitters and she was used to it. I'd also gotten to play with her when ever I visited and though a few months wasn't much, it was forever for a child like her.

I had no intention of getting her to bed on time. I planned on wearing her out and then molesting her in her sleep.

I turned the TV off and started with hide and go seek. I made her do most of the hiding and then I'd chase her back to base, which was the couch, and she'd forget and keep running. She just loved to be chased.

She also loved to be tickled. After a half an hour of running and jumping, she was getting a nice sheen of sweat on her face. That meant it was time to get her in her bed clothes.

I helped her pick out the night dress that wasn't quite too small yet and kept playing with her so she'd forget to put on under wear.

Then it was time for her to dance for me. I made her dance all kinds of dances which not surprisingly all looked alike. Her legs looked a little sweaty too. She was panting when she was done and I let her drink lots of water.

Then it was time for more running and tickling. This time I could tickle her bare body and I'd let her night dress hike up on her. She didn't notice as she was too busy giggling.

She started to slip off of my lap and I held her upside down. Her dress hiked all the way to her head and my eyes burned her naked body into my memory. Tiny puffy legs ending in a puffy little mound of child cunt. Her legs spread to fall over but I held her and looked down to her most private of places.

I could barely control myself as I put both hands over her chest and let them slide slowly down the front of her body. Her skin was so smooth and rubbery soft. I put one hand under the small of her back to support her then ran my other one back up, fingers spread, feeling the fatty mound that I wanted so bad as I slid back to her little neck. She didn't seemed to notice that I had just felt her up.

Then I pretended to fall slowly back off my chair and I dragged her down with me. She landed on my chest face up with her legs spread and soft baby cunt facing me inches from my mouth. It was everything I could do not to attack her virginity with my mouth and tongue. I could smell her baby bathroom fragrance.

She started to sit up and I lifted her body with both hands and flipped her over and onto her back again. She giggled with delight and I lifted her again, this time turning her around and let her fall face down with her bottom still facing me with spread legs. I wanted her cunt so badly that I thought I would pass out.

I kept flipping her in circles and she kept giggling uncontrollably. Each time I set her down just a little closer to my hungry mouth. Then I pretended to drop her and she landed on top of my face, legs spread and with all of her small weight. This brought her to hysterics. My nose went right up and in between her butt cheeks. She had shoved her ass into my face and it was the funniest thing to her young innocent mind. I pretended to be disgusted, but I was licking my lips and smelling the scent left on my nose.

She finally wanted to get up and play and I didn't want her to be suspicious so I got up and took her little hand and spun her around in circles. This required little work on my part and wore her out quickly.

She drank some more water and while sitting on the couch with me, started to yawn and then she lay against me. I let her sleep for a quarter of an hour. I didn't try to hold still, but made an effort to disturb her subtly, getting her used to being handled while sleeping.

I dragged her across my lap and held her face up. Her little mouth opened as her head laid back and I pulled her legs apart. I put my hand gently over her puffy cunt and held it there, hoping to get her used to my intimacy.

The front room was too bright and when I was satisfied that she was out, I carried her to her little bed. Her bed was too small for me to lay out on but big enough for both of us to snuggle closely. I made sure her night dress was hiked all the way up as I lowered her body on top of her pillow and then I threw a little shirt over the table lamp to dim it.

I had one of her used panties stuffed in pocket and took it out and held it in my hand. Then I felt her up and down with my free hand. Her body was so light and pliable. I pressed against her puffy mound and it gave easily.

I looked down and savored the moment. This was the youngest girl that chance had given me. My girl friend had a daughter and I had gotten to know her a little in her sleep as well, but she was eight and I found that she could wake easily. I had come close to getting caught by her.

I got lucky then. Her father was molesting her while she was awake and he'd gotten busted. That's when I moved back to my home town. Now I was kneeling over my sisters little girl, spread naked, in her own bed, and sound asleep. She wasn't going to wake up for anything. Like her mother, she was a deep sleeper. If I played my cards right, I could get to baby sit her while she grows up and get to sample her body at every precious stage on the way.

I lowered my mouth to her small face. I smelled her innocent breath and nuzzled her little lips with my nose. They parted slightly. I kissed it. I kissed her sweet mouth sideways and lingered there before letting my tongue explore into her waiting little mouth. I ran it over her baby teeth and then used it to part them as well.

This was almost too good. She parted for me and didn't even move. I went in deeper and tasted her sweet tongue with mine. I was about to cum and decided to take a chance. I brought my cock up to her now opened mouth and jacked myself to a climax. Then I came thick gobs of my hot white semen into her mouth while holding it open with my free hand. My cock head slipped a little in and I finished myself quickly before pulling out and shutting her mouth by her jaw.

She stirred a little and I laid down quickly near her and listened. She didn't wake but turned her head slightly to her side and I heard her start to swallow. She had to swallow three times and some of my cum started to drool down her cheek. I Tomgued it back into her lips and she opened slightly again. I tasted my own cum for a moment as it went back into her waiting mouth and slid in. I finished with a kiss and I tasted faint cum on her teeth and tongue.

She still didn't wake at all.

I laid with her for a time, relishing my new found sleeping lover.

I couldn't keep my hands off of her and she never woke up. I could feel her little, still forming clit as long as I was gentle. I wasn't sure how much I could get away with but thought that for our first night I shouldn't push it.

I was soon hungry for her again. I lifted myself and nuzzled down her small body with my lips and enjoyed my niece's innocence. Then I found myself at her cunt. I felt her from inside thigh to inside thigh, making sure to feel her well at the middle.

Then I lowered myself for the first kiss there. Close mouthed, chaste, and with love as well as lust. Little girls did something to me that I couldn't explain. My kisses became french kisses and I was soon probing her for the way in.

I couldn't find an entrance. Her hymen was too complete, but I got the taste of her sex and wanted more. All I could do was lick her gently and play with her little clit. It was fantastic. The taste wasn't near as strong as the other girl's and yet sent me into a deeper lust than I had ever felt before.

I wanted more.

I gently turned her onto her belly and propped her ass up with the pillow, legs still spread wide. There was more to taste now and I dove right in. My kisses soon turned to licking and then to frantic lapping and sucking. I cleaned her cunt and asshole thoroughly licking from end to end in big, long, leisurely strokes of my tongue.

I wrapped her little panties into a knot and tightened it over my cockhead with the end of my cock aimed right for its crotch. Then I put both hands onto her waist and nuzzled my mouth deeply into her sex. I was in heaven and wanted the moment to last forever.

I tasted a little pee and probed for more, my lips plastered over her cunt completely. Then I was rewarded.

Little Betty let loose her bladder and I got an instant mouthful. My eyes went wide and I swallowed quickly. I could have pulled away but I was afraid that she'd spray onto me and all over the bed. Instead, I sucked her pee into my throat and swallowed every drop.

It was hot and tangy. I was surprised that I wasn't repulsed by it. In fact, I was turned on more than ever.

She finished quickly and I was finally able to stop and take a breath. Then I was back at her, licking her as clean as she once was. Then I came and a moan escaped from my lips while they were still pressed against her lovely virgin girlhood.

Then I dropped my face against her, not caring about waking her. I was at a child's cunt and had had it fully. I burped and then regained my strength slowly. I was full of Betty and she had tasted and swallowed me. I felt it was a fair trade.

I pulled her panties off of my shrinking cock and found I had soaked the crotch. I gently snuggled Betty in my arms and put the crotch part into her opened mouth, then closed it on them. After a moment, she swallowed again a few more times. I freed the panties and though they were wet, they were cum less.

I was satisfied. I put the panties on her and tucked her in for the night, giving her a long lingering kiss on the lips once more, and said, "Goodnight, lover."

Betty's parents came home hours later and I was watching TV and eating Browney Scout Cookies.

My sister asked, "How was she?" while the husband looked around to see if everything was in place.

I answered, "She's a doll. So well behaved and happy." I smiled innocently. "You have a wonderful girl there."

"Oh, you're such a dear." she said as she kissed my cheek. The one that had been at her daughters cunt just hours before. "Did you make sure she went potty first? I forgot to tell you that she'll wet the bed if you don't make her go just before bed time."

I was all smiles. "She made a real good potty. There's no chance any could have gotten on the bed sheet."

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