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Published: 29-Mar-2012

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Remember: I don't practice, participate in or encourage sex with children, I don't rape and never have, used drugs nor have I murdered anyone. I don't encourage anyone to do any of the things my characters do and none of the situations are real either. These are just stories that have taboo themes in them and NOT wishful thinking. I just want to tell stories and hope no one takes my tales as anything but strokable fun.

Clare Banning was unable to control her sexual nature after what happened to her. She had started rubbing herself every night now, her young juices leaking constantly into her panties and soaking them, the girl had to change the regularly. It all began when the men dragged her into the wooded area at the back of the park one Saturday afternoon and raped her continuously when she was just eight years old.

Clare remembered the pain of entry she suffered, the beatings she got with the man's thick belt when she didn't obey him, the tearing of her hymen as he entered her, the deep ache in her bowels as they all slowly sodomised her and then made her suck their shitty cocks clean. They spermed her once virgin holes many times until they were done with the whimpering child's young body, leaving her naked and sprawled on the ground in the middle of the wood, leaking from every hole.

Her clothes were damaged, but she put them back on and limped out of the clearing, staggering home many hour's later, her clothes in tatters, her aching bottom and her bleeding pussy still leaking the men's glutenous sperm down her plump legs, the girls throat sore after taking so many cocks so deep in her neck. She had so much cum in her stomach now, had swallowed so much of it, that she could still taste it every time she burped.

"What happened to you?" her mother gasped when she saw her.

"I got beat up by some big girls!" she lied, going up to the bathroom and cleaning herself up. Clare had never understood why she had lied about that, she wasn't ashamed of herself or anything. She just didn't talk about the rape.

She lay in the bath, fingering herself, examining her holes to see what damage had been done. Her pussy was different now, not the two plump lumps it used to be. Now it was open and her inner flesh was sensitive. She moaned as she stroked the flesh, slipping her fingers in and humping her hips as she slid them in and out of herself. She soaped her bottom, sliding her fingers in there too, enjoying the feeling. The little girl had changed in ways she couldn't imagine or understand. She was eating dinner after doing her homework, then sat watching TV with her mother.

Not a trace of any trauma from her rape. But she was back at the park the next day, walking past the same spot that the men grabbed her, but nothing happened. No one came and she went on, disappointed. Her mother looked pleased when she arrived home in once piece though. Clare started doing things on her computer, doing her usual searches for clothes and hairstyles. She typed in the words 'black' and 'shoes' and got a lot of links. But there was one that intrigued her, the one with the word 'Black cock' in the title. Clare clicked on it and found a whole page of porn video clips, each one with a huge black man stuffing his long, thick black penis into pretty white girls. Some of them had those girls sucking them in their mouths and others had the girls being buggered. Clare clicked on a link and watched the scene as the big, muscular black man sodomised this little Asian woman who moaned and gasped as he reamed her small bum.

Clare kept going through each clip, seeing the man squirting his thick white goo into her mouth and the woman playing with it before sucking it down and licking her lips. There was page after page of this filth, the little girl felt her pussy juicing, wetting her panties as she watch more of the clips. She stroked her crotch, watching the men gang-fuck a woman, using all of her holes over and over and over again in different part of the various clips. Little Clare Banning orgasmed on her stroking fingers many times before she went to bed.

Clare found her mother's dildo in a box under the woman's bed when she went looking for one of her old dresses when she turned nine. She knew what it was because she had seen them on the internet clips that she couldn't stop watching now. The thing was about six inches long and black. It had a switch at the bottom and it screwed off to reveal batteries. Clare took the think and his it in her bedroom, laying in bed that very night and rubbing Vaseline on it, sliding it up against her bum-hole and switching the thing on. Clare moaned as it entered her, nosing through the tight entrance to her bottom and then filling her up as she stuffed it in deep. It hurt her, but she liked that, forcing it all the way in and laying there, moaning as the thing buzzed in her rectum.

"Oooooooh!" she cooed, stroking her plump little pussy at the same time. She writhed and moaned, cumming on her little fingers and shuddering as the thing just kept buzzing in her arse, keeping her going. She lay in her bed, whimpering, the buzzing thing still stirring her senses as she reached down for it, dragging it out of her anus and holding it up to her face, smelling it. She made a face, then stuck out her tongue, licking the slimy thing. The bitter tastes gave her a thrill, knowing that it had been in her bottom. She sucked in into her mouth, tonguing it and slumping on it until it was clean. Then she slipped it up into her pussy, jamming it in deep and switching it back on, laying there trembling as she started cumming again.

"What was all that noise in your room last night?" her mother asked her.

"Oh, I was playing computer games!" she said, "I forgot what time it was." Annie Banning looked at her daughter and shook her head.

"I don't want you playing games that late, sweetheart." she said to her daughter, "You need to get up for school!" Clare grinned, she was feeling really good since her orgasms, the dildo was so nice in her body that she decided to keep it and use it every night.

Clare did pleasure herself with the device every night for many months, but she wanted some real cock, she wanted ones like the big black men who fucked those little white women in those film clips she love to look at. She visited the park every day, never once seeing those men, feeling disappointed again and coming home to lock herself in her room and thrust the black, robbery object deep into her bottom, laying on her belly and stroking her plump little pussy until she orgasmed.

Clare sobbed as she lay there, the need within her for a man to thrust his rigid 'tool' into her was so very strong and she really was getting desperate. The little girl didn't understand why she felt like this, she knew all about 'bad touching' from her teacher's at school. She knew that it was wrong and that what those men did to her was very, very bad, but she needed that 'bad touching' again. She had a deep hole inside her that needed to be filled, a hunger that needed to be fed on lots of cock and thick, greasy sperm. The dildo was very nice, but she needed a real, lovely thick cock to hurt her insides and squirt the cream into her, filling her little pussy, her mouth and her tight bum with man-cream.

Clare was ten when her mother came home with someone from her work that the girl had never seen before. The man was black, tall, muscular and handsome. He smiled with such white teeth and he smelled wonderful.

"So, who's this gorgeous young lady?" he asked when they arrived.

"That is my daughter, Clare!" Annie smiled proudly, "She is the brightest little thing you will ever meet, much smarter than her mother anyway!"

"Well I am very pleased to meet you, young Clare!" he grinned, his eyes shining as he looked down at her, shaking her hand in his big paw. Clare giggled, her own eyes bright and her pussy already starting to leak into her panties. The little girl felt her body stirring, her need growing. The man gave her a puzzled look and then smiled again, standing up and going off with her mother.

As he walked through the door to follow the woman, he turned back to smiled at her again, that puzzled look still on his handsome face, as if measuring her for something. Clare moaned as soon as he left, her fingers going straight to her pussy, stroking it through her wet panties and shuddering as she suffered a gentle orgasm. She wanted that man, she wanted him really bad.

The little girl stayed near-by, watching the man and her mother working, her mother was working from home a lot nowadays. Clare found out that this nice man, Orin Richards, was her mother's boss, the man who owned the company she worked for. Clare watched from the door way, peeking at them as they worked, the two of them grinning at each other and then going back to their work on Annie's computer. Even young Clare could see the sexual tension between the two adults, she watched as her mother leaned close to the man and Orin rested his hand against the woman's back, just over her hefty buttocks. Annie turned and looked at him, smiling again and continuing their work without removing his hand. They were going to fuck very soon and Clare wanted to see it.

"Mummy, why don't you invite that nice man over to stay with us for the whole weekend?" she asked as they sat down to dinner, her little pussy juicing up. Clare watched as her mother blushed, her face a deep red.

"Oh, I don't think he'd want to do that!" she said. But Clare asked the man when he came over the very next day.

"Why don't you come and stay with us for the weekend?" she asked before her mother could stop her.

"Clare, I'm sure Orin has more import..." her mother started to say.

"Nonsense!" he laughed, "I would love to come and spent time with you two beautiful ladies, if your mother would have me?!" Annie blushed that lovely red colour that Clare loved to see, looking down at her feet like a child.


"Say yes, Mummy!" Clare insisted. Orin was looking at Clare, eyeing her, his eyes bright and his trousers bulging. Clare could smell his arousal, she knew that was what it was somehow. She could even smell her mother's too. The woman wanted her boss, badly. Clare saw her mother grin up at him, licking her lips as she had seen those women do on the internet. She saw his bulge jump and knew that the woman was going to fuck him, very soon.

Orin ended up inviting them to go and stay with him at his father's home in Oxford for the entire month during the August holidays. The large house had many rooms that Clare couldn't count and the man shared it with his very handsome and youthful looking father. Wayne Richards was as tall as his son, but thicker around the shoulders and possibly more attractive, at least to young clare. He greeted Clare's mother with a hug, grinning at her and then staring at her bottom when she turned sway to introduce Clare to the man.

"This is my daughter, Clare!" she smiled. The man bent and took the little girl's hand in his big one.

"Well, I must say that I am very please to make your acquaintance." he smiled, "You are a very pretty young lady, if I was twenty years younger...." Her mother laughed nervously and Orin sighed and shook his head.

"Dad, she only ten!" he said. "Oh? I thought she was at least nineteen or twenty, she's so gorgeous!" the man said smiling, making Clare blush now with his compliment. They got them settled in, Annie had a room near the stairs and Clare had a room all by herself all the way down the corridor next to the third bathroom.

She loved being so far away from the adults, she would be able to use her black dildo on her bottom and her pussy every night without being heard. As she unpacked her things, there was a gentle knock on her door and the big older man came in, smiling and carrying some blankets.

"Hi there, Gorgeous!" he smiled, "I bought you some more blankets. It usually gets quite cold down this end of the house."

"Thank you Mr Richards!" she grinned as he rested them down on the bottom of the bed. The man sat down and smiled at her, Clare feeling a sudden shudder when she looked at his smiling, handsome face. She automatically stepped closer to him, feeling her heart beating excitedly in her chest as she stepped between his big, muscular thighs and played with his buttons as she stared excitedly into his eyes.

"You know, you are a very beautiful little girl!" he said, "I think you and I will get along really well, don't you?" He reached up under her dress and fondled her bottom, his hand feeling so good on her meaty buttocks.

"Yes Mr Richards!" she gasped, pressing closer to him so that her face was almost against his.

"You have a really nice bottom, nice and plump, just that way I like them." he said, "I knew you were 'ready' from the moment I saw you. I always know when a little white bitch is hot for cock and I can see that you want it real bad!" Clare swooned, she liked being called a 'little white bitch'. She rested her hands on his shoulders, breathing into his face as he played with her bum.

"You need filling, don't you, little one?" he sighed as his lips barely touched hers, "You need something long, thick and warm in that very sexy little bottom of yours, don't you?"

"Oooooooh! Yes, Mr Richards!" she gasped and then her mouth was full of his thick, wet tongue. The little girl sucked on it, tasting his mouth and feeling his spit sliding down her throat. She moaned softly, clinging to him, feeling his fingers slip into her panties and caressing her bare flesh. She shuddered as she felt a thick finger ease between the deep gully between her buttocks and worm it's way into her tight little anus.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, sticking her buttocks back for more, sucking on the delighted man's tongue. She swooned, moaning as he eased his finger in, twirling it around inside her bum and then pulling it out again to her disappointment. He pulled his mouth from hers, smiling into her pretty blue eyes and then holding up his finger for her to see. He smiled again and the pushed it into her mouth, watching with glee as she sucked on it for him. Then he pulled it from her mouth, kissing her briefly again and then getting up.

"I think I will come and 'tuck' you in later tonight!" he said, and left the girl there, trembling with need on her bed.

She watched him all evening, smiling at him when he looked her way. She shuddered when he smiled back at her, her little pussy leaking furiously into her thin white panties. Her mother seemed to be in deep conversation with Orin all the time, the two of them always together, so she spent her time close to Wayne, the man's large hand always slipping under her short dress to fondle her chunky little buttocks. She would stand there, the man's hand out of sight of the other two adults, moaning softly as he played with her bottom. Clare knew that she would suffer on his cock tonight, when he came to 'tuck her in' he would be 'tucking' himself into her tight little arse and she knew it would hurt, really, really bad. She had seen the huge lump hanging down his thigh when he had left her room, knowing that it was bigger than any those men had raped her with and much bigger than the dildo she used. She hoped that he did her pussy too, though that might hurt too much.

It was during the late evening that she caught Orin and her mother kissing, the two of them in the drawing room, embracing and their tongues dancing between them. She giggled softly, creeping away. She knew this would happen sometime soon, now they would fuck up in one of the rooms while she suffered on the man's father's big cock. She found Wayne cooking and he smiled down at her, reaching down to fondle her bottom and kiss her mouth.

"So, you've seen your mother and my son 'getting it on', eh?" he chuckled.

"Yeah!" she sighed, leaning into him. "They'll be fucking like two bunnies before long and you and I will have all the time in the world to 'play'!" he said. He stood up after kissing her again, then continued cooking, the girl helping.

They had a lovely dinner, the big older man was a very good cook. Annie and Orin kept looking at each other, smiling all the time. Her mother blushed and looked away.

"Well, that was delicious, Mr Richards..."

"Wayne," he cut her off, "Please call me Wayne!"

"...Wayne!" she smiled, "I think we should probably come over more often."

"Well, I don't think that would be a problem." he told her, his hand stroking Clare's smooth, plump thigh. When they were done and the wares were cleared, they went into the lounge. The adults had drinks and she had a cola, Clare again standing close to Wayne's chair, his hand up her dress, feeling her bum. She watched the slow 'dance' between her mother and the man's son as they finally got up and left the room.

"We're going up now, Dad. Please make sure Clare gets to bed!" Orin said at the door, a strange look in his eyes.

"Don't you guys worry," he smiled as his finger slid into Clare's tight little anus and twirled around inside the child's rectal entrance, "I"ll make sure she's well looked after and very snug!" The younger man smiled briefly, a shared secret between the men, then he was gone with her mother. Clare gasped as she was fed more of the thick finger, the child grabbing the arm of the chair as she watched the two adults going up the stairs through the open doorway.

"Oooooooh! Mr Richards!" she cooed.

"'Uncle Wayne'!" he said, "Call me 'Uncle Wayne', Precious!"

"Ugh! Uncle Wayne, you're being naughty with my bum-bum!" she gasped, bending forwards and giving the man better access to her backside.

"Yes, I am!" he said, holding her head up with his free hand and kissing her mouth, feeding her his tongue and much more of his spit. The little girl gulped it all down, feeling very naughty and excited as she wiggled her bottom against his finger.

"While my son takes care of you sexy mother, I'm going to take very special care of you in your bedroom!" he told her when he had released her plump, pretty lips and made her swallow another mouthful of his spit. She cooed and swooned as he fingered her, lifting her up onto his lap and stroking her firm little body until she was going crazy. "Time for bed!" he told her.

When they passed her mother's bedroom, Clare could hear the screams and the gasps coming form her mother as she was fucked by Orin on her bed. Wayne held her up in his arms, cupping her bum with his big hand.

"You hear that?" he asked, "That's my boy, making your mother his bitch. When he's done in there she won't be able to blink without asking him for permission." Clare shuddered, thinking about the man between her mother's thighs now, sliding that huge cock she had seen bulging in his trousers, into her mother's long unused pussy.

They stood at the door a little longer, listening to her mother's whimpers, the man playing with her bottom. Then he walked all the way down the hall to her room, opening the door and taking her inside, locking the door behind him.

"Now, it's time to get you naked and in bed!" he said.

"I don't sleep naked!" she said innocently.

"From now on, you do!" he told her. He put her down, lifting her dress off over her head and then dragging her panties down her thick, nymph-like thighs, down her plump legs. She giggled as she stepped out of them, letting the man lead her over to the bed and bend her over it, her meaty young bottom open and exposed to him. She watched to her side as he reached over to the side table and picked up a large plastic tub of Vaseline that she hadn't seen before. He opened it and scooped out a global ointment his finger, smiling at her, then he went behind her and she felt his thick finger squirming in her anus as he greased her for her buggering.

"Ooh! Unngh!" she gasped as he fingered her, coating her entrance with the grease.

"There you go, Precious!" he sighed as he slipped his finger out of her, "All nice and slippery. Now to tuck myself in!" Clare heard the rustle of clothing and then she saw his fingers dip back into the jar, waiting to feel his fingers again, but instead she heard him gasping.

She felt his hands at last pulling her buttocks apart, then the thick, warm, rubbery dome that she remembered from her rape. But this one was larger, thicker. It nosed against her anus, the girl moaning as he pressed it harder, then she felt pressure, stretching as her anus was forced slowly open, and then pain as she was spread wide around the thick mast of flesh and it sank into her tight rectum. Clare gasped in agony, gritting her teeth as the thick thing squeezed into her bum, lodging firmly in her rectum.

"Oooooooh!" she whimpered, shuddering in pain.

"Nice and tight!" Wayne gasped, then started moving back and forth inside her arse-hole.

"Owwww!" she whined, "It hurts Uncle Wayne! It hurts!"

"Yes, Precious, it will hurt for a long, long time while I fit myself into you!" he said as he slowly thrust into her, fucking her, stuffing her bum with his enormous cock. The child sobbed, gripping the sheets in her fists and biting her teeth together in agony, the slowly moving post of meat easing deeper and deeper into her bowels.

The man was taking his time with her, trying to get deeper into her tight little bottom.

"Ahhhhhh! Nice and snug!" he gasped, sawing his thick cock slowly in and out of her gripping bottom, making her suffer. "Oooooooh! It hurts so much Uncle Wayne!" she whimpered, the tears streaming down her pretty face.

All Wayne could see was the naked ten year old bent over the bed before him, her fleshy, round buttocks separated by his massive black cock, wrapped so tightly around him.

"Take it, Precious!" he told her, "Take my cock like a good little girl!"

"But it hurts soooo much!" she squealed. He stopped.

"Do you want me to take it out?" he asked her. There was a brief pause as she caught her breath.

"No!" came the small, gasping voice.

"Well then," he laughed, "Open up for more of my cock!" The child whimpered as he stuffed her, dragging the thick mast of throbbing meat slowly out until just the tip was pressed up against her gaping anus, then packing it back up into her stretched guts and making her grunt in pain and discomfort.

Clare swooned, loving the pain, loving the thickness spreading her open so very wide. She loved being forced to take the man's massive cock up her butt, feeling it slowly beginning to fit inside her small, plump belly as the long hours dragged on and the sun streamed in through the window.

The man had buggered her all night long, getting her into the bed on her side and finally fitting his enormous cock in her bottom and gasping as he came in her bowels as they clung to his throbbing, jumping cock.

Spurt! "Unngh!" she grunted as the thick erection swelled and spat inside her bum. Spurt! "Unngh!" Spurt! "Unngh!" she grunted again, feeling every squirt of his seed soaking her arse. She lay there now, moaning and gasping, the big man hugging her tightly against his body. Her small, pale frame against his larger dark one and his huge cock balls deep in her bum.

They lay there for ages and she finally could hear her mother's moans and whimpers coming through the door, Orin still riding her very sexy body too. "Hear that, Precious?" he asked as his cock jumped in her guts, "My son has been breaking your mother in all night too. She's his bitch now, just like you're mine!" He started to move again now, sliding back out and then stuffing her full again, reaming her loose, well-used hole for a long, long time.

Breakfast became dinner, the four of them not leaving their beds until well after four in the afternoon, Annie clung to the tall black man as if she would be lost without him and Clare felt her anus leaking the older man's sperm down her plump thighs along with the girl's own shit. She had to 'go' every few minutes because her 'toilets' were flowing freely out of her, her lax anal muscles unable to hold her 'shit' in. Annie didn't seem to notice anything but her lover, her hand constantly feeling for his cock, slipping into his trousers to feel him. She never even saw the man's father pick her daughter up and feed his enormous cock up into her bottom as they sat together in the living room right in front of her, didn't hear the whimpered gasps of the little girl as her anus was once again expanded to accommodate the man's thick, long black cock once again.

It was while she was being sodomised in her bed again when Orin came into her room, naked. His large cock covered with her mother's creams as he sat on the bed close to her head.

"Dad," he smiled, "She's broken, just like you said. She feels so nice on my dick...."

"Now, hold on there son," the gasping Wayne said up and the younger man, "You have to make sure she's ready for breeding, then you can start talking about marriage!" The younger man's cock throbbed so close to her face.

"Yes, Dad!" Orin sighed, "But I'm sure she is!"

"Why don't you feed the little one your cock so that she can taste her Mummy's pussy?" Wayne laughed as he humped the whimpering child. Clare felt her head being lifted, her mouth forced open as the thick cock was pressed between her lips. She didn't even attempt to fight it, opening wide and suckling on the gooey cock, tasting that slightly sour tang of her mother's pussy juices.

"Ahh!" the younger man gasped, "She sucks real nice!"

"Yes, a real prime slut for breeding later on!" his father laughed, "She has a real natural heat within her little body, a real need for cock. I'm going to enjoy breeding her later on!" The big man gasped, the girl feeling the man's thick warm maleness sliding in her loosened bowels, making her moan and gasp as he took his time sodomising her.

Clare sucked and sucked, moaning as her bottom was packed with cock, the taste of her mother's 'breaking' sending the child into shuddered orgasms to Wayne's delight as her rectum clenched and gripped him.

"Ahhhhhh! She's cumming!" he grunted, squirting his sperm up into her intestines. Clare gulped as the man's son also orgasmed, his sperm pouring into her throat, forcing the girl to swallow it all down. When Orin left her room, she had two thick spermy loads in her belly from him and his father continued to thrust repeatedly up into her warm, slippery bum. In the end, the mother and daughter never left to go back home. Both remained at the Oxford mansion, spending their time 'entertaining' the two ever-horny men.

Annie got married to Orin a few months later when it became clear that she was very pregnant for the man. She had the large wedding that she had always dreamed of, and a honeymoon in Hawaii. Clare remained in her step-grandfather's bed, after being moved into his room. Her young pussy was slowly forced open during those few weeks until his cock fit in her aching belly, unable to take the whole length.

"It hurts bad, Grandad Wayne!" she whimpered as he squeezed the thick erection into her very tight little pussy. Even though she had been using her dildo on it, it was still very tight. Wayne gasped, working his cock against her vaginal opening, spreading her slowly open, wider and wider until her inched into her, making the child cry out as he entered her pussy. She squealed from the pain, farting and shitting onto the bed under her. Wayne fucked her really slowly, working his big cock deeper and deeper into her belly, filling her up until she could physically take no more. He lay on her, kissing her as she slowly settled down, then he fucked the white child all night long.

By the time she turned twelve she could take his whole cock and by then she had two baby brothers. She was fifteen when she bred her first child for her lover. A bouncing baby boy.

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I enjoyed that story a lot, really, whereas I think, the little one should be used frequently by some more black men, to match all the needs she has learned to have.

Shy Girl

It is a nasty but very erotic story. Well written.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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