Megan's Little Problems, Part 1

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Published: 20-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Trevor Nolan married late, and was 42 by the time his only child was born. Within four years he'd become a single parent, after a messy divorce and departure of the dissolute alcoholic he'd married.

Emotionally exhausted by the experience, Trevor was not enthusiastic about re-entering the singles scene at his age. He filled the void in his life by doting on his precious little daughter, spoiling her with presents --dolls, and toys, and pretty clothes.

Megan was a lovely child, fashion-model cute, with pale, unblemished skin, cute little dimples and silky auburn hair Trevor carefully braided into pigtails. At five years of age, her tummy and thighs were still a bit chubby with babyfat, and her sunny smile shone with all the naive exuberance of childhood.

As Trevor's loneliness focused his attention on his little daughter, he gradually became aware that his excessive attention might be obsessive. It was a gradual process, not a sudden revelation, but at some point he began to realize that his love for her was not solely parental, as he put her to bed at night and his hand lingered a bit too long stroking her soft tummy.

Deeply disturbed by the thought, Trevor rationalized that it was just a temporary emotional response to the terrible trauma of the divorce. Anyone might go haywire after the brutal time he'd been through. He tried to put it out of his mind, assuming it would just pass.

The turning point came one day in the local zoo, as Megan giggled at the antics of chimpanzees and Trevor noticed a child not much older than Megan sitting on a bench nearby, with her skinny legs carelessly spread.

Trevor smiled and quickly looked away, but he couldn't resist another surreptitious glance at her little panty crotch, and he felt an unmistakable physical response. Even worse, the child's mother was stunningly beautiful, slim and tanned in a skimpy halter top that showed her pert breasts to full advantage -- yet he was irresistibly drawn to the child, who had none.

So it wasn't just Megan, he realized with a start. Omigod, am I... am I turning into a pedophile? Oh, hell no, of course not, I've never had even the slightest inclination to... uh... well, THAT, he rationalized. Still, he couldn't ignore the tingling in his penis that threatened to betray the awful truth.

Trevor had to find out. At home that evening, after putting Megan to bed, he went to his computer, to seek out photos of children. His cheeks burned with shame as he felt his erection growing in his pants with each pretty little girl that appeared on the screen. He soon came across a photo of a child about 7 years old, grinning happily at the camera with two missing baby teeth, wearing nothing but her little panties and spreading her skinny legs. "Oh, s- shit," he hissed under his breath as his dick spontaneously ejaculated in his pants.

Horrified and confused, Trevor began carefully limiting his physical contact with his young daughter. To quell his rapidly growing urges, he began masturbating more frequently, to divert his attention from his own daughter. But Trevor soon realized that even in a pretty play dress his little Megan aroused him even more than the photos of naked children he now frequently used for masturbation.

By the time the holiday season arrived, Trevor was despondent. He could no longer rationalize or quell this strange new compulsion. He turned to the trove of alcohol left behind by his departed, drunken ex-wife. When that was gone, he bought more.

Just a tot of Scotch before the show, he told himself futilely one evening, as he poured his third, on the evening of Megan's first kindergarten school play.

The little girl toddled out of her bedroom wearing her fairy costume and grinning. Trevor's hand tightened on the tumbler glass as he gazed down at the child's tiny pink slippers, sheer tights and chubby little cameltoe coyly peeking beneath her frilly tutu. He'd of course seen that little pussy ever since her birth, but until recently had never realize that he craved it.

"Do I look pretty, Daddy?" the child grinned, twirling her sparkly fairy wand.

Trevor put down his glass, knelt and pulled the child to him. "You look just beautiful, little punkin, just good enough to eat," he breathed into her silky hair, unable to stop himself from fondling her stumpy legs. The child giggled happily and snuggled into her Daddy as he hugged and fondled her for a long moment before looking at his watch and announcing they had to go.

Buzzed by the Scotch, Trevor watched the silly play with a dry mouth, gazing at all the pretty, scantily clad little children stumbling awkwardly through their roles on stage. By the time they arrived home, his briefs were moist.

Trevor went for another Scotch as his daughter brushed her teeth and changed into her PJs for bed. She soon toddled into the living room, grinning and padding across the floor in a pink babydoll nightie and furry pink slippers with rabbit ears. The childish slippers and flouncing little nightie made Trevor's nostrils flare with lust as his little girl clambered into his lap.

"Will you tell me a story before bedtime, Daddy?" she said, with the coy smile that always elicited whatever she wanted.

"Mmmmm, I'll think about it, honeybunch," Trevor replied as he gently fondled the child's chubby thigh. "You go get in bed, and I'll change and be right there."

Trevor entered Megan's bedroom wearing his customary nighttime attire, pajama bottoms with no top, and sat on the pink bedspread beside the little girl clutching her teddy bear.

"Which story tonight, honey?" Trevor asked, and the child canted her head and furrowed her brow in thought.

"I know," he said. "How about a brand new one you haven't heard before?" Megan nodded eagerly. "Okay, shove over so I can lie down, because I'm tired and this might be a long one."

Megan dropped her teddy bear and eagerly scrunched herself to the side of the bed as her Daddy laid down on his back and tugged her arm to pull her on top of him.

"Once upon a time, there was a Daddy, who loved his little girl very, very much," Trevor began, stroking the child's back and languidly fondling her tiny bottom through the thin fabric of the nightie.

The child sighed happily and snuggled into his chest. Her Daddy had never put her on top of him like this during story time. And he'd never touched her like this. It was all so new and exciting.

"And Daddy's little girl was so very pretty, and Daddy loved her so much, that he wanted to play with her, all the time," Trevor crooned, his stiff dick leaking as his hand dropped to caress the smooth flesh of his daughter's tiny thigh draped across his hips.

"Just like you an' me, Daddy!" Megan giggled into Trevor's chest hairs. "Was she prettier than me?"

"Y- yes, honey, j- just like you and me," Trevor muttered. "But, no Megan, she wasn't nearly as pretty as you. You're the prettiest little girl I've ever seen."

Megan snuggled happily into his chest, but Trevor's Scotch-suffused brain reeled. He knew he'd stepped over a forbidden line, he'd gone too far, but he couldn't stop himself. His fingertips tingled as he stroked the childish little thigh, an inch from the place he yearned to touch. He knew the little 5-year-old never wore panties to bed, and his inflating dick head slowly crept up, out of his pajama bottoms, to press into the child's tummy.

Megan giggled with surprise as she felt the stiff thing rise and press into her tummy. She wondered what it was, wondered if something was wrong with Daddy. It felt firm and spongy, and there was some warm, gooey stuff leaking out of it, and it was making her tummy wet.

"And this Daddy loved his pretty little girl so very much that, sometimes, he wanted to play with her in different ways," Trevor breathed, his voice cracking, unable to stop himself from gently hunching his dripping dick into his daughter's warm tummy.

Little Megan giggled. This was a funny game her Daddy had never played before. The big thing with the wet stuff leaking out of it was weird, but this was new and exciting, and it made her feel warm and happy to be so close to her Daddy.

"And, sometimes her Daddy wanted to play with his little girl in kind of n- naughty ways," Trevor stammered, as he reached beneath the nightie to clasp and knead his daughter's bare, peach-size little butt cheeks with trembling fingers.

"But his little girl didn't mind, because she loved her Daddy," he croaked, wriggling his hips to force his pajama waistband down, so the entire length of his penis was pressed into the child's soft tummy.

Megan wondered why her Daddy was breathing funny, but she just sighed and snuggled into his hairy chest as she felt the strange thing stroking her warm, slick little tummy, and her Daddy's fingers fondling her soft bottom.

"The... the little girl didn't mind, because she loved her Daddy, and... and she was happy to let him do anything he wanted with her... anything..." Trevor breathed, his voice cracking as he fondled the child's soft little peach cheeks and hunched as he stroked her small body up and down the length of his quivering dick.

"The pretty little girl let her Daddy do anything he wanted to her," Trevor gasped. "Anything... any... any... oh, little baby... oh, ghod, my little... baby..."

Megan gasped in surprise as she felt the big thing begin jerking and pulsing and squirting stuff all over her tummy. The stuff was warm, and slippery, and it smelled bad. And Daddy was panting like a dog, and squeezing her little bottom, and bouncing her on top of him so hard that it made her furry slippers fall off, and made the smelly stuff splash all over her tummy.

The thing in her tummy kept squirting, and squirting, and squirting... so very much stuff was coming out of it... and Daddy was making strange noises, grunting and whispering, "Yea... yeah... oh, ghod, yeaaah..."

"Daddy? Are you okay, Daddy?" the little girl whispered, furrowing her brow with concern as Trevor's tensed and shaking body collapsed heavily down into the mattress. "Y- yeah, baby... yeah, I'm... o- okay," he managed, gasping for breath.

"Eeewww, what's all that stinky stuff, Daddy?" the child said, reaching to twirl a stubby finger in the viscous runnel of sperm dripping down Trevor's heaving abdomen to form a milky puddle on the pink bedspread.

"That's... that's, uh... Daddy's love juice, baby," Trevor gasped, his cheeks crimson with shame as he twirled the child's pigtail with his finger. "It comes out of Daddy's pee-pee when a pretty little girl he loves so much makes him feel very, very good, like you just did."

Little Megan had no idea what all that meant, but she could tell it made her Daddy very happy, so she just grinned with glee, snuggling and squirming her slimy tummy into Daddy's heaving belly, as he panted and fondled her little pigtails until he stopped shaking.

After a trip to the bathroom to hose off the reeking sperm and pat his little girl dry with a towel, Trevor carried her to his bed. He'd wash the fouled bedspread in her room tomorrow, he thought, trying to quell his disgust at what he'd just done.

The curious little girl plied him with questions as she snuggled into him beneath the covers. "Go to sleep, honey, we'll... we'll talk about that tomorrow," he said, clasping her tummy and stroking her hair.


The inevitable questions resumed the next morning, at breakfast. His daughter's naive questions were mostly about Daddy's big thingie, and the stinky stuff that came out of it. They made Trevor blush with shame, but the innocent curiosity of his little daughter, and the childish lilt of her voice, stimulated other responses he tried to conceal by shifting the tented napkin in his lap.

Trevor babbled his responses awkwardly, having no idea how to explain sexuality -- much less deviant, pedophilic lust -- to a 5-year-old. Hell, he couldn't even explain to himself how these repellent but seemingly uncontrollable desires to molest a small child had suddenly surfaced in his psyche. And he'd thought he'd have at least another two or three years before having to discuss sensitive biological topics with little Megan.

So he bumbled on, using simple terms he thought she might relate to, trying to explain what a man's pee-pee needs to do when he's excited by a pretty girl.

By the time he began to explain about a girl's pee-pee, and making babies, Megan gave up trying to understand. It was all too confusing, and kind of boring. Megan just munched her cereal and nodded, remembering only how happy Daddy was last night when he bounced her on his belly and made funny grunting noises.

She licked up the last remnants of cereal, dropped her spoon, and said, "Daddy, does that stuff come out all the time, like when you pee?"

"No, honey, it only comes out at very special times, when a girl makes Daddy very happy, like your Mommy used to do. Like you did, last night."

"I make you as happy as Mommy? Oh, Daddy, I'm so glad!" Megan gushed. Megan knew how unhappy Mommy and Daddy had been, before Mommy went away. The child's eager grin, dribbling milk from her crooked little baby teeth, made Trevor's dick twitch, and he blushed at his response.

"Y- yes, you do, Megan, but... well... what we did last night was... well, it was not nice, it was bad, and you mustn't tell anyone about it, ever, okay?"

"But, Daddy, you said it makes you happy, so why is it bad? Was it bad to do that with Mommy, too?"

Trevor swallowed hard and his dick jerked again as a fleeting image of the early, good times with his ex-wife flitted across his mind, grinding his stiff dick into her from behind as she howled, letting the intensely squeezing contractions of her orgasm suck the semen from his quivering penis.

"No, honey, see... ah... it was okay with Mommy, because she's a grownup. You're just a little girl. It's... very bad for a grownup to do things like that with a little girl."

Megan kicked her chair back and stepped to stand between Trevor's parted thighs, poked her lip out and pouted. "You mean I'm too little, Daddy? Am I too little to make you happy like Mommy did?"

Trevor reached to hug the child in his arms, stroking her hair, his engorged dick making the napkin jerk in his lap, his pulse thundering in his ears.

"No, baby, no... you... you're just the right size to make Daddy very, very happy," he babbled, his hand dropping to caress her tiny bottom through the flimsy cotton nightie.

"See, Megan, Daddy gets so excited because you're just as pretty as your Mommy, and... and even more so, because you're just a little girl," Trevor babbled. "It makes me so very happy to... to do things like that with you, just because it's... very naughty. Sometimes doing bad things is very much fun, but you must never tell, okay?"

Megan didn't understand, but she just nodded into her Daddy's neck and promised not to tell, with all the solemn sincerity of childhood.

Trevor did understand, all too well, his principles at war with his unnatural and irresistible urge to molest his little daughter, as he tried to pretend he was consoling her in a fatherly way while fondling her soft bottom.

But the dark corner of his mind wanted the child to know. Wanted her to understand how dirty and forbidden his lust for her was. The thought of her knowledge was even more arousing to him than fondling her little body.

Trevor pulled the child's head from his neck, cupped her face in his hands and gazed into her wide, innocent eyes.

"Megan, what we did last night was... well, it was very bad... very, very bad. But that's what made me so happy... because it was so bad. Do you understand?"

"No, but it made me happy, too, Daddy."

Trevor groaned and tugged the child to him again, reaching beneath her flimsy nightie to fondle the bare cheeks of her tiny butt and whispering in her ear.

"Remember when I bounced you on me during story time, Megan? I was just... just using you... playing with you like a little doll... using your little body to make me happy... that's... very, very bad, for a grownup to use a little girl like that, and you must never tell... and never let anyone else do that until you're all grown up. You understand, Megan?"

"Um... not really... but I liked it, Daddy. You can use me like a doll, I won't tell. You can play with my dolls, too, Daddy, if it makes you happy like last night," the child grinned into the tensed tendons of Trevor's neck.

A tear of tenderness and helpless regret welled in Trevor's eye, but he couldn't resist plunging his tongue into the surprised child's mouth, moaning and licking her tiny tongue as he scooped her up to carry her out of the room, down the hall, and into his bedroom.

He fell onto the unmade bed and tugged the child on top of him, still frantically kissing her deeply and squirming to jerk his pajama bottoms down to free his engorged dick.

Megan giggled in his mouth when she felt the thing tickle her pee-pee as it glided between her pudgy little thighs. Her Daddy moaned, squeezed her soft thighs together and began bouncing her. Megan didn't know what Daddy was doing, but she knew it was making him very happy, like it did last night. Daddy had never kissed her like *that*, and it was thrilling.

After a long moment, Trevor broke the deep kiss and halted, his stiff dick throbbing between the child's miniature thighs. He lifted her head and grinned into her face, stroking her little pigtails.

"Let's do something very, very naughty, okay, Megan? Something only you and I will ever know. Something *really* bad, okay?" he grinned encouragingly.

The little girl giggled and nodded eagerly. She went everywhere with her Daddy, he'd taught her much more than the games she learned in kindergarten, but these new games were fascinating and exciting, because Daddy said they were private, and naughty.

Trevor rolled the little tot off his chest and onto her back, and spread her stumpy legs. "Now, close your eyes, real tight, like we're playing hide and seek," Trevor said. "No peeking, okay?"

Megan giggled and clapped her hands over her eyes. She could feel her Daddy peeling open her little pee-pee with his thumbs. That was weird. Daddy never did that before. Megan giggled, because it tickled a little bit.

Megan jumped when she felt something soft and warm rubbing inside her little pee-pee. It tickled, and felt funny. It felt kind of good. Megan relaxed and spread her legs wider. Oooo. Oooo, yes. Now it felt really good. It was warm, and soft, and moving so nice and slow, and making her feel all tingly in her tummy.

Megan cheated, and parted her tiny fingers to see what her Daddy was doing. Her eyes went wide when she saw her Daddy's face between her legs. She suddenly understood what Daddy meant about it being bad. Daddy was licking her little pee-pee -- with his tongue! It was a dirty place, and Megan was embarrassed.

Megan squirmed and kicked her stumpy legs and pushed Daddy's head to make him stop. Trevor pulled back and looked up at her flushed face, smiling.

"It's okay, Megan, it's okay," Trevor said, stroking the child's slim thighs. "Megan, remember when the Allens lived next door, remember those cute little puppies they had? How much fun you had, playing with them? And they had fun, too, didn't they? They loved you so much they'd lick your face when you kissed them, didn't they?"

Megan giggled and nodded. "Uh-huh! Their names were Marcus an' Gizmo," she giggled.

"Well, just lie back, and close your eyes, and think about Marcus and Gismo, okay? Just pretend you're playing with them," Trevor smiled.

Megan laid back and snuggled into a pillow, grinning. She shrieked with giggles and squirmed as she felt the tip of Daddy's tongue playfully flicker at her belly button, her hip, her thigh. This was a funny game.

Then Daddy's tongue went flat, and licked the soft inside of her thigh, and Megan giggled again. It slowly moved up, lapping and teasing, and Megan shivered slightly as she giggled. Then the naughty puppy lapped at the top of the puffy place at the bottom of her tummy, and Megan bit her lip, and squirmed her tiny hips, and pushed to shove his furry head away. Marcus was getting naughty again.

Then Megan's eyes popped open when she felt it touch a very special place in her pee-pee. She jerked, and held her breath, and her playfully shoving hands froze.

Megan's eyelids fluttered, and she whispered, "Oh... Oh, my..." She didn't know what to do. She tried to look down, to see what was happening, but she couldn't because her eyesight was getting dim. Megan's eyes fluttered closed, and her mouth fell open.

The funny feeling stopped suddenly, and Megan could only feel the puppy's warm breath panting into her pee-pee, and she could hear and feel his nose sniffing all around it as he panted. Megan felt kind of wet down there, and the warm breath made it feel so tingly, and it felt even more tingly when Daddy's nose teasingly snuffled closer to the tingly place.

Megan's hands blindly reached down to pat the puppy's head, because she was so confused. She... she wanted him to stop, but... but she didn't want him to stop. Megan was so confused. The warm, tingly feeling was just... oh... oh, so very special...

Her eyes squeezed shut, her mind focused completely on that one, special place, Megan was only vaguely aware when Daddy gripped her tiny feet and bent her stumpy legs up and back, spreading them wide. She was completely unaware that Daddy was hunching his thing into the mattress, groaning with lust. She only felt his warm breath panting on her, his nose snuffling closer... and closer...

Megan's little hands blindly patted the puppy's furry head, and her tiny bottom curled up toward the warm breath. She couldn't help it. She felt the tip of Daddy's nose dip in, nudging and moving in the wet place, closer and closer, and then... oh... his nose was touching the very special place, but... but not enough... he was just teasing it, rolling it gently with his nose, then pulling it away, then teasing it again, and panting his warm breath into the drooling, fluttering little hole below.

Megan began to whimper and squirm, trying to rub the special place into Daddy's nose nice and firmly, so she could really feel it, but he kept pulling away. Her pitiful whimpers became more urgent, and she began trembling slightly.

Suddenly she felt Daddy open wide and suck her whole pee-pee into his mouth, lips and everything. Megan felt his warm tongue press deep in there, licking her as he slowly dragged it up from the little hole to her tingly special place and back, licking... and licking... and licking the quivering pink flesh inside.

Megan vaguely knew it was her Daddy's mouth, but she kept her eyes squeezed shut as her hands frantically patted the puppy's head, then curled into his fur, then gripped his ears and tugged, and arched her back, and hunched into the warm, licking tongue, and shuddered, and her little toes curled tight.

Megan's eyeballs rolled wildly behind her tightly closed eyelids, and she dreamed of cute little puppies, and soft, mewing kittens, and happy, pink bunny rabbits... dreamed of their cute little faces, and stroking their soft fur... stroking and petting, and oh... oh... oh... until her little bottom quivered and hunched and bucked on the bed, and something wonderful happened to her.

The wonderful thing seemed to take a long time to happen as Daddy kept licking and sucking her little pee-pee. It went on... and on... and on... and behind her eyelids Megan saw showers of bright sparkly things like silent fireworks exploding all around the playful little puppies and bunnies gamboling in her mind.

When the wonderful thing was finally over, Megan relaxed her desperate grip on her Daddy's ears and fell back into the mattress, limp and panting like a little puppy herself.

Megan just laid there, limp and unable to move, her dazed mind too young to comprehend what had just happened, her flesh covered in excited goose bumps, her little body tingling and jerking.

Trevor moved up to cuddle the little girl in his arms. "Did you like that, honeybunch?" he whispered into the panting child's ear, fondling her pigtails and stroking her trembling body to soothe the puckered little goose bumps. "That was really bad, wasn't it?"

"N- no, d- Daddy, not bad, it was... it... it was... uh... Oh, I dunno, Daddy," she panted into Trevor's wet face as she reached to hug his neck.

Trevor hugged back, holding the little tyke gently until her orgasmic tremors subsided.

"Yes, it was bad. Very, very bad, even though it felt good. It's important for you to understand that, Megan."

"Oh, I dunno, why?" the child mumbled vaguely, as her sated body laid limply in Trevor's arms.

"For two reasons, honey. If anyone else knows, we might never see each other again. And... well... it makes me so excited to do these very bad things with a little girl like you. I love you, and I'll always protect my little girl, but it makes me so happy to play with you like this. I need to use you like this, Megan, but I also need you to know how bad it is, because that makes it even more exciting for Daddy. Do you understand?"

Megan furrowed her brow, trying to understand, but it was no use. She gave up, and just said, "Okay, Daddy."

Trevor climbed out of the bed, shed his pajama bottom and reached naked for the phone.

"Hi, I'm Megan Nolan's dad. I'm keeping her home today. She has a... an upset tummy," Trevor said, stroking his rigid dick. "No, nothing serious, but better safe than sorry." As expected, the conversation was brief. The school administrator was grateful not to have to deal with a vomiting child.

Naked now, Trevor hung up, switched off the phone ringer, and moved to sit on the bed. His little girl grinned up at him. "I don't have'ta go to school today? Yay!"

"No, little punkin, we'll have home lessons today," Trevor grinned, poking her plump tummy with his finger. "First lesson of the day is, Daddy needs to use his pretty little girl again, okay?"

The child giggled and nodded as Trevor reached to tug off her babydoll nightie and toss it on the floor.

"Let's do it a different way this time," he said, lying on his back in bed and tugging the naked child on top of him, on her back. He spread her stumpy legs and reached to lift his stiff penis between them.

"This way, you can watch," Trevor said. "You can watch while Daddy plays with you, won't that be fun?"

The kid giggled eagerly and watched as her Daddy pressed her chubby thighs together to clasp his wet penis and began slowly hunching.

Megan watched with fascination as her Daddy gripped her skinny hips and pushed the big thing between her little thighs. It made a squishy sound, because it was all wet, and it was funny to watch the big, mushroom head stick up and then disappear between her legs, then stick up again. It made her little pee-pee tingle, too, because it was still gooey and sensitive from the funny feeling that happened when Daddy licked her down there.

Her Daddy groaned and squeezed her little legs together on it, and Megan grinned. She could tell Daddy was very happy, because he was bouncing her and panting, like the night before, and the wet, squishy noises the big thing made as it pumped between her slick thighs seemed to make him even more excited.

It made Megan very happy when Daddy's hands moved up to clasp her narrow chest, and fondle her tiny nipples as he hunched her soft, wet thighs. Megan loved for her Daddy to touch her like that. It made her feel all warm and special, and she could tell it made Daddy very happy to feel her nipples, made him grunt and bounce her little body more urgently. And it made Megan begin to feel all tingly again when Daddy pinched and rolled the tiny nubbins on her flat chest, and she felt his big, warm thing rubbing in the juice that came out when the wonderful thing happened to her.

Megan crossed her ankles and squeezed her chubby thighs together tightly, to help Daddy as he grunted and fondled her. "Little baby... sweet little baby..." Daddy panted as he stroked his engorged dick in the slick, tender flesh of her crotch.

Fascinated by the big thing rising and falling between her stumpy legs, Megan reached down to grasp it, giggling when it slipped from her grasp, squeezing it with her tiny fingers when it emerged.

It was all wet, and hard to hold onto because it was so slippery, but Megan tried, giggling happily at the new game, as Daddy's fat thing kept slipping from her slick fingers.

Daddy liked the new game, too. He bared his teeth and grunted, "Ghod, yeah... touch it, Megan... touch it just like that," as he bounced the child and felt her little fingers eagerly grasping at his wet penis.

Trevor looked down to watch with glazed eyes, and the childishly faded and chipped pink fingernail polish on his little girl's tiny fingers as she playfully tugged at his quivering dick made the eyes roll white in his head.

"Oh, g- ghodddddd!" Trevor roared as he hunched his clenched butt four inches off the bed, and little Megan's mouth went round with amazement as she watched an adult penis ejaculate for the first time.

It seemed to the little girl like a like a big, fleshy squirt gun, squirting big jets of mayonnaise! The mayonnaise kept spurting and gushing into the air as she rubbed and squeezed. It splashed all over her tummy and then little spurts of it dribbled down onto her hands as Daddy fondled her flat chest, grunting and bouncing her until the mayonnaise stopped squirting, and the thing finally stopped jerking in her hands.

It didn't smell like mayonnaise, though. It smelled icky.

"Eeeew, that stuff is real smelly!" Megan announced, crinkling her little nose as she wiped her slimed hands on the bedsheets. "Why's it's so smelly, Daddy?"


Megan was an obedient little girl. Following her Daddy's advice, she never divulged a word to anyone about their new games. She was a smart child, and she'd long been bored by the silly games she had to play in kindergarten class, but the secret new games she played with Daddy stimulated her imagination, and she suddenly took more interest in her school work. Megan's teacher was impressed by her sudden interest, and remarked favorably to Trevor about it at the next parent-teacher meeting.

Trevor's work improved, too. His friends and colleagues were delighted and relieved to see him finally coming out of the morose slump he'd been in since the divorce.

They were accustomed to his dignified reserve, and his unwillingness to talk about his private life, so they didn't ask questions. But they were glad for him, and privately joked among themselves that Trevor must have finally found a girlfriend. They were right. They just didn't know that Trevor's new girlfriend was only five years old.

Megan couldn't wait to get home from school every day for play time with Daddy. Sometimes they had two play times. Trevor was a senior partner at an architectural firm, so he worked at home as often as he wanted. And he promptly picked up his little girl at school every day.

A few months later, Trevor was called out of town, and Megan had to stay with Aunt Margaret for four days. Megan was a very sad little girl, but Daddy made up for it when he came home. His sister beamed and as she watched her little niece fly into Trevor's arms when he came to retrieve her, and chuckled at the child's delight when he presented a new doll from a far-away city.

Daddy had been away, with no play time, for four days. During the short drive back home, Daddy made Megan sit in the passenger seat, instead of the child seat in back, and stroked her little leg, and told Megan how much he'd missed their play time.

When they arrived home, Daddy was so happy to see his daughter that he couldn't take the time to get her little dress off, and play time was very quick. After that, her dress had to go in the wash, and Megan began to call their little games "Messy Time," instead of play time.

Messy Time was even more fun, for Trevor. He'd never realized how much more naughty and thrilling it was to molest his daughter when she was fully clothed. Megan liked it too, because she loved to dress up for Daddy, and he began buying her even more cute outfits to wear, for Messy Time -- frilly, lace dresses, a pink tutu, a Wizard of Oz "Dorothy" costume, all wash&wear fabric, of course, so they could be easily laundered after Daddy had gushed his smelly spunk all over his little girl.

Saturdays were special, when Trevor would take his daughter to a nearby playground. Megan loved to play on the swings and monkey bars, and Trevor loved to watch, smiling at all the pretty children giggling and flashing their tiny panties. He'd surreptitiously nurse his erection beneath a strategically placed newspaper, tingling with the anticipation of the secret games he'd play with his little girl when they got home.

Megan liked Saturdays best, too. Daddy loved to lick her after a long visit to the playground, because her little crotch smelled warm and sweaty, and the musky taste of her made Daddy so excited he'd sometimes lick her to the happy feeling two or three times before he rubbed himself on her soft tummy, or got finished all over her little play dress.

At first, Megan had been worried and embarrassed by the strange slippery stuff that dripped out of her when Daddy touched and licked her down there in the dirty place. But Daddy had explained that it smelled delicious to him, better than ice cream, because it was her very own love juice.

Megan was proud that her Daddy loved her so much he wanted to taste the stuff that dripped out of her. And it made her feel very special and intimate when Daddy would rub his big thing in her love juice after he licked her. That made Daddy especially happy and excited, and he usually make an especially big mess when he did that.

Megan's Little Problems

Trevor's first hint of Megan's little problems was one morning at breakfast, when she told him she felt funny. "Right here," she said, frowning and rubbing her finger around her left nipple. Trevor tugged down the shoulder strap of her nightie for a look, and shrugged. Nothing visible.

"Does it hurt?" he asked.

"No... it just kinda... feels funny."

Trevor furrowed his brow in thought. Maybe it was abrasion. He'd recently bought her a denim jumper skirt, because he loved to see her wear it without the customary t-shirt beneath, to admire her tiny nipples peeking from beneath the shoulder straps. Maybe the denim was irritating her tender nipple. He made a mental note: No more jumper for a while.

A few days later, just as they were beginning their private play time, Trevor noticed with a shock that the flesh around Megan's left nipple was swollen. His eyes narrowed with concern and his dick shrank.

"Megan... does... does it hurt here?" he said, gently touching her.

"No, it doesn't rilly hurt, Daddy, it just feels... well, kinda funny," she said, but she winced and bit her lip as he gently poked.

Trevor smiled reassuringly, but his gut clenched and his mind raced. Omigod, he thought, can a 5-year-old get breast cancer? No, no, can't be that, she won't even have breasts for three or four years, at least. Maybe an infection? Maybe some kind of lymph node disorder?

Whatever it was, it obviously needed attention. Play time was abruptly over, and an hour later Trevor sat nervously in a waiting room, becoming more tense by the minute. The exam was taking entirely too long for this to be trivial.

He leapt from his seat when a smiling nurse said the pediatrician wanted to see him privately.

"Don't worry, Mr. Nolan, it's not serious," she said, sitting on an exam table after the little girl toddled out. "Sorry to keep you waiting, but Megan has a fairly uncommon condition and I had to consult the literature to make sure.

"Please don't worry, there's nothing at all wrong," she said. "It's completely benign. The short story is that Megan's left breast is developing earlier than it should. It just... well... happens to some children, we're not sure why. The medical term for it is Isolated Premature Thelarche. Sometimes breasts begin to mature before any other signs of puberty. Sometimes long before. It often manifests in children as young as two or three. There's no treatment for it, and it's nothing for you to worry about."

Trevor asked questions, the woman answered. It was completely natural female development, he learned, just unusually premature. And this form of it affects only the breasts. Megan would not ovulate until much later. Which Trevor was grateful to hear.

"Sometimes only one breast is affected, sometimes both," she said. "It's unpredictable. She may feel some discomfort at first, but that will quickly pass. She won't be in any physical pain, just, perhaps some social embarrassment. Which you'll have to help her with."


Playtime ceased for a week, then two, then three weeks as a nervous Trevor gave his rapidly developing little girl time to adjust. At first, Megan's kindergarten classmates didn't notice. But by the time her right breast also began to swell, they soon did, and Megan was humiliated by their curiosity and innocently cruel remarks.

After she left school crying one day, Trevor took the little girl shopping for a training bra. He looked around the children's section in despair, and frustration. Outrageously provocative little thongs made for kids as young as 6 were everywhere. But there was no "AAA-minus" size bra suitable for the tiny, prematurely budding breasts of a 5-year-old.

Trevor settled on a set of the smallest training bras he could find. They had no "cups," of course, because they were designed for the smooth, flat chests of pre-pubescent children. But they at least smoothed and flattened Megan's premature buds and made them less apparent under her clothing.

At home, the little kid was still glum and sulky, so Trevor put on a cheery face, marched her to a wall mirror and kneeled behind her. "Look, Megan, see, you look just like all the other little girls now," he quipped brightly. "And you're still twice as pretty as any of them!"

The child lifted her sulky face to glance at the mirror. "Naw, look, they still look funny," she mumbled, jerking her t-shirt up to her chin. "See, the pointy part in the middle still sticks up."

Trevor swallowed hard and his mouth went dry as he saw the effect the tightly stretched fabric had. The child's growing nipples were stimulated and erect, grotesquely distorting the face and tail of a "Little Mermaid" cartoon on the wispy little bra.

"W- well, I think they're... they're just lovely, honeybunch," he stammered, his neglected penis thickening in his pants. "L- look how... pretty you are," he whispered as his hands reached around the little girl to tug the useless bra up and expose her pre-pubescent breasts. Trevor's eyes widened as he saw the the little mounds actually bounce as they popped from beneath the bra.

At first the little buds had been the size of lemons, but they'd since blossomed into soft little peaches. The utterly astonishing thing was that they were so perfectly proportioned. They were not the small, awkwardly cone-shaped breasts of a first budding teen. They looked just like the pert, fully rounded breasts of a young woman -- but in miniature --proportional to her 5-year-old body.

On a child barely three feet tall, the effect was striking. The shocking contrast between Megan's childishly babyfat tummy, and her swollen little kiddie titties bloated Trevor's dick to full erection in his pants.

"Oh, little munchkin, they're... beautiful," Trevor breathed into the child's hair as his hands closed over the two soft little peaches, so deliciously tiny in his large hands.

Megan's sulky lips slowly curled into a shy smile as Trevor took the tiny nipples between thumb and forefinger and gently rolled them. Both man and child stared into the mirror, fascinated, as the wrinkled nipple flesh engorged and stiffened into stiff brown pebbles, like rubbery pencil erasers straining from her milky-white little peaches.

Megan bit her lip and stifled a giggle of joy. Daddy hadn't touched her like this for weeks, and she could tell he was very happy. Her shame began to subside, replaced by pride as she felt Daddy panting into her hair and his big thing throbbing against her bottom as he caressed and fondled the strange, new parts of her body.

Trevor was more wildly aroused than he could ever remember. Until now, he'd been most aroused by the completely undeveloped chests of pre-teen girls, just because the sight of infantile nipples on a flat, milky pale chest emphasized the depravity of his feverish desire to molest innocent children. But this -- gazing at the little 6-year-old's shockingly engorged nipples straining from her deliciously rounded little peach breasts -- oh... this made it even more outrageously obscene.

"Such... p- pretty little b- baby bumps," Trevor panted into her hair, then whirled her around to suck a fleshy little mound into his mouth. His mouth easily engulfed the miniature breast, and he groaned his lust as he hungrily sucked on it, savoring the soft, spongy tit flesh bloating his cheeks, his hands frantically working to unzip his fly and unfasten his belt.

Megan giggled, then gasped in surprise as she felt Daddy sucking her tiny breast, and rolling her stiffened nipple with his tongue. Oh... oh my, it... it felt so... so VERY much BETTER now than it did when Daddy licked her when she was just all flat down there.

Megan curled her fingers into Daddy's hair. He'd licked her there lots of times before, but now... oh... now it stuck out a whole lot more... it was all inside his mouth, and he was... oh... Daddy was *sucking* on the stiff pointy part in the middle! And the little pointy part was so much bigger, now, so much more sensitive!

Megan's lips parted and her eyes glazed over as Daddy suddenly stopped, panting, and then sucked the other little peach into his mouth and began sucking it, too!

Megan felt Daddy's hand reach under her skirt, felt him touch her wet panty crotch. Her little knees buckled and she collapsed into Daddy, grabbing his head with both hands, drooling into his hair, shaking and grunting her spontaneous orgasm as his fingers dipped into her little panties to find her tingling special place and rolled it, and sucked... and sucked... and sucked her stiff, straining nipple until she was all finished and limp in his arms.

Trevor climbed to his feet, kicked off his pants and carried the child to dump her limp body onto the bed. Seething with desperate lust, he jerked off the child's skirt and panties, smeared his engorged dick between her wet little pussy lips and instantly ejaculated weeks worth of pent-up sexual longing onto his panting 5-year-old child.

Trevor gripped her tiny bottom, helplessly grunting as he watched his grateful penis jerking and heaving and squirting his long pent-up semen all over the child's soft, miniature breasts and stiff nipplets, dripping down to form a greasy puddle around her little belly button.

The stunned man collapsed on the bed beside her, his spent dick slapping wetly down on his abdomen, still twitching and jerking from the force of his premature orgasm.

A telephone rang in another room, and Trevor just lay there, gasping. He let it ring as he weakly rolled over to prop himself up on an elbow, gazing down at the deliciously obscene sight of his half naked child lying limply beside him, with viscous rivulets of sperm dripping down her round little breasts, and down across her smooth armpits to puddle on the bedspread.

"So... so, you rilly think they're... pretty, Daddy?" the little girl smiled shyly up at him, craning her head to watch as she smeared the wet puddles of semen around her miniature breasts.

But Megan didn't really have to ask. She could tell. It had been a *long* time since Daddy had squirted *that* much stinky stuff on her. And he'd never, ever done it that quick! He usually liked to play with her for a long time before he got all finished. But this time... wow... it came out all of a sudden, as soon as his thingie touched her pee-pee.

Megan giggled, and rolled over to hop onto her Daddy, squirming contentedly and smearing all the stinky stuff from her tummy onto his. It was kind of icky and it smelled bad, but she knew her Daddy liked that, and this time he liked it even more. She giggled and kicked her little feet as Daddy lifted her by her armpits to nuzzle her nose with his, and stroked her wet little breast bumps against his nipples.


Megan turned 6 years old in March, and by August Trevor had enrolled her in first grade, in the Mary Magdalene School, a private Catholic girl's school nearby. The school policy required her to wear the authorized uniform, a pleated blue skirt, white knee socks, black strap shoes and a white blouse. Trevor liked it so much that he bought three identical uniforms, to make sure there would always be a clean one for Megan to wear, after Messy Time.

Megan was both apprehensive and excited to be entering first grade in a new school. A week before the first day of class, she tried on the crisp, new uniform and shiny new Mary Jane shoes, twisting left and right before her mirror, to see the effect, and make sure the training bra concealed her little problems well enough beneath her blouse.

The effect on Trevor was unmistakable, as he peeked into her bedroom, covertly watching his little daughter preening before the mirror. In her new school uniform, Megan looked just like the online child models he most lusted for. She was grinning into the mirror, and Trevor's dick throbbed into full erection when he saw the enticingly childish gap in her front teeth, since the first Tooth Fairy visit had just occurred a week before.

Trevor quietly shucked off his shirt and trousers, dropped them on the floor, and tip-toed into his daughter's room, naked, his stiff penis bouncing in the air as he walked.

"Oh!" the little girl gasped, whirling to face him as she glimpsed his reflection in the mirror. "Oh, Daddy, you frightened me." The shock on her face softened to a grin as she saw the man's condition. "Oh, do you need to do Messy Time with me now, Daddy?"

Trevor smiled down at his little girl, then knelt behind her, turning her to face the mirror. "Yes, baby. You just look so... cute... in your little school uniform, honey," he murmured into the child's hair as he fondled the precociously swollen, soft little bumps beneath her blouse. "Daddy really needs it. Is that okay, Megan?"

"Uh-huh," the kid grinned, looking down to watch as her Daddy unfastened the top button of her new school blouse and slipped his hand inside, to feel the sensually enticing little baby bumps through the thin fabric of her training bra.

Megan's tummy tingled as Daddy drew his fingers across the little bra to begin stroking and pinching her tiny nipples. "Aren't we gonna get in bed, Daddy?"

"In a minute, honey, in a minute. I just want to... to feel you first," Trevor breathed into her hair, watching himself in the mirror as his hand crept beneath the pleated skirt and dipped into her tiny panties. Megan sighed as she felt his finger dip between her pudgy little pussy lips, and felt her Daddy stroking his big thing into the back of her skirt.

Daddy was breathing very hard, and Megan grinned broadly, because she could tell this was going to be an especially Messy Time. Megan loved it when Daddy was especially excited, because it made her feel all grown up and sexy, more so now that she was more comfortable with the idea of having real tittles like a big girl, even if they were so small.

"Daddy? Daddy, you're... you're touching me, in my pee-pee," Megan whispered, stroking his wrist with her tiny fingers and saying the words she knew would excite her Daddy even more. "You're not s'posed to touch me... in my pee-pee..."

Trevor groaned and drooled a wet runnel of pre-cum into his little daughter's new skirt. "Y- yeah, little baby... Daddy's touching it, and... and Daddy needs to... to USE your little baby hole," Trevor mumbled into his child's hair as he gently masturbated her.

Megan bit her lip and giggled. She knew what that meant. Her Daddy was going to rub his thing in her love juice today, instead of using her tummy. Daddy got very excited when he did that. She shivered as she felt Daddy rubbing her little happy button so slowly and gently, to make the slippery juice well up inside her. "Don't touch me there, Daddy, it's bad," she whispered, stroking his wrist, to encourage him further.

Trevor groaned and scooped the little 6-year-old up into his arms, kissed her and bent to lay her on her bed. Megan grinned up at him when she saw how much stuff was dripping from his thing as he stared down at her and stroked it. She could tell how much Daddy really liked her new school uniform.

Megan reached to tug her tiny panties down, over the white knee socks and shiny little shoes, then lifted her skirt up to her waist and kicked her stumpy legs wide to get ready for Daddy. Megan knew what Daddy was going to do, and it made the butterflies stir in her tummy. Daddy always licked her down there, to get it all wet and juicy when he wanted to rub his thing on it.

Megan grinned and nestled her head back into a pillow as Daddy crawled between her short legs and peeled open her babyfat little lips. She sighed as she felt Daddy's warm breath tingling her private place, already moist with anticipation.

"Mmmmmmm," Megan sighed, curling her fingers into Daddy's hair as she felt his warm tongue dip into her soft vulva, and felt his thick finger wiggle up into her, to stroke the sensitive flesh deep inside where it felt so good. She moaned and squirmed, squeezing her little pussy on it as her Daddy stroked another finger deep inside to make it feel better.

Megan didn't know she had another little hole down there, besides her pee-pee hole, until recently, when Daddy explained, and gently opened it up. The first time made an ouchy feeling for a minute, but ever since then her happy feels had become much more thrilling after Daddy started wiggling his fingers inside her while he licked her special place.

Daddy said it was called a vagina, but their private, secret word for it was her baby hole. And he called her newly sprouted titties her little baby bumps. It bothered Megan at first, because she thought she was a big girl, now that she'd grown those round, fleshy things on her chest. But she knew it made Daddy very excited to think of her as just a little girl, so she didn't mind. She wanted to make him happy.

Trevor licked and sucked and wiggled his fingers until his little girl grabbed at his ears and bucked and grunted her relief into his mouth, then slumped back into the mattress, panting happily and waiting for Daddy to use her.

"Was that a nice one, baby?" he whispered, stroking her heaving tummy beneath her bunched up school skirt.

"Yeah... yeah... yeah," the child gasped, curling her lips into a goofy, gap-toothed grin.

Trevor grinned, too, as he lifted himself to a kneeling position, gripped Megan's tiny ankles and lifted her legs, pressing her soft thighs together as he stroked his rigid dick between her slick little pussy lips.

Grinning, Megan craned her head down to watch, then looked up into her Daddy's face, to see how excited he was. Daddy's tongue was hanging out, his teeth were bared, and he was sweating. "Ooo, Daddy, you're gonna make a rilly BIG mess on me today, aren'cha? All over my new school uniform!"

"N- no, baby, no... n- not today," Trevor panted, stroking his wet penis between the child's drooling pussy lips. "You're six and a half, now, honey, you're almost a big girl, and... and Daddy needs to... to really USE your little baby hole, okay, Megan?"

Megan's eyes popped wide when she understood what Daddy really meant. Daddy had explained about that, said he'd put that thing inside her some day.

The little 6-year-old was still struggling to understand the mysteries of sex, but that part was logical, even to her immature mind. It was just like the Fisher-Price pegboard game she had when she was very little. You just put the round peg into the round hole.

But Daddy's peg looked a lot bigger than her little hole, and it was much longer. Megan bit her lip in apprehension. Daddy often put two fingers in there, really deep, and she liked it. And Daddy's fingers were pretty big. But his thing was even bigger than that.

Trevor held her slim ankles high, spread her short legs wide, and Megan's pleated skirt bunched up around her belly button. She bit her lip harder as she felt the fat knob poke at her little hole. Daddy's thing was all wet, and it kept slipping away, it wouldn't go in.

"I think it's too big, Daddy," Megan said, biting her lip and grimacing as Daddy panted and poked and tried to stuff it inside her. "I think it's too... oh, nnnnn-EEEEWWWWW!" she squealed as Daddy's thing suddenly popped inside her.

"S- sorry, little honeybunch, I'm s- sorry, but Daddy just c- can't HELP it!" Trevor hissed through gritted teeth, straining to hold back premature ejaculation as the child's miniature vagina sucked wetly at the head of his dick.

"Oh, g- GHOD, tha... that's so... g- GOOOOOOOD!" Trevor groaned so loud that Megan gasped in surprise. "Oh, aaaAAAAAAH!" Daddy moaned, his tongue hanging out, his hands shaking as he held up Megan's little legs and watched his bloated dick slowly disappear into his little daughter.

It hurt a little bit, but not as much after the big, fat part went in. Megan's tensed lips relaxed into an "oooo" expression of astonishment and childish wonder as she watched Daddy's face. Megan had never seen Daddy so excited before, and the funny look on his face was thrilling to watch as he gently worked the stiff thing deeper into her.

The thing squeezed up inside little Megan until she felt it bump up against something hard, deep inside her, and Daddy's wrinkly ping-pong bag squished up against her soft crotch.

Megan's eyes widened as she reached down to feel the hairy sack pressed flat against her. It was true! Daddy had put that thing ALL the way up inside her!

Megan felt so grown up and proud, and she slapped her hand to her tummy in amazement, trying to feel the thing in her tummy, as she felt it throbbing deep inside her bloated little hole.

"Oghod... oghod... are... are you okay, little Megan?" the man panted, shaking and straining to hold himself still.

Megan nodded, biting her lip and staring down at the mass of dark pubic hair plastered into her crotch. She squirmed a bit beneath him, her tensed face slowly relaxed and she whispered, "Yeah... yeah, it's okay."

"G- good, good, honey, that's my big girl," Trevor groaned. "Now, just... mmmmmm... tell me if it hurts, and I'll stop, okay?" he panted, holding the child's stumpy legs up as he began to slowly push the thing in and out.

Megan was shocked and thrilled by Daddy's uncontrollable excitement as she felt the thing squishing around inside her. It made Megan feel all warm and filled up, and closer to her Daddy than she'd ever felt. Daddy was shaking and making funny whimpering noises, and it was even more exciting than she thought it would be.

"It's... it's ALL the way inside me, Daddy!" Megan panted, eagerly gazing into his lust-dimmed eyes. "Does it... does it feel real good in there, Daddy?" she whispered.

Desperate to make it last as long as possible, Trevor just managed to grunt, "Y- yeah... ghod... yeah."

Daddy was shaking and sweating now, and his desperate need to use her little hole made Megan's tummy tingle with excitement. Her hand crept to her crotch, to rub the little feel-good button, like Daddy had taught her.

Trevor groaned raggedly with lust watching his 6-year-old daughter masturbating herself while he plugged her wet little fuck hole. "Oh, y- yeah, diddle it, baby... c- come all over Daddy's big dick, baby," he grunted, stuffing the thing in balls deep and grinding it.

The excruciatingly delicious sight of his penis so deep inside his little daughter, hardly bigger than a toddler, made Trevor's dick so engorged he thought it might explode. He'd never felt it so long, and thick in his life.

"Ghod, Daddy's pee-pee feels so... so b- BIG up inside little Megan," he grunted, as he fondled her tiny shoes and slowly rotated his hips, to grind the thing deep inside her bloated little cunt. "F- feel it inside you, Megan? See, now we're really, completely together, my body all deep inside you, isn't that nice... oh, my sweet little girl..."

Her Daddy's words, the squishy feeling of him being so deep inside her, and the desperate excitement of his voice made Megan's stumpy legs suddenly go rigid in orgasm. She squeezed her eyes shut and hunched her tiny bottom into Daddy, frantically rubbing her little happy button, and jerking and bouncing beneath him.

Trevor had to grit his teeth to forestall ejaculation as he felt the little girl's deep vaginal contractions wetly pinching and sucking on his quivering dick. Through sheer force of will, he was able to keep it plugged deeply into her until the little tot was spent and gasping, then frantically sucked it out of her just before it erupted.

Trevor fell back on his haunches, gasping, his dick bouncing and dripping on the bedspread. "Did you get all finished in me, Daddy?" the child muttered weakly.

"No, honey, no," Trevor managed with a weak smile, stroking his wet penis and gazing down at the little girl lying limply beneath him in her sweaty and wrinkled first-grade school uniform. "No, I want to do it a different way, now, okay?" Megan gave him a weak, gap-toothed grin and nodded.

His stiff dick dripping on the floor, Trevor bent to unzip and slip off Megan's pleated skirt, so she wore only her white school blouse, knee socks and tiny strap shoes. He dragged a chair over to sit facing the mirror and tugged the child into his lap, back against his chest, her stumpy legs straddling his.

Trevor sighed deeply with satisfaction as he watched himself fondling the child in the mirror image, savoring how tiny she was, the top of her head not even reaching the level of his chin, her shiny little shoes dangling in the air by his hairy thighs.

"Oh, good, now we can both see much better, Megan," Trevor murmured as he slowly began to open her blouse, one button at a time. "Watch, now, because I'm going to unwrap little Megan like a Christmas present." After the last button he slowly spread the blouse open to reveal the child's tiny training bra and babyfat little tummy, her "outie" belly button winking at him.

"Mmmm, look at Daddy's little girl," Trevor crooned, his wet dick throbbing in his lap as he stroked his large hands across Megan's soft tummy and bare, chubby little thighs.

"Are you a bad little girl, Megan? Are you going to show Daddy your little baby bumps, Megan?" he said, teasing the edges of the little training bra with his fingers.

"K-heh, heh, heh," the child giggled, baring her gapped teeth as Trevor tugged the cartoon-print bra up to expose her shockingly exaggerated breasts.

"Ooo, you're still all excited from your happy feel, aren't you, Megan," Trevor murmured as he watched himself roll and tease a stiff little nipplet with his fingertip. He watched his reflection as his other hand slid slowly down the child's plump tummy and between her obscenely spread thighs to cup her wet vulva.

"Oh, look Megan, look what Daddy is doing. You're letting Daddy touch you. You're a naughty little slut, aren't you, Megan?" he murmured, stroking her puffy, miniature sex lips with his fingertip.

Megan giggled and squirmed happily in her Daddy's lap. Megan loved for Daddy to touch her like this, and she knew it made him excited to talk to her like that.

"K-heh, heh, heh," the child giggled. "Whassa slut, Daddy?"

"Oh, a slut is a very, very bad little girl, who lets her Daddy do things grownups are never, ever supposed to do to little girls," Trevor muttered, stroking his finger in the warm, slick goo puddled in her slick cleft. "A girl who lets her Daddy touch her little pee-pee, and lick it, and put his big thing up inside her wet little baby hole."

Trevor tensed his abdominal muscles to make his stiff dick bounce suggestively, and Megan giggled again, kicking her chubby little legs with glee as she watched it bouncing and dripping, and groped to catch it with her fingers.

"Oh, what a naughty little girl," Trevor panted as he watched the child struggle to stuff the rigid meat back inside her, her tiny tongue poking out in concentration, from the gummy gap between her remaining baby teeth.

"G- ghod... y- yeahhhhhhh," he groaned as he watched the fat dick head pop in and felt the rigid shaft sink into the warm, creamy depths of his little girl.

Megan bit her lip and grimaced as the fat thing popped up inside her little hole, then just rested her hands on her chubby thighs and leaned back to watch as Daddy groaned and his engorged dick squeezed into her, to the very bottom.

Megan watched her Daddy's face eagerly, to see how happy it made him to stuff that big thing up in there. Daddy grinned back at her in the mirror and said, "Oh, MMMMMmmmmm, little Megan feels so hot and NASTY inside," to show her how happy he was.

"Look... l- look, Megan... w- watch what Daddy is doing to you, honeybunch... see how n- nasty it looks?" Trevor panted as he slowly fucked his 6-year-old daughter, who looked just like a little toddler in his lap.

Her eyes wide, Megan watched with fascination as her Daddy slowly sucked the big thing out, then opened his mouth wide to say, "aaaaaAAAAAAAAhhh..." as he stuffed it back in there. It was real wet, and it was kind of reddish brown now, with big, ropy veins sticking up. There was warm goo leaking out of her, that dripped down the thing and kind of squished into Daddy's ping-pong sack when it went real deep inside her.

The illusion of watching himself deeply fucking a naked toddler made Trevor grimace and grind his teeth with lust as he grunted and hunched into the child's pliant little body.

"Ghod, so g- good... so f- fucking nasty," he hissed under his breath as he watched himself fondling his little girl's soft tummy and bouncing little miniature breasts, watching her pigtails and tiny shoes swinging.

Megan loved watching in the mirror, too. It was so thrilling to see how excited it made her Daddy to use her like this. Megan had never seen her Daddy so completely out of control, sweating and jerking her little school blouse out of the way to watch himself touching her all over, grunting loudly and bouncing her tiny bottom on his big, hairy ping-pongs.

Megan was especially thrilled to watch Daddy's face when he plunged his big, wet thing into the depths of her dripping little hole and paused to slowly rotate her tiny bottom and grind the thing deep inside her, squishing it all around in there and whimpering because it felt so good.

Trevor ground his teeth painfully, trying desperately to prolong his first, so long anticipated kiddie sex fuck, but his aching prostate just couldn't take any more.

"Ghod, baby, Daddy's gonna... gonna come... gonna DO it inside you, Megan... Daddy c- can't h- HELP it, Megan," Trevor gasped. He jerked the little girl down onto his quivering balls and frantically reached to slap the child's tiny hands onto his knees for support.

"Help Daddy, M- Megan, do it for me... do it like... like this," he gasped, gripping her tiny bottom and thrusting it forward and back on his heavy balls to milk the stiff penis buried to the root inside her.

This was even more exciting, because Daddy wanted Megan to help! Megan bit her lip in concentration, grunting softly as she scrunched her little bottom forward and back on Daddy's big ping-pongs, like he wanted.

Trevor shook hard. "Oh... g- ghod, sweet Jeezuz, YES!" he croaked in a strangled groan, listening to his little girl grunting "u- u- umph... u- u- umph... u- u- umph..." and watching her little pigtails swinging as she worked her bottom to suck and squeeze the bloated penis inside her.

"Yeah... y- y- yeah, oh, s- SUCK IT, little Megan!" Daddy whimpered in a strangled voice as his hands dropped to fondle her knee socks and childish little shoes. "S- suck it... suck it with your... your warm, sweet little... b- BABY HOLE, honey!"

"Oooo!" said Megan, as her Daddy suddenly jerked up hard and she felt his thing begin to erupt inside her. She'd seen it do that, but she'd never felt it happen deep inside her tummy.

Megan never realized that it kind of pulsed and expanded while the stinky stuff was coming out. But she could feel it now -- bloating and bloating and bloating with each greasy squirt. It felt so strange and thrilling, like a really fat garden hose inside her, that someone was turning on and off, real fast! Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!

And Daddy was SO happy! Megan watched his face, fascinated, as she felt the thing jerking and heaving and gushing deep inside her tummy. Daddy was gritting his teeth and almost crying with relief, as he gripped her tiny bottom and tried to stuff the squirting thing even deeper, until the smelly stuff bubbled out around the fat thing stuffed up inside her little hole.

Trevor slumped back against the chair, his chest heaving, fondling the child's stumpy legs and gasping, "Ogod... ogod... ogod..." Daddy was limp and motionless, so Megan curiously reached down to feel the stuff bubbling out of her.

Megan crinkled her little nose and said, "Eeeew!" as her Daddy's stiff thingie began to soften inside her and even more of the foul-smelling goo oozed out of her little hole and dripped into the hairs of Daddy's ping-pongs.

As Trevor's fogged brain began to clear, he pried open his eyes to see his daughter's tiny fingers playing in the stinking mess matted in his pubic hair. "Oh, g- ghod, that's so fucking nasty," he muttered to himself as his spent dick jerked and dribbled another aftershock of sperm into his little girl.

"You made a *lot* of stinky stuff this time, Daddy!" the child giggled, pointing a stumpy finger at the mirror, where the slime still pulsed out of her with every twitch of the spent penis that still impaled her little hole.

Trevor managed a weak smile. "That's because you were such a naughty little girl, Megan. You let me use you like I've wanted to for so... oh, so long, honey. And your sweet little baby hole just sucked ALL of the nasty smelly stuff out of Daddy."

Megan grinned and giggled, squirming happily on her Daddy. "I like you to use me like that, Daddy, it makes me feel all grown up," she whispered, gripping his wrist affectionately, as her contented squirming made his spent dick squelch out of her to dangle from his lap, dripping.

"Now, watch, honey... want to see something really funny?" Trevor said, pointing at the mirror as he reached down to peel open the child's pudgy pussy lips.

"Wo-o-o-owwwww," Megan said, her eyes and mouth round with wonder as she watched a viscous bubble of sperm slowly drool out of her ruddy little hole and drip down to form a greasy puddle on the floor between Trevor's feet.

"Oh, no, wait... here comes another one!" Trevor grinned as another milky puddle emerged from her little vagina and dangled from her crotch for a long moment, swaying and glistening, before slowly oozing down to splash onto the floor with a wet splat, which made the child giggle as she watched.

Trevor playfully slapped his daughter's little bottom. "Quick, now go jerk up your panties, to soak up the rest of Daddy's stinky stuff!" he chuckled.

"Eeeew, no, it'll make my panties all smelly!" the child replied, pinching her nose and shaking her head.

"I know," Trevor grinned. "That's why I want you to do it. It'll make Daddy very happy to smell his stinky stuff in your little panties all day. Especially while you're wearing your cute little school uniform. It'll remind me all day about the bad, secret thing we did. You see?"

"Eeew, thass so nasty!" the child giggled as she wriggled into the tiny panties, then climbed back into her pleated little skirt, jerked her training bra back down over her new kiddie breasts and buttoned up her school blouse.

Trevor tugged the little tyke to him for a long, deep kiss, reaching beneath her skirt to tuck her cotton panty crotch deeply into the plump cleft between her pudgy thighs, then poking her tummy playfully to soak the crotch through with his reeking sperm.

Megan broke the long kiss, wriggled away and scampered across the room, then whirled to face her Daddy. "Eeew, Daddy, I can *FEEL* it, down on my legs!" she squealed. "See?" Megan jerked up her skirt to show Daddy the gleaming rivulet of semen leaking down her left thigh. "You made me all stinky inside, and it's still dripping out of me!"

"Mmmmmmm, yes, Megan, isn't that nasty? Now, come on, let's go have lunch. You can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while I clean up this smelly mess in here, okay?"

"But, Daddy, I'm all smelly inside my hole, and it's dripping down my leg. Can't I take a bath?" she pouted.

"Yes, but... later, Megan... after we, ah... play some more, okay?"


Still wildly aroused by his first, stupendous child fuck experience, Trevor ejaculated in his little girl again later that day. To avoid making her uncomfortably sore, he used her new school outfit the third time, and the little uniform got its first laundering that night.

To take full advantage of his new little sex toy, Trevor took a month's leave from work, to spend as much time as possible with his 6-year-old daughter. Megan eagerly let her Daddy use her in her bedroom, in Daddy's bed, in the living room, on a blanket during a picnic on a balmy day, even in the car once, parked outside a department store, after a cute new outfit Daddy bought her made him too excited to wait.

Her Daddy taught little Megan all kinds of new and fun games. Sometimes they'd pretend to be doggies, and shuffle around on hands & knees, with Daddy trying to sniff her little bottom as the giggling child scampered away until he finally caught her, and fondled the soft, miniature little baby hooters that hung down into his hands as he used her from behind. Megan had grown proud of her new breasts, because it made Daddy so excited to feel them when he used her like that. So she loved The Doggy Game, and would happily just stay still on her hands and knees, her pigtails swinging as Daddy pinched and squeezed her exaggerated nipples and slapped her little bottom with his balls until he was all finished.

Then, one day, Megan learned how to play The Balloon Game, after they'd had playtime. Daddy was all sweaty and tired, and his thing was all shriveled. Daddy said it was like a balloon, and Megan could blow it back up.

Megan cackled with giggles, because that sounded so silly. But it worked!

Megan's eyes sparkled with wonder as she huffed and puffed, and the limp thing jerked and bounced and slowly bloated up to three times its size, just like the long, hotdog shaped balloons clowns use to make balloon animals.

Megan's delighted giggles as she eagerly puffed and tried to blow it up made her Daddy shake and groan, and he squirted a little bit more smelly stuff into her mouth. It tasted icky, and Megan crinkled her nose and spat it out, but she could tell it made Daddy very happy. Later Daddy showed her other things to do with the balloon that made them both giggle with delight.

And Megan also learned some new differences between boys and girls. She discovered that girls can get all finished with a happy feel, and then do another one, and another one, if her Daddy kept playing with her. That was especially fun!

But boys aren't like that, she found. Boys only get one, and then they can't do it for a long time. That made Megan sad, because she wanted her Daddy to be happy, until Daddy explained that it was okay if he made it last a very, very long time before he got all finished.

So sometimes while they were playing, Daddy would say, "Wait! Wait, Megan, stop!" and he would pull his big thing out of her to rest for a minute or two.

Daddy would hold her naked body close and kiss her, and fondle her little peach breasts, her soft tummy, and feel between her stumpy legs, and pant into her hair. Megan enjoyed that, because she could tell how much her Daddy loved her. Sometimes Daddy would rub his wet thing on her tummy, or her little titties, and whisper naughty things. Then Daddy would put it back in, and he said it felt even better inside her, then, because touching her like that made him even more excited.

Sometimes Daddy would take it out to play with her like that four or five times before he finally got finished. Megan really liked that, because she loved to watch her Daddy get more and more excited as he kissed her, and touched her, and used her. And it was so thrilling to watch his face, and hear the funny noises he made, when Daddy finally let himself go and made an especially big mess deep inside her, and then just laid there, all sweaty and holding her close, and looking so happy...

END of Chapter 1

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


great story. please can we have more


classically awesome PedoPhil Material. two thumbs way up


Great story.


Seeing as how 'Daddy Dearest' is my least favorite PedoPhil story, I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I love this one!

The point of view switching is handled masterfully, and the little girl's point of view is so adorably descriptive it's actually hilarious. Lines like 'And Daddy was SO happy!' really strikes home for me. ^_^

Good stuff PedoPhil! It's truly like you know 'ALL' of my weak-points and just mercilessly attack them over and over again. I humbly and just a little desperately hope for a part 2!


Love that beautiful story of daddy fucking and sucking his little girl.


Bingo ! I've been waiting for a really well written story to show up ! This story kept me 'up' all the way through. The plot of the story was hot, the development of the action was first rate and the descriptions were wonderful ! I read most of the stories listed on here, some are ok and alot are just plain booring. Then comes along one like this, you could almost feel the action ! I really like storys about adults and 5 to 9 y/o's. PLEASE keep up the good work and get out part 2 A.S.A.P. The only way this story could have possibly been better would be if they let you illustrate it !!


omg i soooo love this.

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