Sweet Dreams

[ gM, ggM, Mb, MF, Mf, trans, anal, oral, ped, inc, alien ]


Published: 21-Feb-2012

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Remember: I don't practice, participate in or encourage sex with children, I don't rape and never have, used drugs nor have I murdered anyone. I don't encourage anyone to do any of the things my characters do and none of the situations are real either. These are just stories that have taboo themes in them and NOT wishful thinking. I just want to tell stories and hope no one takes my tales as anything but strokable fun.

The child's bathing suit was torn, the panties ripped open and hanging around one leg. Her top was lying on the cave floor where she had fallen. Her young body writhed, her plump legs spread wide, held in place by strong, thick tendrils. She sobbed, her mouth full of hundreds of worm-like tendrils, tunnelling down into her stomach. There were more feeding themselves into her obscenely stretched pussy, the worms writhing and squirming into her small body. Even more were tunnelling up into her bottom. Tears streamed down her pretty cheeks as she was invaded in every orifice by the long, squirming worms. They buried themselves in her body, the girl writhing and twisting as they filled every part of her body.

It would be many days before she would be found again, but by then it would be way too late...

Karl Heinz was happy to have his little girl back. But she never really recovered completely, she was never his 'baby' again. She just sat in the chair, staring out of the window.

The police rescue people who had found her said that there were dead worms the size of Boas in there, they were embedded deep inside of the girl. They still didn't know what kind of creature it was, they were still analysing the remains.

They had kept her for months in quarantine, examining her, x-raying her and scanning her. Other than the odd anomaly, which the soon dismissed and normal, they could find nothing else wrong with her. The release her to her father, but monitored her for another year. Karl never knew what happened to the creature. He was told that there was no creature and the police who had found her refused to speak to him.

Lucy was more like a zombie than a child. She would be ruined for any future man now and he would probably have to care for her for the rest of her natural life. The girl had been through a terrible ordeal.

Karl brought her food and she smiled up at him, eating slowly and watching him, copying everything he did. He washed her in the bath and put her to bed with a kiss on her cheek.

"Good night Sweetheart!" he said softly, "Sweet Dreams!"

He left the room, switching off the lights and closing the door. Inside, little Lucy Heinz smiled, her eyes shone in the darkness.

"Goodnight Daddy!" she whispered, "Sweet dreams!".

Karl had moved into the small apartment house a few years ago now. He had kept to himself really, but now he had new neighbours living on his floor after the last two had moved out. The Indian family living opposite him comprised of an large man with dark eyes and a large beer-belly; a very attractive, buxom woman with large breast and a very nice bottom; a very beautiful teenage girl with a really sleek, sexy young body; another pretty teen girl who seemed to only wear boys' clothes; and a cute little girl who looked his daughter's age.

They smiled at him and said hello as they passed him in the hallway. The man seemed very eager to get him into conversation all the time. He found him annoying, but the fact that they had a little girl his daughter's age meant that his little girl could have a playmate at last. Lucy still didn't get along with anyone in school and her behaviour meant that he had to stay at home and take care of her schooling himself, working from home now. But it meant that he could spend much more time with his daughter now though.

The third flat was occupied now by a tall, powerfully built black man with a very pleasant smile and sparkling brown eyes that any woman, black or white, would swoon over. He thought the man was handsome by anyone's standard and his daughter actually smiled at the big man when she saw him in the hall and was soon chatting with him every time she saw him. It was the very first time she had actually talked to anyone at all and for some strange reason he felt comfortable with the girl's friendship with the big man, he knew that he would never harm her.

She went out to the hall now, waiting around the passageway for him to return from work. She ran up to him and grin like an imp, chatting away as she helped him with his bag into his house. Kurt laughed and shook his head. He was pleased that she had at last found a friend.

The black man was on his knees, trembling. The little nine year old white girl held his head in her small hands, her mouth open against his, moaning and twisting as she worked her mouth onto his. The man's arms were extended, rigid and his eyes were wide. The girl moaned again and pulled her lips back, squirming pink worms writhing and twisting between their widely opened mouths. They slipped out of the child's mouth into the shuddering black man, disappearing down into his stomach. The man slowly relaxed and fell to the floor, the white child standing over him.

"Sweet Dreams!" she said, smiling.

Indra Singh stood watching her son, Sunil. The fourteen year old was slim, soft and pretty enough to be a girl. In fact everyone always thought that he was a girl when they saw him for the first time.

The fact was that she was well aware that her son liked boys, she saw the look he gave them, the way his breath got faster when he looked at that big white boy at his school that the girls all seemed weak at the knees for. She had even seen him eyeing that handsome black man who lived next door to them. She herself had caught her breath when he smiled at her looking at her with those big brown eyes. She had seen her eldest daughter smiling at the man too, Sharda seemed to swing her hips more and stick out her plump breasts higher.

Her husband, Nanji, was furious that the girl seemed to trying to catch the black man's eye. He didn't like black men, he believed that they were from a lower caste and held those prejudices from back in India. He did however seem to want to to be friends with the the big blonde man. She had heard him urging their youngest girl to go and make friends with the man's very pretty daughter. Little Davi seemed afraid of the girl, not wanting to go outside when the girl was there and crying when her father tried to shove her out into the hall. Indra had rebuked the man, shouting at him for forcing the girl and distressing her.

"Don't be stupid woman, she needs to learn to be friends with other children!" he shouted back.

"Yes? So how come you don't try to be friends with that nice Mr Jones next door?" she asked at the top of her voice, "Or is that somehow different?"

"What are you talking about? He doesn't like me, I tried to talk to him..."

"Oh shut up!" she cut him off, "You think that sneering and saying 'Hi!' is any way to make friends? You are the stupid one!"

He stormed off into their bedroom and didn't come out until dinner. Indra cursed her equally stupid parents for arranging this marriage to a man with the brain of a boiled squash. If she had grown up in England she would have refused to marry the man. She was still a very attractive woman though, judging from all the looks she got when she walked down the street. She had caught the handsome Jerome Jones 'checking out' her bottom as she walked up the stairs in front of him. She couldn't swear that she would not consider climbing into his bed if he propositioned her. Many nights since they had first met she had lain in bed thinking about the man's powerful shoulders and wide chest, her fingers in her plump, wet pussy, stroking herself to several orgasms as her drunken husband slept beside her.

Lucy came home happy, she was trailing that pretty little indian girl that insufferable man was always trying to push onto his daughter. She looked very frightened and he smiled at her, getting a small smile in return.

"Daddy, this is Davi. She's come to play with me!" his daughter smiled, her eyes sparkling.

"Erm... OK! Don't make too much noise!" he said as the the girl was literally dragged off into Lucy's bedroom, her frightened face almost begging him to save her.

He chuckled, realising that the little Indian girl was just shy. He suddenly realised that he hadn't seen Jerome for a couple of days. Maybe the man was out.

"Lucy?" he called after the girl, "Have you seen Jerome? I haven't seen him for a while."

"He's not feeling very well Daddy, but he'll be good as new soon!" she called back.

"I have to go out for a bit, so you two behave. I'll be a few hours, OK?" he called.

"OK Daddy!" she shouted back.

Lucy smiled at the frightened little Indian girl. Even thought the girl was bigger than her and heavier, she could easily defeat her in a fight. Lucy literally dragged the child into her bedroom and closed the door. She could hear her father moving about in the house as she backed the brown-skinned girl against the bed and reached for her head. The girl pulled away, darting of to the side, putting some distance between them.

"What's the matter? Why are you so scared of me?" Lucy asked, puzzled.

"I saw what you did!" she said, trembling. "I saw those 'things' come out of you and crawl under Mr Jones' door. What did you do to him? He was always nice to you!"

Lucy laughed.

"Silly little girl!" she said, grabbing her as the front door slammed shut, leaving the two of them alone in the house. "I'm breeding him, he is going to make lots and lots of girls very happy, including your Mummy!"

Davi started to sob as the girl opened her mouth and the worms writhed out of her. They coiled into a thick column, swaying like a snake in front of the girls terrified face. She opened her mouth to scream and it plunged into her open mouth, squirming into her throat and down into her stomach. Lucy pulled her head closer, their lips touched. The child stiffening in her arms as the 'worms' separated and wriggled into her body.

Sunil Singh stood near the stairs to his floor, hoping to see the handsome black man from next door. The man came out of the flat after a week of not being around, he stood in the doorway and looked at the door of the white man and his daughter, Sunil smiling at him as he turned and saw the boy there.

"Hello!" the boy called.

The man stood taller, sniffing the air. Then he smiled at the boy.

"Hello Sunil!" came his deep, smooth voice, sending shivers through the teen.

Sunil licked his lips, wanting to be close to the man. Jerome seemed to sense this, smiling and signalling the boy to join him. Sunil looked at his own front door, seeing it still closed. He hopped onto the landing and went quickly over to the huge man. As he got close, looking up into the man's handsome face, he could smell the man's manly scent, filling his nose and clouding his mind.

The man sniffed again, smiling as he caught the boy's shoulder and led him into his flat. Sunil's heart pounding as he was pulled inside and the door closed behind him.

Lucy raised her head from between the plump thighs of the trembling Indian child, her mouth and chin wet with the girl's juices.

She looked off into space for a moment the smiled. Her eyes glowed brightly in the darkness of the room, then she dived back into the crotch of the little Indian girl.

Sunil moaned, gasping in pain as the thick black log of warm manhood squeezed up into his guts again and again, sliding in his rectum, tunnelling up into his aching bowels.

The man hugged his slender body against his muscular frame, dwarfing the teen as he sodomised him on his bed. Sunil whined and gasped, the thick movements in his bum sending waves of pleasure through him, overriding the pain he had first felt when the big man had caught him and begun to rape him on his bed.

The man had kissed him, driving his thick, wet tongue into the boy's gasping mouth. It didn't take long for the man to drag the unresisting boy into his bedroom, undress him and making the boy suck his huge cock. He had cum in the boy's mouth, making hi drink it before buggering him on the huge bed.

Sunil groaned, cumming suddenly as the man's thick cock continued to rub against his prostate gland. He shuddered, whimpering as he spewed his young seed onto the man's sheets.

"That's right, come for me!" the man whispered into the boy's ear, "Now it's my turn again!"

The man roared, cumming hard inside of the teen, his thick cock throbbing and jumping in Sunil's bowels as he was filled with thick, gluey sperm.

When Sunil staggered from the satisfied man's bedroom to the toilet, his bottom was still leaking the man's gooey seed.

Indra Singh saw her son creep home that afternoon. He looked worn out but very happy, and he staggered, walking as though he had hurt his crotch.

"What happened to you?" she asked him, a little concerned.

"I'm OK, I just hurt my bum. I'm going to the toilet!" he said quickly and limped off before she could question him further. As he passed her she smelt the strong odour of sperm and wrinkled her nose in distaste. The boy had finally found himself a lover, either that or he had been raped and didn't want her to know.

A few seconds later little Davi came home as well. She had a lost look in her eyes and walked straight into her bedroom. Indra was angry that her husband had forced the child to go and play with the little white girl, now she seemed traumatised.

She vowed to defend the girl if her father tried to make her go over there again.

She turned and watched the smugly satisfied look on her husband's round face, wanting to go over there and smash it in. He looked up at her with a challenging stare, as if daring her to say anything. She glanced at her eldest daughter, sitting near her father, reading one of those teen magazines and then stormed out of the room to the sound of his sneering laughter.

The huge black man lay naked on his bed. Between his huge thighs knelt the very pretty and equally naked Lucy Heinz, her eyes glowing brightly as she licked his big cock clean.

The episode with Sunil was unexpected, but very delicious. Lucy had felt the man's sudden need to dominate the Indian teenager, encouraging it and enjoying the waves of pleasure over their new psychic link.

When she had gotten him nice and wet she climbed up over him and lowered herself, slowly swallowing his entire cock up into her body, writhing and twisting as she sank down onto him until it was all lodged deep in her hungry belly.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, leaning forwards to rest her small hands on his large chest.

She started to move against him, sliding the monster inside her small body, riding him.

"Yessss!" she hissed, "That feels sooo niccce!"

Karl watched his daughter talking to the big black man. There was something different about him now, he seemed much more serious than before, not smiling as much as he used to. He also seemed to be much more subservient to the the little girl too, standing there as she berated him and made demands of him.

"Lucy, why are you being so mean to Jerome? Has he touched you in a bad way or something like that?" he asked her when she had sent the man away and returned home.

"No Daddy!" she giggled delightfully, "He's just better now!"

"Better?" he asked, puzzled.

"Daddy, why are you asking me this?"

"Well... It's just that he doesn't seem as pleasant as he used to be. He doesn't laugh and smile any more..." he told her.

"Daddy, he's just getting used to being well again. He'll be fine very soon!" she grinned and went into her bedroom.

As soon as Lucy closed the door to her bedroom, her eyes glowed brightly in the gloom.

Indra watched her daughter run to the front door, excitedly as she was called by her father to greet the little blonde girl from the flat opposite. She was surprised at the happy smile Davi gave the white girl, as opposed to the terror she normally met with. The two of them ran out of the flat into the hall and were gone.

Sunil was nowhere to be seen and Sharda was again reading her teen magazine and jabbering away on her mobile phone. Nanji was grinning away as he watched TV, pleased that the youngest girl was at last friends with Mr Heinz daughter.

He gave her a triumphant stare, as if to say "I was right!". She turned away angrily, wishing she could make the man pay for his arrogance.

She sighed, thinking about that handsome black man next door, wondering what it would be like to be kissed by the man. She went into the toilet and locked the door, raising her dress and slipping her deft fingers into her panties. She stroked her pussy, feeling her juices coating her fingers. She moaned, reaching over for the hand-towel and stuffing it into her mouth.

Sunil was naked on his knees between the big black man's thickly muscled thighs, his open, swollen anus leaking the man's thick sperm. He was grasping the huge cock that had just exited his abused, gaping anus, licking his shit off of it.

"Lick it! Suck it! Clean me!" the man's deep, smooth voice said, caressing his ears.

His tongue lapped at the warm cock pulsing in his hands, the boy working hard to please his lover.

He had been coming to the man's flat now for two weeks now. He did whatever he was told now, spending ages just sucking the man's thick cock and gulping down the impossibly thick and copious amounts of sperm before he was lifted onto it and it slid all the way up into his bowels.

The man now grabbed the boy by his hair and pulled him up, making the young teen winced and followed his hair until he was staring into the man's face.

"Mount me!" Jerome commanded.

He sighed as the post of maleness surged up into his bum, sliding slowly in and he was pulled firmly down onto the man's lap with a long, low groan. The man hugged the pretty Indian boy against his body and kissed his open mouth, a light burning in his eyes.

The two girls stood at the door as Sunil staggered out of Jerome's flat, making the boy jump with fright and beg his little sister not to say where he had been. She ignored him completely, walking past him with the little white girl into the man's home.

Jerome smiled at them, closing the door and locking Sunil outside. He walked into the bedroom and undressed, climbing onto the bed and lay on his back.

Lucy grinned at her new 'friend', the girl undressed and climbed up onto the bed between the man's thighs. Lucy's eyes glowed and the girl grasped the man's cock, recently extracted from her older brother's anus, sucking the fat head into her mouth.

Lucy undressed, watching them. She climbed up and planted her pussy on the man's face, gasping as she felt his thick tongue squirming into her. She moaned again, the man's newly enhanced tongue and cock pleased her very much.

Quicky, it was time for Davi to be 'opened'. The child now lay on her back, her legs up over her head, held by Lucy. The black man crouched over her, holding his huge cock. He pressed it up against the plump folds of the child's pussy and then leaned in, pushing the thing firmly into the little Indian girls. The girl grimaced and then opened her mouth to scream. Lucy climbed quickly onto her face, covering he mouth with her leaking pussy. Jerome fucked the child slowly, working his meat up into her guts as he slowly fit his cock into her, making her a perfect socket for his cock.

Lucy rocked her hips, rubbing her crotch against the whimpering girl's face. Jerome slowly worked his cock back and forth as he stroked his cock into her hole, stretching the child wider and wider to accommodate him.

Davi groaned and whined as she was forced open for the man's thickness, her belly suddenly quivering violently as orgasms tore through her small body. Suddenly her belly rippled and Jerome's cock was sucked firmly into the girl, dragged all the way in to the balls. The an gasped, shuddering as his hips locked against Davi's. The child moaned, her hips starting to hump against the man.

Lucy moaned and shuddered too, cumming hard and gushing into the other girl's mouth. She fell off the girl's face onto the bed and Jerome lay down on the little girl fucking harder into her, the child clutching his shoulders, humping up to meet him. She was taking him now, her new body making room for him, ready for her breeding.

The man humped and thrust savagely into the child, making her whimper. He grunted, gasping as his cock throbbed and pumped inside her pussy, bucking as it squirted his sperm deep into the ten year old's womb, coating the millions of tiny eggs that lined the inside.

They both orgasmed again, clinging to each other and kissing hungrily, Lucy watching on with a very contented smile on her very sexy looking face. She lay on her back now, spreading her lovely legs.

Jerome groaned, uncoiling Davi's limb from around his body and slowly dragging the long, thick cock out of the child.


"Unngh!" the little Indian girl grunted as the man's meat exited her and left her wide open.

She lay there whimpering, her eyes closed as she slowly recovered.

Lucy reached for the man's cock, steering it towards her own leaking pussy. The man's cock was still rigid as he fit the head into her and plough slowly in, sliding all the way down until his hips pressed firmly up against her, making the girl moan in pure delight. She opened her eyes now and pulled his face down to hers kissing him deeply, moaning again as his hips began to move, slowly sliding that thick black cock in and out of her sweet, warm, clinging belly.

She pulled her tongue from his mouth and gasped.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, "Fuck me harder, fuck me like you did Davi!"

the man groaned and began to drive harder and harder into her guts, reaming her tight little pussy. He soon began pounding her hips, beating her into the bed, the little blonde squealing until he covered her mouth with his.

Suddenly she groaned into his mouth, shuddering under him. Jerome gasped, moaned and hunched hard up against her, their hips locked together and they both orgasmed.

Over the next hour bot little girls took his cock deep up their bums, the ban starting with the whimpering Davi first, sodomising her until she was filled with sperm, then they ended up in his living room, Lucy sitting in his lap, riding him as they watched TV, Davi licking his cock as it slid in and out of the blonde's bottom.

Lucy watched Mrs Singh as she eyed Jerome. She saw the lust there, the need. She smiled as she went inside and closed her bedroom door. The room was gloomy and her eyes glowed like two small bulbs.

Jerome came outside just as Indra was struggling with her shopping. The kids were at school and her pig of a husband was at his work. None of them would be home before four in the afternoon and she was trying to do a few things for herself before having to cook and clean for them.

"Would you like some help?" Jerome asked, his voice causing her pussy to clasp and moisten.

"I would love some help!" she smiled, feeling her heart thudding in her chest as the man came close to her, taking her heavy bags from her hands.

She could smell his manly scent, filling her nose, clouding her mind. She saw him sniff at the air around her and smile.

"That;s a very nice perfume you have there!" he said, her pussy beginning to leak now.

"Oh, I'm not wearing any perfume!" she smiled as she opened the door and let him in.

He took the shopping inside for her and she gasped as he pressed close while helping her to put the items away.

She knew that she should thank the man and let him go on his way, but he offered him some tea and he accepted standing talking in the kitchen. He was standing so close to her, she found it hard to move back, away from him. The man's odour was so delightful, so manly. She wanted to press herself against him and smell him. He sniffed the air again.

"That really is a very nice smell coming from you, are you sure you're not wearing any perfume?" he asked.

She laughed, finding her hand now resting against his broad chest, feeling the thick muscles under his skin. She was standing very close now, unable to pull herself away from him.

"Silly man!" she laughed, "If you don't believe me then why don't you smell me?"

She offered up her neck to him, gasping as the man grasped her smooth shoulders and pulled her closer, pressing his face into her neck and drawing a deep breath. Indra swooned, the man's own smell getting much stronger, making her dizzy.

"Mmmmmm!" he moaned, "That is definitely your perfume!"

Indra clung to the man as he smelled her neck, her face and her bare chest. She felt his mouth trailing against her skin, causing her to moan before she could stop it. Before she knew what was happening, her arms were around the big man's neck and his very wet tongue was deep in her throat. She couldn't stop sucking on it, tasting his sweet spit and feeling her mouth filling up, swallowing as he continued to to kiss her and feed her his spit.

She felt so dirty, so wicked, and so sexy. Her body craved this, needed it. She moaned again, the man's hands slipping into the low neck of her dress and cupping her full, soft breasts.

She never recalled how she ended up in her bed, naked with her thighs apart. The big man lay between them licking and sucking her gushing pussy, tonguing her swollen clit until she cried out in orgasm. It was only after her third very hard cum that he mounted her, squeezing into her pussy, spreading her open wide and tunnelling deep into her welcoming belly.

"OH GOD!!" she screamed as he ploughed into her, driving his meaty mast into her guts.

"I've wanted to fuck you from the very first time I saw you," he gasped into her ear, "Now I'm going to fuck you every day, every single day!"

She whimpered and clung to the man, cumming again as he strokes her guts with his huge cock.

Little Lucy sat with her father, smiling as she feels the warm stirrings coursing through her small body. She sighs and leans back into her father, thinking that it is time to fuck him. But she wants him in little Davi first, in the little Indian girls tight little holes, squirting his seed into her. She want him to breed inside the child as he will soon breed her.

She shudders into an orgasm, the psychic throw-back from Jerome causing her pleasure.

"Are you alright Honey?" her father asked her, concern on his face.

"Just a little thrill Daddy!" she giggled.

Jerome pulled his cock slowly out of the woman's big, hefty arse. She moaned as it sucked out of her, leaving her anus gaping. She was still shuddering from that orgasms, not even aware that you could actually orgasm back there. The big man crouched over her, kissing her back all the way down to her splendid buttocks, nibbling and sucking them and making her moan again.

He pulled the woman to him, kissing her deeply again, feeding her more of that strangely sweet spit that slipped down her throat into her tummy.

They finally got up, dressing and grinning at each other. They pulled the room straight and left the room open to air out the thick smell of sex.

Indra knew she was going to need the man's big painful cock again, loving how he hurt her bum as he buggered her on the bed. She had not experienced that since she was a small girl growing up in India, just before her parents brought her to live in the UK. Her uncle used to take her into the small house at the back of his father's land and sodomise her on the dirty mattress there.

She realised that she actually missed that, missed the feeling of hard cock being forced up int her rectum.

They kissed again at the door, Indra clutching at her lover's thick arms. Then he smiled at her and was gone. For now.

Lucy licked the man's big black cock, tasting Mrs Singh's pussy and anal juices on it before she climbed up onto him and slid it up into her tight bottom, sliding all the was down until her plump buttocks rested against his thighs.

"Ahhhhhh!" she gasped.

She just sat there, enjoying the feeling of the man's cock throbbing thickly in her young rectum. She was pleased, he had fed Mrs Singh the chemicals that would cling to her mind and keep her coming back to the big black man for more. She already had plans for the rest of the family, especially that horrible Mr Singh. She was going to do evil things to the man, then he would use him as a receptacle for her 'children'. The girl though, she wanted her for her Daddy after she had used him herself. She wanted his seed first, then she would give the girl to him for his new wife.

Her daddy slept soundly, his breathing even. The long, thin worm squirmed up between his buttocks and wriggled up into his anus, wriggling into him and embedding itself in his bowels.

The man moaned, stirring in his sleep, then he settled down again and his breathing returned to normal.

Outside his door Lucy crouched naked on the floor, smiling as she closed her mouth and stood up. Her eyes glowed brightly in the dark as she guided the worm into place.

"Goodnight Daddy!" she smiled as it reached it's destination, "Sweet Dreams!"

Karl felt strange. He had been having these weird dreams all night. For the past three nights he had been dreaming of having sex with his daughter and that little Indian girl, Davi. It was bothering him now, every time he looked at the two in their tight little shorts and saw their plump bottoms bulging out from the back.

He kept getting hard-ons all the time, his daughter kept insisting on sitting in his lap, her buttocks always seeming to find the rigid tube of his cock, settling over it and clamping it between the fleshy cheeks. He seemed unable to stop her for some weird reason, having to suffer as the child wriggled and squirmed against him. He had twice cum in his pants when she had done riding his lap, and his cock.

"Daddy, can Davi come over and sleep-over with me?"

He looked at her, finding it very hard to say no.

"OK Honey, but make sure you ask her parents first!" he smiled., very reluctant to be around the two girls all day.

The half-term week was the very next week. That Friday saw the little Indian girl coming over with her small case of clothes, none of which she actually used. She was already lounging around in Lucy's short dress. The dress was far too small for her, her very plump bottom on show all day, making Karl's cock hurt.

Several times he had to suffer as his daughter's meaty buttocks clasped his erection as the other girl pranced about the room, baring that fluffy bum at him and making him moan as his cock throbbed it's need.

It was when they were watching late night TV and the two girls were sitting I the chair with him that it happened. They were snuggling up against him, and his arms were around each of them. The girls started giggling and getting up, leaning over him to talk. Several times he felt a hand clutching his cock, he found it almost impossible to say anything as their hands kept resting on it, clutching at it and squeezing it. He didn't know which of them was doing it, they eventually remained across his lap, taking and laughing as they continued to 'feel' him. Suddenly he found his hand clasping the plump, firm meat of Davi's chunky buttock. The girl moaned in delight, balling her arse against his hand as if urging him on. He couldn't stop himself from giving it a gentle squeeze, the girl moaning again and that hand giving his cock another squeeze.

They remained like that for a while, Karl fondling the little Indian girl's bottom and either his daughter or her little friend squeezing his cock.

"Daddy, can we sleep with you tonight?" Lucy asked, her voice sounded so far away and right in his head at the same time.

"Yes!" he heard himself saying, "Of course you can!"

He felt strange as he got ready for bed, hustling the girls into his room and following them in. He watched as the both stripped naked, jumping under the sheets and grinning as they waited for him to join them.

Karl felt like he was in a dream as he dropped his clothes to the floor and climbed into his bed, a giggling girl at either side of him. He felt their naked bodies clinging to his, hands grasping his long unused cock and fondling it. Then as he turned out the lights, he felt Davi slip down under the covers and warm, wet lips slipping over the head of his pole. The little girl sucked and sucked and sucked on him, her hands stoking his shaft until he cried out, filling her small, eager mouth with his sperm. "Mmmmmm!" she moaned, swallowing it all and still licking the throbbing shaft some more.

"Daddy, you've been naughty with Davi!" Lucy giggled.

He felt Davi crawl up onto him, she wriggled around on top of him and then he gasped as tight, grasping wetness engulfed him. He felt it sliding slowly down onto him and sucking his cock all the way in to his balls in wet, slippery flesh, making him groan loudly.

"Ooooooo!" Davi moaned, "Lucy, your Daddy is in my bum! It's so nice!"

Karl was confused, he didn't understand what was happening. The child above him was riding him, her plump thighs around his waist and her hips rising and falling as she slid him in and out of her bottom. All he could do was hold onto her hips and let her ride him.

"Daddy, can I have some?" Lucy whispered into his ear, "When she's gone done and she's asleep, can I have a little too? Pleeeease!"

He whined, unable to answer her, the tight rectum sliding on him, squeezing him was becoming really nice, the Indian girl's plump buttocks gently smacking against his crotch.

"Please Daddy, Please can I have some?" she begged, "I'll be ever so good, I'll suck it clean when your done..."

Karl cried out, grabbing Davi and humping up into her. His cock surged, pumping and throbbing as it spewed his sperm up into the little girl's bowels, making her moan with pleasure.

As soon as the little girl slipped off him, he felt Lucy raise up and grasp his cock, sucking it into her warm mouth and begin sucking him clean of the Indian girl's shit.

Sunil looked strange, his nipples were bigger and his chest flesh was heavier, sticking out. His bottom was fatter, his hips wider too. "You getting fat, you little faggot?" his father said.

"Don't you call my son a faggot, you pig!" Indra shouted, stunning the man.

"It was a joke!!" he complained, not liking her aggressive behaviour towards him recently.

It was almost as though she was happier since she moved out of their shared room and started sleeping with their eldest daughter. She had made it clear that she was sickened by him and that she wanted nothing more to do with him. Their children said nothing, almost glad that she had divested herself of him. Nanji felt abandoned, lonely. The only one of his children who still seemed to want to be around him was little Davi. She was always in his lap, wanting cuddles. She was still his baby at least.

She had returned from her week sleep-over with the pretty little white girl opposite and seemed really happy. He knew that he had been right about getting her to play with the blonde girl.

"Papa, can I sleep with you tonight!" she asked as she snuggled against him.

"Of course you can!" he smiled down at her.

Nanji was lying on his back, snoring loudly. Davi raised up, her eyes glowing in her head as she leaned over her father and smiled at his opened mouth.

She opened her mouth wide, hundreds of worms surged out of her mouth, coiling on each other forming into a thick column that wavered and the plunged into the fat man's open mouth. Nanji's eyes shot open and he stared up into his daughter's face, seeing the glowing eyes.

He realised far too late that it had been a mistake to let the little girl go the the white man's house. It was the very last thought he had before the worms snaked into him, seeking every corner of his body.

The man writhed and shuddered on the bed, but there was no one coming to help him.

Lucy lay on her father's bed, her back to him. He was spooned against the child his cock sliding steadily in his bum and his hand cupping her juicy little pussy.

She sighed, her eyes glowing in the darkness, a smile spreading across her pretty face.

"Sweet Dreams Mr Singh!" she whispered, gasping again as her father's cock throbbed in her bottom, cumming hard inside his little girl's deep, tight bowels.

When her husband didn't come out of his room the next day Indra wasn't bothered. She no longer cared what happened to the man.

Davi came out and called his company, telling them that he was sick. The little girl then skipped back into the bedroom and closed the door. She was home from primary school this week, they were having some work done on the building and had given the kids the time off so that they could finish the work.

Indra shrugged and went about finishing breakfast. Sharda and Sunil sat down and ate, Davi joining them much later.

"What's the matter with your father?" Indra asked her youngest daughter.

"He's not well and I'm making him better!" she said matter-of-factly.

Sharda and Sunil looked at each other and laughed.

Uncharacteristically, Davi ignored them, giving them both a look that an adult would give a child that could not understand.

She finished her breakfast and then went to the front door. Indra was surprised to see her letting her little friend, Lucy, into the flat. She hadn't heard the door-bell ring at all.

"Hello Mrs Singh!" she smiled, "Hello Sunil! Hello Sharda!"

They all responded to the very pretty blonde.

"Come and see what I did to Daddy!" Davi said excitedly and the two girls ran off into the man's bedroom.

Sharda started to get up, looking to follow the girls.

"Leave them!" she told the girl.

"I just want to see what they've done to Papa!" she complained.

"Leave them!" she said again.

The girl slumped and made a face, continuing to eat her breakfast. But Indra knew the the first chance she got she would try to get into the room.

Sunil left for college and Sharda followed, taking a quick try on the bedroom door before she left and finding it locked. She left disappointed.

Indra looked at her watch and saw that it was just 8:20. She hurried out of the door, stopping at her husband's bedroom door.

"I'll be out of a little while girls, behave until I get back!" she said, hearing no answer and rushing out.

She wasn't wearing any panties.

Nanji lay on his side, naked. His stomach was swollen, making him look pregnant and he shuddered periodically.

The girls were also naked, Lucy was in front of him, her lips pressed firmly against his, the 'worms' sliding into the groaning man from her mouth, joining the ones that his daughter had forced into him the previous night.

Davi lay behind him, her pretty face between his buttocks, her hands holding the cheeks apart as she fed more of the 'worms' up into the man's bowels. Both girls eye were glowing brightly as they worked on him.

Indra groaned. The black man's thick cock seemed longer, thicker. It tunnelled up into her bowels as she stood facing the wall. She had been standing there since she arrived, with the man's thick and very long tongue twirling and twisting up into her hungry pussy until she orgasmed hard twice. Now he had her standing with her big sexy arse sticking out, forcing his huge cock up her bum in a long, slow sodomy against the wall.

She kept feeling as though something was wriggling I her belly, squirming up into her body. She moaned, cumming again, her body trembling as the orgasm seemed to go on and on and on.

He reached around and grabbed her large breasts, humping up into her guts non-stop.

"Your bottom is so delicious!" he whispered into her ear, "I'm going to bugger you all the time from now on. All the time!"

She whimpered as another orgasm took hold and hit so hard that her legs failed her, causing her to slip further down on the man's huge, painful cock. He laughed, all her weight on his cock now as he lifted her up and walked with her into the bedroom.

She would be spending the rest of the day there as he used her body, buggering her and fucking her juicy pussy. She wouldn't leave his bed until he had filled every orifice with his strangely thick and glutinous sperm.

She staggered home, meeting her son as she reached the front door, Jerome's thick sperm still leaking down her heavy thighs.

"Mummy! Where have you been?" Sunil asked, worry on his face.

"I was just having a little chat with Jerome. He's a very nice man, even if your father doesn't like him." she told the boy.

"Yes, he is!" the boy smiled dreamily, then looked back at her suddenly.

She brushed past him into the house and heard her son sniffing the air behind her.

"Mummy, how could you?" he moaned.

"Very easily my boy, very easily!" she smiled as she walked towards the kitchen.

Suddenly her mind fogged, she turned and grabbed her son, dragging him into the kitchen and closing the door. She grabbed him by the throat and choked him, trying to strangle him. Sunil struggled against the superior strength of the older, bigger woman.

Then she released him, leaning against the frightened boy, smiling lovingly at him.

"Mummy's baby better keep his mouth shut or Mummy will be very angry and do very bad things to him. Is that clear?"

Sunil was terrified, tears streaming down his cheeks as he stared up at the woman stroking his face, not recognising her at all. She smiled, bending to kiss his mouth briefly, seeing the boy react to the taste of Jerome's thick sperm still coating her lips.

"Now, why don't you go over and say hello to the nice man and Mummy will make some dinner, OK?"

Sunil was scared. His mother was behaving strangely, his little sister was weird and that scary little white girl seemed to be everywhere now.

He stopped in front of Jerome's front door, stopping mid bell press as the door opened and the big handsome man stood smiling down at him.

Sunil felt desire surge through him, launching himself at the man and hugging his heavily muscled body. He smelt raw sex in the air, knowing that the man had recently been fucking his mother, but his anger faded as soon as he saw the man's handsome face.

Jerome tilted the boy's face up to his and pressed his lips down on his, plunging his thick, long tongue down into his throat. The taste of something tangy on the man's tongue, evidence that he had been licking Sunil's mother recently. He sobbed as the man forced him to taste his mother's creams, lifting him and taking him into the bedroom.

He was naked now, kneeling between the man's thighs, cleaning his mother's juices off the man's thick cock.

"Suck it, clean your mother's pussy juices off me like a good boy!" the man's deep, silken voice coaxed.

Sunil felt himself being lifted up and the forced down onto the huge cock, feeling it squeeze up into his bottom, deep in his bowels.

"Unngh! Arghhhh!" he screamed, the man's cock seemed bigger and longer than it had been yesterday.

The man hugged the boy close, staring into his pretty face and forcing him to ride him.

Suddenly he stopped, his eyes gleamed in the gloom. Sunil felt something surging into his bowels, wriggling and squirming into him. He grasped the black man's shoulders, gasping and whimpering in fear as the 'things' moved inside him. He stared into the calm, glowing eyes of the black man holding him down on his huge cock as something invaded his body.

Karl sat alone in his living room. He was naked and his cock was still wet from the long session with his daughter and the little Indian girl. He could still feel the wriggling inside his body after Davi had tongued his anus and he had felt something slip inside his bottom.

Now his mind had gone weird, all kinds of images and thoughts filled his head and the need to copulate with the beautiful older sister of Davi's almost choked him with lust.

He wanted her. He needed her. He trembled as his cock jerked and spat sperm into the air, landing on his belly. He moaned and heard the gentle chuckle of his daughter's voice somewhere in his head.

The two little girls came from the bedroom, giggling and chatting away. They had spent the whole day in there and Sharda was going insane with the desire to know what was going ion inside the room.

"Sharda, my Daddy wants to talk to you. He asked if you could go over with a notebook and pen." Lucy told the older girl.

Sharda stared at the girl, not understanding what the tall blonde man might want. She shrugged and nodded to the girl, getting up fro her chair and going out the door. She was going to have a chance later to go into the room and see what was going on with her father and the two little girls.

She was wearing her yellow shorts and t-shirt and thrust her chest out as the door to the man's flat opened up. He was smiling at her as he stepped aside for her to enter the house, the girl getting the strong odour of maleness that clouded her mind.

He closed the door and placed his hand against he back, leading her into the living room. She was dizzy, her breathing laboured and her heart pounding in her chest.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked.

She murmered an affirmative and sat down, trying to recover.

He came back and handed her a glass of thick, weird-smelling fruit juice. She took it from him and downed the contents without pause, hoping to help clear her head. But the stuf was so thick and seemed to boil and surge in her guts. She wanted to vomit, trying to get up. But the man held her in the chair, smiling at her as she struggled to get away from that strong smell and the squirming feeling in her belly.

Karl gasped and his cock surged and throbbed as it squirted into the gorgeous Sharda, the young woman shuddering and cumming hard again as he filled her with his new, thick semen. The woman cried out, her tight pussy grasping and sucking at him, draining his balls into her hungry belly.

"Oooooooh!" she moaned, clinging to his body.

The drink he had given her had been something he had seen his daughter vomit into the glass and tell him to give the girl. He had looked into the glass and had seen what looked like thousands of fine brown worms writhing in the fruit juice that had been in the glass before they vanished into the thick liquid.

He had made a face, not even thinking of defying the girl. Now the young woman had drunk the nasty liquid and was almost cumming non-stop under him, letting him fuck her all evening.

It was the forth time he had cum in her now and his cock was still not going down.

The young Indian woman under him kept moaning and clinging to him, squeezing his cock in her delicious pussy and opening her mouth for his tongue.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and Lucy came into the room. She was naked and her eyes were glowing as she climbed up onto the bed.

Indra woke up that morning needing cock badly. She had not seen either her eldest daughter or her son come home the previous night. Davi didn't come out of her father's room either since the white girl left to go home. She didn't worry though, all that she was thinking of was the fat black cock of her lover being stuffed up her backside and making her cum for hours.

She didn't worry about breakfast, just getting her keys and leaving the house to meet her lover.

She found the door open and the man waiting for her wearing only an open rope, his sweat covered body making her heart race and the slick sheen on his cock telling of recent sexual activity.

She was in his arms in seconds, her mouth open for his thick, long tongue. Then she was on her knees, sucking him right there in front of the open door, licking his cock and tasting her son's anal juices.

He picked her up, taking her inside to the bed where her son lay naked on his stomach, still groaning from his recent buggering. She stood looking down at her son, sitting down and stroking his smooth young body and cooing to him, making the boy whimper.

"He is changing!" Jerome told her, rolling the boy over to show that his penis had all but gone now, his balls had completely disappeared into his soft, smooth body.

He now sported a nice pair of plump, firm breasts and his throat was small. The boy looked up into his mother's eyes in fear, but she just stroked and fondled his breasts, making him close his eyes and moan.

"His pussy isn't ready just yet, but he will be a full girl soon, able to breed and have children. My children!" he declared.

"Wh...what about me?" Indra asked, almost in tears.

"You're already pregnant!" he laughed.

Lucy left the bed, her father still thrusting into the quivering young woman under him as he had been doing all night. She was now quite well infested, under Lucy's control like all of the others. Lucy went back out of the flat and Davi opened the flat's door, letting her in.

Both girls went into the bedroom where Mr Singh had been 'wormed'. But there was only a slim young girl quivering on the bed now, staring at the two girls with frightened eyes.

She was very pretty with big brown eyes. Her body slender and sexy, her breasts round and firm on her small chest, the long slim legs smooth and shapely.

Lucy grinned, she had been completely re-shaped from the inside out. Now Nanji had become Nandi.

"You're very pretty Nandi!" Lucy smiled at the girl who used to be horrible Davi's father, "Now it's time for you to have some cock!"

Karl Gasped, this girl was so tight. She screamed and gasped, clutching his shoulders and clamping his hips with her long, silken legs. She was just amazing.

He never knew that there was another girl in the Singh household, one so sweet, shy and so damned sexy. He fucked her hard, driving his hips against hers, feeling her body writhing against his, trying to get more of him into her. He screamed, his cock hurting as it pumped sperm into her silky, tightly gripping belly. She grabbed his head and plunged her wet tongue into his mouth.

Karl was not going to be allowed to leave her embrace today, Sharda still was asleep in Lucy's room with the two naked girls.

"More!" she groaned, "Give me more!"

The soldiers wore environmental suits when the broke into the flats. They were stunned by what they found, the officer with them shouting at them to get a move on.

They prayed the rooms with the chemical foam thoroughly before carrying out the unconscious bodies on stretchers. All were naked.

The facility that now held the families was a huge compound far out on a small Scottish Island.

Major Gregory Reed and Lieutenant Olivia Garrett observed the individuals via the cameras mounted about the room.

"Why did it take this long to collect the subject?" the tall, grey haired and moustached Major asked the young woman.

"We wanted to see exactly what 'it' wanted before we collected it!" she answered.

"I see!" Major Reed said, sniffing in distaste.

"We knew there would be collateral damage, just not what form it would take." Garrett smiled, "But everything is still under control!"

the older man took a long breath.

"What are you going to do with them?" he asked.

"Dissect them, see what makes them tick. We think she controls them, but we don't know how. Some sort of psychic link. We're not sure!" Olivia Garrett told him.

"You people amaze me. Where do you get off experimenting with alien DNA on civvies? I should have this place shut down!" Major Reed snapped.

The woman smiled and stepped closer to the man.

"I doubt you'll feel the need very soon Major!" she said grabbing his head and pulling him down until his mouth was close to hers.

He opened his mouth to shout out and suddenly thousands of 'worms' streamed out of her mouth onto his throat, tunnelling down into his stomach and seeking the deepest recesses of his body. She let him go and wiped the slime from her lips. The man shuddering and writhing on the floor as the other personnel in the room continued monitoring their screens as if nothing amiss had occurred.

The woman turned to two soldiers standing at the door and they rushed over, picking up the trembling man and carrying him away to one of the special room for processing.

The little blonde girl entered the room, coming over and standing next to the woman, looking up and smiling at her.

"He's old," she said, "We should make him a girl!"

The woman sighed and smiled down at the little girl.

"I think I'd prefer to keep him as a he is. That way we can take our time changing the others." she said, "Now run along Lucy. I will need your services soon at a primary school near where I live. You and your father will be a very welcome addition to that little community."

The little girl giggled and ran off to find her father. Maybe she could take Davi to see the Major, playing with him as he begins the change.

As she stopped by the room where the man lay unconscious on the bed, she looked in and smiled.

"Sweet Dreams!" she said and ran off.


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Very weird, but very good. Imaginitive and arousing. Well done.


I love the interesting take on the story, but the story kinda fell apart when guys started to turn into chicks. Otherwise, it's great. Though I have to fault the ending.


This would make a great si-fi movie.

Thanks for the innovative story, couldn't stop reading until I got to the end.


Loved this story! You're one of my favorite writers on this site, Osric! Please keep it up!


Definitely an interesting story! I'd like to see more of the spread.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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